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Tubahumurize Catalogue 2018

Published by lentillescorail, 2018-03-26 08:35:05

Description: Tubahumurize products catalogue 2018. Made in Rwanda, Kigali.

Keywords: Tubahumurize,catalogue,Rwanda,MadeinRwanda


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2018 Catalogue

All of our bags are handmade with love in Rwanda, using quality “kitenge” fabrics from around the world.BAGS &PURSESTOTES NOTECLUTCHES Prices do not include shippingDUFFELS and fabric patterns are not alwaysBACKPACKS guaranteed.YOGA BAGSPURSESGIFT BAGS ...

BAGS01. Patch Pack 02. School Bag 03. Kiki Bag 04. Rasta Bag 05. Linda Bag10500RwF, $12, 10€ 11200RwF, $13, 11€ 10500RwF, $12, 10€ 10500RwF, $12, 10€ 5200RwF, $6, 5€Cylindrical bag with 3 large zipped compartments One strap and fmap with Designed by a Rwandan Cylindrical bag withadjustable straps 59x40x26cm button to secure 37x34cm artist. Two zipped adjustable straps28x40x16cm sections. 30x42cm 28x40x16cm06. Braidy Bag 07. Julia Bag 08. Continent Bag 10. Clémentine 11. Kivu Bag9750RwF, $11, 9€ 10500RwF, $12, 10€ 9000RwF, $10, 8€ 7500RwF, $8, 7€ 9000RwF, $10, 8€Two braided straps and Two straps and two outer Large zipped bag, for books Sling bag with rounded Design inspired by thesimple interior. 35x35cm pockets. 30x24cm on the beach! 44x33cm bottom. 43x32cm fishing boats on lake Kivu, Rwanda. 50x30cm12. Party Bag 13. John Bag 14. Glenda Bag, 15. Sheja Bag 16. Byiza Bag small7500RwF, $8, 7€ 10500RwF, $12, 10€ 7500RwF, $8, 7€ 11200RwF, $13, 11€ 9000RwF, $10, 8€Satin strap and lining.15x40cm Sling bag, with thick twisted Long strap, open Satin bag with kitenge 17. Byiza Bag large straps. Zipped interior. compartment, zo zipper. accents and external pockets1.2700 RwF, $14, 12€ Weekend Bag 30x44cm 36x28cm 30x33cm Strapped satin bag with kitenge stripes 18. S Weekend Bag 21. Duffel Bag 10500RwF, $12, 10€ 11200RwF, $13, 11€ 30x40x20cm Large padded duffel bag. 19. M Weekend Bag Perfect for weekend trips! 12000RwF, $13,5, 10.5€ Custom sizes available 40x40x20cm 20. L Weekend Bag 13500RwF, $16, 13€ 40x50x20cm Duffel Bag

BAGS22. Cell Slings 23. Daily Sling 23. Travel Bag 24. Wedding Clutch 25. Satto Bag1500RwF, $2, 1,5€ 3700RwF, $4, 3,5€ 7500RwF, $6, 5€ 9000RwF, $11, 9€ 5200RwF, $6, 5€Padded bags for cell phone Simple bag for basics. One strapped bag wih change Zipped and pleated tote. Zipped and pleated tote.with clasps for security 18x18cm purse included. 24x31 cm & 36x36cm 36x36cm 10x10cm26. Umutima Bags 26. Miranda 27. Nyanya Bag 28. Diaper Bag4500RwF, $5, 4€ 5200RwF, $6, 5€ 10500RwF, $12, 10€ 10500RwF, $12, 10€Unzip the heart bag, it Cylindrical bag with Padded and zipped, perfect Two strapped sturdy bagbecomses a reusable shoping adjustable straps tote for books or the beach! with external and internalbag! 37x34cm 28x40x16cm 43x39cm pockets. 40x43cmWORK, STUDY, READ, TRAVEL 30.Laptop case 7500RwF, $8, 7€ Padded case. Custom sizes available.29. Laptop Bag 31. Book Bag 32. Toiletry Kit11000RwF, $13, 11€ 9000RwF, $11, 9€ 11200RwF, $13, 11€Padded bag with extra Classic sturdy messenger Your multi-pocket travelpocket for your charger. bag! 38x26cm toiletry kit. Extended:Custom sizes available. 59x40x26

