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All Aboard the Sweetheart Express

Published by Holabird Americana, 2021-01-25 01:57:44

Description: February 2021 Railroadiana & Collectibles Auction


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Holabird Western Americana Collections, LLC Auction Date Thursday-Monday | February 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15, 2021 Starting Time: 8am Pacific time each day Auction Location 3555 Airway Drive, Suite 308, Reno, NV 89511 or bid online at Preview * Wednesday, February 10 from 10am-5pm by appointment We strongly advise you contact all us at (775) 851-1859 if you plan to attend the preview or to schedule a private appointment. Phone and video previews are also available. Please provide a list of items and minimum of 24 hours notice so that we may pull your lots and schedule a private viewing. Shipping & Lot Pickup Please allow 10-14 business days for shipping once your payment has posted unless you're order is expedited. Whenever possible we encourage you to pick up your lots in person and say hello! Please schedule an appointment first so that we're prepared when you arrive *Minimum of 24 hour advanced notice required for all pickups Bid Live, Online, by Mail, Fax, or Phone or call us at 775-851-1859

Holabird Western Americana Collections aka “HWAC” and “FHWAC” Holabird Western Americana Collec- and direction of Fred Holabird—and as- tions was founded in 2012 and morphed sisted by the hardworking Reno HWAC into a new company in 2014 to fill the office—we combine our efforts to bring needs of Americana collectors looking for you a unique piece of western American rare and unique collectibles below the history in every item we sell and in every minimum lot prices of most larger auction catalog we publish. It is our goal to ensure houses. The goal of the company was to our clients the most accurate, detailed item put the fun back in collecting and bring an descriptions and well-researched, histori- array of noteworthy collectibles to Ameri- cally factual backgrounds. cana aficionados with all budgets. We specialize in buying, selling and ap- The Holabird name in the title of the praising western Americana, numismat- company draws its roots from Fred Hola- ica (coins, ingots, banknotes), exonumia bird, company advisor, co-founder and (pioneer minor coinage/trade tokens), the fun spirited auctioneer we’ve come to western antiquities, and railroad/mining know and love. Fred managed Holabird- goods. Our auctions typically feature wide Kagin Americana from 2006-2014 and selections of coins, tokens, stocks certifi- headed up the production team that pro- cates, documents, photographs, assay cer- duced dozens of fixed price and auction tificates, postcards and other antiques and catalogs with sales in excess of 16 million. collectibles relating to western history, nu- When Holabird-Kagin Americana mismatics and mining, dating from c.1800 closed the Reno office in May 2014, Hola- to c.1930. We hold several Americana and bird’s Western Americana Collections ex- numismatic auctions each year inclusive of panded their operations into the former some of the greatest rarities extant, work- HKA building and are excited to now bring ing personally with our clients to help some of the best and rarest collectibles at them build significant collections. We have all price points to meet the needs of collec- become known for our well-researched tors everywhere. histories on the mining companies, his- HWAC is devoted to bringing collectors torical figures, and mining districts of the only the greatest Western Americana rari- items we sell. Here at Holabird’s Western ties, with an emphasis western Americana Americana Collections, we not only set re- mining collectibles, gold rush collectibles cord-breaking sales prices at our auctions, and numismatics. Under the leadership but we create legends. Did you know? Lots typically open for bidding at half the low estimate. Many times they open even lower than that! These podium deals are offered at our auctioneers discretion and are only available for bidders who join us live in person, live online, or on the phone. Don’t miss out on these specials. Log on to to bid live online, call us to schedule a phone line, or come to Reno and see us in person this July!

Table of Contents Day 1 (Thur, Feb 11) Lots 1000-1729 Day 4 (Sun, Feb 14) Lots 4000-4763 \\ General Americana .................................................... 9 Art ...............................................................................200 Geo graphically Sorted ............................................... 9 Native Americana ...................................................214 Jewelry ............................................................................21 Philatelic ...................................................................215 Marbles & Toys ............................................................22 Bargains & Dealer Specials Part I ....................238 Miscellaneous ...............................................................24 Stocks & Bonds ...................................................238 Bottles & Saloon .......................................................29 Mining ....................................................................238 Bottles ..............................................................................29 Petroliana..............................................................239 Saloon, Brewing, & Drug Ephemera ...................30 Railroad .................................................................239 Mining Collectibles ..................................................34 Transportation ...................................................240 Stocks & Bonds Part I .............................................45 Aviation ..................................................................241 Mining ..............................................................................45 Banking ..................................................................241 Industrial ..............................................................242 Land & Development .......................................244 Other Categories ................................................245 Day 2 (Fri, Feb 12 ) Lots 2000-2729 Stocks & Bonds Part II ............................................ 79 Oil ...................................................................................... 79 Day 5 (Mon, Feb 15) Lots 5000-5708 Railroad ........................................................................... 90 Transportation ............................................................. 96 Miscellaneous .............................................................102 Bargains & Dealer Specials Part II .................. 246 Agriculture ...........................................................102 Philatelic .................................................................. 246 Banking ..................................................................104 General Americana ............................................... 251 Brewing .................................................................106 Geographically sorted ............................................251 Industrial ..............................................................108 General Collectibles ................................................253 Other .......................................................................118 Numismatics ........................................................... 255 Firearms, Military, & Political Collectibles ....139 Tokens ...................................................................... 259 Day 3 (Sat, Feb 13) Lots 3000-3758 Railroadiana & Transportation .........................149 Model Railroading .....................................................149 Railroad Equipment .................................................166 Railroad & Transportation Ephemera ..............176 Numismatics .............................................................185 Leadville Cook Silver Ingot ....................................186 Vulture Mine Gold Ingot ..........................................186 Tokens ........................................................................190 Sports ..........................................................................194

TERMS AND CONDITIONS This is a Live Auction conducted by Holabird Western Americana Collections, LLC (HWAC). 1. The placing of a bid shall constitute the bidder’s acceptance of into a computer that will bid live on your behalf at the auction. these terms of sale. Absentee bids will compete live against other absentee bids, live 2. BUYER’S PREMIUM & INSURANCE: There will be a 25% Buyer’s internet bidders, floor bidders and phone bidders. Premium added to the sale price (hammer) of each lot. We accept cash, 9. INTERNET BIDDING: Both Absentee and Live Internet bidding checks, money orders, wire transfers, credit cards and PayPal. are available through our live auction networks. If you wish to bid 3. COINS, CURRENCY AND PRECIOUS METALS, Insurance. The buyer’s LIVE via the Internet, you MUST pre-register. A live feed is generally commission for this section is 20.5%. Coins and currency shall be accessible during the auction. Online bidding remains open through defined as any regular Federal issue circulating coins and currency. the live auction, and online absentee bids may be placed anytime. Tokens are not considered coins. Precious metals shall be defined as Live bidding will open when the auction starts. Internet bidding is ingots, silver or gold rounds, bullion items and gold nuggets. Mineral offered as a convenience for those who cannot attend the live sale. specimens are not considered under the precious metals category. Please note that there may be delays or interruptions in Internet Commemorative items such as metals and ribbons are not considered connectivity that are beyond our control. Attending the live auction coins of precious metals. However, lots that consist entirely of gold or or arranging for an agent is the most reliable way to secure your bids. silver of high purity, including commemorative metals, are considered 10. NEW BIDDERS: Bidders unknown to us, who anticipate precious metals. Please contact our office if you need clarification on a an expenditure in excess of $20,000, must provide commercial specific lot. references or a deposit of 25% of the amount to be bid in order for 4. SALES TAX: Sales tax may be applicable in any of the 50 states according the auction staff to execute bids. Deposits will be credited towards to current tax laws regarding internet sales. Please check your state's tax lots won and any balance will be refunded within 10 business regulations. HWAC will charge sales tax for those states that we know have days after the auction has concluded. New bidders will be given instituted internet sales tax. All bonafide resale dealers with a current valid a spending limit at their initial request to participate. In order resale license should submit their license in advance to HWAC. to increase this limit, you may be required to provide a letter of 5. SHIPPING & HANDLING: The customer is responsible for all authorization from your bank in addition to providing references. shipping charges. Shipping and Handling will be estimated prior Please contact our office at any time if you have questions regarding to invoicing, based on the size and weight of your purchase. All spending limits or references required to bid. shipping and handling is subject to a minimum charge of $19.00. 11. AGENT BIDDING: There are numerous professional agents If additional shipping and handling costs are required, the buyer will available to assist you should you require this service. Please contact be re-invoiced for the balance due. Items are not shipped until the the office for a list or to arrange for representation on the floor invoice is completely paid. Many buyers purchase a number of lots. during the live auction. HWAC is not responsible for any acts or Every effort will be made to include all lots in a single shipping charge omissions by agents acting on behalf of bidders at our auctions. calculated to cover the weight and size of the package(s). NOTE: Some BE ADVISED: Auction participation through the live Internet bidding shipments (of unusual size, dimension, or weight) may require special site is not 100% foolproof. The technology for this process is always handling for which individual costs will be calculated and applied to changing, and the operation of it and the corresponding Internet the shipping charge on the invoice. Purchases will be shipped via our connectivity issues are far beyond our control. Some folks have approved, insured carriers: Federal Express or the US Postal Service. attempted to use the live Internet bidding process as their primary All items shipped Federal Express or USPS will be insured for the full method of bidding, and have been quite successful. Others have value determined at auction by HWAC, which is included in our buyer’s failed completely. Depending upon your computer, server, host, and premium. Pick up is available from our Reno office the next business day other factors, Internet signals may be delayed, such that bids may after the auction with 24 hours notice given to HWAC prior to pick-up. not be received in time. We cannot be held responsible for these 6. LIVE (FLOOR) BIDDING: Please arrive a few minutes early to check in delays, or for the lack of placed bids in a timely manner, or any and receive your bidding paddle. We will open lots with more than one bid at other factors leading to unaccepted bids that are far beyond the current high absentee bid or 50% of the low estimate at the auctioneer’s our control. Bidders should always have a backup plan for lots discretion. Please be sure to bid on the correct lots during the live auction. they highly desire. Live participation is best, followed by phone Our auction progress is at a rate of between 60 and 150 lots per hour. An participation. We will not reopen lots for missed bids. item is not sold until the next lot is announced. (We are not esponsible for 12. RESERVES: Most of the lots in this auction are unreserved. Internet bids that arrive late.) The auctioneer will identify the successful Precious metals may be reserved at or near or slightly below spot, t bidder by number and announce the winning bid amount. If you are not sure the auctioneer's discretion. whether you won the lot or not, it is your responsibility to ask for clarification 13. BIDDING INCREMENTS: All bids must be submitted in U.S. immediately, prior to the start of the next auction lot. Auctioneer reserves dollars and in whole dollar amounts only in the appropriate increments the right to reopen the lot in the case of an immediate dispute at the as outlined below. If you choose to submit bids in an increment not listed actual time of the sale. below, your bid will be rounded to the nearest increment and you will be 7. TELEPHONE BIDDING: Telephone bidding MUST be scheduled prior expected to pay the amount to which the bid was rounded should your to this auction. If you do not schedule in advance, and choose instead bid be the winning bid. If you have any questions about an appropriate to call on the day of the auction to request a line for bidding, you may bid amount, please call us. find that we are unable to accommodate your request. Please limit your telephone bids to items of value greater than $500, or to a string of items with a similar total. 8. LIVE AUCTION ABSENTEE BIDDING: Mail or FAX Absentee bids for From: to: Increment: the live auction MUST be received by 5pm Pacific Time the day before the $1 $95 $5 auction. Bids accepted after the cutoff time will be represented live only $100 $190 $10 if an agent is available and will not be considered absentee or given first priority as such. It is your responsibility to submit all lot numbers and bid $200 $475 $25 amounts accurately. Absentee bids MUST be equal to at least 50% of the $500 $1,450 $50 low estimate if an estimate is provided. Bids on “No Lots” or “Withdrawn” $1,500 $3,400 $100 Lots will not be executed. Bids made in amounts that do not conform $3,500 $9,750 $250 to the bid increment table under Item #8 will be automatically rounded $10,000 $30,000 $500 up or down by the computer, or rounded to the nearest proper bid $30,000 up $1000 increment at the discretion of the auctioneer. Absentee bids are entered 4 Holabird Western Americana Collections, LLC

14. BID REDUCTION: All winning absentee bids will be reduced, if pay attorney’s fees, court costs, and other collection costs incurred by necessary, to the next bidding increment up from the last competing HWAC. Any bidder who fails to follow the terms of payment will bid, as long as the minimum bid requirement has been met. For be reported to iCollector and may be barred from participating in example, if you submit an absentee bid of $1000 and the next highest future Holabird Western Americana auctions. competing bid is $250, then you will win the lot for $275. 23. CONDITION: We strongly recommend that you attend the live 15. BID INFORMATION: Collectors often ask in advance the price preview to see lots in their entirety. Conditions are not always noted, level of a particular lot. We will give out the current competitive and large lots may not be itemized due to catalog restraints. For high absentee bid until we close the day before the live auction. You questions, detailed information, or additional images of any lot please may also view absentee bids online at contact our office at 775-851-1859. Bidders are responsible for While we try to update the absentee bids as often as necessary, bids understanding the condition of items. Conditions noted are subjective, received close to the bidding deadline might not be reflected online, and may differ person to person. High resolution images of all items are and we disclaim any responsibility for any bids made in reliance upon available online for inspection. HWAC is not responsible for condition inaccuracies on our website, which may be beyond our control. We discrepancies; it is the bidders responsibility to determine condition do not own any of the live Internet bidding platforms, and thus many prior to bidding. aspects of the Internet technology are out of our control. 24. RETURN POLICY: All items are guaranteed to be authentic unless 16. BID CANCELLATION: If you wish to cancel or change a bid after otherwise noted. If authenticity is challenged, please call our office for you have submitted your bids to us due to an error, you MUST PHONE assistance. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. You may only return any piece us to advise us of this. Bid cancellations through mail, email, or faxes that was significantly inaccurately described by calling our office are not advisable. Errors are easy to make. Please call us if you have within 10 days of receipt of item(s) and notifying us of the error any questions on this. and reason for return. We do not refund postage or insurance. 17. All stock certificates, checks, warrants, and other financial Please call us if you require a more specific condition report. Any documents sold herein are sold as antiquities, and have no financial, items that are returned must be returned in the exact, unaltered securities, or public trading value whatsoever. condition. When we receive your bids we will assume you have read 18. We reserve the right to reject any bid we feel is not made in good the description in the catalog, viewed the image of the item, have faith. contacted us regarding any questions you may have on any lot and/ 19. INVOICING: Shipping charges will be added to all invoices. or have previewed the lot in person. Invoices are mailed or emailed within two business days after the 25. This sale is being held under the laws of the State of Nevada. close of all portions of the sale. Within 15 calendar days of receipt 26. HWAC shall not be held responsible for any problem due to of invoice, payment is due in full to Holabird Western Americana the bidder’s failure to follow the rules, terms and conditions of Collections, 3555 Airway Dr., #308, Reno, NV 89511. LATE FEES MAY this sale, or any failure to bid due to the loss of the online auction BE ADDED IF PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS ARE NOT MADE WITHIN process provided by any of the online auction networks; or missed THOSE 15 DAYS. Sales tax will be added to all sales picked-up after the bids, changed bids or cancelled due the bidder’s failure to follow auction or shipped to Nevada addresses, according to Nevada State the proper bidding procedure outlined herein. law, unless a resale certificate is provided. 27. By placing a bid or otherwise participating in the auction, 20. PAYMENT: We accept Cash, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Bidder accepts these Terms and Conditions, and specifically agrees Discover, Money Order/Cashier’s Check, Wire Transfer, Personal to the dispute resolution provided herein. Check or PayPal. Customers wishing to pay by cash, check or money 28. HWAC shall not be responsible for consequential damages, order MUST contact our office for an invoice total before submitting incidental damages, compensatory damages, or any other damages payment. All returned checks are subject to a $25 fee. Cash received in arising or claimed to be arising from the auction on any lot. Bidder’s amounts greater than $10,000 is subject to the filing of IRS form 8300, sole remedy for any proven act or omission shall be rescission of sale as required by law. and refund of the amount paid by Bidder. 21. Automatic Credit Card Billing: Internet bidders are subject to the 29. Any claim, dispute, or controversy in connection with, relating to payment terms and conditions outlined on the internet bidding platform and/or arising out of the Auction, participation in the Auction, award they utilize, which may include the automatic payment of auction invoices of lots, damages of claims to lots, descriptions, condition reports, with the credit card information on file at the time of registration. provenance, estimates, return and warranty rights, any interpretation 22. NON-PAYMENT: HWAC reserves the right to cancel any invoice of these Terms and Conditions, any alleged verbal modification of not paid in full within 15 days. A cancelled invoice does not relieve the these Terms and Conditions and/or any purported settlement shall be bidder from their obligation to pay seller fees and buyer’s premiums exclusively heard by, and the parties consent to exclusive in personal compensating HWAC for its services in conducting the auction. jurisdiction of, the Superior Court of Washoe County, Nevada. THE Interest shall run on all outstanding balances at the highest rate PARTIES EXPRESSLY WAIVE ANY RIGHT TO TRIAL BY JURY. Any permitted by law. HWAC shall have a lien against the merchandise claim must be brought within one (1) year of the auction from which purchased by the bidder, and any other of bidder’s property then held the claim arose or the claim is waived. In every case, the prevailing by HWAC or its affiliates, to secure payment of the invoice, and with party shall be entitled to an award of its attorney’s fees and costs. respect thereto HWAC shall have all the rights of a secured creditor under the Nevada Commercial Code, including but not limited to the right of sale. HWAC may sell the lot(s) securing the invoice to any under bidders in the auction that the lot(s) appeared, or at subsequent private or public sale, or relist the lot(s) in a future auction conducted by HWAC. A defaulting bidder agrees to pay for the reasonable costs of resale (including a 10% seller’s commission, if consigned to an auction conducted by HWAC). The defaulting bidder is liable to pay any difference between his or her total original invoice for the lot(s), plus any applicable interest, and the net proceeds for the lot(s) if sold at private sale or the subsequent hammer price of the lot(s) less the 10% seller’s commissions, if sold at an HWAC auction. If HWAC refers any invoice to an attorney for collection, the bidder agrees to Bid online at or call 775-851-1859 5

r CONSIGNING WITH r Holabird Western Americana Collections Why should you consign with Holabird Western Americana Collections? We combine the elements of historically researched descriptions, professional photography, artfully designed catalogs, and a team of specialists to consistently produce record prices. Consign your items to the experts and let us help you realize the most for your collections. We’ve sold many fantastic collections over the years and we’re always excited for more great material! Consign with us and enter into a lasting and beneficial partnership. What do you get when you consign with us? The Process: Holabird Live: Live internet auctions put your material in Appraisal & Inspection: We begin the process with an front of a larger audience than ever before. Our internet pres- informal inspection of your item(s). We can do this in person ence has opened up the market to a whole new generation or through photographs and descriptions, via email, fax, mail, of bidding. Not only do we offer live online bidding at no ad- or telephone. Once we have the opportunity to evaluate your ditional charge, but we also offer phone bidding and have live items, we will then provide you with a professional opinion agents readily available to secure bids on all platforms. Never of value. before has bidding in one of our auctions been so easy. Submit your photographs & descriptions to: Historically Researched Descriptions: Our team of re- search writers craft colorfully written historical descriptions Holabird’s Western Americana Collections that tell the stories behind the items we sell. Through these 3555 Airway Drive, Suite# 308 Reno, NV 89511 accurately written descriptions we paint a picture for the col- Email us at [email protected] lector and create a need and desire for your items. Call us toll free 844-HWAC-RNO (4922-766) or send us a fax 775-851-1834. Professional Photography: Colorful, vibrant, high resolu- tion photographs tell a story all their own. Our expert Consignment: Once we’ve determined that your material photographer will give your items the attention they need to is a good fit for us and one of our upcoming sales, we will make them look amazing both online and in print. discuss the perfect venue for your items and spend some time with you to go over reserves, estimates, and sellers com- Cataloguing: Full color, high quality, artfully designed mission. Our commission rates are highly competitive and all catalogs put your collections on the coffee tables of collec- inclusive. We have no photo or cataloging fees, no insurance tors worldwide. Our print catalogs are more than a just a fees, and no other hidden charges or gimmicks. catalogue of goods for sale, they’ve become historic reference works that our clients have come to know and love. Estimates & Value: We use decades of sound experience and judgment to assign estimates. We market extensively through Marketing: We market extensively to advanced collectors national advertising and participation in trade shows, and through online advertising, national print advertising, trade we find that most items sell for premium prices. There are, shows, and direct proprietary marketing among other public- however, unpredictable times when items sell for less than ity. We’re seasoned marketers so you can rest assured know- expected. This is usually balanced by items selling for pre- ing your material will get the recognition it deserves. miums. We cannot predict market prices or conditions and, ultimately, our buyers set the prices. Superior Customer Service: At Holabird’s Western Ameri- cana Collections, we pride ourselves in offering a high level Shipping & Transportation: There are many ways to get of customer service that you can count on. Our commitment your material to us for processing. You can arrange to bring to you is what sets us apart from the rest. You want someone your material directly into our Reno office, we can arrange to you can trust, and we are by your side every step of the way. pick up your collection, or you may ship your items to us. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will help guide you through this simple process so you can see your hard- earned collections meet the right hands for the right prices. Contact our office for more information or for a consultation. Here at Holabird’s Western Americana Collections, we don’t only achieve record-breaking sales prices–we create legends.

Meet the Team Fred Holabird has been active in Amy Baker has worked for Fred the mining industry for more than Holabird for over a decade as his past 25 years� He began his career as a business manager for over 5 years and mineral exploration geologist, and as Fred's personal assistant on special quickly moved into a position as projects, appraisals and consulting Mine Geologist at a producing gold jobs� She has upper management ex- mine� Always interested in the his- perience and director level marketing torical side of the mining business, expertise, in addition to writing, edit- Holabird has invested in mining related documents and ing, administrative and graphic design books for many years� At one point, he headed a large-scale skills and when Fred is in a pinch, Amy knows Holabird business dealing in collectible Americana, culminating with well-enough to fill-in for almost any position in the com- the marketing of the Atocha treasure at Caesar’s Palace� pany� She enjoys challenging work, problem solving and Fred is well published in both technical as well as hobby helps out in a variety of roles, wherever she is needed related mining and western publications� He has been re- most� sponsible for discovery and production at two Nevada gold Grant Peterson is originally from mines, also overseeing their operations� Since running his South Lake Tahoe, California� He has an last gold mine (which also involved the cleanup of extensive undergraduate degree from the Universi- mercury tailings and cyanide left by former operators), he ty of California, Davis in Nature & Culture� has been involved in a lengthy EPA-related mine and mill He is also a graduate from the University site cleanup in Colorado� of Nevada, Reno with a master’s degree in Part of his current work involves consulting to many sec- English� His previous experience includes tors of the mining business� Recently, he consulted for the teaching writing at the university level in Treasure of the SS Central America, a ship that sunk in 1857 Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Colorado� Grant with tons of gold on board� The ship has been recovered works as a researcher, describer, and edi- and was the subject of a Discovery Channel documentary� tor for our catalogs and publications� Paul Williams is our soft spoken, fabulous joke telling alternate auction- eer� Paul also describes and researches Uwe Nikoley is our photographer and imaging expert� With an academic items for auction� Paul loves good food and wine and an occasional poker game� background in electrical engineering, Uwe has brought the latest technological He is also a well-known numismatist and former president of the Reno Coin Club� advancements and efficiency to his posi- tion at HWAC� His long hours, dedication, His long, successful career in air traffic control made him well-equiped for the perfectionism, and determination have been an invaluable asset and continue to stress of FHWAC! improve the quality of our catalogs� Joe Elcano is an advocate for the importance of history to the world we live in today� A former educator for 36 Barbara Wilson is our graphic years, he understands the importance designer and layout artist� With a of bringing that history to life� As he comprehensive background in design likes to say, “It is all about the story!” and publishing she is responsible for Born and raised in Reno, he is a serious the composition and overall layout of Nevada history buff and collects any- our auction catalogs, advertisements, thing from Nevada with a story! He has flyers, brochures, and website con- chosen to work with the fine people at tent� She enjoys the creative and his- Holabird Western Americana in his re- torical environment of FHWAC� tirement for the excitement of learning new things and finding new stories! Rob Vugteveen joined the Holabird team in May of 2018 with an extensive Maddie Polizziani has been with background in geophysical exploration, the Holabird team since 2017 assisting hard-rock mining, and custom mint- with photography and currently ing� You’ll occasionally see him and his manages our inventory and packaging white beard at the auction podium and departments� She is a student at behind the scenes working with data University of Nevada Reno and plans to and images� go into the National Guard this fall, but will return in her current role� In her spare time she loves playing with her dog Gunner� Special thank you to all of our team members not mentioned here. From research and descrip- tions, photography, client relations, inventory organization, and shipping and receiving, we cannot do what we do without each and every one of you! 7

February Highlights The Gary Nelson Railroad Collection This incredible collection from Gary Nelson, lifetime model train scales collector and employee of the railroad is the & gauges included; highlight of our sale and sure to please railroadiana S-Gauge, O-Gauge, HO- collectors far and wide! This vast collection is Gauge, O-27. All the unlike anything we’ve ever seen before and we’re major names such as so excited to present these collectibles to you! From Lionel, MTH, American the minute we stepped into Gary’s home where his Flyer & Buddy “L” collection is proudly displayed we knew we found are included in this something special. We were delighted with vignettes offering with so many of railroadiana at literally every corner! Hundreds in working near mint of trains in excellent working condition, engines, condition! accessories, buildings, specialty buildings, specialty cars such as snow plows and maintenance cars in working condition complete with crews, tracks, one- of-a-kind trains many in mint or near mint condition, hundreds of different multi-signal lamps, hundreds of railroad lanterns including a Wabash embossed lamp with a teal globe, Railroad signal signs, tracks, Rolling stock with factory errors, A Standard Guage 1930s in almost mint condition, and lots more. All Stuart Mackenzie Montana mining collection One of our buddies passed Mackenzie discovered that the billhead and on to the land of the Great letterhead market could use an influx of Montana Beyond in October. Stuart mining material. At every trade show, he’d have “Scotty” Mackenzie (1942- boxes of letters and invoices from Montana mines. 2020) of Chinook, Montana. Mackenzie also discovered virtually tons of mining Stuart was a die-hard Montana stocks. He single handedly brought Montana to the “paper” collector. His love of forefront when he acquired the huge holdings of the historical documents may Butte Mines. Armed with thousands of stocks signed have come from his profession by mining magnate William A. Clark, Mackenzie as a lawyer for nearly 50 fed these marvelous pieces into the international years, always delving into certificate market, increasing demand worldwide documents. for American material. Mackenzie’s discoveries were so massive, that if you have Montana billheads, Mackenzie was always a “hit” at every trade show. letterheads, or stocks in your collection today, they He’d scour the backroads of Montana for collections, probably originated with him. He was the Master. coming up with fantastic material. Everybody clamored to be the first to see what he had for We are proud to offer the beginning of Stuart's sale. One of his great finds was the archive of the massive Montana collection in this sale. Pony, Montana Miners Union with all their banners, badges and accoutrements. 8

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 General Americana Lot# 1000 Prescott, Lot# 1005 Glendale, California 1923 & 1924 Arizona Prescott, High School Yearbooks from John Wayne’s A.T. Fireman’s Belt, Alma Mater This is for all you John Wayne The Toughs Hose Co. fans. It’s the 1923 and 1924 yearbooks from “The Duke’s” high school, No. 1, 1884 Original Glendale Union High School. In the 1924 edition, Wayne, known by leather fireman’s belt, his birth name Marion Morrison, is noted for being the junior class 2.5” wide, fitting a 30- vice president and as an actor in the school play, “Dulcy”.He’s also 34” waist. The number pictured as a member of the football team. In the 1923 edition, “1” is in red, inset on the leather hasp. The Tough’s Hose Company No. 1 Wayne’s sophomore year, he was again vice president of his class and was organized in 1884. According to the History of the PrescoOriginal a member of the “Lightweight” football team. Upon graduation, Wayne leather fireman’s belt, 2.5” wide, fitting a 30-34” waist. The number would enroll at University of Southern California and play football “1” is in red, inset on the leather hasp. The Tough’s Hose Company where he would meet teammate Ward Bond and together, they would No. 1 was organized in 1884. According to the History of the Prescott get part time work lugging scenery on movie sets. It was here that he Fire Department, the company was made up of 25 men, “mostly the was spotted by director John Ford and the rest is history. Books are saloon men, gamblers and businessmen of whiskey row.” They had in decent condition for their age and readable. A real unique lot for a two wheel cart with 600 feet of hose. Two other hose companies movie fans. Please see photos online for more detail and condition. were also organized that year. This original belt is a true rarity of Est. $400-1000 HWAC# 131332 western fire history, from a classic gold town in Central Arizona. tt Fire depatrment, the company was made up of 25 men, “mostly the Lot# 1006 Glendale, California 1924, 1932 saloon men, gamblers ans businessmen of whiskey row.” They had a & 1935 Yearbook from John Wayne’s High two wheel cart with 600 feet of hose. Two oterh hose companues were School & Two JC Yearbooks In this 1924 also organized that year. Est. $1500-3500 HWAC# 131069 edition of the Glendale Union High School yearbook, Wayne, known by his birth name Marion Morrison, is noted for being the junior class vice president and as an actor in the school play, “Dulcy”.He’s also pictured Lot# 1001 Arizona 1800’s Overland as a member of the football team. The two Deression era books from Company Corporate Seal This is a corporate Glendale Junior College are from the years 1932 & 1935. Glendale JC, seal for the Overland Company of Arizona. It started out on the campus of the high school in 1927 until 1929. The JC stands about 8.5” and the stamp plate is still sharp. Please see photos yearbooks are in decent condition, while the high school edition is in for more detail and condition. Est. $100-150 HWAC# 131528 need of some repair. Please see photos for more detail and condition. Est. $350-600 HWAC# 131333 Lot# 1002 Arizona 1800’s Arizona Historical Ephemera Group (9) Lot includes three Lot# 1007 Grass Valley, California stereoviews. All are Keystone or Underwood Olympic Lodge and WOTW Ribbons views. Includes a cattle roundup in Arizona, Up the Colorado River, Lot of 6 in river display. Knights of from Pyrites Point to Zoroaster Tower, Grand Canon of Arizona, with a Pythias Olympic Lodge No 74 (4 cowboy overlooking the Grand Canyon, and Labyrinthe, ways through ribbons), Woodsmen of the World the lava ash formation, Red Mountain, Crater, Arizona. This one is Camp No 340. Grass Valley . Very ornate damaged with a fold down the middle. Taped on the back. Two women ribbons w/medals attached. In very pictured on the rock formation. The rest of the lot is paper including good condition. Benjamin Fauver Collection a return receipt from Tombstone, 1885; and a cashier’s receipt from Est. $100-150 HWAC# 131055 Cochise County Bank, Tombstone, Ariz. datelined Benson, A.T. 1886. Others include a note from Bisbee, 1881, a check from Pima County Lot# 1008 Hollywood, California Bank, Tucson, A.T., dated 1879 and a govt. document regarding the 1917-1938 “Moving Picture World” Apache subsistance, 1873. Est. $150-300 HWAC# 131521 Magazine 1917 and Paramount Lot# 1003 Bodie, California 1892 Date Book 1937-38 Pair of movie Appointment of Delegate Bodie Fire Dept. memorabilia includes 1764-page magazine “Moving Picture World,” Letter of election by the Pioneer Hook and Ladder Co. of Hugh Gorman as Delegate to serve dated Sept. 15, 1917 and “Exhibitors Date Book” with Paramount Pictures on the Board of Fire Delegates of Bodie, Cal. logo, dated 1937-38. Magazine is Vol. Signed by Alex Drennam, Sec. On the reverse is 33, No. 11, Chalmers Pub. Co., 17 an oath of office signed by Hugh Gorman. Dated 1892. F-FV cond. Est. $200-400 HWAC# 128024 Madison Ave., New York City, founded by J.P. Chalmers in 1907. Pages full of photos and information about moving pictures of the day. Spine needs repair and cover and some Lot# 1004 Fresno, California pages show wear around the edges. Measures 8.5” by 11.5”. Small 4.5” cearly 1900’s Souvenir Hat by 6” “Exhibitors Date Book,” compliments of Paramount Pictures, Inc., Made of Paper Souvenir hat has three pages of hand-written movie titles with information. John from celebration of “Raisin Day” Reynolds Collection Est. $100-150 HWAC# 127732 from Fresno California.Good condition, 14.5” x 12.5”. John Reynolds Collection Est. $100-200 HWAC# 127787 High Resolution Images of ALL LOTS available online at View complete catalog, Register, and Bid online at 9

