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Volume 7, Number 4 Winter 2017MEDINAH SHRINER A Publication of the Medinah ShrineCelebrating the Holidays! Happy New Year!

MEDINAH SHRINERS In this issue: 3-4 5 Aleikum es Selamu The Potentate’s Message 6 First Lady & Recorders Messages 11A non-profit corporation operating under Annual Meeting & Election Information the auspices of Shriners International, 100 Million Dollar Club 17,18,21 Event Photos 24,25,40 an Iowa Corporation Event Photos 26 - 39 News of Units, Committees, & SC’sELECTED OFFICERS 2017 Lance M. EvansPotentate William M. KissaneChief Rabban LeRoy C. BaumannAssistant Rabban Keith M. KoopmanHigh Priest & ProphetOriental Guide George E. StimacTreasurer Craig C. Stimpert, P.P.Recorder Fred S. KaufmanREPRESENTATIVES TO THEIMPERIAL COUNCIL 2017Potentate Lance M. EvansChief Rabban William M. Kissane Additional Photo Credits ~ Medinah Photography ClubAssistant Rabban LeRoy C. BaumannPast Potentate 2016 Craig C. Stimpert, P.P.Representative Emeritus Robert O. Kuehn, P.P.Representative Ad Vitam Lewis K. MolnarRepresentative Ad Vitam Charles G. Cumpstone, Jr.APPOINTMENTS FOR 2017 ADVERTISING…Captain of the Guard Donald ShewmakeOuter Guard John Wojciechowski If you would like to advertise in this publication, please contact theCeremonial Director Patrick Robin Medinah Office at 630-889-1400 or email [email protected] Ceremonial Master Dwaine A. Churma Advertising prices:2nd Ceremonial Master James Sicinski Full page - $150 per issue - $540.00 all 4 issuesDirector of Units & Frat.Committees Dan Mathes Half page - $75.00 per issue - $270.00 all 4 issuesParade Marshall Dan Smith Quarter page - $50.00 per issue - $180.00 all 4 issuesDirector of Shrine Clubs Calvin Tazelaar Bus. Card - $35.00 per issue - $126.00 all 4 issues The Medinah Shriner Magazine is for you, the Nobility, and any and allMEDINAH SHRINER MAGAZINE Jodie Keating articles that you feel may benefit our members will be accepted andChief Editor Richard Schak reviewed for inclusion in an upcoming issue.Chief Photographer Stevens Group Send your articles to:Printing Services [email protected] PLEASE SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERSMedinah Shrine was established in 1883 to provide asocial and entertaining Oasis in the Desert of Chicago.The Shrine is a fraternity based on the MasonicBeliefs of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhoodof Man. Medinah was founded to further promote thetenets of Freemasonry, brotherly love, relief and truth.Remembering our creed – Faith, Hope and Charity –the greatest of these being Charity – we founded ourown Charity, the Shriner’s Hospitals for Children®.Nobles, support your Fraternity and your Charity.SUBSCRIPTIONSSubscriptions are included in annual member dues.Cost to purchase a subscription is $15.00 per year.Contact the Recorder’s office if you wish to purchasesubscriptions for family members.MEDINAH SHRINE CENTER550 N. Shriners DriveAddison, IL 60101Tel: 630-889-1400 Fax: 630-705-9907www.medinah.orgFollow Us On:Volume 7 Number 4Winter 20172 Medinah Shriner

The Potentate’s MessageNobles-Ladies-Friends of Medinah,This issue of the Medinah Shriner will recap the 4th Qtr. of 2017 and bring this exciting and FUN year to a close.Our Chief Editor Jodie Keating continues to improve her skills with every issue. We continue to do our best toprovide you with up-to-date coverage of what has transpired at Medinah and what to look forward to in the up-coming months.Since you have read our Fall Issue we held our Halloween Party “The Shrining” and was it successful! Medinah’sMotor Corps. and Marauders worked diligently to put together one heck of a party. The Blooze Bros. Band wassensational and everyone kept dancing well into the night.Medinah traveled to Punta Cana for the Potentate’s Trip in early November. Our destination was the DreamsPalm Beach which is an all-inclusive resort. Our Travel Agent was PP Roger and June Schoner of Sun Travel.What a package they put together for the 92 of us through Apple Vacations. Everyone had a fantastic time andI noticed that my pants were a little tighter when I arrived home. Somehow they must have shrunk in thecloset!!Not much time to rest when we arrived back to Illinois. Two days later we attended the Addison Mayor’s Ball.Great event sponsored by Mayor Rich Veenstra for all the Charitable Organizations who call Addison Home. Itwas a “Black Tie” affair and was well attended by both Medinah and all of the other organizations.One week later the Award-Winning Medinah Highlanders held their OV. What a great event held in Highlandertradition with a musical presentation recapping the songs that helped them win the Pipe Band Competition atour most recent Great Lakes Shrine Association meeting in Springfield, IL. In addition, three of their drummersdemonstrated their skills when they played a number which they have been practicing for only a few shortweeks. They all played together and were perfect.We held our last Unit Head Meeting of the year on November 30th in the Music Room. The Directors and leadersof all Units, Shrine Clubs, and Committees came out in force for this party. I would like to thank Jim Brotts whois the Director of Units and Fraternal Committees as well as his committee of Mark King and John Boszko fortheir hard work all year. Additionally, a BIG Thank You goes out to all Nobles who accepted the responsibility tolead the Units, Committees, and Shrine Clubs for all of their hard work and dedication. Attendance at thesemeetings were substantially higher in ‘17 than in the past and it would be great if this trend would continue witheven higher attendance in 2018.Medinah sponsored, along with the Valley of Chicago, the Children’s Holiday Party on December 9th. (OurSportsman’s Raffle proceeds at work.) Oriental Guide George Stimac and Lady Donna were in charge of thisevent and what a super job they did. We had a total of 316 children and 558 adults for a total of 874 peopleregistered for this event. Many told me that their children or grandchildren wanted to come to the party eventhough they were too old to receive a present from Santa. They just loved the party and wanted to come outand have a good time. Wow---That says it all. When your Children are having a FUN time and you are at aparty with your Masonic friends ----- that is what belonging to these organizations is all about!!This was one of our largest Children’s Holiday Parties and could not have happened without the time and effortof so many people both the ladies and men, who worked tirelessly to put this together. My intention was tooriginally mention all the Units, Clubs, Committees, and Masonic Bodies who participated but when I reached17, I decided to just do a mass THANK YOU!!! However, I would like everyone to know that Ray Kustush, whois Head of the Hospitality Committee built the entire Santa set in the Music Room including the huge Clock.What a talent!! continued on the next page….Winter 2017 3

