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FY2018 ANNUAL IMPACT REPORT Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Published by Whale and Dolphin Conservation - North America, 2018-12-31 16:13:27

Description: Highlights from Whale and Dolphin Conservation for Fiscal Year 2018

Keywords: WDC,Whale,Dolphin,Conservation,IMpact report,annual report


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30 YEARS OF A WORLD WHERE PROTECTING EVERY WHALE WHALES AND AND DOLPHIN IS DOLPHINS SAFE AND FREECONTENTS Whales and dolphins are facing dramatically increased risks - not only from entanglements, vessel strikes, noise, pollution and a changingHealthy Seas 2 climate, but also from politics. The very foundation of protections we hadNavigating Conservation 4 taken for granted have been shaken, and we are fighting Bills aimed atEnding Bycatch 6 weakening the protections of the Endangered Species and Marine MammalEnd Whaling 8 Protection Acts as well as the federal approval of permits to conductEnd Captivity 10 seismic testing in the homes of endangered and protected whales.Our Mission 12 This past year of political uncertainty also presented challenges for usFinancial Review 14 as a charity. Along with fighting for whales and dolphins, we fought for autonomy as a charity by opposing the repeal of the Johnson Amendment, which prohibits non-profits from engaging in political campaigns and ensures that non-profits focus on their mission, not the campaigns of those running for office. WDC’s focus is to protect whales and dolphins - regardless of who is in office - and that is reflected in the work we have done and will continue to do. In the nearly 30 years I have had the privilege of working in this field, I have seen many changes, not the least of which is the growing understanding that keeping whales and dolphins in captivity for our entertainment is not acceptable. WDC’s work, in partnership with SEA LIFE Trust, to create the first wild sea sanctuary for beluga whales is a reflection of that movement. We are stronger working together. This coming year we are excited to increase the numbers of partners with whom we will work to protect whales and dolphins, all the while adapting to the changing fundraising landscape in the charity sector. We welcome three new corporate supporters, Nantucket Whaler Trading Company, Cisco Brewers, and New Leaf Solar, and we will continue to work in partnership with, individuals, corporations, foundations, and conservation groups who share our vision and I sincerely thank you for being part of our team. We are fully aware that the successes you read about in the pages of this Impact Report would not be possible without the generosity and support of you and all of our donors, corporate partners, volunteers, and Foundations. Together, we can realize our vision of a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free. Thank you. With your help we will persevere and continue to protect whales and dolphins, not only for the sake of their future, but for the sake of ours, too. Warmest regards- Regina Asmutis-Silvia, Executive Director WDC North America

WHY WE NEED TO SAVEWHALES AND DOLPHINSWhale and dolphin’s well-being and abundance are The threats they face every day from pollution,integrally tied to the health of the planet, and the excessive underwater noise, accidentalhealth of other species, including our own. For entanglement in fishing gear, whaling, vesselexample, whales play a vital role in the marine strikes, and capture are all human-caused threats.ecosystem where they help provide at least 50% We need to restore their ocean home and allowof our oxygen, combat climate change and sustain whale populations to not only survive, but stocks. Our work to protect our intelligent and We need to work together to save marinemagnificent cousins in the sea is critical to the mammals, save our planet, and ultimately savehealth of our planet. ourselves. CO2 IN THE ATMOSPHERE ISABSORBED BY PHYTOPLANKTON DURING PHOTOSYNTHESIS PHYTOPLANKTON PRODUCE OXYGEN AS A BYPRODUCT OF PHOTOSYNTHESIS AND ARE THE BASE OF THE MARINE FOOD WEB NUTRIENT WHALES DEFECATE FLOW NEAR THE WATER’S SURFACE, RELEASING HUGE AMOUNTS OF NUTRIENTS, INCLUDING THE IRON AND NITROGEN THAT PHYTOPLANKTON NEED TO SURVIVEWHALES FEED ON THE ‘WHALE PUMP’PREY SUCH AS IRON-RICH IS ESSENTIAL INKRILL AND FISH IN THE CIRCULATINGWATER COLUMN NUTRIENTS UP THROUGH THE WATER COLUMN 2018 WDC 1

