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CFPA newsletter September 2017

Published by ctfirephoto, 2017-10-04 20:39:07

Description: The Monthly Newsletter of the Connecticut Fire Photographers Association


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September 2017 Issue 9 Volume 4 An International Fire Buff Associates Region 1 Club09/01/17 Manhattan 6th alarm 24 Murray St Chris Clarke Inside this issue: 2-3 4-16 Meeting Minutes, social media report Working Fires- Members Pictures 17 Smartphone, Photography and Technology Section 18-19 Fire Apparatus Monthly, Southern Buffin” The Organization, What’s New 20 Member Spotlight, Members at Work 21-23 Members Websites 25-26

Page 2 C.F.P.A. Monthly Meeting Minutes South Meriden Fire Department September 13th, 2017CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 7:32 P.M. by President G. Duda.ROLL CALL: There were 16 members and 1 guest present. List of names on file.SECRETARY’S REPORT:MINUTES: A motion was made by J. Peruta, seconded by K. Czarzasty, and approved, to accept the minutes of the Augustmeeting as e-mailed.CORRESPONDENCE: Two applications for membership. Flyer – Fire Photo Night – Brockton, MA Fire Museum – October14th, Flyer – Open House – Greenwood Emergency Vehicles – North Attleboro, MA, and IFBA Convention Book and report.TRESURER’S REPORT:UNPAID BILLS: All bills have been paid.REPORT OF ACCOUNTS: A motion was made by J. Peruta, seconded by M. Redman, and approved, to accept the Treasurer’sreport as read. The report is on file.COMMITTEE REPORTS:PUBLICITY: All is going well. Item under New Business.FIRE FEST: Waiting for $250 outstanding check.BY-LAWS: Unfinished Business.UNFINISHED BUSINESS:CFPA FIRE BUFF OF THE YEAR: Will be done quarterly. Z. Newton, J. Tenca, and J. Peruta working on it.FILMING OF MEETINGS: As stated in August minutes. Minutes are e-mailed to all members monthly.BOSTON BUS TRIP: Will be leaving from the Hartford Fire Academy stopping in Newton Center, Ma to pick up MA mem-bers. Have 2 books for the raffle.GALLERY 153 OPENING: C. Regan and R. Hildebrand attended. Small but well presented.CHILI FEST: No participation.E-MAIL LIST OF CHIEFS AND P.I.O.’S: M. Leary has requested to do this.TURN OUT ARTICLE: R. Ladd will include the Fire Fest and the bus trip in the article.NEWSLETTER FORMAT: Will stay with present one. The new format presented was too expensive.PROPOSED BY-LAW ADDITIONS: A motion was made by J. Tenca, seconded by J. Peruta, and approved, to accept thechanges as proposed.NEW BUSINESS:A motion was made by M. Redman, seconded by J. Peruta, and approved, to accept Joseph Ciscone for membership.A motion was made by J. Tenca, seconded by K. Beliveau, and approved, to accept Todd Haines for membership.A motion was made by K. Beliveau, seconded by J. Tenca, and approved, to reimburse J. Peruta $75.00 for the N.V.F.D. Memori-al Book he purchased as a raffle prize for the bus trip.K. LaBelle suggested a Challenge Coin be given to the club Member of the Month. J. Peruta and S. Hess to handled this.New Haven F.D. asked if the club would like to have a booth at the All Hands Training Conference. The cost is $100.00. It wasdecided not to do this.

C.F.P.A. Monthly Meeting Minutes Page 3 South Meriden Fire Department September 13th, 2017GOOD OF THE ORGANIZATION:K. Beliveau gave a report on the IFBA Convention.M. Cohen stated that Andy Leiders has extended an invitation for a private tour of NY.SOCIAL MEDIA: It was noted that Instagram is better than Twitter or Face Book but that all 3 are good.UPCOMING EVENTS:Westchester County Parade – 09-09ST Convention – Taftville – 09 - 15-17State Memorial Service 09-24Stamford on Fire – See J. Tenca for detailsFire Apparatus Display – SPAAMFAA - Ski Butternut – Great Barrington, MA – 10-08Hartford County Memorial Service – Glastonbury Community Church – 10-26West Shore Ann. - Static Display Only - 10-13-2018UPCOMING MEETINGS:October 11November 08December 06 – Union Street Tavern – Windsor – 6:30ADJOURNMENT: A motion was made by J. Peruta, seconded by J. Tenca, and approved, to adjourn the meeting at 8:25 P.M.Respectfully Submitted,Cheryl A. Regan, Secretary

