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Published by oumyanapon2549, 2021-02-19 08:25:05

Description: m.3/4 No.13,19,22,32,37,38


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TAEKWONDO SPORTS 2 world champions, 1 Olympic Olympic champion One coin bronze medal, total of 27 remaining champions, all of which are the After the Rio Games With a number of trophies that bronze medal as a consolation \"Tennis\" Panipak Phatthanakit award She learned from the can do within 5 years. Had events of that day. Develop done this much before yourself until becoming a hand in the world completely. If Especially the results in 2019, counting the results from 2017- 2019, she has won a total of 18 she won a total of 6 trophies out of 21 competitions championships, not lost to that have lost only 3 matches, anyone. Take the throne of the especially in 2019 that is not world's 1st hand all year round. lost to anyone. It was the result But telling me, who would have of training that was too intense believed that more than this girl for anyone to imagine All of could stand in this point? She this is for one goal. Is the 2020 had been called a loser before. Olympic champion.

Belle Jenny Oum For the beautiful young heroine, Pammy Aommie Cherry Pammy Spichaya is considered a new rising star in the industry who starred in the first film, it is doing fun fun childhood very well. After that, let's go see the lives of all Pammy's friends. Let's start with the famous beauty queen gang business woman right now. Billion business degree, that is, Jenny Orathai, the girl that Cherry and Jenny's childhood jokes, Sherry and Jenny came out to interview that the business is going are the daring children to show off. The two of them loved the well The story of love is very sweet. Makes colorful dress as a child and never cared about how an adult many young people jealous because on February looked at her. Many times, they loved walking in high heels 14, young Eun-woo kneeled in surprise, around the village without visiting, and she still liked it. Play proposing to marry it. As for the miss universe role-playing together again Until her friends gave her the 2020, that is Cherry Thanatchporn can be beauty of the group. called a rising star model ever. There were also two other women: Oum Yanaporn and Bella The story of Aommie as a child Aommie once told Natnicha, two of whom were considered top that As a child, Aommie was a very nice child. With her class subjects for the group. And what is loveliness, no matter what she does, her father will pick up the absolutely indispensable is the Aommie, who is camera to capture the cuteness of Aommie. And there was one now one of the top five richest people in the time Aommie was learning to walk, so Father and Mother country. sang with clapping. This made the three-year-old Aommie stand up and dance to the rhythm of his father's applause. But But all of the above is just a funny who would have thought that Aommie would stop her breast dress up story. Of the beauty queen gang and stand still Father and Mae looked at the floor and found that Aommie had feces. Funny jokes


HOROSCOPE Sagittarius 16 December – 14 January Gemini 15 June – 16 July LOVE LOVE - Who have a boyfriend or girlfriend, - Who has been in a relationship for a while this New Year is a great the status of the word “girlfriend” or “boyfriend” may end, but will year to settle down or start a family. Or those who are still single, change opportunities in the subject of love there is still hope. from boy or girlfriend to husband or wife in the New Year as well. MONEY MONEY - Who has had financial problems before. You will earn more money in - Wealthy. Finance has changed for the better. a variety of ways, but get past the first 3 months to before. CAREER CAREER - This New Year your life will change. Has started new job or maybe - As you enter April, you will have progress and success, you will have the original work, but at work and happiness it was year of great an adult to support you. success and progress in terms of work. HEALTH HEALTH - There may be stress at the beginning of the year, a lot of pressures, - This New Year is a year that has or it may be hard work. changed for the better. However, don’t be careless always take care of yourself. Aries 14 April – 14 May Virgo 17 September – 17 October LOVE LOVE - Anyone who is - People whose single will find a love that comes unexpectedly or it maybe someone couples have families, anyone who plans to have a new member and we meet on wants to have children is a good time. a regular basis. Or someone who has a partner and a family will create MONEY a love - There is an opportunity in the matter of earning good money, but that has a better stability. you will have huge family or housing expenses. MONEY CAREER - Earn more money but have small expenses, need to find a reasonable - Changed for the better. Especially in the first 3 months, investing in amount of savings. starting a new business is more balanced in terms of work. CAREER HEALTH - There are quite a lot of changes. In the first 3 months of the year - There are quite a lot of travel matters. May have to take care of your have to be health more. responsible for many things at the same time. HEALTH - Overall there are no problems. Only the first 2 months still need to be careful about illness, uncomfortable, accident, surgery. Scorpio 17 November – 15 December Cancer 17 July – 16 August LOVE LOVE - A relationship may have fussy problems, problems with third parties. - Who's planning this year, it's a good time to get married. But to Single people may make emotional decisions that's not make sense. single people, you can choose. There maybe two people entering at the MONEY same time. - This New Year will be a good year. Will be a richer year. MONEY CAREER - May get a large sum of money, hurry to share the savings, it will be - Will have success. Has progressed. A very good time for work from good. Jan to Feb to Mar, this 3 months in terms of work. CAREER HEALTH - During Jan-Feb-Mar hold a golden minute. Who wants to start - Have a fussy problem. This year there are minor illnesses. investing, want to join stocks or do something new, hurry and do it in the last 3 months. So plan carefully. HEALTH - If you get a little sick, don’t buy your own oral medication, better seek medical attention.