SAFE & HEALTHY SEAS Safer seas for whales and dolphins Planet Earth needs a healthy ocean to survive, Our work to protect endangered North Atlanticand a healthy ocean relies on thriving populations of right whales began in 2005 and we did not waiverwhales and dolphins. as we worked with our partners to get a permanent ship strike speed rule in place in 2013. This rule has To protect whales and dolphins, we must not reduced the risk of a fatal ship strike to right whalesonly save them from direct harm, but also from the in US waters by 80-90%.threats they face indirectly including those whichharm their homes. From chemical and noise pollution Over six years of perseverance was required toto prey depletion and vessel strikes, WDC recognizes successfully expand federally designated criticaland addresses the cumulative impacts faced by habitat for right whales along the east coast but wewhales and dolphins. We work across borders and did not give up because we knew you were fightingwith multiple stakeholders and conservation partners with create safe and healthy seas, ensuring that whalesand dolphins not only survive, but thrive. Our focus now shifts to expanding critical habitat for endangered Southern resident orcas in the Our work to protect the homes of whales and Pacific northwest, preventing harmful seismicdolphins is not one of instantaneous gratification; testing along the US east coast, and maintaining theit takes years of unyielding effort to achieve integrity of vital pieces of legislation including the USmeaningful changes, all of which is only possible with Endangered Species and Marine Mammal Protectionyour support. Acts.2 WDC 2018

AROUND 3,000 NEWEE D WHALES TO KEEP OUR PLANET HEALTHY SUCCESSES• WDC provided input into over 50 federal and state rulemaking processes to protect whales and dolphins• We helped to secure ongoing federal funding for the Marine Mammal Commission, the only US Agency which provides unbiased oversight on the science, policies and management of marine mammals in the US• We successfully supported the implementation of a small boat speed restriction to protect critically endangered right whales from vessel strikes• We successfully advocated for fishery management measures to protect herring and menhaden, important prey resources for whales and dolphins.Our work to protect SouthernResidents is a top priority Watch WDC at Tedx Cape May, \"Common Ground\" Noise pollution from seismic blasting must be addressed 2017 WDC 3

CAOTNTSHEE RHEVLAMTIOOFN Protecting homes for whales and dolphinsEffective conservation is not just cuts that bear lasting scars to more • Report sightings of injured orachieved through national and severe impacts that can impact the entangled whales to the appropriateinternational policies, but through the whale from being able to swim, feed authorities.actions of individuals in their daily or reproduce. Just as troubling, none • Recognize and report sighting oflives. of the injuries analyzed in this study our most endangered species so that were reported to the appropriate the scientific community can develop At the Helm of Conservation is a agencies.Trained boaters can help a clearer picture of the populationsflagship project of WDC’s North reduce vessel strikes and locate, and the best conservation strategies.American office through which we document, and report sightings ofempower boaters to be stewards for entangled and injured whales, giving The coastlines of the US arewhales and their ocean home. permitted response teams a chance to beautiful and busy areas. With so respond to whales in need. many eyes on the water, imagine the Our 2017 study confirmed that the impact if we all look out for the bestrisk of whales being struck by small ‘At the Helm of Conservation’ will interest of whales and dolphins.vessels was significant, with nearly provide engaging education to ensure dolphins. At the Helm of Conservation15% of humpback whales that boaters: is working to make that a reality.documented off Massachusetts • Know how to safely operate boatshaving been struck at least one time. in the presence of whales & dolphins. These injuries vary from superficial4 WDC 2018

At the Helm of Conservation currently includes three Boater Education programs:Whale SENSE, designed for commercial whale watching companies’ captains and naturalists HSee A Spout, designed for recreational power boatersSharing the Seas: SAIL, dedicated to professional and recreational sailors 2018 WDC 5

ENDING BYCATCH It’s in no one’s best interest when whales die HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS We are also working globally to SUCCESSESof whales and dolphins die a slow protect all whales and dolphins from • Our boater education programsand painful death every year when this unintentional threat.they become accidentally entangl- (see pages 4-5) led to theed in fishing nets and gear. We have teamed up with scientists successful reporting of 16 and fishermen to find safer fishing entangled large whales to Known as ‘bycatch’, it is the methods, advocating for cutting- trained and permittedbiggest global threat to whales and edge solutions and technologies disentanglement teams.dolphins and it has pushed some such as ropeless fishing gear to • We were appointed to thespecies to the brink of extinction. prevent entanglements, while still International WhalingWe know that no fisherman wants enabling fishers to safely operate. Commission’s Bycatchto kill a whale or dolphin, so we are Mitigation Initiative (BMI),working together to make fishing We are campaigning to save where we will help to develop a safer. species that have been driven to the comprehensive assessment of brink of extinction by bycatch reduction strategies. WDC is working with the US and entanglement, such as theCanadian governments, researchers endangered North Atlantic rightand fishers to reduce this threat in whale.North America.6 WDC 2018

ENTANGLEMENT AINTFIMISEHLININGEGEAR: Whale entangled in gear.GA Dept Natural Resources ©DOC Hector’s dolphinskilled by a fishing net 2017 WDC 7