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 General Americana Lot# 1009 Hollywood, California Lot# 1011 Hollywood, California 1970’s 1955-1970’s 1950’s TV Western Anthony Quinn, Peter Falk, George Burns Star Autographed Photos Photos Three publicity photos featuring Autographed photos of four western actors Anthony Quinn, Peter Falk and George stars on 8”x 10” photos. Included Burns. These are 8”x 10” publicity photos in this group is Hugh O’Brian, star with unauthenticated auto graphs. A close of the 1950’s series “The Life and inspection of the signatures show that they could be the real thing, Legend of Wyatt Earp,” O’Brian thus giving you a bargain. Please see photos for more detail and holds the distinction of being the last condition. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $150-250 HWAC# 127445 actor killed onscreen by John Wayne in the film “The Shootist.” Next is a Lot# 1012 Hollywood, California 1968 color photo of actor Lorne Greene, Autograph & Caricature of Sir Alfred who portrayed Ben Cartwright, Hitchcock A rare and very unique autograph patriarch of the Ponderosa Ranch on by the “Master of Suspense” Sir Alfred the long running series “Bonanza.” Hitchcock (1899-1980). The autograph is on a One of the most popular characters portrayed on television, as far as 3.5”x 5.5” postcard and includes Hitch’s iconic Baby Boomers are concerned, was Davy Crocket as portrayed by Fess profile sketch. The postcard has an uncanceled Parker in Walt Disney’s Disneyland television series in the mid 1950’s. 1 cent stamp. It also includes the business This production photo is from the Davy Crockett and the Keel Boat size envelope that has Hitchcock’s Universal City address, as well as Race episode. Last, but certainly not least is a photo and autograph of the Universal City postmark. For the uneducated, Hitchcock was a The Cisco Kid, Duncan Renaldo and his horse Diablo. The Cisco Kid, film director, responsible for North by Northwest, Vertigo, Suspicion, also starring Leo Carrillo as his sidekick Pancho, ran for six seasons on Shadow of a Doubt(His favorite film) and perhaps his best known film, television in the mid 1950’s. All autographs, with exception of Greene, Psycho. Nice treasure for any movie buff and in near new shape. Please appear to be hand signed and authentic. Please see photos for more see photos for more detail and condition. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. details and condition. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $300-600 HWAC# $500-750 HWAC# 127433 127439 Lot# 1010 Hollywood, Lot# 1013 Hollywood, California 1933 Autographed California 1800’s 19th Century Photo of King Kong’s Main Squeeze Autographed 8”x Iron Door Used in Hollywood 10” photo of King Kong heartthrob, actress Fay Wray. Wray, who starred in 123 movies over an almost 60 A real find for the movie fanatic. year career, also appeared in such films as “Viva Villa” This is an iron door that, after with Wallace Beery, The Most Dangerous Game, with it outlived its use in some old Joel McCrea and Doctor X, with Lionel Atwill. There California mining town, escaped is an authentication sticker on the photo. Please see to Hollywood, where it was seen photos for more detail and condition. Salvatore Falcone in such film classics as “A Tale Collection Est. $150-250 HWAC# 127440 of Two Cities” (1935), starring Ronald Coleman and 1963’s “Courtship of Eddie’s Father” Lot# 1014 Hollywood, California 1920’s starring Glen Ford and a very Autographed Silent Star Photos (40) A young Ron Howard. Although, collection of 40 autographed and stamped these are the only two confirmed autograph photos of movie stars of the silent films, the fact that the door was era of Hollywood. Each photo measures 6”x 8” part of the MGM scene and prop and in a wood frame, but no glass. Some appear to be handwritten inventory, means that it was signatures. Stars include, Mary Philbin, who starred with Lon Chaney probably used in many more in “The Phantom of the Opera,” leading men Richard Dix, John Gilbert productions over the years. The and George Bancroft, actress Lila Lee and many others. Nice collection door measures 75”x 27” and for any movie buff. Please see photos for more details and condition. weighs in at close to 300 pounds. John Reynolds Collection Est. $200-500 HWAC# 129807 This is the real thing. It comes with an antique padlock and key. Lot# 1015 Hollywood, California Est. $2000-5000 HWAC# 115653 1972 Brando/Pacino Autographed Photo An 8”x 10” production still from “The Godfather” (1972) featuring Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. Photo is a screen lift from the film and is autographed by Brando (As Vito Corleone) and Pacino (Michael Corleone). Brando was the standard bearer for his generation of actors, winning two Oscars (On the Waterfront and The Godfather). Al Pacino has been nominated for the Also see the Philatelic section on Oscar nine times (Winning in 1993 for Scent of a Woman). The photo is Day 4 for a large selection of accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Please see photos for more detail and condition. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $400-800 Hollywood postcards! HWAC# 127432 10 February 2021

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 General Americana Lot# 1016 Hollywood, Lot# 1021 Hollywood, California California 1989 Connery/ 1920’s-1960’s Movie Star Pin Backs (19) Ford Autographed Collection of 19 black and white pin backs Production Still An 8”x (1.5”) of famous actors and actresses of the 10” color photo of Sir Sean Silver Screen. Included are Clark Gable, John Connery and Harrison Ford Wayne, Marlon Brando, Edward G. Robinson, in their role as father and son Victor MacLaglen and others. The Gable pin in Steven Spielberg’s Indiana back is missing its pin, but the rest are intact Jones and the Last Crusade. and in nice shape. Unique collection. Please Connery, who passed this see photos for more detail and condition. John past Halloween, became world famous as 007 in a series of James Reynolds Collection Est. $150-200 HWAC# 127492 Bond films, while Ford made his mark, first in Star Wars and then The Indiana Jones franchise. The photo bears both of their signatures and, Lot# 1022 Hollywood, California 1900’s Movie while there is a certificate of authenticity, it has no company name Str Tobacco Cards Several (around 100) movie attached to it. Upon close inspection, the autographs appear to be star cards, put in tobacco products produced authentic and we would suggest the buyer have them checked by an by Gallagher Ltd of London and Belfast. Card authorized expert. Please see photos for more detail and condition. images include Jimmy DurranteRichard Dix, Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $500-800 HWAC# 127443 Harry Carey, Elmo Lincoln, Ricardo Cortez, Norma Talmaldge and more. There are also two matchbooks, one with Barbara Stanwyk, the other Janet Gaynor. A Lot# 1017 Hollywood, real collectors’ item. Please see photos for more detail and condition. California 1995 DeNiro/ John Reynolds Collection Est. $100-150 HWAC# 127485 Pesci Autographed Production Still An 8”x 10” color production still Lot# 1023 Hollywood, California 1969 from the 1995 Martin Newman/Redford Autographed Scorsese film “Casino.” Photo Autographed 8”x 10” color Photo is autographed publicity photo of Paul Newman and by the two main stars Robert Redford in their roles of Butch Robert DeNiro and Joe Cassidy & the Sundance Kid (1969). Paul Pesci. This was one of Newman and Oscar winner for 1994’s seven films the pair made The Color of Money, was an “A” lister in together. DeNiro has won Hollywood for many years, with roles two Oscars and has been in such films as Cool Hand Luke, Hud given a special Oscar for his body of work. Pesci, a three time Oscar and Exodus to name a very few. Robert nominee, won Best Supporting Actor for 1991’s “Goodfellas” which Redford won his Oscar as a director for also starred DeNiro. There is a certificate of authenticity enclosed and 1980’s Ordinary People and starred in a careful examination of the signatures confirm their findings. Please films like Jeremiah Johnson, The Way see photos for more detail and condition. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. We Were, The Natural and Three Days $600-1000 HWAC# 127442 of the Condor. The photo comes with a certificate of Authenticity. Pleas see Lot# 1018 Hollywood, California 1970 George photos for more details and condition. C. Scott Autographed Patton Photo This Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $600- could be your lucky day, as we’re featuring an 1000 HWAC# 127438 8”x 10” production still of actor George C. Scott in his Oscar winning role as “Patton.” The photo Lot# 1024 Hollywood, California 1990’s has an autograph and this is where the luck Phyllis Diller/Willie Mosconi Publicity comes in. There is no certificate of authenticity, Photos Two celebrity publicity photos. but Scott’s autograph on “Patton” still sells for Included is pool player extraordinaire, Willie over $1,000 and it wouldn’t take much to get this on authenticated, Mosconi and comedian Phyllis Diller. Both which makes it a deal. A careful inspection of the signature shows are autographed but there is no certificate of that it appears to be genuine. Please see photos for more detail and authenticity, however, a close examination of condition. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $200-300 HWAC# 127444 both signatures show they could be authentic. I mean, who wants to forge the autograph odf Willie Mosconi? Please see photos for more Lot# 1019 Hollywood, California 1900’s detail and condition. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $60-100 HWAC# Hollywood Hodge Podge Two copies of sheet 127447 music from the 1920’s, a couple of Ken Murray’s Blackouts of 1944 editions, a copy of a Ventura Lot# 1025 Hollywood, California 1978 Shirley Museum book featuring Corriganville Movie Temple Auto graphed Photo Publicity 8”x Ranch and more. Please see photos for more 10” publicity photo of child star Shirley Temple detail and condition. John Reynolds Collection Est. (1928-2014), the number one box office star in $50-100 HWAC# 127448 the 1930’s. There is an unauthenticated signature, but a close examination of the autograph shows Lot# 1020 Hollywood, California 1920’s to that is quite possibly that of Shirley Temple Black, 1960’s Hollywood Star Snapshots (30) Group So, you’re getting a bargain here. Please see of black & white photos of various movie and photos for more detail and condition. Salvatore television stars, including Jack Oakie, Robert Falcone Collection Est. $80-120 HWAC# 127446 Newton, Zachary Scott, Robert Stack, Frederic March, Michael Redgrave, Gail Davis and many more. Please see photos for more detail and condition John Reynolds Collection Est. $100-150 HWAC# 127484 View complete catalog, Register, and Bid online at 11

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 General Americana Lot# 1026 Hollywood, California Lot# 1030 Hollywood, California 1970’-80’s 1900-1920’s Silent Era “A Lister” TV & Movie Celebrity Photos (11) Group of Actresses (29) This is a group of 8”x 10” photos of various stars of television RPC’s featuring the “A Listers” of and movies. Photos include Goldie Hawn, Rock the Hollywood silent and early Hudson, Farah Fawcett, Vincent Baggetta, sound era of film. The big names John Vernon, Robert Mitchum and Shirley included are Mae Murray “The MacLain. Please see photos for more detail and Girl With the Bee Stung Lips,” Pola condition. John Reynolds Collection Est. $80-120 Negri (Valentino’s main squeeze), HWAC# 127481 Vilma Bankey (Valentino’s main squeeze onscreen), Gloria Stuart (The Old Dark House, Titanic), Lot# 1031 Hollywood, California 1900’s Madeleine Carroll (Prisoner of Zenda, The 39 Steps), Norma Shearer Vintage Actress Prints (13) These are classic (The Divorcee, The Women) and “America’s Sweetheart” Mary actress color prints with unauthenticated Pickford. There are a few used, most blank, a very impressive line-up. signatures. Two of the more recognizable ladies Please see photos for more details and condition. Ken Prag Collection are Lillian Russell and Drew’s Great Aunt, Ethel Est. $200-300 HWAC# 127509 Barrymore. There are 13 in all and would make great wall hangers. Please see photos for more detail and condition. John Reynolds Collection Est. Lot# 1027 Hollywood, California 1920’s $150-200 HWAC# 127449 Silent Movie Star Photographs Some Autographed (25) A unique collection Lot# 1032 Hollywood, California 1900’s Hollywood actors’ photographs, some bearing Vintage Hollywood Publicity Photos Old autographs. Included in this set of 5”x 7” black Hollywood stars 8”x 10” publicity photos 7 white photos are actors Neil Hamilton (Later, from back in the very early days. Subjects Commissioner Gordon in Batman), Claire of these black & white shots include Mickey Windsor, Louise Brooks, Leatrice Joy, Charles Rooney (Impersonating Carmen Miranda), Jack Pickford (Mary’s brother), Vivian Martin, “Buddy” Rogers, William Haines, Mary Brian and first Best Actress Blanche Sweet and Larry Semon. Unique collection. Please see photos Oscar winner Janet Gaynor, along with several more. Please see photos for more detail and condition. John Reynolds Collection Est. $150-200 for more detail and condition. John Reynolds Collection Est. $150-200 HWAC# 127482 HWAC# 127480 Lot# 1028 Hollywood, California 1916 Stryker Lot# 1033 Hollywood, California 1900’s Western Stars Picture Cards (25) Group of Give Away Movie Star Cards (45) Blank- backed. Cards from this set all have a small line 25 postcard size photo cards featuring western below the star’s biography stating “Copyright TV and movie stars from the 1920’s to the 1916 by A. Manford Stryker, Chicago. The 1950’s. Featured are Andy Devine, Jack Holt, cards state that these are giveaways at movie Buster Crabbe, Hopalong Cassidy, Gene Autry, theatres, and that they are meant to be placed Roy Rogers, Smiley Burnette and more. Please into a book entitled “Photoplays I Have Seen.” The cards say that this see photos for more detail and condition. John Reynolds Collection Est. book can be purchased at movie theatre box offices or for 25 cents $100-150 HWAC# 127486 at The Daily News newpaper office in New York City. Cards from this Lot# 1034 Humboldt County, California 1904 set are very similar to those given out by Shotwell. Both sets have the Humboldt County Souvenir Booklet, Second copyright line by Manford Stryker, as well as a note that the cards Edition, 1904 11 x 7.5 “. 210 pages. “Being a should be put into a movie memory book, though the design of the Frank, Fair and Accurate Exposition, Pictorially two sets are slightly different. Partial list of celebrities include Wallace and otherwise of the Resources Industries Reid, Mabel Normand Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin, Mae Marsh, Mary Miles Minter and many more. John Reynolds Collection Est. $150- and Possibilities of this Magnificent Section of 250 HWAC# 127483 California.” First page is a map. No two pages exist without at least on large picture! Est. $120-200 HWAC# 123845 Lot# 1029 Hollywood, California 1940’s-1960’s Three Leading Ladies Lot# 1035 Lake Tahoe, California c1920 c1920 Auto Autographed Photos Three photos of leading Club of California Road Map (Mono Lake, Lake Tahoe, ladies from the silver screen. Included are Feather River, etc.) Includes resorts, camp sites, fishing photos of Deborah Kerr, Esther Williams and streams, lakes, mountain peaks and trails. The perfect gift Shirley McLaine. Deborah Kerr was a star for someone who wants to take a trip in 2021 and look back in films like From Here to Eternity, with Burt Lancaster, An Affair to at their options 100 years earlier. Measures 9x33”. Titled, Remember with Cary Grant and The King & I with Yul Brenner, from “From Mono to Lake Tahoe and Feather River Region.” Est. which this photo is taken. Next is Esther Williams, who starred in films $70-100 HWAC# 123835 like A Guy Named Joe, with Spencer Tracy, Million Dollar Mermaid with Victor mature and Take Me Out to the Ballgame with Gene Kelly Lot# 1036 Lake Tahoe, California c1908-1910 & Frank Sinatra. Thirdly, we have Shirley MacLaine who starred in The Fabulous Engraved Tahoe Tavern Sterling Apartment with Jack Lemmon, Some Came Running with Dean Martin Silver Souvenir Spoon Beautiful sterling silver and Terms of Endearment with Jack Nicholson. While the williams spoon with engraved bowl of the Tahoe Tavern and Kerr autographs appear on close inspection, to be authentic, I’m in the forest at Lake Tahoe. Handle is also having trouble with the Shirley MacLaine one. Please see photos for engraved and has a trout. Reverse has hallmark more detail and condition. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $150-200 HWAC# 127441 “P”,”S”,”B”. We have been told that these spoons were sold as souvenirs at the Tahoe Tavern gift shop and date to 1908-1910. Harold A. Parker operated a photography studio at the Tavern during this time, and this spoon’s design is likely from one of his photographs. Approx. 5.25” Est. $150-250 HWAC# 113649 12 February 2021

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 General Americana Lot# 1037 Lake Tahoe, California Donner Lot# 1044 Orville, California Souvenir Party Ephemera and Research Library Advertising and Calendar Plates Oroville Nine books: Expedition of the Donner Party, Area (2) Lot of 2. 1) 1912, Compliments E. Donner, 1920 (best book in group), Deceived, Lindburgh, 1998; of Stirling Mercantile Co. Stirling City, Calif. Desperate Passage, Rarick, 2008; Sierra Crossing, Howard, 1998; Reverse: blank. Diameter: about 8.5 in. 2) Donner Pass, Stewart, 1960; Donner Party, Hardesty, signed, 1997; Compliments of I. M. M. Allen & Co. Bangor, Ordeal by Hunger, Stewart, 1962; Winter of Entrapment, King, 1994; Cal. Reverse: blue, K.T. & K. Co. Ramona. Semi- History of the Donner Party, McGlashen, 1947. Plus one of the original Vitreous Porcelain. Diameter: 9.25 in. Fred Holabird Collection Est. $80- 1.5” bottles with splinters of wood from the Donner cabin, sealed with 100 HWAC# 129825 wax and the original tag from McGlashen, c1895 Gary Nelson Railroad Collection Est. $200-400 HWAC# 133639 Lot# 1045 Sacramento, California Large Full Plate Tintype of California Governor? Lot# 1038 Lassen, California 1929 Lassen Nice full plate tintype circa 1860-1870. The Glimpses Souvenir Booklet Souvenir booklet consignor relayed that this was a picture of a California governor, but telling the story through photographs of the we could not verify. It has been colorized. Note the rosy cheeks. View volcanic eruption that took place May 22, 1915 closeups of photo. Est. $200-300 HWAC# 128870 on Mt. Lassen, California. The booklet is 32 pages of photographs and drawings and was Lot# 1046 Sacramento, California published in 1929 by Collins & Lind of Mineral, Sacramento Fraternal Ribbons Lot of 7, two California. It has a cover price of 50 cents. The river mounts. Sacramento Calendonian Assoc. envelope is a bit tattered but the booklet is in very good shape. Please ribbon. St. Antonio’s Berlin Sacramento. D of see photos for more detail and condition. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. A Banner Council No. 3. National Irrigation $70-100 HWAC# 129720 Congress 1907 medal and ribbon.. All in very good condition. Benjamin Fauver Collection Est. $100-120 HWAC# 131059 Lot# 1039 Lassen, California 1930’s Lassen Park & Surrounding Area Pin Backs Three Lot# 1047 Sacramento County, California small badges from the 1930’s, two with the Sacramento County Wall Map, 1950’s Very theme of Red Bluff, the gateway to Mt. Lassen National Park, the third, large 52” wide wall map, with classic wood a mourning pin from the Oddfellows lodge in Portola, California. All dowels top and bottom. Thomas Brothers map, clear varnish coating, are in good shape. Please see photos for more detail and condition. 1” equals 2000’ scale. Circa 1950’s Est. $150-300 HWAC# 131289 Benjamin Fauver Collection Est. $100-150 HWAC# 131130 Lot# 1048 San Francisco, California Bancroft’s Lot# 1040 Long Beach, California Long Beach, Pacific Coast Diary, 1881 With Daily Entries CA and Caterpillar Fobs (2) Includes Long Diary book encased in a leather slipcase. The Beach, CA. Slatts Boys’ Store Brownie Club fob, first pages contain information about San Francisco, like you would in possibly copper. The second fob is a pewter Caterpillar. Both are find in the city directory. All kinds of information here including attached to buckled leather bands. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $70- locations of fire alarms, and almanac, etc. Diary entries by a female 100 HWAC# 129516 documenting daily life, chores done and her feelings. A very interesting and pretty rare piece. Est. $200-400 HWAC# 128861 Lot# 1041 Los Angeles, California Steinmeyer Family Photos & Postcards, L.A. and Catalina Lot# 1049 San Francisco, California 1851 dates to 1893 Very interesting group shows a Committee of Vigilance, Revolution in S.F, mounted photo of their house, a man in uniform (possibly Spanish- 1851 Committee of Vigilance, Revolution in American War), a fishing photo, two very cool photos of two guys on San Francisco, 1851, by George R. Stewart, Catalina Island, 1907 and both postmarked Avalon. Other various published by Houghton Mifflin, 1964, photos and postcards including some later date area linens. Est. $150- hardbound, 6 x 8-78 inches, excellent condition. 250 HWAC# 128859 The 1851 Committee of Vigilance was established in June in response to a perceived Lot# 1042 Los Angeles, California 1900’s lack of security by local officials and existing law enforcement. This Vintage Shoe Brushes Three vintage horse book describes the instigating causes, vigilante actions taken, the hair brushes with DeBartolo Shoe Co. Los outcomes and political changes that ensued, and eventual dissolution Angeles embossed on the wood portion of the brush. These measure of the Committee. Est. $100-120 HWAC# 126893 8.5”x 2.5” and appear to have a lot of bristle power left, making them usable even after all these years. Please see photos for more detail and Lot# 1050 San Francisco, California Dunham, condition. Est. $100-150 HWAC# 131635 Carrigan & Hayden Co. San Francisco Illustrated Hardware Catalog The Historic V & T Railroad Depot Stockpile of Pierce Powell’s Western Memorabilia Est. $150-250 HWAC# 108303 Lot# 1043 North Bloomfield, California 1876-78 North Bloomfield Fire Co. Work Receipt. Lot of Lot# 1051 San Francisco, California 1857 Gold 2. Two correspondence : regarding work request Rush Era San Francisco Firefighting Letter By North Bloomfield Fire Co dated 1878 and paid Letter dated Sept, 12, 1857, signed by Jacob receipt for work by Eureka Lake Co. dated 1876. North Ezekiel Secretary, acknowledging the an active Bloomfield stared off as “Humbug Creek, then Humbug fire dept member as still being listed as active. City” ’, started by a gold find of three miners (one On blue paper w/embossed seal of San Francisco bragged too much, got a town). As the gold became Fire Dept. Jacob Ezekiel served as Lieutenant for more known the town grew and The North Bloomfield Company J in Andrew Jackson Militia regiment. Mining Co. launched its hydraulic mining. The Mae was Joined the fire dept. where he became a prominent adopted when a post office was established to differentiate it from figure and eventually the Secretary of SFFD. Bloomfield, Ca. Today North Bloomfield is a ghost town (re-created) He was also involved in a libel lawsuit as plaintiff against James E. inside Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park. They have ‘Humbug Days” Nuttman, Volunteer Chief . Est. $200-300 HWAC# 128022 every year. Letters are in good condition. Est. $140-200 HWAC# 128023 View complete catalog, Register, and Bid online at 13

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 General Americana Lot# 1052 San Francisco, California Historical Lot# 1059 San Francisco, California c1940 San Review of The Presidio of San Francisco Francisco Exposition Group 3 pieces: Folding Printed to raise funds for the chaplins of the color Pan Pacific Expo Guide 1915 11” x 15” Presidio, this 1914 booklet details the history . Treasure Island 1939 Guide, Golden Gate International, and GGIE of the leaders of the San Francisco military base 1939 ice pick. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $100-150 HWAC# 131318 and is supplemented by multiple advertisers. Cover intact, missing the title page, otherwise Lot# 1060 San Francisco, California Pan- very good condition. 6 x 9 inches, approximately 40 pages. Rare. Ken Pacific Expo. Pin-Back 1776-1915 This Prag Collection Est. $70-150 HWAC# 127910 is a pin-back celebrating the anniversary of the Philadelphia-San Francisco Pan-Pacific International Exposition Lot# 1053 San Francisco, California 1900s San 1776-1915. About 1. 25 in. diameter featuring the Liberty Bell in good Francisco Bay Area Receipts & Billheads condition. Est. $50-70 HWAC# 129669 Includes Roth & Co. Liquor Dealers, Fuller & Co. Paints, Folger & Co. Coffee, Western Meat Company, Lot# 1061 San Francisco, California S.F. Bay Hoffman Rothchild Clothiers, Western Biscuit, Standard Oil, Stanislaus Area Greyhound Bus Tickets, Booklets & Milling Powder, Los Angeles Soap, Union Oil, and more. Several with Timetables Large grouping of bus and travel vignettes. Most issued around 1909. Condition ranges from extremely tickets, stubs, time tables, punch books and mileage booklets. Includes fine to poor. Est. $60-100 HWAC# 131398 Pacific Greyhound Lines, Spokane Valley Bus, Peerless Stages, and more. Three Peerless Stages monthly commutation booklets. One Lot# 1054 San Francisco, California Spokane Valley Bus Time Table from 1937. A highlight is the San Twelve Cabinet Cards of San Francisco Francisco Marin County Division 15 Timetable that folds out. Salvatore Businessmen by Rieman & Company Large Falcone Collection Est. $80-150 HWAC# 129517 sixe 9 x 5.25”. Rieman has many cabinet cards with photographs of San Francisco’s finest. Lot# 1062 San Mateo, California 1952 Bay These 12 were taken from a book as evidenced Meadows Horse Race Photographs (signed) by the backs. Rieman & Company took over the studio of Charles Lot of 2 11” x 14” Marked Blass Taver3n Watkins at 26 Montgomery Street., opposite the Lich Building. “Take Handicap at Bay Meadows, Sept 29, 1952, signed by Greg Tower, the elevator!” These men may be identified with a Montana company? Winner, showing owner and jockey on horse. Second shows owner A very nice selection! Stuart Mackenzie Ephemera Collection Stuart with jockey. Fine condition. Bay Meadows Breeder’s Cup Handicap Mackenzie Montana Railroad Collection Est. $100-200 HWAC# 123920 began in 1934 and is an ungraded stakes event for 3 year olds and up. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $100-200 HWAC# 131315 Lot# 1055 San Francisco, California Vintage San Francisco Marriage Licenses Lot of two Lot# 1063 Santa Clara County, California marriage licenses by the City and County of San 1915 Santa Clara County Blossom Festival Francisco, 1909 & 1911. Participants are noted Program 1915 Saratoga’s 16th Annual as “white”. Certificates are 16 x 14 inches with Blossom Festival was held March 27, 1915 vignette of a marrying party. Ken Prag Collection Est. $60-100 HWAC# and here is the official program. 22 pages, 127934 6 x 9 inches, pink pastel cover and many photographs. Full page ads for the cities of Santa Clara County: Lot# 1056 San Francisco, California 1800’s Cupertino, Campbell, Morgan Hill, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Los Gatos Western Region Ephemera & Stereo Views and Gilroy. An agricultural time for a beautiful part of California. Ken An assortment of ephemera and stereo views Prag Collection Est. $70-150 HWAC# 127911 from western locales like Virginia City, San Francisco among others. Pieces and photos include a receipt from an Oakland tack store and Lot# 1064 Sebastelpol, California 1885 W.J. earthquake photos from 1906. Please see photos for more detail and Hunt Billhead Rare Calif.. bill head W.J. Hunt, condition. Est. $200-400 HWAC# 131520 dated July 20, 1885 in VF cond., does have evidence of tri-folds. Stuart Mackenzie Montana Lot# 1057 San Francisco-Oakland, California Ephemera Collection Est. $40-60 HWAC# 129865 1937 Rare Presentation Photos San Francisco Golden Gate and Bay Bridge Lot# 1065 Signal, California Macabre Letter Construction Lot of 3. Presentations from Regarding the Moving of Dead Body St. the Tidewater Associated Oil Co. showing the Charles Hotel Letter 1885, dateline Signal construction of the Golden Gate and the San California. This could refer to an area near Signal Hill, right after oil Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Each brochure was discovered there. This letter covers the front and back of a letter has photo and an accompanying story of the sheet, and discusses the body in great detail, etc. It appears to be a construction. EF-AU. John Reynolds Collection Est. $250-700 HWAC# body that was buried in 1877, then exhumed in 1885 and moved. Est. 128020 $100-150 HWAC# 131307 Lot# 1058 San Francisco, California 1939-40 Lot# 1066 Stockton, California 1925-37 Misc.Golden Gate Expo Ephemera Lot of 9. Stockton Fraternal Ribbons Lot of 6 in rikers Golden Gate Expo held on Treasure Island. 1. mount. San Joaquin County Fair 1936. Fire 1940 Golden Gate Expe, sheet music for Billy Chiefs Assoc. w/Maltese Cross attached.1910. Rose “Aquacade. 2. From Golden Gate Expo, win Three ribbons have California Inland Harbor cash from the Petroleum Exhibit. 3. Emergency engraved badge. Very good condition Benjamin parking permit for Golden Gate Expo. 4. Parking Fauver Collection Est. $80-100 HWAC# 129882 receipt Golden Gate Exp. 5.Alta exhibit brochure. 6. 1940 calendar from Buick display. 7. Brochure Calif fruit growers. 8. History of Cal. Agriculture. 9.Contra Costa County Day. John Reynolds Collection Est. $60-100 HWAC# 128025 14 February 2021

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 General Americana Lot# 1067 Sutter Mill, California Calif. Gold Lot# 1073 California 188301936 Calif. Discovery Jubilee Lot of 17 in riker case. Delegate Badges Riker mount w/9 Eight medallions Coloma Sutter Mill Discovery ribbons. K.O.T.M. Santa Cruz, Northern Calif. sight. Ribbon and Medal “Souvenir” w/ Commanderies 29th Triennial Conclave, bear on top medal center of wreath of gold Golden Gate 22nd Tri-Ennial Conclave 1883. discovery. Ribbon/Medal w/bear and James 36th Great Sun Session Degree of Pocahontas Marshall on medal. Three Jubilee celebration 1938. All in good condition. Benjamin Fauver Souvenir medals w/bucket attached. El Dorado Collection Est. $100-150 HWAC# 131054 Commandery No4 K.T. Placerville w/bear laying down on top. Very nice condition Benjamin Fauver Collection Est. $200-400 HWAC# 129884 Lot# 1074 California 1883-1910 California Fraternal Souvenir Lapel Pins Lot of 10 in Lot# 1068 Yosemite, California Yosemite rikers mount. Three great pins w/Golden bear Albums and Postcards Collection 1) “Four : S.F. Triennial Conclave, S. F. Mason’s Hall and Seasons”. Photographic history of Yosemite’s K.T. San Jose Commandery Lick Observatory. spectacular scenery. Photographs by Ansel Bear Walking upright Salaam Newark N.J. Los Adams. 50 pages. 8.5 x 12”. 17 x 12” color map in Angeles 1906. Nice condition. Benjamin Fauver center. 2) Yosemite National Park Photo Album. Collection Est. $200-400 HWAC# 129880 15 Black and white photographs of Yosemite’s prominent features. Measures 12.5 x 10”. Black Lot# 1075 California c1960 Gold Rush Related & white photos measure 8 x 6”. 3) Eight early color photographs of Group About 35 Items. About 30 5” x 7” photos, Yosemite. Est. $150-250 HWAC# 123830 some originals, the rest reproductions, all with detailed notes in pencil on reverse. Made in 1949. Topics include Gold Lot# 1069 California Northern Rush, Wild West murders, wine, town views, and important articles. California & Sierras Collection Books: The Barbary Coast 1933; A pictorial History of the Mother Lot of 50. Eleven are colorized Lode V1, c 1960; Mother Lode Country, Guidebook Along Highway postcards by Lenscapes of Yuba 49, CDMG 1948;Golden Era 1960, and a print of Gen Vallejo. Salvatore River and Sierra’s. Nine are B/W Falcone Collection Est. $200-300 HWAC# 131314 photos from the University of Calif, Davis Collection (noted on the back) and include : Main Street Susanville Lot# 1076 California Lights of Pythias and (circa 1910-17) and snowed covered WOTW Ribbons Lot of 5 in riker mount. downtown (circa 1940’s)., Doyle 1949, Sierra Theatre Susanville 1946. Ribbons from the Motherlode. Olympic Lodge One is and ad card for Plumas County. Four have handwriting w/two Grass Valley, K of P In Memorium Cedar Lodge have stamps (1939). The remainder are a mix of colorized and B/W of Dutch Flat, Fern Leaf Lodge Forest Hill. All in Lassen County . Some in protective covers Fred Holabird Collection Est. very good condition. Benjamin Fauver Collection $100-150 HWAC# 129834 Est. $100-200 HWAC# 131056 Lot# 1077 California Masonic & Fraternal Lot# 1070 California Herbarium Collection Group (3) items. Oddfellows textbook, 1878, 406 pages. Fancy red with guilt cover. “Morals Beautiful Herbarium Collection of 22 pages of and Dogma...” Freemasonry 1947 reprint of the 1906 Edition. 861 pressed herbs, flowers & plants from Fresno to pages, plus 218 page index. Finally, a Mason’s Apron, about 14” x the Foothill belt of California. Lupinus Citrius, 16” with belt. Has inscription, presented to C. W. Burley by Captain Lupinus Benthamii, Linanthus bicolor and Arthur Wheatley February 23, 1924, New Kensington Pennsylvania. many more. Labeled 1956. Includes approx. Missing (2) 2” circular accoutrements on the bottom. Silk beginning 250 color photos in this collection of Railway to deteriorate. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $200-300 HWAC# 131264 Museum, Cannery Row, Fort Ross & more. John Reynolds Collection Est. $120-200 HWAC# 127780 Lot# 1078 California Misc. Calif Ribbons Lot# 1071 California 1907 “The Road of a Lot of 8 in rivers mount. Three show some Thousand Wonders” - The Coast Line-Shasta damage. I.D.E.S. W/crossed flags. K.O.T.M Route of the Southern Pacific Railroad. Past Commander Santa Cruz, Placer A.O.U.W. Newcastle, Ca. 1901. K.O.T.M. (Knights of the Embossed over. 8 x 11”. 72 pages with beautiful Maccabees) Physician Santa Cruz. Benjamin colored photographs throughout. “From Los Fauver Collection Est. $80-100 HWAC# 129881 Angeles through San Francisco to Portland, a Journey of over One Thousand Three Hundred Miles. These Pages Picture and Tell of Lot# 1079 California 1905-29 N.S.G.W This Region and Its Wonders, of the Varied Charms of Sea and Sky, of Ribbons, Pins and Medals Lot of 24 in Mountain and Valley, Field and Forest and of Climatic Features Which riker mount. Native Sons of the Golden West. Make Pleasant All the Year; of Numberless Resorts Attractive for Great collection w/3D golden bears. 1919 Health-Seeking Idling Enjoyment, and All Out-of-Door Recreation Est. Delgate 42nd session in Yosemite. 1927 50th $60-100 HWAC# 123846 Grand Parlor San Pedro. 48th Grand Parlor Lot# 1072 California CA Arrowhead San Bernardino w/bear on top and Div of Hwys Arrow Sign arrowhead shaped badge. 1935 Vallejo Grand Parlor . Too many to mention, see the photos Benjamin Fauver Collection Black arrow with one-inch- Est. $500-1000 HWAC# 129883 diameter, white cats-eye reflective dots on yellow porcelain enameled steel. Back is reinforced with an extra steel sheet riveted to it. Some wear as visible in the photos, overall in good condition. Est. $200-400 HWAC# 126907 View complete catalog, Register, and Bid online at 15

