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Description: MAMAISON HOTELS & RESIDENCES 01/ 2014 As individual as you!Numbers is Now Meat&MoreUltimate Festival Guide in PragueBudapest for Adrenaline Junkies...

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MAMAISON HOTELS & RESIDENCES 01/ 2014As individual as you!Numbers is Now Meat&MoreUltimate Festival Guide in PragueBudapest for Adrenaline Junkies

PHOTO CONTESTand Have Your Photo Contest WinnerPhoto Publishedin the Next MM Spirit! We were pleased to send a prize to the last issue’s winner, Aikaterini Miliaresi, who Send us your best shot from our hotels or destinations and win won a two-night stay in the Mamaison a weekend for two at any hotel or residence of your choice, as hotel or residence of her choice. well as having your photo published in the next issue of MM Spirit! All you need to do is scan the QR code or to go to The photo was taken in the courtyard of and paste your photo Mamaison Suite Hotel Pachtuv Palace in there. If you prefer to send us your photo via mail, please do so at Prague. Congratulations! [email protected]. The winner will be announced by the beginning of September.2

CONTENT / EDITORIALEditorial 3 Pokrovka’s Health&Beauty Gem 6Numbers is Now Meat&More 4 Prague Royal Bliss 8 Ultimate Festival Guide in Prague 10 Dine in Style: La Perle Noire 14 Dear Valued Guest, 12 Sun-seeking in Budapest 16Room with a View   How often do we get asked “how are you”?Budapest for Adrenaline Junkies 18 Active Pursuit in Warsaw 28 The answer is, more frequently than we canHealthy Eating 20 30 realistically respond,”very well”. The ultimateOstrava for Active Travellers 22 Postcard from Bratislava 32 state of well-being, for each of us, is achieved byWellness at MM Hotel Imperial 24 34 traveling different paths, to be sure. HoweverFine Dining and Romance 26 A Cosy Retreat in Bratislava different our journeys may be,”what’s good for us” is always a combination of physical activity Relax Your Mind or sports, healthy foods, and a positive mindset brought on by a balanced lifestyle. Of course the physical aspects of well-being may seemFOR Mamaison Hotels & Residences PUBLISHED BY: like activities only for the young, but physical Photo on cover page: Fotolia, Photo on page 2: Mamaison Hotels & ResidencesFRENDS s.r.o., Komunadrů 39, 170 00 Praha 7, Czech Republic, phone: +420 732 863 164, health is inextricably tied to mental well-beinge-mail: [email protected], in my view. It is my sincere hope that readingTEXTS: Pamil Visions and Mamaison Hotels & Residences this edition of Spirit will inspire you to exploreADVERTISING: [email protected] ways to achieve your perfect balance, yourThe publisher is not responsible for the content of advertisments. perfect life.Mamaison Hotels & Residences is a unique collection offering a portfolio of ten hotels, classified as three hotel Kind regards,types – “Mamaison Boutique Hotels”, “Mamaison Business & Conference Hotels”and “Mamaison All-Suites Residence Christian KettlitzHotels”. The hotels are located in the heart of the attractive cities of Bratislava, Budapest, Moscow, Ostrava, Pragueand Warsaw. This unique hotel concept is distinguished by its design, buildings true to their original surroundings, If you are interested in the on-lineper-sonal style and first-class service and is a winner with both business and leisure travellers. version of the MM Spirit maga-More info at zine, please contact us via e-mail [email protected] 3

Numbers Is now Photo: Mamaison Hotels & Residences Meat&More Where do you go for that perfect steak? You know, that juicy piece of meat, cooked to perfection, and garnished with the freshest, locally-grown, GM- free, organic veggies? Or that perfectly pink, irre- sistible beef fillet? How about some mouth-wa- tering lamb chops with Pesto sauce?4

Meat&More is the new gourmet destination picks all the produce himself, from some offor foodies in Moscow, an outstandingly the best, certified markets and farms in, andsophisticated venue, with a luxurious gas- around Moscow. No meal at Meat&Moretronomic flair enhanced by the psychedelic is complete without trying the Chef’s infa-interiors designed by Anton Gorlanov. mous cheesecake with berries and berryThis space used to be known to many local sauce, a delicate explosion of taste, the per-and international patrons as “Numbers” – fect ending to a leisurely unhurried dinner.and it gained numerous accolades under Even the cutlery is fabulous: every steakthe old designation in the past. Since March knife, and fork, has an original design, and is2014, Numbers rebranded as Meat&More, produced under the strictest norms of qual-and celebrates the change with an exuber- ity by Claude Dozorme. The glassware isantly new, contemporary menu, inspired by shaped to perfection, to fit in your palm likelocal traditions, but also reflecting interna- a crystal ball, allowing you to savour sometional trends. of the finest wines on the market. Just askMouth Melting Meals the sommelier for a recommendation, andHere, our Chef manages to put together if you really enjoy good wines, and Cham-a menu able to satisfy all the tastes and pref- pagne, the Meat&More bar has an exclusiveerences of the guests who choose Mamai- Champagne and wine list, which will satisfyson All-Suites Spa Hotel Pokrovka as their every exigency.home away from home at any given time.There are several à la carte, fixed, signature Visit Usdishes, like Russian dumplings, Beef Stroga- With its shameless sophistication andnoff, and other specials inspired by Russian glamorous style, Meat&More is the kind ofcuisine. But there are also those particular restaurant were you will feel like an A-listplatters, which need special attention, and personality, however without hurting yourcan be only cooked when the main ingredi- wallet. What does appear as a culinary fan-ents are in season. Naturally, the Chef hand- tasyland is, in fact, a natural expression of Mamaison hospitality, and is priced to ap- peal to all our guests. ■ Photo: Mamaison Hotels & Residences 5

Photo: Mamaison Hotels & Residences Spa by Algotherm If just staying at the stylish Mamaison All-Suites Spa Hotel Pokrovka, which offers some of the most photographed, elegant, suites in Moscow, is not enough to check all those boxes, its exclusive spa centre, the first and only one by Algotherm in all Russia, will. This is an urban oasis, with excellent natural algotherapy treatments for face and body, thalassotherapy, hammam, Russian sauna, and even a Moroccan Rhassoul steam room, alongside 8 treatment rooms and other facil- ities.There’s nothing more rewarding after an active summer’s day, than to get pampered at Mamaison’s exclusive Spa by Algotherm. This sanctuary of elegance and serenity fol- lows all the treatment principles that made Algotherm a preferred world brand for algo- therapy and marine cosmetics. As you walk in, you are embraced by discrete aromas that enhance the tranquil atmosphere of the spa, and provide the ideal environment, essential 6

to set the mood that will help you regain har- of beauty and wellness. The comprehensivemony between body and soul. range of treatments includes body shaping,All in One Place anti-cellulite wraps, couple’s rituals, classicWith focused attention on all-encompassing and exotic massages, and beauty treatmentswellness, Spa by Algotherm brings mind, with professional marine cosmetics.body and spirit into balance with naturalEuropean and Asian spa treatments, luxuri- Bio Bar and Yogaous pampering packages, and even natural During your visit at the spa, don’t miss thebeauty treatments for your hair. All spa treat- bio bar, which serves herbal teas, fresh fruitments are designed by expert therapists, juices and smoothies, and even cocktails.with a better you in mind. Based on your For your health fix to be complete, we offerindividual needs and wishes, you will enjoy some of the best yoga therapy sessions insignature treatments and mini-packages for the city, to help reach the ultimate physicaltotal relaxation and stress relief, while ton- and spiritual harmony, based on ancienting, shaping up, rejuvenating and detoxing practices. Book a private lesson with a pro-in the exclusive tropical Polynesian corner, fessional master at the spa, to take advan-with original Oriental SPA massages and tage of the full health benefits of the individ-other programmes, just for you. Spa by Al- ual programs and classes, planned accordinggotherm is the perfect retreat for a summer to your level of training, health and physio- logical features. ■ Photo: Mamaison Hotels & Residences 7

