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4 Pillar Report

Published by Khushi Ch, 2022-01-06 10:40:52

Description: Hypothetical multi-disciplinary agency specializing in creative direction, marketing and branding & strategy providing service to mission driven social enterprises aand NGOs


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INDEX 01 02 01. Executive summary 03 02. Introduction 04 03. Core team bios 11 04. Business idea 12 05. Untapped market opportunities 06. Market demand 15 07. Marketing & growth strategy 17 08. Competitive advantage 21 08. Revenue model 23 09. Operational model 24 10. Business canvas 25 11. Production process 26 12. Merchandise mix 27 13. Financial model 14. Business landscaping 32 15. Legal Requirements 34 16. Team Model 35 17. HR Structure 36 18. Client summary 19. Value proposition 37 20. Case study 38 21. Client relationship model 39 22. Collaterals 41 43

LIST OF IMAGES Figure 1. Brand Prism Figure 2. Business Canvas Figure 3. Resource List Figure 4. ASP & Sales Budget Figure 5. Initial Investment Figure 6. Operating Expense Figure 7. Income Statement Figure 8. LLP Form Figure 9. Value Proposition Canvas

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY With change in consumerism, increased curiosity towards conscious purchases, the market for enterprises with social benefits has expanded. There has been a considerate amount of increase in the number of social enterprises, NGOs and Not For Profits in India. The major problem that arises with socially benefiting models, is that the cause isn’t enough to gain clients. Amplification and support for these causes is where we step in. Four Pillars is a 360° multidisciplinary agency that caters to Social Enterprises, NGOs and Not for Profits for their creative direction, brand strategy and positioning, and marketing needs. Our aim is to provide them with sustainable solutions in compliance with the SDGs by the UN in order to build a long term and reliable brand model. We aim to provide a flexible pricing model with a varied list of digital, design and development services. This venture gives us an opportunity to bring about change for the good. We plan on doing so by opening a LLP company with four experienced partners. Our idea is to begin with an online operational model and slowly scale into an offline working space with more than 10 team members. In order to scale our client bracket and win an advantage over our competitors, we hope to get seed funding for an initial boost in marketing and set up operations. In an age of consumerism and digital media, exacerbated by COVID-19 where we saw an increase in eCommerce and online functioning, all eyes are locked on brands’ every move. There is no better timing than now to establish socially positive credentials for an edge over others. 01

INTRODUCTION Being a part of the fashion industry, we understand the importance of the journey and narrative behind brands, and the impression they make on the consumers. Even though social enterprises, NGOs, Non profit, Foundation and cause driven brands have strong values behind their brand, they often miss out on the opportunity to stand out and differentiate themselves from others. This gap highlighted the need for specialised agencies to cater their branding and development needs. Our purpose is to accompany people, organizations and brands to discover and communicate their Social Potential. Social enterprise is a unique way of doing business, and as such needs some specialist advice. Our intention of offering customised, unique and strategic digital marketing and brand development services for Non-profit and social impact organisations is driven by our single point agenda – to help solve the pressing issues of our generation and to hopefully be a catalyst in the process of widespread systemic change. After the Covid-19 breakout, much of the world moved online, accelerating a digital transformation that has been underway for some time. We saw a complete transition from the offline world to the online world, pushing everyone to use digital platforms for their daily know how. Our 360° branding and business development solutions would help enterprises to do the same. 02

MEET THE TEAM JAYATI ARORA Branding, PR and social media intern at Quirk, a Creative Director brand consulting agency that provides 360° marketing solutions. KHUSHI CHOUDHARI Forecasted trends for the year 2021-25, focusing specifically on sustainable packaging and Business development + developed a report on it. Operations Developed a strategy and business plan for NAZVI Wedding Bliss, a luxury fashion and lifestyle exhibition company. Marketing Consultant Proposed and executed a business strategy in 4 months and created a band guide for 7 stitch, a RUSHIL PRADHAN fashion boutique. Creative Director Understanding pain points and problems related to Nykaa Fashion Marketing and developing a plan and strategy for the same. Wrote blogs for on branding and marketing. Created content for: Dressbio, kaprapan, Smii candles, D'nature, Janta express. Developed documentaries and short films for Homegrown. Created 5 short films, advertisements and conducted photoshoots for Anoma Stone in New York, Photoshoot for Zewar Jewellery Brand. 03