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 General Americana Lot# 1080 California 1887-1921 Native Sone Lot# 1088 Denver, Colorado 1902 Early Denver of the Golden West Lot of 3 Riker Mounts. Photo Book A beautiful 80-page photo book of Denver, Total of 12 Ribbons. Includes Native Daughters. Co0lorado, circa 1902. The softcover book measures 1895 Admission Day Sacramento 1889 San Jose. 9”x 8” and contains photos of not only government NGDW Calistoga Ca 1905. NSGW Golden BEar and business buildings, but several stylish homes Medallion 1905 Sacramento. Benjamin Fauver in the area. Book is intact but a little frayed around Collection Est. $220-400 HWAC# 131053 the edges. Please see photos for more detail and condition. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $70-100 HWAC# 129727 Lot# 1081 California 1906-1935 So. Calif Lot# 1089 Ulster, Colorado 1913-1914 Two Souvenir Delegate Ribbons Lot of 5 in rivers mount. Books of lake Mohonk, Colorado Two souvenir Plastic Badge 38th Great Sun Session Degree books from Lake Mohonk in Ulster Colorado.. One of Pocahontas 1940. La Fiests ribbon Los is 22 pages, the other, 24 pages. Each show photos Angeles 1931 w/orange attached. I.O.O.F. and drawings of the lake, its surroundings and the Grand Encampment 51st an 53rd sessions lodge. The books were published for the 1913 and Santa Barbara and San Diego 1905-07. Good 1914 seasons and also contain hand drawn maps of the area. Please condition. Benjamin Fauver Collection Est. $100- see photos for more detail and condition. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. 150 HWAC# 131057 $100-150 HWAC# 129721 Lot# 1082 California 1860 Three CDVs A Lot# 1090 Colorado 1880-1890 Manitou collection of three very early (Around 1860’s) Suite A collection of three stereo views and one cartes de visite s. Two measure 3.5”x 4”, the 5”x 8” of Ute Pass. Ute Pass is located in central other 3”x 3”. All are portraits of gentlemen. Colorado west of Colorado Springs. The pass includes the towns of Hinges are in need of repair. Please see photos Cascade, Chipita Park, Green Mountain Falls, Crystola, Woodland Park, for more detail and condition. Salvatore Falcone and Divide. It skirts the north side of Pikes Peak through the Fountain Collection Est. $150-250 HWAC# 129723 Creek canyon west of Manitou Springs, and climbs 3,000 feet to its Lot# 1083 California Two Very Large summit in Divide at 9,165 feet. It is one of only a handful of access California Nature Black & White points into the Rocky Mountains along Colorado’s front range. Photos are in decent shape and show the rugged terrain of the area. Please see Photographs, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe 1) Ski photos for more detail and condition. Est. $300-500 HWAC# 131023 scene identified as Badger Pass in Yosemite. Dated 1940. Photo by J. H. Jones. 2) Lake Tahoe. 16x18”. Yellow stains from glue to hold Lot# 1091 Colorado Rocky Mountain Views on the it to hard surface. 3) Bonus unknown pleasure Rio Grande, Scenic Line of the World Consisting boats on the water. Est. $100-200 HWAC# 123957 of Twenty-Four Colored Views from Recent Photographs. Made exclusively for The Van Noy Lot# 1084 California Westward Ho Rodeo Inter-State Company, Denver, Colorado. Published Pattern Cowboy Plates (7) 11” diameter by Smith-Brooks Printing Company in 1917, this plates featuring a bucking Bronco and Cowboy, volume includes twenty-four brightly colored, razor- designed by Till Goodan. Wallace china, Westward Ho Rodeo pattern, sharp photographs of scenes throughout western Colorado along or made in California. No chips or damage visible. Salvatore Falcone near the route of the Rio Grande Rail Road. There is a picturesque Collection Est. $1500-300 HWAC# 131261 image of the state capitol in Denver and scenes from then-small cities Lot# 1085 California 1940 World Atlas & like Pueblo, Manitou, Colorado Springs, Canon City, Glenwood Springs, and Leadville. Several images highlight the precipitous railroad grades Gazetteer (2) Cram’s Superior Reference along canyons and rivers, and others celebrate famous mountain Atlas of California, Nevada and the World- scenes such as the Angel of Shavano, Mount of the Holy Cross, Mount Published for Ellis A. Davis by George Cram in 1908. Contains Misc. Ouray, and Pike’s Peak. Each image is still vibrant in color and clarity, matter, charts, historical maps, portraits and statistics. Hardcopy and the cover has a one-inch tear at the lower left of the hinge. This is measures 12”x 15” and is 164 pages. Next is P.F. Colliers World Atlas a beautiful photo album that vividly promoted railroad tourism in the & Gazetteer, published in 1940. Contains 88 full page colored maps as early twentieth century. Est. $50-80 HWAC# 123829 well as astronomy, economics, auto routes, railroad systems, cities, etc. Measures 11”x 14” is hard bound and 328 pages. Please see photos for Lot# 1092 Deadwood, Dakotas 1880 more detail and condition. Est. $200-300 HWAC# 131515 Deadwood Territorial Check to Assayer S.F. Lot# 1086 Colorado Springs, Colorado 1875 Molitor Rare First National Bank of Deadwood check datelined Deadwood, D.T., Dec. 17th, 1880. Issued to S.F. Molitor Colorado Springs Early Photo Part of the for $9 by John Fortune. Stamp cancel. 2 cent revenue check. Not Gurnsey’s Rocky Mountain Views series. This endorsed on back. SF Molitor was an assayer in Deadwood and San stereo view is of Tejon Street in Colorado Springs. Please see photos for more detail and condition. Est. $200-300 HWAC# 131534 Francisco. Our company has sold numerous assay related pieces to his business in San Francisco, and a tin ingot (in our Oct. 2017 auction) Lot# 1087 Colorado Springs, Colorado 1922 from his time in Deadwood. Stephen Molitor was the son of A. Molitor, Rio Grande Souvenir Photo Book A beautiful considered one of the great California Gold Rush assayers and one photo book recording the scenery along the of the men originally involved with the U.S. Assay Office. In January Rio Grande near Colorado Springs. Book is 38-pages and measures 1859 Augustus and his son formed a new company called S, Molitor 10”x 14”. It is in pretty nice shape for being almost a century old, with and Company. By then Stephen had worked in British Columbia during the Fraser River gold rush of 1857-1858 as well as in San Francisco sharp and beautiful photographs. Please see photos for more detail and condition. Est. $150-200 HWAC# 131630 with his father during earlier years. A third brother named Titus also worked for the firm.S. Molitor and Company’s business in San Francisco flourished for a while. Then Stephen took off for a gold rush in San Diego County, but that did not last long. Molitor was then off to Helena, Montana and the Montana Gold Rush, then to Deadwood in the early 1880’s as part of the Black Hills Gold Rush. Est. $100-300 HWAC# 129594 16 February 2021

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 General Americana Lot# 1093 Deadwood, Dakotas 1880-1881 Lot# 1099 Rare Deadwood & Custer City, Dakota Chicago, Illinois Territory Ephemera Lot of 4. All are from an 1893 Christopher archive for John Fortune, who was involved in mining and real estate Columbus Copper in the Dakotas and Colorado. 1) Billhead for Z.S. McKown, Physician Plaque from and Surgeon, Deadwood, Dakota Territory, Sept. 17, 1880. Office Over Columbian Expo Big Horn Store. For services rendered. 2) Billhead for Silver Brother, This 16 -3/8-inch Clothing, Hats, Boots, Custer City, Dakota Territory, Sept. 30th, 1881. copper plaque was Billed to Mr. M. Morris for California underwear and overalls. 3) First made for the 1893 National Bank, Deadwood, revenue check, RN-G, 1880, to L. Peckler World Columbian from John Fortune. 4) Manuscript note from Dr. McKown in Deadwood Exposition (a.k.a. to John Fortune, Sept. 17, 1880. Regarding bill. Est. $150-300 HWAC# Chicago World’s Fair) 129592 by the Hausman Company of Niagara Falls, New York. The central 3/4-portrait image of Christopher Columbus is encircled by images of Lot# 1094 Deadwood, Dakotas 1877-1882 his voyage across the Atlantic and arrival in the New World. The outer Rare Deadwood, Dakota Territory Check edge is labeled EXHIBITION OF CHICAGO / HIS ARRIVAL / DISCOVERY Collection incl. RN Lot of 6 different. All are OF AMERICA 1492 / HIS COMING BACK. It is signed in the lower right from an archive for John Fortune, who was involved in mining and real / Tonetti Paris 1892 / which would be artist Francois Michel Louis estate in the Dakotas. Includes two each for three different Deadwood Tonetti (1863-1920). The plaque appears to have been made as an banks, one with imprinted revenue and one without. Includes: embossed copper shell that was subsequently heavily plated with Stebbins, Wood & Post (RN-G, 1877); Stebbins Wood & Post (1877); copper in a galvanic cell. The plated layer is delaminating at several Merchants National Bank (1881, adhesive revenue); First National locations around the rim. The plaque is entirely non-magnetic. There Bank (1880, RN-G); Merchants National Bank (1882, RN-G); and First are two rings soldered onto the back at the 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock National Bank (1881, adhesive revenue). Very rare collection! Est. positions strung with a wire for hanging. Est. $500-1000 HWAC# $200-400 HWAC# 129595 126646 Lot# 1095 Deadwood, Dakotas 1880 Rare Lot# 1100 Chicago, Illinois Colombian Expo, Deadwood, Dakota Territory Druggist 1893, World’s Fair, 15-Part Folio Art Portfolio Billhead Very rare billhead for Hunter & Series, Volume 1, April 1894. Subscription Co., Dealers in Drugs, Chemicals, Patent Medicines, and Druggists’ $25.00 per year. Copyright L.J. Benson. “A portfolio of original Sundries. Corner of Sherman and Deadwood Sts. Billed in 1880 for numerous prescriptions. Some toning. Est. $100-200 HWAC# 129593 copperplate half-tones of the World’s Fair in 15 parts. 14 of the 15 parts are present, missing only number 13. These folios measure 13” Lot# 1096 Deadwood, South Dakota 1899 x 11”, and consist of approx. 16-20 pages each. Published by Laird & The Deadwood Dick Library Lot of 2. VOl Lee, Chicago. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $200-300 HWAC# 131274 II no. 22 & 26. Bonanza Bill and Canada Chet. Lot# 1101 Chicago, Illinois 1893 Egg of Three color outer covers. Good COndition. Columbus Souvenir World’s Exposition The Deadwood Dick library published weekly Chicago Unique, rare photo album of 28 and ran from 1899-1900. There are a total of pictures of the Chicago’s World’s Fair, shaped like an egg, 3 x 4 inches. 64 issues. Originally part of dime novels as Made by Grevens Art Souvenir of Chicago. Salvatore Falcone Collection fictional character by Edward Lytton Wheeler published 1877-97. Est. $70-100 HWAC# 129127 As the name during this period became well known, several men in Deadwood S.D, actually used the name. The Historic V & T Railroad Depot Lot# 1102 Chicago, Illinois 1930’s Weird Tales Stockpile of Pierce Powell’s Western Memorabilia Est. $100-150 HWAC# Magazines (27) A collection of 27 editions of 128011 Weird Tales Magazine put in hardcopy.. These Lot# 1097 Georgia 1900s Coca Cola Checks date from the mid to late 1930’s. The magazine was first published in the 1920’s and was still and Receipts Checks from various Coca Cola being published into the 2000’s. These are pure bottling companies, several with vignettes of pulp fiction and the forerunner to the graphic novels and magazines of multi-color Coca-Cola bottles. Dates range from 1943 to 1974, from today.. There are some wear issues with a few of the books but overall, Arkansas and Georgia. (8). Plus two Coca-Cola receipts, 1942 & 1956 they are in nice readable conditions. Please see photos for more detail (2). Est. $50-100 HWAC# 131396 and condition. Est. $- HWAC# 122496 Lot# 1098 Chicago, Illinois 1928 Chicago Tribune Sheet Music Insert An interesting Lot# 1103 Fayette, Kentucky 1858 Slave piece for music lovers. This is a piece of sheet Document Fayette Kentucky A Fayette music, celebrating the comic strip “Little Orphan Annie,” with music County, Kentucky handwritten estate transfer written by Joe Sanders, and lyrics by Gus Kahn. It was an insert for of the ownership of slaves between a minor and the guardian, dated the Sunday Chicago Tribune and was published by Irving Berlin, Inc. July 1, 1858. The value of the transfer was $213.88 including interest. of New York. Kahn was a beloved lyricist with such hits as “Making When plantation owner John Jenkins died and his will was probated, Whoopee,” “Pretty Baby,” “Dream a Little Dream of Me” and many he had 22 slaves, which were valued at a total of $6775. It reads: others through a career that was cut short in 1941. Please see photos for more detail and condition. Est. $50-150 HWAC# 131355 “Rec[eived] of SW Jenkins Guardian for Saml C Jenkins a Minor Two Hundred & Thirteen 88/100 dollars, being the amt due by Said Saml C to SW Jenkins on division of Negroes in the est[ate] of John Jenkins due; Int on same to this day July 1st 1858 SH Jenkins” Est. $120-240 HWAC# 131391 View complete catalog, Register, and Bid online at 17

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 General Americana Lot# 1104 New Orleans, Louisiana 1900’s New Lot# 1112 Lovelock, Nevada Lovelock Orleans Information Booklet A soft cover Business Day Book, 1899; Hair Cutting booklet published by Louisville & Nashville shears 1892 Day ledger for 1899-1900 from Railroad as a guide to the city of New Orleans. Book is 32-pages and the Lovelock area ranch. about 1/3 full. Entries include Indian Charley, measures 7.5”x 5” and is worn a bit on the cover. Please see photos for A. Yensen, Indian Jack, Indian John. Lot includes hair cutting shears more detail and condition. Est. $100-150 HWAC# 131636 with an 1892 patent date by Brown & Sharpe mfg, Providence, RI Est. $100-150 HWAC# 131480 Lot# 1105 Boston, Massachusetts 1930 Keystone 16mm Kinescope Projector Lot# 1113 Palisade, Nevada Palisade Nevada A Keystone Model 16mm Model No. E-37 Document Group (6) different documents kinescope projector from the 1930’s. Projector has an electrical plug from Palisade, the famous stop in the steep- and lightbulb, but no reels. Not sure if it still operates, since I don’t walled Humboldt River canyon along the Central Pacific Railroad, have any 16mm film for a test. It stands about a foot in height. Appears 1870-1871. All of the documents involve Curtis Huber and Company that all the parts are there. Please see photos for more detail and of Mineral Hill, a silver mine owned by the Manhattan Silver Mining condition. Est. $100-150 HWAC# 131404 Company. Rare. Est. $100-200 HWAC# 131301 Lot# 1106 Boston, Massachusetts Two Eastern Lot# 1114 Reno, Nevada 1990’s Holiday City View Publications: Boston and Hartford Hotel/Casino Ashtrays Collection of 51 small 1) “In and About Historic Boston”. 1912. 10 x 8”. ashtrays from The Holiday Hotel and Casino in 30 pages. All photographs. Most are full page. Reno, Nevada. These are in good condition, not 2) “Hartford” published by Wittemann. 13 x 10”. even used. Please see photos for more detail. Album` contains 20 B&W 5 x 7” photos and a 6 x Est. $50-100 HWAC# 122494 16” panorama of the city. Paper covers are frayed and bent, but photographs have no issues. Est. $80- Lot# 1115 Reno, Nevada Kane’s Cafe 120 HWAC# 123825 Opening Night Menu 1919 Opening night menu, February 15, 1919, from Kane’s Cafe, Lot# 1107 Plymouth, Massachusetts 1967 142 North Virginia St., J.W. Edwards, manager, Reprint of Plymouth Pilgrim Record An Phone 190. 2 1/2 x 5 inches, printed by Reno informational booklet about the early settlers Printing Company. Rare memorabilia; the cafe at Plymouth in 1622. This 6”x 7” booklet contains 72 pages printed was mentioned in Fred’s bottle book. Fred in the old English style Where all the”S’s” look like “F’s”) and was Holabird Collection Est. $60-100 HWAC# 128320 reprinted by permission by permission of the Trustees of the Pequot Library, Southport, Connecticut. Please see photos for more detail and Lot# 1116 Virginia City, Nevada Evans Bros. condition. Est. $100-200 HWAC# 129809 Chop House and Oyster Bar Archive, 1881 Interesting archive of the Evans Brothers, A.H. Lot# 1108 Fulton, Missouri 1950’s A Bumper Crop Evans and A.W. Evans, who ran this business on Pinups Advertising pamphlet for Ace Auto Parts Co, the corner of Union and C streets. The archive Fulton, MO. Has Female nude picture and when opened consists of two VC business cards in the large up has descriptions of fruit comparisons for breast. In format; three receipts from D.A. Rice, a Newcastle, Cal fruit dealer good condition. Est. $50-80 HWAC# 129879 (each shows the large variety of produce he carried); three unused Evans Bros billheads (Enterprise Print); Pedroli Nevada Dairy and Central Market billheads (VC); nine covers addressed to the Evans bros from San Francisco merchants: Cerf & Co., crockery and glassware (2), one with an “E” block cancel (eastbolund traqin, CPRR); mSwanberg Lot# 1109 St. Louis, Missouri 1904 World’s & West, Fresh Oysters, and others. Please see photo. While we have Fair Colortypes & Monotones Official handled many large archives from Virginia City, we have not handled part of the Evans archive previously. One of the covers indicates the Publication Booklet Official Publication for restaurant is under the International Hotel. Est. $200-400 HWAC# the Louisiana Purchase Exhibition (aka the World’s Fair) in St. Louis 131064 1904. Large format, 13” x 10” string bound. Multiple colorized and B&W pages with detailed descriptions of the subjects. Ranging from Lot# 1117 Nevada 1934 Nevada License the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, to the Palace of Transportation, to Plates (2 each) Matched Pair in good c the grand Palace of Varied Industries Building, it contains the great ondition The Historic V & T Railroad Depot Stockpile buildings, exhibits and various displays of people and places around of Pierce Powell’s Western Memorabilia Est. $200- the world. Some 60 countries and 43 of the US states had exhibits. 400 HWAC# 108311 Running from April 1904 to December 1904, it was attended by nearly 20 million visitors. Book is in very good condition, some age tears at edges, minor corner damage. Colors are very good, print excellent. Pages in great condition. Est. $200-300 HWAC# 131266 Lot# 1118 Nevada 1900’s Large Collection of Match Book Advertising This is a huge Lot# 1110 Montana Meadow & Rocky box of match book covers from the Pierce Mountain Framed Photograph Colorful Powell collection. Count is in the hundreds photograph of sheep grazing in a meadow plus, spanning years. Most still have matches with the Rocky Mountains watching over them. It is hand tinted and some don’t, just the covers. The lot includes measures 9”x 15” in its frame. Please see photos for more detail and Nevada Casinos : The Lodge at Montgomery condition. Est. $100-150 HWAC# 131637 Pass, The Ormsby House, NRA, Railroad Pass Lot# 1111 Nebraska 1893 A Senate Casino, Model T the Shy Clown in Sparks, End of the Trail in Dayton, Commercial Hotel in Elko and hundreds more. Some are still in Publication on Nebraska A booklet published original packing boxes. Memories abound. The Historic V & T Railroad by the Government Printing Office entitled Depot Stockpile of Pierce Powell’s Western Memorabilia Est. $60-100 HWAC# “The Discovery of Nebraska” and “A Visit to Nebraska in 1662” by Hon, 122408 James W. Savage. This 60-page publication is in excellent shape and was presented to the 53rd Congress. Please see photos for more detail and condition. Est. $80-150 HWAC# 128246 18 February 2021

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 General Americana Lot# 1119 Nevada Nevada Barbed Wire Lot# 1125 New York, New York 1800’s Collection Two plaques of barbed wire Recollections of New York City Police Chief mounted on custom barn wood 16” x 10” in the This book entitled “Recollections of a New shape of Nevada. With 20 different kinds of wire all neatly labelled. York Chief of Police by George W. Walling. George Washington Walling 1868-1892 with majority in the 70s-80s typical of Nevada ranches. was the police chief of New York City from July 1874 until June 1885. Est. $100-200 HWAC# 131504 Walling gained a reputation as a tough but fair and honest law officer during his decades on the force. He was elevated to the position of Lot# 1120 Nevada Nevada Magazine Collector’s chief of police because of his personal heroics during the New York Edition Three Volumes. Lot of 3. Three volumes of City Draft Riots of 1863. This book is 608-pages and was published in Nevada Magazine covering 1966-1992. The volumes are 1887. Please see photos for more detail and condition. Est. $200-300 divided into: Historic Characters, Ghost Towns, and then HWAC# 131525 Cowboys. Each is divided by the year and season for each magazine with multiple issues in each bound volume. The Lot# 1126 Oregon 1901 Early Oregon Cowboy edition starts off with the TV program Bonanza 1850-1860 Book Autographed by the author and it’s back story. Ghost towns covers the towns histories George E. Cole. Book has photo of author. This i.e: Tonopah, The Town That wouldn’t die” and the volume is based on the red collections by a pioneer Characters has the Nevada Centennial issue covering the of 1850. Entered by an Act of Congress 1905 history of Nevada with historical maps. These are in near new to new by the author in the library of Congress. 95 condition and are very interesting reading on Nevada History. Pages not numbered each volume is 1 1/2” thick. Est. $240-400 HWAC# pages. Outside binding in good condition, with some wear. All pages in tact. The Historic V & T Railroad Depot Stockpile of Pierce Powell’s Western 128057 Memorabilia Est. $100-200 HWAC# 128006 Lot# 1121 Nevada USDA Soil Surveys for Lot# 1127 Oregon Woodmen of the World Lot Nevada, by County, 1979 The classic 1979 of 3 in river case. Eugene May 15 Log Rolling. series of soil surveys for the State of Nevada, a K of P Lodge 67 Lonerock, Ore. Foreningen very important survey indicating soil qualities, Martha No 1. 3D flags on ribbon, Marsh field content, maps and discussions. The six file Ore. Good condition Benjamin Fauver Collection storage boxes full (about 150 pounds) is nearly Est. $100-120 HWAC# 131058 complete.Inventory: Churchill Co.2 vols including a seperate “Criteria” volume; Clark Co.: Las Vegas Valley, Virgin River Area;Elko Co., 5 vols: NW Elko Co., Central Part, So. East Part, NE Part, Tuscaroraq Mtn area; Esmeralda Co-1 vol.; Eureka Co. 1 vol; Humboldt Co. 3 vol: West part, Lot# 1128 Hershey, Pennsylvania c1930 “Hotel E part (2 parts); Lander Co- 2 vols, N and S parts; Lincoln Co-2 vols, Hershey and Community” Promotional So Part, Meadow VAlley Area; Lyon Co. 1 vol; Mineral Co- 1 vol; Nye Brochure Hard to Find. Although a famous Co- 5 vols, Big Smoky Valley, NW part, SW part )2 parts), NE part,; chocolate town - it was founded by MS Hershey Pershing Co.- 2 vols, e part, w part; Storey Co- 1 vol; Washoe Co.- in 1909 as a co-op for Better Living. His vision central part only; White Pine Co. western part only. Critical group for eventually became a reality which, did indeed, contain a chocolate understanding anything to do with soils for development, exploration, permitting, grazing or agriculture. Est. $1000-1500 HWAC# 126929 factory, thriving industrial center, beautiful homes and gardens, paved streets, shade trees, a recreation park, a community center, bank, Lot# 1122 Perth Amboy, New Jersey 1882 department store and is magnificent hotel. 8 x 10”. Embossed cover. Military Academy 1882 Record of Damages 32 pages. Full of photographs of leisurely living: swimming pool, Log A unique log book recording damages at zoological building, game room, theater, gold course, gymnasium, boat the Eagleswood Military Academy. There are house, etc. Est. $60-100 HWAC# 123838 some very interesting sketches of ships on the Lot# 1129 Rapid City, South Dakota 1930 opening flap covers of the log. Most of the pages are blank and there Mount Rushmore Memorial First Edition are bindery issues. Please see photos for more detail and condition. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $120-150 HWAC# 129726 A 36-page booklet put out by the Mount Rushmore National Memorial Commission in 1930. The book shows, Lot# 1123 Lincoln, New Mexico 1878-1882 through photos and text, the construction of the monument and the figures surrounding its completion. Please see photos for more detail Cab Card Lincoln County Bank. Cab Card photo of Lincoln County Bank New Mexico. and condition. Est. $50-100 HWAC# 128244 Circa 1880. Timeline would put this bank in Lot# 1130 South Dakota 1875 South Dakota Lincoln during the Lincoln County War 1878- Historical Pair of Photos Plus a Stock Stereos 82. Lot of famous and infamous folks in town include a view of General Crook’s Expedition to around then including Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, John Henry Tunstall. Chance to hunt down the history. Est. $300-600 the Black Hills by S.J. Morrow, Yankton, D.T. Large group of men on HWAC# 128007 the street. The view number is not displayed. Also, a birdseye view of Custer City. No photographer named. Custer is a city in Custer Lot# 1124 New York, New York 1915-1960s County, South Dakota. Gold was found there during the 1874 Black Large Silvercraft Sterling Water Pitcher Hills Expedition, conducted by the 7th Cavalry led by Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer, a discovery which initiated the Black Hills Large sterling silver water pitcher with the Gold Rush. Then, theres a stock from Deadwood, dated 1892 from the maker’s mark, SILVERCRAFT on the bottom. SILVERCRAFT, New York, Monitor Mining Company. Stamp canceled. View photos. Est. $400- NY, c.1915-1960s, was a trademark of Farber Brothers. Pitcher is 10.5” high, 9” at widest point and 4.5” at base. Engraved on bottom, 500 HWAC# 131522 SILVERCRAFT/(with maker’s mark)/18%/2360. Ornate edging on Lot# 1131 Galvaston, Texas 1800’s Galveston lip and around top, with decorative handle and engraved with two Texas Stereo View Stereo view of Galveston, Hieracosphinx (falcon headed lions) in an elaborate decoration on both sides. Pitcher is polished and in excellent condition. Est. $100- Texas from P.H. Rose Photo. Please see photos 200 HWAC# 127720 for more details and condition. Est. $200-300 HWAC# 131518 View complete catalog, Register, and Bid online at 19

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 General Americana Lot# 1132 Texas Texas Pocket Map- 1900 Lot# 1138 1900’s Japanese Design Jewelry Rand McNally’s Indexed County and Railroad Box This is a Japanese designed jewelry type Pocket Map and Shipper’s Guide of Texas, box it measures 6”x 4”x 2” and has a patina Showing the entire railroad system, along with cities, towns, post finish. and a wood interior lining. Please see offices, railroad stations, villages, counties, islands, lakes, rivers, etc. photos for more details and condition. Salvatore Map on the inside back cover measures 25” x 19”. In good condition. Falcone Collection Est. $100-150 HWAC# 122508 Est. $100-200 HWAC# 128868 Lot# 1139 1940’s Steamship & Photo Grab Lot# 1133 Tacoma, Washington 1889 “Tacoma Illustrated” - a beautiful piece of Bag An unusual and unique grab bag lot of black & white photos shot in various locales in illustrations and drawings Published for Japan. There are also two Steamship company items, a photo album the Chamber of Commerce and paints a rosy from M.S. Kunsholm a Swedish American cruise ship and ocean liner picture for this Washington city. 98 pages. from 1952. The other is a ship instructional book issued to passengers 9.5 x 12”. “A compilations of the resources, terminal advantages, by Cunard White Star Lines in 1952. The photos are from the 1940’s institutions, climate, business and manufacturing industries of the and 1950’s from Japan, including Japanese soldiers at a railroad “City of Destiny!” Finely illustrated throughout. Although paper, the hard stock cover has kept this publication in nice condition. Est. $100- station in Shimonoseki. A nice little time capsule from the 1940’s & 1950’s. Please see photos for more detail and condition. Est. $200- 180 HWAC# 123827 300 HWAC# 131345 Lot# 1134 Lodges & Hotels in the Canadian Lot# 1140 Two Sterling Silver Souvenir Rockies - Lot of Three 1) “Jasper Park Lodge” Spoons Two sterling silver spoons, one of in Alberta Province. In the heart of the Canadian which is weighty. The weightier spoon was Rockies. Owned and operated by the Canadian made in Sweden by Hall Berg Extra N Salp and appears to be silver, as National Railways. c1930. Colorful 32 page booklet. tested by a silver polishing cloth, a bit of tarnish was removed. It says 7.5 x 10’5”. 2) “The Call of the Mountains.” Vacations Sverige on top with mountain scenes. The second sterling spoon was in Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks, made by J. Tostrup in Norway and is clearly marked sterling. Must see featuring Glacier Park, Prince of Wales and Lake in person! Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $60-80 HWAC# 129519 McDonald hotels with their many amenities and tours. c1930. 8.5 x 11”. 49 pages. 3) “Banff Springs Lot# 1141 Panama Canal, c1915 “Souvenir Hotel.” Alberta. Dinner menu for Friday, July 19, 1935. Truly one of the of Panama and the Canal”, c1915, Colorful Canadian Rockies jewels in 1935. Still is! 8 x 10”. Take a 100 year old front cover and a myriad of black and shite upscale visit to the magnificent mountains of Canada. Est. $80-200 photos Booklet is 8 x 10.” 64 pages. 78 black HWAC# 123840 and white photographs. Covers Panama City, Lot# 1135 Cuba Photos Post Spanish Colon, Canal Zone, U. S. Naval Ships and Cruise Ships. Nice condition. Published by Panama, American War, 1900 (10) About ten, very Maduro`s Souvenir Store. Est. $50-100 HWAC# nice mounted photos of Cuba around 1898- 123839 1900. Three smaller photos with seven larger rectangular photos. One of the smaller photos shows a man attaching a noose around another’s Lot# 1142 1920 Polish Russian War neck. It looks like his days were numbered. Also, ship, fort and building Publication French publication featuring views. Condition overall is very good. Est. $300-600 HWAC# 128857 accounts of the Polish-Russian War (1919- Lot# 1136 Ephemera from President Gamal 1920). The 320-page publication is a French translation from Paris. It is in rough shape, but still readable...If you read French. Please see Nasser of Egypt This is a Christmas card from photos for more detail and condition. Est. $100-200 HWAC# 128248 the President of Egypt: Gamal Nasser. The date, 1964. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $70-100 HWAC# 129663 Lot# 1143 1946 Elkington 12” Electroplate Lot# 1137 Venice, Antonio Canova Sketches- (Nickel Silver) Round Tray Elkington 12” round electroplate (nickel silver) tray, from -Rare Two incredibly rare sketches for England, c1946. Heavy tray is in good condition with very little wear. sculptures by Antonio Canova. 1) A signed Has Elkington maker’s mark, the words “solid, unplated, England,” a graphite study for his sculpture Daedalus and Icarus, which he “K” mark and the number “19903” on the bottom. Top is engraved completed in 1779. (Drawing, 11” x 7.25” with gold trim). 2) A with an ornate design. Est. $100-200 HWAC# 127723 graphite study for Magdalena Penitente, which was completed in 1796. (Drawing, 10.25” x 7” with gold trim) Both are attached to gray paper. Lot# 1144 European Town Photos & Hotel The sketches for his sculptures are just that--studies! However, the Brochure Collection of mounted photos from finished sculptures are impeccably rendered. Most of Canova’s works around England, and Amsterdam, circa 1931 are in museums, and it is almost impossible to find drawings by him. to 1943, along with a souvenir Hotel Cavour brochure. The various Antonio Canova (1757 – 1822) was born in Possagno, a small town photos are B&W, (10) mounted on 14”x9” cardstock, w/ (2) smaller in north-eastern Italy. Canova, a sculptor, later studied and lived in photo cards. Crisp images of North Tawton, Devon, Chester Cathedral, Venice. He became famous for his neoclassical marble sculptures that Edinburgh, and Cliffs at Marina Ramsgate among others. The Hotel delicately rendered nude flesh. He was regarded as one the greatest of Cavour (in Milan) fold-out brochure features color maps, and is the Neoclassical artists. The epitome of that style, his work marked a printed in (4) languages. All in good condition, hotel brochure has return to classical refinement after the theatrical excesses of Baroque some tearing from age folds. Est. $200-300 HWAC# 131267 sculpture. After studying drawing, painting, and sculpture in Venice, he set up his workshop in Rome. In 1787. Fred Holabird Collection Est. Lot# 1145 1926 Two Autographed $2000-5000 HWAC# 126699 Correspondence From Second Viscount Knollys Two letters bearing the signature of Second Viscount Knollys. Now, I don’t know who this is but if you are interested in this you must know. There are two pieces of mail, each bearing the signature of the Viscount. Both are vet readable. Please see photos for more detail and condition. Est. $50-100 HWAC# 131357 20 February 2021