Prague Royal Bliss Prague is effortlessly royal, and not ashamed to show it. In fact, her royal bliss is apparent with every step you take, around every street corner, in the magnificent façades of mansions and palaces lining up the boulevards, and final- ly, inside many hotels and guest houses around. But very few actually deliver on the regal promise, and none with the same charm as the Pachtuv Palace.8

This majestic edifice was built after 1770 byarchitect Jan Josef Wirch, for Hubert KarelPachta of Rájov, and his wife. According toGeorg Nikolaus von Nissen, years later, countJohann Pachta convinced the great Mozartto compose a set of contredanses on thespot, while he was visiting Prague as a guestin 1787. Historical Meeting Point Chef Radek Šubrt creates bold, spectacularly The history of Pachtuv Palace is rich in similar spoiling menus, the kind of dishes you can anecdotes: this was a place where the local only find in a royal palace. He treats a fabu- nobility enjoyed many great cultural events, lously diverse range of local ingredients with dances and parties. It was also a meeting the respect they deserve, and brings the true place for artists and musicians, and even flavours of traditional Czech cuisine to your home to the Žofín Academy for a while. Af- table, on plates where a roasted leg of duck, ter serving as a private residence for so many for example, is not just food, but culinary art years, the palace was restored, and convert- that excites and astounds. ed into the outstanding hotel you see today, one of the finest you will find in Prague. Leaving your dinner table full and satisfied, Royal Atmosphere relaxed by the tranquil eating experience, Everything here exudes the brilliance of roy- the world outside the Pachtuv Palace still alty. From the Baroque façade, to the sump- keeps a certain old-world charm. Beyond the tuous rooms and suites fit for kings and sounds of the modern city, you can still hear queens, this is a place to celebrate the most the echoes of her glory-filled past. It’s time special moments of your life, surrounded by for lovers to stroll along the river, admiring old-fashion decadence and opulent interiors the city towers and turrets enveloped in cre- replete with frescoes and antique furniture, puscular light. that truly make your stay at this hotel a“once upon a time” fairy-tale experience. Back at your room at Pachtuv Palace, wel- Stepping inside your room at Pachtuv Palace, come the magic of the night with a glass of you will notice the palatial furniture: king size champagne, and prepare for another day of beds, graced with luxury drapery and comfy sheer luxury and indulgence in the magnifi- cushions; gilt-framed paintings; vintage mir- cent Czech capital. rors, chests and wardrobes; all reminding of ■ the louche decadence of the past. Photo: Mamaison Hotels & Residences Amade Restaurant This atmosphere overflows the hotel’s lob- bies, reaching further, to the high-ceiling rooms of restaurant Amade, named so to honour Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Here, 9

Prague is a city of diversity, with rich history, a fascinating art scene, and, most important- ly for tourists, a vibrant festival calendar en- compassing everything from gastronomy, to fashion, film, music, and religion. During the Spring and Summer of 2014, Prague will cele- brate its multicultural variety with passion and panache. This is the ultimate festival guide for 2014, to inspire you to celebrate with the city, and with Mamaison Hotels & Residences. Ultimate Festival Guide in PraguePhoto: Sacred and Secular, Jiří Bělohlávek, Čarodejnice na Ladronce Dress to Impress: Holešovice Fashion the last night of Winter, and the beginning Market of Spring. This is the night when the witches The Holešovice Fashion Market announced come out to bring misfortune into the world. its April event to run between Friday 25 and According to the local tradition, burning Sunday 27. This is a great occasion for travel- witch effigies on a pyre might well keep their ers, as well as for local residents, to buy orig- malefic magic away. Several fires will be lit on inal fashion and accessories directly from Petrin Hill to mark the tradition on April 30. local designers and manufacturers. There Many restaurants, cafes, and cultural insti- will be fashion shows, music, and dance, to tutions around the city will organize special enhance the atmosphere, and to make the events to mark the date too. One of the larg- experience complete for everyone. est gatherings, with contests, food and live Location: HOLEŠOVICE MARKET, Bubenské music, takes place in the Ladronka Park. nábřeží 306 Praha 7 - Holešovice Location: Petrin Hill, Ladronka Park and Wicked Rituals: Pálení čarodějnic others. If you’re in Prague on the last day of April you A Spring of Music: Prague Spring Music will witness a unique local festival, one with Festival 2014 pagan roots: Pálení čarodějnic, translated, The 69th edition of the Prague Spring the “night of the witches.” This festival marks Music Festival kicks off May 12, to last till 10

