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ANNUAL REPORT Photo by Christopher Bradley 2016 - 2017OUR MISSION:To invest in a learningenvironment thatempowers all studentsto thrive and succeed

2016-17 MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT MVLA FOUNDATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dear Parents, Community Members and Educators, EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE We did it! With your support, we were able to fund a record $1.688 MILLION Co-Executive Directors grant for innovative academic and wellness programs and expand student Laura Roberts & Margaret Gong services for our Mountain View, Los Altos and Alta Vista high school students President this year. Alan Cyron Vice President We would like to take a moment to share with you some recently instituted Laura Blakely tangible examples of your donation dollars at work. Secretary Page McDonald • AVID program expansion to serve more students and help close the Treasurer achievement gap. Neil Tuch Endowment Liaison • Innovative Learning Grants to create engaging, inspirational, educational Phil Shemanski experiences for more students. Fundraising Chair Roxanne Coish • Expanded services and support in the College & Career Centers with Marketing Chair further increased funding in the upcoming year. The addition of college Kristine Bardman counselors will ensure our students have the support they need to plan and prepare for life after high school. COMMITTEE CHAIRS Katie Roper, Grantmaking The following pages illustrate some of the creative projects and vital services Neil Tuch, Grantmaking funded by the MVLA Foundation. When we come together as a community Laura Roberts, Honor Roll of Realtors and invest in our schools, we can provide the programs and resources to Susan Sims, Honor Roll of Realtors empower our students to thrive during their high school years and succeed Margaret Gong, Leadership Circle well into the future. Susan Stark, MVLA Speaker Series Roxanne Coish, Phonathon We would like to say thank you on behalf of all the students who benefited Manju Ramachandran, Phonathon from your generosity this past year. We hope for your continued support in Page McDonald, Wellness Initiatives 2017-18 so we can help ensure our students have another remarkable year! BOARD MEMBERS Alan Cyron Carmen Bryant MVLA High School Foundation President and Federico DeSilva Los Altos High School Parent Andrea Gray, Incoming Vice President Nancy Hill 2016-2017 FINANCIALS $ 1,470,700 Durga Kalavagunta, Incoming Secretary $ 41,862 Janice Lisbonne FUNDING SOURCES $ 69,273 Rebecca Lowell MVLA Families $ 45,825 Susi Merhar Alumni Families $ 328,682 Susan Norton Community Members & Groups $ 1,956,342 Alagu Palaniappan Honor Roll of Realtors So Yong Park Corporate Giving & Matching $ 1,575,000 Lee Rubin $ 113,487 TOTAL SOURCES $ 172,955 BOARD OBSERVERS $ 1,861,442 Dr. Jeff Harding, MVLA District EXPENSES Grant Superintendent Special Grants Dr. Phil Faillace, MVLA District Trustee Expenses WELCOME NEW BOARD MEMBERS TOTAL EXPENSES FOR 2017-18! Andy Chmyz - LAHS, Incoming Treasurer EXPENSE RATIO: 8.84% Selim Freiha - MVHS Debbie Kundrat - MVHS Junne Moy - MVHS Carol Olson - MVHS Laura Schmidt - LAHS2

INVEST“ AVID has become my main support PROGRAMS FUNDED IN 2016-17 system in school both academically and personally. Without AVID, the journey INVEST towards college would have been impossible for me to do by myself. I $240,000 Academic Enrichment & Innovation thank my peers, AVID teacher, tutors and mentors for all of the help they have • 26 Innovative Learning Grants given me in the past four years. I will • Cloud connectivity cherish all of the advice and lessons • Chromebooks AVID has given me. Clearly, I wouldn’t be • Online resources and subscriptions ’’where I am today without my AVID family. Maria Plascencia, EMPOWER & THRIVE AVID Graduating Senior $876,000 Student Support • 20:1 class sizes in freshman math and English • Tutorial Centers with free tutoring assistance • Wellness initiatives • Extended library hours • SIS access to assignments and grades • Expansion of AVID college readiness program SUCCEED $459,000 College and Career Readiness • Dedicated College & Career Centers • College & Career Center Coordinators and resources • Naviance software to navigate the college process • PSAT tests for all sophomores and juniors • PreACT tests for sophomores • College visits for counselors and C&CC coordinators ALSO FUNDED • $30,000 special appeal for Visual & Performing Arts • $10,000 granted to MVHS for Every 15 Minutes program • $10,000 granted to LAHS for Communications Week 3