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 General Americana Lot# 1146 Persian Rugs (2) 26 x 36” approx Lot# 1154 American Lapel Pin Collections Indian mat c1900; 29 x 25 approx size Ben- Hundreds of American lapel pins. Diverse Tchavtchavadze Collection of Ontario, Canada Est. collection of pins includes American Legion, $400-1000 HWAC# 131584 Rotary Club, Red Cross, American Flags and more. Excellent group with a variety of designs, some include stones, c. 1900-1960. Salvatore Lot# 1147 1886 “The Gibbet of Regina” Falcone Collection Est. $200-500 HWAC# 129533 Propoganda Booklet The Gibbet of Regina: The Truth About Riel. Sir John A. MacDonald Lot# 1155 Antique Die Set for Ornamental and his cabinet.published in New York in 1886. This book has 200 Badge or Brooch Antique die set pair of pages with black and white illustrations. A reading copy of a very rare unknown origin to create an ornamental badge book. Please see photos for more detail and condition. Est. $150-250 or brooch. The large, tapered, negative die is HWAC# 128250 approx. 5 x 3.5 inches at the base and approx 3 inches tall. The smaller positive die is approx. Lot# 1148 1900 Remontois Cylindre 10 2.5 x 2 x 3/4 inches. These were use in tandem Rubis Pocket Watch This is a silver cased in a stamping press to emboss the pattern into pocket watch manufactured be Remontois a thin piece of metal (possibly, brass, silver, or Cylindre of France. It works, in terms of the gold) to create a piece of jewelry approx. 2-1/4 x 1-3/4 inches in size. second hand, but the minute and hour hand are The central round of the design is approx 1-1/8 inches in diameter. It very slow, meaning possibly that it could use is believed to be from the latter half of the nineteenth century. Total a good cleaning. It includes a leather pouch. weight of the pair is 12 pounds. See photo for condition and design Please see photos for more detail and condition. Salvatore Falcone details. Est. $100-200 HWAC# 126647 Collection Est. $200-400 HWAC# 122504 Lot# 1149 Waltham, Massachusetts 1912 E. Lot# 1156 Broken Horn Silver Belt Buckles Howard Pocket Watch This is an E. Howard (2) Two sterling silver Broken Horn belt Grade 7 pocket watch manufactured in buckles. One is from PCHA 1997 and includes Waltham, Massachusetts in 1912. It has a 10K gold case, 17 jewels and ruby rhinestones. The second states Champion PCHA 1994. Both have is a size 12. It appears to work when wound, but could use a good beautiful sterling silver engravings and marked sterling silver, Broken cleaning. Please see photos for more details and condition. Salvatore Horn. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $120-200 HWAC# 129523 Falcone Collection Est. $200-400 HWAC# 122505 Lot# 1157 Freshwater Pearl Jewelry 1) Lot# 1150 Waltham, Massachusetts 1883- Lustrous freshwater pearl necklace (16” fine 1892 Model 1883 Waltham Pocket Watch A 14K gold chain) and earrings with diamonds beautiful and WORKING Waltham Model 1883 from Italy; 2) Five pearls set in vintage gold pocket watch. This is a Grade 3 size 17 model pendant, 14K fine gold chain (17” long). Est. with a lever set and 11 jewels. It was wound $400-600 HWAC# 126698 two and a half hours ago and is still ticking. Movement looks clean, but it can always need Lot# 1158 Gold and Silver Belt Buckles aa cleaning, especially a watch of this age. Nice time piece. Please see (2) Two gold and silver marked men’s and photos for more detail and condition. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. women’s belt buckles c. 1920. Appears to be $250-300 HWAC# 122503 rose gold floral designs on the curved buckle, marked sterling and made in Mexico. Second buckle is rectangular and has a rose gold and silver floral design, stamped sterling and gold and made in Mexico. Lot# 1151 Waltham, Massachusetts 1897 Waltham Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $300-500 HWAC# 129521 Working Pocket Watch This is a grade 18 Waltham pocket watch manufactured in 1897. It measure 18 Lot# 1159 Large Sterling Oval Belt Buckle and has a 7 jewel movement. It’s a model 1883, with Large detailed belt buckle stamped sterling. a 10K gold case. It was wound this morning at 7 am Contains rope around the edge and floral and it’s now 11:10 am and very accurate. A great engravings inside that surround the profile of a horse’s head and neck. time piece for it’s age and price. Please see photos Stamped with Diablo on the back. Nice belt buckle possibly worn by for more detail and condition. Salvatore Falcone cowboys. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $100-150 HWAC# 129522 Collection Est. $300-450 HWAC# 122506 Lot# 1160 Pink Diamonds Eight small pink Lot# 1152 1800’s-1900’s A Trio of Pocket diamonds in case, baguette cut style. Pink Watches Three pocket watches sold as is. First diamonds firsts discovered in India in the is a Waltham size 15.stem set 10K manufacture district of Anchorage Pradesh. Today 80% are found in the Argyle date, 1904. Next is a Waltham size 17, stem set. mine in Kimberly, Western Australia. Est. $300-500 HWAC# 129868 . Thirdly, a Cylindre Rubis, key set and wind. Cracked crystal size 10. Again, these watches Lot# 1161 1900’s Small Collection of Antique are sold as is. Please see photos for detail and Gold Jewelry A nice collection of antique gold condition. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $150- jewelry, including a small mechanical pencil, a 200 HWAC# 122502 pendent watch, a cameo, a pin and two charms. All are charming and ready to be an accessory or added to a collection. Please see photos Lot# 1153 1900’s Pocket Watch Quartet (4) for more detail and condition. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $260-350 Collection of four pocket watches, sold as is. HWAC# 122509 First a Clumbus Watch Company size 18, with lever set. Manufacture date 1891. Next a rose gold smaller lady’s stem set in a smaller size. Next a Waltham hunter case size 16. There is a presentation engraving in the case. Lastly, an Elgin size 18 stem set. Again, these are sold as is. Please see photos for more detail and condition. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $300-500 HWAC# 122501 View complete catalog, Register, and Bid online at 21

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 Jewelry Lot# 1162 Turquoise - Choice Spiderweb Lot# 1170 Clambroth, Banded swirl, Ribbon Spiderweb turquoise from the American West swirls (2), Onionskins (2) 1. 1/2” white base removed from jewelry in Montana. About 21 clambroth. Blue, red and green strands. One pieces comprised of 47 grams, including some red and one green stand missing. Three tiny backing on a few pieces. This group has some nicks otherwise surface is clean. 2. 5/8” Indian truly wonderful pieces. Maintained in display type banded swirl. Dark base, white and blue case. Fred Holabird Collection Est. $1000-1500 strands on surface. A few nicks on surface. 3. HWAC# 129828 (2) matching naked ribbon core swirls (same cane) with yellow and dark purple core. Both Lot# 1163 Vintage High Quality Travelling marbles have small surface nicks and one has subsurface reflection Jeweler’s Case Circa 1920 A spectacular near pontil. 4. 1” onionskin. White, blue and a little yellow. Two small surface nicks. 5. Joseph coat style onionskin. This marble has been articulating, multi-drawer high quality burled polished and surface is clean. Pontils are gone but polishing did not wood construction with felt-lined drawers for travelling Jewelry extend into the color canes. Est. $100-300 HWAC# 127829 Salesman. Locking devices on the front and both sides. Top (3) drawers accordion style, for high-end pens. (6) other drawers for gold or other Lot# 1171 Divided core, Open ribbon core, jewelry. Overall size 15” wide, 10” deep, 10” high (when closed). No Solid core, Corkscrew (type) marbles - (4) 1. maker’s mark evident. Overall very fine condition. Est. $300-500 HWAC# 131293 1 5/8” Divided core. Interior ribbons are blue/ white/red/yellow. Single white strand outer Lot# 1164 Akro Agate corkscrews (24) banding. Marble has been polished and some surface roughness still exists. 2. 1 1/2” open Akro Agate corkscrews - 1/2 - 3/4” in size. ribbon core. One ribbon has red with white Near mint to mint condition. Includes: two backing wide stand, then 4 single white strands and three color corks, snakes, white based and translucent colored based examples. If you like and then blue with white backing wide strand. Akro Agates this is an excellent grouping. Est. The other ribbon is the same configuration but the wide strands are $200-500 HWAC# 127814 red with yellow backing and green with yellow backing. Marble has been polished and retains areas of surface roughness. 3. 1 3/8” Solid core. White core with a red, a green, and a blue band on core. Outer bands are sets of single yellow strands. 4. 1 3/8” Corkscrew “type” Lot# 1165 Akro Agate corkscrews (4) marble. Three bands - red/white, yellow, yellow/white. The bands -shooters Four Akro Agate shooters - 7/8 - 1”. are subsurface and the marble has a somewhat Leighton appearance. (2) Red and yellow - mint/mint minus, (1) Red The surface has been ground but not polished so the surface is cloudy. and white - near mint, (1) Blue and translucent There may be some type of thin core but the haziness makes it hard white - one tiny flea bite and a few surface to identify. A couple of surface rough areas still exist. A pretty amazing scratches. Est. $50-100 HWAC# 127810 marble when it was first made. Est. $160-400 HWAC# 127821 Lot# 1166 Akro Agate Popeye corkscews Lot# 1172 Grab bag of earlier Machine made marbles - (100) Slags, patches, corkscrews and (3) (3) 3/4” Green, yellow, white Popeye others that that don’t know their names. Many corkscrews. Surfaces on all three are mint. All three have subsurface annealing cracks. have minor damage but a great group of earlier Appear to be from the same batch Est. $40- machine made marbles. Est. $80-200 HWAC# 100 HWAC# 127811 127813 Lot# 1167 Akro patch marbles (19) Akro patch marbles - (19) all 5/8”. Mostly mint, a couple near mint. Est. $30-75 HWAC# 127817 Lot# 1173 Grab bag of machine made marbles - (100) Corkscrews, patches, slags, and many just don’t know their names. Many have minor damage but great cross section of earlier machine made marbles. Est. $80-200 HWAC# 127812 Lot# 1168 Akro shooters - (6) Akro Agate shooters - 3/4 - 1” in size. (5) corkscrews, (1) slag. All near mint to mint condition. Est. $60- 120 HWAC# 127816 Lot# 1174 Grab bag of Swirls and Benningtons (12) Handmade swirls ranging in size from 5/8” to 1 1/8” in size. All have some surface issues, mostly minor. (15) Peewee Lot# 1169 Butterscotch swirl, (2) Mica Benningtons (3/8’), a couple of peewee swirls marbles 1. 3/4” Butterscotch swirl. Four small and one 1/2” faceted bullseye agate. Est. $50- nicks on surface the rest is problem free. 2. 1” 150 HWAC# 127832 Amber mica with shrunken core. One small chip and several flea bites on surface. 3. 5/8” Lot# 1175 Handmade Swirl marbles - (10) Amber mica with large mica chunks. Very near mint with a few surface (10) Mint condition, 5/8” handmade swirls. (1) scratches. Est. $70-180 HWAC# 127828 onionskin, (3) solid cores, (2) divided core, (4) latticino core. Est. $80-180 HWAC# 127824 22 February 2021

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 Marbles Lot# 1176 Handmade swirls (12) Nice Lot# 1184 Solid core swirls (3), Latticino selection of handmade swirls 1/2” to 5/8” in swirls (2) (3) 3/4” solid core swirls with white size. All are mint to mint minus because of a few core. All three are mint/mint minus. (2) 3/4” surface scratches or a couple of flea bites. The Latticino core swirl. One with white interior group contains onionskins, coreless, divided canes, the other yellow canes. Both mint/mint core, solid core, latticino (one with light red minus. All are nice examples. Est. $50-100 core strands). Est. $100-250 HWAC# 127826 HWAC# 127830 Lot# 1185 Sulphides (2) - Fish, Standing Lot# 1177 Handmade swirls (7) Nice group of Handmade swirls - 5/8” to 3/4” in size. All Ape 2” Fish sulphide. Nice detail on figure. are mint to mint minus (one as-made flat spot, Original surface with several shallow moons on one flea bite). Good assortment all with bright surface, no actual chips. 1 1/2” Standing Ape colors. Est. $100-250 HWAC# 127827 with banana in one hand. Poor detail to figure. Original surface in very near mint condition. Est. $100-300 HWAC# 127820 Lot# 1186 A Two Inch Toe Breaker Mammoth Lot# 1178 Machine made marble grab bag - Glass Marble This is a massive 2” “toe breaker” as (75) Corkscrews, patches, slags and others that the they say in the marble trade. Explaining its colorful names we don’t know. Many have minor surface swirl pattern is futile, so I’d suggest just looking at damage. A nice grouping of earlier machine made the photos. No nicks or chips. Please see photos for marbles. Est. $80-250 HWAC# 127815 more detail and condition. Est. $100-200 HWAC# 125402 Lot# 1187 Boston, Massachusetts 1800’s Lot# 1179 Mica marbles (2), Onionskin Bicycle Collectibles Three items with a with mica (1) 1. 1/2” Amber mica. Mint. 2. bicycle theme. First we have a paperweight 5/8” Olive green mica. Mint. 3. 5/8” Yellow and with a photo of former Union officer, importer red core with mica throughout. Mint minus and bicycle manufacturer Albert A. Pope. Next with one tiny nick and a very small debris a cyclist’s collapsible metal cup and last but attachment at the time marble was made. Does not detract from not least, a pin back featuring Curtis bicycle marble. Est. $80-200 HWAC# 127825 company. All are in good condition . Please see photos for more detail and condition. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. Lot# 1180 Miscellaneous Marble Items $100-200 HWAC# 129724 - Razor Sharpener, Benningtons, Ballot Marbles, Steelies, Chinese Checkers Razor Lot# 1188 Nevada Slot Machine Toy Toy slot sharpener with two clearie marbles, (2) machine with the quintessential three spinning true steelie marbles, (15) Brown, blue and cylinders decorated with sevens, cherries, bars, bells, fancy benningtons, (40) ballot box marbles black dots, and oranges. The little one-armed bandit (20 -black, 20-white), (60) Chinese checker will take pennies, nickels, and dimes, but it will spin marbles - (10 each) for six different colors Est. whether you put money in it or not. I lost about a dollar $180-360 HWAC# 127819 in coins before getting three sevens and winning the Jackpot! We have a Winner! If you’re frustrated by a Lot# 1181 Onionskin marbles (3) 1. 1 3/8” losing streak, you can open that small plastic door in End of Cane - single pontil paneled onionskin. the back to retrieve your investment. Made with a cast Panels are blue/white and red/white. Marble metal front and a black plastic housing, this would be a fun addition to has been lightly buffed around the middle, but your home or office. It is about six inches wide, five inches deep, and pontil remained untouched. Still has several nine inches tall. Drop a coin, pull that arm, and give it a spin! Est. $80- very small, shallow nicks to the surface. 2. 1” onionskin - blue and 160 HWAC# 126648 white. Lightly buffed around center of marble, pontils untouched. Still has several small, shallow nicks on surface. 3. 1” onionskin -yellow Lot# 1189 Cap Gun Collection A group of with some green and red. Surface original, but has several small, 9 different cap guns, including 5 models of shallow chips on the surface. Est. $100-250 HWAC# 127822 Hubley (2), Pet, Pal, Red Ranger, Captain, Texas, Dick and Superneumatic, LMCO. All in fine to very fine condition and Lot# 1182 Outer band swirls (2), Solid core all in working order. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $200-400 HWAC# swirl (1) 1. 5/8” Banded swirl with white and 131311 yellow banding on the surface and another set of loosely configured yellow and white canes Lot# 1190 AC Williams Cast Iron Bobtail subsurface. Condition is mint. 2. 5/8” banded Racecar We’d rate this 6 out of 10! 6” car iron swirl with blue, white and reddish brown in yellow Est. $200-400 HWAC# 129989 canes just under the surface. Blue base glass. Condition mint. 3. 5/8” solid core. Core is a translucent blue with alternating yellow and white canes attached. Outer canes almost a salmon color. Condition mint. Est. $60-150 HWAC# 127823 Lot# 1191 Cast Iron Army Soldier and Tanks Lot# 1183 Slag marbles (2) 1. 1 1/8” Green This is a lot of one cast iron Dough-boy soldier and white slag, with melted pontil. Two small 8 in., one small cast WW1 toy tank about 3 in., shallow chips near pontil and a few flea bites and one Russian model tank 1:43 scale CY-100, New with Box. Salvatore on surface. Uncommon size for this transitional Falcone Collection Est. $100-200 HWAC# 129671 marble. 2. 1” Amber and white slag. One very small, shallow ding. The rest of the marble is clear except for some surface scratches. Est. $40-100 HWAC# 127831 View complete catalog, Register, and Bid online at 23

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 Toys Lot# 1196 Travel Around the World 1935 Electro-Pinball Machine by Peo Rare 1935 electro-pinball machine by Peo, 42” long, 21” wide, 47” tall. Finished stained wood frame as original. If there was an equipment cover (doesnt look like it), it is not present. The “electronics” on this early pinball machine were for fancy lights in the header. We did not attempt to see if any of this is working, and assume not. The pinball is easily operative, apparently problem-free, since it is mechanical. The machine manufacture and design preceeds rubber bumpers, and has small metal “poles” as bumpers. It is not coin operated. This machine is titled “Travel Around the World”. It is one of 28 different pinball machines made by Peo from 1929-1939 or so. Thanks to International Arcade Museum web site for information on Peo. The Lot# 1192 Cast Iron Toy Truck Collection (11) 11 pieces all vintage “balls” are rather large marbles, about 1” in diameter. Est. $300-900 c1910-1930. A.C. Williams 7” steakside truck in red; AC William 7” HWAC# 126916 Steak truck in blue; AC William 5” coupe in black; Arcade 5” sedan in orange (embossed inside the base of the car); AC Williams 5” tank Lot# 1197 c1960 Vintage Toys. Vintage Toy truck red; AC William 5” coupe in yellow; AC Williams tank truck 5” Group: Clown-Up, handheld pinball 17” x11.5” in blue; Arcade 6” dump truck red baby with green dump; arcade 6.5” by the Clown N Up Company, St Louis, patent model t in black; arcade 6.5” model a coupe in green; arcade 8” Chevy pending c1950, JockO In a Box pop up puppet, Boo the Scare Crow pop coupe, crack in windshield post repair elsewhere in black and silver up puppet, both c1950. Cas iron Motorcycle toy, possible reproduction. Est. $1000-2000 HWAC# 129988 6” x 4.5” Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $150-200 HWAC# 131316 Lot# 1193 Lionel Chemcraft Chemistry Kits Lot# 1198 20th Century Atlases (2) Two & Wooden Construction Kits - 5 total Three Atlases: First is Collier 1923, 11” x 15”. Cover metal kits: two of the smaller kits about 10 x poor, contents average, 272 pages. Second is 14” in trifoild metal cases and one large kit about 14 x 20.” These kits commercial Atlas of the World, by Geographical Publishing Co. 1937, would best be used for advanced collectors as parts or someone who 16 x 22. Average, 208 pages. Est. $200-400 HWAC# 131260 needs a better shell case. Not complete, no attempt made to inventory Lot# 1199 Crams Atlas 1888 Crams Atlass, the contents. Lot also includes Lionell Wooden Contruction kits, 454 contents incomplete, label on top of box missing. Gary Nelson Railroad 1888. Spine binding no good. much wear. Collection Est. $200-500 HWAC# 133497 boards partially loose. Est. $100-200 HWAC# 131482 Lot# 1194 1942-65 Lionel Chemistry Set Lot# 1200 1900’s Vintage Elton Four String Kits - 4 Lionel Chemistry Sets, lot of four 1) Banjo A vintage Elton four string banjo that’s Lionel Chem Lab, CL55 19 x 14 x 3”, nearly seen better days, but can be fixed up easy.. complete, missing aparently only 2 glass parts. 1942. Label on front Head is in good condition, neck appears intact; 2) Lionel Chem Lab CL33, 12 x 13 x 3 inches, appears complete straight and tuning pegs seem in order, with a with the possible exception of missing some test tubes. 1942. Label coule of spares. Needs to be strung and tuned on front intact; 3) Lionel Porter Chem Craft, metal case, c1950. Lot and it should sound great. It comes in its own includes Lionel Chem Lab manual experiments, and Lionel Chemistry hard case. Please see photos for more detail magic magazine; 4) Lionel Porter Microcraft microscope lab, complete, mint. 1965. Gary Nelson Railroad Collection Est. $200-400 HWAC# 133323 and condition. Est. $100-150 HWAC# 122493 Lot# 1201 Vinyl 45 RPM Country Records Lot# 1195 Lionel Construction Sets Lot (45) Nice eclectic collection of 45 RPM vinyl of four kits plus extra manuals 1.) Lionel records featuring country music artists and Construction Set No 444. Metal Box. 13.5 x 21 songs over the past few decades. Inuded are x 3.5”, appears complete in excellent condition, Freddie Hart (My Hang Up is You), Carl Butler c1947. 2.) wood box Lionel No 343 with manual (Wonder Drug), Sonny James (Little Band of appears compelte in excellent condition other Gold), Webb Pierce (Who Do I Think I Am), than the label on the top of the box that is Ray Price (Heartaches By the Number) and many more. Records are mission. 3.) Lionel Contruction set no 111 with in listenable shape, all you need is the disc adapter (Not included). manual complete in box mint never used, only minor ware to outside Please see photos for more detail and condition. Est. $200-300 HWAC# of the original box 4.) another Lionel kit No 111 dead mint in custom 129803 case. 5.) Additional manuals for kit no 121, 111, 222, 232, and 444. Gary Nelson Railroad Collection Est. $500-1000 HWAC# 133324 Lot# 1202 1960’s-90’s A Group of Country Music 45 RPM Records (40) Nice eclectic collection of 45 RPM vinyl records featuring country music artists and songs over the past few decades. Inuded are Boots Randolph (My Sweet Lord), Freddie Hart (Hank William’s Guitar), George Jones (I’d Rather Have What We Had), Frankie Laine (Making Memories), Ronnie Hawkins (Bo Diddley), Marty Robbins (Devil Woman), Barbara Mandrell (Using Him to Get to You), Hank Williams Jr. (Ain’t Misbehavin’) and many more. Records are in listenable shape, all you need is the disc adapter (Not included). Please see photos for more detail and condition. Est. $150-300 HWAC# 129802 24 February 2021

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 General Collectibles Lot# 1203 c1940’s, 1950’s & 1960’s Children’s Lot# 1210 American Historical Spoons a Collection of Books & Vinyl Records Delightful book by Albert Stutzenberger 1971 This Children’s collection of Disney books, vinyl book is 500 pages of rare collectible spoons records, (45’s &33’s) some sheet music, approx. written by Albert Stutzenberger in 1971. “American Historical Spoons” 25 books, including singing games, Mother is a rare find for the spoon collector with jacket and shipping sleeve. Goose Pin-Ups, & much more. This lot consists In excellent condition. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $80-100 HWAC# of 2 boxes. John Reynolds Collection Est. $150-250 127142 HWAC# 127791 Lot# 1211 Americana Book & Pamphlet Lot# 1204 1950’s-1980’s Collection of 45 Crosssection About (12) pieces, includes Weiland Hardware Catalog, 1936. About RPM Rock Records (50) For all you vinyl (5) issues of the “Mother’s Assistant,” 1850’s. Ringling Bros. Circus record fans, we have a collection of about 50 Program, Biography of Joe Louis, 1969, “valley of Baca,” 1881, “Border records in 45 RPM featuring artists like George Lands of Eternity,” 1941, and other books, please see photo. Salvatore Harrison (Got My Mind Set on You), Isaac Falcone Collection Est. $150-250 HWAC# 131281 Hayes (Theme From Shaft), Journey (Lights), Arlo Guthrie (City of New Orleans), Elton John (Goodbye Yellow Brick Lot# 1212 Antique Countertop Clock 2.75 Road), Malo (Suavecito) and many more. This is indeed an eclectic deep x 3.25 x 5” tall. 4 beveled glass sides 19th group and the records all appear to be in very playable shape. The only century appearance, no maker readily visible, thing thats not included is the little plastic adapter disc. This is a deal a figure of lion engraved on back plate, key is present. See photo Ben- since some of these records are listed on the Internet for $10 to $15 a Tchavtchavadze Collection of Ontario, Canada Est. $300-500 HWAC# 131579 piece. Please see photos for more details and condition. Est. $200-400 HWAC# 129801 Lot# 1213 Antique Edison Konowatt 110 Volt Motor c1900s Old motor used in a Lot# 1205 1950’s - 1980’s Eclectic 45 phonograph or dictaphone Est. $150-200 RPM Vinyl Record Collection (40) A great HWAC# 131502 collection of 45 RPM records from three decades of jukebox music, pop, country and Lot# 1214 Antique House Door with Oval bebop. Artists include, Freddie Hart (You Window Antique house door with large, oval, Belong to Me), Donny Hathaway (Jealous Guy, beveled glass window. Doorknobs on both Jimmy Heap and the Melody Masters (Release side are beautiful amethyst-colored glass. Me), Guy (Spend the Night) and many more. This is a flash from the Door appears to be made of oak. The exterior- past (Disc adapter not included). Please see photos for more detail and facing surface shows the effects of weathering condition. Est. $120-200 HWAC# 129805 in the lower half. Interior-facing surface is ornamented with detailed swirled carving Lot# 1206 1950’s-1970’s RPM Record around the oval. The door is 78-1/2 x 35-1/2 Collection-45 A great collection of 45 RPM inches, and the oval is 57-1/2 x 21-1/2 inches. records from three decades of jukebox music. No key included. Structure seems sound. Est. $300-600 HWAC# 126600 Artists include Phil Harris (That’s What I Like About the South), Sawyer Brown (Billy Does Lot# 1215 Antique Iron Wrench Collection Your Bulldog Bite), Chuck Mangione (Feels So (4) 1.-2.) Two large adjustable iron wrenches Good), Eddie Harris (Love Theme From “The probably for railroad use 1 is missing the wood Sandpiper, The Shadow of Your Smile), Joe Harnell (The Walking handle. one measures 18”and one at 21” both are unmarked. 3.) 12” Song), Ray Pillow (The Waitress) and many more. This is a flash from by W&B marked hand punched WAH on the top. 4.) c1930 wrench 11” the past (Disc adapter not included). Please see photos for more detail Est. $150-200 HWAC# 131506 and condition. Est. $150-250 HWAC# 129804 Lot# 1216 Antique Unusual Drill Group Lot# 1207 Beatles Booster Button Vari-view (4) 1.) Large early dress press with clamp pinback “Beatle Booster” with the four lads’ for tabletop use. by Goodell Bros Green field mop tops and names in one view and their Massachusets. 22x11” fancy and well constructed 2.) Drill with hip photos when you tilt the badge. 2 1/2 inches with blue trim. Benjamin support for horizontal drilling. 17x10” plaque is worn out. 3.) 1920s Fauver Collection Est. $50-150 HWAC# 129269 Hand drill 4.) Original wood box with 6 drill bits 11x6” Est. $200-300 HWAC# 131505 Lot# 1208 Advertising Mirrors (9) Lot of nine includes: Diamonds Cafe Medford Or; Lot# 1217 Bechtel Engineering Co. Project Northrup King & Cos; Maryland Casualty Books, Autographed Two books published Company; Red Arrow Messengers; J Homer Hough Co Aetna Bond- specifically for Bechtel Corp. based in San Mortgage ; Calvert’s Business NY; Armstrong Mfg Co Portland OR; Francisco. The Canol Project, 1942-1944, published 1945 signed by Rauf Bros Co. Covington KY; Trixy Molasses Chicago Il. Benjamin Fauver inscription S. D. bechtel to Robert Allen, 11.5 x 14” . Bechtel in Arab Collection Est. $150-250 HWAC# 129978 Lands, 1958. Bechtel is one of the world’s leading engineering and construction firms. Est. $110-200 HWAC# 131481 Lot# 1209 ALONE a Signed Book Written by Rear Admiral Richard E. Bryd 1938 The title “Alone” brings you to the edge of Antarctic and your sanity. The explorer Admiral Bryd says’ “I really wanted to go Register, Bid, for the experience’s sake. I had no important purposes. ...........Nothing whatever, except one man’s desire to know that kind of experience to the full, to be by myself for a while and to taste peace and quiet and & view opening bids at solitude long enough to find out how good they really are.” (pp.3-4). This is the second impression published in 1938 signed by the author R.E. Bryd and the publisher Paul Johnston. Hardcover, no dust jacket, excellent condition. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $60-100 HWAC# 129665 View complete catalog, Register, and Bid online at 25

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 General Collectibles Lot# 1218 Bing & Grondahl Souvenir Plate Lot# 1225 Ceramic Wall Pocket Collection, Collection (25) Lot of 25 blue and white unmarked (Approx 70 pieces) Classic Wall Jule Christmas themed collector plates made Pocket Collection of about 70 pieces, from the by B&G Bing & Grondahl. Some duplicates. Gayle Ellsworth Wall Pocket Collection. During Includes: 1.) 1976 Vibaek Water Mill 2.) 1970, the 1920s-1940s many homes had wall pockets Pheasants in the snow at Christmas 3.) 1971, holding real and artificial or dried flowers. The Christmas at home 4.) 1973, Country Christmas 1950s-1970s brought an increased interest Limited Edition 5.) 1973, Country Christmas Limited Edition 6.) Jule which were produced by all the great pottery makers including after 1972, Christmas in Greenland 7.) 1972, Christmas at home Roseville, Brookwood and others. At the same time a huge volume 8.)1978, A Christmas Tale 9.) 1974, Christmas in the Village 10.) 1975, was imported from Western Europe and Asia. The rise in popularity Christmas at the old Water-mill 11.)1979, White Christmas 12.) 1977, peaked in the 1980s and 1990s. This lot includes 3 collector’s guides Copenhagen Christmas 13.) 1965, T Skoven for Jule 14.) 1969, Arrival to wall pockets; Newbound 1996, Perkins 1996,Gibson 1994. Est. of Christmas Guests 15.) 1962, Oldtidsminde 16.) 1967, Fruglenes $1000-3000 HWAC# 131008 Jul 17.) 1964, Grantroeet 18.) 1963, Julegroden 19.) 1976, Christmas Welcome 20.) 1895 Jule after 1970, 9” diameter, Amalienborg The Lot# 1226 1930’s Cigarette Lighters Lot of 2. Royal Palace 21.) 1895 Jule after 1975, 9”, Christmas Night in the 1. Royal “2500” Automatic Gas butane lighter. Stable 22.) 1969, Arrival of Christmas guests 23.)1966, Hjenm til Jul Filigree is diamond cut. 2. Robson “ Adonis”. 24.) 1968, Christmas in Church 25.)1960, Osterlars Kirke (This plate Made by Art Metal Works Newark, N.J. Circa needs repair, but is still included to complete the set) Est. $100-200 1930’s. Leather wrapping. The Historic V & T HWAC# 121516 Railroad Depot Stockpile of Pierce Powell’s Western Memorabilia Est. $80-120 HWAC# 128015 Lot# 1219 1950’s -1980’s Bob’s Big Boy Comic Books (16) Collection of 16 “Adventures Lot# 1227 Common Sense Handrails and Modern Staircases by Fed Hodgson Book of the Big Boy “ comic books. These were a series handed out to kids who patronized This is a no nonsense book for construction of the restaurant chain with their parents from handrails and staircases by Fred T. Hodgson copyrighted 1903. Don’t let the publishing date of 1903 fool you, the construction of staircases 1956 to the 1980’s. These are from the later especially in custom homes and buildings are critical! A must-have for period and include the 30th anniversary issue from 1987. Please see photos for more detail engineers, contractors, architects and craftsmen of all types. Salvatore and condition. The Historic V & T Railroad Depot Stockpile of Pierce Powell’s Falcone Collection Est. $100-150 HWAC# 129664 Western Memorabilia Est. $50-100 HWAC# 127805 Lot# 1220 Brass and Bronze Collectibles (4) 1.) If it’s Worth Commemorating it deserves a Sheidow bronze about 5x8” 2.) Coffin Valve Company Boston about 8x8” 3.) Bronze decorative bookend c1900 in the style of Charles Russell about 4” tall 4.) Melvin Jones Birthday program award about 3-4” tall. Nice group of collectibles! Est. $300- Lot# 1228 DANGER - DO NOT TOUCH sign Porcelain enamel on steel 400 HWAC# 131600 sign that reads DANGER DO NOT TOUCH on red and white porcelain enamel with black letters, approx. 2-3/4 inches tall and 30-3/4 inches Lot# 1221 Brass Plaque Collection c1900 wide. Back side is black porcelain enamel. Eight mounting holes. (5) 1.) TAT Hosiery Mills Bridgeport Al 3” 2.) Minor chipping on edges and a few tiny pits on the front, hardly visible. Warner and Swasey Cleveland 3” 3.) Chicago Clearly visible for protecting your fine china or home fusion generator. Check Perforator 1892 Cummins Co 4.) Iden Mfg Co Chicago 3x4” 5.) Est. $100-200 HWAC# 126909 JL Morrison Niagra Falls Chicago Est. $150-200 HWAC# 131501 Lot# 1222 Buster Brown Pinbacks (5) Five Lot# 1229 Document Folio Group Group Buster Brown pinbacks. Adopted as the mascot of seven clear sleeve document folios with of the Brown Shoe Company in 1904, and black plastic covers. All used and generally in originally a comic book character created in 1902. Includes a pinback good condition. Five volumes about 11 x 15”, that says “Vote For Buster Brown” and one that says “It’s Great to be an one about 14 x 24”, and one about 19 x 25”. American.” Fun group of pinbacks. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $80- Generally about 25pp per folio, some more. 100 HWAC# 129512 Est. $100-150 HWAC# 129060 Lot# 1223 California Job Case (Typesetting) Lot# 1230 Dr. Guild’s Green Mountain with Medical Collectibles (about 30) Classic Asthmatic Cigarettes This is a complete box wood California Job Case for the “old form” of of medical cigarettes to help treat attacks of typesetting. These cases when found today are asthma. Smoke a cigarette containing stramonium, belladonna, and often used as collectible display pieces because potassium nitrate to relieve the symptoms. The Green Mountain of all the little boxes. Here, the collector haas Asthma Cure began in 1869, when Dr. J.H. Guild of Rupert, Vermont, accumulated about 30 small medical collectiobles, such as sealed formulated dried leaves of stramonium and belladonna (not glass vials and other small medical collectibles, possibly from the marijuana), intended to be a treatment for asthma when smoked. 1930s-40s. Est. $100-200 HWAC# 126992 Stramonium leaves (“devil’s snare”) contain atropine, which does Lot# 1224 Carved Wood Duck & Western have some activity against asthma. It is not as effective as modern treatments for asthma, and inhaling smoke of any kind can worsen Piece Carved wood duck, 14” long x 7”. Circular asthma. “An adult should not exceed 6 cigarettes or a child 3 cigarettes bottom stamp, “wild Fowl” legible. Possibly a per 24 hours.” REALLY. It says so right on the box! Salvatore Falcone genuine decoy, hollowed out with center piece. Small western-style Collection Est. $70-100 HWAC# 129662 cloth stand with (3) cow horn tips for legs. 8” high, 8” in diameter. Both appear to be 1920 or previous. Est. $150-180 HWAC# 131295 26 February 2021