June 2, 2014. Several venues around the city guests. Participating venues include: Divad- will stage competitions, concerts and other lo Kampa, Divadlo Inspirace, A Studio Rubín, events. A special festival concert by the San Divadlo Na Prádle, and other small Prague Francisco Symphony Orchestra will be held theaters. The Fringe Festival takes place from Monday, March 24, in advance of the official May 23, to May 31, 2014. opening date in May. This is the most important cultural event Prague’s Largest Open-air Music Festival: of the Spring, and a must for music lovers. United Islands Among the highlights of the festival: The Prague International Music Festival Lithuanian soprano Violeta Urmana will United Islands celebrates its 11th edition in appear at Prague Spring on May 24 in 2014, and it already ranks as the city’s larg- a programme featuring the music of est open-air music festival. The festival opens Mahler and Strauss. Venue: Municipal with the traditional Club Night on June 11, House - Smetana Hall. and it will last till June 24, 2014. Participants The Hilliard Ensemble will be ending its include Nylon Jail, Vložte kočku, Voila!, La- professional career in 2014, and Prague nugo, Kieslowski, Palermo, Love Earth and Spring may be your last chance to see them many others. The complete programme is together in concert: May 30, at Rudolfinum available online at - Dvořák Hall. The Konvergence chamber ensemble will Location: Kampa, Střelecký ostrov and Kin- be performing at St Agnes’ convent, on sky Garden. May 19. In the programme: five world pre- mieres, including Quartet No. 3 by Pavel Metallica By Request: Aerodrome Festival Zemek-Novák and Viola Walk by Peter Gra- Aerodrome Festival only lasts one day in July, ham, among others. but it is set to attract thousands of fans at the Other stellar participants include the Vi- Incheba open air arena. Fans of heavy metal enna Philharmonic, the Bamberg Sym- will see Alice In Chains, Children Of Bodom, phony Orchestra, the Polish National Ra- Kvelertak in concert, before the stage is tak- dio Symphony Orchestra, and the Prague en by Metallica, whose performance will be Symphony Orchestra. the marquee event on July 8, 2014. Bohemian Pleasures: Czech Beer Festival 2014 Location: Incheba Open Air Areál Výstaviště The Czech Beer Festival appears in its 7th 69, Praha 7 edition for 2014. The fest will take place between May 14 and May 31, at the Areál Sacred and Secular: Early Music Festival Výstaviště exhibition grounds. This year’s One of the top festivals in Prague, the Sum- event will bring together some of the best mer Festivities of Early Music will celebrate local breweries, showcasing over 70 brands their 15th edition this year, between July 14 of top quality Czech beer. But there’s more and August 6. The festival is focused on Me- to the festival than good libations. Beers will dieval music and takes place at several his- be paired with equally rewarding cuisine, toric locations, including the Convent of St. and the atmosphere this season will be en- Agnes of Bohemia, the Troja Chateau, the hanced by local bands, performing live, ev- Břevnov Monastery and the Prague Castle. ery day.Photo: Prague Fringe Festival, Letní Letná, Český pivní festival 13th Prague Fringe Festival Circus Meets Theater: Letní Letná Dubbed “the most beautiful fringe festival The International Festival of Contemporary in the world” by Tony Lankester, CEO of the Circus and Theatre Letní Letná gathers to- National Arts Festival in South Africa, the gether new circus companies from around Prague Fringe Festival offers a diverse pro- the world in a unique celebration, which em- gramme, of theatre, comedy, music and en- braces a wide variety of cultural and artistic tertainment. This is an international event, manifestations, including street art, photog- with plenty to see for English-speaking raphy, concerts, open air shows, and much more. The festival has something in store for everyone: there will be at least five shows per day for children. If you are in Prague be- tween August 17 and September 2, 2014, don’t miss it. Location: Letná Park ■ 11

Photo: Mamaison Hotels & Residences Room with a View With its heritage of beauty, glorious parks, museums filled with countless treasures, jaw-dropping monuments, and some of the best stages in the world, Prague has always been a top choice for city breaks. When visitors come here they expect the same remarkable experiences from the local places that will become, however briefly, their home away from home. Set cosily on the West bank of the Vltava River, on Janáčkovo nábřeží, the waterfront street at the heart of Prague, dotted with many architectural gems, Mamaison River- side Prague has got it all: a stylish Art Nou- veau façade, stunning Belle Époque interi- ors, and unadulterated river and city views that inspire romance. In the true spirit of Mamaison Hotels and Residences, the Riverside exudes a feeling of timeless elegance, and a certain tranquillity that makes the visitor forget about the hus- tle and bustle outside its walls. Inside the airy and well-lit rooms, the roll-call of chic ame- nities checkmarks all the boxes: a discrete and soothing colour scheme, king-size beds covered with fine fabrics, cosy armchairs to 12

relax with a glass of champagne, and largewindows that fill the rooms with light, andthe heart of the visitor with dreams.Sparkling RiverMamaison Riverside is the kind of place torekindle a romance, or just to spend a week-end admiring the fairy tale views of the city,knowing that the best is yet to come. By day,the river sparkles under the sun, reflectingthe skies above, and the city’s towers andturrets. All the visitor needs to fill up withthe spirit of the city, is a moment in front ofthe window, taking in the soothing effects ofthese magnificent views.Then, on to enjoying the full benefits ofa Mamaison stay, or just to relax after a day’strip, a stop at the Lounge bar is just the per-fect place to spend a few moments in goodcompany, with a signature cocktail in hand,or a glass of wine. This is also the place fora delicious meal, especially if authentic local,yet contemporary cuisine is a priority.Mamaison Hotel Riverside is just…Mamaison Riverside is just as fascinating bynight, when the city sparkles under the stars,and the river glitters with a million lights, un-der the eyes of lovers whiling away the darkhours in perfect harmony. As time passes by,and Hypnos finally takes over weary eyes,the magic of the views lingers on, becominga dream that soothes the soul.Local LandmarksThe next morning, after a light breakfast,the views call the visitor outside, to explorethe city, and to take in her true charm.Some of the most famous local landmarksare within very short walking distance:the National Theatre, the Dancing House,Charles Bridge, the architectural gems dot-ting Janáčkovo nábřeží…Even those who want to explore the lesser ad-vertised, more energetic side of Prague haveplenty to do: kayaking, jogging, inline skatingand other active pursuits are just a stone’sthrow away. Back at Mamaison, the stress ofthe day can be relieved by skilful hands, pro-viding one of the most popular hotel services:relaxing massages. And, as the sun sets, the Photo: Mamaison Hotels & Residencesvisitor opens a window, to take in the twilightthat brings out Prague’s royal beauty in thosevivid colours. ■ 13

Photo: Mamaison Hotels & Residences Dine in Style: La Perle Noire Since the time of the Magyars, Budapest has been a culinary destination, all about local flavours. Eclec- tic people by nature, Hungarians have always mixed and experimented with gastronomy. Those famous meat stews, casseroles, and tasteful stuffed peppers and cabbages, have migrated to tables from Vienna to New York and back. 14

To call Budapest a “foodie’s delight” is al- masterpiece, the restaurant is attuned to menu, boasting wonderful staples of time-most an afterthough. Calling Budapest gastronomical pleasures. less tastefulness such as marinated foiea legendary dining destination is more ap- Noted for its contrasting style, the restau- gras with quince and boudin noir on toast.propriate, though. While the eateries here rant beckons guests to partake of a burst Venison and winter asparagus, down tocan be ostentatious and prim, wonderful of colour and flavour against a black and the homemade breads and pastries count-food and hospitality prevail… just like the white contemporary backdrop. The effect less guests have so enjoyed, our fine din-Danube. of fresh culinary creation, so delicately pre- ing experience is second to none.Fine Dining pared, rising from those level and crisp de-Mamaison Hotel Andrassy is blessed to sign surfaces, mimics budding life itself. La For newcomers to the restaurant stayinghave as sophisticated a dining venue as Perle Noire Restaurant is a perfect canvas in Spring or Summer, the experience ofany guest might want, while at the same onto which life’s best dining experience is taking breakfast overlooking the legend-time possessing a comfortable recluse painted each day. ary Andrassy Avenue is as memorable asfrom the ostentatious. La Perle Noire Traditional Hungarian to gourmet French Budapest herself. At the heart of Buda-Restaurant is one of Budapest’s finest fare, if distinction, La Perle Noire’s chef and pest’s Villa District, this stunning additiondining establishments, characteristic of staff deliver on vibrant creativity, along to the city’s gastronomic community isthe surroundings. Whether it’s a tangy with unforgettable service. Seasonal fa- a bit of barbeque delight mixed with up-barbecue in the comfortable garden that vourites are incorporated into a diverse scale modernity.appeals to you, or a chef created culinary ■ Photo: Mamaison Hotels & Residences 15