ABOUT THE BRAND Four Pillars is a multi-disciplinary agency specializing in business development across branding, digital, retail and creative direction for mission driven social enterprises and NGOs, Non profit, Foundation or cause driven brand. We’re passionate about helping our clients change the world. Our team has extensive experience across sales, marketing and merchandising expertise marked by custom solutions including market entry strategy, digital marketing and branding alongside commercial, and scaling businesses. We work towards maintaining relevance in a rapidly changing landscape; valuing words, visuals, provenance and longevity. We’ll implement, evaluate and help you pivot your business for growth. 04

MISSION We're mission-driven and deeply invested in our clients' work, which sets us different from other multi-disciplinary agencies. We believe that mission- driven businesses play a critical role in addressing major issues and making the world a better place which is why amplifying their voice is as important. We work towards maintaining relevance in a rapidly changing landscape; valuing words, visuals, provenance and longevity. We’ll implement, evaluate and help you pivot your business for growth. VISION Our vision is to bring in change at the grass root level through helping and encouraging social enterprises and NGOs to reach global heights. Significantly increase positive social and environmental impact in India by bringing out meaningful change. 05

BRAND IDENTITY PRISM PHYSIQUE PERSONALITY Modern Imaginative, trustworthy, Yellow & black socially conscious Minimal RELATIONSHIP FOUR PILLARS CULTURE Reliable, loyal, authentic Building social uniqueness Mission driven, optimistic, culturally rooted REFLECTION SELF IMAGE Socially Responsible, ethical, Unique, Self-aware, compassionate innovative, visionary Figure 1. Brand Identity Prism 06

PROBLEM STATEMENT Digitalization isn’t new; it’s simply been brought into sharp focus. Prior to the pandemic, the economy was already undergoing a paradigm shift towards digitization. The current events have accelerated this paradigm. Hence, businesses from small to big brands are digitizing themselves and are looking for new and creative marketing solutions. Most of the marketing and branding consultancies have very high-end prices which small brands can’t afford. We, as a multi-disciplinary agency cater to NGOs and social enterprises, identify their problems and provide them with solutions with reasonable and affordable prices. The first step for the social enterprise therefore is to start with a brand development process which would bring in the initial revenue streams and enable them to pilot the business model. FOR-PROFIT SOCIAL ENTERPRISE Four Pillars is a Limited Liability Partnership firm with a balance of management control with reduced liability exposure. To ensure there is dynamism and a perpetual business. 07

TIMELINE & FIRST YEAR KEY FIRST YEAR MILESTONES SECOND YEAR THIRD YEAR The first 6 months - To be utilised in building a team - Building relationships with potential customers - Finding database of customers - Conducting workshops to attract possible clients - Small scale projects - Social media marketing of our own company Following 6 months - Building of rental space - Publishing website - Email marketing, advertisements, press releases etc to market our own company - Start working offline at our rental space - Scaling up projects - Hold a competition to give away one complimentary service for an organization providing exemplary social service. - Scale up team - Take on international projects 08

NEED GAP ANALYSIS In India there are very few multi-disciplinary consultancy that provide marketing, branding and development solutions specifically for NGOs and social enterprises. Due to this reason, big brands and companies who can afford high-end marketing solutions are far ahead in this game. We as a multi-disciplinary agency are trying to address this need gap by providing 360° branding and business development solutions at a flexible price range with a sustainable business model. 09

SWOT ANALYSIS S Strengths W Weaknesses Sustainable business Non-recurring revenue model stream Flexible pricing model Misconception of our 360° branding and clients that their values business development are enough to sustain in solutions this market O Opportunities T Threats High growth and Lack of funding development potential Established market of the Employment generation competitors, Lack of multi-disciplinary Niche market agencies in India dedicated to social enterprises, NGOs, non profit, foundation 10