EMPOWERINNOVATIVE LEARNING GRANTS were created as an incubator forbig ideas that need a little bit of money to get them rolling. Over the last two years, 47projects from math to music, science to Spanish, and more have been funded across thedistrict. Our goal is for every student to feel the impact of these grants and hopefullyspark a passion that students will carry with them through high school and beyond.“ This is the first year my Biotechnology students BARCODING PROJECT have collaborated with the Environmental Science class to do field collection, DNA PURPOSE: Catalog the biodiversity analysis and barcoding. This was made possible of the earth and contribute to by the Foundation’s Innovative Learning Grant. local species preservation and What I love about these grants is no matter what the class is–science, math, music–the discovery. This project is rooted in students can make really good, meaningful biodiversity, human impact on the ’’connections to real world problems. environment, genetics, chemistry Meghan Strazicich, LAHS Biology Teacher and evolution, which gives context 4 to their learning. FUNDED: Supplies to collect and categorize samples

24-HOUR COMPOSER “ The most exciting part of this wholeCONCERT experience is the community aspect of it. We could all be composingPURPOSE: Student composers music on our own time, but the factwrote a piece of music for randomly we are doing it all together andselected musicians/instruments, getting to see how over one day ourculminating in a concert that compositions can completely take offrepresented 24 hours of total ’’is a really cool experience.preparation. Andrew Daetz, MVHS Sophomore 5FUNDED: Composition softwareand hardware for this project andfor future use

THRIVE “ Our desired outcome for the Rocketlab Project was simple: To create a student-built, micro-gravity rocket. We have built a vehicle that flies. Now comes all the tweaking and testing to get the vehicle to fly a micro-gravity ’’trajectory in this multi-year effort. Stephen Widmark, MVHS Physics Teacher “ These Innovative Learning Grants are intended to foster innovation while cultivating exciting new collaborations among students. These projects may also serve as pilot programs which, if successful, could become a regular ’’part of the curriculum. Brigitte Sarraf, Former Associate Superintendent6

3 41 1,219 3days sessions students foreign activities participated filmsWORLD LANGUAGE DAYPURPOSE: Explore the importance of learning other languages and understanding culturesfrom across the globe. Los Altos High School students were able to select what theirjourney would look like from choices such as salsa dancing, French cheeses, brush painting,ancient Chinese games, the role of language in journalism, immigration stories and more.FUNDED: Speakers fees and activities 7

SUCCEED“ I was able attend information sessions at the College & Career Center for the colleges I was applying to. It was really nice to meet the reps that would be ’’reading my application. Margo Lusinchi, LAHS Senior8

GREAT NEWSfrom the College & Career Center!Last year, a group of MVLA Foundation Board members andDr. Jeff Harding, District Superintendent, visited local highschools to see how other C&CCs operate. Based on those visitsand meetings with administrators, academic counselors, andthe C&CC Coordinators, the decision was made to enhancethe staffing of each C&CC with a full-time credentialed CollegeCounselor to better serve students. ’’Highlights of the changes: Starting this year, the MVLA Foundation will be funding two full-time positions at each high school: one College Counselor and one C&CC Coordinator. The College Counselor will conduct one-on-one meetings with juniors and seniors to help them navigate the college search and application process, including financial aid.The C&CC Coordinator will schedule college representativevisits, conduct student and parent workshops, and plandistrictwide events such as the College Fair and Countdownto College.MVLA Foundation funded a Junior Handbook as a startingpoint for the college search process. It has been revampedto be a College Counseling Handbook for BOTH juniorsand seniors and will be available this fall.MVLA Foundation will also be funding the PreACT for allsophomores in addition to the PSAT for all sophomoresand juniors. 9