Sun Seekingin Budapest The quest for sunny places in Budapest begins in early Spring, when Nature puts on a coat of green and flowers are revived and rejuvenated after the colder months. This is a season of pagan celebrations, of ancient rituals, but also, of sacred holidays that bring people together, if not in faith, at least in spirit.16

Visitors, don’t miss the local Húsvét tradi- blossoms, and the early Spring breeze. This is St. Stephen’s Day tions, the Hungarian Easter, and especially April, for you, in Budapest, one of the most Speaking of August 20, this is the most im- the Easter Market on Vörösmarty tér, where beautiful months of the year. portant date in the Hungarian calendar: you can buy seasonal treats, authentic crafts May Day Celebrations St. Stephen’s Day, the foundation of the and souvenirs, all while enjoying traditional May Day in Hungary is a public holiday, Hungarian state. No other date is celebrat- Hungarian foods, specific to this holiday. an occasion to gather and celebrate to- ed more enthusiastically. Everywhere you Even the mighty Buda Castle has a sunny gether. In Budapest, the main events take go in Budapest you will find some special disposition these days, exhibiting the finest place outdoors under the sun, of course, event designed to honor the country, and of Hungarian traditions, art, culture and gas- at the Városliget city park. There’s some- Stephen I, the first king of Hungary. Think tronomy before the curious visitor. thing here for everyone, young or old: archery shows, air shows, and water pa- traditional foods, local beers and refresh- rades on the Danube, concerts, free drinks ments, music, contests and many other here and there, and spectacular fireworks fun, entertaining activities. above both embankments of the river Wine and Dragon Boats Danube at night. What’s the sun in Budapest, if you cannot enjoy it at its fullest? Budapest captures its essence in the rosé wines you can taste at the prestigious Budapest International Wine Festival, Rosalia (May 9-11 at Gesz- tenyés kert); the sun safeguards the boat- men on the Danube as they race in the European Dragon Boat Championship on May 11-12, and their fans gathered on the Rákóczi Bridge to watch the race. Summer Music Festival Roman Spring Festival Nature in Budapest The cultural quest for the sun culminates in The ancient Roman spring festival, Floralia, Festivals and special events aside, if you June with the Budapest Summer Festival, is a must in May too: the flowers are Nature’s would rather enjoy a lazy walk in the sun- with live music at the Margaret Island Open- reflection of the sun, but the festival is not shine, or an active day in nature, you don’t air Stage and Városmajor Open-air Stage. just a flower exhibition. This is a celebration need to “escape” Budapest to find the per- Don’t miss it if you stay at one of our hotels of Flora, the goddess of flowers and Spring, fect spot. Hike up the Janoshegy to get clos- between June 14 and August 20, 2014. and a celebration of life and light, an opportu- er to the burning ball of gas in the sky. gastronomy before the curious visitor. nity for you to feel and party like a Hungar- If you want a tan, the Budapest Plage in Cas- Sakura Festival ian. Add the Museum of Aquincum to your tle Hill, an urban beach very popular with Then following the Easter events in early itinerary if you happen to be in Budapest on the locals, will provide just what you need, April, all Budapest continues a sun seek- May 24-25. if you don’t mind the crowds. ing quest with the Cherry Blossom Festival Take the family to the Budapest Zoo and the At the heart of Margaret Island, Palatinus (Sakura) at the Füvészkert Botanical Gardens, Museum of Hungarian Agriculture, both are Strandfürdő is powered by thermal springs. with Japanese traditions, and picnics under close by our Mamaison Hotel Andrassy and Albeit touristy, this is the place to come to the blooming trees. Two weekends claim the Mamaison Residence Izabella. unwind after a busy week, sightseeing the honor of hosting this prestigious and pop- historic heart of Budapest. ular event: the second, and the third in the month. Pick your date, and enjoy the sun, the Yes, it’s easy to find the sunniest spots to enjoy the seasons in Budapest, but don’t forget that the best way to celebrate is by meeting the locals, and getting to know them. Just like the brightest stars in the skies, Hungariens are kind-spirited, wel- coming, and warm, with beaming sunshiny smiles during this season.Photo: Fotolia ■ Welcome to Budapest! 17

Photo: Fotolia, Aquaword Budapest Many visitors to Budapest come to see her beau- tiful architecture, the romantic Castle District (Vár- negyed), and the baths and spas that pamper the senses. Others come to enjoy music festivals, au- thentic cuisine, and cultural events that enrich the spirit. Very few, however, come to Budapest in the quest for active pursuits, because the city is not ad- vertised as a Mecca for adrenaline junkies. Budapest for Adrenalin Junkies Beyond travel brochures that focus on the city’s stunning Fisherman’s Bastion (Halász- bástya), which glitters under the sun with its fairy tale towers; beyond top 10 must see attractions that include the scenic views from the Libegö chairlift, and the playful Margitsziget; and more than world famous Szechenyi Baths; you’ll discover a different Budapest, young, vibrant, and daring. Surfing in Budapest Already famous with locals and tourists, Bu- dapest’s Aquaworld offers the ultimate fam- ily experience, but it is also a must for thrill seekers. Strip down to your swimsuit, and book a lesson at the surf school - yes, you can learn how to ride the waves in one of Eu- rope’s most romantic inland cities. 18

Those in search of treetop thrills will findenough to challenge their skills at the Ad-venture Park, part of the same RamadaAquaworld.Climb Like a MonkeyChallengeland Kalandpálya is closer to na-ture, in a real Hungarian forest, and offersa richer experience for all ages, includingnighttime climbing, individual rope coursefor all ages; dual rope course, for adults andchildren to race together; racing rope course;an earthy obstacle course known as the Gi-ant Labyrinth; a log castle, ideal for familyfun; and so much more. a facility designed for experienced drivers, who can test their skills driving GT5 go karts in a sound proof, safe environment. Drivers wear professional racing overalls and helmets for safety, but also for a com- plete, professional experience. wires in nature, but you are still suspended Location: Róbert Károly körút 54-58., far above the ground, and you have 20 ob- Budapest stacles challenging your completion of the Phone: +36 30 2390743t course. If a ropes course is not enough, you can test your climbing technique, condi- Besides extreme sports, and adrenaline tioning, and technical skills at the climbing filled experiences, Budapest offers many wall. Inside the same park, the Lab Skate- other opportunities for active travelers whoPhoto: Fotolia park challenges BMX, roller skaters, and enjoy nature. There are several companies Photo: Fotolia, Millenium Tandem Teamskateboarders. You will discover many oth-that offer canoeing and kayaking tours on er adventures for young and old. the Danube, wakeboarding, bicycle tours of Location: Hunyadi János út 4., the city, and especially hiking on the Buda Budapest side of the Danube River. No matter who Phone: +36 30 232 5108 you are, no matter what outdoor pursuitsLocation: Konkoly Thege M. Út 21., 200km/h Freefall you like, there are thousands different waysBudapest Nothing quite compares with the intense to discover this noble city.Phone: +36 20 599 8501 rush provided by a 200 km/h free fall and ■Racing Courses for Children parachute descent from 3500 metres, andSimilar to Ramada’s Adventure Park, and yes, Budapest can accommodate cloud rid-the Challengeland Kalandpálya, the Orczy ers too! Tandem Skydiving offers the closestKalandpark is especially recommended for skydiving location to Budapest, at Dunaú-younger thrill seekers. It has several racing jváros (Kisapostag) Airport, about an hourcourses designed exclusively for children, drive from the city center. The companyas well as activities for adults, including offers transfer to customers, plus excellentcamping, laser tag, and even go-karting. prices, and even your own tandem skydiveLocation: Orczy út 1.(Nagyvárad tér)., video if you want to keep the memory alive.Budapest Location: Dunaújváros Airport HighwayPhone: +36 20 236 1214 no. 6 - at 76th km (close to Kisapostag)Indoor Skate Park Phone: +36 20 341 2704eXbox Adventure Park, is the largest ex- Ready, steady, GO!treme indoor adventure park in Budapest, One of the newest attractions for activeso you can enjoy adrenaline rush rain or pursuits in Budapest is the G1 Kart Center,shine. It’s not the same as flying along the 19