Page 4 Incidents Photographed by our members… 09/01/17 6th alarm FDNY Manhattan Box 0109 24 Murray St. OMD Chris Clarke 09/01/17 2ndalarm Belmont, MA 3 Choate Rd. dwelling fire. Scott LaPrade 09/01/17 Waterbury, CT 19 Adams St.—Waterbury Fire Fighters arrive to find the rear and third floor of 19 Adams St heavily involved with fire. The structure is the las structure on the block as all others have burned and been demolished.. Crews quickly knocked the fire down with an exterior attack and 2 ladder trucks. Kevin Czarzasty

September Incidents Page 509/01/17 2nd alarm New Haven, CT 157 Orange St.— Afire broke out in the building housing the Trinity Bararound two p.m. today. The fire occurred in a busy sectionof downtown with narrow streets and limited access.Firefighters arrived to find heavy fire venting from thesecond floor of a three story mixed occupancy building.Firefighters were notified of people trapped on the secondfloor. During the primary search, a severely burned maleparty was found on the rear fire escape. A second alarm wastransmitted due to the occupancy and heavy volume of fireon arrival. Companies made a interior attack , stretchingmultiple hand lines, and were able to knock downextremely heavy fire on two floors. Trucks made the roofand performed topside ventilation. Multiple propane tankswere found on the second floor fueling the intensity of theblaze. One additional civilian was transported to the hospi-tal with smoke inhalation. The burn victim was transferredto the burn unit of Bridgeport Hospital. The cause of thefire is under investigation.Glenn Duda09/02/17 Caledonia, NY River Rd. structure fireJeff Arnold09/03/17 San Antonio, TX—Train vs. Ped Bur-leson and Cherry—Downtown crews started the A-Shift off with a reported MV vs. Train @ Burleson St& Cherry St in the Dignity Hill section of the city.Engine 1 arrived to find just a pedestrian that had beenstruck by the train and quickly deescalated the re-sponse. Crews got him packaged up and transported toan unknown hospital. The Pt was transported with anopen fracture to his leg and had reported not hearingthe train coming. Companies on the ticket were EN01,EN05, TK09, PL01, PL11, HR11, FSO, MOF3, BC06,and BC08.Zack Newton

Page 6 September Incidents Cont’d 09/04/17 2nd alarm 6 Farewell St. Worcester, MA—his call for a building fire at 6 Farwell St came in on labor day after 1600hrs. Police arrived on scene and told fire they had fire showing. First companies arriving had heavy smoke and fire as it raced up the back of the 3 decker. A 2nd alarm was struck and within 15 minutes the bulk of the fire was knocked down. A mayday was called by Ladder 1 as they were going to work on the roof and were being cut off by the heavy fire. There were able to get down without incident. Scott LaPrade 09/06/17 Hartford, CT 16 Henry St. apart- ment fire— Ladder 2 reported smoke showing from the basement apartment at 16 Henry St just before noon on 9/6/17. Members made quick work of the fire. Pat Dooley 09/06/17 San Antonio, TX 4100 Blk W. Commerce commercial building.—Earlier this evening, crews of the 1st Battalion were dispatched to the 4100blk of W Commerce St for a reported structure fire. Engine Co 15 checked on scene in the area between NW 24th and NW 25th Streets with light smoke in the area and advised they would be going down NW 24th St investigating. Engine 15 quickly found the source to be a bar with moderate smoke coming from the Charlie/Delta corner. Upon Battalion 1-0’s arrival; Truck 8 was assigned ventilation, Engine 8 hit the fire from exterior on the C/D corner and E15 was interior fire attack while Engine Co 10 caught a plug across off Commerce St. MOF05, M15 and MAC29 were added to the ticket along with EN11, PL11, TK33 and EN33 who were ultimately canceled. The cause of the fire was deemed to be an electrical short in a storage room that required extensive overhaul with a lot of debris in the room. Com- panies on the ticket were EN08, EN10, EN11, EN15, EN33, TK08, TK33, PL11, M15, MAC29, MOF05, and BC01. Zack Newton