UNTAPPED MARKET OPPORTUNITIES India is considered to have one of the most vibrant social enterprise sectors in the world. A 2016 report by the British Council estimated that around 2 million Indian enterprises are working towards creating social impact in the areas of skills development, education, non-farm livelihood and more. As per the same British Council report, the business goals of these entrepreneurs are equally lofty: 78% of Indian social enterprises aim to expand into new areas; 73% aim to increase their customer base; while 56% seek new investments to expand. With this scale of ambition, it is no surprise that digital technology and branding is a critical tool for social entrepreneurs looking for a sustainable model. According to the United Nations-backed Principles for Responsible Investment, nature-based solutions will generate nearly $7.7 trillion through 2050. Organizations are now investing in companies that aim to innovate, decarbonize and transition. As we shift towards building a low-carbon, climate-resilient, just economy, sustainability is becoming an important driver of economic growth. 11

MARKET DEMAND Do you think branding and Are you managing the same marketing is important for through an agency or your NGOs and Social Enterprises? own team? Freelancers Different agencies 33.3% 33.3% Yes Company Team 100% 33.3% Do you think a specialised Pick the most important services that you agency that caters only to NGOs would want a brand development, branding and marketing agency to provide (You can and social enterprises is important? choose as many) Maybe Sustainable solutions 100% Quick and pre planned deliverables 12 Flexible price and package 360 solutions 0 0.5 1 1.5 2

WE ARE A B2B COMPANY OUR CUSTOMERS AND HOW WE WILL SERVE THEM It is not possible to devise every plan on your own and take every small to big decision on your own. The need for Multi disciplinary consultancy has come up. We Offer Multi disciplinary consultancy services like Branding, Strategy & Positioning, Creative Direction, Digital solutions to our clients. 13

MACRO TRENDS & INSIGHTS 01. Consulting services: market is shifting from the traditional per-hour and per-month revenue model to a value-oriented revenue model. Design, research, promotional and consulting service providers will shift to value-based pricing as they try to become \"advisors\" rather than just service providers. 02. Conscious Consumerism: According to a report by Capgemini Research Institute which surveyed Indian respondents, 79 percent of consumers have admitted to changing their buying preferences based on environmental impact, social responsibility, and inclusiveness. Interestingly, 53 percent of consumers have switched to lesser-known brands simply because they were more sustainable as compared to their bigger competitors. 64 percent of consumers have even declared that they find happiness in purchasing sustainable products. 03. Brand Activism: According to, Brand activism is one of the major trends of 2022 where consumers want to interact with brands that share their values, from sustainability to social justice. “How a brand ‘fits’ in with your values, beliefs system and lifestyle will arguably determine whether you buy into that brand,” explains Envato Brand Designer, Sophie Dunn. “A brand’s mission and purpose plays a huge part in who you repeatedly buy from and choose to align with.” 14

WHERE ARE OUR CUSTOMERS MARKETING AND GROWTH STRATEGY LOOKING TODAY FOR THIS SERVICE? Our customers being Non Profit Organizations and Social Enterprises are looking at various established brand consulting agencies or digital marketing agencies for their marketing solutions. If not hiring an agency, most NGOs and social enterprises are marketing themselves through various in house strategies due to a limited budget. They often also turn to freelancers and interns who do not have the same kind of experience or expertise. 15

OUR PLAN TO ATTRACT AND ACQUIRE CUSTOMERS 01. Efficient Website Design and 06. A flexible pricing model Functionality 07. Email Marketing 02. Strong branding: Thoughtful messaging and a well-designed 08. Press Releases logo also convey important messages that evoke feelings that 09.. Advertising can either build or detract from the credibility. 10. An online portfolio of the work previously done to grab the 03. Strong Social Media Presence attention of customers along with Case Studies 04. Search Engine Visibility on Competitive Industry Terms. 11. A flexible pricing model 05. An online portfolio of the work 12. Workshops held at the previously done to grab the beginning to acquire customers. attention of customers along with Case Studies 16

HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT THAN OTHERS IN THE SAME SPACE? We aim to create a strong online and offline presence to attract and acquire new customers. We will publish blogs and case studies to keep customers engaged and attracted to us, along with promoting unique knowledge through social media formats. We will also hold free masterclasses and workshops to acquire databases to draw them to our packages and solutions. Our focus will be on creating positive and loyal customer relationships, with absolute transparency. HOW TO ACHIEVE TARGET GROWTH RATES? Improving internal marketing & sales - Scaling systems & processes - Growing our team - Enhancing our service offerings 17