INTERVIEW Healthy Eating and the Culinary Art of Chef Vojtěch PoštulkaVojtěch Poštulka, chef at Mamaison Hotel Imperial Ostra-va, is a personality in his field. He has already receivednumerous awards, and gained recognition in the me-dia, both nationally and internationally. This Summer, heprepares a healthier, lighter menu for our guests, full ofauthentic flavours, to maximize the travel experiences inOstrava, in traditional Czech spirit.20

Chef Poštulka, how do you plan your menuto meet the expectations of Mamaison’s di-verse clientele?The restaurant is a huge part of the hotel’shistory. Many VIP guests use it as a meetingplace, for business dinners and other corpo-rate events. It’s for this reason that our menuis prepared well in advance, deeply thoughtout, carefully tested, and always attractive.Of course, we believe in regional suppliers,so we have the freshest and best quality lo-cal ingredients. But we also believe that themenu should represent the restaurant’s in-ternational atmosphere, so we source someingredients outside the Czech borders, sothat our international guests can find theirfavourites, too.You are very young, and you have already re- It is often written, that I am very young for a month ago, I got in touch with a Norwe-ceived many awards and accolades. Does age this job. On the other hand, if we look at the gian supplier that specialises in only 4 spe-have anything to do with culinary art? Do other comparable restaurants we will find cial breeds of think younger talent can benefit from that their chefs are within my age groupa fresh take on cuisine? as well. For example, in Sweden there are Looking at your most recent menu, it seems many restaurants which have been award- soups play a key role in your overall gastro- ed by Michelin’s Guide, and they have nomic art. Is this a reflection on Czech tradi- young chefs. These talents ventured out tion, or your personal preference? into the culinary world before arriving back We have three soups in the menu, and yes, home to show off their hard won new ex- this is a Czech tradition. We have one local, pertise. I think that my age gives me added one vegetarian and one speciality of the energy, and I’m sure that my successes in- month, which is prepared according to the spire the young generation too. Emerging seasonal ingredients. I prefer soups, too, culinary talents can see that even though because, as wev say in Czech “soup is the I am young, I have achieved great goals. grunt, and meat is the spunt.” (,,Polévka Who were the biggest influences on your art, je grunt a maso špunt,,) and your career? I had an opportunity to learn from Execu- As a curator of gourmet gastronomy in tive Chefs like Jason Atherton and Phil Car- Ostrava, is there a local dish you personally michael in the restaurant Maze. They really love above all the rest? influenced my career, and I have learned I’m always looking forward to the season of many important things from them, e.g. blueberries in Beskydy. There are only few how to build a good team and collective things better than a cake or stuffed blue- to support me. They also showed me the berry dumplings. This is a dish I never grow way of hard work, which I think has helped tired of, especially when I get to pick the me to succeed in this profession with love. blueberries myself. The restaurant’s Fall menu featured sea bream among other specials. How particular What’s in store for your guests this coming must you be about the sources of your salt Summer? Any menu or wine surprises? Are water offerings? you planning to include special menus for The sea bream was bought refrigerated, health-conscious diners? not frozen and we were honestly not al- Yes, we are going to focus on healthier Photo: Mamaison Hotels & Residences ways satisfied with the quality. We actually and not so fatty dishes and ingredients, so had to refuse the supply several times. This people can continue with their busy lives is the reason why I am a little bit sceptical without a long rest after their lunch. We of these kinds of ingredients and products. have already a very good supplier for the I am now checking all supplies personally, Summer seasonal ingredients, and a new to avoid quality inconsistencies. About Summer menu sure to satisfy the highest exigencies. ■ 21

Ostrava is usually considered a laid back family retreat, despite its lively nightlife, and lovely countryside, which opens a world of possibilities for active travelers. Mostly known for its superb professional golf courses, Ostrava has all the conditions for year-round active holidays. Like many Czech cities, it is also a cradle of culture, counting numerous festivals for all ages on the yearly agenda. Ostrava for Active TravellersPhoto: Fotolia First, visit the historic Silesian Ostrava Castle tional bonfires. You can participate in games (Slezskoostravský hrad), which will host sev- and competitions, dance to Irish music per- eral events all year round, starting with an formed live by an Irish band, enjoy witchcraft “Easter at the Castle” festival on April 12-13. demonstrations and stories, and enjoy a fire This fest is both an occasion to learn about show designed to chase the evil away. During local Easter traditions, and to have fun with this the 10th anniversary since reopening, the your family, participating in the Easter egg Silesian Ostrava Castle will celebrate its lega- hunt, among other contests. For souvenir cy on May 17 and 18, with knights in shining hunters, the festival offers a unique occasion armors, maids and ladies-in-waiting, plus a to find authentic arts and crafts by local ar- whole lineup of royal figures, reenacting the tisans. You get to celebrate with local foods, castle’s rich history. There will be live music, music and dance, and you may even learn jousting, contests, good food, and fun activ- how to decorate an Easter egg like the locals ities for all ages. if you want. Location: Hradní 1, 710 00 Slezská Ostrava Walpurgis Night Phone: +420 596 115 967 Wizards, witches, and warlocks, prepare their Beyond the walls of the Silesian Ostrava brooms, as on April 30, the castle is open Castle, active travelers may partake in a va- for an ancient festival: the Walpurgis Night riety of sports, including both recreational, (Pálení čarodějnic). All the usual actors will and extreme. be there, as the nighttime gets lit by tradi- 22

