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Published by nickburke, 2020-03-25 07:09:12

Description: This guide offers an introduction to bodyweight exercise and is suitable for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced.

Some workouts are specific to certain body parts whilst others focus of overall fitness and cardio.


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4 Straight Talk Can people turn their lives around after being in prison? These inspirational stories would suggest so. 6 Negative Sets Get the most from your workout with this mucle building technique 7 HIIT Lockdown is no excuse to be lazy, try this THOR routine and get into action. 8 And Stretch Grow your body and your mind with The Prison Yoga Project 10Father Time Being in prison doesnt mean you cannot be a good dad. 4 11 Superfoods INSIDE THIS Are you making the most of the food available on your canteen? ISSUE 11 8 2 Universal Magazine

FROM THE EDITOR HI n s i d e w o r k o u t ISSUE 2 2019 ello and welcome to another addition of inside workout magazine, and what an is- sue it is, I can honestly say this has to be my favourite issue yet. Editing this issue and reading some of the articles in the process has made me reflect on certain parts of my time in prison. Peo- ple change and stop commiting crimes for various reasons mine was my daughter, She was just over 1year old when I last went to prison and that time apart was the most painful thing ive ever experi- enced. Pride, revenge, money, stupidity not one of these things was worth the time I lost with my little girl and not one of them will ever cost me another second with her again. In this issue theres a really good article on keeping involved with your childs growth and I really do recomend it, espacially to those with older children. As you may have noticed we’ve had a little bit of a makover , I promise we are not getting all posh, this is all part of our mission to make Inside Work- out more than just a magazine but brand you guys can trust and rely on. 6 So without futher ado here it is, issue 2 2019 of INSIDE WORKOUT . Inisde you will find inspring GOT stories of people changing their lives for the bet- ter , both after release (STRAIGHT TALK with Bob- SOMETHING by Kasanga, p4) and whilst still in prison (PRISON YOGA PROJECT p8). You’ll also find advice on how TO to up your training to fit more into the limited SAY? time available (NEGATIVE REPS,p6) and ideas to make sure you’re getting the most out of the food We want to hear your comments, ideas, sto- available on the canteen (SUPERFOODS,p11). ries. Have a fitness question you need answer- As aways dont forget THIS IS YOUR MAGA- ing? Ask away. Want to share a circuit you’ve ZINE! so if you think its missing something let created? Get in touch at this address us know, If you have question about training INSIDE WORKOUT, Salford Lifestyle Centre, or an idea for an article send them over, our address can be found in the “Got something Camp st, Broughton, Salford M7 1T to say” section of this page. Editor Nick Burke [email protected] Universal Magazine 3

lifestyle Mastering Mindfulness In what is a very frustrating time for everybody sometimes its best to look within for a sense of calm and stability What is mindfulness? What is meditation? The Basics of Mindfulness Practice Mindfulness is the basic human abili- Meditation is exploring. It’s not a Mindfulness helps us put some ty to be fully present, aware of where fixed destination. Your head doesn’t space between ourselves and our we are and what we’re doing, and become vacuumed free of thought, reactions, breaking down our con- not overly reactive or overwhelmed utterly undistracted. It’s a special ditioned responses. Here’s how to by what’s going on around us. place where each and every mo- tune into mindfulness throughout While mindfulness is something we ment is momentous. When we the day: all naturally possess, it’s more readily meditate we venture into the work- available to us when we practice on ings of our minds: our sensations (air 1. Set aside some time. You a daily basis. blowing on our skin or a harsh smell don’t need a meditation cushion or Whenever you bring awareness to wafting into the room), our emo- bench, or any sort of special equip- what you’re directly experiencing tions (love this, hate that, crave this, ment to access your mindfulness via your senses, or to your state of loathe that) and thoughts (wouldn’t skills—but you do need to set aside mind via your thoughts and emo- it be weird to see an elephant play- some time and space. tions, you’re being mindful. And ing a trumpet). there’s growing research showing Mindfulness meditation asks us to 2. Observe the present mo- that when you train your brain to be suspend judgment and unleash our ment as it is. The aim of mindfulness mindful, you’re actually remodeling natural curiosity about the workings is not quieting the mind, or attempt- the physical structure of your brain. of the mind, approaching our experi- ing to achieve a state of eternal calm. The goal of mindfulness is to wake ence with warmth and kindness, to The goal is simple: we’re aiming to up to the inner workings of our ourselves and others. pay attention to the present mo- mental, emotional, and physical pro- ment, without judgment. Easier said cesses. than done, we know. 4 Universal Magazine