The last OV of the year will be the Medinah Patrol’s on December 16th. I hope that many of you are able to make this event. Then to conclude 2017 we will be hosting a New Year’s Eve Party. This is always such a Fantastic Event with the premium libations, first class food and one of the best bands for our dancing entertainment----- surely an event not to miss. Be there!!!! Your Divan will! It is now that time in my message when I say Thank You for allowing me to serve as your Potentate for 2017. Our goal was to have FUN, and to provide events at reasonable prices that would include your whole family. I hope that you participated and attended as many of them as possible. We worked hard at putting together packages for both Imperial and GLSA. If you have never attended one or the other–-you need to do so and meet other Shrine Families from other Shrine Centers. This is what belonging to the Fraternity is all about. In addition, belonging to a Unit or Club which competes at these events and is successful enough to win the competition is such an un-describable feeling. To be a part of this makes all the time spent on practices so worthwhile. Not everyone competes but just to be associated with your favorite Club, Group, or Unit and to cheer them on is a great feeling. Spaghetti Wednesday’s was a hit and I thank all that came out and shared a few laughs and had some spaghetti with us. Our purpose was to use the Oasis and get the families out so Mom didn’t have to make supper and do dishes. Yes, I know that Dad’s do this as well! I am happy to say that the number of children increased as we progressed through the year. I would like to recognize Chief Aide Nui Burcham and my grandson Owen Sykes for Perfect Attendance at Medinah’s Spaghetti Wednesday’s. I would also like to Thank each and every one of you for your comments, suggestions, and criticisms not only this year but also before I became Potentate. Each of you are concerned about Medinah and our future. I did my best to implement all those that I could. My predecessor Craig Stimpert and Lady Paula started the ball rolling with mind and attitude changes and I would like to personally like to Thank Craig for all his suggestions and insights into doing the job of Potentate. His advice was invaluable. It was very productive working with the 2017 Divan. Hard workers all dedicated to the service of Medinah. Your Chief Rabban and his Lady are ready to make 2018 an enjoyable time! All that YOU need to do is participate. A Special Acknowledgement for COG Don Shewmake and COGGETTE Joyce. Both are dedicated and strong leaders for tomorrow. We could not have accomplished all that we did without the effort and support of our Aides who all attended: the Imperial, GLSA and the Pote’s Trip. Chief Tracy & Nui Burcham, Dewayne & Debbie Hankins, Ken & Karen Klotz, Dan & Kathleen Mathes and Rick and Cathy Pott. God Bless all of you. Lastly, it was so wonderful having the full support of my wife Debbie and our children and grandchildren. All of them accompanied us to Daytona Beach for the Imperial plus many were at the OV’s and various parties. Thank You. Let’s continue to work together and make Mighty Medinah-----Mighty……… Make a Difference----Get Involved……… Yours In the Faith, Lance M. Evans, Potentate Medinah Shriners Leonard J. Maniscalco with the assistance of Noble John Peter Curielli presented a check in the amount of $25,000.00 from Len’s deceased wife, Geraldine \"Geri\" Maniscalco’s, Trust. Geri & Len both felt strongly about all the wonderful work done at Shriners Hospitals. Len’s father, in the 1940’s, was Master of his Masonic Lodge and also a Shriner. Noble Curielli is working diligently to have Len join our Medinah Shrine Family!4 Medinah Shriner

TEMPLE COMMUNICATIONSMESSAGE FROM MEDINAH’S FIRST LADYIt is hard to believe that 2017 has come to a close! It was wonderful to see the great turnout of Nobles, Ladiesand their Families to the events of 2017. Thank you for Making a Difference and Getting Involved!Spaghetti Wednesdays were a huge success! Families, Friends, Units, Committees, Shrine Clubs---- all came outto enjoy a delicious meal and friendship. The Potentate’s Ball, Flower Show, Fashion Show, the Potentate’s Tripto Punta Cana, and the Children’s Christmas Party were well attended. Your support is appreciated.A big THANK YOU goes to our Aides, our Patrol Line, Cog & Cogette, and our Families. Your love, patience,understanding and support over the last 6 years meant the world to us. We could not have been successfulwithout each of you in our corner.This year has given us many wonderful memories and new and renewed Friendships. I would not have changeda thing. I am truly honored and humbled to have been First Lady of Medinah in 2017. Thank you for all the loveand support! You will all have a special place in my heart!As DR. Seuss said “Don’t cry because it is over, be happy because it happened”. I am very HAPPY!!Please support the 2018 Potentate and Divan. There are many wonderful events planned. I hope to see you atsome or all of the events.Debbie EvansMedinah’s 2017 First LadyTHE RECORDER’S MESSAGEGood Day all Nobles and Ladies,We know that the beginning of Winter is around the corner when the Medinah Fall Ceremonial has come andgone. This Ceremonial was special, because this was one of the first times we have had a Cold Sand done by ourNobles at Medinah. Hats off to all of the members of Medinah that took part in the Cold Sands, it was a great timeand a lot of fun. Great work guys!We have finished most of the outside work for this season and look to next spring to continue someimprovements on the outside of our building. This winter we will focus on a few interior items that need attention.One of the Nobles at our Fall Ceremonial asked me what was the hardest part of being the Recorder at Medinah,well I told him there were a lot of hard parts to the job, but one of the toughest is when I have to stand up andread the names of those Nobles that have been call by the Black Camel. This last Ceremonial I had to read thenames of 44 Nobles. The names of these Nobles will be added to our Black Camel page on our website shortly.Our Holiday Children’s Party was a lot of fun for the kids and adults alike. Also the Medinah Masonic Lodge withthe Westchester Lodge and the Medinah Police Unit had an IL CHIP booth set up for the kids in the lobby. Pleaseremember that Medinah will have a New Year’s Eve Party, if you have not signed up, you will be missing a greattime. We have postponed the cleaning out our Storage room till next year due to the lack of time and with theholidays fast approaching we will just put it on hold till the Holidays are over. Our new web site is coming alongand will be up soon, so stay tuned, this will be a refreshing change with a lot of new features for our Nobles.I wish all a Healthy, Happy and Safe Holiday season!Yours in the Faith,Fred S. KaufmanRecorder Medinah Shrine Remember to support your Blue Lodge... Not all Masons are Shriners, but all Shriners are Masons.Winter 2017 5

NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE FRIDAY, JANUARY 19, 2018 6:30 pm ANNUAL MEETING, ELECTION AND INSTALLATION OF OFFICERSYou are invited and requested to attend MEDINAH'S ANNUAL MEETING, ELECTION AND INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS on January 19, 2018. The meeting will be held at Medinah Shrine Center, 550 N. Shriners Drive, Addison, IL 60101, at 6:30 p.m. for the purpose of electing Medinah Officers and Representatives to the Imperial Council for 2018 and for transacting such other business as may regularly come before the meeting. This meeting is STAG. This election pertains to the following seven Medinah Officers: Potentate, Chief Rabban, Assistant Rabban, High Priest & Prophet, Oriental Guide, Treasurer and Recorder. Your attention is called to Section 325.11 of the Imperial Council Bylaws325.11 Election Regulations.(a) Electioneering. A candidate for an elected office in a Shrine temple may print, publish and circulate during the yearhe is seeking the elected office, a résumé consisting of his educational background, his vocational history, and hisMasonic and Shrine record. Except as provided in the prior sentence, the printing, publication, circulating or distributionof resolutions, letters, telegrams, tickets, email or other devices, by a unit, club, Noble, or group of Nobles, suggesting,recommending opposing, or containing the names of proposed candidates for office in the temple is prohibited.(b) Expenditures Prohibited. The expenditure of money for gifts, favors, or entertainment on behalf of a candidate forelected office is prohibited.(c) Violation. For any violation of (a) or (b), the Imperial Potentate may suspend any offending Noble, and he may declarethe election of the officers void and order a new election.(d) Notice. At least one week prior to the annual meeting or any election, the temple Recorder shall mail to each membera notice thereof containing this section.Amend. 2016Bring your 2018 dues card. If you haven’t received your new card, membership is verified at the door. You may pay for your 2018 dues that evening at the door. Wear your Fez! Refreshments will be served after the meeting.ATTEST: LANCE M. EVANSFRED S. KAUFMAN ILLUSTRIOUS POTENTATERECORDER6 Medinah Shriner

Winter 2017 7

THE ROUNDY JEWEL AWARD:This award was named after Frank C. Roundy who was the 10th Potentate of Medinah and became the 1st Past Potentate of Medinah to become an Imperial Potentate. The Roundy Jewel Award is given to Nobles for achieving a certain number of points associated with recruiting new members and/or restoring former members.You most likely have seen your fellow Nobles wearing a red, green, and yellow ribbon with a jewel hanging from it at certain Medinah events. This is the ROUNDY JEWEL. Find a few good candidates and start earning your points! These Nobles earned their Roundy Jewel in 2017: Kenneth C. Klotz Keith M. Koopman Khalid I. Sabri Richard A. Schak Visit OasisMedinah’s Restaurant WHO...Any member & your guestsWHAT...Your own private restaurant & lounge offering an assortment ofsteaks, chops, seafood, & pasta meals as well as liquid refreshments.WHERE...550 N. Shriners Drive, Addison, ILWHEN...Friday & Saturday from 4pm till midnight. Dinners are served from 5pm till 9pm.WHY...It’s one of the benefits of your membership. It’s for you to enjoywith your family, fellow nobles, & friends. Noble ladies are alwayswelcome. Check Medinah’s “Calendar of Events” on our website for entertainment & weekly dinner specials! Reservations are recommended: 630.458.0200 Suggested attire is tastefully casual. Free WiFi spot.8 Medinah Shriner

Winter 2017 9

IN MEMORIAMNOBLES VISITED BY THE BLACK CAMELTruman “Woody” Aaron “God rested them in Peace.” Samuel E. McGill Michael K. Bannach To the land of promised rest, John W. McLanigan Charles E. Barr Their work is done and the setting sun Nathan L. Brown Has sealed their life’s request. Walter Miles, Jr. Rayburn W. Burton They have left this earthly strand Ronald C. Morgen Walter L. Christoph For the house beyond the sea. Marvin C. Peterson Marvin W. Clark Charles “Charlie” Pogue Walter J. Egebergh Though the past is gone, Kenneth W. Poupa David H. Foulkes They still live on George A. Imlach To us all ~ Hugo C. Pretzel James D. Johnston Ralph W. Sattem Melvin J. Kraas Sweet is our memory. Donald K. Seibert John Kretekos Richard Shradeja Albert McCaffery, Jr. Owen F. Smith, Jr. William H. Thielmann, Jr. Harry D. Walker Widows of Medinah Nobles Are you a Shriner’s widow or do you know someone who is? Are you looking for a way to stay connected to the Shrine family? We would love to have you join us for a luncheon and meeting where we come together for fellowship, fun, and to support the Shriner’s Hospital. Our liaison is Wilbur Schenk, Past Potentate. We meet the 1st Saturday of the month (except May when we attend the Ladies Fashion Show, and July & September). Our next meeting is January 6, 2018 at the Medinah Shrine Center. We will be installing our new officers at this time. If you are interested in joining our group, please contact Phyllis Amidei at (847) 297-3405. We look forward to meeting you!10 Medinah Shriner