SrikaMarketing: A full-service digital marketing agency working exclusively with nonprofits giving them unique marketing, communication strategies and targeted solutions. They focus and build effective campaigns one NGO at a time. Fabulous Media: Recognises importance and support NGO’s with good cause that are working to make a positive impact on society and social welfare. They have Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Bitrix24 , Big ant, nimble and Samsung as their partners. and they have been featured in The Economic Times, Forbes India, The times of india, Ai Global, Consultants Review. Folklore foundation: works extensively on various challenges faced by NGOs from funding to finding volunteers and spreading awareness about the issues they are working on, and connecting them with their audience by designing websites, creating logos, and building visual identity. Scaling Retail: An innovative retail business consultancy and marketing agency, specializing in launching and scaling successful fashion retail companies. Providing them with a unique blend of sales, marketing and merchandising expertise marked by custom solutions including market entry strategy, cash flow management, digital marketing and branding. Border & Fall Design Studio: It's an established Digital publication house, with Broader reach, bigger clients and extensive resources. Their portfolio of clients includes Rashmi Varma, Raw Mango, Bodice, Himeya and Hanut Singh COMPETITORS ANALYSIS 18

COMPETITORS BUDGETING Strategy + Positioning 100000 INR – 600000 INR 100000 INR – 800000 INR Brand strategy: 50000 INR – 700000 INR Business Strategy: Competitor’s research: 5000 INR – 100000 INR 20000 INR-100000 INR Creative Direction 15000 INR – 250000 INR 50000 INR – 400000 INR Branding - Logo Design & Visual Identity 50000 INR – 500000 INR Packaging: Starts from 10000 INR Website Design UI UX: On hiring basis App Design UI UX: Films: Starting from 20000 INR Photography: 8000 INR – 40000 INR Styling: 10000 INR – 80000 INR (M) 10000 INR – 120000 INR (M) Marketing Starts from 50000 INR Content Creation: Email Marketing: SEO SEM: Social Media Management: Ad management: 19

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE We provide sustainable marketing solutions, it encompasses social, economical and environmental solutions. We not only provide marketing solutions but also aid in branding, creative direction and brand strategies. We offer flexible payment solutions. We plan on offering free 360° solutions to one company every year making the biggest social impact. 20

REVENUE MODEL HOW DO YOU PLAN TO GENERATE REVENUE? Since we are a For profit social enterprise, our business model will be dependent on revenue generated from the projects we deliver to social enterprises, NGOs and not for profit models. PRICING MODEL From the four types of pricing model, ours is the economic pricing model as compared to what our competitors 21 offer.

COST STRUCTURE Strategy + Positioning 100000 INR – 200000 INR 100000 INR – 400000 INR Brand strategy: 50000 INR – 200000 INR Business Strategy: Competitor’s research: 5000 INR – 40000 INR 20000 INR-40000 INR Creative Direction 15000 INR – 120000 INR 50000 INR – 200000 INR Branding - Logo Design & Visual Identity 50000 INR – 200000 INR Packaging: Starts from 3000 INR Website Design UI UX: On hiring basis App Design UI UX: Films: Starting from 5000 INR Photography: 8000 INR – 15000 INR Styling: 10000 INR – 25000 INR (M) 10000 INR – 50000 INR (M) Marketing Starts from 10000 INR Content Creation: Email Marketing: SEO SEM: Social Media Management: Ad management: 22

ORGANIZATION THE OPERATIONAL MODEL KEY ACTIVITIES Through decentralised management, we will all divide roles for putting our business together. The projects will be handled by the core team member who specialises in it and their team. The audit reports, taxation and accounting will be done by our CA and the consulting HR will conduct interviews and set a policy guideline at the start of our 1st year. MANAGEMENT OF COSTS AND HOW WE WILL REMAIN COMPETITIVE? Incubator Programmes + Seed funding NSRCEL- Bangalore- Launchpad Programme + NSRCEL SOCIAL Supreme Incubator- Pre-Seed Incubation Programme Kalakaari Capital Axilor Venture CIBA Zone Start Up This funding will be primarily used to drive organisations and traffic towards our company. KEY COST DRIVERS - Salaries - Rent & utility - Softwares 23

