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2017 USLA Program Book

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ContentsTeam Manager's Report 4 Competition Results 5 Athlete Bios 8 Race Photos 43

Team Manager’s ReportThe USLA National Team earned a historic finish at the 2017 DHLInternational Surf Rescue Challenge (ISRC), sanctioned by theInternational Life Saving Federation.Conducted from November 30th to December 2nd at Mount Maunganui,New Zealand, the ISRC is based around a comprehensive competitionprogram conducted over three “tests,” which include swim, board, surf ski,and beach events. An overall point score is maintained with the winnersdeclared the International Surf Rescue Challenge Champions.The open teams included Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, NewZealand, South Africa, and the USA. All national teams in the 2017International Surf Rescue Challenge were represented by a maximumcompetition team of 12 athletes in each test: six male and six female.The Australian national team won the open team title, as well as the TranTasman, and Tri Nations titles. They were followed closely by the 2016World Champion New Zealand Black Fins, who finished second in the openteam title and second in the Tran Tasman.Claiming third place in the overall team title was Team USA after trailingSouth Africa at the end of the second test. The USLA National team had astrong last day, finishing ahead of South Africa by 22 points. FollowingSouth Africa were the national teams of Japan, Great Britain, and Canada.This was the first time the USLA national team has finished ahead of theSouth African national team at an ISRC event.“It was a collective effort to finish in third place. Each athlete contributed to the team's success and there was great strength in our team unity. They represented the United of States with honor and pride throughout the competition. I am very proud of this stellar National Team.\"-USLA National Team Manager, Dr. Mike BarrowsMount Maunganui provided difficult and unpredictable conditions with alarge shore break at high tide, changing to a deep inshore hole, long bank,and heavy outside break on the low tide. With constant coach evaluationand race strategy adaptation the athletes were able to optimize theirperformances in these surf conditions.

“Team USA had a strong chemistry and competitive consistency amongstthe athletes throughout the competition that made this team excel, resulting in the team placing better than ever before against six other nations.”Head Coach, Tom McGibeny. Competitive highlights came from all angles on the open team.Hayden HemmensStellar performances against the world’s best surf lifesaving sport athletesfinishing with top 3 finishes on all 3 tests in both the Ironman and surfraces.Ryan ParozEarned 3rd place finishes in the Ski and Board races.Hallie Petersohn and Casey FrancisEarned 3rd place finishes in the female surf race.Amanda CalabreseEarned 2nd place finish in Beach FlagsShannon SnellEarned 2nd place finishes in Beach SprintTim CabasinoEarned a 3rd place finish In Beach FlagsThe Open Mixed Surf Teams (Kilgallen, Hemmens, Petersohn,Francis)Earned 3rd on all 3 tests behind the Australian and New Zealand

Test #3 - when points were needed to take 3rd place overall 2nd placeOpen Male- Rescue Tube Race (Cabasino, Kilgallen, Paroz, Burdiak) 3rd place Open Female Board Rescue (Petersohn, Solberg) 3rd place Open Male Taplin Relay (Hemmens , Paroz, Burdiak, Cabasino) 3rd placeOpen Female Taplin Relay (Petersohn, Solberg, Jackson, Calabrese)For all ISRC Individual and Team results visit:

USLA National Team - Women Amanda Calabrese (Hampton Beach, NY) Casey Francis (Virginia Beach, VA) Hallie Petersohn (Volusia County, FL) Jenna Solberg (Los Angeles County) Renae Jackson (California State Parks) Shannon Snell (Miami Beach) USLA National Team - Men Chase Robertson (Palm Beach County, FL) Hayden Hemmens (Newport Beach, CA) Pat Kilgallen (Riis Park, NY) Ryan Paroz (Hampton, NY) Tim Burdiak (Los Angeles County) Tim Cabasino (Long Beach, NY)Assisting Barrows and McGibeny as an Assistant Coach was Luke Turner.

Amanda Calabrese Hampton Lifeguard Association Years Saving Lives: 5Why Compete inLifesaving?: \"Everycompetition I attend Ilove not just the thrillingraces, but the revisitingthe friendships I havemade throughout theyears in this sport. \"As a member of TeamUSA \"It represents along road of hard workand diligence, and thedream of a 9-year-oldJunior Lifeguard, fulfilledIt means that I ampresented with theopportunity to honorablyrepresent my countrywhile doing what I love,and that meanseverything to me. \" -Amanda Calabrese

Casey FrancisVirginia Beach Lifesaving Association Years Saving Lives: 1 Why Compete in Lifesaving?: \"I enjoy the team comradery and the sense of family I feel at competitions.\"Favorite Race:\"I likethe rescue race thebest since it is a teamevent and all fourcompetitors have torely on each other. \"As a member ofTeam USA \"It is anawesome feeling tobe able to representyour country and it isan honor to havebeen selectedamongst so manyother greatcompetitors acrossthe US. \"-Casey Francis

Chase Robertson Palm Beach County Years Saving Lives: 12Why Compete inLifesaving?: \"I lovehow it combinesskills, physical ability,and oceanknowledge all intoone race. Conditionsare always differentand no two races arethe same. Thecamaraderie is greatand it’s just a funtime. .\"FavoriteRace:\"Ironman. It’sfun having a longerrace where there’s somany opportunities togain (or lose) ground.\" -Chase Robertson

Good Luck Chase!

