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Road Scholar Cuba Expo Catalog, March 2016

Published by paige.davis, 2016-03-04 10:29:06

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PUBLISHED MARCH 2016 CUBAFeel the Rhythmof CubaRoad Scholar educational adventures are created by Elderhostel,the not-for-profit world leader in lifelong learning since 1975.

Welcome to Cuba Road Scholar President James Moses:Cuba: An island frozen in time since the 1950s, Learn in Cuba While It’srestricted to Americans for decades, is now still ‘Frozen in Time’accessible to Road Scholars who want to learnabout this land left behind by modernity. Just Road Scholar is proud to be the largesta 45-minute flight from Miami, here’s your not-for-profit provider of learningchance to learn about a place on the brink of adventures in Cuba. Travel to Cuba by U.S.stepping into the modern world. citizens has been virtually banned by the U.S. government for more than 50 years. But, relations between the two countries are changing rapidly led by Presidents Obama and Castro. Road Scholar President James Moses has explored Cuba twice — first in March 2013 and again last spring. He believes now is the time to experience Cuba with Road Scholar, while the nation still retains its authentic culture and ambiance. We sat down with James Moses for an all- things Cuba Q&A: Road Scholar: Why experience Cuba? James Moses: People should visit Cuba while it’s still frozen in time — while it’s still a place that’s different from the rest of the world. It’s extraordinary to see a major city like Havana in a country that has had virtually no construction for the past 50 years. There are beautiful Art Deco buildings along the Malecón, like Miami in the 1950s, juxtaposed to untouched Spanish colonial buildings from centuries before. RS: Why now? JM: When I tell people to go now, it’s because the changes, though subtle, are already occurring. People think there will be a McDonald’s on every corner, and I don’t see that happening. The change isn’t that blatant. But already in two years, thanks to the introductionA Timeline of 1250 Find the Datethe History mWaetn’orylwel Yewfarxlodwewcueae.atrl’ayeloretsaten(dhat8sadL7Cctdo7huiw)noobol4gakar2rpink6.nrsoe-owrgf8ggo0rdFrta5aooym6tofresious!n.r!dtCvoaiasloliutursof Cuba The Taíno Indians arrive on the island of Cuba.

of free enterprise, there is a change in in Cuba. We have the experience, the RS: What is one of your favorite spots forthe way people live and perceive their expertise and the contacts — because of learning in Cuba?opportunities. this, we have some extraordinary people JM: The Museum of Fine Arts in Havana lecturing on our programs. For example, provides a wonderful perspective onRoad Scholar President James Moses Dr. Carlos Alzugaray, an educator on history as well as art. Our instructor, who our programs, is a Cuban diplomat who is a key staff member of the museum,RS: What other changes did you notice? holds several degrees, including a Ph.D. takes you through the phases of CubanJM: When I first went, there was virtually in Historical Sciences. He’s a regular art, through each political era, so youno renovation or construction. However, lecturer on current international affairs at understand how politics affected art. Ithis spring there were several buildings the National Defense College in Havana. gained fascinating, deep insights into theunder construction or renovation. The In addition, Road Scholar has access to art of Cuba.Parliament building was falling apart — and supports a number of flourishingnow it’s beautifully restored. Another arts organizations in Cuba. There is a RS: Now that you’ve been to Cuba twice,big difference is the food. Two years fantastic modern dance company called do you know how to salsa?ago, you never got anything green in MalPaso Dance Company, and we’ve JM: Nope. Not even close. But I can trulyany meal. There just weren’t vegetables. been supporting it since the dancers left appreciate a fine cigar!Every meal was rice and beans, maybe the state dance company to form thischicken or pork. Now meals are much independent arts organization. Why go with Road Scholar?more varied and appealing. Raúl Castrohas decentralized farming. He’s allowing RS: What surprised you about Cuba? hh Thousands of Americans have learnedmuch more freedom for intrepid about Cuba with us.entrepreneurs — and Cubans are very JM: Once you get out of Havana, you’reenterprising. Suddenly there’s more of a in a different era. In the countryside, hh To make your planning easy, for ourvariety of food and a lot more choice. you still see burros pulling carts. As we land-based programs we include aRS: Why learn in Cuba with Road Scholar? drove from Havana to Trinidad, we had to round-trip charter flight and yourJM: In 2000, Road Scholar was one of slow down near the rice paddies. People visa.the first organizations to be granted a were lining the road for miles — everylicense to go to Cuba. Not only do we 20 feet — with brooms. Our instructor hh We offer many different learninghave years of expertise, but we are one told us they were rice farmers and they adventures in Cuba, so you can focusof the biggest providers of programs were drying their rice in the road. It was on what interests you most. a two-lane highway and half the road was covered in rice spread out for miles. hh As a not-for-profit organization, Farmers were laying out the rice, letting it we are able to offer the best, most- dry and sweeping it all up into bags. inclusive prices. RS: What are some misconceptions about hh From artists in Havana to farmers on Cuba? the most remote part of the island, we’ve made connections to people JM: I think many Americans are under throughout Cuban society who can’t the misconception that the activities of wait to tell you their story. U.S. citizens in Cuba are restricted by the Cuban government. They don’t fully understand that the U.S. government is regulating American movement on the island in order to enforce the U.S. embargo. Hotel Nacionál de Cuba Many Road Scholar groups that go to Havana stay at this historic hotel located on the Malecón (the broad esplanade that runs along Havana Harbor). Opened in 1930, the hotel is a World Heritage Site and National Monument that has hosted celebrities such as Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner, Mickey Mantle, Rocky Marciano, Tyrone Power, Errol Flynn, John Wayne, Marlene Dietrich, Gary Cooper, Marlon Brando, Ernest Hemingway and Winston Churchill.