100 Million Dollar Club & Royal Order of the Rose100 Million Dollar Club Royal Order of the RoseThe achievement of raising $100,000,000 will assure In addition, when a Noble contributes $100 or more to themaintenance of the “world’s greatest philanthropy”, and continue Million Dollar Club in the name of a Lady, the Noble not only receiveson a permanent basis the work of the 22 Shriners Hospitals for a 100 Million Dollar Club Certificate, the Lady will also receive a RoyalChildren® in treating and restoring youngsters with orthopedic Order of the Rose Certificate, as well as a rose pin to wear at allproblems and burn injuries to a normal, useful life. You can be Shrine Functions to commemorate her induction into the “Royal Orderan important member of the 100 Million Dollar Club by sending of the Rose”. The donation can be designated on behalf of, or inyour check for $100 (or stating that you have provision in your will memory of, your wife, mother, sister, daughter, granddaughter,giving at least $100) payable to the Shriners Hospitals for Children®, grandmother, aunt, or any other special lady in your life. So Nobles,to the Recorder’s Office at Medinah Shrine Center. honor your ladies by changing the lives of the children in our care.Nobles who make a contribution may also purchase a $100 Millionfez tassel pin, for a fee of $15.00, at the Medinah Office.100 Million Dollar Club Donors Royal Order of the Rose_________________________________________________Medinah Shrine Center I have enclosed my check for $100 payable to the Shriners Hospitals for Children®.550 N. Shriners Drive I have enclosed a copy of my will (or have added a codicil to my present will) giving atAddison, IL 60101 least $100 to the Shriners Hospitals for Children®.My Pledge ~ If in honor or memory of a specific person, or with other special intent, please indicateI want to be a member of the “100 Million in the area below:Dollar Club” and a benefactor of the ShrinersHospitals for Children®. Name ……………………………………………………………………………………..Signed: Address ………………………………………………………………………………….………………………………………………… City ………………………………………………………. State ………. Zip ……….._________________________________________________ 2018 Dues are now due. Please call the office at (630) 889-1400 to pay by credit card OR….. mail your check made payable to “Medinah Shriners” to: 550 N. Shriners Drive Addison, IL 60101 Please remember to include your MEMBERSHIP NUMBER.Winter 2017 11

12 Medinah Shriner

Winter 2017 13

14 Medinah Shriner

Winter 2017 15

16 Medinah Shriner

Smiles All AroundWinter 2017 17

Friendship & Family18

Winter 2017 19

Please contact Jay Reed (847) 772-5000 or Stephan Meyn (630) 432-1238 with any questions OR…[email protected]….OR…[email protected] Medinah Shriner

Fall Activities!Winter 2017 21

22 Medinah Shriner

Winter 2017 23

DREAMS Pote’s Trip 2017 PUNTA CANA, D.R.Dreams Punta Cana24 Medinah Shriner

Winter 2017 25

News of Units, Committees, & SC’s AMATEUR RADIO Greetings: I wish to take this opportunity to thank Illustrious Sir Lance Evens and his lady, Debbie for all of their support during the past year. Their year was outstanding and they deserve a great deal of credit. I always felt comfortable seeking their advice and thank both of them for everything. Several months ago Medinah lost a terrific gentleman. Jim Johnston, a member of the Radio Unit and the Highlanders was a loyal and dedicated member. During the last few years Jim was ill, but continued to attend meetings and parades. Just three or four days before entering the hospital, we heard someone tapping out Morse Code on the window of our meeting room. It seems that Jim was locked out of the building and was trying to signal us to let him in! Jim, thank you for your service. We’ll miss you. Our Station Manager and support staff have made a number of additional improvements in the station. We now have the ability to allow members to Skype into meetings, make presentations using the amplification equipment, and have installed software updates to two of the radios. We are now working on the installation of software that can be used for future JT65 digital operations. We are working on a project that will enable members to access the radio station from remote locations. We have been in contact with Hella Shrine (Garland, Texas) and have offered to assist them in restarting their amateur radio unit. In addition, we have contacted the Scottish Rite hospital in El Paso, Texas in an effort to assist them with restoring their station to operation. Ultimately, we may see a Shrine Amateur Radio network across the United States. On Saturday, December 4th, at the Children’s Holiday Party, the Radio Unit opened the station to enable the children in attendance to talk to one of Santa’s elves via ham radio. At the same time, we were able to open a link so that the kids could see the reindeer in the yard. I am happy to report that we had the largest crowd ever and it was a lot of fun. On December 11th, the unit hosted a Christmas Party for our membership. An enthusiastic group of people attended and by all reports, everyone had a good time. It was great to see the members and their families! Congratulations to Dale Costello who recently passed his General Class license exam!!!! Please remember that we welcome those who are interested in stopping by and seeing what our station is capable of doing. If you’d like to be part of our unit, please contact me at [email protected]. 73, Mike Langer, KG9KR, Director ANTIQUE CARS Hello Nobles and Ladies, I hope the Holidays are treating you well. The Car club has been very busy! We participated in 16 parades this year and had good attendance by members in all of them. In August some members attended a car show hosted by Laurel Leyden Lodge 1057, my blue lodge. It was well attended, for an inaugural event, and I would like to thank the members that attended and supported them. The event was very successful, and we raised money for the lodge’s Leyden High School’s Scholarship Fund. On October 1st the Medinah Shrine Center hosted its 10th annual Car Show benefiting Shriners Hospitals for Children-Chicago. The Medinah Car Club ran most of the event-booths and registered the participants. There were 336 paid entries and many more spectators. Beautiful photographs of the cars were taken in front of the building by the Photography Club. The weather was some of the best we’ve had for the event and, as always, the pancake breakfast was a big hit. The volunteers did a bang-up job of serving. The Motor Corps also performed for the crowd on their motorcycles. We sold-out of corn on the cob by about 1pm. It was a smashing success and I want to thank all the Car Club members that planned, worked, and brought their cool rides for the show. This is a fun event for the whole family that keeps growing every year! 26 Medinah Shriner