Albrechtická and Petřvaldík. The track was Phone: +420 777 122 233 converted to allow six go-karts to race at once. This is also a great place for team build-Yoga Festival ing events, and for private parties. Relax in Salt CavesPassion for sports is celebrated through festi- Phone: +420 603 517 006 Salt caves rank among the most popularvals too. In the second weekend of April (11- health activities in Ostrava. You will find13), Ostrava will play host to the Yoga Festival Fly Like a Bird several man-made caves, offering excellent2014 (Jógový festival 2014). The festival will Paragliding is one of the most exciting of conditions for treatment and relaxation. Thebe held at Pranava Jóga Centrum (28.října the adventure sports. Ostrava offers excel- caves’ microclimate is unique, characterized858/257) and Fit&Fun Studio (Tovární 486/7) lent conditions to practice. Check out Xfly. by a high bacteriological purity and nega-fitness centers. The program includes more cz for tandem flights above the beautiful tively ionized air. Salt caves are more thanthan 25 yoga and dance lessons; lectures on Moravian–Silesian Beskyds, which are locat- wellness centers; they are retreats to peace,topics like music therapy, healing through ed a short hour drive from the city center. rest, regeneration and relaxation. 45 minutesyoga, regression therapy, kinesiology and You will fly with some of the most experi- in a salt cave have health benefits compara-others; delicious vegetarian food; plus over enced pilots in the country. ble to a 2-3 days stay by the sea.25 performers from Prague, Brno, Ostrava,Colombia and the USA. Salt Cave Halos OstravaAquazorbing Phone: +420 608 435 430 (Solná jeskyně Halos Ostrava)If you don’t arrive in time for the festivals, Air Hit Morava is one of the most popular Location: Dům kultury města Ostravy -Amfi-there’s always something else to do, any choices for tandem skydiving. The compa- teatr, Ulice 28. října124day of the week. The sports complex Ostra- ny offers jumps every Saturday and Sunday Phone: +420 777 709 718; +420 597 489 244va-Poruba offers excellent conditions for from April to late October. You’ll jump in http://www.solnajeskyne.unas.czaquazorbing. Of course, if zorbing is not your tandem with Vlastimil Blaha, inspector forthing, you can always go just to swim, to play tandem jumps, with more than 30 years ex- Salt Cave Vratimovvolleyball, miniature golf, beach volleyball, perience in the field. (Solná jeskyně Vratimov)badminton, netball, football and other lei- Location: Tovární 186/3, 739 32 Vratimovsure sports. Children under six years of age Phone: +420 607 150 150; +420 602 775 235 (about 15 minutes drive from the center)do not pay any entrance fee. Another excellent choice for parachute Phone: +420 602 568 135Location: Rekreační 74/236, 708 00 jumps is Paraklub Ostrava, which offers ev- - Poruba erything from training, to tandem skydiving, mov/index00cave.htmPhone: +420 736755999 and even physical examination performed by medical doctors. Horseback RidingQuad Bikes Location: Na Břížku 367, 747 66 Dolní Lhota Horseback riding is the perfect family activi-Quad bike fans will find excellent gear at MO- (20 minutes from Ostrava) ty. There are several stables offering lessonsTOranch, a company specializing in activities and trips around Ostrava. SK Mušketýr, forwith all-terrain vehicles. MOTOranch offers example, is quite popular in the Summer,helicopter rides, trips and excursions in with when most of its horses take tourists tovarious all-terrain vehicles around Ostrava, explore the countryside. But you can alsorentals, and a number of other services for count on SK Mušketýr for weddings andcompanies and leisure travelers. other special events.Location: Mariánskohorská 58, 702 00Moravská Ostrava Location: Vlčkova 391/40, 710 00 ■ Photo: FotoliaPhone: +420 602 77 44 56 Ostrava - Slezská Ostrava Phone: +420 733 760 300KartingFor karting, the Albrechtičky kart hire cen-tre offers excellent conditions, at the formerparking area of t​ he airport Mošnov, between 23

Photo: Mamaison Hotels & Residences Wellness at Mamaison Hotel Imperial Ostrava The same Ostrava that was the industrial powerhouse of this central European country, is today a centre of all things dynamic and energetic. Where great coal mines once fed a thriving city, steel and new age technologies have con- verged and emerged to form a hub of business and cul- ture. Ostrava is a mix of thriving business interests, as well as a touristic destination of wondrous import. If museum searching and partaking of stoic culinary treasures were prevalent touristic activities, extreme sports and eclectic gastronomy now coexist. The overall effect is a city better by far for its 21st century emergence. 24

Guests at Mamaison Hotel Imperial Ostravacan depend on unequalled guest servicestuned especially for the business traveller.Business being what it is, the wellness andrelaxation centre at the hotel plays a majorrole in helping melt away the stresses oftough schedules, as well as providinga bit of solitude from the madding crowd.This respite on the first floor of the hotelis resplendently appointed with state-of-the-art exercise equipment, a sauna,and expert staff who excel at a variety ofmassage treatment therapies.Unique Salt Water Pool Photo: Mamaison Hotels & ResidencesAfter a busy day in Ostrava’s business dis-trict, getting immersed in the salt water poolwill melt the tension into an easy euphoria.Schedule a Thai or Indian massage, enjoy therelaxation centre, or sweat out a toxic day atthe sauna. In other words, our wellness cen-tre is the perfect extension of our award-win-ning guest satisfaction mission.In order to polish off that worried brow, ourstylists and beauticians await your beckoncall for a simple haircut or manicure at ourbeauty salon. They can also provide that re-freshing facial the day has called for. If sight-seeing, or hectic meetings have taken theirtoll, our Mamaison Hotel Imperial Ostravawellness centre is the remedy you seek.Dining OptionsFor the finishing touches, and for a perfectend to your day, the cuisine at RestaurantLegend combines gourmet culinary artwith the freshest and healthiest ingredientsavailable. Chef Poštulka is dedicated to in-fusing a healthier nutritional ideology intothe fare, while adhering to tradition andcreative cooking. Like every other amenityat our hotel, we’re dedicated to making bet-ter days, stays, and a better you. Welcome.How do you feel? ■ 25

Photo: Mamaison Hotels & Residences Fine Dining and Romance Like Prague, but a bit more tumultuous, Warsaw makes up for her times of misfortune with the most daring and innovative cuisine in this part of Europe. Beyond the walls of her great palaces, gardens, and grand villas, even inside the most humble residences, everyone is a chef. If you want to experience the au- thentic, the sublime, Mamaison’s La Rotisserie brings you very close to it, and it does it in style. 26

Gourmet Menu Finally, if you read our menu aloud the in- We offer the perfect combination of aphro- escapable “Oh my!” will surprise you. Do disiac ingredients, daring flavours, and wor- this exercise, repeat after us: “Brillat Savarin ry-taming colours and flavours that can eas- cheese with raspberry chutney.” It sounded ily turn the darkest mood to light-hearted delicious, now didn’t it? Book a table for effervescence. This is our chef’s pride and lunch, or if you want to rekindle a brilliant joy, the thing that makes La Rotisserie the romance, trust us with the hardest part, perfect romantic destination. Surprisingly, the thing that goes through your stomach this is the same element that attracts most – a.k.a. LOVE. of our business clients. ■Photo: Mamaison Hotels & Residences We like to say that our menu is a blend of French, Italian, and Polish cuisine. In fact, this menu is inspired by you, but our chef brings all the passion of traditional Polish cuisine to your plate, so that with every bite you taste, you feel the spirit of this place. The ambiance attracts in equal mea- sure the prosperous local couples, tourists from other hotels, and the most sophisti- cated foodies from Warsaw and beyond. We reward these patrons with our chef’s finest selections of local products, trans- formed into a mouth-watering, conver- sation-stopping main that makes you go “Mmmm...” Award Winning Sommelier If you think that our cuisine is wonder- ful, wait until you see our wine list. Fine vintages, hand selected by our multiple champion sommelier, Andrzej Strzelczyk, heighten every palatable menu item to perfection. Imagine sitting across from that someone special, perfect chalice of in your hand, sipping the nectar of Dionysus. If romance needed a definition, this is it. We dare you to be adventurous, and to try our gourmet menu, instead of picking your favourite from the a la carte selections. 27