Call toll free at (877) 426-8056. For complete program itineraries visit Best of Cuba: People, Life andG ain a sense of the past and experience the quickly changing present in Small Group the capital city of Havana, the coastal town of Cienfuegos, the colonial Days/Nights: 12/11gem of Trinidad and the queen of central Cuba — Camagüey — on this Meals: 29 Total (11B, 8L, 10D)in-depth cultural exchange with Cuban people. Explore Cuban passionssuch as baseball and dominoes, art, music and dance. Best of all, experience Program #22143authentic Cuban hospitality and the new spirit of free enterprise during onenight in a casa particular — a privately owned B&B. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS on this extraordinary Cuban adventure, plus many more. We includerounad-htortipelanirigfahrteinfroMmiaMmiiami, and your Visa! Money in Cuba There are two forms of currency in Cuban: a peso for Cubans and the Convertible Peso (CUC) for foreigners. The CUC is a closed currency, which means it cannot be purchased outside of Cuba. You can change your money at the Cadeca (Money Exchange Bureau) at the airport on landing in Cuba or at your hotel. American debit and credit cards won’t work, so you need to bring American cash dollars with you if you plan on exchanging any money. Regardless of where you exchange your cash, the rate is the same.

CultureHighlights: architecture and visit Hemingway’s Ernest Hemingway’s• Explore Hemingway’s haunts: his haunts. Favorite Cocktail house at Finca La Vigia, the fishing Coach to Cienfuegos. . . . . . . 2 nights Ernest Hemingway was known for village of Cojimar and his favorite his passions, particularly his love hotel. Coach to Trinidad. . . . . . . . . . 1 night of Cuba and a good, strong drink. His ultimate combination of these• Engage in authentic Cuban Coach to Camagüey. . . . . . . . 3 nights two was a blended lime and rum passions: Learn to play dominoes, daiquiri at his favorite bar in try a traditional dance and feel the Flight to Miami for departure Havana — the Floridita. He was rhythm as you explore the history Explore Cienfuegos and delight in known for knocking back a dozen of Cuban music. meeting professional musicians daiquiris in one sitting — and who serenade you with a variety of even taking “trago del camino” or• Stroll the cobblestone streets of Cuban music. Explore the Valley of “one for the road.” Trinidad and historic Camagüey the Sugar Mills to meet the farmers — both celebrating their 500th who grow sugarcane. Discover The Hemingway Daiquiri, also anniversaries. the town of Trinidad, a lovely known as the Papa Dobles. colonial-era gem. Spend a nightLodging: Havana: Newly renovated in a privately owned B&B known Ingredientshotel. Cienfuegos: Mid-Century as a casa particular. Heading • 1½ ounces white rummodern hotel with outdoor pool. inland to the UNESCO-listed city • 1/4 ounce maraschino liqueurTrinidad: Privately owned B&B. of Camagüey, meet with artists in • 1/2 ounce grapefruit juiceCamagüey: Centrally located hotel. their home. Attend a rehearsal of • 3/4 ounce lime juice one of the best dance companies in • 3/4 ounce simple syrupEducational Itinerary: Cuba and talk to the dancers about their careers. Venture to a ranch to Blend and serve in a chilled glass.Arrival Miami, Fla.. . . . . . . . . 1 night learn about Cuban cowboy culture and meet the families who workFlight to Havana (Cuba). . . . 4 nights the ranch to hear about their day- Enjoy an opportunity to visit with to-day lives. Cubans to share music, dance and play dominoes. Embark on a walking exploration of Havana’s restored plazas and squares, and admire the Spanish baroque What can you bring back from Cuba? 1492 The rules about what United States citizens are allowed to bring Christopher Columbus back from Cuba have changed over the years. The latest rule claims Cuba for Spain. allows U.S. citizens to bring home up to $400 worth of goods from Cuba, including up to $100 in alcohol and tobacco products.

