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Published by anita, 2015-05-06 12:26:49

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MTR Crossrail Newsletter Edition: April 2015INTRODUCTIONDear colleagues I’m delighted with our leadership team. Just likeA lot has happened since our first newsletter in February! everyone else we haveIn this edition, we’ve got updates on our leadership team which is recruited, they were selectednow fully in place and the new company HQ which also incorporates not just for their knowledgeour Learning Station and Control room. Our HQ is designed to be used and experience from a wideby everyone in the company for different activities, so we’ve lookedto make it as convenient as possible with really good facilities. range of backgrounds, but also because of theirThere has been and remains a lot to do to get all our procedures and enthusiasm and in place to take responsibility for the Railway from 31 May.We continue to make good progress and I continue to be very impressednot only by the quality of the people we have recruited, but also thepeople transferring from AGA. It’s great to see the levels of commitmentand enthusiasm I am encountering at the pop-up shops and otherintroduction events I’ve attended. I’m also picking up lots of goodideas and will be asking you for more of these as I travel the network.It’s only five weeks to go before our start date and as I’ve said before,whilst we will face many challenges, I can already see the makingsof an excellent team.Steve Murphy, Managing Director MTR CrossrailOUR SENIOR MANAGEMENT leadTehrisshiips our team! Pg. 1 For more information, feedback and suggestions please contact: [email protected]

INTRODUCING SOME OF OUR TEAM Marcelo Teran – Performance Improvement Manager My role involves working with key internal MTR managers to identify and progress improvement initiatives targeting delays, cancellations and headways as well as working jointly with Network Rail to produce and maintain the ‘Performance Strategy’. My first weeks with MTR have been really encouraging, there is a positive and eager atmosphere and if people feel good they are more likely to produce good results. Dan Roberts – Programme Manager I joined MTR Crossrail at the start of February. My role involves working with all areas of the business to ensure we deliver the wide range of project activities required for the Staged Opening of Crossrail services from May 2015 to December 2019, from station works and testing of the new tunnels, to driver training and staff uniforms. It’s my job to make sure we are delivering the right things, at the right time, and in theright way to meet our commitments to the customer. It’s great being part of a new organisation that is stilltaking shape, and I’ve found the atmosphere to be really friendly and positive as everyone is excited to bepart of such a high-profile transformation to London’s transport system. Sam King – Executive Co-ordinator My role is one of variety, each day I find myself working on new projects with people all across the company. My key roles are to ensure the steady running of the general office and to support the Executive team. The company has done a great job in putting its Vision, Mission and Values into practice, there is a great feel about the place and real buzz about the imminent opening of the operation! Emma Banfield – Duty Performance Reporting Manager I’ll be working in the control room on a 24/7 shift rotation. We will be monitoring real time performance, responsible for making sure the control room logs have detailed information about performance and safety related incidents on the network, identifying weaknesses in agreed plans or processes for review and recommendation. To set up the control room we’ve been tracking IT and software developments,interfacing with other departments, looking at information flows, developing and training competenciesand contingency planning, visiting other control rooms and shadowing the current AGA and Network Railcontrollers on our route. Personally I’ve been making sure Compass, the incident recording and follow-upsystem, is ready for go live.It’s been absolutely great getting to know the MTR Crossrail team and forming relationships for whenwe go live. FACT: There will be staff at every station whilst trains are running

WE HAVE MOVED! Our Learning Station interior MTR Crossrail NewsletterTeam photo from our move in day Edition: April 2015 At the end of March we moved in to our new headquarters and training facilities. Everyone is very excited and settling in to their new surroundings. Our team have worked very hard to get the offices looking fantastic. A special thanks to our super IT team who worked relentlessly to have everything up and running as well as our Office Manager Jane Ziegler. Remember this HQ is for everybody and we look forward to all our frontline employees joining us for induction training. If you get a chance before that, please do come in and see the office as we would love to see you. In addition we are planning improvements to mess rooms which we will share details of in the near future. We are looking forward to the future of MTR Crossrail at St Mary Axe! Pg. 3