September Incidents Page 709/07/17 West Hartford, CT 110 Kane St apartmentfire.Pat Dooley09/07/17 2nd alarm Northfield, CT 164 CampvilleRd. dwelling fire—Thomaston Volunteers originally gotdispatched for a fully involved house on High St Ext intheir town, with nothing found the continued toinvestigate over the town line onto Campville Rd inNorthfield. While this was going on LCD was gettingflooded with calls of a fully involved house onCampville Rd and dispatched Northfield Volunteers. Thefirst officer on scene reported a fully involved 2.5 storydwelling under renovation and requested Thomaston'sLadder, Engine, and Tanker to keep rolling be ready togo to work. Additional tankers were dispatched fromBantam, Litchfield, East Litchfield, and Harwinton. Withthe building so well involved prior to arrival and the rearalready collapsed there was little left to do but take up adefensive posture as the structure was a total loss.Kevin Czarzasty09/07/17 Shelton, CT 26 Edgewood Ave garagefire— At approximately 8:45pm on September 7,2017, Shelton Fire Companies 1 and 4 weredispatched to 26 Edgewood Avenue for a reportedstructure fire following reports of an explosion.First arriving members found a heavily involveddetached garage with an injured resident that hadbeen taken across the street to safety. The fire wasquickly knocked down and the cause of theexplosion is being investigated but seems to beaccidental.Keith Muratori

Page 8 September Incidents Cont’d 09/09/17 3rd alarm Pawtucket, RI 30 Beecher St.—Pawtucket and Central Falls firefighters worked a fire in a 4sty mill being converted into loft apartments. The fire was contained to the area of origin, however the building was charged with heavy smoke. Ken LaBelle 09/09/17 San Antonio, TX 200 Mt. Vernon Ct.— Engine 13 pulled their booster line on a small fire in a multiplex in the 200blk of Mt Vernon Ct on the cities south side. Truck Co 29 checked on with light smoke showing on the Charlie Side of a single story, wood framed dwelling. Engine 13 completing a 360 and found moderate smoke coming from an apartment in the rear where they pulled their red line while they investigated. Engine 13 and Truck 29 found a couch a flame on the first floor and quickly knocked down the fire. Engine 21 and Engine 7 were released while crews checked for extension. The cause of the fire was deemed to be accidental in nature from a discarded cigarette. Companies on the ticket were EN07, EN13, EN21, TK29, and BC06. Zack Newton 09/14/17 San Antonio, TX 100 w. Pecan St. Elevator rescue -Downtown companies responded to an elevator rescue with multiple stuck elevators in the 100blk of West Pecan St. Elevators were reported to be stuck between floors 25 and 5. Crews are extracting approx. 6 patients and brought them down via the stair- wells. Companies on the ticket are EN01, EN03, EN04, EN07, EN11, PL01, PL11, HR11, M06, M07, MOF4 and BC02. Zack Newton

September Incidents Page 909/10/17 Beacon, NY 62 W. Center St. dwellingfireBill Johnson09/11/17 Bethlehem, CT Kassin Rd barn fire—Bethlehem volunteers laying in to a fully involvedbarn fire on Kassin Rd 9/11/17. As with most barnfires by the time you realize they are on fire theyare on the ground. Crews were on scene quicklyalong with mutual aid from Watertown, Morris, andWoodbury.Kevin Czarzasty09/15/17 multiple alarm Westport, CT Sau-gatuck Ave. dwelling fire.Griffin Stover

Page 10 September Incidents Cont’d 09/14/17 Hartford, CT Warner St vacant garage Scott Harris 09/15/17 2nd alarm Hartford, CT 9 Gillette St vacant dwelling Jim Peruta 09/15/17 2nd alarm 9 Gillette St. Hartford, CT vacant dwelling Sean Freiman