Call toll free at (877) 426-8056. For complete program itineraries visit Today: People and SocietyD elve into the rich history and heritage of Cuba. In the heart Small Group of Havana and Cienfuegos, meet members of the local Program Rating: HHHHHcommunities to discuss their lives and cultural traditions. Meetface-to-face with community leaders, local residents, artists and Days/Nights: 9/8intellectuals to discuss Cuba today, and explore local landmarks that Meals: 21 Total (8B, 6L, 7D)are significant to Cuba’s cultural heritage. Program #20437 CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS on this extraordinary Cuban adventure, plus many more. We include Old Havanarounad-htortipelanirigfahrteinfroMmiaMmiiami, Havana Vieja was and your Visa! founded by the Spanish in the Havana is founded as natural harbor of the San Cristóbal de la Habana. Bay of Havana. 1511 1514 Baracoa, the first city in Cuba, is founded.

Highlights: Cienfuegos: Mid-century modern Coach to Cienfuegos. . . . . . . 3 nights• Meet with members of a local mu- hotel with outdoor pool. Departure sical group in Cienfuegos and learn Educational Itinerary: Delight in meeting the Cienfuegos about their careers as musicians. Chamber Orchestra, with an op- Arrival Miami, Fla.. . . . . . . . . 1 night portunity to dance to Cuban music.• Enjoy lively interactions at a local Discover the town of Trinidad, a Senior Center. Flight to Havana (Cuba). . . . 4 nights lovely colonial-era gem. Enjoy an opportunity to visit with• Learn about conservation and Cubans in private businesses and Date-Specific Information: Exact enjoy lunch at a beachfront private community centers. Enjoy a walking itineraries may change from date enterprise. exploration of Havana’s restored to date. Call or visit us online to see plazas and squares, and admire the the itinerary for the date you areLodging: Miami: Comfortable hotel Spanish baroque architecture and interested in.near airport. Havana: Historic visit Hemingway’s haunts.landmark hotel on the Malecón.Or choose your perfect Cuba experience … Small Group Small GroupStay in a private B&B in Cienfuegos! Fly directly out of NYC to Havana!Cuba Today: People and Society Cuba Today: People and Society from New Yorkin Casas Particulares Days/Nights: 8/7 | Program #22233Days/Nights: 9/8 | Program #22165 This is similar to our popular program Cuba Today: People andThis is the same program as our popular program Cuba Today: Society, but you’ll fly out of New York City, direct to Havana andPeople and Society, but in Cienfuegos you’ll spend three nights back, with no overnight in a clean and comfortable, privately owned B&B, instead of ahotel.CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS on this extraordinary CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS on this extraordinary Cuban adventure, plus many more. Cuban adventure, plus many more. Classic Cars in Cuba “We need tractors, not Cadillacs!” Fidel famously declared after the U.S. halted all auto exports to Cuba after the revolution. As a result of this embargo, time stood still on the streets of Cuba. Mechanics found creative ways of resuscitating ’57 Chevys and other classics by swapping out V-8s for Soviet diesel engines. Today, about one in six cars is an American classic from the ’50s. However, this charming anachronism may fade into history, as new vehicle imports increase.

Call toll free at (877) 426-8056. For complete program itineraries visit Today: People and Society —I n the heart of Havana, take an insightful look at music, arts, Small Group dance, baseball and private enterprise in Cuba today, viewed Program Rating: HHHHHthrough the lives of everyday Cubans. Spend a day in the beautifullandscapes of Viñales to meet tobacco growers. Meet with Afro- Days/Nights: 9/8Cuban dancers, artisan farmers and vivacious seniors in the Meals: 21 Total (8B, 6L, 7D)Matanzas region, and enjoy a beachfront location in Varadero. Program #20610 CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS on this extraordinary Cuban adventure, plus many more. We includerounad-htortipelanirigfahrteinfroMmiaMmiiami, and your Visa! What’s a Paladar? Paladars (Portuguese and Spanish for “palate”) are privately run businesses that are counterparts to state-run restaurants. They offer delicious Cuban food, and each has a unique story of how the owner pursued his or her dream of owning a restaurant. Some Road Scholar groups visit the famous La Fontana in Havana, where the owner sources many of his ingredients from his own farm. Don’t forget to order the seafood salad with stuffed peppers!