STOPWHALINGWDC IS FIGHTING TO KEEP THE BAN IN PLACESLAUGHTERING WHALES has a devastating WE ARE...impact on the marine environment and the whale 1. Fighting to stop whaling in Europe, Japan andcommunities left behind. It is also cruel andpointless. Demand for meat is falling in those around the world by representing whales atcountries that eat whales and most whale meat is international meetings such as the Internationalkept in frozen stockpiles. Sadly, a few countries who Whaling Commission (IWC), cutting supplyagreed to the international ban on commercial routes, and exposing illegal sales of meat.whaling continue to kill whales by exploitingloopholes. Around 50,000 whales have been killed 2. Reducing demand for whale meat by dissuadingsince the ban came into effect, with Japan, Iceland, tourists who may be tempted to try the meat, orand Norway as the main culprits. highlighting the health risks around its consumption.• There is no humane way to kill a whale at sea. 3. E ducating communities about whale• P opulations already face many threats each day. watching as a financial alternative to whaling.• Regulating whaling to keep kills to a certainnumber is also very difficult. PETITIONS Almost 270,000 of you supported our ongoingCommercial whaling remains a big campaign asking the European Union tothreat and WDC continues say ‘no’ to a trade deal with Japan soto fight it through both legal and long as Japan continues to kill whales.diplomatic channels. We battle to keep The EU’s own petitions committeethe ban in place, to investigate and is now raising our concerns withexpose this cruel trade, to prevent ALMOST the EU Trade markets for whale products,and to reduce the numbers of 270,000 And your pressure persuadedwhales being slaughtered. the EU Parliament to vote overwhelmingly for a resolution to WDC is working on OF YOU SUPPORTED stop whale meat from being movedthree key areas to stop OUR ONGOING through EU ports. We will continuewhaling for good. CAMPAIGN to push for this to become law. 2018 WDC 9

END CAPTIVITY A better future for whales and dolphins AROUND 3,000 whales and dolphins are held in aquaria, We are concentrating efforts on three key areas that zoos and marine parks globally. Capturing and keeping we believe will ultimately bring an end to this cruel whales and dolphins in captivity is cruel. They are highly practice. With your support we can end captivity. intelligent and live in complex social groups, but are taken from their homes, separated from their families and • W DC is helping to create sea sanctuaries where whales confined for human ‘entertainment’. and dolphins held in captivity can be relocated to live more natural lives if they cannot be returned to the wild. Even though captive whales and dolphins are kept in an environment free of predators, they still die young. • W e are working to stop the supply of whales and WDC is working to create a better future for these dolphins to captive facilities. amazing, intelligent creatures. • W DC is campaigning to end the demand for whale and dolphin shows by stopping their promotion by tour operators.10 WDC 2018

3,000AROUND WHALES AND DOLPHINS ARE HELD IN AQUARIA, ZOOS AND MARINE PARKS CAMPAIGN SUCCESSESTHANKS TO your support we are establishing a sanctuary for WDC is currently completing a major report, analyzingcaptive beluga whales in Iceland, a wild environment where years of aquaria data, showing the full extent of how limitedthese intelligent individuals can live in peace. and inconsistent care is for dolphins in captivity.WDC has partnered with Merlin Entertainments in orderto establish the sanctuary, prepare two captive belugas for With your help, our campaign to stop UK holidayrelocation, gain permit applications, design the site and devise companies supporting whale and dolphin captivity hasa care plan. We hope that this will be the first of many such achieved some success. Holiday giant Thomas Cooksanctuaries around the world. is the latest company to turn against this cruel practice. WDC persuaded political parties in Germany to include And pressure on Virgin Holidays has also paid off.a commitment to ban dolphins in captivity in their election The company will not sign up any new attractions thatprograms. feature captive whales and dolphins for theatrical shows or swim-with contact sessions. With our partner organizations in the United States, we arelegally demanding that the National Marine Fisheries Service WDC’s work with the National Marine Fisheries Serviceuphold the permit requirements of Sea World, which require in the US led to an announcement that the Okhotskthe facility to release its veterinary records of orcas who have beluga population would be listed as ‘depleted,’ which will –died under its care. we hope – help lead to an end to captures from this vulnerable population. BELUGA WHALE JOURNEYICELAND SHANGHAI 2018 WDC 11

OUR MISSIONWDC...Is the leading global charity dedicated to theconservation and protection of whales and dolphinsOUR VISION...Is a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and freeWE BELIEVE THAT WHALES AND DOLPHINS SHOULD...• Be recognized as key contributors to a healthy planet• Swim where boats don’t injure them• Swim wild in clean, natural, noise-free waters• Swim free, without fear of becoming entangled or hunted• Be free, not held captive for human entertainment• Exist as nature intended, not as humans decideDO YOU BELIEVE? Protectin