September Incidents Page 1109/16/17 Stamford, CT shed fire 77 Harbor ViewAveBill Tenca09/18/17 2nd alarm Hartford, CT 12 Willard St.Jim Peruta09/18/17 Multi alarm Waterbury, CT 1330 South Main St—Apassing motorist reported smoke coming from a commercialbuilding at South Main and Piedmont Sts. in Waterbury's South endshortly after 6am. First due Engine 4 arrived to heavy smokeshowing on all sided of the Discount Furniture Store at 1330 SouthMain. Companies used forcible entry to gain access to the buildingand make a quick search for two occupants who were said to beliving in the business. With no one found companies went to workattempting to reach the fire in a maze of furniture and zero visibilityconditions. Truck 3 went to the roof to attempt a verticalventilation. as the building pushed out dense black smoke turningthe neighborhood to night. the decision was made to go defensive asthe heavy flames venting from the roof would cause an imminentcollapse. Horns and sirens along with radio evacuation tones weresounded and all companies working inside were ordered to leavetheir line in place and make an immediate exit. With all present andaccounted for master streams were delayed and Truck 1 & 3 beganwater tower operations. Companies would battle the fire and spendhours on scene wetting the hot spots.Kevin Czarzasty

Page 12 September Incidents Cont’d 09/18/17 Queens, NY Box 4452 136-14orthern Blvd—pin job Chris Clarke 09/20/17 Centerville, MA Lumbert Hill Rd. auto fire Pat Dooley 09/22/17 East Windsor, CT dwelling fire Pat Dooley

September Incidents Page 1309/23/17 2nd alarm Hartford, CT 2307 Main StJim Peruta09/23/17 2nd alarm Hartford, CT 2307 Main StSean Freiman 09/23/17 2nd alarm Hartford, CT 2307 Main St Doc Johnson

Page 14 September Incidents Cont’d 09/23/17 2nd alarm Hartford, CT 2307 Main St- 09/24/17 2nd alarm East Hartford, CT 470 Tolland St.— smoke showing from the commercial building at 470 Tolland St at 17:20 on 9/24/17. Members made a quick knock down. Pat Dooley 09/24/17 Poughkeepsie, NY Adriance Ave Bill Johnson

September Incidents Page 1509/25/17 Multi alarm Stamford CT Alden StBill Tenca09/25/17 Stafford, CT Woodlawn Dr.Paul Shea09/27/17 Bloomfield, CT Gilbert St dwellingfirePat Dooley

Page 16 September Incidents Cont’d 09/27/17 Bloomfield , CT 15 Walker Ln. Dumpster fire. Pat Dooley 09/30/17 2nd alarm Bridgeport, CT 51 Lee Ave three dwellings.—Multiple calls reporting two dwellings, alerted west side companies they were going to work. Engine three arrived confirming two dwellings going. A second alarm was transmitted by orders of Battalion Chief John McNichols. Companies rapidly set up multiple hand lines and master streams, but not before the fire communicated to the number two side exposure. Firefighters attempted to make an interior attack on the number four side exposure but were driven out by heavy interior fire conditions. The fire took about two hours to bring under control. All three dwelling were occupied leaving many families homeless. The cause of the fire is under investigation. There were no injuries reported. Glenn Duda