Café Cubano — More ThanHavana and the Countryside Just a Cup of CoffeeHighlights: Prepare for your experience during Meet with locals for lessons in• Meet Cubans engaged in private Orientation in Miami. Engage tCruadbaitniosnloavleCtuhbeairncdoaffneceeasn: dSalsa with Cubans in private enterprise ahnadveDpaenrzfeocnt.edVitshietiar enterprise, including a joint Cuban- including a joint Cuban-American oiCnwalnaleneddeCsbpayfréeasnCsuoabrcatunipsoa,wniittf’hsamsaeisrlwvyeeadentd American company. publishing company. Delve ecnrejomyaaflpoeartfinogrmonantcoep.oTf hAefrcor-emCuaban into Cuba’s art history as you disann’ctem. ade from cream, but from• Attend a rehearsal by a Cuban explore the Havana Museum of demerara sugar that is beaten into dance company and speak with the Fine Arts and meet children in a the coffee as it is being brewed. dancers about their performance. special needs community center. For the full experience, sit down Learn about Cuban music history at a café and order a Café Cubano,• Enjoy interactions with a local and take in a performance by a play a game of dominoes and have Community Arts Project, an organic musical group. Enjoy expert- a passionate conversation about farmer and a Cuban baseball player. led excursions showcasing the baseball, politics or art. beauty of Old Havana. On theLodging: Miami: Hotel near airport. outskirts of Havana, explore ErnestHavana: Historic landmark hotel on Hemingway’s farm, Finca La Vigia.the Malecón. Varadero: Oceanfront Spend a day on the famed Tobaccohotel. Route in the Vinales Valley.Educational Itinerary: Coach to Varadero. . . . . . . . . 2 nightsArrival Miami, Fla.. . . . . . . . . 1 night Flight to Miami for departureFlight to Havana (Cuba). . . . 5 nights “I didn’t know Americans could go to Cuba before I learned aboutRoad Scholar. I was excited just to be going. It was one of the best trips I have ever taken. Cuba is a beautiful country. I gained a lot from the learning experiences, meeting Cuban people and hearing more about U.S. and Cuban relations from Cubans.” — MARY FROM WICHITA, KANSASWhy are Cuban cigars so good? 1717It’s the tobacco! Cuba’s ideal climate and nutrient-rich soil create the The King of Spain, Philip V,perfect growing conditions for tobacco. It is also the only place where establishes a monopoly onthe wrapper leaf and the filler tobacco are grown. But it takes morethan the best tobacco to get that famous robust flavor. The Cuban cigar tobacco in Cuba.makers play a major part as well. These torcedores are the best in theworld. Cuban cigars, commonly referred to as habanos, are hand-rolledfollowing techniques that have remained unchanged for centuries.

Call toll free at (877) 426-8056. For complete program itineraries visit Cuba: An In-Depth Island JourneyOn our most in-depth learning adventure in Cuba, journey across Small Group the island from Santiago de Cuba to Havana, exploring the Program Rating: HHHHHhistoric Spanish colonial cities and interacting with Cubans from allwalks of life. Meet musicians, artists, students, farmers, teachers, Days/Nights: 16/15workers and the new rising entrepreneurs. This is a rare chance to Meals: 40 total (16B, 13L, 11D)experience the country’s natural beauty and the warm people of Cuba. Program #20612 CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS on this extraordinary Cuban adventure, plus many more. We includerounad-htortipelanirigfahrteinfroMmiaMmiiami, and your Visa! 1728 1748 Havana Cathedral The University of The Baroque-style The Havana Cathedral isHavana is founded. Havana cathedral is mainly made up of coral. If you look closely, you can find completed. preserved marine fossils within the outer wall of the facade.