HOROSCOPE Leo 17 August – 16 September Libra 18 October – 16 November LOVE LOVE - This New Year. Anyone who is single has the chance to have a - Love is happy. Have more time to spend with your loved. For singles, girlfriend. Or who have been in a relationship for a while, definitely meet new people. After April, perfect place to start. Maybe have a have the opportunity to get marry if you are ready. boyfriend. MONEY MONEY - You have better career opportunities. Your income will have a - Expenses are really heavy. Take care of many responsibilities. substantial income. Expenses have come in quite a lot, but some work periods improve. CAREER CAREER - During April, May, and June it will be a very good time. Anything - At the beginning of the year, many things have to be trial and error. that gets stuck, a lot of obstacles these 3 months would be good and Wnt to keep calm and have a lot of consciousness. adults are here to help. HEALTH HEALTH - Take good care of your mind. Find activities that are beneficial to - The first 2-3 months of the year may be ill. Because of heavy work, exercise, travel or vacation. not enough rest, not taking care of yourself. Pisces 15 March – 13 April Taurus 15 May – 14 June LOVE LOVE - Be happy. People who are single may meet people with different - A couples, be careful of problems with third parties. And people who lifestyles. Maybe you need to adapt a lot. are single, want to spend a long time studying each other. MONEY MONEY - Have a dept problem. But in the New Year there will be fortune, - Have more wealth. But have to take money to solve problems. but expenses won’t stop. Must plan in terms of income and expenses CAREER well. - There are adjustments or receive orders suddenly. But early in the CAREER year of Jan-Feb-March will have good news and progress. - Is smoother. Have an adult support. But after April, work may have HEALTH a problem. - Always take good care of yourself, exercise or go to the gym. HEALTH - Should take care of the health of family members. May have to have more time. Is something that is necessary. Capricorn 15 January – 12 February Aquarius 14 February – 14 March LOVE LOVE - Single people have the opportunity to meet the right person. The - May have met a stable partner in life. People who have been dating people who have been dating for a while have been engaged and get for a long time can marry and have children. married. MONEY MONEY - Have more stability in life. There will be ongoing issues to spend. But - Earn even more money. This year has definitely cleared the dept. will have more money to save. some people buy at home buy a car. CAREER CAREER - Has been rescued. Adult will support. - It changes for the better, becomes very tired, take on heavy HEALTH responsibilities. - Has changed for the better. Symptoms of various diseases are HEALTH relieved. - Have a threshold to get fatter. Regarding body weight, don’t exercise extreme. Take god care of yourself.

What level are you at in this test? “Cartoon masters in the 90’s” 1. The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh 2. SpongeBob SquarePants 3. Pokémon 4. The Road Runner Show 5. The Addams Family 6. Popeye The Sailor 7. The Flintstones 8. Tom & Jerry 9. Looney Tunes 10. The Scooby-Doo show 11. Courage The Cowardly Dog 12. Dexter’s Laboratory 13. Powerpuff Girls 14. Samurai Jack 15. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 16. The Transformers 17. Mr. Bean 18. Garfield & Friends 19. Teen Titans 20. Naruto 1-6 You only watch what 7-13 You watch cartoons 14-20 You love watching you like, right? that are shown on TV cartoons and wait to see channels and only watched everything that will be for some time. released.

Ruffle dress ideas A wide selection of fashionable clothes such as tops, pants, skirts, dresses can all be put together and look gorgeous on women. But let me give you an example of how to dress to look good for an event.(VOUG fashion) There are dresses that are expensive and sassy. And dresses that are simple but look a lot at the same time. There are lace and flowers attached to it making it look cute. Walk anywhere but people look.

Nangngam- taloomiti Yanaporn Phothihanam 13 Natnicha Thanatchpron Pongpinyopap 19 Pimchanok Sapichaya Kamkaew 22 Orathai Soontornkijworakul 32 Tongrung 37 Thitchai 38 secondary school level 3/4

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