Page 17 HOW TO USE BOKEH IN PHOTOGRAPHY TO ISOLATE A SUBJECTBokeh is a Japanese word that roughly translates as the aesthetic quality of the blur. The technique uses depth of field to isolate asubject against a background that is out of focus. The subject matter is in sharp focus thereby emphasizing the subject while hintingat a sense of place without specificity.Bokeh is defined as “the effect of a soft out-of-focus background that you get when shooting a sub-ject, using a fast lens, at the widest aperture, such as f/2.8 or wider.” Simply put, bokeh is the pleas-ing or aesthetic quality of out-of-focus blur in a photograph.Although bokeh is actually a characteristic of a photograph, the lens used determines the shape andsize of the visible bokeh. Usually seen more in highlights, bokeh is affected by the shape of the dia-phragm blades (the aperture) of the lens. A lens with more circular shaped blades will have rounder,softer orbs of out-of-focus highlights, whereas a lens with an aperture that is more hexagonal inshape will reflect that shape in the highlights.To achieve bokeh in an image, you need to use a fast lens—the faster the better. You’ll want to usea lens with at least an f/2.8 aperture, with faster apertures of f/2, f/1.8 or f/1.4 being ideal. Many pho-tographers like to use fast prime lenses when shooting photographs that they want visible bokeh in.You’ll want to shoot with the lens wide open, so you’ll want to use a shooting mode of Aperture Pri-ority or Manual. Manual gives you the ability to choose both your aperture and shutter speed,whereas Aperture Priority allows you to choose the f/stop while the camera chooses the appropriateshutter speed for the exposure. You could also use the Flexible Program mode, choosing the widestpossible aperture/shutter speed combination.Don't worry if you don't own a very fast lens. By increasing the distance between the backgroundand your subject, you can see bokeh in images that are shot at smaller apertures like f/8.To increase the likelihood of visible bokeh in your photographs, increase the distance between yoursubject and the background. You can do this by decreasing the distance between the camera andsubject. The more shallow the depth-of-field, or further the background is, the more out-of-focus itwill be. Highlights hitting the background will show more visible bokeh too, so if you’re using a back-light, side light or a hair light, the bokeh may be more pleasing to the eye.The most photographed subjects showing nice examples of bokeh are portraits. Close-up portraitsshow bokeh very well. Close-up and macro images of flowers and other objects in nature are alsopopular subjects to photograph that shows off bokeh in the image. An often-photographed subjectthat is an extreme example of bokeh is photographing a grouping of holiday lights or other highly re-flective objects. When purposely photographed out-of-focus, these normally harsh or bright objectsbecome soft, pastel, diffused orbs of glowing light.Bokeh can add softness to an otherwise brightly lit photograph. Using this technique to separateyour subject from the background can also allow you to utilize a not-so-photogenic background inyour image—but because of its diffused blur, it helps to “highlight” the subject, not detract from it.

Page 18Fire Apparatus Monthlyby Mike Quinn Lugoff, SC - Engine 10 - 2016 Pierce Impel - 2000/1000/20F.

Page 19Southern Buffin’ with Mike LearyHaddam CT Volunteer Fire Department

Page 20Our Monthly meeting will be held on October 11th, 19:30hrs at theCT Firemen’s Historical Society Museum, 230 Pine St. Manchester,CT Congratulations to the following members: Glenn Duda _ Fire House Magazine Scott LaPrade—Fire House Magazine Paul Shea—Worcester Telegram /Gazette To our newest members Joe Ciscone and Todd Haines