3. Let your judgments How to Meditate roll by. When we notice judgments arise during our practice, we can This meditation focuses on the breath, not because there is make a mental note of them, and anything special about it, but because the physical sensation of let them pass. breathing is always there and you can use it as an anchor to the present moment. Throughout the practice you may find your- 4. Return to observing the self caught up in thoughts, emotions, sounds—wherever your present moment as it is. Our minds mind goes, simply come back again to the next breath. Even if often get carried away in thought. That’s why mindfulness is the prac- you only come back once, that’s okay. tice of returning, again and again, to the present moment. A Simple Meditation Practice Sit comfortably. Find a spot that gives you a stable, solid, com- 5. Be kind to your wan- fortable seat. dering mind. Don’t judge yourself Notice what your legs are doing. If on a cushion, cross your legs for whatever thoughts crop up, just comfortably in front of you. If on a chair, rest the bottoms of practice recognizing when your your feet on the floor. mind has wandered off, and gently Straighten your upper body—but don’t stiffen. Your spine has bring it back. natural curvature. Let it be there. That’s the practice. It’s often been Notice what your arms are doing. Situate your upper arms par- said that it’s very simple, but it’s not allel to your upper body. Rest the palms of your hands on your necessarily easy. The work is to just legs wherever it feels most natural. keep doing it. Results will accrue. Soften your gaze. Drop your chin a little and let your gaze fall gently downward. It’s not necessary to close your eyes. You can simply let what appears before your eyes be there without fo- cusing on it. Feel your breath. Bring your attention to the physical sensation of breathing: the air moving through your nose or mouth, the rising and falling of your belly, or your chest. Notice when your mind wanders from your breath. Inevitably, your attention will leave the breath and wander to other plac- es. Don’t worry. There’s no need to block or eliminate thinking. When you notice your mind wandering gently return your at- tention to the breath. Be kind about your wandering mind. You may find your mind wandering constantly—that’s normal, too. Instead of wrestling with your thoughts, practice observing them without reacting. Just sit and pay attention. As hard as it is to maintain, that’s all there is. Come back to your breath over and over again, with- out judgment or expectation. When you’re ready, gently lift your gaze (if your eyes are closed, open them). Take a moment and notice any sounds in the en- vironment. Notice how your body feels right now. Notice your thoughts and emotions. Universal Magazine 5

NEGRAETPIVSE Eccentric training, better known as “Negative reps” Benefit #1. Increased Force is performing only the eccentric part of a lift. Almost Many studies have found that eccentric train- every exercise there is can be split into the eccentric ing can massively increase force production, and concentric phase, the eccentric phase is where which has many carryovers in sport and the muscles is stretched while the concentric phase is exercise. where the muscle contracts. So in a bicep curl the concentric part of the lift would Benefit #2. Lowered Fatigue be curling the bar upwards, and the eccentric part This is probably due to the lengthening move- would be lowering the bar back down. In a bench ment being more efficient than the contracting press the eccentric part would be lowering the bar movement, and also explains why more force (your pecs would stretch as you did this) while the can be produced. concentric part would be pushing the bar back up. Benefit #3. Increased Hypertrophy How to Perform Eccentric Movements Eccentric training may not produce as much fa- tigue but it does produce more muscle damage To perform an eccentric movement you either need a than regular training [3]. This sounds bad but partner, or something like a squat rack or smith ma- actually the more muscle damage a workout chine that can prevent you from getting stuck under produces the more strength and hypertrophy the bar (or something similar). For example let’s say you can expect (provided you consume suf- you are going to perform a negative bench press. ficient protein). Set yourself up as usual on the bench but use a Benefit #4. Improve Flexibility weight that is between 105 and 120% of your 1rm As with its effect on injury risk, the effect of for the bench press. Obviously if this is the first time eccentric training on flexibility is very under- performing negatives then 105% would be recom- rated. Combining eccentric training with static mended. Take the bar off the stand with the help of stretching has been shown to increase flexibil- your spotter and bring it over your chest, now slowly ity, and even when used on its own eccentric lower the bar towards your chest. Fighting the bar all training is still effective. the way. Once the bar touches the chest your spotter should immediately pull the bar off you, whilst you help them. Pause for around 10 seconds and then repeat. 6 Universal Magazine

