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The Doorway and My Family Tree (Sample)

Published by Mike's Bookshelf, 2017-08-26 17:11:02

Description: The Doorway and My Family Tree ... Two amazing tales that cross time and space, and prove that anything ... and anywhere ... are possible!


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The Doorway & My Family TreeCopyright © 2016 by Michael RomanoAll rights reserved. No part of this book may bereproduced or transmitted in any form or by anymeans, electronic or mechanical, includingphotocopying, recording or by any informationstorage and retrieval system, without the writtenpermission of the publisher, except by a reviewer,who may quote brief passages.ISBN-13: 978-1523207725ISBN-10: 1523207728MICHAEL ROMANO 3



PREAMBLE This story opens at an observatory in NewMexico. The sixteen year old son of the residentscientist is outside one night, looking up at themidnight sky, when he was supposed to be in bed,especially on a school night, when he sees an oddflash in the sky, on his own telescope set up in theloft of the storehouse out back. Like his father taught him, he made note of itin his journal. He slipped quiet out the back door, as not todisturb his dad and went on a hunt for the fallenpiece of the heaven that so amazingly crashed intohis beck yard.6 THE DOORWAY & MY FAMILY TREE


CHAPTER ONE With dad's super mega watt flash lightbeacon, i could see a quarter of a mile along theground ahead of me. Running through the low brush in the brightstar and moon light, aided by the monster beamthrown off by this hand light flash cannon, it tookalmost no time to find the area of the meteor'simpact. There, there was the line to the crater. Must have come in low, cause it left a trougha football field long. Running even faster, now, to the end of theditch, and there it was, the mound in which themagic laid waiting for me. Digging like a gopher proved the bestmethod, as there it lay, a fat, thick hourglassshaped piece of the heavens. \"Finding a chunk of a burned out black hole'sheart that landed on earth was every astronomer’spsychotic passion. Gingerly picking up the odd shaped rock,amazed by the sheer weight of it, then nestling issafely into my back pack, my feet were, then, three8 THE DOORWAY & MY FAMILY TREE

steps ahead of me, racing back to my room/laboratory. As I was attempting to put it on his desk tostudy it, tripped over the rug, knocking the stoneoff his desk onto the tile floor, cracking it in halfperfectly, as a cutter splits a diamond. Now there were two perfect hourglass piecesjust a hand tall. It was late. Giving a big stretch, he placed hishouse keys, which he'd dropped also, back on thetable against the right stone. A quick flash happened. When he cleared his eyes...the keys were onthe other side of the left stone! Now, he was awake. Completely mesmerizedby the thoughts that now running rampantthrough his head. Picking up the keys and placing them slowlyon the other side of the first piece of stone the\"Flash\" happened again! A split second later, they reappeared outsidethe second stone. I leaned back in my chair and just stared. Mulling over, in my mind, what had justoccurred. Star Wars, Star Trek, UFO's, Teleportation!! Itwas and is true!MICHAEL ROMANO 9


Ok. I thought to myself, “What if I moved themfarther apart?” So, putting one stone on the floor ofeach end of the room, I dropped the keys on oneand swoosh, they reappeared at the other one! OmiGosh. Had to sit down right away beforeI fell down. The Mind is able to take a lot , but this was aserious amount to wrap one's brain around. How far could I go? What were the limits ofthis amazing \"Spatial Doorway\"? Through the night I tested the limits of thestones, from the few inches on my desk, to acrossthe yard. Thinking to myself, \"do you think it could gothrough walls?! Putting one piece on my desk, I ran to thebarn and set one up on the sawhorse in the farthestend of the building. Nervously, holding the key chain over thestone afraid to drop them for what reason I had noclue. But up to a few hours ago Teleportation wasimpossible, well in New Mexico anyway. Taking a deep breath, the keys dropped andwhooose, a light and they were gone. Off to the bedroom I sped, my mind excitedbeyond words, till I opened the bedroom door andthere the were...big as life on the desk.MICHAEL ROMANO 11