Page 21 Steve FrischlingQ: When did you join the CFPA and why? And what positions do you hold/or have held, with the club?A : I joined, I think, in 2014. My interest in the CFPA was advancing the mission and message of photographers documentingthe work of Fire & EMS. I have not held any positions, but I am open to challenging Jon Tenca to a cage match to help runthe CFPA’s social media presence.Q: What fire department( s) are you affiliated with, if any, and how?A: I am integrated into the Waterford and Lyme Fire Departments as their departmental photographer, as well as associatedwith other departments as a photographer.Q: What cities or towns do you primarily cover?A: I primarily focus on Waterford, East Lyme, Lyme, Old Lyme, New London, Montville, Salem, Groton, Norwich, Stonington,North Stonington, and other towns in New London County at times. Depending on the call I’ll head into Westerly, RI andSoutheastern Middlesex County.Q: What kind of camera equipment do you use?A: A camera is a camera, but my basic kit is the Canon EOS 5D and 7D series bodies, with a 16-35f2.8 and 70-200f2.8, or14f2.8 and 85f1.8. I frequently shed the DSLR bodies for the Fuji x20 rangefinder and have plans to transition out of theDSLRs for primary shooting and move to the Fuji xPro series rangefinders.Q: Do you have a website, or where do you post your images?A: My photos are on Instagram at @flyingwithfish or @Waterford_Fire_Co5_ , my site is being built atwww.fireandrescuephotos.comQ: Have your images been published? (Notable achievements, covers, etc.)A: I spent many years as a newspaper staff photographer, photo editor, chief photographer, wire service contract photogra-pher and magazine director of photography. I’ve covered assignments on six continents, traveled in the White House PressPool, documented The Olympics, World Series, Final Four, Super Bowl, covered the Iraq War, riots on three continents. Myimages have appeared on the front page of The New York Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post, USA Today, a doublepage spread in Life Magazine’s Annual Photo Album, a full page in Time’s Year in Pictures, a full page in Life’s Year InPictures, the cover of The Economist … what was the question again? Oh yes. I have been published.Q: In addition to fire ground photography, what else do you enjoy photographing? What are your other hobbies?A: I love shooting photos of pretty much anything. My other hobbies are raising three kids, cooking, skateboarding, morephotography.Q: Your style, and what you look for on a emergency scene? Your preference? Action, static etc.…A: I grew up shooting for newspapers and wire services since I was a kid. I am documentarian, I want nothing static, nothingstaged. Hand me a wide angle lens and let me do what I do.Q: What was the first fire that you ever photographed?...A: Car fire arson at the Green Acres Mall in New York. It was just before my 11th birthday.Q: What Is the biggest fire you've ever photographed?A: Toss up, depending on how we gauge size. I was in New York City documenting the terrorist attacks on 9/11 and wasthere as the second tower fell and then when 7 WTC collapsed. So is that the biggest fire? If we go by size, I have spent timeout west photographing the wild fires in California. Those fires are truly insane and mind boggling.

Page 22 Steve FrischlingQ: What city do you like to buff the most Boston/New York, buffalo, or Detroit?A: I don’t really buff any city. I grew up shooting in New York City. For a number of years I worked the overnights covering fourboros (no one cares about Staten Island) Jersey City and Newark for a wire service. I got my fill of covering FDNY. I grew upriding Rescue 1, Rescue 4 and Squads with a family friend, when no one was hung up on being sued for allowing a newsphotog to ride the rig.

Members Page 23 at workSenior Advisor to the president, Jim PerutaMembers L –R Ken Beliveau, Jim Peruta and Nick Peruta

Page 24 Follow us on all of our social media platforms to support the club and each other. Official Website Facebook page: CTfirephotographersassociation/timeline?ref=page_internal Follow us on Twitter @ctfirephoto Instagram: CT Fire Photographers AssociationContact us by mail or email : Connecticut Fire Photographer's Association PO Box 1181 Hartford, CT 06143Glenn Duda, President CFPAMike Quinn, Vice PresidentClub email [email protected]

Members Websites Page 25Glenn Duda www.allhandsworking.netDorrance Johnson www.beyondthefireline.comJim Peruta www.res23cue.netPatrick Dooley www.squadfirephotos.comRob Ladd www.nlcfirephotos.blogspot.comEd Harvey Hess Raiola Czarzasty www.OnSceneFirePhoto.comKeith Muratori www.firegroundimages.comNick Peruta McKeon Pospisil Michaud http://jimmichaud.photoshelter.comLinda Akerman http://matrat.smugmug.comMike Leary http://www.bmfirepics.comKevin WhiteRick Nohl http://www.kdwfirephotos.comJon & Bill Tenca http://ricknohlmedia.comJeff Arnold www.puckstopperphotography.comKen Labelle Cuprak www.nrifirephotos.comBill Johnson https://fireshots.smugmug.comScott LaPrade www.fdphotounit.comZack Bowden www.smokeshowingphotography.comZack Newton www.zacksfiretruckpics.weeebly.comTim Delany box120photography.smugmug.comKatie Matto www.fahrenheitphotos.comTed Pendergast Carmody www.firstduephotos.comChris Clarke

Joe Brown Members WebsitesMike Brinius https://firemikesthoughts.blogspot.comMatt Cohen http://boxalarmproductions.exposuremanager.comChris Denton http://paulshea.zenfolio.comPaul Shea https://cisconefirephotos.smugmug.comJoe Ciscone Page 26

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