Warsaw is famous as a history and culture hub, boasting some of the best museums in the country, royal archi- tectural gems, and even a thriving club and music scene. However, if travel guides usually tell you how to explore the cultural gems of the city, this time we hope to bring the lesser known face of Warsaw to your attention. Active Pursuit in Warsaw Quad Fun is located 25 km west of Warsaw, Paintball Extreme Sports in Błonie. As its name suggests, this is a place What SILT Paintball Warszawa is all about For those who want to feel the thrills of where quad biking fans can enjoy a wild ride is pretty clear: the company offers ad- extreme sports without leaving the city, alone, or with friends. The company has an venture-packed paintball scenarios, 7 days Centrum Sprortów MartJack Extreme is the excellent offer for children and families. a week, rain or shine. SILT organizes paintball perfect place. You can practice wall climbing There are four routes, with different degrees events for all kinds of occasions: stag and hen on one of the highest walls in Poland; quad of difficulty, stretching over 2 hectares of un- parties, team building, school trips, and large biking; paintballing; you can drive a monster even terrain. groups. You will get the best equipment on truck; and much more. The center offers an Location: Żukówka 19A, 05-870 Blonie the market, excellent safety conditions, and excellent playground with activities for chil- Phone: +48 795 144 333 a mixed site - forest and abandoned build- dren too. offers quad trips ings - to practice your skills. Location: ul. Płochocińska 65, Warszawa too. The service offer is complete, with Phone: +48 22 392 68 34 packages for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. The trips vary in length and duration, and can be organized at night too. There are even packages for riders who come with their own quads; offers for com- panies (team building); and a package for extreme riders.Photo: Fotolia Location: ul. Bronowska 36, 03-995 Location: ul. Armii Krajowej 56, 05-400 Warszawa Otwock Phone: +48 512 495 342 Phone: +48 503 41 41 75 28

Photo: FotoliaBungee Jumping Horses and Much More Photo: FotoliaTo experience what most people consid-Stajnia Agmaja are stables, offering rec-er the purest form of adrenaline, check out reational horseback riding, hippotherapy,Bungy Jumping“Mario”Zakopane Warszawa. a mini zoo, social bonfires, costume balls,You will plummet from the highest bungee gala events, and a lot more. This is an ide-jumping tower in Poland, 90 meters high. It al place to spend a quality afternoon withmay not be the scariest jump in the country, your family, but can also be booked for lon-but it is the best you will get in the city. ger horseback riding trips for groups.Location: ul. Górczewską i Wolską Location: ul.Wybrzeże Gdyńskie 2Phone: +48 507 053 191 Phone: +48 504 626 124Centrum Sportów Ekstremalnych 2Wieże is http://agmaja.plthe only sports center in Warsaw, which of- As you can see, Warsaw can be enjoyed by allfers both outdoors and indoors wall climb- kinds of travelers, even by those who usuallying, for all skill levels. They have a bungee look for adventure in remote, unknown andjumping platform too, 9 stories high. Excel- unspoiled places. From outdoor recreation inlent, safe conditions. carefully manicured parks, on to traditionalLocation: ul. Marywilska 42E, 03-042 sports venues, and finally, culminating withWarszawa extreme sports and adventure locations,Phone: +48 604 640 042 there’s never a dull moment in this city. ■ Sports 29For those interested in kite surfing, snow-boarding, wakeboarding, free-running,surfing , free skiing, land kiting and skate-boarding, look no further than AcroSchool,a new initiative designed exclusively for ac-tive people. But what truly sets AcroSchoolapart is its Poweriser offer. Even if you havenever jumped on Poweriser jumping stilts,you can enjoy the thrill here, in safe condi-tions. Packages for all skill levels, childrenand adults alike.Location: Obrońców Tobruku, 40 01-494WarsawaPhone: +48.51 225 33 55Located a short drive from Warsaw (about20 km.), Zegrzyński Lake is man-made, butvery popular with the locals. In the summer,this turns into a paradise for active travel-ers: it offers excellent conditions for sailing,windsurfing and kite surfing; beaches; spasand wellness centers; plus over 351 km ofroutes for cyclists.Port Jachtowy Nieporęt (ul. Wojska Pol-skiego 1a, 05-126 Nieporęt) for yachting,water sports, and even ropes course. Em-per Yacht for a windsurfing school, pluswindsurfing and recreational equipment:kayaks, row boats, beach chairs, inflatablegear and more.Location: Zegrze Reservoir

BPfrorosamttcisalradva Postcard pretty Bratislava, known mainly for its iconic castle that stands on a rocky hill directly above the Danube, is a romantic city, close enough to the Little Carpathians to also be a favorite in Slovakia for active travelers. There’s so much to do here. Visitors will certainly need at least a couple of weeks to enjoy the city, and the surrounding countryside, at their fullest.Photo: Fotolia White Water Action Park A suggested starting point, Divoká Voda, Action Park is an entertainment and adren- is a favorite for activities like rafting, kayak- aline campus, offering a wealth of activities, ing, boating, and wakeboarding, and even some more challenging than others. The for paintball and beach volleyball. The re- highlight of the park is its rope course, with sort offers babysitting during your training, 26 activities, 30 high rope obstacles and teambuilding and sportts programs. There’s other great fun attractions. The park also a kayak school, with classes for all levels, plus offers paintball tournaments; archery and rentals for professionals and beginners alike. crossbow shooting; a bungee trampoline, Here affordable aquazorbing and aquarolling safe for both kinds and adults; zorbing, is available for all ages, and even quad bikes, which is quite a trend in Eastern Europe; on a short, very safe, yet wild route. The little and even kiting. ones can even ride a pony. Location: Shengenská ulica, Čunovo, 851 10 Location: Vodné dielo, 850 09 Čunovo Bratislava Phone: +421 918 993 647 Phone: +421 904 22 33 33 30