BUSINESS CANVAS Key Partners Key Activities Value Proposition Customer Relationships Customer Segments Data collection and NGOs Creative Directors Creative Direction Customised and unique analysis Social Enterprises brand identity and Not for profit foundations Marketer Strategy and strategy Regular feedback positioning Business Development Flexible budgets Follow up emails, and operations Marketing manager Sustainable marketing Prompt action on solutions and a customer reviews Finance Partner (If any) Sustainable model Corporate gifting Key Resources Adaptive Marketing Channels Technological platforms Planned campaigns, with Website Social Media timely call to action Human Resources triggers Rental Space Technological equipment Cost Structure Revenue Streams Technological setup and running costs Funding Salaries to permanent employees Payment of services Rental cost Figure 2. Business Canvas 24

Client meeting and briefing: Learning the PRODUCTION PROCESS vision and mission of the client, understanding their brand structure and expectations, talking about budgets and packages. Research & Analysis: Understanding the target audience and the market of the brand, researching trends and news around the same. Plan development: Developing a timeline for the project, setting deadlines and assigning tasks. Recruitment/Appointing Tasks: Appointing project heads and building a team for the same project. Building a reporting structure for efficient and quick results. Designing Creatives/ brand identity/ website design/ executing shoots: Curating and creating narratives according to the brief provided, making mock-ups and prototypes for the same. VALUE CHAIN 25

PRODUCT MIX MERCHANDISE MIX 01. Strategy + Positioning: We help develop your brand DNA and create custom market positioning, product, communications and sales strategies. We also partake in content development and collaborations. - Brand Strategy - Business Strategy - Business development - Competitor’s research 02. Creative Direction: We understand and report trends and insights into customer behaviour via market forecasting, research and analysis, product trends and new technology to tell a brand story – from campaigns, events to collaterals - Branding - Packaging - Website Design - App Design - Films - Photography - Styling 03. Marketing: We create editorial content and execute paid and organic media across all platforms. We specialize in creating marketing strategy and advertisements. - Content Creation - SEO SEM - Social Media Management - Ad management - Email marketing 26






BUSINESS LANDSCAPING 01 03 Barriers 02 04 Competitors What they Limited Budget Srika do well We’re facing Fabulous Media increasing change Folklore foundation and uncertainty in our Scaling Retail market--the familiar Border & Fall ways of doing business don't work as well as they used to. Opportunities A strong strategy in Great understanding and brand storytelling will depiction of brand ultimately establish narrative brand loyalty as the Established contacts audience begins to Provide cost-effective, associate a brand with measurable and targeted their content. solutions to non-profits Lack of specialized Provide clients with agencies for social digital marketing services enterprises and NGOs at a subsidized cost. 32

05 07 Customer needs 06 USP 360° branding and business development We are a mission solutions at affordable driven agency prices invested in purpose Sustainable Business driven businesses and Model nonprofits. We aim to Maximizing sales while provide sustainable creating value business solutions. What I do well Affordable and flexible solutions Understanding human behaviours that help tap the current market Discovering opportunities, pain points and strengths, using our findings to develop strategies for today and long term future. Custom and sustainable marketing solutions 33

LEGAL REQUIREMENTS 01. Limited liability partnership act 2008- Reserve Unique Name-Limited Liability Partnership- Form for reserving a name for the LLP 02. FILLIP Form for incorporation of LLP 03. Income tax 04. GST registration certificate 05. Bank account form 06. Tax audit Figure 8. LLP form 34

ORGANISATION TEAM MODEL STRUCTURE Co founder + Creative director: Jayati Arora Senior Graphic Designer Junior Graphic Designer UI UX designer Copywriter Co founder +Creative Director: Rushil Pradhan Photographer and videographer Editor Cofounder + Business development + brand strategy: Khushi Choudhari Junior Brand Strategist- Interns Research & Development Cofounder +Marketing Consultant: Nazvi SEO & SEM Analysis and ad management Research & Strategy Accountant Consulting HR employee 35

Hiring responsibilities of the company across HR STRUTCTURE department Posting job requirements, shortlisting, calling & scheduling interviews Concluding the joining formalities of the candidate. Maintain relationship with client as if you are the hr for that company. Manage performance of interns, plan their training according to skills they have Formation of hr policies and its implementation Annual maintenance contracts. Maintenance of office and office equipment. 36