Thank you to our 2016-17 Donors Negin Lotfi and Farhad Pakravan Nancy and Anilkumar Pannikkat *VALEDICTORIAN HIGH HONORS Paloma Lucas and Calvin Darling ^ Tina and Erno Klaassen * ^ Satyavanti and Rajiv Patel$3,000 TO $4,999 $2,000 TO $2,999 Carol and Jon Daseking ^ Leah and Roy Lambertson ^ Mary and John Penix * Clare and Mark Delaney Balbir Bhogal and Chris Lauwers Erica and Marc Peters ^Anonymous (1) Anonymous (13) Tracy Weatherby and Perry Dembner Brigitte Van Breugel and Damian Kris Potter ^Diane and David Chang * ^ Stephanie and Stu Aaron Sue and Sean Doherty * Yvonne Yung and Ming Pun *Jessica McDowell and John Clarke * Wayneab Truneh and Yezala Abayneh Wendy Tanabe and Michael Easley * Lawlor * Liz Mabey and John PustellKatie and Sam Cowley * ^ Padma Ramaswamy and Shahid Karen and Stephan Eberle * Ching Yi Tam and Stephen Leung * Leslie and Chris RabournKathy Stiles and Griff Derryberry * Erin and Keith Eggleton Beth and Karl Levy * Yangping Qi *Aarthi Chary and Paul Eckburg ^ Ahmed * Tila and Jean-Jacques Enser * Doris Wang and Hai Li * Miki Tanaka and David RadfordKirsti and Gordon Elder Alba Alamillo ^ Evette Tai-Fan and Robert Fan Henry Li * Jabina and Rakesh RamdeKaren Melchior and Fred Fisher * Kim and Paul Albright Betsy and John Fitch * Joyce Lim and Qing Li * Tanya and Matt Raschke ^Wenqing Yang and Weiqing Guo * Julie and Rick Altinger Noirin and Patrick Foy * Junfang Zhu and Shaohong Li * Aline and William ReachKirsten and Kevin Hayes * ^ Mimi and Bernie Andreas Bing Hai and Tao Fu * Kathy Gu and Qiang Li Kavita and Diwakar ReddyDianne Mar and Stephen Henry ^ Susan and Jeff Arrillaga ^ Veronique Chopineaux and Frederic Joy Li Sandy and Mark Resnick ^Melinda and Greg Heppberger * Melinda and Kevin Athey * ^ Linda Nicol and Morgan Littlewood Tamar and Matthew Robbins *Tracey Barrett and Bradley Kancigor The Baxley Family Gobry * Pei Huang and Dongzi Liu * Sarah and Jef Rogers ^Lisa Burroughs Kim and Tie Kim * Maryam Eshghipour and Arya Behzad Anne Wiley and Gordon Good * Xiaomin Qu and Xiangqun Liu * ^ Ginger and Derek Rohlffs *Katherine and Charlie Lilygren * Ngoc Phan and David Beyer Suzanne and Scott Graeser ^ Na Yang and Wei Liu * Janine Wulfsohn and Lee RubinJudith Bergwerk and Douglas Susan and Abbie Bourgan ^ Trang Bui and Doug Hahn ^ Yue Zhao and Tianchun Lou Gloria Saavedra and Jesus Ruiz * Karen and Frank Bowers ^ Celandra and Neil Hamilton ^ Julie and Brian Lunn * Jennifer and Nathan Sandland * MacLeod * ^ Kathy and Mark Camin ^ Elizabeth and Simon Harnett * Viola Chin and Jeff Marlett * Stephanie and Carl SchachterSahana and Kiron Magal Hellen Pacheco and Rodrigo Carceroni * Debby Haslem ^ Ciska and Stephan Massalt Ester Bruden and Javier SnaiderCheryl House and Peter Meyn * Patty and Craig Carlson ^ Jeffrey Haslem ^ Justine Fenwick and Kevin McBride *Jared Oberhaus * ^ Valeria and Derrick Carty Adrienne and Vesa Heiskanen * Elizabeth and Steve McDermott ^ Scher *Mary Ellen Coe and Ned Pfeiffer * Elvira Iglesias and Juan Casares * Patra Chiamvimonvat and Jackson Ho * Heidi and Robert Menard Cindy Holstrom and Mark SchultzMichelle and Martin Rahn * Ivy and Arthur Chang * Amy and Rusty Hofmann Christine & Noah Mesel ^ Janice and John Shapiro *Lara and Edward Ruben * Shari and Kevin Chao * Eunyoung Kang and Kyoungsun Hong Nancy Strom and Gavin Miller * Lee Ann and Martin ShellKelly and Bruce Shimabukuro * Meifeng Liu and Chiencheng Chen * Christina and Vincent Hu Erica and Joe Mitchner ^ Jian Cheng and Hao Shi * ^Dan Silver * Lisa and Mike Chen * Joyce Li and Winston