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 General Collectibles Lot# 1231 Educational Wall Map Group (3) Lot# 1239 1901 Lion Coffee Puzzle Trading Classic wall maps with wood dowels. From the Cards. 16 pieces. Alvin Woodson started the American Geographic series, by A.J. Nystrom, trading/doll cards in 1881 to get the brand Chicago 1939. Includes Africa, 43” wide, Australia and the Far East, to be a Household name. On the back of some 43” wide, and Asia, 51” wide. Generally very fine to excellent condition. these cards is depicted how to display them. Est. $400-1000 HWAC# 131290 These are in extremely good condition. Due to his efforts it became the largest coffee co. In Lot# 1232 Elliott Arms Co. Thunderbolt the worlds. Now just in Hawaii. John Reynolds Vintage Bamboo Fly Rod Original 4-segemt Collection Est. $100-200 HWAC# 128019 rod, in original sheath. Appears to be in excellent condition. Circa 1900. Segments measure approx. 39” each, Lot# 1240 cearly 1900’s Magazines & Articles overall length about 9.5 feet. Original segmented bamboo construction Pictorial Review Interesting Magazines & Est. $150-250 HWAC# 131286 photos from the early 1900’s with styles of the day, both apparel, furniture decor in homes; Lot# 1233 c1930’s Fan Collection Approx. colorful print of Old Fish Wharf, Provincetown 20 fans in this great fan collection from painted by Henry Guy Fangel & much more. Reedley Calif. (Farmer’s Supply Co.) Central John Reynolds Collection Est. $100-200 HWAC# Fish Co, from Fresno, Calif. Komoto Dept. 127786 Store, Delicious - None- Better, Swift’s Pure Ice Cream. From Delphos, Ohio. Many different Lot# 1241 1900’s Match Book Collection sizes. Ready to display in your home! Fans are in good condition. John Fun lot of approx. 20 pages of matchbooks Reynolds Collection Est. $300-500 HWAC# 127794 from Nevada Club, & “Don’t Skin Me!, Ive been rubbed, tubbed, scrubbed I’m as clean Lot# 1234 Fishing and Hunting Licenses as a whistle...and a lot tastier Eat me, skin and (3) Nice group of fishing and hunting licenses. all” by Grison’s Butterfilled Idaho Potato; San Two are fishing license pins for the state of Francisco Seals, Lefty O’Doul & so much more. Pennsylvania 1953-1954. The third is from the state of New York for John Reynolds Collection Est. $100-200 HWAC# a resident hunting and trapping license from 1924. Salvatore Falcone 127784 Collection Est. $100-200 HWAC# 129527 Lot# 1242 1900’s Matchbook Advertising Lot# 1235 General Americana Group Collection This is a huge box of match book 1.) Nevada items, 6, c1864-1927, includes covers from the Pierce Powell collection. Count Goldfield Geologic map, Gov Balzar autograph. is in the hundreds plus, spanning years. Most 2.) Oil collection, 4 oil certs 1918-1937 3.) WWII Soldiers group still have matches some don’t, just the covers. western Europe campaign about 8 pieces Est. $100-150 HWAC# 131486 The lot includes: Rosebud match boxes still in original packaging, covers from 7up, Bayer Aspirin, Gillette razor Anacin, Hacienda Lake Lot# 1236 c1930s Goldsmith’s Omnibus Tahoe, Bruno’s Gerlach, Nev., Found one from the Stork Club, Towne College Personal Album and Scrapbook Pub in Michigan, The Star in Winnemucca, Mizpah in Tonapah and one 12.5” x 10.5” Omnibus College, America’s on Geronimo, after only a ten minute search Imagine the Memories that College on wheel original notebook album of it’s founder William abound after a thorough look. The Historic V & T Railroad Depot Stockpile of Goldsmith, P.H.D. Goldsmith created the first College on wheels. Pierce Powell’s Western Memorabilia Est. $60-100 HWAC# 122409 Goldsmith charged $188 for tuition, lodging, meals, etc. for 7 weeks, 6000 miles. As the Depression deepened in 1933 it destroyed the Lot# 1243 1898-1940’s Misc. Americana Lot business. This album consists of approximately 100 pages completely of 11. 1. Book of “Our Ship’s, dated 1896, w/ full of Goldsmith’s memorabilia, including photographs, business pictures and stories of the Navy by The San cards, travel brochures, letters, and the like, easily several hundred Francisco Examiner. 2. Article regarding the pieces. A college on wheels followed the concept founded in the sculpture End of The Trail” resto. 3. Newspaper South of a library on wheels and was a great idea for a special kind of the Corbett-Fitzsimmons fight. 4. Two letters of education. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $200-400 HWAC# 131310 postmarked 1943 and 1949. 5. Stereo phot card of S.F. Tide coming in. 6. Spin dial card of radio time around the Lot# 1237 Historical Pinbacks (29) Twenty- world. 7. Chicago 1933 Expo Rose guide. 8. Hand book for The Outlet nine historical pinbacks. Includes a Gene Co. Silver Jubilee 1894-1919. 9. Metal sign “Y” w/arrow pointing Autry Club Badge, a 1932 Ford Year pinback, right. Possibly international traffic sign for divided road. John Reynolds an American Amoco Gas pinback, and The Rogue’s Moon pinback Collection Est. $100-200 HWAC# 128027 featuring a pirate. Others include various pinbacks from other associations. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $80-150 HWAC# 129511 Lot# 1244 1949 Old Fashion 1949 Pin-Up Lot# 1238 Hunting Photos Group Calendar An 8.5”x 12” calendar featuring Including T.T. Hamlin’s General Warehouse artist renderings of pinup girls. The artists Letterhead (15) A nice group of fourteen Al Moore (1912-1991)was a former football hunting photos. Various dates range from 1938-62 with the bulk player for the Chicago Bears and took up art being from the 1950’s. Three are signed and stamped by Evelyn M. classes after his career. This is a full calendar Shafer, NY. Included letterhead from T.T. Hamlin’s General Warehouse with all the pages. Very colorful and a little, no, in Tipton, Tulare, California is dated August of 1885 and is in good a lot politically incorrect. Please see photos for condition. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $70-100 HWAC# 129528 more details and condition. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $70-100 HWAC# 127809 Lot# 1245 Original 1930 Mickey Mouse Pinback One original Mickey Mouse pinback from 1930. Produced by Western Theatre Premium Co. Los Angeles, CA. Features Mickey Mouse copyrighted 1928-30. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $60-100 HWAC# 129514 View complete catalog, Register, and Bid online at 27

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 General Collectibles Lot# 1246 Original Cowboy Fob One nice, Lot# 1254 Sea Shell Collection, Whelks, all original cowboy fob in copper, brass, and Cowries, and Snails, Oh My! ~ 40 pcs silver. Floral engravings, along with a star and Beautiful collection of approx. 40+ shells horse profile engravings. Affixed to a brown leather strap with copper that includes whelks, sand dollars (two with buckle. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $70-100 HWAC# 129526 barnacles!), cones, sea urchins, and cowries. Largest whelk is approx 5 inches long; largest cowrie is about 3-1/2 inches long; largest sea snail Lot# 1247 Original Wood Umbrella Stand shell is about 3 inches across. All are clean and in good condition, with Oak construction from the classic c1900-1920 only a few with any chips or breaks. Collection also includes a 1-inch period. Beautiful expanded wood rod cage. 28” diameter selenite rose that the original collector may have confused tall by 15” in diameter. This is worthy of any green or green style house for an exotic type of shell. Truly a gorgeous assemblage of natural or any Stickley style oak furniture collector. Refinished. Est. $300-500 marine beauty. Est. $240-400 HWAC# 126908 HWAC# 131508 Lot# 1255 Souvenir Album of the Great Lot# 1248 Pair of Brass Collectibles c1900 West Small folio of lithographs, from Colorado, Pair of high quality choice collectibles. 1.) Washington, California, and Texas. Rare. Native American Plaque 6 x 5.75” with screw Beautiful panoramas, landscapes, natural wonders like Yosemite, on the center of the back. 2.) Frame 5.5” x 10” tall. Est. $150-200 Pike’s Peak, the Rio Grande, and several others. Black & white, good HWAC# 131498 to excellent condition, some yellowing and page nicks. Measures 10” x 6.5”, about 25 pages of 4 prints each. Est. $240-400 HWAC# 131265 Lot# 1249 1800’s-1900’s Pamphlets & Periodicals of Early American History A Lot# 1256 Sterling Candelabra Group Two collection of 12 pamphlets and periodicals 12” 3 candle by Gorham; two single candle 6.5” relating to the early days of America and the American government. tall by Gorham; Six single candle 3” tall, three Pieces include a booklet of The Declaration of Independence, copy with different patterns. Well used some damage to each piece. All are of a 1754 journal kept by George Washington, a copy of 1677-1699 weighted therefor the exact weight of silver is unknown. Probably at booklet entitled “Struggle Against Tyranny and the Beginning of a least 7oz. Current melt value approx 160-250. Est. $150-300 HWAC# New Era,” a publication about explorer George Rogers Clark, a series 131503 of four booklets entitled Address to the People of the United States by Beverley Tucker 1865. Tucker was a Canadian author who gives, Lot# 1257 1800s Sterling Silver R.W. & S. in these pamphlets the South’s view of the assassination of President Antique Reticulated Bowl Sterling silver R. Abraham Lincoln. Please see photos for more detail and condition. Est. Wallace & S. antique bowl, c1800s. Measures $200-400 HWAC# 131358 5.5” diameter, with pierced ornate leaf and honeycomb reticulated design. 3.25 Troy Lot# 1250 Patriotic Silk Wall Tapestry, ounces. Maker’s mark, “sterling,” and the “Forget Me Not” Nice wall hanging we believe number 2661-3 on bottom. Very good to fine is silk with patriotic themes. Eagles, flags and a condition. Est. $60-90 HWAC# 127724 ship with a caption below, “Destroyer Force”. Measures 17” x 38”. Good condition. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $100-200 HWAC# 129541 Lot# 1258 Early 1900s Silver Plated Vintage servingware (3) Group of three Lot# 1251 Radiograph Stereo Viewer This silver plated vintage servingware, circa early device, as near as I can find out, is for viewing 1900s. Includes: Silver plated candy dish, maker’s mark Avon/HMC/ x-rays and who couldn’t use a device for Silverplate/Italy, ornate scalloped edges with engraved design, 6” viewing x-rays. Piece stands about 15” high and appears to have all its diameter; Wm. A Rogers bowl with pierced design with rope edging, parts. Please see photos for more details and condition. Est. $100-150 8.25” diameter; and Royal Rochester Sheffield round tray with pierced HWAC# 131405 edging, 10.75” diameter, maker’s mark and the number 3470S on bottom. All in good to excellent condition. Est. $80-120 HWAC# 127730 Lot# 1252 Rolling Wall Maps, 1950’s (6) (6) Educational maps, generally used in schools or Lot# 1259 Telegraph Keys Lot of 2. Army Universities, circa 1954. Issued by Denoyer- Corp. of Engineers telegraph keys. ONe Geppert Co. Chicago, edited by Clarence Jones Northwestern University. manufactured by E.F. Johnson Xo Waseca,,Minn. Maps are 44” wide x varying lengths, each with wood roller top, and marked 590 on bottom. Second has J-38 as a wood dowel bottom. Maps include Africa, Asia, Eastern Hemisphere, marking. Both are in VG cond. The Historic V & Western Hemisphere, South America, and the World. Generally very T Railroad Depot Stockpile of Pierce Powell’s Western fine to excellent condition. Est. $600-1200 HWAC# 131287 Memorabilia Est. $100-200 HWAC# 128016 Lot# 1260 1893 The Spanish Letter of Lot# 1253 Royal Insurance Metal Sign With Columbus Reprint (Rare) A rare translation Removable Day Month Numbers Royal of Christopher Columbus’ “Spanish Letter” insurance company limited office sign about account of his “discovery” of America in 1492. The account, written in 12x20” with numbers for days of the week on metal plates and other April 1493 in Barcelona, Spain. The 18-page document was published plates for months and days. Not complete c1910. Royal insurance was in London by Bernard Quaritch, 15 Piccadilley. The publication is in a major insurance company used heavily in Ca and NV. This sign came very good shape. Please see photos for more detail and condition. Est. out of norther Nevada. Est. $150-250 HWAC# 131487 $150-250 HWAC# 128247 Lot# 1261 Three Different Wall or Vehicle Mount Pressed Glass Vases c1915 Citrine, rose, and clear. 7.5” long 2” square, only one original metal mount present. These could be considered wall pockets. The rose one had minor chips that are unnoticeable at first. Est. $150- 300 HWAC# 131496 28 February 2021

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 General Collectibles Lot# 1262 186_ U.S. Internal Revenue Excise Lot# 1269 Western Ephemera Group Cattle Tax Book Never Used. Hardbound. Each page is Ephemera, about (9) items: includes photo dateline 186_ All pages appear in tact. Outside album circa 1920’s, with women in classic label : U.S. Internal Revenue, Assessment BooK. 20’s attire, with musical instruments. Abercrombie Camp Outfitter Division No ____, Coll. Dist. No. ____, _____ of _____. Catalog, 1939. Arizona Highway map, 1929. Trails along Beaver Located in the Virginia CIty Train Depot from Creek, Montana, 1976. Oregon souvenir silk pillow cover, circa 1950. the Pierce Powell collection. The Historic V & T Railroad Depot Stockpile of “A Primer of Forestry,” 1903 book. “Buckskin, Buffalo Robes & Black Pierce Powell’s Western Memorabilia Est. $70-100 HWAC# 128009 Powder” book, signed, 1997. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $150-200 HWAC# 131282 Lot# 1263 U.S. Slicing Machine - Antique Lot# 1270 Western Road and Travel Maps Large, heavy metal food slicer made by the U.S. Over 75 old roadmaps mostly from the west, Slicing Machine Company of La Porte, Indiana. including over 25 from Northern California We can’t recommend actually using this for (San Francisco, Palo Alto, Sacramento, Concord, Yosemite, Stockton, food preparation these days, but it will look San Jose, etc.), over a dozen from Southern California (LA, Orange impressive in your kitchen as a reminder of a day when personal safety County, San Diego, Ventura County, etc.), Arizona/New Mexico, may not have been the highest priority in product design. It probably Nevada/Utah, Colorado/Wyoming, Vancouver, etc. Plus a few others weighs close to 30 pounds, and it is 36 inches from the handle on the from around the US and the world. Majority appear to be from the 14-1/2-inch round wheel to the other end. It’s 20 inches deep and 10 1980s and 1990s. Most are very fine to extremely fine condition, some inch high. Est. $400-600 HWAC# 122510 appear to never have even been opened. Great for collecting, framing, and wallpapering. Est. $60-120 HWAC# 131399 Lot# 1264 UMIA OTT Wood Plane in Original Box This wood plane by Umia Ott is new in the original box. It is a model 502 Knubenhobel Lot# 1271 Wall Pocket Collection by Royal measuring 30 mm. German made. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $70- Copley (7 Pieces) All marked except for one; 100 HWAC# 127145 the unmarked one is unmistakably Copley . Est. $100-300 HWAC# 131009 Lot# 1265 Wood Plane Collection, 19th Century (4) Antique wood planes. (2) narrow Lot# 1272 Wall Pocket Collection, California planes, 9.5” x 4” with 1” blades, unmarked. Origin. (4 Pieces) Four pieces from California The third is a fancy clamping plane, with handle cut into wood, with potters, includes Treasure Craft from South adjustable wood clamping screws, 12” x 9” (see photo). Last is more Gate, California with small chip on back; Cali Crown; Davis; Miramar modern, circa 1940 plane, 9” x 2”, all metal construction except wood of California 1954. Est. $100-200 HWAC# 131010 handle. (1) 16” iron plane with wood handle by Cutter about 3” (1) Early guided stanley plane no45 patented 1896. Excellent condition, Lot# 1273 Wall Pocket Collection, European about 10x12” all here. Est. $440-600 HWAC# 131262 Origin (8 pieces) Includes three Delft pieces, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Austria, etc. Lot# 1266 1800’s Vintage Asian Opium Pipe Est. $100-200 HWAC# 131248 This is an Asian opium pipe from the mid to late 1800’s. The reason I’ve been more general Lot# 1274 Wall Pocket Collection, Japan is that the writing on the 16”x 6” brass pipe Origin (31 Pieces) This is a varied group with have been checked through someone versed in themes ranging from classic Victorian, Danish, Japanese characters and a person who knows American, and Oriental. Includes a hand painted piece from Occupied Chinese characters. According to the Chines Japan and some crackle art. Generally about 6”. Est. $250-500 HWAC# expert, it appears to be Japanese symbols, while my Japanese contact 131249 said that it could be earlier generation writing, one that her great Lot# 1275 Wall Pocket Collection, U.S. grandparents might understand. Regardless, it’s a nice vintage item Origin (20 pieces) 20 ceramic wall pockets of that would be a great addition to any Asian art collection. Please see photos for more detail and condition. Est. $300-500 HWAC# 129806 US origin. Varying sizes and quality. All marked in some manner. One of the best and most attractive pieces is a classic Lot# 1267 1960s Wells Fargo Door Push Bar Roseville piece. Another by populat maker McCoy. Another made by Blue and white porcelain-enameled steel bar, Parakeet is beautiful. Cole, Assisi, Texas, etc. Please see photo. Est. probably mounted to a door as the push bar. It $200-400 HWAC# 131247 is approx 31 x 3 inches and would stand 1-1/2 inches above whatever Lot# 1276 Loyalton, California Loyalton it was mounted on. Reads Wells Fargo & Co. Express / MONEY Milk Bottles & Ephemera Grandi Dairy, blue ORDERS / SOLD HERE in blue and white letters against a white and silk screen, round quart; Torri Dairy, orange blue background (see photos for design and condition details.) Some chips in the enamel from normal use, but not bent or warped. Est. silk screen, square, quart; 9 milk caps; Loyalton Daity cream dipper, $500-800 HWAC# 126902 embossed. Gary Nelson Railroad Collection Est. $100-200 HWAC# 133638 Lot# 1268 1888 West Shore Illustrated Lot# 1277 San Bernardino, California San Bernardino Embossed Milk Tin 5 gallon, Westert Magazine group Lot of two. August McDaniel & Son dairy, c1920 Gary Nelson Railroad and November 1888. Includes all sorts of news in the northwest including mining (Yukon Mining Experience, Collection Est. $60-100 HWAC# 133637 Mineral Mountain Mines), railroad (Port Townsend & Southern RR; Lot# 1278 San Francisco, California 1800’s Meyerfeld Puget Sound, Skagit & Eastern RR) and others (Northern Montana Mitchell & Co”Days of 49” A spectacularly clean picture Settlements, Mackenzie River and Fort Simpson). Many, many more. whiskey bottle with a bulbous neck. Embossed with four About 80 pages of historical information, charts, and illustrations for point star, with “Days of 49” embossed in center. Near the the curious or researcher! Very good condition. Est. $120-150 HWAC# 123847 foot are the embossed names of Cincinnati & San Francisco. Embossed label disc on reverse. This is a great addition for any collector of Gold Rush bottles or coins. No cracks, chips or bubbling. See photos for more detail. Est. $200-400 HWAC# 120630 View complete catalog, Register, and Bid online at 29

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 Bottles & Saloon Lot# 1279 Reno, Nevada Three Cobalt Lot# 1286 Boca, California Boca Brewing Co. Seltzer Bottles Three spectacular cobalt blue Billhead, 1882 1882 billhead for the famous seltzer bottles from reno. There are only two Boca Brewing Company out of their Virginia different cobalt seltzers known, both from Reno. These would make City office, printed by the Evening Chronicle a very attractive addition to any bar or saloon display! Fred Holabird Print. This is not from the Truckee or Boca Collection Est. $300-400 HWAC# 131539 office. In this receipt, the Evans brothers Chop House and Oyster bar bought two cases of Boca beer on March 1, Lot# 1280 Nevada Mountain Lakes and March 23, and March 31, 1882 at $12 per case. Rare. Est. $80-120 Elburz Embossed Milk Bottles Quart HWAC# 131065 embossed milks in mint to near mint. These are two great ghost town milk bottles. The Mountain Lakes bottles Lot# 1287 Bodie, California c.1910s Old Sawdust are exceptionally rare, and the only ones known were found in Corner Saloon Ad Card from Bodie Advertisement northeastern Nevada. While my bottle book revealed i could not find for the Old Sawdust Corner, Bodie, Calif. Title “Enjoy the location, i think it could be speculated that Mountain Lakes refers Life” patronize Old SawDust Corner. A. Maestretti. to an area at the foot of the Ruby Mountains, which contains lots of Prop. “Maes’ Mixed Drinks have a National little lakes. As for the specific place name, it may have been the name Reputation.”. Short story on back “Life” (seems true of a ranch near Lamoille, much like Elburz. Fred Holabird Collection Est. once you read it.” Picture of (?) A. Maestretti. Very $200-250 HWAC# 131538 Rare. The Historic V & T Railroad Depot Stockpile of Pierce Powell’s Western Memorabilia Est. $100-200 HWAC# Lot# 1281 Diamondville, Wyoming J.J. Carollo 128017 Liquor Dealer Diamondville, Wyoming Ceramic Jug Classic liquor jug, 9” tall, 6” in Lot# 1288 California 1928 California Large diameter. Tiny 1/4” base chip on bottom. Est. $300-500 HWAC# 131258 Size Black & White Saloon Photos 1) Identified by photographer Gardner of Vallejo. Lot# 1282 1900’s Milk Can Trio Three milk Located at 712 Kentucky Street. 1928. 14 x cans the type used at various dairies. The 10.75”. 2) Cabinet Card. 7x9”. Photograph 5x7”. largest one (2’ tall) has no markings. The Bartender waiting on customers. A dog sits second, about 22” tall, is a ridged design with on the counter. 3) 8x10”. Drug store bonus. no markings and the third also about 23 “ tall Fully stocked. Owner and three employees. has the marking SF which probably means it Unknown location. Photo has creases. Est. was a San Francisco based dairy. The last one $100-200 HWAC# 123954 has more rust that the other two. Please see photos for more detail and condition. Est. $100-200 HWAC# 122497 Lot# 1289 California Deep red Thos Taylor Sunken panel whiskey fifth Barnett 788 in Lot# 1283 Red Top and Red Top Rye Back Bar 4th edition. Detailed writeup on Taylor in my Bottles Two cut-glass back bar bottles from the bottle book, v1. This is the rare, deep red, sunken panel, applied top mid-1800s labeled Red Top (white paint over raised varient seen on page 245, upper left corner. Varying other whiskey letters) and Red Top Rye (red paint in incised letters). reference works have varying stories about the Taylor bottles. In all Approx. 10-3/4 inches tall and 3-1/2 inches in my years of collecting, the deep red applied top is the rarest of the non- diameter. Red Top Rye was produced in Louisville, Virginia City varient fifths. This is the bottle used in the illustration Kentucky, by Ferdinand Westheimer & Sons. It in the afore mentioned book. Fred Holabird Collection Est. $600-1000 was marketed as being “built to fit the taste, and HWAC# 131401 it succeeds.” the company was founded in the late 1800s with Ferdinand bringing seven of his eight Lot# 1290 California Napa Antique Soda sons into the business by 1897 (one had died before the age of 13 by Bottle Collection (They didn’t just drink then). The company continued in business until 1919 in anticipation wine!) Collection of eleven different Napa soda of Prohibition taking hold in 1920. Est. $150-300 HWAC# 125101 bottles, c 1870-1890. Cobalt blue: Napa Woods Soda (smoe exterior wear), Haas bros (annealing crack in top blob, displays beautifully), Lot# 1284 1900’s Vintage Miniature Liquor Aqua: Wlater’s Napa County Soda, Vichy Springs, Napa County; Bottles (14) A collection 14 miniature liquor Samuels Soda Springs; Aetna Soda Water (applied top); Aetna Mineral bottles, some wit contents, like the ones used Water; Jackson’s Napa Soda Water; Lytton Geyser Soda Springs (did it by airlines for their beverage service. Included are bottles of Japanese taste like zinfandel?); Mills Seltzer Springs; Priest (pic of Priest).the plum wine, banana liquor, rose, vermouth and more. Some of these Lytton and JAckson have some white stain. Fred Holabird Collection Est. brands are no longer available, which would make a nice conversation $500-1000 HWAC# 131403 piece over your home bar. Please see photos for more detail and condition. Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $100-200 HWAC# 131632 Lot# 1291 California Thomas Taylor Fifth Whiskey Pair Thomas Taylor sunken panel in ambewr, applied top, and in slug plate with applied top. Both medium amber, the second with medium whittle. See Nevada Bottle Book, v1, p245. these two bottles were used in the Lot# 1285 Tucson, Arizona 1876 Julius illustrations there. The sunken panel variety is several times rarer than Goldbaum Whiskey Ephemera, Tucson, A.T.- the rectangular slug plate, but not noted as such in other references. 1876 Lot includes four pieces. There is a full Fred Holabird Collection Est. $800-1000 HWAC# 131400 page railroad shipping receipt from Empire Transportaion Co’s. Fast Freight Line, dated 1876. Mentions shipping of whisky bottles with destination Tucson, transported from New York to Chicago. Lot also contains three alcohol labels: a label for Julius Goldbaum, Tucson, Arizona for Superior Sherry from D.G. Gordon, Xerez de la Frontera, established 1795; a Spanish label for Mescal de Tequila, imported por al Senor Julian Goldbaum, No. 101 Calle de Meyer, Tucscon, Arizona; and Imperial Cabinet Rye, from The Crescent, Corner Mesilla Street and Church Plaza, Tucson, Arizona. Est. $120-150 HWAC# 131517 30 February 2021

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 Bottles & Saloon Lot# 1292 Belt, Montana 1910-1916 Belt, Lot# 1298 Choteau, Montana 1901-1918 Montana Saloon Billhead Collection Lot of Choteau. Montana Saloon Billhead five. 1-3) Two different Silver Dollar Saloon. Collection Lot of seven. 1) Club Saloon. UG 1910 Frank Gaines proprietor and 1913 Allen proprietor crossed out and letter signed Poland & Mahoney, props. 1916 Jack Poland by M & M Co. 1901. 2-3) Two Different Club proprietor. 4-5) Three different First Chance Saloons with fancy billhead! One has Hagen & Saloon. Small 19-- Dolin & Brutofski props. Co. proprietors printed and the other is signed 1916 large Dolin & Brutofski. Belt was home WD Hagen & Co. 1902. Two very nice billheads! 4) Club Saloon. Taylor to Montana’s first coal mine. It supplied fuel to & Butler proprietors. 1903. 5) Mint Saloon. Gay Franklin prop. 1907. Fort Benton. Stuart Mackenzie Montana Railroad Collection Est. $150-250 6) Club Saloon. HC Peters manager. 1917. 7) Club Saloon. Peters & HWAC# 123944 Peters proprietors. 1918 Stuart Mackenzie Montana Railroad Collection Est. $200-350 HWAC# 123938 Lot# 1293 Big Sandy, Montana 1904-1913 Big Sandy, Montana Saloon Billhead Collection Lot# 1299 Conrad, Montana 1907 - 1912 including pictorial Lot of four. 1) Big Sandy Conrad, Montana Saloon Billhead Group 1) Saloon with a horse head pictorial. Connelly prop. Elk Saloon. John Oldenkamp proprietor. 1907. 2) Exchange Saloon. LM Rogers prop’s. 1905. 3) 2) Board of Trade Saloon. 1911. “Finest Grade Exchange Saloon. Rogers& Robinson proprietors. Bourbon Liquors Sold in Montana.” Signed by 1904. 4) Exchange Saloon. Rogers & Robinson. Charles Stuart. 3) Board of Trade Saloon. 1912. 190-. Big Sandy is in Choteau County and is on Signed by Stuart. Different. Stuart Mackenzie Montana Railroad Collection the Lewis and Clark Trail. Stuart Mackenzie Montana Est. $90-150 HWAC# 123940 Railroad Collection Est. $120-200 HWAC# 123945 Lot# 1300 Cut Bank, Montana 1903-1914 Lot# 1294 Brady, Montana 1912, 1913 Brady, Cut Bank Saloon Billhead Collection Lot of Montana Saloon Billhead Pair 1) 1912. ten. All Different. 1) First Chance Saloon. NH Green Front Saloon in red. Wm. Hildreth Thorsgord proprietor. 1903. 2) First Chance proprietor. 2) 1913. Different Green Front Saloon. 1903. Thorsgord. 3) First and First Saloon. Hildreth. Brady is in Pondera and in Chance Saloon. F Thompson prop. 1905. 4) 2010 had a population of 100+ citizens. Brady Misprinted Old Stoney Fort Saloon. You must is a grain marketing and distribution center. see the picture to believe it! Oscar Sheldon Stuart Mackenzie Montana Railroad Collection Est. Prop. AF Richards’ Club Rooms.1907. 5) Mint $60-100 HWAC# 123942 Saloon. Jefferson & Connelly proprietors. 1907. 6) Mint Saloon on yellow paper. Peterson & Lea proprietors. 1909. 7) Mint Saloon. Jack Lot# 1295 Cascade, Montana 1910, 1913 Whittecarr proprietor. 1910. Fancy keg and bottled goods. 8) Board Cascade, Montana Saloon Billhead Pair 1) of Trade Saloon. TJ Connelly proprietor. 1911. Drought and Bottle Silver Dollar Saloon. JW Johnson prop. 1910. Beer. 9) Mint Saloon. jack Whittecar proprietor. 1913. 10) Mint Saloon. 2) Mint Saloon. JW Johnson. Green paper. Both Nice looking green and brown! Whittecar prop. 1914. Stuart Mackenzie small size. Stuart Mackenzie Montana Railroad Montana Railroad Collection Est. $300-600 HWAC# 123939 Collection Est. $60-100 HWAC# 123943 Lot# 1301 Dupuyer, Montana 1900-1912 Lot# 1296 Chester, Montana 1906, 1910 Dupuyer, Montana Saloon Billhead Group Lot of Chester, Montana Saloon Billhead Pair 1) four. 1) Klondike Saloon. Dean & Dean Proprietors. Arthurs’ Saloon. Title is crossed out. JA Arthur 1900. 2) O&L Saloon. John Malone proprietor. proprietor. 1910. Signed by Renwood & Co. of 1905. 3) Different O&L. Malone as proprietor Chester. 2) Club Saloon. 1906. HE Loranger crossed out. RF Shields signs the document. 1908. proprietor crossed out. JA Arthur hand written. 4) Klondike Saloon. EJ Landin prop. 1912. Stuart 1907. Chester is the county seat of Liberty Mackenzie Montana Railroad Collection Est. $110-200 County. Population in 2010 was 847. In the heart of Montana farming HWAC# 123936 area. Stuart Mackenzie Montana Railroad Collection Est. $60-90 HWAC# 123937 Lot# 1302 Galata, Montana 1911, 1912 Galata. Montana Saloon Billhead Pair 1) Lot# 1297 Chinook, Montana 1912-1917 Palace Saloon. Laswell & McDowell proprietors Chinook, Montana Saloon Billhead 1911. 2) Palace Saloon. Richard Laswell prop. Collection Lot of seven. 1) First and Last 1912. Agents for Belt Beer! Galata is 23 miles Chance Saloon. Frank Thibaudeau proprietor. east of Shelby and basically a ghost town today! 1912. 2) Morrison & Smith. Elk Saloon. 1912. Stuart Mackenzie Montana Railroad Collection Est. 3) Elk Saloon. Morrison & Smith proprietors. $60-100 HWAC# 123935 1913. 4) North Star Saloon. DE Hereley prop. crossed out and Gilke & Thomas hand written. 1914. 5) Mint Saloon. Lot# 1303 Glasgow, Montana 1900-1912 Smith & Thidaudeau props. 1915. 6) Silver Dollar Saloon. Weaver Bros. Glasgow, Montana Saloon Billhead proprietors. 1916. 7) Mint Saloon. Angus Morrison proprietor. 1917. Collection Lot of seven. 1) Headquarters Salon. Stuart Mackenzie Montana Railroad Collection Est. $200-400 HWAC# 123941 Wm. Boyles proprietor. 1903. 2) Parlor Saloon. WC Beebe proprietor. 1906. 3) Sideboard Saloon. Ellman & Burke, propr’s. 1907. 4-5) Two different Fairlight Saloon. Conastor and Henderson Proprietors. 1912. 6-7) Two Different Exchange Saloon. Branson proprietor 1900 and Greenan Bros. props 1901. Stuart Mackenzie Montana Railroad Collection Est. $200-400 HWAC# 123934 View complete catalog, Register, and Bid online at 31