WHO ARE OUR CLIENTS? CLIENT SUMMARY The service is designed for social enterprises and NGOs, Non profit, AND cause driven brands. CHARACTERISTICS OF OUR CUSTOMER? 01. NGOs: An NGO is a non-profit making, voluntary, service-oriented/ development oriented organization, either for the benefit of members (a grassroots organization) or of other members of the population (an agency). It is an organization of private individuals who believe in certain basic social principles and who structure their activities to bring about development to communities they are servicing. It is a social development organization assisting in the empowerment of people. Social Enterprise: A social enterprise or social business is defined as a business that has specific social objectives that serve its primary purpose. Social enterprises seek to maximize profits while maximizing benefits to society and the environment. Their profits are principally used to fund social programs. 03. Non-profit organizations: Aim to help a social cause and is funded by the government. 37

VALUE PROPOSITION THE UNDER-SERVED NEEDS OF THE SELECTED SEGMENT For social enterprises or NGOs, the business model will hopefully drive revenue, but the brand has to highlight the cause such that it is able to overcome the indifference in the marketplace. Most social enterprises think that just by having a worthy cause, donors and customers will come, however that is not true. The social enterprise brand has to be as experiential and as robust as the best commercial brands, if it is to compete for the consumer’s share of wallet. 38

CASE STUDY Following is a case study to gain an understanding of the services we offer. SAVE THE LOOM x FOUR PILLARS is a nonprofit community group to revive, restore, and restructure the handloom industry in India. An open forum of individuals with a deep sense of pride in the handmade working towards preserving our arts and crafts. Area Of Focus: Chendamangalam, Kerala Problem Statement: - 90% of the workforce are women and a majority are above the age of 50 and in many cases the single earning member in the family. - Lack of participation and interest from the younger generation. - The weavers are not self-reliant or technologically advanced. - The inventory is still largely manually done. They don't have ERP software for it. Solution Proposed- An application to manage inventory (offline stock + incoming online orders through e-commerce channels) and maintain profiles of the weavers (Weavers personal details, wages, production done, insurance details) Workshops for the weavers and younger generation to teach them social media marketing and handling e-commerce. Set up ecommerce on varied existing channels that tap the Indian as well as European Market- Itokri, Gaatha, Antaran artisan connect, The Indian Ethnic Co Create campaigns that market the product as exclusive and high-end, emphasizing on storytelling and emotional marketing. QR Code- Bookmark, coffee mugs, postcards ( In India - metropolitan cities ( cafe, bookstores, exhibitions + UK?) Link to short film + ecommerce instagram 39

BENEFITS OF OUR SERVICES? Branding sets expectations for the consumer of high-quality standards. It provides a story and identity to the brand for consumers to resonate to. It clarifies the objective of the brand and distinguishes the clients from its competition. Strategy and development help in building a backbone for the company and its future. It sets benchmarks to measure progress against and helps one cultivate a strong brand. Creative direction helps us communicate the right value of the brand to the consumer. It communicates the professional ethics of the brand and expresses the visual identity to the public Our marketing services drive product awareness, cultivate brand credibility and build trust among target buyers and provide value to your audience. BEST WAY TO COMMUNICATE The best way to communicate the benefits of our services is to build an online portfolio of the work previously done to grab the attention of customers. To update our social media handles with behind the scenes and progress of different projects. To be transparent about results achieved from previous work. 40

Activities to maintain a strong client relationship model CLIENT RELATIONSHIP MODEL includes proper data collection and analysis, complete transparency and honesty, regular communication and a regular content approval process during the purchase. Detailed goals and a plan to achieve those goals with statistics will be provided to the client before the purchase. Post purchase processes include maintaining a loyal and long term relationship with our clients, taking regular feedback, follow up emails, prompt action on customer reviews and corporate gifting. ACTIVITIES WE WILL USE TO INTERACT WITH CLIENTS DURING THE PURCHASE AND POST-PURCHASE PROCESS? 41

VALUE PROPOSITION CANVAS Increased brand Strong Brand visibility through Identity various call to actions Sustainable model Branding Establish unique value Improved Increase Brand Digital marketing proposition and Reach and Value & messaging increased importance Sales Creative direction Customised and Reliability Scale and systemise Strategizing and unique brand business positioning identity and Poor and copied Create a community strategy branding from well Flexible budgets Planned established brands High Tap into new Adaptive marketing campaigns, with Lack of innovation Budgets markets timely call to and overused Short term Figure 9. Value Proposition Canvas action triggers narratives campaigns and hype 42





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