Huang * Patricia and Claus Moldt * Marina and Yuri Shilman *Indu and CK Singla * Melissa Frank and Tak Cheng * Claire and Paul Hubel Anna and Erik Mollerstedt * ^ Joan Yee and Lawrence ShingPaulina and Simon Siu * Linda and Stan Chin * Rachel and Michael Jacobsen ^ Junne and Tony Moy * Ru-Fang Yeh and Ting-Ruei Shiu *Laurel and Kevin Smith Robert Coish * Roxanne and Dan Janson * Frances and Rolf Mueller * Yinkwan Chen and Anthony Shortland *Wendy and Justin Smith * Roxanne Coish Polly and Roger Jensen Gayle and Fernando Mujica * Susan and Ken SimsMarie and Rich Sonnentag * Julia Martino and Cassio Conceicao Melinda and David Joffe Julie Baher and Robert Murphy * Aparna and Vivek Singhal *Jyothi and Ramu Sunkara Linda and Patrick Conway Amy and Alex Johnson Shobha and Bala Nagesh Nina Srinath and Daniel Brunton * ^Katie and Luan Szeto * Susan and Keith Cook * Caroline and Gani Jusuf ^ Kanae Tagawa and Dixon Ng ^ Hema and Partha Sriram *Siobhan Spencer and Jonathan Molly and Reid Cover Yael and David Karchmer Gwenaelle Vezin and Roger Nixon ^ Kathleen and Steve Stukenborg * Lori and Tom Cox * Elizabeth and Ross Kemp ^ Jessica and Jonathan Norris Sheela and Sastri Sukhdeo ^ Thatcher Tina and Paul Cross * Joy and Anthony Kikuta * Jennifer Martin and Daryl Odnert * Jill Xhemali and Adam Swidler *Deb and Jeff Tobin * ^ Katherine and Jim Cushing * Yoon and David Kim * Erin and Michael Olsen * Anita Kapadia and FerozeJennifer Wayman and Jeff Treuhaft Anthony Custodio * Anna and Todd Kjos * Claudia and Tom Osterheld * ^Xuemei Zhang and Daxin Liu * Taraporevala * ^ Julianna Tan and Desmond Tay * Diane Turriff and Bruce Telkamp Janaki and Raman Tenneti * LEADERSHIP CIRCLE The cornerstone of our fundraising comes from the Leadership Circle, a group of our most generous andengaged families, community members, and alumni. Leadership Circle membership begins with a minimum annual contribution of $5,000, which can include a company matching gift. PLATINUM - $10,000 AND UPAnonymous (2) Amy and Michael Galles Jackie and David Radcliffe * ^DeLeon Realty Melvin and Geraldine Hoven Foundation Stacy and Peter Sullivan ^ Kris and Ken Moore * ^ Yoshi Nishimura and David Vadasz Ken DeLeon Nilita and Vivek Paul * Michael Repka GOLD - $5,000 TO $9,999 Anonymous (2) Linda and Alan Cyron Rebecca and Matthew Lowell Angela and Scott Akiyama * ^ Esther John and Aart DeGeus Michal and Guy Miasnik ^ Lisa and David Auerbach ^ Kristin and Tony Espiritu Anne Moran Roopa Ramaswamy and Sreeram Yuhong Huang and Eric Frick * Laurie and Karl Motey * ^ Kim and Jon Gavenman ^ Lisa Giannini and Simon Patience ^ Balakrishnan * Margaret and Ben Gong Lynn Fleming and Michael Pederson * Pam Blackman Greg Goumas Renee and Osman Rashid Andrea and Carsten Blecken ^ Owen Halliday Carina and Thomas Riordan Judy Bogard-Tanigami, Sheri Bogard- Judy and Ted Hoff on behalf of Jill Rytand Amanda Oakson and Randy Salim ^ Debra Murelaga and Terrance Kloeckl * Hughes, Cindy Bogard-O’Gorman and Lisa and Cameron Brett ^ Stephanie and Andrew Towell Amrita Deshpande and Parag Bopardikar Tiffany and Kalil Jenab ^ David Troyer Lori and Steven Breen * Ariane De Pree and Greg Kajfez * Adrienne and Neil Tuch ^ Laurie and Bill Brennan Rashmi and Anil Khatri ^ Yuan Liu and Jun Xu * So Yong Park and Brian Byun Rick Kramer Linda and Philip Walters Kathy Bridgman Irene and Vadim Kutsyy * Alex Wang Gary Campi Cindy Labuda Deborah Goldberg and Daniel Zimmermann Yvonne and Daniel Cornell Crislene and Brian Lin Audrey and Matt Crowley * ^ Janice and Bob Lisbonne ^10