Upon seeing this, my mind focused, allowingmy mouth to say the first summary of thismomentous occasion with a \"Radical!!\" Words I'msure will not go down in history as profound orimportant. But, me, William Michael Vassar, the firsthuman to discover how to teleport, teleport, well, his keys, will be written in the journals of scientists all over the planet! Looking up at the window, I could see the sunjust rising. My dad would be up soon and I couldtell him, wait, if I tell anyone now all the would dois take the stones away from me, cause they'd say akid wad no one to have such a wonder in hispossession. No I must not say anything, for now atleast. END CHAPTER 112 THE DOORWAY & MY FAMILY TREE

CHAPTER TWO Two hours of sleep and I'm in the shower. Trying to keep my mind on going to schoolbut fat chance with that. If only I could take today to study thisinstead. \"HEY, \"Dad, DAD! Up the stairs he cameconcerned at my bellowing. \"What's wrong son? \"Ihave this feeling in my stomach, like a burning,upset, twirly thing. He immediately said that a callto the doctor may be the best thing. No, no dad, Ididn't sleep well and ate some things last night as asnack and probably didn't choose wisely what goeswith midnight fridge raiding. Maybe I could restup my insides and do a little extra school workhere at home till the ache passes. \"Sounds like a logical answer to the problemson' ' Call me if you need anything.\" With thatslammed the screen door and off he went to thelab. Looking from my bedroom window, I waitedtill all I could barely see was the dust at the end ofthe road from his car tires.MICHAEL ROMANO 13

Down stairs to lock the doors, so as to have nounannounced visitors, and back up to my littleextra terrestrial visitors. Ok.. The barn to the house was about ahundred and fifty feet. Let me see. In the corner of the property wasan old locked well pumping shack. Now let me see, where did dad keep that key. Ahh yes, probably where he keeps all the restof his little used things, in the bottom drawer of hisold desk. First to get the key for the top drawer fromthe kitchen cabinet, open the top center drawer,open in, push in the bottom drawer to unlock themechanism and 'Viola' there she pops right open. I wonder who the heck designed this desk.Well any way, Wow! what a pile of stuff! Aha! There's the barn keys. All the way to the barn, my heart raced towhat potential these rocks had. While running across the driveway, I hookedmy shoe on a plant wire that sent me sprawlingand the half of the rock shot from my hand. \"Nooooo!\" Was the only sound I could utter,as it hit a stony point on the ground.14 THE DOORWAY & MY FAMILY TREE

I jumped up, ran to the spot only to notice astrange occurrence. Just as the first time I droppedthe mystery stone, it split perfectly in two. Looking at it curiously, I wondered. Well.. worth a try. One piece in barn, back up to my room withthe other, I wanted to keep them paired so Imarked these two with the Greek letter Beta. One now on my desk, the other in the barn. Iplaced my keys against it and \"Snap\" it was gone. Back again to the barn, I was sure getting mygym exercising in, ha ha. Stopping right before the other Beta piece, Icould see in the morning light showing throughthe splits in the barn wall, my 'Keys'. It struck me, that this could be split into morepieces, but how to keep the doorways straight. I'll put number on and two together and tryshifting to the third slice. \"Clink, clink\" Nothing. Wait, maybe theywork in pairs! To the shed and into dad's tool box. Under more careful, there seemed to be littlegrooves in the top and bottom of my meteor. Hmmm...Perhaps they work only in pairs asdo magnets.MICHAEL ROMANO 15


I clamped down the half that the third plate cameoff of and carefully put dad's thin fine chisel in thegroove nearest to the edge. Raising the hammer in my hand, I prepared tostrike a blow. Just a moment's hesitation to wipe the sweatfrom my forehead and bang, \"Saaanap!\" On the ground, just below the vice laid aperfect slice of glassy smooth heavenly iron. It'scolors were like a quiet light show, glimmering inthe moonlight shining through the workshopwindow. I put my original piece across the table frommy new slice, dropped my keysand...and....Nothing. Maybe, I thought, they pair up from splits. SoI positioned the two newest plates across the table,dropped the keys and \"Whoosh\" they appearedacross on the other side. Just how many pairs could I make... andfurther more, how far can they transport?! Back to my room to figure out my next move.Dad will be home for lunch soon, better store thesefragments in a safe and secure place. END CHAPTER 2MICHAEL ROMANO 17

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