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 Bottles & Saloon Lot# 1304 Harlem, Montana 1901-1918 Lot# 1310 Marysville, Montana 1893, 1894 Marysville, Harlem, Montana Saloon Billhead Collection Montana Saloon Billhead Pair 1) Hub Saloon. Frank M. Lot of nine. 1-5) Maverick Saloon. All Different. Collins proprietor. Serving Guckenheimer Whiskey 1871 1) HC Turner proprietor. Steer pictorial - torn. and WH M’Brayer whiskey 1879. 1893 billhead. NICE! 1901. Billiards and Pool Hall. 2) HC Turner. 2) K. Collins choice wins adn liqours and fine cigars. 1907. 3) SC Rassmussen proprietor. Wholesale Hub Saloon. 1894. Selling the property next to Mrs. and retail liquor dealer. 1911. 4) Rassmussen. 1917. Rassmussen. Hemington’s House. Stuart Mackenzie Montana Railroad 1918. 6) Club Saloon. Opp. Gret Northern Depot. Blue paper. 1909. 7) Collection Est. $60-100 HWAC# 123927 Maverick and Club Saloons. Rassmussen. 1914. 8) Maverick Saloon and Wholesale Liquor House. Rassmussan. 1915. 9) Mint Saloon. JE Lot# 1311 Neihart, Montana c1892 Neihart, Fox Proprietor. Stuart Mackenzie Montana Railroad Collection Est. $200- Montana Saloon Billhead Group 1) Bank 400 HWAC# 123933 Saloon. Murphy & Giffels proprietors. 1892. Lot# 1305 Havre, Montana 1900-1914 Havre, 2) Rafferty Saloon. James Rafferty proprietor. Small size. Condition issues - please see Montana Saloon Billhead Collection Lot photograph. 3-4)Two more Bank Saloon. All of six. 1) Senate Saloon. 1900. Jas. K. Fenton three are different Different. Murphy & Giffles props. 1891. Stuart proprietor. 2) Crystal Saloon. 1901. Yeon & Mackenzie Montana Railroad Collection Est. $120-200 HWAC# 123926 Yeon proprietors. 3-6) Four different Bank Saloon. 1901 KA Hinote proprietor, 1901 Yeon Lot# 1312 Sand Coulee, Montana 1898, 1906 & Jordan props, 1902 Yeon & Jordan props, and Sand Coulee Saloon Pair 1) Club Saloon. 1914 Lewis & Marshall props. Stuart Mackenzie Montana Railroad Collection Est. $150-250 HWAC# 123932 Garrity & Parker proprietors. Small size. 1898. 2) Silver Dollar Saloon, A. Kamo proprietor. 1906. Located in Cascade County. Nice pairing! Lot# 1306 Hinsdale, Montana c1916 Stuart Mackenzie Montana Railroad Collection Est. Hinsdale, Montana Saloon Billhead Group $60-100 HWAC# 123925 with one colorful James E. Pepper Whisky Lot# 1313 Shelby, Montana 1908-1916 advertisement 1) Palace Saloon. RF Ater prop. Shelby, Montana Saloon Group Lot of three. Bright green, yellow, orange, red and brown 1) Sullivan’s Saloon with nice vignette of man letterhead. Includes a bottle of Pepper whisky smoking a cigar. Dan Sullivan proprietor. 1908. out of Kentucky. 1916. 2) Maverick Saloon. Turner & Welton props. 2) Mint Saloon and Lodging House. Eugene 1914. 3) 1918 maverick Saloon with Welton proprietor. James E. Pepper Mallette prop’r. 1912. Small size. 3) Club Saloon. Turk and Stockert was practically born with bourbon in his blood, and for more reason props. 1916. County seat of Toole County. Stuart Mackenzie Montana than merely his parents drinking the stuff. His great-grandfather was Railroad Collection Est. $90-150 HWAC# 123924 Elijah Pepper, one of the key figures in the development of bourbon whiskey in the late 18th Century, and one of the very few sometimes Lot# 1314 Stanford, Montana 1903-191 pointed to as the inventor of bourbon. The company is still alive and Stanford, Montana Saloon Collection Lot of well today. Stuart Mackenzie Montana Railroad Collection Est. $100-200 six. 1) Gild Edge Saloon. Levix & Vander prop. HWAC# 123931 1903. Has hand drawn instructions. 2) Oasis Lot# 1307 Joplin, Montana Joplin, Montana Saloon. WE Coppedge prop. 1910. 3) Stanford Saloon. Edwards and Baumgartner props. Saloon Billhead Collection Lot of four. All for 1908. 4) Board of Trade Saloon. Ross & Jelinek the Board of Trade Saloon. 1-2) 1910. SO Shamey proprietors. 1901. 5) Board of Trade Saloon. proprietor. One requests the items to be shipped AH Ross proprietor. 1913. 6) Board of Trade Saloon. AH Ross prop. to him. He only has a bord[sic] bar. 3) Shamey Different than previous. 1915. Stanford was the county seat of Judith proprietor. Blue paper. 1917. Still Shamey! 150 Basin. Stuart Mackenzie Montana Railroad Collection Est. $150-300 HWAC# still call this home. In Montana farming country! 123923 Stuart Mackenzie Montana Railroad Collection Est. $100-170 HWAC# 123930 Lot# 1315 Sweet Grass, Montana c1910 Sweet Lot# 1308 Kendall, Montana 1902-1903 Grass, Montana Saloon Billhead Collection Lot of eight. All Palace Saloon. A perfect Kendall, Montana Saloon Billhead Pair 1) way to follow the ownership of the saloon. ) Club Saloon. Clingan & White proprietors. 1905 Burke & Joiner. Crossed out and K & F 1902. 2) Club Saloon. Clingan & Hamilton handwritten. 2) 1905 Kincaid & Fitzpatrick. 3) proprietors. 1903. In 1901, Kendall was 1907 Fitzpatrick & Olney, 4) 1907 Fitzpatrick & platted. Within no time, the town sported two Olney. Olney crossed out and Clark handwritten. 5) Fitzpatrick & Clark hotels, a bank, a newspaper, restaurants, retail crossed out and LR Brown (Leroy Brown) handwritten. 6) 1909 O. R. businesses, a school, a brothel, and several Olney. 7) 1912 TA Vandervort. 8) 1915 Jack Peterson. Stuart Mackenzie saloons. It is now a ghost town. Stuart Mackenzie Montana Railroad Montana Railroad Collection Est. $200-350 HWAC# 123922 Collection Est. $60-100 HWAC# 123929 Lot# 1309 Malta, Montana 1902-1916 Malta, Montana Saloon Billhead Collection Lot of four. 1) Club Saloon. Frank Lampman proprietor. 1902. 2-4) Green Front Saloon. 1914 Fox & Davey props. 1915 Davey & Olson proprietors. 1916 Ed. Powell proprietor. Malta is the county seat of Phillips County and home to the dinosaurs! Stuart Mackenzie Montana Railroad Collection Est. $120- 200 HWAC# 123928 32 February 2021

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 Bottles & Saloon Lot# 1316 Utica, Montana 1894-1910 Utica, Lot# 1322 Montana 1894-1912 Three Montana Saloon Collection Lot of eight. 1) Montana Saloon Billheads: Windham and Cottage Saloon. James L Morris prop. 1906. Virginia City 1) HS Gilbert, succor to Baker Signed by Morris. 2) Utica Saloon. Wm. Johnson & Gilbert. Virginia City Restaurant, Bakery prop. Signed by Johnson.1900. 3) Utica Saloon. and Saloon. 1894. 2) Windham Saloon. J. H. MM Williamson prop. 1901 4) Utica Hotel. B. McDonald proprietor. 1912. Union Saloon, C. Gray prop. 1894. Small size. 5) Utica Hotel. B. W. Cooper prop. Crossed out and handwritten Gray prop. crossed out. Name crossed out. Small Thos. P. Greer. 1917. Windham. Stuart Mackenzie size. 6) Utica Hotel. B. Gray prop. Large size. 1895. 7) Utica Saloon. Wm. Montana Railroad Collection Est. $90-150 HWAC# 123919 Johnson Prop crossed out. MM Williamson stamped in. 1901. Signed by Williamson. 8) 1910 Utica Hotel. First class accommodations, Lot# 1323 nevada Central Nevada Milk saloon and stale. Signed by Gray. All advertise fine wines, liquors and Bottle Collection Group of four milk bottles. cigars! Utica (obviously a reference to Utica, New York) was 40 miles Yerington Dairy, clear quart, not perfect; from Lewiston in Judith Basin County. It claim to fame was cowhand Churchill Dairy, pint, purple; Purity Dairy, Lovelock, Nev, pint; half CA Russell. Stuart Mackenzie Montana Railroad Collection Est. $200-400 pint Yerington Dairy, Yerington, Nev. Some of these were used in HWAC# 123921 illustrations in the Nevada bottle book Est. $160-220 HWAC# 131536 Lot# 1317 Virginia City, Montana 1893 Lot# 1324 Elburz, Nevada Elburz Embossed Virginia City Bakery & Saloon Billhead Milks Two sizes of the very rare Elburz, Nevada Billhead for HS Gilbert, successor to Baker & Milk Bottles. Elburz was a ranch a bit east of Gilbert, Props. of the Virginia City Bakery & Saloon. Oct. 1st, 1893. Elko in classic cowboy country. In the 1970s, I got lucky and met the Issued to SR Buford for sundries. Stuart Mackenzie Montana Saloon Billhead family, who invited me to dinner, and showed me a small leather pouch Collection Est. $50-70 HWAC# 113855 of Elburz tokens, the only thing remaining from the old ranch after a fire. These two bottles are a half pint and quart. Fred Holabird Collection Lot# 1318 Virginia City, Montana 1883-1905 Est. $180-250 HWAC# 131537 Virginia City, Montana Saloon Billhead Group Lot of four. 1) Baker & Gilbert, Lot# 1325 Elko, Nevada Elko Drug Company proprietors of the Virginia City Restaurant, Advertising Tray Darling photo of praying little girl Bakery and Saloon. 1883. To Buford & Co. 2) on a silvertone tray, 3 x 5 inches. Reads: Elko Drug Baker & Gilbert, proprietors of the Virginia Co., Inc. / Elko, Nevada/ Drugs, Chemicals/ and Toilet City Bakery and Saloon. 1886. To Buford & Co. Articles. Fred Holabird Collection Est. $80-100 HWAC# 3) H. S. Gilbert, successor to Baker & Gilbert, 128334 proprietors of the Virginia City Restaurant, Bakery and Saloon. 1894. 4) Pony Saloon. George Comley proprietor. 1905. Gilbert is probably more noted for his Gilbert Brewing Company. It was a Virginia City, Montana, brewery owned initially by Henry S. Lot# 1326 Eureka, Nevada Owl Liquor Gilbert and Christopher Richter, and later by Valentine Gilbert. Stuart Company Business Card Eureka Nevada Mackenzie Montana Railroad Collection Est. $120-200 HWAC# 123915 Obverse: Compliments of / The Owl Liquor Lot# 1319 Montana 1901-1917 Eight Co., / The House With / The Three Bars / A good place to meet your friends / Choice Wine, Different Montana Saloon Billheads 1) Liquors & Cigars, / Billiard and Pool Tables, / Hamilton Saloon, Ennis, 1904. 2) Palm Saloon, Eureka, Nevada; Reverse: Western Philosophy / Live every day, so that Harlowtown, 1909. 3) Shamrock Saloon, you can / look every dam man in the eye, / and tell him to go to hell.. Hingham, 1917. 4) McDonnell & Hogl Salon, Slight tear at bottom. Rare. Fred Holabird Collection Est. $60-100 HWAC# Lewistown, 1903. 5) Summit Saloon, Monida, 128315 1906. 6) Exchange Saloon, Saco, 1901. 7) Frank Stevens Saloon, Saco, 1905. 8) Mint Saloon, Valier, 1917. Stuart Lot# 1327 Gold Hill, Nevada J. Jones Jr. of Mackenzie Montana Railroad Collection Est. $200-350 HWAC# 123911 Gold Hill Button Hook Metal hook five inches Lot# 1320 Montana 1892-1913 Three long, a button hook for ladies’ shoes. Engraved Different Montana Saloons: Barker, “J. Jones, Jr.” on one side, and “Gold Hill, Nev.” on the other. featured in Fred Holabird’s “History of Nevada Bottles,” book. Fred Holabird Boulder, Box Elder 1) Exchange Saloon of Collection Est. $200-400 HWAC# 129294 Barker. John W. Mott proprietor. 1892. Wants to know where the key to his clock is! 2) “The Lot# 1328 Goldfield, Nevada Charette Drug Corner” Saloon of Boulder. Chas. Burton proprietor. 1909. 3) Board of Company Comb White metal comb, seven Trade Saloon. Wm. Glynn prop. 1913. Stuart Mackenzie Montana Railroad inches long, with several teeth missing from Collection Est. $90-150 HWAC# 123914 the Charette Drug Company, Goldfield Nevada. Fred Holabird Collection Est. $100-200 HWAC# Lot# 1321 Montana Three Montana Saloon 128314 Billheads: Geyser, Giltedge, and Great Falls 1) Geyser Hotel and Saloon (livery and feed Lot# 1329 Reno, Nevada Hilp’s Drug Store stable). Geyser. Henry Johnstone proprietor. Pocket Knife and Corkscrew Pocket knife, 1906. 2) Silver Dollar Saloon. R. W. Jones, beer opener and corkscrew from Hilp’s Drug prop. 1900. Giltedge. 3) Main Saloon. Olson & Store Reno and Sparks. Three inches long. Hilp’s Drug Store was Davidson proprietors. Great Falls. 1915. Stuart mentioned in Fred’s bottle book. Fred Holabird Collection Est. $60-100 Mackenzie Montana Railroad Collection Est. $90- HWAC# 128328 150 HWAC# 123913 View complete catalog, Register, and Bid online at 33

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 Bottles & Saloon Lot# 1330 Reno, Nevada Reno Nevada Lot# 1337 Antique Barrel Wine Bung Hole Milk Bottle Collection Four embossed milk Cutter Enterprise Brand “The Best” 10” long bottles from Reno. This includes the best Est. $100-200 HWAC# 131497 of all embossed milks, the B. F. Howard tin capped milk in half pint, illustrated in the Nevada Bottle Book. Quart Reno Model Dairy; Pint Lot# 1338 Rare Miller Beer Pinback One Tarner’s Reno and Sparks. nevada Milk & Produce Co., a purple quart rare Miller Beer pinback from 1900. Beautiful beauty, but got a crack up the back, not visible from the front. Fred artwork with a woman sitting upon a crescent Holabird Collection Est. $600-1000 HWAC# 131535 moon in the night sky above the clouds. Says “Miller Beer High Life.” Salvatore Falcone Collection Est. $60-100 HWAC# 129513 Lot# 1331 Nevada Eastern Nevada milk Bottle Collection Six embossed milke bottles Lot# 1339 1968 OBX, Old Bottle Exchange from Eastern Nevada. Clear quarts: Hamilton Booklet A monthly publication that for Dairy,; Mt. Lakes Dairy, Mt. Lakes, Nev.; Kimberley Dairy, Kimberley, decades this was the #1 go to for bottle Nevada; Golle Dairy, Wells, nev. (chip); clear pints: Manhattan Dairy; organization. Feb, 1968 issue . Vol 1, No. 1. In Ruth Dairy, Ruth, Nev. The Ruth, Kimberley and HAmilton milks may excellent condition, bottle show, book reviews be unique. The Mt. Lakes is exceptionally rare. I was never able to and more. Est. $60-100 HWAC# 128005 find this location over the 20 yrs i did research for my bottle books. The story of the Ruth milk is in the Nevada Bottle Book. I won it in a poke game in the 1970s in Ely at a bottle collector friend’s house. Fred Holabird Collection Est. $800-1000 HWAC# 131028 Lot# 1340 Arizona 1950-60’s Arizona Meteor Crater Brochure Famous meteor Lot# 1332 Nevada Nevada Silk Screen Milk crater located between Flagstaff and Winslow Collection Eight silk-screened Nevada milk Arizona. Color brochure from the museum bottles. All are clear quarts except one, a Model shop ran by Barringer Space Museum with Dairy red pyro square quart from Reno. Circle L Ranch, Dyer, deep B/W photos, amp and the story surrounding red pyro, dead mint; Mt. Rose Milk Co., deep red pyro, dead mint; Owl the meteor. Consider rare, especially in this Dairy, Reno, green pyro with pic of owl, dead mint except lip chip; condition. EF cond. John Reynolds Collection Est. Pershing Creamery, green pyro, dead mint;Velvet Cream & Dairy, Reno, $50-100 HWAC# 128021 red pyro; Modern DAiry, Fallon green pyro; Crescent Milk, Reno blue pyro with embossed Crescent on reverse. Many of these were used Lot# 1341 Arizona Arizona Multi-Color for illustration in the Nevada Bottle book. Fred Holabird Collection Est. Petrified Wood Polished Slab Gorgeous $360-500 HWAC# 131027 polished slab of the classic deep reds and orange-yellow petrified wood from the area near the famous Petrified Lot# 1333 Nevada Tonopah-Goldfield Wood National Park. 13” in diameter. Est. $400-700 HWAC# 131251 Milk Bottle Collection Nine Nevada Milk Bottles from Goldfield and Tonopah, two very Lot# 1342 Arizona Arizona Polished Multi- important mining towns in Nevada in the middle of the Nevada desert. Color Petrified Wood Slab Gorgeous polished Clear quarts:Piuoneer Dairy/McG & McK/Tonopah Nevada; Tonopah large slab of the classic deep reds and orange- TPD Nevada. Pints: Pioneer Dairy/ McG & McK/Tonopah, Nevada yellow, including a section of the classic brown- (best example in existance by far), Pioneer DAiry/ Trade MArk PD/ gray petrified wood from the area near the Registered, Tonopah, Nevada. both of the former are clear, multi-sided famous Petrified Wood National Park. 13 x 18” and purp[le; clear half pints: Tonopah TPD, Tonopah Pioneer DAiry, in diameter. Spectacular! Est. $500-800 HWAC# 131254 etched, from the Adlele Reed colln to me; quarter pints: Tonopah TPD, Goldfield Dairy etched, x -Reed also, Tonopah Pioneer DAiry, x-Reed. Lot# 1343 Arizona Polished Arizona Fred Holabird Collection Est. $500-700 HWAC# 131029 Petrified Wood Slab Gorgeous polished slab of the classic reds and browns petrified wood Lot# 1334 West Virginia 1922 Moonshine from the area near the famous Petrified Wood Warrant for Arrest Search & Seizure Mason National Park. 12” in diameter. Est. $300-400 County, West Virginia, April 15, 1922, issued to HWAC# 131253 Mr. Jeffers D. Porter, for “a moonshine still … for the manufacture of intoxicating liquors.” Signed by John J. Chase, Justice of the Peace. This is a dual document, with the top being the Complaint for Operating a Lot# 1344 Tonapah, Nevada Credeite Hall Moonshine Still, and the bottom being the Warrant for Arrest Search Mine Nevada Lot of 2. Two rare Creedeite and Seizure. Heavily folded, staple tear in upper left corner. Est. $60- specimens from the Hall Molly Mine in Nye 100 HWAC# 131392 County near Tonapah. The nation’s best specimen of lavender-colored creedeite was found at the bottom of one of the pits. Est. $80- 100 HWAC# 129871 Lot# 1335 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1900’s Schlitz Beer Bar Sign Light up beer sign, advertising Schlitz Beer. Sign measures 10”x 18” with a 10” light up globe trademark. Please see photos for more detail and condition. Est. $60-100 HWAC# 122495 Lot# 1336 Anchor Brewing Company Saloon Advertising, framed items (4) Four large modern anchor brewing co San Francisco pieces to sit on the wall of any modern bar or saloon. Nicely framed in black wood frames, triple matted. 24”x 30” approx. Est. $200-350 HWAC# 131488 34 February 2021

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 Mining Collectibles Lot# 1345 Carthage, Tennessee Calcite from Elmwood Mine, Tennessee First opened in the 1970s, the Elmwood Mine (the Elmwood- Gordonsville-Cumberland mining complex) has produced some of the world’s finest P calcite crystals, many of which are twinned. Over the years, miners referred to the clear gemmy calcites observed on this specimen CONSIGNING WITH as “jewels”. This specimen is from a pocket discovered in 2014. The specimen features one primary calcite crystal Holabird Western Americana Collections exhibiting the popular, strong amber-yellow color and several other calcite crystals featuring a lighter yellow color. The calcite crystals on this specimen are in good condition and have glassy luster. This P is a superior quality calcite specimen from a classic American locale. Dimensions (cm): 5.5 H x 11 W x 6.5 D. Location: Elmwood mine, Carthage, Smith Co., Tennessee, USA Fred Holabird Collection Est. $200- 300 HWAC# 129827 Historically Researched Descriptions Lot# 1346 Rough Emeralds Approx 24 small rough emeralds in a small plastic bag. Est. $500-1000 HWAC# 129870 Professional Photography Artfully Designed Catalogs Extensive Marketing Superior Customer Service PREMIER AUCTIONS Strong Prices Consign your items to the experts and let us help you realize the most for your collections. We’ve sold many fantastic collections over the years and we’re always excited for more great material! Consign with us and enter into a lasting and beneficial partnership. Holabird’s Western Americana Collections Email us at [email protected] Call us toll free 844-HWAC-RNO (4922-766) View complete catalog, Register, and Bid online at 35

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 Mining Collectibles See photo online Lot# 1347 Nome, Alaska Custom Nome Photograph Album, Highlighting Mining, 1900-1902 31 photographs, each 6.5 x 8.5”, plus one small male portrait, possibly Otto Daniel Goetze, the photographer who took the photos in this album. The album has been assembled in two parts: The first part consists of photos that may have been selected by the client to represent his own experiences and memories at, in and around Nome. The second part is a “mining Section”, devoted to, and probably specifically taken for the client by Goetze, probably of operations he or his family were involved in. Custom Nome Photograph Album, Highlighting Mining, 1900- be a commissioned work for a single miner or mining family, such 1902 that the speculation of the identity of the man in the back is either the man who commissioned the photos, or is Goetze himself. The 31 photographs, each 6.5 x 8.5”, plus one small male portrait, commission of private photography was the staple of the mining possibly Otto Daniel Goetze, the photographer who took the photos camp photographer – whether in Nevada or in Nome. Indeed, even in this album. The album has been assembled in two parts: The first great western photographer Carleton Watkins was commissioned by part consists of photos that may have been selected by the client several Comstock mining companies to record their mines and works to represent his own experiences and memories at, in and around during the 1870s. Nome. The second part is a “mining Section”, devoted to, and probably specifically taken for the client by Goetze, probably of operations he A few of my notes accompany the photograph identifications. Some or his family were involved in. of these locations are listed on the J.G. Temple map of Jan. 1901 published by the Seattle Times. Certainly many are shown on the Goetze, the Photographer early USGS maps. Otto Daniel Goetze was born in Missouri in 1871, one of a reported Nome Gold Deposits Background 12 children. He moved West at a young age, heading up to Alaska for the Klondike Gold Rush in 1898 with one or more brothers. Their The Nome beach placers were discovered in late 1899 on the heels of presence there was confirmed in the klondike Stampeders Register the Klondike gold rush. Probably known years before, it wasn’t until (G.L. Pennington, 1997) and in an online published biography from 1900 that the news traveled worldwide. It caused such a sensation the Sophie Frye Bass Library in the Seattle Museum of History and that the US Geologic Survey sent teams into the Alaskan backcountry Industry. While this is a significant Goetze archive, not a single to investigate gold deposits. So many people from around the US and photograph within this album is listed in the extensive inventory of Canada were headed to the Klondike and Alaska gold fields that the the Goetze Collection at the Bass Library. Government geologists deemed it incredibly important to investigate the deposits and report to the public. The exceptionally difficult Goetze was one of about five key photographers who were in Nome circumstances of getting there, doing work, and surviving were like at the start of the Nome gold rush. He ran a business known as nothing anyone had been through before. With public safety at risk, the Alaska Photo Co., or “A. P. Co.” as noted on some photos. He was the USGS did a herculean job of reporting on the many gold deposits. competing with Frank Nowell, Albert Barnes Kinne, B.V. Dubbs, Papers were published from 1900-on for the next decade describing 1 Hester and possibly more. In 1908, G. J. Loman, a lawyer in Nome in great detail what the real production was, from where, and at what and his family with other commercial interests, purchased the studios relative cost. of Kinne, Dubbs, Nowell and Goetze. They continued the photography business in Nome for at least two more decades. In short, the Nome deposits consist of approximately five distinct and separate “beach sand” terrains, all the result of transgressive and This album is a bit different from others we have sold over the years. regressive sequences of the ocean through geologic time, overlain by It appears to center on some specific mining areas, and may well two major periods of glaciation. Each of these sequences eroded away the major lode gold deposits that were inland. The five transgressive- 1 It was reported by some that Ed Curtis was there as part of the Harriman Expedition, but we regressive sequences produced at least five different “benches”, each were unable to confirm this. 36 February 2021

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 Mining Collectibles of which carries placer gold. More than five million ounces have been Shows two collapsed buildings after storm. mined from these benches, which are still in production today, as is the “bench” that is under sea water today. Photo 17. Circle City, Alaska. E.A. Hegg (Eric A. Hegg) photographer sig. shows Circle City Saloon and the Hannah stern wheeler Inventory. The album is a gray thick paper album, about 10 x 12”, with photographs attached to each page. All notations are within the Photo 18. A289. Monarch of the Nuggets. 108 ounces and two photographs, and there are no pencil marks anywhere in the album pennyweights, value at 1729.60. Nome Alaska, Sept 29, 1901. O.D. from an original owner. Goetze photo. This photo marks the beginning of the unlabeled “mining Section” of the album. From here on are mining photos, Photo 1. A 358. Front Street. May 13, 1902. Nome Alaska. A busy day, probably specifically taken for the client by Goetze. The first part but the only “action” is on the boardwalks. There is no significant consisted of photos that may have been selected by the client to signage. Only two wagons visible in the street. represent his own experiences and memories. Photo 2. A191. Reception of the New Golden Gate Hotel. Photo taken Photo 19. No identification. O. D. Goetze photo. Placer miners midnight. June 21, 1901. Nome, Alaska. ODG. There are perhaps 100 working a bank in the low hills. 8 men, 4 dogs. Gold pans, rockers, people posed in front of this hotel. It burned in July, 1903, as the long toms. result of a kitchen fire. While it may contain many of the business icons in Nome at the time, Wyatt Earp, Tex Rickard, and Tombstone Photo 20. A268. Rocking out gold fraction bench on Glacer Creek. Epitaph editor John Clum do not appear to be in the photo. Nome Alaska. O. D. (almost obscured). Important photo showing two women, 4 men miners. Probably Glazier Creek off the Snake River, Photo 3. A.47. July 24, 1900. A. P. Co. This tent city appears to be up misspelled. or down the beach from the main part of Nome, housing a mostly tent city. This is the first occurrence in the album of the term “A. P. Co.”, Photo 21. No. 1 rolow (Below?) on Dry Creek. Nome Alaska. O. D. which was a seldom used designation for the Alaska Photo Co.. Goetze Pto. Dry Creek was one of the first áreas mines, a tributary of the Snake River, the closest tributary of the snake to the sea. Photo 4. A 57. View of Nome Beach, Aug 1900. O.D. Goetze pho. The high tide and storm have left a ship thrown against Nome buildings Photo 22. No identification. Two men working a long tom. Trees in along with other wreckage, including the possible stern paddle background. mechanism of a stern-wheeler steamer. Photo 23. A238. No. 3 below on Drlv Creek, Nome Alaska. O.D. Goetze Photo 5. No identification. Clearly Nome beach. Wood buildings photo. -six men working long tom at least 100 feet long. (Possibly indicate c1901 Dry Creek misspelled) Photo 6. A37. Last of the Old Skookum (ship). Sept. 1900. Nome. OD Photo 24. A220. No. 2 below Driv creek. Nome, Alaska. O.D. Goetze Goetze pho. Photographed by many, the Skookum left Seattle on May photo. (possibly Dry Creek, Mispelled) 18, 1900, arrived at Nome Sept 12, and was wrecked by 8pm in a fierce storm. Only 13 were on board. Photo 25. A34? Mining on Nome Beach. O. D. Goetze. Mining on one of the high banks. 4 men, 1 woman. Photo 7. No identification. Nome beach with tent city, c1900 shows shallow water beach miners. Of interest are stacked bags of possible Photo 26. A245. Mining on Nome Beach. O.D. Goetze photo. Possibly gold-sand concentrates. same lady as last photo, diff outfit, same hat and dress. Photo8. No identification. Probably Nome right after a snow storm Photo 27. A343. Mining on Nome beach. Nome Alaska. O.D. Goetze. 4 small wood buildings. No apparent town yet. winter, 1900 m4n in deep beach sand, with claim boundary behind, with another miner in that further claim. Photo 9. No identification. Nome and the access to the beach. J.E. Crane store at left. “Nome Life Saving Station” at right. Photo 28. No identification. Numerous long toms constructed parallel on a lower beach bench. Photo 10. 28 backwards. After the Strom. Nome Alaska. OD Goetze. This may be the same storm of 1900 that is the subject of many of the Photo 29. A248. Mining on Nome Beach. O.D. Goetze photo. 4 men, 2 photos in this album. women. Lower bench on the beach. Photo 11. Goe. (Geo. -sic) Carpenter. Hearse May 13 1902. O.D. Photo 30. A 276. Snow Gulch. Nome Alaska. O.D. Goetze photo. There are two Snow creeks or gulches at Nome. One is near Nome, just off Photo 12. A 174. First Fire in Nome. May 25, 1901. ODG (Looking Hastings Creek. The other is a tributary to Glazier Creek, a tributary down Steadman Ave) to the Snake River. Photo 13. A46. Panoramo west of town. July 24, 1900. A. P. Co. Photo 31. A 253. No. 5 on Rock Creek. Nome Alaska. O.D. Goetze. Rock Creek is one creek up drainage from Glazier , a tributary of the Photo 14. A78. No identification. A. P. Co. Nome beach in rough seas, Snake River. c 1900. Barge slammed into buildings. Photo 32. Unlabeled portrait of a young man. Photo 15. A 26. View taken west of town. Nome Alaska. A. P. Co. (ten city on the other side of the bay), c1900 Photo 16. No identification. Boats beached at Nome, at north west Est. $5,000-10,000 HWAC# 131066 edge iof bay. Paddle wheel ship Quickstep Hotel, Seattle, visible. View complete catalog, Register, and Bid online at 37

