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A School VS Plant and Animal Cells

Published by AJ P, 2021-10-26 20:53:12

Description: A School VS Plant and Animal Cells


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A School VS Plant and Animal Cells

School Walls Vs Cell Membrane Both school walls and cell membranes have the job of protecting the inside from outside forces. Cell walls protect the cell from the outside environment, and school walls protect the students and teachers from the forces that dwell outside of the school.

Curriculum VS Cell Walls The school curriculum and cell walls are more alike than one would think. Both cell walls and a school curriculum are similar in that they shape you, cell walls are a protective barrier to the cells and the curriculum in school shape your future of what you do or do not know

The Principal Vs The Nucleus The principal of a school and the nucleus are similar because they both are the ones responsible for everything. They make sure things get done, they are kind of like the control centers the principal for the school and the nucleus for the cell.

Textbooks VS Ribosomes Ribosomes are packages of RNA and protein, textbooks are books full of knowledge that help you learn the thing you need to know in life

School Work VS Endoplasmic Reticulum Much like the endoplasmic reticulum school work can both be rough and smooth. Doing school work will let you get a higher education and get a good job to provide for yourself

School Friends VS Golgi apparatus SChool and friends and golgi apparatus both have bonds.

Teachers Vs Mitochondria Teachers much like the mitochondria are able to provide the much needed knowledge/ energy to function. Teacher give their students knowledge and the mitochondria provides the body with energy

Students Vs Cytosol Students much like the cytosol it is needed for the cell to function. School halls are filled with students as the cell is filled with cytosol.

Lockers VS Vacuole Both lockers and vacuoles both hold important things that are needed in the function of cells and student life

Cafeteria VS Chloroplast Both chloroplasts and cafitarias are a place where food is created.

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