ANTIQUE CARS (continued) In other chartable news, the club presented the check for the money it raised for Shriners Hospital on November 17th. In attendance were Nobles Gaylord Goclan, John Jaska, Emil Colis, Wayne Paris, and Bob (Murph) Murphy. The final tally of funds raised was $6,376.00. The group was treated to a nice lunch and tour of the facility. Thank you Shriners Hospitals for Children-Chicago! We have our club’s holiday party quickly approaching on the 24th of January and hope to see you all there for dinner, drinks, and holiday cheer. Our cars may be tucked away for the winter, but we can still havefun! If you are thinking of joining a club, consider ours. All you need is an interest in antique vehicles and awillingness to help. We meet at Mac’s Golden Pheasant the 4th Wednesday of every month, except December.Josh [email protected] in Chief, Medinah Car ClubBLACK HORSE TROOPIt is hard to believe 2017 is almost over, but it has been a great year!There have been parades, OV’s Spaghetti Dinners, Steak & Lobster Fest,Sportsman’s Raffle, and many other events to fill the year. And did I sayparades? We just finished our season with the Christmas Parade inWestmont on November 25th. We were all very happy it was a dry nightand not too cold.We had a great time at Great Lakes in September in Springfield.Commander Emeritus John Novak was President of the Great Lakes ShrineHorse Patrol this year and showed everyone a good time. The stablingand hospitality room were great. The ladies orchestrated a plentiful buffetof food and of course there were a few libations as well that were enjoyedby all. The BHT competed in both drill and parade competition and arevery happy to have brought home 1st Place in Drill and 2nd Place inParade. Great job! continued on the next page…. SC1501 10” Walnut Gavel with Sounding Block Engraved Brass-Banded Gavel $75.00 SC1502 SC1402 SC1503 Engraved Plaque and Piano Finish Directors Set 4”x5” 9”x12” Engraved Brass-Band Gavel Includes: 10” Rosewood Piano Finish Gavel, Genuine Walnut Sounding Block, Brass Gavel Band and Case. Arch Piano Finish Plaque with $90.00 Engraved Gavel Band and Sounding Block Desk Clock 10” Gavel $325.00 Engraved Brass Plaque with Black Oxidized LettersWinter 2017 $58.00 27

News of Units, Committees, & SC’s BLACK HORSE TROOP (continued) Thank you John “Jay Jay” Joseph and John Blackburn for manning the pooper scooper for us! You were the hit of the parade. We might be small but we are mighty. Bill Lomax was installed as President for the ensuing year. We did have some issues with our truck hauling the horses on the way home and we were lucky that Eric Johnson was able to get the truck to a safe place before it died. After several attempts to get it working we had to give in and call for reinforcements. Our truck was towed, the horses were able to do a little grazing at the Shell gas station, only the best for our horses, and we even had some visitors who stopped on their way home to see if they could help us out. Thank you to Nui and Tracy Burcham and Keith and Sharon Koopman. Luckily, Steve Meyn, our knight in shining armor, was able to come to our rescue. He drove all the way out to us, that is, after leaving Wisconsin, to be able to bring the horses and trailer home. It was a long hot day but everyone, including the horses, handled it well. We meet every Monday at the Medinah Stables located at 24W280 St. Charles Road in Carol Stream. We would be very happy to have you visit us at any time. Come out anytime or give Bob Wamsley a call at 847-754-1056. The Black Horse Troop wishes you all a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2018! Cheers! BRASS BAND Just want to let all Medinah Shriners know that the Brass Band is still rehearsing dur- ing the winter months. We are practicing twice a month in our Band Room where we hold forth on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. We are always looking for musicians. We rehearse all genres of music - from Sousa Marches to Jimmy Best- man’s Big Band arrangements and everything in-between. Our last engagement was playing Christmas music at the Children’s Christmas Party. We had a good turn-out of musicians as we have a lot of fun playing the traditional carols and popular Christmas songs. It was another fun filled Medinah event that makes us proud to participate in as Shriners, showing our talents and helping to round out the festivities. We are looking forward to next year’s schedule of parades and ceremonials where we can again showcase our talents. If you are a musician looking to fulfill your musical urge, feel free to contact our Director Chuck Masny at (847) 977-6611 or Asst. Director Frank Katzbeck at (847) 297-2226. Till next time, keep a stiff upper lip! Frank Katzbeck. Asst. Director 28 Medinah Shriner