For more adrenaline-pumping team games Also for swimming, this time in a natural area, like paintball, check out Laser Arena, the per- head to Zlaté piesky, northeast of the capital fect venue to enjoy fun and action with your city Bratislava, in a quiet environment, sur- family. Unlike paintball, laser tag is not pain- rounded by lush greenery. You will find crys- ful: children and the elderly can join in too. tal clear waters, beautiful sandy beach, plus Game sessions are usually short - no more 2 tennis clubs, 7 tennis courts with artificial than 15 minutes - so no one will get tired. lighting, 2 volleyball courts, 2 playgrounds, Location: Prešovská 45, 821 02 Bratislava waterslide and mini golf. Phone: +421 903 914 386 http://www.laserarena.skUp in the Sky Cool Down in Swimming Pools Location: Zlaté piesky Bratislava - Ruž takes you up in the sky, in a ro- For swimming in Bratislava, check out Let- Phone: 02/442 570 18mantic ride in the clouds, to see the beau- né kúpalisko Delfín, in Ružinov, a Summer Discover World from Horsebacktiful city from up high. Their sightseeing swimming pool with water slide, showers, For horseback riding at the foot of the Lit-flights take about 1 hour, and are available changing rooms, sauna, and playground for tle Carpathians, you could choose Jazdeckárain or shine, year round. During the flight little guests. škola Elán Čierna Voda, which offers year-passengers are offered champagne, cold Location: Ružová dolina 11 round riding courses for adults and chil-beer, soft drinks, and even food, depending Phone: 02/534 155 53 dren, 7 days a week, under the guidanceon the package they’ve booked. of experienced instructors. They have anLocation: Pluhová 2, 831 03 Bratislava indoor riding hall too, so you can come toPhone: +421 911 22 55 77 Another excellent swimming pool, Letné practice rain or shine. kúpalisko Rosnička is surrounded by green- Location: Čierna Voda 611, 83107Paintball and Lasergame ery, and offers pools for adults and children, BratislavaDevils Paintball Club offers military-style plus a playground and beach volleyball. Phone: +421 903 722 330paintball in Kalinkovo, ​10 km from Bratislava, Location: M. Schneidra Trnavského 2, 84101 Another great place to learn how to ride, or justa pleasant and beautiful forest. This is one of Bratislava - Dúbravka to enjoy leisurely horseback riding sessions, arethe largest paintball fields in Slovakia, a great Phone: 02/643 609 60 the Stajne Epona stables. Here you can escapefit for professionals, but suitable for newbies from the city to the beautiful nature aroundtoo. Enthusiasts will find bunkers, trenches, Vajnory. Besides riding, the area is popular forfortifications, tanks, buildings, and all kinds agritourism, farming, cycling, roller skating andof natural obstacles. Participants can even other activities.relax in tents when the weather is not thatfriendly, and there’s grills for a barbeque cel-ebration after the games.Location: (GPS) N48.06388° E017.24912°Phone: +421 905 743 454 Letné kúpalisko Tehelné pole is the most Location: Rybničná 34, 83107 Bratislava ■ Photo: Fotlia, beautiful and most famous swimming pool Phone: +421 905 880 333 in Bratislava. This is also the nearest swim- ming area if you stay at Mamaison Resi- dence Sulekova. Location: Odbojárov 9, 83104 Bratislava Phone: 02/443 728 28 31

If Slovakia’s capital had a front door, it would brandish a huge postcard of its most iconic landmark, the Bratisla- va Castle, a central eye-catcher for residents and tourists alike. By far the most photographed attraction in the city, the castle is a place of romantic inspiration, which has fas- cinated painters and poets for centuries. A Cosy Retreat in BratislavaPhoto: Mamaison Hotels & Residences This Slovakian gem dominates the views Perfect Location If you are looking for a more relaxing af- from your window at Mamaison Residence Beyond the walls of this hotel, the world ternoon, surrounded by nature, walk in the Sulekova Bratislava. Its colossal structure is outside opens up for countless possibilities opposite direction out our door towards also mirrored in the art adorning the walls for the curious traveller. A ten minute walk, Horský Park, the green lungs of the Old in rooms and lobbies, in contrast with the and you reach the glorious Bratislava Castle, Town, it’s an oasis of peace for all ages. Or contemporary interiors designed by Jes- which dominates the city from a rocky hill skip the park, and head up to the Slavín tico + Whiles. Our residence ranks among of the Little Carpathians. Then, the Danube memorial to enjoy some breathtaking pan- the most popular in our beautiful city, for with its blue waves is just a stone’s throw oramic views of the city there. both location, and outstanding value. away as well. 32

For shopping, the most popular destina-tion is Obchodná, a narrow cobbled street,lined with small boutiques, budget diningestablishments, and several excellent val-ue restaurants too. After a daytime whirlaround the shops, return at Sulekova to re-charge your batteries in the comfort of yourroom, with a sip of well-chilled white wine, ora revigorating shower.Cosy RetreatAbove marketing clichés, Sulekova is a cozycity retreat, with 32 spacious suites, tastefullydecorated with contemporary designer fur-nishings. In family rooms, the vivid colours ofthe ceiling-to-floor drapes contrast with thecalm tones of the furniture, creating a homeyatmosphere where young and old will spendunforgettable moments together.The same soothing decor follows in businesssuites, where only several daring accentsbreak the rhythm, inspiring the visitor toexplore more of Sulekova’s swish and sexyfeatures. Surely, a 20 minutes soak at thesauna will bring on new energy in wearybodies, while the relax area will subdue allthe worry and anxiety of a busy day. On tothe more active type, Sulekova’s fitness areais an excellent alternative to costly gyms, andcomes equipped with enough modern gear,to satisfy every need. ■ Photo: Mamaison Hotels & Residences 33

RELAX YOUR MIND Sudoku Puzzle 54 8 Enter the numbers 1 to 9 into a grid of 9 blocks. 6 23 Each column, row and a block must contain all of the numbers 1 through 9 and no two numbers in 7 39 the same block can be the same. 31 5 2 4 3 71 97 2 86 5 1 24 Find the missing countries B C I AQHDDNHA B S AHZ T B Answer: despite the fact that the inner circle on the right appears to be R H J U U NOW L V H C O K GQ X E A I I OA S I UP P E TNHPAA L larger, it is, in fact, exactly the same size as the inner circle on the left. This Z L F L K Y T S I NGAPOR ENG optical illusion is known as Ebbinghaus. I EGNR FNR POR TUGA L I I LNUAARNAAC T I UF C S TU Sudoku solution: E ZW P MMN S M L A I K A Q I NM RMYANUUUZ R I N I ARGE L Answer: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, QDX J E S P A I N E AA E R T GG K G S HD Y AWR ONG L D P D R T Egypt, England, Fiji, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Portugal, Y E K RUT A I DN I A I YA K A F Singapore, Spain, Turkey L UV TNS TD J HNS GHUOS G F RANC E I BCDUE CV V P R K Which inner circle is larger? The one on the left, or the one on the right?34

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timFe faormilyMamaison’s Family Getaway in one of our family-friendly hotels,puts you in the heart of New Europe’s popular cities with activitiesto please the young and young at heart.This special hotel offer, valid throughout the year, is ideal forfamilies wanting to explore all the hidden treasures of Europe’s finestdestinations. It includes special amenities that the whole family willenjoy. Don’t hesitate and surprise your children with an enjoyablefamily break!This year-round special offer includes: � Family Accommodation � Daily breakfast � A Welcome Amenity in your room � Complimentary extra beds for children (max 2.) � Gift and amenities for children including a special registration card � Free InternetBook today at or scan the code on the right.36PrAGuE MosCoW WArsAW BuDAPEst BrAtIslAvA ostrAvA

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