Highlights: Flight to lage meet a family and hear about• Learn about the Spanish colonial Santiago de Cuba (Cuba) . . . . 4 nights their day-to-day lives. Explore Trinidad de Cuba, a UNESCO World era, the Cuban Revolution and life Begin your discovery of Cuban Heritage Site and pristine exam- on the island today. culture and history of the ple of a Spanish colonial Caribbean revolution at Santiago de Cuba’s town. Experience the warmth and• Interact with Cuban people eager to Plaza de la Revolution and the hospitality of Cubans while spend- teach you about culture, religion, memorial to Jose Marti, Cuba’s ing a night in a casa particular — a music, dance, cuisine and more. national poet. Meet with salsa private B&B — and support private dance instructors to learn about enterprise firsthand.• Explore grand plazas, churches, forts, life in Cuba, while participating sites of the Cuban Revolution, muse- in a dance class. Interact with Santa Clara. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 nights ums and Ernest Hemingway’s home. musicians to learn about the original Cuban musical style that Coach to Havana. . . . . . . . . . 4 nightsLodging: Miami: Modern, full- has spread from Guantanamo to In Cienfuegos, also a UNESCOservice hotel near airport. Santiago all other parts of the Island. Learn World Heritage site, learn aboutde Cuba: Modern, four-star resort- about Afro-Cuban history and its outstanding architecture andstyle hotel. Camagüey: Clean and eastern Cuban religions. Visit an meet with members of a localcomfortable hotel. Trinidad: Clean island fishing community. choral group. At the local seniorand comfortable privately-owned center in Santa Clara, engageB&B with private bathroom. Santa Camagüey. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 nights with vivacious seniors and learnClara: Clean and comfortable three- what retirement is like in hotel. Havana: Historic landmark Coach to Trinidad. . . . . . . . . . 1 night Explore Old Havana and its quicklyhotel on the Malecón. Heading inland to the UNES- changing architecture. Visit Ernest CO-listed city of Camagüey, meet Hemingway’s house, La CabanaEducational Itinerary: world-renowned sculptor and fortress and meet residents of painter Martha Jimenez. Attend a a sustainable eco-community.Arrival Miami, Fla . . . . . . . . . 1 night rehearsal of one of the best dance Explore Cuba’s history through art companies in Cuba and talk to the at the Fine Arts Museum and dine dancers about their careers. Ven- in privately owned paladars. ture to a ranch to learn about Cuban cowboy culture, and in a rural vil-The Rise of Organic Gardening in CubaThey are called organopónicos: a system of urban organic gardens in Cuba. During the “Special Pe-riod” — the time in the early 1990s when the Soviet Union suddenly pulled out all support to Cuba— Cubans lost 85% of their agricultural imports and faced a food shortage. By necessity, they begangrowing their own food in urban gardens without pesticides or herbicides, mainly because there wasnone available. The result was an increase in people throughout the island growing organic food andeating locally. In Havana alone, there are 8,000 gardens tucked into almost every conceivable corner.They produce broccoli, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce, onions, bok choi, radishes and much more.

Call toll free at (877) 426-8056. For complete program itineraries visit In-Depth: A Grand Voyage Around the IslandC uba may be best known for the faded colonial splendor of Adventures Afloat Havana, but the island’s real story is told in its villages and Program Rating: HHHHHlandscapes. On this remarkable voyage, explore Cuba by land andsea, discovering coastal towns, remote beaches and the lush, tropical Days/Nights: 14/13interior. Gain a special perspective of the Cuban people, their culture, Meals: 36 Total (13B, 12L, 11D)history and daily life. And learn why Christopher Columbus, uponfirst laying eyes on the northern coast of Cuba in 1492, said this is Program #21305“the most beautiful land human eyes have ever seen.” CLICK HERE FOR DETAILSHighlights: including Holguin and Santiago. on this extraordinary Cuban adventure, plus many more.• Meet and talk with youth, farmers, Itinerary: Arrival Miami, Fla., 1 night; entrepreneurs, seniors and others who flight to Holguín (Cuba), 2 nights; coach introduce you to the full spectrum of to Santiago de Cuba 2 nights, aboard MV modern Cuban life. Celestyal Crystal, 5 nights (ports: Maria La Gorda and Havana); disembark Cien-• Explore the Fine Arts Museum and fuegos, coach to Santa Clara, 1 night, Ernest Hemingway’s home. coach to Havana, 2 nights, departure.• Experience remote regions of Cuba,Choose your adventure aboard the MV Celestyal Crystal! See this page and the next page.This 521-foot ship carries up to 1,200 passengers. Its elegant public spaces include threerestaurants, several lounges, a pool and more. All cabins have private baths, AC and TV.Category 1: Deluxe outside stateroom on Deck 7. MV Celestyal Crystal Category XF.Category 2: Outside stateroom on Deck 4.MV Celestyal Crystal Category XD.Category 3: Outside stateroom on Decks 3or 5. MV Celestyal Crystal Category XB.Category 4: Deluxe Inside Cabin on Deck 6 or 7.MV Celestyal Crystal Category IE. The battleship USS Maine explodes and sinks in Havana Harbor, igniting the Spanish-American War. 1864 1886 1896Student Nemesio Guillot returns from school Slavery is abolished in the U.S. and introduces baseball to Cuba. on the island.

Call toll free at (877) 426-8056. For complete program itineraries visit Caribbean Voyage to CubaD iscover the people and culture of Cuba on a round-trip voyage Adventures Afloat from Montego Bay, Jamaica. Learn about traditions and daily Days/Nights: 8/7life as you engage with youth, seniors and business owners. Enjoy Meals: 20 total (7B, 6L, 7D)dance performances and presentations by community arts organi- Program #21303zations as you step back in time in the colonial streets of Santiagode Cuba, experience the heart of Old Havana, the Caribbean panache OUR LOWEST ACTIVITY LEVEL!of feisty Cienfuegos and the Spanish influence in Trinidad de Cuba.Participate in exclusive Road Scholar People-to-People interactions CLICK HERE FOR DETAILSin each port, and engage in fascinating onboard lectures. on this extraordinary Cuban adventure, plus many more.Highlights: • Meet and talk with private entrepreneurs, youth, performers,• Delve into Cuban culture and history artists and others who introduce you to during Road Scholar lectures onboard modern Cuban life. the ship. Itinerary: Arrival Montego Bay (Jamaica)• Attend performances, rehearsals to embark MV Celestyal Crystal, 7 nights and presentations by community (ports include Santiago de Cuba (Cuba), organizations in Havana and Santiago Havana, Maria La Gorda, Cienfuegos; de Cuba. disembark Montego Bay (Jamaica) for departure. 1898 Colón Cemetery Spain relinquishes Named for Christophersovereignty over Cuba. Columbus, this 140-acre cemetery is noted for its many elaborately sculpted memorials and is the largest cemetery in Havana.