Just because you’re not getting the gym doesn’t mean you cant train, maybe high-intensity interval training is for you. Otherwise known as HIIT, these fast-paced workouts have been shown to torch tons of calories and build muscle in a short amount of time . So what are you waiting for? Lets take some ACTION! Universal Magazine 7

THE PRISONYOGPAROJECT The Prison Yoga Project is bringing mindfulness, meditation and physical release to hundreds of prisoners. Inside Workout speaks to its founder JAMIE FOX Social distancing and self-isolation can be really make sure Covid-19 isnt the topic of conversation hard to deal with. It’s normal to feel anxious, frus- Say: “Can we talk about something different?” This trated or bored, and if you’re worried about the ef- can help stop every aspect of your life being taken fect it will have on your mental health, you are not over by talk of coronavirus and ensure what time alone. Here are our tips for looking after your well- you may have talking with loved ones is about being during quarantine. Reach out Staying connected You’re probably not the only person feeling wor- Phone calls are amazing, and are a great way to ried, bored or frustrated. It’s a good time for a catch stay connected. But having something physical like up, so don’t be afraid to make the first move and a letter you can reread especially at a time when reach out to someone you haven’t heard from in phonecall may be limited a while. They’ll probably be very grateful to hear You could really brighten someone’s day. from you. Send them a message and let them know But wether its a phonecall, a letter or an email try to you care. Staying calm 8 Universal Magazine

Mindfulness Your normal routine might Being cooped up with other be disrupted and that can be people will naturally be frustrating stressful. Take some time to and might create tension between Why not also try some yoga as write down how you want to you and those you live with. You a way to relax and also get some spend your day. Creating and can defuse difficult situations by gentle excerise which can boost sticking to a new routine will walking away from arguments until your mood? There are lots of You- give you a sense of order and everyone starts to feel calmer. If you Tube videos you can use to suit normality. Decide on your new and those you live with do not have your ability and level of mobility. routine and make sure you any coronavirus symptoms, you I am managing my anxiety using build in time to do things you could go outside for a walk. creativity. I’ve got back into paint- enjoy. If you live with other Create a rota ing and drawing. I am also contin- people, you could ask them to If you’re in a situation where lots of uing meditation. help you. people are fighting over who gets to Jacob, Activist decide what you watch on TV, who If school gets closed I’m plan- cooks and cleans, or anything else, ning on making food plans/a you might find it helpful to create a daily timetable and continu- rota. This can help you agree a fair ing to work under structure as system and help avoid arguments. Take a break from the news I know I don’t cope well with no firm plans of what I’m do- ing in the day. It can be tempting to constantly Tara, Activist check the news during times like this, but if you notice this is having a negative impact on your mental health. Try limiting how often you Feel productive check the news. Limit the amount of time spent Make a list of all those things checking the news by allowing you said you would do but a set time of day to do this. For never get round to. It could example, saying “I will allow 30 be sorting out your ward- minutes from 6pm,” stops you con- robe, doing some gardening, stantly checking for updates which fixing things around your liv- increases worrying. ing space etc. These tasks can Eleanor, Activist make you feel productive and give you a sense of accom- plishment. Tidying your living space can also make you feel calmer and more positive. Read a book If you want to take the time off to rest and not be productive, Getting away from screens and that’s also fine too. Listen to reading a book can help you es- your body. cape for a bit. Why not re-read Online games you can play one of your favourites, or get with friends your friend to recommend one? Board games can be a great It might be difficult to get a new way to spend time with book, but you can access lots of friends or family while giving books online. you something to focus on. Plan your days Dealing with stressful situa- tions at home Walk away from tense situa- tions if you can Universal Magazine 9