ng whales, dolphins, and our shared planet

FINANCIAL REVIEW Total income for FY18 was $725,769, up 36% STATEMENT OF FUNCTIONAL EXPENSES TOTAL from FY17 income of $533,776. A large part of the increase from the FY17 level was due to FOR YEAR ENDING SEPTEMBER 30, 2018 272,590 a $200,000 bequest to the organization, which 103,371 significantly exceeded the budgeted amount for Salaries, payroll taxes and employee benefits that revenue source. Grant and contract expenses 39,282 Fundraising fees 35,457 Conversely, total expenses for the fiscal year Postage and printing 16,611 were $565,486, down $6,413 from the FY17 Professional services 24,528 expenses of $571,899. Rent expense 11,262 Bank and processing charges 12,360 Net retained assets at the end of FY18 were Travel and meeting expenses $361,716 up from $201,433 at the end of FY17. Telecommunications 6,064 Internet access/website maintenance 12,519 Fundraising Auto 14% Administrative 5% Business expenses 6,152 Utilities 4,375 Miscellaneous 4,864 Dues and subscriptions 1,442 Supplies Insurance 387 Equipment rental 6,192 Total expenses (before interest and depreciation) 4,229 Depreciation 85 561,770 3,716 565,486 565,486 Conservation Programs and Policy Work 81%16 WDC 2018

All thanks to you WDC would like to thank all of our partners for their important and ongoing support. We couldn’t do this without youCORPORATE PARTNERS • PayPal Giving Fund • Patagonia of London • Team17 • E rnest Kleinwort(US) • Pura Vida Foundation(US) • 3d Computers • The Recycling Charitable Trust • The Riviera Towel • Auroch Digital• A llstate Giving CORPORATE PARTNERS • Codename Factory • Focused on Nature Company (UK) • K ilverstone Wildlife Campaign • Sakroots • 4Ocean Entertainment CORPORATE PARTNERS• Amazon Smile • SEGA • BRITA UK • My Green World (GERMANY) Charitable Trust• A merican Express • Systems Marine, Inc • PADI • Unknown Worlds • Becela-design • Millennium Oak Trust • Ternua • ORCA Design • Good Gifts • BRITA • M iss Joyce Cater Employee Giving • Theresa LaBrecque • Teemill • Konfidence • Designarmada • T he Unitarian Church • Humble Bundle • Munchkin • Green Pearls Charitable Trust Program • Triodos • M erlin Entertainments • Hotel Sand • R G Hills Charitable• A Estes Art of Barnstable • Animal Friends • Savoo • iChoc• Anonymous • West Marine • Ecotricity • The Storm Whale • Iconeo Design Studio Trust• Benevity • Evergreen Insurance • Drew Sutton • Infoscreen • The Gordon and Ena• Brewers Marina Bay TRUSTS AND • MBNA • S peyside Craft • Langbrett• Cape Clasp FOUNDATIONS (US) • R ecycling for Good • Soulbottles Baxter Foundation• C aptain John Whale Brewery • Spanien Tourismus • The J & JR • Acton Family Giving Causes • TwoThirds • Watching • C raigslist Charitable • GRN • The Whale Company • Vaude Wilson Trust• Cars, Inc • Alpha Insurance • Top Cow • T he Mackintosh• Cisco Brewers Fund • Elite Eco Logistics • StacyPlays• Design by Witt • E uropean Outdoor • Off the Map Travel • Virtual Umbrella Foundation• Franklin Templeton • eBay • Alex Mustard • The Pauline Meredith Conservation • Ethical Superstore • Profile Investments Association • Fourth Element • Oaken Palace Records Charitable Trust• Hyannis Whale • Fidelity Charitable • Twitch • BeefJack Gift Fund • 505 Games • Giveacar TRUSTS AND Watcher Cruises • The GE Foundation • Relic Entertainment • GhostRobo FOUNDATIONS• In the Wild • I BM International • 11 Bit Studios • The Gaming Beaver (GERMANY) Foundation • The Yogscast • Stacey of Gotham Productions/ • The Jessica • Sumo Digital • Wild Sky Productions • Patagonia (DE) Chris Hamilton Rekos Foundation • Future Games • Mark Whelan, Conran • Umweltstiftung• JustGive • T he Karp-Haahr• k-25 Towel Family Fund Design Group and Greenpeace (DE)• Kamibashi • National Marine • My Buena Vida Sanctuary Foundation Havas Worldwide TRUSTS AND• Nantucket FOUNDATIONS (UK) Whaler Trading Co • Beatrice Partnership• New Leaf Solar Fund 2018 WDC 18

GET INTOUCHWDC WHALEAND DOLPHINCONSERVATION7 Nelson Street,PlymouthMassachusetts 02360,United StatesT +1 888 699 4253E [email protected] and DolphinConservationWDC UKE [email protected] DEUTSCHLANDE [email protected] AUSTRALASIAE [email protected] SCOTTISHDOLPHIN CENTREE [email protected] LATIN AMERICAE [email protected] images by WDC andShutterstock unlessstated otherwise

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