Call toll free at (877) 426-8056. For complete program itineraries visit in Cuba: Discover theIsland’s Endemic & Native SpeciesV enture to coastal habitats, tropical rainforests and Biosphere Outdoor Adventures Small Group Reserves in search of vibrant, exotic birds — many of which Days/Nights: 16/15can only be found in Cuba. Exploring with an ornithology expert,look for the brilliant yellow collar of the Cuban Grassquit, spy the Meals: 43 total (15B, 14L, 14D)dazzling green and red Cuban Parakeet and keep an eye out for the Program #22426endangered Gundlach’s Hawk. Meet conservationists and scientists,and learn about culture and history in colonial Old Havana.Highlights: With pristine beaches and verdant CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS forests, Cayo Coco is an ideal spot for on this extraordinary Cuban• With a birding expert, search for observing wildlife. adventure, plus many more. Cuba’s 368 bird species, including 25 species that can only be found here. Coach to Topes de Collantes. . . . 2 nights Continue birding in Caguanes National• Explore a variety of diverse bird Park and take a field trip to the Nuñez habitats on field trips to National Parks Jiménez Foundation. Explore the and UNESCO Biosphere Reserves. waterfalls and rainforest of Topes de Collantes Natural Park.• Meet the locals and learn about organic farming and conservation projects. Coach to Zapata . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 nights Continue to Zapata, a coastal zoneLodging: A series of comfortable and boasting more than 250 bird species.rustic hotels. Coach to San DiegoEducational Itinerary: de Los Baños. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 nightsArrival Miami. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 night Coach to Havana. . . . . . . . . . . 2 nights DepartureFlight to Camagüey (Cuba) . . . . 2 nights Begin your birding adventure in Najasa Discover Cueva de Los Portales, a cave Protected Area. With an ornithology that served as Che Guevara’s. At the expert, look for the Cuban Grassquit’s Viñales Biosphere Reserve, search for black-masked face and keep an eye the Cuban Tody and Gundlach’s Hawk. out for Cuban Parakeets, Blue-winged Continue birding at Las Terrazas, a Teals, and Cuban Green Woodpeckers. UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.Coach to Cayo Coco . . . . . . . . . . 3 nightsThe Fine Arts in CubaA blend of African, South American, European and North American influences, Cuban art re-flects the diverse cultures of the island. After the Revolution in 1959, artists were censored bythe government and became more isolated from artistic movements of the U.S. and Europe.However, since the 1980s, there has been a rebirth of expression on the island thanks to theemergence of a new generation of Cubans who paint isolated characters, shadowy forms orboats symbolizing freedom and escape. Cuba has invested in art education with a major artacademy in each region of the island and a well-funded art university in Havana.

Call toll free at (877) 426-8056. For complete program itineraries visit of Cuba: Small GroupA Photographic Journey Program Rating: HHHHHJ oin a prize-winning photojournalist for an inspiring photo- Days/Nights: 9/8 graphic journey into the heart of Cuba. In Havana, get an in- Meals: 21 Total (8B, 6L, 7D)sider’s look at this quickly changing city as you meet local dancers,artists, photographers and some of Cuba’s fascinating new entrepre- Program #21768neurs. Journey to Trinidad, the colonial gem, and enjoy access toartisans and private Cuban homes. Throughout, we keep our eyesopen for photographic opportunities as we get to know Cubansthrough the lens — and one-on-one!Highlights: Educational Itinerary:• Meet with photographers and artists in Arrival Miami. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 night CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS Havana to discuss their work and the on this extraordinary Cuban important role art plays in the lives of Flight to Havana . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 nights adventure, plus many more. Cubans. Depart for an overview orientation drive around Havana, to gain a sense• Learn to improve the artistic and of the city’s layout. Visit a private- technical aspects of your photography. ly-run photography school, interact with members of a senior community• Experience Cuban hospitality at a center and visit the offices of OnCuba privately owned B&B in colonial Magazine, learn about the first Ameri- Trinidad. can business to be authorized in Cuba.Lodging: Havana: Historic landmark Coach to Trinidad de Cuba. . . . . 3 nightshotel on the Malecón. Trinidad: Clean Return flight to Miami for departureand comfortable family-owned bed andbreakfast with private bathroom and air Meet your Cuban family hosts at eachconditioning. of the casa particulares and enjoy a home-cooked meal. Bring your camera on a field trip through We include the Sierra del Escambray mountain range. Meet a coffee round-trip airfare from Miami, farmer and learn about life on a hotel night in Miami his plantation. and your Visa!Ernest Hemingway purchases Fidel Castro and Che land in eastern a home outside of Havana. Cuba and begin their guerilla war in the 1940 Sierra Maestra mountains. Fulgencio Batista 1955 1956 1959 becomes president. Fidel and Raul Castro meet Batista is overthrown by the revolutionary Castro’s army of 9,000 guerillas and flees Cuba. Che Guevara in Mexico.