10 Universal Magazine

Universal Magazine 11

Good Grief Take part in the bereavement. Dealing with the loss of a loved one Phone calls, Letters etc. will not only be key to is one of the toughest challenges acknowledge the loss, but also to share the loss anyone will face. When we lose a with those closest. partner, close friend, or relative, the Relinquishing guilt. sadness can be intense. Even though Not an easy thing to do when it is pro- death is natural, it can still cause grammed into your subconscious that the overwhelming feelings of grief. most appropriate way to grieve is to go to the Here are our tips to manage the loss funeral. There’s nothing to feel guilty about: of loved ones from a distance end of story. Speak of memories. Focus on these! Most of us find it therapeutic to remember fondly the person who has gone. Every departed person leaves a hole in many lives. Some are bigger than others, especially if the person is a part of our day-to-day life. In the case of an expat this is rare, unless phone conversations happen daily. But in any case, good memories fill the gaps Acknowledging the loss. This goes without saying, right? Not neces- sarily. Just because you know about some- one’s death doesn’t actually mean you get it. For many, acknowledgement often means making a phone call to the bereaved, even if I don’t know what to say. While eloquent expressions of sympathy didn’t roll off the tongue, and never do at times such as these, I felt better for making the call. I expect they did too after hearing from me. . 12 Universal Magazine

Want to make the most out of the selection available on your canteen list and weekly menu? Superfood is here to give you the lowdown before you chowdown. NUTS In general, nuts are good sources of fat, fiber and protein. Nuts also pack a number of vitamins and minerals, including magnesium and vitamin E. Many studies have investigated the health benefits of increased nut intake. Studies found that diets high in nuts do not significantly affect weight gain or weight loss Yet, despite having little effect on weight, many studies have shown that people who eat nuts live longer than those who don’t. Nuts may reduce risk factors such as high blood pressure and cho- lesterol levels Furthermore, nuts may reduce your risk of other chronic diseases. For example, eating nuts may improve blood sugar levels and lower your risk of certain cancers CHALLENGE THE CHALLENGE - 250 Reps for Time THE TEST ONE: BENCH PRESS ADCVHAELRLETNIGSEEEach issue we will set a timed challenge to com- The participant must perform 50 total repetitions. Re- HEREplete in the gym. You can use this as a way to track cord your time, rest 30 seconds, move on to test two. fyoorFutrohoorwsednfefeiettnlaienislgssaacnliodttnlkeetmeapoctrtheetchoremesuptletestaaptmirvive,aatheta.vBeut * Advanced Lifters: Use a 135lb. Bench * Weekend Warriors: Use a 115lb. Bench * Novice Lifters: Use a 95lb. Bench Send results to [email protected] TEST TWO: PUSH UP RULES The standard measure of strength across every military PART ONE: The participant must complete a total of 50 bench branch. The participant must perform 100 total repeti- press reps. tions. Record your time, rest 30 seconds, move on to PART TWO: The participant must complete a total of 100 push test three. ups reps. PART THREE: The participant must complete a total of 100 TEST THREE: BURPEES burpees. Exhausted yet? All participants must complete 100 REST & RECOVERY EXCEPTION RULE: You are allotted up to a 30 second recovery between each challenge. (deduct this repetitions of a full burpee, while clapping their hands from your total time) fully over head (on the jump portion of the exercise) Also, the push up component to the burpee is not required. Record your time for all of the tests - deduct your “free” 30 secoUnndirveesrtspaelrMioadgs ainzibneetween 1ex3ercises/ tests.

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“The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.” -Robert Tew 16 Universal Magazine

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