UNIFORMS Debs tahnednCewhaurnleifsormmosdellingWe held measuring sessions at the beginning of April and were reallypleased to see such a great turnout. Our team decided to hold thesesessions as a way to meet some of our new employees and also ensurethey get the best fit! Uniforms will be distributed from early May andwe will have a dedicated email address and phone number to callshould you have any queries or sizing issues:[email protected] 254 5150 ThEleavnnetknsaaotunhordaenMtvdueDrrwnyieotSdnhetumepwve.heaosMuhreuinlrpgpeh!dyTRAINSSince the start of the partial refresh programme on the Class Refresh!315 units in January, four units have now been completed,with a new unit being released once every two weeks.All of these have received the new exterior livery andthe interior repaint to remove the existing colourschemes. We have now entered the next phase inwhich the full branding and seat covers are designed,developed and purchased in readiness for 31 May. FACT: Full integration with TfL fares and ticketing

POP-UP SHOPS MTR Crossrail NewsletterWe are hosting pop-up shops in April... Edition: April 2015 Find out more... Visit our website for more information: Password: Industryleading31 If you have any questions please contact: [email protected] or call the information line: 0800 254 5150 Wteoonlho-aobvkoinafgrodryw!oaurdAoliusronneamwnedMrcEThmaRmndaCismreoo!sdserlalinilg Visit youorurPsoeplf-uspomSehgooposdaiensd! grabHighlighter Oyster Recruitment Mugs pen card card holder Tote bag Pen Employee leaflet Pg. 5

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCEAbout the team:The Customer Experience team aims to deliver an outstandingcustomer experience on our stations and trains. The team is madeup of our Station Staff, Community Ambassadors, Travel SafeOfficers and our KPI team.Our key priorities are: We will measure our success by: To provide a safe and secure railway for our customers and staff Delivering improvements in and to reduce ticketless travel Customer Satisfaction Survey scores (CSS), National Passenger To provide accurate and timely information to our customers Survey scores (NPS) and Mystery Shopper scores (MSS) To ensure that the customer environment is clean, tidy and well maintained Delivering against our KPI regime with RfL To provide a reliable railway for our customers Staff feedback and To deliver the KPI regime below our concession benchmarks engagement scores which means being responsive to faults and customer needsTo achieve this, we will:Invest Invest Deliverin staff in new stationtraining uniform enhancement works See pg. 4 for more info Invest in new Invest in equipment improved staff mess room facilities FACT: More step-free access to public transport

Coming soon... MTR Crossrail NewsletterThe Customer Experienceteam are delivering more Edition: April 2015fun and exciting waysof engaging with our Introducing our Communityemployees, customers Ambassadorsand communities.Our Values • Sultana Pasha Visit our website for the full VMV: • Carolina Garcia Huerta As ambassadors, we will work Live by the MTR on developing relations with Crossrail Vision, Mission local communities in and and Values, to make this around every station. a great place to work! We aim to create a personalised service by listening and responding to the views of service users which will heavily contribute towards achieving MTR’s industry- leading service. In doing so, we look to strengthen our work by adopting a multi-agency approach, and transmitting a sense of unity, pride and ownership. Engage in ourcommunities Pg. 7

WIN A TRIP TO HONG KONG! tWoaepreplcloiecoiakvitnfiogonry!woaurrdCompetition time! How do I apply? Download and complete theThis is your opportunity to visit MTR in Hong Kong as a Work application form from:Improvement Team (WIT) representative for the MTR GlobalWIT Conference. Email your application form to:MTR Corporation are holding their first global WIT Conference on the17-19 June 2015 in Hong Kong and we are offering the opportunity [email protected] two of our people to represent MTR Crossrail at this conference. The competition closing date is Friday 15 May 2015 and winnersHere at MTR Crossrail there is always space for improvement and will be notified by 22 May 2015.achieving excellence in everything we do. MTR work under theculture and management approach of continuous improvement.We are asking you:• Do you strive for continuous improvement in everything you do?• Are you a team player?• Always seeking a better way to work?• Are you innovative?FACT: Every employee will undergo an induction programme