Call toll free at (877) 426-8056. For complete program itineraries visit SESSION: The People of Cuba:Meet Leading Musicians, Athletes, and ArtistsI n the heart of Havana, you and your college-age grandchild Summer Session join local musicians, athletes, artists, performers, dancers andentrepreneurs for an intimate and insightful look at music, baseball, For adult grandchildrenarts, dance and private enterprise in Cuba. Discuss the local art scene ages 18-24!with artists. Music and dance come to life as you attend rehearsalsand private performances with well-known Cuban dance companies Intergenerational Small Groupand musicians. Meet with artisan farmers and vivacious seniors in For grandchildren ages 18-24the Matanzas region. Enjoy a beachfront location in Varadero. Days/Nights: 9/8Highlights: Flight to Havana (Cuba). . . . . . . 5 nights Meals: 21 Total (8B, 6L, 7D) Prepare for your experience to Cuba• Meet Cubans engaged in private during orientation in Miami. Engage Program #22032 enterprise, including a joint Cuban- with Cubans in private enterprise, American company. including a joint Cuban-American CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS publishing company. Delve into on this extraordinary Cuban• Attend a rehearsal by a Cuban dance Cuba’s art history as you explore the adventure, plus many more. company and enjoy an opportunity Havana Museum of Fine Arts for added to speak with the dancers about their insight. Meet children in a special- performance. needs community center. Learn about Cuban music history and take in a• Enjoy interactions with a local performance by a musical group. Enjoy Community Arts Project, an organic expert-led excursions showcasing the farmer and a Cuban baseball player. beauty of Old Havana.Lodging: Miami: Hotel near airport. Coach to Varadero. . . . . . . . . . 2 nightsHavana: Historic landmark hotel on theMalecón. Varadero: Oceanfront hotel. Flight to Miami for departure Meet with locals for lessons inProgram Particulars: Program open to traditional Cuban dances: Salsa andany combination of grandparent, parent Danzon. Visit an organic farm ownedand young adult 18-24. by an artisan family.Educational Itinerary:Arrival Miami, Fla . . . . . . . . . . . 1 nightThe U.S. government Pope John Paul II visits Cuba. sponsors the failedBay of Pigs invasion. 1989 1998 1961 1962 The “Special Period” begins, as the USSR stops all aid to Cuba and GDP falls 80%. The Cuban missile crisis resolves and the USSR removes its missiles from Cuba.

Call toll free at (877) 426-8056. For complete program itineraries visit Cuba: A Family Learning AdventureShare the rich history and heritage of Cuba with your children and Family Adventure grandchildren! In the heart of Havana, join artists, performers andchildren’s community groups for an intimate and insightful look at For grandchildrendaily life and culture in Cuba’s quickly changing society. Share the local 12 and older!passions for music and art, which come to life as you attend rehearsalsand private performances with Cuban dancers and youth groups. Meet Family Program Small Groupwith an artisan farmer and learn salsa in the Matanzas region. End your For grandchildren ages 12-18adventure on a beachfront location in beautiful Varadero. Days/Nights: 9/8Highlights: Educational Itinerary: Meals: 21 total (8B, 6L, 7D)• Interact with Cubans of all ages in Arrival Miami, Fla . . . . . . . . . . . 1 night Program #20591 community-based activities in arts and music. Flight to Havana (Cuba). . . . . . . 5 nights CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS Meet in Miami at an airport hotel for on this extraordinary Cuban• Attend a baseball game and share the program orientation and welcome. Fly adventure, plus many more. Cuban passion for dominoes. to Havana to share a variety of cultural People-to-People exchanges with• Enjoy an evening interacting Cubans in arts, music, sports and local with residents of a neighborhood community. community arts project. Coach to Varadero. . . . . . . . . . 2 nightsLodging: Miami: Modern airport hotel.Havana: hotel in heart of the city. Flight to Miami for departureVaradero: Modern all-inclusive resort on Journey through the Matanzas regionVaradero beach. to meet an artisan farmer. Learn salsa dance steps, meet with youthProgram Particulars: This is a family and enjoy Cuba’s most famous beach.program, ideal for any combination of Return to Havana for charter flight toparents, grandparents, children and Miami.grandchildren ages 12 and older. Economic reform allows The United States government for the first form of grants “People-to People” private enterprise. license to Road Scholar. 1999 2000 2008 2011The documentary “Buena Vista Raul Castro takes over the Road Scholar sends its firstSocial Club” enthralls American presidency from his brother. group of 22 participants on a learning adventure to Cuba. audiences with Cuban jazz.