33. Yoga mat Bags 5200RwF, $6, 5€ Our classic yoga mat bags have a zipped interior pocket to store goods while practicing! 68x16cm 34. Yoga totes 13500RwF, $16, 13€ A large, multipurpose bag with an externalzipped pocket for a toweland a newt for a water bottle on one side! 38x44cm

SPORTS & LEISURE 34. Yoga Tote 13500RwF, $16, 13€ Large et practical yoga tote. Adjusted for your yoga mat or just extra space for your stuff! 38x44cm 34. Yoga Tote 13500RwF, $16, 13€ Large et practical yoga tote. Adjusted for your yoga mat or just extra space for your stuff! 38x44cm 35. Chalk Bag 4500RwF, $6, 4€ Unique chalk bag for climbers and mountaineers!

Now featuring our new eco line and our world famous quilts !HOME NOTEDECOR Prices do not include shipping and fabric patterns are not alwaysBaskets guaranteed.buntingstrivetspillowskitchenbedroomquilts

BASKETS Our sisel baskets make for beautiful bowls and elegant wall hangings. Each unique design comes ready to hang with a hook on the back.36. Small baskets3000RwF, $3.5, 3€20cm diameter37. Large baskets5200RwF, $6, 5€30 cm diameter38. Flat trivet1500RwF, $2, 1.5€25 cm diameter

KITCHEN39. Adult Apron 40. Hot Pads 41. Oven Mitts 42. Eco Trivet9000RwF, $11, 9€ 4500RwF, $5, 4€ 4500RwF, $5, 4€ 5200RwF, $6, 5€Those patchwork aprons are Padded for insulation with Padded for insulation with Made from recycled bottleperfect for cooking with pockets for holding pots. strings for easy hanging. One caps and beautiful kitengestyle! 98x71cm 23x23cm size fits all. fabrics! 22cm 44. Melange Table Set (left) 12000RwF, $14, 12€ One table runner and 6 napkins. 126x41cm 45. Embroidered Table Set (right) 90000RwF, $105, 85€ Includes 1 tablecloth, 3 runners and 8 napkins. 2.5x1.5m43. Star Napkins9000RwF, $11, 9€Includes 6 napkins andfoldable container. Napkins35x35cm46. Table Runner Set25500RwF, $30, 24€One table runner, 6placemats and 6 napkins

HOME 47.a Classic Tablecloth Set 19500RwF, $23, 18€ Jeanne and Epiphanie displaying this design which comes with 6 napkins. Tablecloth: 2.5x1.5m Napkins: 35x35cm 47.b Table Set 22000RwF, $30, 24€ One table runner, 6 place-mats and 6 napkins48. Agasake Baskets 49. Buntings750RwF, $1, 1€ 5200RwF, $6, 5€Tiny traditional baskets A beautiful way to sprucemake for ornaments, small your spaces. About 2.5mstorage units or key chains.10cm 52. Christmas Stocking 3000RwF, $4, 3€ Kitenge patchwork on one side. 16x55cm50. Wall Hanging Small 51. Closet organiser 53. Pillow case18000RwF, $23, 18€ 6000RwF, $7, 6€ 3700RwF, $4, 3€86x91cm Perfect for storing belts, Case with buttoned clasp on50. Wall Hanging Large shoes, ties etc… 52x38cm the back. 40x40cm or27000Rwf, $32, 26€ 50x50cm104x120cm

QUILTS 53. BABY QUILT 22500RwF, $27, 21€ 90x110cm 54. TWIN QUILT 60000RwF, $70, 57€ 1.70x2.30m 55.FULL QUILT 675000RwF, $80, 64€ 2.20x2.50m 56. QUEEN QUILT 75000RwF,$88, 71€ 2.30x2.50m 57. KING QUILT 82500RwF, $97, 78€ 2.60x2.60m Note: Different prices apply if you bring our own fabric

Made by talented members of the Tubahumurize Women’s Organisation in RwandaACCESSORIES NOTE Prices do not include shipping BRACELETS and fabric patterns are not always hats guaranteed. scrunchies headbands scarves jewelry bags wine bags necklases cards etc...