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 Mining Collectibles Lot# 1348 Blaisdell, Arizona 1902 Wells Lot# 1352 Arizona 1800’s Arizona Mining Fargo & Co. Express Mining Bullion Receipt Ephemera & Stereo Views (5) Five pieces Received from La Fortuna Mining Co., two boxes including three stereoviews, a stock from of bullion valued at $16,500, addressed to H. G. Tombstone and an 1876 letter from Smith District. The letter sender Stevenson, 532 Market Street, San Francisco. notes he “send by bearer Sixty Five Dollars of Dust. Please send me Red ink, 7 x 4 inches. Ken Prag Collection Est. 1000 lbs. of flour.” Also complains “it is a Terrible Day, can’t get enough $50-100 HWAC# 127916 water to wash your feet”. We are unable to find this district in our research. The stereos show miners pushing an ore car, a miner drilling Lot# 1349 Graham County, Arizona 1883 the Wilson mine at Metcalf, and a view titled, “Prospecting for Gold, Arizona Territory Homicide Notice of a Indian Gardens, Grand Canon of Arizona”. This is a rare view and not Chinese Miner, 1883 This is an 1883 Graham even the museum in Grand Canyon has one of these views. The stock County, A.T. court document regarding the murder of a Chinese miner certificate is from Gold Cliff Mining Company, Inc. in A.T. Issued at Los by another Chinese miner. Contains eight pages of text with many Angeles in 1897 with Tombstone, Arizona on the gold seal. This stock Chinese names mentioned. The accused killer was Po Ah Dock and he is extra rare. First we have seen. Est. $200-300 HWAC# 131519 was accused of killing Mock Ah Few at the Longfellow mine in 1883 in Graham County. The document contains depositions of various Lot# 1353 individuals for the trial. Est. $120-150 HWAC# 131523 Coloma, California James Marshall, Lot# 1350 Prescott, Arizona 1800’s Prescott Discoverer of A.T. Ephemera & Photos (4) Lot includes Gold in California, two photos of Prescott and two checks from A ut ogr aphed the Crowned King Mining Company, Prescott, A.T., 1895. The photos Card Autographed include one of the first government building in West Prescott, and a card of James D.F. Mitchell, Prescott, Arizona view. The photos are circa 1880’s to Marshall with 1890’s. The Crowned King mine was the largest mine in the Bradshaw vignette of Sutters Mountains. The mine’s name was later shortened to the current name, Mill at leeft, the Crown King. The first claim located in the Crown King group was “Discoverer of the Buckeye, by Rod McKinnon on July 1, 1875 (Crown King and the Gold in California, Southern Bradshaws: A Complete History, Bruce M. Wilson). Est. January 19th, $200-250 HWAC# 131516 1848”, signed Jas. W. Marshall.” Marshall, a partner of Sutter, was never Lot# 1351 Arizona Mule Train Hauling Ore the businessman some thought. He worked at a saw mill when there of the Congress Mining Co., Original Photo, was no industry except the mill. Then he picked up a piece of gold, took it to Sutter, who hammered it mercilessly, dipped it in acid, and c1892-5 Mounted original photograph on F. A. ran every test he could find to disprove that the metal nugget was Hartwell, Photographer, Phoenix board mount. gold. But it was, and the rest is history. Bancroft wrote of Sutter and “Views of the Salt River Valley and Throughout MArshall: “In their intercourse with the outside world, althoughthey Arizona”. 5 x 8” Mautz shows Hartwell as active were adventurers, they proved themselves littel better than children, in Phoenix 1889-1908. Inside the body of the and as such, they were grossly misused by the gold-thirsting rabble photograph is the photographer’s notation: “819. Mule Train / C Mine, brought down upon them by their discovery.” (vVI, p99-100) Marshall A.T.” The photo shows more than eight large ore wagons, each with a returned to Coloma, the site of the discovery in 1857, where he ten mule team pulling the wagons. The term “C” is difficult to unravel, remained. At one point he owned a small farm in Kelsey about three but in the Poole Bros Mining Directory for 1892 and 1898, there are miles distant. He was hired to find gold for prospectors, was an only a few major mines of “C” listed, either by town or by mining “argumentative old cuss” and never married. In his last few years in company name, the largest of which is the Congress Gold Mine in Coloma, he sold autographs to help buy food. He died there in 1885 at Yavapai County, located not too far outside Phoenix near Wickenburg, 73. About a dozen or so of these exceptionally rare autographed cards an area that was definitely within the “Salt River Valley” and local to still exist. A real photo post card is part of the group showing the mill, Hartwell. According to Poole, the Congress gold mine was the largest cabin, gold discovery monument, and Marhsall himself. Est. $1500- employer in mining in Arizona Territory that year at 400 men. It would 2500 HWAC# 129067 take a mine of this size to produce the massive amount of ore present in these ore wagons. Further research verifies our supposition on the shipment of ore from the great Congress Gold Mine. The Congress gold Lot# 1354 Esmeralda, California 1900’s mine was a major producer during the economic decline of the 1890s. Esmeralda Mining Ephemera A collection of It was the largest employer at 350 to 400 men working underground mining ephemera including an unissued stock plus surface employees. In 1892 the company had two deep shafts. By cert from Golden Inlet Consolidation Mining 1896 there were three shafts, two of which were down to 1800 feet by Company, a letter announcing the death of 1898, the deepest in Arizona. In 1896, the company began shipping ore a lodge member, a receipt from a printing 30 miles on an oil burning locomotive of a private mine rail line, the company in Independence, California and a D. A. V. & P. Railroad, according to an article in the Mining & Scientific wedding announcement from 1907 Est. $120-200 HWAC# 127002 Press (8.8.1896. p 107). The photo, therefore, must pre-date 1896. (see also E & MJ 4.9.1898, p439; 5.22.1897, p192, 518; 10.23.1897 p494). Lot# 1355 Fort Jones, California c1930 This is a very important photo of record for Arizona’s one-time largest Superior Consolidated / Golden Eagle gold mine, in full production at a time of severe economic depression Mines, Fort Jones, California Panorama across America. Est. $400-600 HWAC# 126926 Photographs Lot of 36 photos. Mostly panoramas. Includes assay office, stamp mill, houses, shaft house, dump, tracks, etc. Also New York Mine and Morrison Carlock Mine (shaft, power house, mill dump, etc.). One great panorama of the camp. This is an amazing collection of Northern California mining c1930 (judging from clothing). Stuart Mackenzie Collection Stuart Mackenzie Montana Railroad Collection Est. $700-1500 HWAC# 123910 38 February 2021

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 Mining Collectibles Lot# 1356 Grass Valley, California 1888-90 Lot# 1361 Red Dog, California Two Red Dog Maryland Gold Quartz Mining Co. Annual Court Ordered Sale Documents, 1863 Court Report 1889 10 pages. All handwritten on sale document dated 1863 from Red Dog Wells Fargo Stationery. Handwritten minutes of annual meeting held regarding a court ordered sale of property at Little York. Document 12/29/1890 grass valley Calif.. Annual Report from 1885, Handwritten. is only fair with two large tears in the body. Looks pretty good in the A receipt from Maryland Quartz dated Nov. 15. 1889. More on resolved mylar sleeve, but handle with care. Also, comes with a cover addressed acts of Corp. Directors, Dec 1890. Expenditures report 1887-89, all to Red Dog Nevada County post office. Est. $100-200 HWAC# 128840 handwritten. Pages are fragile, however in good condition considering the age of the handwritten notes. Est. $120-150 HWAC# 122008 Lot# 1362 San Francisco, California 1866 Rare Reihn, Hemme & Co. Assay Office - Memorandum of Gold Rare. For gold bullion Lot# 1357 Nevada City, California Large Lot deposit on June 2,1866 by Wells, Fargo & Co. at of Legal Docs from Nevada City, Grass Valley, the Riehn, Hemmer & Co. Assay Office located 1864-1875 (20+) Lot includes town lots, at 434 Montgomery Street. A 130.47 ounce mining interests, etc. About 20 legal documents in all. Please inspect gold bar worth $2,447.60! Folds, tweo small holes, some soiling. 5.25” this lot. Good condition overall. Est. $300-500 HWAC# 128838 x 10.75” August Hemme left New York for the Gold Rush and arrived in California in May 1849. He tried his luck as a miner in the Feather River, Lot# 1358 Nevada County, California c1902 but soon realized he could be more successful in other industries and Nevada County Mining Lot 1) Booklet titled purchased large areas of farm land in San Ramon. In 1863, he left San “Nevada the banner gold county of California.” Ramon and moved to San Francisco where he started his partnership 1902. Promotion and compliments of Nevada with Charles Riehn Est. $300-500 HWAC# 123831 County. 36 pages.5 x 7”. Includes map, 15 photos of principal mines etc. from Nevada Lot# 1363 San Francisco, California 1882 Selby City, Grass Valley, Truckee and Donner Lake. Smelting & Lead Co. Assay Memorandum, 2-4) Postcards of Empire Mill concentrator, 1882 Very rare. Selby took over for the RPC; Central Mine; and Maryland Mine. One Kellogg & Houston assay operation. Gold postmarked Gualala, California. Est. $100-150 HWAC# 123833 bullion deposit (grains) on June 29, 1882 by H. Severring. After melting, weighed 58.49 ounces, .9325 fineness, total Lot# 1359 Nevada County, California Group value $1,127.48. Vignette at left of the building at 416 Montgomery of Legal Documents from Nevada County Street. Britton & Rey, Lith. Binding holes on left side, folds. 5 x 12” We Mining Towns (12) Twelve documents from could not find a listing for H. Severring (or Sevenning?) in the 1882 1866 regarding a water line to feed hydraulic mines. Locations include Langley SF directory. Fred Holabird Collection Est. $300-500 HWAC# French Corral, Moores Flat, Gold Run, Bloomfield, Long Tom Ravine, 129846 Junction Bluff, Little York, Pleasant Valley, Rattlesnake Creek and Rough & Ready. Hydraulic mining was used in California from 1853 to Lot# 1364 San Francisco, California 1897 San 1880, when it was prohibited by law in many regions (Gudde). View Francisco Assayer Bill Head The Justin Caire lot to inspect documents. Est. $300-500 HWAC# 128836 Co. Market St. San Francisco, Calif. Assayer bill head for 960 lbs of cyanide. dated Jan 25, 1897 Lot# 1360 Plumas County, to a Walkerville. Montane co. . Nice vignette of California c1925 Engels table w/scales, microscope, beakers on left and Copper Mining Company a still in the right. VF Stuart Mackenzie Montana Stock, Report and Circular Ephemera Collection Est. $50-70 HWAC# 129866 1) Stock Certificate # 6598 to WD Whittemore Lot# 1365 California California Pioneers Ribbon for 57 shares on January and Silver Pin Classic and all original California 3, 1920. Signed by Engels Pioneers parade ribbon. The top of the ribbon haas as president. Hole punch the silver California bear, die struck, not a flat back cancel - but does not impede in silver. This original California Pioneers ribbon may reading signatures. 2) 14th date before 1880. “Cal. Pioneers 1849”. 11” long, 2.5” annual report. 1927. 8 x 11” wide, some internal tears from the weakness of the booklet. 20 pages. 3) U. S. silk with age. These original ribbons are exceptionally Bureau of Mines Information rare. Est. $300-500 HWAC# 122484 Circular. “Milling Methods and Costs at the Superior Concentrator of the Engels Copper M. C., Plumas, Co.” The Engels Copper Mine was located in Plumas County, California at the north end of the Plumas Copper Belt. The Engels mine was named after Henry A. Engels, who settled the area in the 1880s and began to mine copper. In 1901 the Engels Copper Mining Company was founded. In 1911 the company built a smelter at China Gulch but was soon prohibited by the U.S. Forest Service which had stewardship over the land that was within the Plumas National Forest. Copper ore was hauled over road to Keddie where the ore was loaded into Western Pacific Railroad freight cars and transported to the ASARCO smelter at Garfield, Utah. Est. $120-200 HWAC# 123842 View complete catalog, Register, and Bid online at 39

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 Mining Collectibles Lot# 1370 California Five Mining Assay Certificates: California and one Nevada Yellow Aster M & M Co. letterhead. For bullion assay. Randsburg, California. 495 ounces at $16.20 per ounce. 1904. 2) Grass Valley Assay and Refining. For the Union Hill Mines Company. 1907. #9 ounces was reduced to c18 ounces. Signed by LW Williams, assayer. 3) U. S. Mint, San Francisco ‘Memorandum of Gold Bullion.’493 ounce bar valued at $8,047.17. For First National Bank of S. F. Signed by Donnelly. 1904. 4) Chemical Laboratory Assay and Refining Works. San Francisco. 1871. Lot# 1366 California California Gold Rush Fancy Gold Quartz “Six samples “Giant Croppings” ae marked as below...” Signed by John Watch Chain Spectacular California gold quartz watch chain, overall Hewston Jr, Chemist. 5) Assay Office of the Richmond Mining Company. length is 14 inches. Contains six rectangularsections of one inch each Eureka, Nevada. 1883. Total value of the three samples ranged from California gold quartz, attended by a gorggeous gold quartz horshoe $8.13 to $55.21. Est. $180-300 HWAC# 123851 (1”) with ten seperate segments. The setting is probable 14kt gold. No nmae engraved. The horseshoe motif was a popular mid-nineteenth Lot# 1371 California 1910 Gold Dredging in century pattern, signifying good luck. The owners of these expensive California Aubury, 1910, with all the maps! watch chains were often mining men who had exactly that- good Gold dredging euphoria! 312 pages by state luck. Very few show makers’marks, as they were often made by local mineralogist Lewis E. Aubury. With a number jewelers. This piece, we might speculate, is from the Sonora area of fold out maps including Yuba Basin, Oroville of the southern Mother Lode region. When our company sold the & American River, Butte, Calaveras, Shasta, magnificent gold collection from the Carson City Nugget, and handled Siskiyou, Trinity. Also fold-out drawings of dredges. Overall in good the Segerstrom crystalline Gold from the Sonora-Tuoloumne area, the condition. Maps are on fragile paper, with some issues, but hardly any quartz was identical to this- black with somewhat clear quartz and on map itself. Without opening every map we found not rips or holes bright gold. Est. $6000-9000 HWAC# 129066 at fold intersections. Photographs throughout the 312 pages. Est. $300-400 HWAC# 123820 Lot# 1367 California California Pioneer Lot# 1372 Clear Creek, Colorado 1903 Gold Silver Breast Pin Silver Plate California bear Fissure Mining Company of Colorado California Pioneers, NSGW “golden bear” stick Prospectus, Union District Clear Creek, pin for the lapel. (1.8 x 1.25”) with 2.1” pin. This piece is solid on the Colorado Located 45 miles from Denver reverse, no maker, engraved “R.T. Osborn Sacto, Cal. Aug, 1849”. Osborn on Covode Mountain at Empire, Colorado. is not listed in Bancroft’s California Pioneer listing, nor found in a Property consisted of six patented claims search of the Alta Californian. The bear is typical and most probably comprising 25 acres. 4.5 x 7.5”. 12 pages. 9 a specific piece of the California Puioneeers or the Native Sons of the glossy photographs. Enclosed in fancy paper envelope. Excellent Golden West. Members had a choice of silvedr plate brass, silver, or gold. Most chose the less expensive variety. The other organization of condition minus one tear on back cover. 2) A bonus is “Pointers for investors.” 13 pages. The bonus is a list of Dividend Paying mines in California Pioneers was the Territorial Pioneers of California based in the United States. Great resource! Est. $100-150 HWAC# 123836 New York. Other forms of the “silver bear” are found on NSGW and Pioneer breast/parade ribbons, though these are generally not flat on Lot# 1373 Denver, Colorado Denver Letters the back and are made from a thin, die struck planchet. It is indeed a and Advertising Touting Gold Mining, rarity to find these with period engraving. Rare. Est. $300-500 HWAC# 129065 c1893 Group of three pieces. 1) Great letter from Denver touting gold mining in Colorado at a height- is just Lot# 1368 California California Mining before serious WFM trouble in three years and just before the silver devaluation later in the year. Comes with advertising cover from Association Lapel Pin Very rare brass pin Smith’s Pharmacy, 2701 Weldon St. Denver. A dug bottle from this with pick and shovel with grizzly bear and store is shown on pp. 583 in Preble. 2) Five, 1891 items from The Great labled “California Mining Association”, gold pan suspended by a chain. 3 inches wide and long. Possibly 1800s. Benjamin Fauver Collection Est. Divide, a monthly documenting the Wild and Wooly West, published $100-200 HWAC# 129272 out of Denver. Includes incredible pictorial billhead with a letter to subscribers showing the Divide, an Indian with teepee and a quote Lot# 1369 California 1905 “Practical Treatise from Zebulon Pike, “Nov. 15th, 1806- This day I first caught sight of the on Hydraulic Mining in California” by Bowie, Rocky Mountain the “Great Divide” between the Eastern and Western 1905 Description of the use and construction Oceans.” Also, three flyers from the monthly to garner subscriptions of ditches, flumes, wrought iron pipes and and touting the gift of 20 gemstones to new subscribers for $1. Lastly, dams. Includes 72 illustrations with 9 foldouts a postal cover from The Great Divide postmarked 1891. 3) Booklet and a 13 x 17” color map of the lower portions from the Auditorium Hotel, Denver, Colorado at 14th and Stout Sts. of the Sacramento & San Joaquin rivers, showing tributary streams Ten pages of information with pictures. This is a great collection of draining hydraulic mining districts. Fold outs, including the map, are ephemera from Denver. Est. $300-500 HWAC# 131080 in excellent condition!!! Est. $300-400 HWAC# 123821 40 February 2021

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 Mining Collectibles Lot# 1375 Leadville, Colorado Birds Eye Views of Leadville, 1880s Two birds eye views of Leadville, a stereo and a cabinet card. The stereo is one of Gurnsey’s Rocky Mountain Views, dated in pencil 1879 It appears very early, with only a couple of two story buildings. The cabinet card is by W.H. Jackson, taken from a different view showing many mine dumps and shafts in the foreground. Both excellent. Est. $800-1200 HWAC# 131073 Lot# 1376 Leadville, Colorado Chestnut Street Original Photographs, Two Different Views, c1880 Two different views of Chestnut Street in Leadville. The first is a stereoview by Chas. Weitfle of Central City as part of his series “Stereoscopic Views of Colorado”. Weitfle was active in Central City from 1878-1885. The view is “No. 42, Chestnut St.” The Hotel Windsor is prominantly featured on the right. Clear, good focus image. The second is a cabinet card thought to be by famous western photographer William Henry Jackson, busy in Colorado 1879- 1897.This is “648. Chestnut Street, Leadville”. The view features a drug store at left, along side two shoe stores, and the John leininger Book Store at right. The two photos are markedly different, with the Weitfle view being apparently much older, with only crude narrow wood walkways. The cabinet card shows a much better developed walkway system. Est. $800-1200 HWAC# 131071 Lot# 1377 Leadville, Colorado Geology and Ore Deposits of the Leadville Mining District, 1927 Geology and Ore Deposits of the Leadville Mining District by Emmons et al. All maps seem to be present. Adequate treatment of so large and so extensively developed a district as that of Leadville necessitates a voluminous report, in which the practical questions of prime interest to the commercial world can not be systematically answered until Lot# 1374 El Paso County, Colorado United Mine Workers, Pikes the data on which they depend are discussed. Many readers will no Peak Banner, c1903 This is a spectacular miner’s parade banner doubt wish to turn at once to the chapter on ore reserves, which will by Whitehead & Hoag. Marked as “El Paso County”: it clearly was give them an appraisal of the district, without bothering with geologic intended for the 1903 UMW strike against Colorado coal companies. detail. For those who wish a brief general account, a summary of the They were modeled after the AFL, and one of their biggest and principal chapters of the report is presented below. Over 50 plates in loudest supporters was Mary Harris Jones, aka “Mother Jones.” (the book and another 15 large plates in pocket. 111 figures. 368 pages. namesake of an activist publication today). In 1903 on the heels of Cover worn and torn. Pages are nice. Plates seem to be very nice! Est. a Western Federation of Miners strike in 1894 at Cripple Creek and $100-300 HWAC# 123826 1896 at Leadville, the WFM struck again in October, 1903, this time again in Cripple Creek, El Paso County. The three WFM strikes drew Lot# 1378 Leadville, Colorado 1879 Leadville national attention to mine labor issues. The United Mine Workers Assayer Book A second edition copy of the (UMW) were founded in 1890 and are still active today. The UMW had book “Notes on Assaying and Assay Schemes” strong interests in coal mining throughout the USA, and also organized by Pierre de Peyster Ricketts. The book is 220 pages plus several back railroad workers. Problems had arisen at a number of Colorado coal pages of advertising. The book appears to be a Christmas present to mines, which were among the largest coal mines in the western US. one Nathan H. Bailey whose name is written in the inside cover, along Companies had demanded 12 hour days. They also continued a system with the date December 26, 1879. Please see photos for more detail started in eastern coal mines of paying their miners in company scrip. and condition. Est. $150-250 HWAC# 131524 This became a serious problem, as the scrip was generally only good in a company store. This process completely undermined the personal Lot# 1379 Leadville, Colorado Harrison freedoms of the miners, who could not buy gods anywhere except the Avenue, Leadville. Three Different Early company store. On Nov. 9, 1903, the UMW called a strike, demanding 8 Photographic Views, c1880s, plus 2 PCs hour days and an end to the scrip system. The strike lasted into 1904. Three Different Early Photographic Views of Harrison Avenue in Unfortunately, this strike overlapped with the WFM Cripple Creek Leadville, c1880s. Two cabinet cards and a stereo view. In order of strike, also in El Paso County, which led to the coining of the phrase apparent age: A) Stereoview byL. K. Oldroyd of Colorado Springs. the “Colorado Labor Wars of 1903”. The Colorado coal scrip is highly Oldroyd was active 1873-1882. This is No. 147, “Harrison Ave.” It collectible by numismatists today. One of the problem companies was shows muddy streets, with no apparent fire hydrant system visible. B) Colorado Fuel & Iron, which came under control of John D. Rockefeller cabinet card by Sofie Russell, unknwon photographer. This view has a in 1903. The company controlled a large number of mines in southern fire hydrant on the corner. The photo shows a number of businesses, Colorado. A second strike of Colorado coal miners in 1913 led to the one of which is Boettcher’s Hardware, seen on the right side of the “Ludlow Massacre” in which 20 people were killed. These were the photo. An original trade card for this merchant accompamnies the lot. kinds of things that Mother Jones protested. This parade banner was c) The third view is a cabinet card by an unknwon photographer It most probably used in parades in Cripple Creek, Colorado Springs has a very tall building at right, not pressent in the other photos. All and Denver in 1903 and 1904. Pikes Peak / Local No. 1662. / Eight relatively very fine to ex. fine. Two post cards accompany this lot, also Hours / United Mine Workers of Americana / El Paso Co. Col. Made of Harrison Ave. One shows the tall building subject of C) above by by Whitehead and Hoag multi color on blue cloth with some type of Davis Drug of Leadville; The other shows the same building on the left. interior fabric. Minor stain on the right side. 2” tassels in tact. Gold These two views are perhaps 1910. Est. $1300-1700 HWAC# 131072 braid fabric along edges. Measures 2’ wide by 3’ tall including the fringe. Est. $10000-15000 HWAC# 129975 View complete catalog, Register, and Bid online at 41

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 Mining Collectibles Lot# 1380 Leadville, Colorado Leadville Coal Dealer Delivery Record during the 1896-1897 WFM Miners Strike Leadville Receipt Book Uncovers More Information on the Deadly WFM Leadville Strike of 1896-7 By Fred N. Holabird Overview. Approximate 1000 receipt See photo online stubs in a book from Dec. 16, 1896-Feb. 13, 1897. This ledger leads the professional researcher down a road that makes understanding the need to collect Western Americana very important. At first glance, all we have is a receipt stub book. But the contents tell us so much more- the amounts of coal delivered (when, and how), who to, and what was happening during this time locally. The summary of all the parts is nothing short of fantastic. Est. $1000-2000 HWAC# 131067 Leadville Receipt Book Uncovers More Information on the especially at Leadville. Miners had to take a pay cut from $3 per day Deadly WFM Leadville Strike of 1896-7 to $2.50. During the heat of production in the 1880s, some mines had paid miners as high as $3.50 per day. The wage increase garnered the By Fred N. Holabird attention of the Western Federation of Miners, formed in 1893, who had organized mine workers three years before in Cripple Creek, and Overview had been the force behind a mine worker strike there in 1894. The local miners union, The Cloud City Miners Union, joined forces with Approximate 1000 receipt stubs in a book from Dec. 16, 1896-Feb. the WFM. The WFM struck in Leadville on June 19, 1896. It lasted 13, 1897. This ledger leads the professional researcher down a road until March 9, 1897. This receipt book is right in the middle of that. that makes understanding the need to collect Western Americana What happened? very important. At first glance, all we have is a receipt stub book. But the contents tell us so much more- the amounts of coal delivered The WFM Strikes (when, and how), who to, and what was happening during this time locally. The summary of all the parts is nothing short of fantastic. The WFM called a strike, and 968 out of approximately 1200 miners walked off the job June 20, 1896, bringing production to a standstill. It may be impossible without digging deeply at the CHS to discover All hell broke loose. Several mines tried to keep operating. About exactly what coal company is the source of this record. At the time, early September, the WFM attacked the Small Hopes, Emmett, Colorado was a major coal producer, and it makes sense that there Coronado and Maid of Erin mines and three men were killed. were a number of major coal companies doing business in Leadville Leadville essentially shut down. It was reported in several sources in the 1890s. But this coal company was special, and you’ll see why that the banks and businesses closed in September, with many or shortly. most remaining closed until early in the following year. However, many did their best to remain open. “The city was placed under Details of the Book control of a provost guard of Military police” on September 25, as reported in the Engineering and Mining Journal (E & MJ). The entries in the book tell us that day in, and day out during the December to January period (1896-7), this company sent out about Sealey Mudd, one of the mine owners, and a major mine financier 20 deliveries per day, all of about 2 1/2 tons each. This is a standard associated with the Guggenheims, suggested bringing in lead miners wagon load in the mining world. But- it is in the dead middle of from Joplin, a major lead mining region in Missouri. Once the “scab” winter- with perhaps three to ten feet of snow on the ground! That’s miners arrived, it was war. Missouri lead miners began pouring in major business during a very tough time to operate. in September, continuing every month. 100 Joplin miners arrived on th September 25 for the Emmett, Small Hopes and Marion mines. The The company was shipping coal to several mines: The Johnnie, Emmett had operated as a non-union mine all along. The Federal Catalpa, Mahala, Bison, Seneca, New Elkhorn, Monarch and more. Government brought in the militia in September to try to control the The Johnnie, was a very important mine- located on Ibex Mining Co. fray, but the WFM simply got more vigilant, violent and deadly. property, a name used after the consolidation of many properties. Indeed, the Little Johnnie is world-renown, as the discovery of The WFM began by burning down houses of strike breakers. Then Johnny Brown, the husband of the “Unsinkable Mollie Brown.” they attacked mines, blowing up several. “An attempt was made to They were also shipping to several mine assay offices, indicating blow up the works at the Coronado mine. Much damage was done, work was going on at other mines. These included the assay offices several lives were lost and a reign of terror ensued. The Governor of at the Morning Star, Johnnie and more. Very little of the coal was Colorado has ordered the troops to Leadville,” wrote a columnist for shipped domestically within the Leadville merchant district. The few the Mining and Scientific Press in late September, 1896. places where deliveries took place were various boarding houses (Resurrection, Bishop’s, Midnight). The only other domestic delivery The National Guard was called in September, 1896. They established was the Herald Democrat’s office. Camp McIntyrre on the Leadville baseball fields. The National Guard established outposts at several mines. These were the Ibex (Johnnie), Leadville at the Time Maid of Erin, Emmett and Resurrection mines. In the background, there was a major recession in 1893 across Over the next few months, chaos ruled the day. A visiting British the west. Silver had been devalued. Production was way down in journalist noted: “No Surrender, No Compromise, No Pity” was the mines across the West including the Comstock Lode in Nevada and attitude, which created a “grim standoff.” “The owners mean to 42 February 2021

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 Mining Collectibles starve the miners to death, the miners mean to blow the owners to Lot# 1381 Leadville, Colorado Leadville atoms,” commented the journalist, G. W. Stevens. Embossed Match Case Classic die-struck match case embossed with a western scene In October, the importation of Joplin miners continued. “Another with elk on one side, and the advertising inset of Howard Griswold, 416 Harrison Ave., Leadville, Colo. in gilt on black. 2.75 x 1.5”. Perhaps party of miners from Joplin, Missouri numbering 175 men will arrive th here next Monday” as reported on October 16 to the Engineering 1890s. Rare as heck. Est. $300-500 HWAC# 131070 and Mining Journal. By December, “there was no change in the strike Lot# 1382 Leadville, Colorado Leadville situation. Despite the fact that the miners here see new miners Letterhead Collection Group of leadville coming in every month and take their jobs, they are still holding on. letterheads, featuring two wonderfull pictorial … “It will take many years to recover from the damage which has pieces, the Leadville Telephone cCo. with a wall telephone vignette as been done.” underprint, and Ovren & Eldridge (paint) Frog vignette. . Both 1881. Seven others, also from 1881, except one from 1897 during the miner’s Christmas was not the usual fare. In the past year alone, the annual strike. Est. $100-200 HWAC# 131075 Christmas Ice Palace had been a hit. But this Christmas was only local Lot# 1383 Leadville, Colorado Leadville chaos. Most men wanted to go back to work by December, but were Prospector Portraits A couple of Leadville, afraid of the union, noted author E. Blair. The day after Christmas, the Colorado miner photos. One is unframed and Engineering and Mining Journal noted that the Union was running measures 4.5”x 6.5”and is marked Brisbois, Leadville on the reverse. out of money, and had begun paying striking miners $5 per week The framed photo measures 5”x 10” and in the frame, measures about instead of the customary $10 per week. 15”x 20”. Both are in good shape and ready to hang. Please see photos for more detail and condition. Est. $300-600 HWAC# 131026 This ledger shows strong and regular deliveries to the mines Lot# 1384 Leadville, Colorado Leadville mentioned earlier. How did this happen in the middle of the strike? Billhead and Ephemera Collection Includes Easy- The National Guard established those outposts to protect mines An Incredible Stereoview. Great group of that had been attacked. The Ibex was one of them, which owned the material from Leadville. Includes: 1) Fantastic stereoview of Main Johnnie claims and shafts. The Malhala and Bison were among the Street, Leadville, Colorado with great signage. On the right there is others. With the National Guard “militia” stationed on property, the Leadville House, a gun shop, and Wolfe Londoner Grocery & Mining miners went back to work. The E & MJ reported on October 3: “The Supplies. Wolfe Londoner was a very successful Jewish merchant with most important step is that taken by the Ibex MC. These people will stores in Leadville and Denver. View taken by visiting photographer employ over 300 men, and they are putting up a high fence, fully a from Philadelphia, circa 1879. 2) A paper advertising tray from mile in length, preparatory to resuming.” The article further reported Frank Zaitz Mercantile and Groceries, located on West Chestnut St. they will pay the experienced miners $3/day. Others reported as between 515 and 600 addresses. The framing is metal, but print is on reopening along with the Ibex were the Mahala and Bison, both well cardboard. 3) An 1880 letterhead from Livesay & Rollins, Attorneys represented in this ledger. They were some of the few protected. This At Law with office on Harrison Ave., across the street from the Tabor coal company served the “protected” mines. Opera House, near the Board of Trade Saloon. 4) Two business cards from the previously mentioned lawyers, Livesay & Rollins. 5) A wedding invitation in Leadville for a ceremony on Dec. 15, 1887. At least six men were killed during the strike between December and 6) A mining deed for the sale of the Champion Lode, located in the January, which did not end until March. This ledger book was written Independent mining district, Lake County. Consideration was $100, right during the most deadly period of the labor strike. dated 1884. 7) An 1880 billhead from Chloride Plumbing company, some damage at the bottom. 8) About 8 billheads from Leadville from Were all the other mines shown in the ledger protected by the various businesses dated 1881. Est. $400-600 HWAC# 131025 militia? Certainly the three most prominent mines mentioned were protected – the Ibex, Malhala and Bison. Were they operated Lot# 1385 Leadville, Colorado Two Colorado by Missouri miners who were strike-breakers or scabs? Only more Broadsides from Leadville, 1888-1893 Two research will tell. broadsides from Leadville. Includes a price list from grocer, Frank Cornforth & Co. with current prices, dated April 7, 1888. Prices such as eggs, butter, dressed game, poultry and vegetables The lack of deliveries to general businesses supports, in part, the are included, along with commentary about the direction of prices fact that part of the town was “shut down”, as reported. The ledger for these categories. On that day, eggs prices were declining while shows deliveries to about three different boarding houses, but no butter was scarce. A very interesting piece. The second broadside other Leadville businesses. Were these boarding houses housing the is from the Lake County Silver Club discussing the group’s purpose, militia? “To Use every Legitimate Means to Secure the Free Coinage of Silver”. That dates this piece to the 1893-1896 timeframe as the “free silver” This ledger is a classic piece of Americana that tells an important debate peaked around that time. “Silverites” wanted an expansionary tale- one of Leadville economics, the entry of a major miners union, monetary policy featuring the unlimited coinage of silver into money the violence and death that resulted from one of many western WFM on demand, as opposed to strict adherence to the more carefully fixed strikes, and how a mine could survive during one such instance. This money supply implicit in the gold standard. Condition is good. Small lot is easily worthy of a major collection. split at center top fold of grocery broadside with small chipping on top edge. View photos for condition. Est. $200-400 HWAC# 131022 References: Mining & Scientific Press, Sept. 26, 1896, p255; Engineering and Mining Journal, there are 41 entries for 1896 alone. Specific quotes from these were taken from Sept. 26, 1896 p 304, Oct 3, 1896 p328, Oct 17, 1896 p375, Dec. 19, 1896 p589, Dec. 26, 1896 p613; Blair, E.; Leadville, Colorado’s Magic City, 1980; Lucas, J. Anthony, Big Trouble, 1997 Stevens, G.W., The Land of the Dollar, 1898 as quoted in Lucas. It should be noted there are very differing reports of the massive damage done by the WFM in various references, including how many men were killed between June, 1896 and March, 1897. View complete catalog, Register, and Bid online at 43