CLOWNSOnce again, the Medinah Shrine Clown Unit had a very busy 2017. The top fiveclowns making appearances thru November were: Jay Jay, Stormy, Cy-Lo, Peanut,and Gotcha. Everyone in the unit works hard and their efforts are appreciated.Although we didn’t march in as many parades as we have in the past, we still made alarge number of appearances. As a group, we made 533 individual clownappearances through November 2017.Medinah continues to lead the way in the Shrine clown world. This past month Carl“Mulligan” Molyneaux and John “Jay Jay” Joseph were requested by other clownunits to help with their circus programs. Jay Jay went to San Antonio, TX to teachclasses and to help at the Alzafar Circus. Mulligan went to Evansville, IN to help Hadiwith their circus.As always, the Medinah Shrine Clown Unit is looking for a few good clowns. We have several members willing tohelp teach the art of Clowning. Our unit meets the 4th Tuesday of the month at 6pm for dinner and our meetingat 7pm, at Medinah. We have education classes the 2nd Tuesday’s of the month at 7pm at Medinah. So if youwant to learn how to put on the Grease Paint, develop a clown character and all that goes with learning how toclown around, contact one of the clown unit members. Or, how about trying it out for a day at one of our up-coming parades? Give us a call if you want to be a clown for the day.Fraternally,John “JAY JAY” Joseph, Assistant Director, Medinah Shrine Clown Unit, (847) [email protected] HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE A “CLOWN FOR A DAY”? Contact John “Jay Jay” Joseph for more information. [email protected] or (847) 483-4520DuPAGE SC Greetings! FRANK B. STEIN AWARD: The Frank B. Stein Award was established in 2015 and is presented to an exceptional member of the DuPage Shrine Club at our Appreciation Dinner. This year’s recipient is John Pansino. Since joining our SC in 2008, John has been a very dedicated member. He has held many offices and was elected President in 2012. He is always ready to ride a Cruzin’ Cooler in our parades from March to November, and he also helps sell Vidalia Onions in May. Whenever assistance is needed, John is there to lend a helping hand. Congratulations John! Former recipients are Bill Andersen (2015) and Ray Redisi (2016). Congrats to them!ELECTION OF OFFICERS: A new slate of Officers will be voted on at our January 7, 2018 meeting. With thechanges in By-Laws, there will only be one Vice President elected this year. The new Officers recommended bythe Nomination Committee consisting of Noble Ralph Perry, Richard Reitz, Bob Gillfillan, and Ron Cullen are asfollows: Richard Reitz for President, Ray Redisi for Vice President, Bill Andersen for Secretary, John Pansino forTreasurer, and Bob Gillfilan for Director. Additional nominations will be entertained at the Annual Meeting. Hopeto see you there!PLEASE JOIN US: REMEMBER, all are welcome to join our club and to meet us at the Oasis Restaurant every1st Monday of the month (except if a holiday falls on that Monday, then it is moved to the 2nd Monday). There isalways a dinner for $10 at 6:30pm with the meeting at 7:30pm. Your lady is also welcome to attend. Hope tosee you at the meeting!Keep the Faith, Perry Steward, PresidentWinter 2017 29

News of Units, Committees, & SC’s FOX VALLEY SC Annual Valentine Ball/OV - Fox Valley SC will host its annual Valentine Ball/OV on Saturday, February 10, 2018 at the renowned Lincoln Inn in Batavia, 1345 South Batavia Ave., Rt. 31. The Ball/OV is open to all who love to spend a romantic evening with their lover. What more could you ask for than that? A great meal, socializing, romancing, and dancing music provided by Creative DJ who has been entertaining this event for more than eight years. It’s the total Valentine package!! See our event flyer for details or contact Jim Ridder at (630) 879-9443. Meeting/Membership - Fox Valley meets monthly to plan events for the year. Meetings begin at 9:30am the second Saturday of each month at the Geneva Masonic Building, Second Floor rear entrance. All nobles are welcome to attend and enjoy the special fellowship that nobles exchange when they gather together to promote Medinah, the Shrine, our Hospitals, and Fox Valley SC. Contact Jim Ridder (630.879.9443) for more information. Will we see you at our next meeting? We would enjoy seeing your Shriner smile. Jim Ridder - Scribe GENIES Season’s Greetings from the Medinah Flying Carpets! Well, 2017 has come to an end and the Flying Carpets are put away for the long winter break. 2017 was a wonderful year for the Genies: we did 25+ events, had a successful fund raiser, and won 1st place at GLSA!! We also enjoyed the company of many different Nobles, we went to few OV’s, a couple of Spaghetti Dinners, volunteered at the Sportsman’s Raffle, and the Car Show. The Medinah Flying Carpets would like to Thank Illustrious Sir Lance Evens and his Lady Debbie for a Fantastic Fun filled Year!! From their Potentate’s Ball to the Fashion Show and the addition of the Cold Sands of the Ceremonial, Spaghetti Dinner Wednesdays, and my personal favorite…The Pote’s Trip!! Lance and Debbie you two are Great Ambassadors for Medinah!! No matter where you are, you always represent Medinah with a positive attitude and Beautiful Smiles!! The Medinah Flying Carpets are looking forward to 2018 ~ we will be celebrating 50 YEARS of Parading! We will be having a Celebration sometime this year and hope you will join us! So if you see Wilbur Schenk P.P. - Grand Caliph #1, Wayne Gundlach, or Richard Dickens Congratulate them! They are 3 of the Original Founding Genies!! 2018 starts another trip around the Sun, so we would like to wish Chief Rabban, Bill Kissane and his Lady Debbie Jo, a Happy – Healthy – Successful – Fun Filled 2018!! Medinah Flying Carpet, Wish all of you a Happy – Healthy New Year!! Timothy Dooley, Grand Caliph Medinah Flying Carpets GOLF SC Come join the fun in 2018 !!!!! We had another successful season for golf! We had 6 outings this last year. We played the following courses: Old Orchard in Mt Prospect, Cantigny in Wheaton, Lake Barrington Shores in Barrington, Steeple Chase in Mundelein, Makray Golf Course in Barrington and then we had a Week end get-a-way excursion at Swan Lake Resort in Indiana, where we played two 18 hole rounds. This included a nice dinner with our own Chefs Nobles Steve Kuczkowski and John Wojciechowski on Saturday night and a breakfast brunch in the Lodge Sunday morning We always try to play 6-7 outings a year. With the help of our members, we can usually get into play some courses majority of us might not get to play otherwise. We are also, always looking to have a sponsor for any private clubs that we otherwise would not get into. Some of the past courses the club has played are: Medinah C.C., Cantigny, St Andrews, Cog Hill, and Bloomingdale to name a few. We are open to suggestions! We always try to support the Al Daly outing for the hospital.30 Medinah Shriner

