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Cloud 9- The Junior's e-Newsletter

Published by euroairoli, 2020-07-02 12:30:10

Description: Cloud 9- The Junior's e-Newsletter

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Reflections When you know better, you do better…

Communicating and sharing our thoughts helps build on team spirit BEAUTIFUL REFLECTIONS by JUNIOR SENATE MEMBERS 2020 - 2021

From : My Expressions…. Anwita Bhandari , Grade 5I, Head Girl Respected Ma'am, I had an amazing experience during the Leadership Workshop. The ideas of leading a team and how difficult it is to work without our teammates, single handedly, were very well demonstrated through various activities. The concept of not breaking anybody's heart and respecting them was so well conveyed. I learnt various aspects of life and am looking forward to many more such workshops. Thank you teachers for organizing and imparting us the important lessons of life. From: Harill Thakker - Grade: 4F ,Sports Vice-Captain

Dear Teachers, My I enjoyed the whole session and learnt new things from activities and games. I learnt Thoughts….. the qualities to become a good leader. I really enjoyed the debate session very much. I also learnt hand mind coordination. I learnt that activities if done in a group, will be completed faster if done with unity. I was happy to share my experiences and new things learnt during lockdown. I got an opportunity to get introduced to the other leaders of the group. I am really thankful to the school for giving me this opportunity. Regards Srinithi Seetaraman (Grade 5 C) Junior Senate Primary Sports Captain

Aarchie R Bajaj 5A

My Views…. Dear Ma'am, Thank you for the very engaging and interactive leadership program. It was a lot of fun doing the activities and games which highlighted my potential and ability to become a good leader. It gave me a unique insight into how others perceive my actions. The program helped me to focus on working collectively as a team to achieve common goals. I enjoyed the session a lot. Thank you. Yours sincerely, From : From: Nivrit Gupta, Apollo Vice Captain 4E Vivan Cabral - V C, Captain Poseidon

My Expressions…. Respected Ma'am, I understood that teamwork is necessary to complete a task as quick as possible and also make it innovative. I mentioned the word 'innovative' because everyone in a team thinks differently which leads in exchange of ideas. Teamwork makes the project interesting and better than before. In other words, team is better than being alone. From: Ashish Doye, Safety Marshall , Grade 5D

My Junior Senate Leadership Program – My Reflections Thoughts love to be a part of many more programs such as this one. We started off with ….. creative ways to greet each other. We were then shown some great leaders and their contributions which helped me realize that determination and teamwork are the stepping-stones to success. They then asked us a riddle in which the answer was an actual thing. First person to get the answer was given a set of instructions to give to the rest of us towards making a shape in origami. The final result was supposed to be a fish but most of us ended up with triangles or boats ������ . The next activity, in which we were given seven things to do in eight minutes, was one of my favourites and it also taught us the importance of delegation and teamwork. We then had a debate, in which we were put into separate groups. One had to discuss the pros while the other discussed the cons of virtual schooling. I enjoyed the debate a lot. In the last activity, we were asked to draw and cut out a heart and given a few statements. We had to fold the heart if the statement felt like a rude one and were supposed to leave it untouched in case we felt a statement wasn’t rude. My heart ended up with a lot of folds. All the fun aside, the program helped me understand the responsibilities that a leader has and also helped me develop a few key leadership skills. All in all, I had a lot of fun and look forward to such a program again! -Shashwat

Kanak Kiran Rade Vice Captain 4J

Arvindraman Missed the Sridhara socialization, but loved the activity in I enjoyed the workshop. I particularly liked the way they the Break Out showed us how to take Room, responsibility and work with team through various activity. I learnt Missed the Vada how to be confident and clear Pav, but appreciate when speaking in group . Also how to pass instructions clearly. the teacher's Thanks a lot for the opportunity. effort in Zoom!\" Shlok Banerjee 5A

My All Respected Teachers, Thoughts I had a lot of fun in the senate workshop . It was ….. good as I got a chance to interact with all Senate members after many months . We also had fun games and activities in the workshop and an interesting thing was that , we had a debate. I had a very good time in the Senate workshop. I hope we have a workshop again. Thank you, teachers From, Adrian Allwyn Dcruz House captain – Zeus Class - 5A

Name: Arjun Rajiv. Designation : Environment Prefect Grade : 5 - F I liked the leadership program very much, there were many interesting activities that can help me become a great leader in the future. There were many activities that tested our leadership skills. A few activities told us about great leaders from the past and the present. I hope that from knowledge and great leadership skills everyone can become a great leader.

My All Respected Teachers, Thoughts As the meeting started, I was feeling very nervous. But as time ….. passed, I started getting involved in the team. Then we were shown the pictures of different leaders. After seeing the pictures, I was inspired by them. During the meeting we played different games in which we learned teamwork, different ways of talking to people in the form of debate and to choose whose right and wrong. We even learned 3 very important words BE HERE NOW in the form of a activity in which a person had to give instructions to us and according to the instructions we had to form a craft. I also learned the way to talk to different people. I was even a senate in 2019 (last year) and I had an amazing experience .I learned to control and handle a mass of people .I even developed confidence of giving speech in front of a crowd of people . I enjoyed the experience of being a senate and I hope everybody gets a chance to become a senate and to explore new things. THANK YOU! Palash Thakkar

Rugved R. Raghav Assistant Head Boy 4E

The First Draft is just You, Telling Yourself the Story.


My Expressions…. The leadership programme was inspiring and motivating. The activities were fun. The origami fish activity was the best. I made a whole collection of little fishes afterward. The session was overall very interesting and I liked it a lot. From: Sia Pareek, Grade 5 B From: Suchi Gupta Vice Captain 4F

I was enthralled to know that a meeting was scheduled for us junior senate. At first, I was a little nervous but after meeting the teachers I was comfortable. I was enjoying activities throughout the session. I liked the breakout room activities the most. In the session I learned how many qualities a leader has, how a leader should be, the leader should work in a team and not to get with anyone in your team if he does something wrong. After the meeting was over, I told my parents how the session was. It was an exhilarating day. I was on cloud nine on that day. THANK YOU VERY MUCH MA’AM!!!! FOR PREPARING US!!!!!



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