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 Mining Collectibles Lot# 1386 Leadville, Colorado Leadville Daily Lot# 1390 Telluride, Life Photo Group- Circa 1880’s Great group Colorado Smuggler Mine of ephemera and photos depicting daily life in Area Mining Company Leadville, Colorado. The lot starts out with a great stereoview #41, Records (c1909-1910) shot by Chas Weitfle showing Harrison Avenue with a row of telephone Important group of records poles running down both sides. Dated 1879, businesses galone shown for three companies that taken at Christmas time. Also, a photo of a lady on the sidewalk. Sign controlled the same property. shows that the Barnum & Bailey circus is coming soon to Leadville. The All three entities were private. dress is fancy dresses and hats. There are two fraternal cabinet photos, These companies are: Almont including one showing the Mount of the Holy Cross Commandery, Mining Co, Almont-Smuggler K.T., Leadville, 1892. The other shows a man in uniform at attention. MC, and Milwaukee Gold MC. This company apparently controlled Lastly, a small foldout pamphlet for Hotel Windsor advises travelers a mine they called the Almont near Telluride, probably part of what to Leadville, “wear clothes you do not care for as the dust during the ultimately became the Smuggler group. Tracing the history outside stage ride will ruin any good piece of clothing”. Est. $340-500 HWAC# this archive is difficult, in part, as noted by the Mines Directory, that the 131024 companies were private, and did not have to report to certain entities. Even Vanderwilt has little on the Smuggler-Union or surrounds. The Lot# 1387 Leadville, Colorado 1883 Leadville Smuggler was discovered in the 1880s by Joe Roscio of Milwaukee. Ephemera Collection Includes Two This archive doers not mention any of the pre-1900 history, but the Stereoviews, 1883 Great group of photos and companies subject this archive are Milwaukee based, and probably ephemera from Leadville, 1880’s. The first highlight is a stereoview of somehow related to Roscio. In this archive are two detailed Workmen’s the Col. Sellers’ Mine in California Gulch from the Popular Series line. Time Book entry sheets from November and December, 1909. Their Shows a clear view of the entire operation. Comes with an order from office was in Dunton. There are about a dozen letters by and between the mine for supplies dated 1883 including 500# of Giant Powder, iron many of the key parties. The moving force of this communication and Roebling rope. It’s cool to have both pieces together. The second group is A. Sheard, who may have been a major investor and Board stereoview shows, “Mines on Breece Hill, Leadville, Colo.” from the member. Sheard had reviewed paperwork related to a large amount of American Series. These two views are not common Leadville views. cash sent to the mine, and was incensed, telling then president Richard Lot also includes paper from the Denver and Rio Grande Railway Keller that it was a “dirty deal” and that Keller could “not be trusted showing a delivery of 5 cases Fuse to Leadville, 1883; an Iron Hill Cons. with any money.” Sheard fired Keller, sent a Sherriff deputy to serve M.C. memorandum, an order for mining supplies, Leadville, 1879; a papers on Keller and have him physically removed from the property. quitclaim deed for the Charlotte Judson Lode in California district, Sheard then tried to hire a new mine manager, and went thru several Lake County, 1881; and a letterhead from Thos. Andrew, Express and candidates for immediate placement. Other members of the Board Job Wagons Nos. 6 and 54, Leadville, 1892. Eight pieces in all. Very wanted Sheard to “wait” a few months, but Sheard correctly assumed nice. Est. $260-400 HWAC# 131529 that would be “disastrous” to the mine and company. Sheard led the Lot# 1388 Leadville, Colorado Leadville effort to regroup the company which soon became known as the Milwaukee Gold Mining Co. Along the was a key man named Brooke Birdsye View Cabinet Photo & Historical died, possibly in a mine accident, which caused further concern. Also Sketch, c. 1880’s Lot includes a nice cabinet in this archive is a published annual report for the Camp Bird Mine photo #1201, titled, “Leadville, Colorado” by Detroit Photographic from 1907 complete with fold-out views of the mine. underground Company. The view shows a view of the entire city with what looks like workings maps, etc. (44pp plus maps). also a couple other reports some mining activity in the left foreground. Snow capped mountains for mining properties not associated with the Telluride area. A key in the distance. There is damage to the mount’s right edge, but the piece is a published cloth broadside (about 9 x 14”) for the Milwaukee photo is very good. The photo measures 4” x 7”, with the mount larger. GMC notifying readers that they will not be responsible for any labor Circa 1885. The second piece is a Historical Sketch of Leadville, Lake performed unless authorized by Sheard, etc. Est. $400-1000 HWAC# County, Colorado. Information includes statistics, climate and history. 122492 Total of six pages. Looks to be removed from a larger volume as the pages are from 773-778. Est. $300-500 HWAC# 131021 Lot# 1391 Colorado 1800’s Colorado Mining Photo Group Includes a Stereoview & Two Lot# 1389 Leadville, Colorado 1882 Leadville Real Photo Postcards The stereoview is Letter Describing Opera House Build Plus copyrighted 1890 by Kilburn #5502, “The Great Gold Belt, Ouray, Col. Unlisted L/H’s from Druggist, 1888 Lot U.S.A.” Shows a group of men on a sidehill in front of a building. Also, includes two pieces. 1) There is a great letter dated Leadville, 1879 real photo cards includes, “Arkansas Smelter Leadville Colo”, publ. to Dear Charlie from S.C., a carpenter working to build a 3,000 seat by Davis Drug Co., Leadville, Colo. The second card is titled, “Hand theatre or opera house in Leadville. “I will endeavor to strike it rich Drilling in Stope of Victor Gold Mine”. Shows two miners in precarious next summer, if we have our health”. The author was at work on the positions, drilling while standing on logs over large drop offs. No big theatre on State Street. When completed it will be the largest in photographer noted. All three of these photos are uncommon ones. In town and seat 3,000 people. He is sending $20 home. “There is plenty good condition. View photos. Est. $200-250 HWAC# 131530 of work here in the carpenter work. Many buildings going up in every part of the city and business in every shape is lively. The opera house he Lot# 1392 Colorado 1800’s Colorado was referring to was possibly the Tabor Opera House, which was built Ephemera & Photos Colorado pass stereo in 1879. Eventually the Tabor became known as the finest opera house view and 5”x 8” photo taken by W.H. Jackson. west of the Mississippi. Luminaries such as Oscar Wilde, John Philip Photos are in excellent shape. Please see photos for more detail and Sousa, and Buffalo Bill appeared at the Tabor. There is also fact, or condition. Est. $200-300 HWAC# 131533 fiction, that Harry Houdini escaped from the Tabor through the stage’s trap door ( 2) Two page letter on letterheads Lot# 1393 Dakotas 1874-75 Stereo view from C.E. Riess, Prescription Druggist, Leadville, 1888. The druggist Mineral from Black Hill S.D. Stereo view of was only in business from 1887-1889. There is no embossed drug Black Hills Dakota with displays of ingot and store bottle from Riess listed in Preble. The letter addressed to Omaha ores on table and in bags. Good condition no stains or tears. Choice Ken parties recommends giving credit to another business in Leadville. Prag Collection Est. $70-100 HWAC# 131039 Signed by L.A. Bones (not listed). Est. $300-500 HWAC# 131527 Images of ALL LOTS available online at 44 February 2021

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 Stocks Part 1: Mining Lot# 1394 Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 1928 1928 Lot# 1400 Virginia City, Coeur d’Alene mining map and postcards Montana 1875 Henry 1) Fred W. Callaway, mining engineer, map. Elling (Montana) / Callaway worked out of Kellogg. Assisted by Kountze Brothers & J.M. Porter-C.F.O., and other engineers of the U. S. Assay Office (New district. It includes and index of all properties York) Large Assay listed bb township & range. 23 x 37.5”. Good Collection Twenty- Condition and hard to find! This map has not surfaced with this three pages. Every page company in a decade! 2) Six early post cards of area. Five color and one includes an assay form RPC. Includes Zinc Plant, Kellogg-Mammoth & Standard concentrators the U. S. Assay Office of in Wallace and mines at Mace, Success Mine & Mill of Wallace, Frisco New York. On almost Mill and Mine between Wallace & Burke with mines at Burke. Est. all pages is a Kountze Brothers receipt for expenses. From a few $200-300 HWAC# 123832 hundred dollars to over six thousand dollars. All from 1875. Almost all specifically mention Henry Elling by name. Henry Elling (1842-1900) Lot# 1395 Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 1969 Coeur was a banker in Virginia City, Montana, with extensive mercantile, d’Alene Mining Claims Map, 1969 Full-color, mining, and ranching interests. Born in Prussia in the winter of 1842, professionally framed map of the Coeur d’Alene Elling came to the United States in 1857. He left Denver in the summer Mining District. Frame size is approx. 21-1/2 of 1864 and took the Bear River Route and arrived in Virginia City on x 12-3/4 inches. See photo for content and October 8th 1864. Elling became a banker in the 1870’s and eventually condition. Est. $100-200 HWAC# 126905 one of the wealthiest men in Montana. This is a rare chance to own Lot# 1396 Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 1965 Geology an extensive collection form 1875 featuring one of Virginia City’s and Montana’s most famous early citizens! Some assays have one very of the Coeur d’Alene District, Shoshone, rough edge where the paper protruded from the binder they were Idaho - Geological Survey Professional in. Stuart Mackenzie Montana Railroad Collection Est. $600-1500 HWAC# Paper 478 The Coeur d’Alene district, near 123951 the base of the northern panhandle of Idaho, is one of the world’s larger lead- zinc and silver- Lot# 1401 Austin, Nevada Documents producing areas. The greater part of the district Related to the Manhattan Silver Mining is included within five map areas, from east to west the Pottsville, Company Lot of (6) documents, 1860’s to Mullan, Wallace, Kellogg, and Smelterville, which were geologically 1870’s. Letters and receipts dealing with company business. Very nice mapped during this study. These quadrangles encompass an area group. Est. $100-150 HWAC# 131306 about 26 miles long in an east-west direction and about 9 miles wide. The district lies wholly within the Coeur d’Alene Mountains. 9 x 11”. 10 Lot# 1402 Goldfield, Nevada 1909 “Geology plates in the pocket, 35 figures, 139 pages. Without removing every and Ore Deposits of Goldfield, Nevada” by map, we found no issues, even at fold intersections! Est. $60-150 Ransome, 1909 U. S. G. S. professional paper HWAC# 123824 # 66. Paperback, loose from binding, 11.5” x 8.75”. Publication includes fold out map and Lot# 1397 Chicago, Illinois Mining Jaw great photos and other maps. 285 pp. 35 plates (including the back Crusher Broadside, Chicago, c1890 pocket fold out maps) and 34 illustrations. No issues with fold outs or Broadside advertises the Great Western Rock two back pocket maps (although the pocket has become detached). Breaker and ore crusher. The machine could be easily adjusted to Covers show wear, pages are very nice. Est. $200-300 HWAC# 123828 crush fine or coarse. The crusher could work the hardest Rock to Fire Brick, Slag, Roofing, Plate Glass, Sandstone, Silex, Quartz, etc. The Lot# 1403 Goldfield, Nevada c1905 Goldfield vignette shows P.W. Gates Patent, Rock Breaker and Ore Crusher. Good Hummer Mining Prospectus, c1905 The condition. Est. $100-150 HWAC# 131017 prospectus has value as it stands. But the claims map inside is extensive. A great map and tool for Lot# 1398 Maryland 1888-9 Maryland Gold Goldfield mining collectors! The company had 100 Quartz Mining Co Ten pages of minutes of the acres at Goldfield, Esmeralda, California. Mining 12th annual meeting outlining officers duties, lodes Windsor and Windsor 2 were approved expenditure reports, 1889, bills 1889, receipts, in February of 1906. Multi-fold pamphlet annual reports. . All are handwritten in Wells, becomes an 18 x 22” claims map. Rips at top and Fargo and Co. stationery. Est. $120-150 HWAC# bottom folds need to be repaired. Otherwise the 128008 prospectus and map is in excellent condition. Est. $140-300 HWAC# 123848 Lot# 1399 Virginia City, Montana 1875 C. L. Dahler Assay, 1875, Virginia City, Montana Lot# 1404 Goldfield, Nevada Territory We have had a Dahler items for sale 1905-1910 Goldfield, before, but not an Assay for a very long time. Nevada Payment Voucher December 15, 1975. By LB Olds. or 25 ounces Collection Lot of twelve. of gold. Value $422.88. Although not sated Five 1906.07 vouchers for anywhere, this assuredly was for Henry Elling. the Jumbo. 1905 Red Top. It was stuck in the middle of a large Henry 1906 Goldfield Nevada Boy. Elling Assay Collection collection. From 1860 to 1862, Mr. Dahler was Goldfield 1905. Laguna agent for Ben Holliday’s Overland Stage Line, which became Wells Goldfield 1906. St. Ives 1906. Fargo. In 1863 he arrived in Virginia City. He became associated with Two Goldfield Consolidated Warren Hussey in the banking firm of Hussey, Dahler & Company. Mr. 1910. Eleven with billheads. Dahler also partnered with Noah Armstrong and others, namely the Est. $120-200 HWAC# 123852 Largey Family in his endeavors to create the Hecla Mining Company. Dahler was also County Commissioner for Virginia City for 12 years. Stuart Mackenzie Montana Railroad Collection Est. $200-500 HWAC# 123952 View complete catalog, Register, and Bid online at 45

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 Stocks Part 1: Mining Lot# 1405 Goldfield, Lot# 1409 Virginia City, Nevada Four Nevada Goldfield Photo Comstock Nevada Territorial Documents Suite, c1905 Originals First is a Claim Notice for the Taylor Gold & Four large original Silver Company, on the American Flag Ledge of the Virginia mining photos, 7.25 x 9.5” of district, 1863. Original and copy. Next is a property survey of a lot in key scenes in Goldfield. Virginia City. Finally, receipt for shipping gold and silver ore by the The photographers Gould & Curry Company. All pre-1864 documents. Est. $200-300 name was on a label on HWAC# 131302 the back of each, now removed. Each photo has Lot# 1410 Virginia City, Nevada Lyon original pencil notations Zacharia Debtors Court Docs, Virginia City on the back, which are Cigar & Liquor Store, 1865 Large, fascinating important. 1. “Hayes and list of creditors of Lyon Zacharia filed in Nevada County, California. Monnett (Lease) Sacking Zacharia ran a cigar and liquor store in Virginia City, Nevada. Also, a High Grade Gold Ore, One Million Dollars deposited in the J. S. Cook large group of handwritten receipts with Virginia City at the top. Also, Co’s bank - Goldfield, Nevada.” the same wording was placed on the an interesting one page document stating that the Insolvency Notice obverse of the photo. also:” Green tent Ceiling” “Not Made”. 2) “Hauling was run in the Grass Valley National, a daily paper published in Nevada ore from Combination Mine Goldfield, Nev. “NGT made” 3) Mohawk County. Signed by the Justice of the Peace of Nevada County in 1865. Mine Goldfield, Nev. “ “NGT made” (six headframes visible) 4)Bottle Zacharia had a Grass Valley store in October, 1862 and in Virginia City House in the Goldfiuelds Snow Banks, Goldfield, nev” on the obveerse, in May, 1863. Est. $300-600 HWAC# 128842 and the reverse has the same plus “light green bottles and brown Lot# 1411 Virginia City, Nevada 1923 Map alternating first row green, second row brown and so on” “NGT Made”. of the Comstock and Brunswick Lodes of Four original first generation photographs by the photographer, who Storey and Lyon County (Comstock) Shows copied them for resale later, complete with his notes on the back. the Virginia, Gold Hill, Silver City, Silver Star These 4 are among what would ultimately become some of the most and Six Mile Canyon Mining Districts. Shows famous photos of Goldfield from the c1906 period. The images are hundreds of mining claims. This is a great clear and sharp, and one can even see clearly the black paint on the resource for any Comstock mining collector! ore bags: “H & M / Mohawk”. Later copies do not have this degree of 9.5 x 4.24”. Foldout measures 32 x 26”. Est. deatil, and do not have the color designations of the rows of bottles in $150-300 HWAC# 123837 the now-famous bottle house, which is half gone today, but protected by a fence. Photos possibly by Larson. Est. $1000-2000 HWAC# 126928 Lot# 1412 Washington City, Storey County, Nevada Land Survey of Property in the Red Lot# 1406 Nye County, Nevada 1926 Tonopah Mountain Mining District Circa 1864, Red Rock Canyon Mining District. Property survey of a 197 acre lot for J. Mining Agreement Papers Agreement papers Tharp. Located 1/4 mile north of Washington City in Red Rock Canyon drawn up between Kirk Smith & W.J. Gomm. along Red Ravine Creek. 3-Color pen & ink survey map, hand drawn, It concerns a mining operation in Nye County, scale indicated as 10 chains to 1”. Revenue stamp, possibly located Nevada. This six page document has all the near Bowling House. Rare location. This is the first time we have had whereas and heretofores of many legal docs anything from this site. Excellent condition. Est. $150-300 HWAC# of the past and present. It is typed on onion skin paper and in good 131304 shape. Please see photos for more detail and condition. Est. $120-200 HWAC# 127001 Lot# 1413 Frisco, Utah 1879 Lot# 1407 Virginia City, Nevada Flat Hoist Frisco, Beaver County, Utah Archive 1879. Twelve items. cable, Presentation piece. ”Compliments of Assay documents from the James H. Wren, specimen of world’s first deep Pioneer Ore sampling Mill in level mining hoist rope invented 1863 originally used in Virginia City, Sand Station. Three William Nevada’s Mines”. Thi is a 11.5” very nice piece of cable, not a rusty A. Hodge Certificates of assay. dug up piece. This was a new concept used on teh Comstock, highly collectible today. Est. $100-300 HWAC# 131483 Two ‘Bingham Canyon & Camp Floyd Railroad receipts. Lot# 1408 Virginia City, Nevada Con Virginia Two R. Mackintosh billheads. Assay Book, 1878 298 pages, with only the One ‘Office of J. B. Meader”, assayer Salt Lake City. J. B. last page cut out. This book is a spectacular Meader certificate of assay, record of assays taken by and for the Con-Virginia Mining Co, one of sampled at Pioneer Sampling the two largest gold-silver producing companies on the Comstock, and Works. Payroll for the Frisco Mine, October 31, 1878 - No ghosts in the world at this time. It shows samples received from various mills, listed! Although once a thriving town of 6,000 today it is a ghost town. such as the Woodbury, Omega, Mariposa and more. Perhaps more Includes background information on Frisco! Est. $300-400 HWAC# importantly, it shows how careful the mill managers were in looking 123843 at every geochem detail, such as mill slimes, sluice, sand, sulphurets assays, which help thell the company how the proicess are doing- are they getting all the gold? Are they losing it somewhere in the system? They also received samples from Conrad Weigand’s refinery. A number of pages show high quality ores samples, $46.20/t gold and $80.30/ Lot# 1414 Utah Utah Underground Mining ton silver (p90, October 11, 12878). This was equivalent to about 2.2 Signs and Artifacts Two enamel signs for ounces per ton gold and 80 ounces per ton silver, worth more than Level 10 and Level 13, three early copper pins $5,000 per ton at today’s prices. (Think “Bonanza” ores!). Where has for supporting things on ribs, two wood car markers, one Hendrie this book been all these years? This is a very importnat record of brass plaque (typical of those used on Tramway), a brass angle tool actual sample data - not the data printed in the newspapers, but in and two old corner post markers. Est. $150-200 HWAC# 131387 the company’s own records. It comes just a couple years after the “Big Bonanza” of the earlier 1870s. The Con-Virginia produced over $63 million in its lifetime. Est. $3000-5000 HWAC# 131076 46 February 2021

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 Stocks Part 1: Mining Lot# 1415 Utah c1870- Lot# 1420 South Dakota and Wyoming 1880 Utah & Mining Mining Prospectuses 1) “University Gold Stereo Views & Stereo Mining and Milling Company.” Custer County, Viewer Ten stereo South Dakota. Located in the famous Black views by C. W. Carter of Hills. Consists of the University group (7 claims Salt Laske City on green / 144 acres) and the Drexel group (6 74). 3.5 board. Devils Gate, East x 10 pamphlet. 16 pages. Includes two photos Canon (with buildings); and a claims map. 2) “State Line Copper Mining 164 Emma Mine, Littel Company”. Located near Grand Encampment on Big Creek in the Cottonwood Cyn; Ophir Upper Platt Mining District, Carbon County, Wyoming. Just north of City, EAst Canyon; the Colorado border. 500 acres with 18 claims. 3.5 x 8.5”. 32 pages. (town of) Cliff Rock, Folds out to reveal claims map with nearby claims shown. Est. $100- East Canon; 152 Alta City, Little Cottonwood Canyon; Miners Camp, 200 HWAC# 123849 Alta City, Little Cottonwood CanonNear Bishop Wooleys Mill, Little Cottonwood CAnyon; two more views of Little Cottonwood Canon; Lot# 1421 Three Western Mining 24 Tree 1000 miles west from Omaha. Weber Canon.. Two views from Prospectuses” Idaho, Utah, Washington W.H. Jackson’s Scenery of the Union Pacific Railroad - 137 tressel near 1) Homestake Mining Company of Thunder Wasatch; 110 camp in Echo Canon.scenic view of rocks by Jackson Mountain, Idaho of Vulcan and Hercules 1, Bros (same sseries, but green board); 4 others in poor condition. Lot 2, ad 3 claims. Owned 100 acres. 20 pages. includes original stereo viewer by Underwood & Underwood, NY. The Vertical fold. 2) Utah-Nevada Company of Historic V & T Railroad Depot Stockpile of Pierce Powell’s Western Memorabilia Utah. “A Legend of the Desert”. Emery County. Est. $400-1000 HWAC# 122482 Properties at Keg Springs containing 16 properties at 20 acres each and two mill sites of 5 acres each. 14 pages. Includes map. 3) Revenue Lot# 1416 American Law of Mining Law Mining Company of Chewelah Mining District. Stevens County. 12 page pamphlet. Owned seven full-sized properties. Est. $120-200 HWAC# Books, Six Volumes, 1995 (6) Large Binder 123834 volumes, by Matthew Bender, for the Rock Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, plus Digest of Mining Claim Laws. Lot# 1422 c1910 Two nice mining Est. $100-150 HWAC# 131294 Prospectuses: Colorado and Arizona 1) Lot# 1417 Three Mining Journals - 1898, “Humboldt Consolidated Mining Company.” Idaho Springs, Colorado. Subtitled “Their 1904, 1907 1) “Mines and Minerals.” August Story Told in Pictures.” Uses an 11 x 17” two- 1898 to July 1899. In one hard bound volume. fold newspaper format. Photos are large 576 pages. 2) “Mining Reporter”. June 16, 1904. and bold. Tape repair at center fold. 2) “San Lots of ads. Mines listed by state & County. A valuable resource. 3) “Mining Reporter”. November 14, 1907. Est. Francisco Gold Mines Company.” Oatman $120-250 HWAC# 123823 District, Arizona. April 16, 1916. Mine owns 40 acres in the proven ore zone of Oatman. Two-fold six page, 8.5 x 11” Lot# 1418 George Hearst Memorial prospectuses with a nice claims map. Edwin Kennedy market letter, Book, 1894 Original book printed by the Los Angeles. Est. $120-160 HWAC# 123850 Government Printing Office in 1894. Titled, Lot# Two Unusual “Memorial Addresses on the Life & Character of George Hearst, March 1423 19001928 Prospectuses in Newspaper Format? 1) 25, 1892- Feb. 24, 1894”. Hardbound book of 58 pages. Inscribed to “University Gold Mining & Milling Company”. C.W. Murdaugh, Portsmouth, Virginia. George Hearst (September 3, December 1, 1900. Had 134 acres of mineral 1820 – February 28, 1891) was an American businessman, miner, and land in Custer and Lawrence Counties in the politician. After growing up on a small farm in Missouri, he founded Black Hill. Principal office was in Deadwood, many mining operations, and is known for developing along with South Dakota. 4 pages. 10.5 x 14”. Some rips, Lloyd Tevis the famous Homestake Mine in the late 1870s in the Black but not into writing. The University would be absorbed by the Reliance. Hills of South Dakota. Hearst also teamed with Marcus Daly on the 2) “Centennial Gold Mine” of the Western States Mining Company. Ontario silver mine at Park City and the famous Anaconda mine at Located at Georgetown. In the “The Missing Link” newspaper Butte. Hearst was the father of William Randolph Hearst, the famous published in Denver, Colorado. Two fold newspaper becomes a 2 sided newspaperman and publisher. Tight copy with some wear on the covers. Very good overall. Est. $150-250 HWAC# 131078 29 x 20” full sheet when opened. Shows numerous article and photos along with a drawing of the underground workings of the Centennial Lot# 1419 c1910 Mine. Est. $150-250 HWAC# 123841 Oregon & Washington Gold& Copper Lot# 1424 1906 Great Cariboo Gold Company Document Collection A group of Prospectus Lot of three. over 35 documents, including the original 1906 1) “Waldo Consolidated prospectus, from the Great Cariboo Gold Company. This collection Gold Mining Co.” Mines at includes advertising material, letterheads, and company reports. Waldo, Josephine County, The prospectus features the underground workings of the mining Oregon. Had 4,000 acres operation on the front, and the back of the prospectus has a photo of consisting of Osgood, gold nuggets and two vials of gold dust. Both or these images were Logan Deep Gravel & Frye Gulch. 2) “Great Republics Gold Mining apparently used to come up with the famous design for the company’s Co.” Holdings located in the rich mineral regions of the Cascades in fancy stock certificate, considered to be one of the most attractive Washington. Comprised of the Great Republic Group (6 claims), Miller mining stocks in existence. (There is no certificate in this collection.) River (9), happy Thought (12) and the Townsite of Berlin. 4 x 6.5”. If you own the stock certificate, this would be a great addition to it. 24 pages. 3) “S. S. Gold & Copper Mining Co.” Located in Snohomish This group would be great for researching the company and its sales County, Washington in what is known as the Sultan Basin. Had 17 techniques. The company operated in the Lightning Creek Cariboo mining claims and 7 mill sites comprising 380 acres of gold and copper. 3.25 x 5.25”. 16 pages with claim map. Est. $140-200 HWAC# 123844 District of British Columbia, Canada. There is extensive water damage to several of the documents, especially the prospectus, which also has large fold splits. Est. $200-300 HWAC# 131390 View complete catalog, Register, and Bid online at 47

DAY 1 Thursday, Feb 11 Stocks Part 1: Mining Lot# 1425 Assay Balance Scale & Weight Set Lot# 1433 Crown Mining Company Stock, (Troemner) Troemner (Philadelphia) Balance Canada, 1867 Cert. #139, issued for 20 shares scale with walnut base. 9” x 9” x2”, with weight in 1867. Incorporated Under the Laws of the set in custom wood box, German origin. Includes tongs, with faux ivory Province of Canada. Very nice mining and railroad vignettes. This is a tips. About (15) weights present. Post 1900, has beautiful display very rare certificate. The company’s mines were in Eastern Canada. VF. quality. Est. $400-600 HWAC# 131271 Uncanceled. Est. $200-400 HWAC# 128833 Lot# 1426 1910-12 Assay Office Stereo View Lot# 1434 East River Iron & Coal Company Rare stereo view of Assay Office circa 1900-15. Stock, Nova Scotia, 1864 East River Iron & Company “K” posted in front. Good condition. Coal Company, Ou Mill Brook, Pictou County, Ken Prag Collection Est. $60-100 HWAC# 131038 N.S. stock issued at Boston in 1864. “The Great Specular (sic) Ore Bed and Coal Field” printed on the masthead. This is cert. #77, issued for 29 Lot# 1427 1900’s Large Pot Hook Rack shares. The corporate seal reads Boston, 1863. Extra folds and some This is an unusual piece of equipment that I wear. No printer noted. Uncanceled. Est. $200-400 HWAC# 129496 can’t quite identify, but it appears to be a large dual hook rack for a crucible or large kettle. Piece measures 43” wide Lot# 1435 Gold Point Hydraulic Mining and has two 8” metal hooks attached. Entire piece is made from iron Company Stocks, British Columbia, 1899 and there’s quite a bit of rust . Please see photos for more detail and (2) Two from this hydraulic miner, issued in condition. Est. $150-250 HWAC# 122499 1899. Inc. in New York. Water cannon shoots a huge blast of water at the hillside with what looks like a small dinosaur below. Odd. Offices Lot# 1428 Miners Improved Gold Scale were at New Westminster. The company had 3 acres at South Fork For California ”Miners Improved Gold of Similkameen River, British Columbia (Canadian Mining Manual, Scale. pic spread winged eagle with shield / 1896). Hydraulic mining continued in other locales after being banned Manufactured expressly for California.” Black in California in the 1880’s. Both of the certificates are uncanceled case with gold letters. 6.5” long, 3” wide, 1.2” and have wear and fold splits. Condition is only good. Est. $200-400 deep. Small brass scale inside with three inter- HWAC# 129502 fitting cup weights and one small tiny pin weight. Dark green paint interior. No makers marks. These scales are the classic California Gold Lot# 1436 Neepigon Mining Company Rush pocket scales. As such, very few are in fine or better condition, Stock, Island of St. Ignace, Lake Superior, and this piece for these scales is extremely fine or better, netting it as 1850 Cert. #12, issued for 50 shares in 1850. one of the finest pieces, condition-wise, that you could find. The gold Their mines were located on the Island of St. Ignace in Lake Superior paint, black and interior green is all excellent. Est. $360-650 HWAC# (Canadian side). Nice, Michigan related mining stock. The company 129068 incorporated in Canada in 1849. VF. Uncanceled. Est. $300-400 HWAC# 128800 Lot# 1429 Miners Improved Gold Scale For California (Green Rectangle) ”Miners Improved Lot# 1437 The Lucky Coon Gold Mining Gold Scale/ eagle sitting on a shield/ Manufactured Company Ltd. Stock, Ontario, 1899 Cert. #83, expressly for California”. 5.75” x 3” x 1.5” thick. issued for 500 shares in 1899. Incorporated Gold lettering on green rectangular box (not oval). under the Companies Act, Ontario, Canada. A gold horse shoe on the Contains three finger weights, 1/2 oz, 1oz, 2oz and gold corporate seal. The Lucky Coon is part of the Mine Center district, 4 flat brass micro weights and one tiny white metal Ontario, Canada. The certificate is in excellent, uncancelled condition. triangular weight. Two pan balance in brass. Also Est. $200-400 HWAC# 129488 two pennyweight weights, un matched to the rest. The overall condition is excellent, with the paint Lot# 1438 Honduras Mining Stocks and in near perfect condition, and only a few spots missing. These pocket Bonds, 1880’s (5) Lot of five includes: Santa scales in this immaculate condition are rare. Est. $360-650 HWAC# Elena Mining Company, Yuscatan, 1886; 129069 Guayabillas Mining Company (2), one brown and one green, 1888, also operated at Yuscatan, and Honduras Mining Company, common stock, Lot# 1430 Miner’s Candlestick, Lindhal Yuscaran, 1885, and and bond from Honduras Mining Company, (NY), -Style 12” long stick with handle. Brass 1884. This is a very nice group of stocks and bonds from the 1880’s. handle and match holder, 4.25” This Miner’s Est. $300-500 HWAC# 129506 Candlestick is made in the style of the well-know Lindhal patent, but is distinctly different with a longer brass handle, with screwed on ends at each end. We have not seen this particular stick before, in the thousands of sticks we have handled. Est. $300-600 HWAC# 131276 Lot# 1431 Antique Measuring Tape c1900 Original and very old probably 200 or 300’ (chain) or commonly known today as a metal measuring tape. Hand constructed wood handle with leather strap. Clearly c 1900-1910 probably used at western mines. Est. $100-200 HWAC# 131490 Lot# 1432 Chaudiere Copper Mining Company Stock, East Canada, 1863 Cert. #63, issued for 100 shares in 1863. New Bedford, Mass. printed on the masthead. The company inc. in 1862. Nice vignette at the left of miners working at the bottom of the shaft with two workers at ground level operating a winze. The company operated in East Canada, below Quebec. 25 ct. revenue at left. W.H. Forbes, Lith. Boston. VF. Uncanceled. Est. $240-400 HWAC# 128803 48 February 2021

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