GOLF SC (continued) If you are a golfer, our dues are only $35 a year and we would love to have you join us! We average in scores from in the 80’s (for a very select few ) to scores in the 110 range. We are here for the friendship and fun; we know we’re not going to make a living on this sport! LOL. We don’t have an outing format; it’s just guys getting together to golf! We are always open to new courses to play. So, if you’re interested, please e-mail myself at the e-mail below or Art Sherman. We usually have our annual dinner meeting in February. Please call and join us! We look forward to hearing from you!! E-mail Info: We shall be sending most all information this year by e-mail to those that have e-mail. Please help us by sending us your current e-mail address please. Our e-mails are: [email protected] and [email protected] Or if you would rather call: (847) 812-2006 LarryWinter 2017 31

News of Units, Committees, & SC’s HIGHLANDERS As I’m writing this, Season’s Greetings are apropos – be it Happy Hanukkah or Merry Christmas. By the time you read this they will be over, but on behalf of the Highlanders, hope they were happy holidays to one and all. A Highlander tradition is the Christmas exchange of thematically appropriate gifts in a grab bag fashion. Although some of you who know us might be surprised, it turns out there are actually “celtic” gifts beyond bottles of Jameson that are exchanged. Our Highlander OV on November 18th was a memorable and action packed affair. The well attended event at the Elmhurst American Legion had many dignitaries, a time of gathering and fellowship, a nice dinner and us Highlanders kicking off the musical side of the evening. Our snare section busted out a showy display of raw sticksmanship that left all cheering and “Just Enuff” played some vintage rock ‘n roll for our dancing pleasure. There was even an exciting and unexpected mass search for an attendee’s service dog who took off into the chilly night. Fortunately, the Elmhurst police were able to find the dog and all’s well that ends well, as they say. The Black Camel took one of our longtime members Jim Johnston Sr. Jim was often the first one of us you saw in a parade as he was our flag bearer. In fact, with his hearing loss, there were times he was still marching when we had stopped! As someone who carpooled to many a parade and practice with Jim, his steadfast faithfulness and good nature are surely missed. RIP Noble. Right now, tis the time of year on Wednesday practice nights, we hang in our upstairs man cave, drinking cold beer to stay warm (either an oxymoron or a mystery of the universe) while learning new stuff for next year. Funny how the St. Pat’s season will be upon us before we realize it. Make it a new year’s resolution to come by and say hi – all are welcome. And one last pic I can't resist - longtime Highlander George Stimac in his Christmas best. Fraternally, John Ludwig 32 Medinah Shriner

MINI-CHOPPERSMedinah’S Mini Choppers donated $6,500 to Shriners Hospital onFriday, November 17, 2017. In addition, we donated $1,000 to theflooring project and another $1,000 to the Transportation Fund. Ourprimary source of funds for these donations to the SHC were the 25parades that we participated in this year. HOSPITAL DONATION On Friday, December 15th Medinah’s Recorder Fred Kaufman gratefully accepted a donation to the Shriners Hospitals for Children from the Illinois Fire Inspector’s Association. The Fire Inspectors selected our children’s hospital because both of our organizations are concerned about keeping kids safe from fires (and burns), especially around the holidays. We THANK them for their generous donation!Winter 2017 33

News of Units, Committees, & SC’sMOTOR CORPSSo what was the Motor Corps up to in 2017? 90 PLUS TIMES WE ENJOYED EACH OTHER’SCOMPANY. 90+! Here are a few highlights…January we spent our time making sure the local hospitals were well funded. Bruce (BJ) James, Jeff (FONG) Gage, Chris (Sparky) Rupert, Jay (Julie) Alfirevic, Rick (Elf) Miller all did their part. We enjoyed fellowship at the North Suburban OV, Elections Night as well. February we danced the night away at the Pote’s ball. What a great party Illustrious Sir Lance and his Lady Debbie put together for us all! March was the start of parades for the Motor Corps with Elmhurst, Forest Park, and Naperville. All welcomed the roar of our Harleys. April began the practice season. (What wall? -Rupert).May saw our first escort for Ride Janie Ride. What a great cause and a family friend of Jay Alfirevic’s. We alsosaw a great group of new men initiated into the shrine. The Motor Corps traveled west to help our Brothers fromOrak celebrate their 50th year as Motorized units. Parades included Lilac, Wauconda, Itasca and Wood Dale.June was now slowing down! We saw the lovable Keith Koopman (and Motor Corps member) elected to HighPriest and Prophet! We had the honor of escorting the Gold Star Mothers to Middle East Conflict Wall (Thank youChuck (Whiner) Wilson for all the work you do to help coordinate this great event.) and we attended the greatOld Chicago Shrine Club OV.July. Where to begin? Parades after parades after parades…and that was just thefirst 4 days! Then the unit traveled down to Daytona for the IASMC Competitionwhere MMC took 2nd place. After competition we took a little ride on the beach. Inaddition, we had several escorts along the way. Your riders for IASMC wereTemesvary, Shaffer, Rivera, Wilson, and Rupert.In August, we had a great time at the Aurora Shrine Club’s OV, the Clown’s OV (Ithink we found some stuff in our Unit room…hint hint), as well as Past CommanderDon Shaffer’s daughter’s (Katie) Wedding. To top it off we had an unforgettable timeat our combined OV (Northwest Glenbrook Shrine Club) where the original 4 Units – Black Horse Troop, FlyingCarpets, Clowns, & Motor Corps. were born.September kept on rolling. We had a winning Drill team in Springfield for GLASMC and several individual riders(including Brandon Temesvary, our newest Probationary rider). Your Competition Riders for this event were Temesvary, Shaffer, Rivera, Wilson, Kurz, Goldin, Rupert, Peto and Individual Riders were B. Temesvary, Alfirevic, and Gage. We had a TRUE Homecoming with many former MMC members joining us to celebrate Former Commander, Bruce (BJ) James, 25 years in the Unit. We also welcomed back Kevin (Repeto) Peto. A highlight of our year. Toss in a great Sportsman’s Raffle and I’d say we had a full month! October started with the Car Club having the largest turn out to date! GREAT JOB BROTHERS!!! They say MMC helped park but…we all know wecan get 4 -5 vehicles in 1 spot! Then we were welcomed at the West SuburbanShrine Club’s OV. Thank you for the fabulous time! More Parades (Highlandersprovided the Music and the MMC (Motorcycle) provided the lights at the “AfterGlow” in Morris. Our very own Biscuit, along with the rest of the unit did what theyalways do…threw a GREAT Halloween Party. WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR!!! Again wesaw a great group of men join the Shrine at the Fall Ceremonial.November - MMC presenting to the Rainbow girls in Glenview. (cold?) We also escorted the Tow Trucks for Tots and help gather toys for children as well as escorted the Great Lakes Naval Recruits on Thanksgiving, so they could have a great meal at the Villa Park VFW hall. Then we got together again with our Great brothers. Medinah Highlanders at their OV. WHAT A PARTY – no pictures can be shared.34 Medinah Shriner