Hallie Petersohn Volusia Surf Lifesaving AssociationYears Saving Lives: 8Training and Goals:\" -I’ve beenswimming andtraining on board inpreparation for theinternationalcompetition. Mygoals would be to domy best andhopefully we canbring home a fewwins as a team.\"Mentors:\"-I wouldsay my father is avery great mentor forme in surf lifesavingsports. He was theone who motivatedinto competing andhe has been thereevery step of the way\" -Hallie Petersohn

Hayden Hemmens Newport Beach Ocean Lifesaving AssociationYears Saving Lives: 5Why Compete inLifesaving: \" What Imost enjoy about thesport of surf lifesaving is the fact thatit isn’t just about ourathleticism andperformance in arace but that thesport itself bringsawareness to oceansafety. \" Mentors:\"The most influential mentors would be my parents. They have always supported me and given me anything I needed to succeed. \" -Hayden Hemmens

Jenna Solberg LA County Life Saving AssociationYears Saving Lives: 5Why Compete inLifesaving: \" Theever-changing oceanconditions create anenvironment that isunpredictable, andthe competitor thatcan best adapt andread those conditionsis the one that cantake their competitionto the next level \"Most MemorableExperience:\"workingbusy weekendsrunning from rescueto rescue on thebeaches of LA Countywhere there wasnever a time I evensat down until I wasleaving my shift. \" -Jenna Solberg

Pat Kilgallen Riis Park, New YorkYears Saving Lives: 8Why Compete inLifesaving: \" I enjoytraining and racingwith my teammateseveryday.The guys Itrain with are verycompetitive so itmakes trainingsessions fun. \"Mentors:\"My Dadhas always been my#1 mentor in life.He’s been a hugerole model my wholelife. I’ve also hadsome greatteammates in HighSchool and Collegethat I’ve looked to asmentors because oftheir work ethic andleadership skills. \" -Pat Kilgallen

Renae Jackson California State Lifeguard AssociationWhy Compete inLifesaving: \"thedynamic aspect that thesurf brings to the sport;it not only requires skilland physicalcompetence, but alsorelies on some level ofluck, making eachcompetition exciting. \"Favorite Event:\"Surfski– It’s FAST, Fun andTechnical.\"Proudest LifesavingAccomplishment:\"Competing in the firstever AmericanIronwoman(swim, paddle, row), atUSLA Nationals thispast summer \" -Renae Jackson

Ryan Paroz Hampton Lifeguard AssociationWhy Compete inLifesaving: \" I loveracing, I’ve alwayswanted to go fast andI’ve always loved theocean. \"Training: \"I’ve beenmixing up the trainingsessions, with acombination of shortand long sessions. Buta typical training weekwould consist of 8 skisessions, 3 boardsession and 6 runningsessions. \"As a Member of TeamUSA:\"The feeling ofpride and excitementwhen I tie up mybeanie/competition capand put on myswimwear is thegreatest feeling. \" -Ryan Paroz

Shannon Snell Miami BeachMost MemorableExperience: \"Having toperform CPR on a manwho just had a CardiacArrest on the shoreline .When all your fellowlifeguards that you workwith come together toperform the same taskto help save someone’slife it’s always sorewarding to know youare there to help.\"Training: \"To do bodyweight training alongwith resistance training. \"As a Member of TeamUSA:\"you get to be ableto represent yourcountry with fellowathletes from bothcoasts at onecompetition\" -Shannon Snell

Tim Burdiak Los Angeles County Lifesaving Association Favorite Event: \"Surf Ski, the quick pace around the cans makes for some great races.\"Most MemorableExperience: \"Teachingthe juniors and watchingthem grow over theyears into futurelifeguards.\"Mentor: \"Cliff Meidl hasbeen one of my biggestmentors over the pastfew years who hasreally helped push mealong mentally andphysically by parallelinghis successful andinspiring paddlingcareer and motivationalinsight. \"Greatest LifesavingAccomplishment:\"Surf ski WorldChampion\" -Tim Burdiak

Tim Cabasino Long Beach, NY Training: \"a weekly regimen mixed with swimming, running, lifting, eating, and sleeping.\" Most Memorable Experience: \"Being able to give back to the community I grew up in, and fostering relationships between lifeguards and the public beach-goers.\"As a member of TeamUSA: \"It’s a prettyhumbling experience -to represent team USAin the sport is about asgreat an honor as thereis. I’m very thankful thatthe coaches placed theirtrust in me to representour country in the mostpositive way possible. \" -Tim Cabasino

Luke Turner Assistant Coach

Tom McGibeny Head Coach

Mike Barrows Team Manager

Congratulations from Acena Consultingto the USLA National Team on your success at the2018 International Surf Racing Challenge! R&D Tax Credit Consulting Specialists 805-426-9669 Randy Eickhoff, CPA President & Founder

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