Call toll free at (877) 426-8056. For complete program itineraries visit in Havana:An Introduction to the People and Culture of CubaI n the dozen and more years before 1959, Americans loved to fly down to Small Group Havana for the weekend, soaking up its irresistible rhythms. Re-create that Days/Nights: 5/4era in the heart of Havana, experiencing its jovial soul in five lively days as you Meals: 9 Total (4B, 2L, 3D)join musicians, dancers and entrepreneurs for an intimate and insightful look at Program #21700life and culture in Cuba’s quickly changing society. See Havana spring to life as CLICK HERE FOR DETAILSyou share the local passions for music and as you attend rehearsals and private on this extraordinary Cubanperformances. Trace the footsteps of Hemingway in his favorite haunts and adventure, plus many more.stroll the cobblestone streets of historic Old Havana to discover the architectureand vivaciousness of this cultural mecca.Highlights: Lodging: Miami: Modern airport hotel. Havana: Newly renovated hotel in• Enjoy exclusive presentations of a desirable Vedado district. variety of Cuban music styles. Itinerary: Arrival Miami, Fla., 1 night;• Trace Hemingway’s footsteps in Old flight to Havana (Cuba), 3 nights; return Havana, his farm and the fishing flight to Miami. village of Cojimar.• Discuss U.S.-Cuban policy and meet artists, writers and entrepreneurs at the first U.S.-Cuban joint venture, OnCuba Magazine. We include round-trip airfare from Miami, a hotel night in Miami and your Visa!More than 2,000 Road Scholar Road Scholar now offersparticipants learn about Cuba. an array of 14 adventures in Cuba by land and water.2012 2013 2014 2015 Cubans can buy Cubans can buy Road Scholar is among the firstand sell cars legally and sell homes. organizations to be granted its third People-to-People license. for the first time.

New Ways to Serve You BetterExtended Call Center Hours We’re pleased to be able to serve you better with newextended call center hours. Call (877) 426-8056 to learn more about any of Road Scholar’sprograms, Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET.Online Chat You can also chat with us in real-time at click the icon at the top of the homepage and program pages.Road Scholar reserves the right to: grant or deny program Road Scholar Trip Cancellation, Interruption & Travel Delayparticipation; cancel programs prior to departure or while in Insurance protects you against transfer and cancellation fees. Youprogress; revise prices and/or itineraries; take photographs will receive a detailed brochure about how to purchase this optionalor videos of participants for promotional purposes during insurance policy when you enroll in a program.programs. Road Scholar is committed to providing reasonableaccommodations to enable individuals with disabilities to Road Scholar’s Washington Seller of Travel Reg. No. 602244658.participate in our programs. Please contact us at (877) 426-8056 to CST #2068427-40. Florida Seller of Travel Reg. No. ST35594.discuss your needs. © 2016 Elderhostel. All Rights Reserved. The Road Scholar serviceDue to space limitations, this is an abbreviated list of program terms marks, logos, website address and other marks are owned byand conditions. For complete terms and conditions, please visit Elderhostel, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to or call toll free at (877) 426-8056. adults to learn, discover and travel.Arrange a Private Group Charter to Cuba!Photography clubs, Lifelong Learning Institutes, families and groups of all kinds are able to reservea private Road Scholar charter to Cuba exclusively. To learn more, visit call toll free at (877) 209-4634.

Elderhostel, Inc. Non-profit 11 Avenue de Lafayette Org. Boston, MA 02111-1746 U.S. Postage PAID“Our trip to Cuba with Road Scholarwas definitely one of the best travel Elderhostelexperiences in our lifetimes. It waslike a post-graduate course servedwith great food and entertainment.” — ROBERT FROM PALM HARBOR, FLORIDAConnect With Us. Last year nearly 30,000 people donated to not-for-profit Road Scholar, helping us meetFor questions or to enroll, call us toll free at (877) 426-8056, the educational needs of thousands of lifelongMon. – Fri., 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET, or visit us at learners. Please make your tax-deductible gift at toCuba Look inside for: 14 different ways to learn in Cuba Family programs, birding adventures and more Voyages by land and sea

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