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Published by Rosenbauer Group, 2022-06-09 07:37:38

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Keywords: Rosenbauer,Preventive fire protection,Desinfektionsbrücke


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RBPOSRAOeSroGate Rosenbauer Preventive Safety Disinfection bridge. Discretely active. Remarkably effective.

Rosenbauer's disinfection bridge is an innovative solution that can be used to effectively and easily combat the spread of infectious diseases at hotspots such as airports or event venues. The RPS AeroGate is therefore perfect for supplementing existing hygiene concepts in high traffic public places.

RPS AeroGate – Rosenbauer RPS AeroGate. More hygiene in public spaces. Experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic have once again made it clear that any gathering of people potentially harbors the risk of easily communicable diseases being passed on. The higher the number of people gathering, the higher the risk of a spread of infection. Particular caution is required in places such as airports, large event rooms, and trade fairs, which often bring together people from all over the world. They often act to transform local infection phenomena into large-scale health problems. Gentle surface disinfection for reduced infection risk The most common form of transmission of influenza infections is via droplets that are exhaled, coughed up, or leave the body in some other way. These drop- lets often land and settle on surfaces such as skin, clothing, or objects, which can lead to smear infection. This is exactly where the disinfection bridge from Rosenbauer comes in: with the RPS AeroGate, exposed skin areas, such as the face and hands, as well as clothing, are sterilized in a biologically harmless way, imperceptibly, and within seconds. This demonstrably reduces the risk of infec- tion and thus ensures better health through improved hygiene in public spaces. One name, one promise: Rosenbauer For over 150 years, Rosenbauer has been leading the way as a partner of firefighting crews. We are the only company to specialize in providing practical solutions for all decisive moments in fire and disaster protection. From preven- tive fire protection to vehicles for every scenario, from digital applications to personal and technical equipment. Rosenbauer covers it all with its expertise and experience as a system provider. For Rosenbauer, perfection means staying on the front foot. That is why we are now setting new standards in preventive protection with innovations for applica- tions outside the world of fire fighting. Through intensive discussions with our customers, we find exactly the right solution and are on location when needed. Worldwide. We do everything to ensure that you are optimally equipped when it matters. 3

Rosenbauer – RPS AeroGate Better hygiene. Better health. Disinfection exactly where it's needed. Wherever many people gather, viruses always have an opportunity to thrive: at airports, train stations, trade fairs, hotels, stadiums, schools, hospitals, and shopping centers. Such pathogens do not always have to give their hosts fatal illnesses. But even a bout of gastric flu or an infection of the respiratory tract is unpleasant and often leads to a significant reduction in performance and may even require medical treatment. Simple disinfection for better health With the RPS AeroGate, Rosenbauer has developed a solution that can signifi- cantly reduce the risk of infection in high traffic public places. With the targeted use of this highly effective disinfection bridge at potential infection hotspots, the spread of diseases can be efficiently prevented. Infection occurs not only directly via inhalation, but also via droplets on the surface of objects or clothing. Through so-called smear infection, viruses enter the body via contact with mucous membranes. 4

RPS AeroGate – Rosenbauer With an increased density of people, the risk of spreading infectious diseases automatically rises. Gentle and efficient disinfection is a tried and tested means of prevention. 5

Rosenbauer – RPS AeroGate Gentle. Effective. Versatile. Mode of operation and applications of the RPS AeroGate. Many pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2, enter the body primar- The air inside the RPS AeroGate is invisibly en- ily through the inhalation of aerosols or absorption of droplets riched with a harmless biological agent via via mucous membranes. The RPS AeroGate is designed to extremely finely atomized nozzles. The aerosols prevent infection due to touching contaminated surfaces by of this disinfectant make it impossible for germs rendering pathogens on skin, hair, clothing, etc. inactive. to survive on surfaces. Natural mode of action, like washing your hands Even if the humidity in the disinfection bridge is slightly higher than the surrounding environment, Viruses and bacteria are protected by a shell. In simplified the droplets will not be felt, nor will there be any terms, this consists of a lipid membrane (fat layer) and the effect on the clothing or hair. The disinfection proteins it contains. If the shell is broken, the inside of the process occurs completely unnoticed. virus or bacteria is exposed, which means that the pathogens become inactive and can no longer cause damage. In a similar way to washing hands with soap and water, the enriched air in the disinfection bridge breaks down the lipid layer. The active ingredient used is completely harmless to health. The disinfection inside the RPS AeroGate takes place in a natural way - like washing your hands, but without any noticeable moisture. The short path of the disinfection bridge is sufficient to render most viruses harmless. 6

RPS AeroGate – Rosenbauer The potential uses of the Rosenbauer disinfection bridge are endless. The RPS AeroGate works anywhere and is surprisingly cost-effective. Low maintenance costs, perfect integration Another advantage is the natural integration: The RPS AeroGate looks like a glass gateway, a bridge between two All that is needed to operate the RPS AeroGate is electric- parts of a building, or a security checkpoint. Just what you ity and disinfectant. Thanks to the large storage tank, the would expect at an airport. disinfection bridge can do its job effectively for as long as a week without intervention, even in continuous operation. A display provides information about the in-service condi- tions, and a network connection is also possible. The RPS AeroGate is therefore both service-friendly and low-mainte- nance - one inspection per year is all it takes. Either mobile or permanently installed The RPS AeroGate is designed for both mobile and continuous use. Therefore, the disinfection device can also be planned as an integral part of a security concept in large shopping centers or office buildings. Also wheelchair-accessible Thanks to its passage width of 120 cm and low-angle entrance and exit ramps, the RPS AeroGate can also be used by handicapped persons in wheelchairs. 7

RPS AeroGate. The universal disinfection bridge. Technical Data - RPS AeroGate Dimensions of the 2400 version (LxWxH) 5,400 x 1,400 x 2,400 mm (incl. ramps) Dimensions of the 2600 version (LxWxH) 5,400 x 1,400 x 2,600 mm (incl. ramps) Weight of the 2400 version approx. 600 kg Weight of the 2600 version approx. 700 kg Power input 200 W Voltage 220 V / 110 V / 50 Hz Operating noise 27 dB Treatment rate 750 persons per hour Display Digital display Materials Steel substructure, hardened glass, coated aluminum sheet Flooring Industrial quality non-slip carpet The RPS AeroGate should preferably be positioned indoors, since air velocity should not exceed a speed of 0.5 m/s. RAL 7016: anthracite gray RAL 9010: pure white Brushed stainless steel look RAL 3000: flame red Follow us on VI1649/AeroGate_DE_2022_05_163049 Text and images non-binding. The images may depict special editions that are only available at an additional charge. Subject to change due to technical advances.

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