MOTOR CORPS (continued)Our brothers in Missouri suffered a tragic loss while their warehouse burned down and a significant loss of toys forneedy children left a huge hole in all of our hearts. We did what we do best, we organized a toy collection throughMedinah Temple and everyone pulled through. Thank you to (a few of MANY) Tom Kleiner, Kevin (Repeto) Peto, Nancy Hickey, and Commander Patrick (Turtle) Temesvary for the huge toy drive and delivery the toys to Moolah Shrine.December, we decided to take it easy and clean up 35our unit room…hmmm a bigger task than wethought, but here is where we are so far —–——-->In summary… what did the Motor Corps do in 2017?We enjoyed Fellowship amongst some of thegreatest people around. Clowns, Highlanders, Divan,Patrol, Car Club, Mini Choppers, Black Horse Troop,Old Chicago Shrine Club, Flying Carpets, and thePhotography Club to name a few.From the Medinah Motor Corps Members and Ladies,we wish you the best, Happy Holidays.No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help achild.And a person is measured by the company he keeps.2017… Winter 2017

LAW OFFICES OF John PeterCurielli, P. C. 126 SOUTH NORTHWEST HIGHWAY BARRINGTON, IL 60010 - 4608 Phone: (847) 381 - 7555 Fax: (847) 381 - 7578 Email: [email protected] Website: ESTATE PLANNING WILLS - TRUSTS PROBATE BUSINESS LAW COMMERCIAL TRANSACTIONS REAL ESTATE PERSONAL INJURY36 Medinah Shriner

News of Units, Committees, & SC’s PATROL December 11th was a great day for the Patrol. We welcomed back our Major Ken Shields after he served over three months with FEMA assisting in the recovery efforts for both Florida and Puerto Rico. As you know, these areas suffered major damage from hurricanes Irma and Maria. During his absence, each of the Patrolmen helped Staff Captain Frank Reid and Captain Adjutant Dennis Schueler keep things moving. Their assistance was greatly appreciated. Once again, the Patrol worked great as a TEAM! The Segways finished the last of their parades this year under the leadership of Dwaine Churma. Plans are already underway for the 2018 parade calendar. The last OV of 2017 was the Patrol’s, which was held on December 16th where we hosted Potentate Lance Evans and his lady, Debbie. If you are interested in learning to ride a Segway and participate in the Patrol functions, contact any member or attend one of our meetings on Monday nights. Medinah’s Patrol would also like to wish our very own Walter “Bud” Stepek a very HAPPY 80th BIRTHDAY! Bud’s wife Pat had to sneak around for weeks trying keep his “Surprise Bash” a secret. Well, it worked!! Bud’s son, daughter and son-in-law, Pat’s family, Medinah friends, and even the Mayor of Hoffman Estates made an appearance. The Mayor presented Bud a plaque that proclaimed his birthday “Bud Stepek Day”! We ate, had a couple of “pops” and sang Happy Birthday as he blew out the candles. Thanks Pat for being a wonderful hostess!Winter 2017 37

News of Units, Committees, & SC’s VIDALIA ONIONS It’s never too early to start thinking about our annual Vidalia Onion fundraiser. Before you know it, the onions will be here and it will be time to deliver them to your customers. As you know, Vidalia Onions are one of the few fund raisers we have at Medinah. This is a great opportunity for your unit or club to raise some money and a major source of income to Medinah. It’s time for your unit to appoint a 2018 Onion Chairman. Let me know who that person is so we can work together to start the process for ordering your 2018 onions. It’s also the perfect time to start your presales now. You will need to place your order by March 31, 2018. Onion delivery will be in May. Look for more information to follow. If you have any questions or if you need any additional information please contact me at the number below. If you want me to attend one of your Club or Unit meetings please call me and I’ll be happy to stop by. Thanks for all your help and support of our Onion Sales program. The Onion Committee Chairman, John “JAY JAY” Joseph (847) 483-4520 Jimmy’s Bavarians 630-543-789938 Medinah Shriner


40 Medinah Shriner

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Simply Kathleen & Saxy Rick For All of Your Occasions.Winter 2017 43

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Fall Fun!!46 Medinah Shriner

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