ACCESSORIES Jewelry58. Bangles 59. Long Earrings 60. Round Earrings 61. ECO Paper Earrings1500RwF, $2, 1.5€ 3000RwF, $4, 3€ 3000RwF, $4, 3€ 3000RwF, $4, 3€A set of four bracelets. One Variety of patterns and Variety of patterns and Made with paper boundsize fits all ! styles available. styles available. beads.62. ECO Paper Bead 63.Kitenge Necklace 64. Paper Bead Name Tag 65. Fabric NecklaceNecklace 3000RwF, $4, 3€4500RwF, $6, 4.5€ 4500RwF, $6, 4.5€ 3000RwF, $4, 3€ Soft and durable! Great forMade with wound bits of Variety of patterns, styles Perfect for conferences or adults and kids!recycled paper. and lengths available. family reunions! 68. Tie 7500RwF, $9, 7€ Narrow and thick varieties available!66. Pocket Jewelry Bag 67. Large Pocket Bag 69. Luggage tag3000RwF, $4, 3€ 3500RwF, $4.5, 3.5€ 1500RwF, $2, 1.5€Your jewelry will never get A large bag to store make-up, Customize your suitcase andtangled again thanks to the pencils, keys etc... save time at the airport!internal pockets!

ACCESSORIES Hats & others70. Twist Headband 71. Bucket Hats and Sun 72. Scrunchies Hats 2200RwF, $3, 2€3000RwF, $4, 3€ Kids - 3000RwF, $4, 3€ Adults- 4500RwF, $6, 4.5€ A kitenge blast from the past!One size fits all. Solid and 3000RwF, $4, 3€half pattern varietiesavailable. Bring back the classics 74. Elephant of giraffe 75. Banana Leaf Card key chain 1500RwF, $2, 1.5€ 1500RwF, $2,1.5€ 14cm tall Cards made out of banana leaf, perfect for any occasion! Envelope included73. Infinity Scarf 77. Wallet5200RwF, $6, 5€ 3000RwF, $4, 3€Top seller scarves! Stuffed and easy to find in 76. Handbag your bag! 3000RwF, $4, 3€ 78. Small Change Purse Plenty of internal pockets! 1500RwF, $2, 1.5€ Ideal for coins or small items.

KIDS 80. Baby Changing Mat 5200RwF, $6, 5€ Machine washable and ready to roll !79. Animal Mobile 81. Elephant Backpack 82. Kids Apron9000RwF, $11, 9€ 10500RwF, $12, 10€ 3700RwF, $5, 4€Various patterns and sizes. Two adjustable straps and Kids are cooks in a colourful two large zipped pockets. apron ! 63x38cm 28x50cm 86. Mama Doll & Baby 88. Doll & Horse 87.Sitting Doll 4500RwF, $6, 4.5€ 9700RwF, $11, 10€ Hand sewn and stuffed. 33cm Built to last with durable & 20cm tall. materials. 28cm tall82. S/L Elephants,83.S/LGirafes,84. S/L Zebras,85. S/L RhinosS- 2200RwF, $3, 2€9cm tallL- 5200RwF, $6, 5€15cm tall 89. Fabric Doll 90. Small Baby Bib 91. Large Baby Bib 3000RwF, $4, 3€ 3700RwF, $5, 4€ 3000RwF, $4, 3€ Machine washable. 22x20cm Simple doll with bright Extra loops for arms and clothing. 33cm tall more coverage. 32x29cm

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