MTR Crossrail Newsletter Edition: April 2015 EMPLOYEE STATION The HR team would like to announce the arrival of Employee Station, your one stop HR & Payroll Employee Self Service Portal.With Employee Station you will be able to:View and update Book annual Book onto View your your personal leave courses payslipdetails including (we are goingaddress, contact electronic)details, next of kin STILL TO COME… REWARDS AND BENEFITS We are currently working to finalise your Rewards, Recognition and Benefits Platform.When you transfer you will retain your contractual benefits, howeverout platform will have perks such as:Childcare Travel Cycle to work Long servicevouchers awards SUGGESTION STATION sWuogepgienvisaotlnuioeannysdo..u.r Here at MTR Crossrail we value your opinion and aim to create Pg. 9 dynamic communication channels to ensure a consistent message as well as creating opportunities for people to challenge and debate change.We have a dedicated email address for you to put your suggestionforward! Contact suggestion station: [email protected] soon, we will introduce:• Annual Employee Survey• Ask the Leadership

Our HR team have been busy! RECRUITMENT AND TRAININGApprentice Recruitment Fair at City HallNational Apprenticeship Week ran from 9 to 13 March 2015.TfL hosted an apprenticeship recruitment fair at City Hall on12 March to promote the range of apprenticeship opportunitiesavailable both at TfL and across its supply chain.MTR Crossrail were invited to have a stand along with 12 othercompanies and support agencies. Around 200 potential apprenticeswere invited to the event and had the opportunity to meet withemployers and find out about all of the roles available.Our team made up of Kelly Forest, Paul Siniecki and DeborahLing did a fantastic job manning the MTR Crossrail stand andanswering questions about MTR. This was even observed by LondonUndergrounds Managing Director, Mike Brown who singled out ourstand in his speech, encouraging everyone to stop by MTR Crossrail!The event also gave us the opportunity to network with otherexhibiters. Since the event we have connected with three otherorganisations that offer opportunities to young Londoners. We areplanning on working together in the future to ensure that we canhelp as many young people into work as possible.Route into Work course at London Transport Museum tArapaiptnrraieenlengantbfticu!oetusuthriepsAs a result of networking at the apprentice event Kelly Forrest andPaul Siniecki were invited to the London Transport Museum on25 March to be guest employers at the Route into Work course.Route into Work is a three day pre-employment course for 16-24 yearolds who are looking for work, apprenticeships, or work placementpositions in the transport industries. London Transport Museuminvited us to support the course by attending the ‘Employer Session’on day three of the course. We met the participants and enjoyeda presentation they have prepared especially for us in front of theCrossrail exhibition.We presented certificates to the participants to recognise theirachievement throughout the course. Route into Work is a fantasticopportunity for young people, some from difficult backgrounds,to get support and guidance in preparation for work. We havebeen invited back to another Route into Work event in June/July. FACT: We will have new gatelines by 2016

Training MTR Crossrail NewsletterOur Head office employees are currently undergoing the first runof Induction Training. This will be rolled out to everybody in the Edition: April 2015company after the 31 May. Cnheewcklooguots!ourOur Learning and Development team have designed the programmewhich covers an induction to the business, VMV, Customer Experienceworkshop and additional practical modules. The purpose of thistraining is to ensure we can be of real practical use when out andaround the stations!Driver recruitment has been extremely busy over the last two months,especially with the Trainee Train Driver role as we have had over ‘coaaufrEmraevMreidanDtrSoewatagdeseyvtne’’!t4000 applications to date!We have also had a lot of interest for our Qualified Driver andDriver Team Leader roles. All applications are processed throughour website, so it’s great to see this being used by so many people. Behind the scenes! We have been doing some filming as part of the new training, here is a sneak peak. Pg. 11

OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH TfL MTR Crossrail Newsletter As a company it is important we understand who we work for and what our relationship is with TfL. Thank you for reading!On the 30 July 2014 MTR Crossrail, 100% owned subsidiary of MTR CrossrailMTR Corporation, was awarded the concession for operating operates TfL Railthe new Crossrail services across London on behalf of TfL. services on behalfWho do you work for?If you are asked who you work for, the answer is MTR Crossrail. of TfLWhilst you will be wearing a TfL Rail uniform and representingTfL, you are employed by MTR Crossrail.What is our relationship with TfL?MTR Crossrail is the operator of the TfL Rail network and soon tobe branded ‘Crossrail’ network which it does under a concessionagreement with Transport for London.TfL Rail will become ‘Crossrail’ in 2017 when the new trainsare introduced into service, however you will remain an MTRCrossrail employee.What is our relationship with the other parties?The diagram below describes our relationships...

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