Jocelyn Becker and Ken Tidwell * Diane Kim and Samuel Chang LeeAnne and Tim Garverick ^ Sunitha Rao and Shrikanth Kattemalvadi Theresa and Thomas Marchok * ^ Robin and Mike Tomasello Wendy Chu and Wayne Chang Jennifer and David Brennan Gaunce Chantal Audet and Tom Kaweski Joanne and Christian Marent ^ Lori Bogard and Erik Toomre Sandra Lee and John Chang Heidi Harriman and Ivan Gaviria Mar Andres and David Keehn * Amy Kuan and Eric Mark Jane and Alan Truscott ^ Jackie Liu and William Chen Ann Machilsen and Stefan Geldmeyer Susan O’Donnell and Steve Keifling * Wendy and Julian Marshall ^ Yuriko and Kenichi Tsunoda Chi-Wei Hong and Chienkang Cheng Elizabeth Carr and Mark Gitin Kalika and Sanjay Kekkar * Leslie and Tony Martin ^ Dara and John Tynefield * Laurel and Steve Chessin Sharon and Rob Gloster ^ Margaret and Paul Kelleher * ^ Denise and Ronald Massone Indira and Krishna Uppuluri * Cindy Hui Xu and Douglas Cheung Katja Coppens and Frederic Godderis Mary Jo and Christopher Kelly Julie and Adam McAfee Alison Hicks and Kutay Ustuner Lynn and David Chin Sandra and Kieran Gonsalves Wendy and Randall Kenyon Susan and Kris Poindexter McHan Jackie Chang and Mark Verber Beth and Paul Chiu Angela and Ricardo Gonzalez Kirsten Valley and Randy Kesten Jennifer Barbour McKellar and Justin Emily and Dave Walther Marcia and Andy Chmyz ^ Giselle and Scott Gorton Soo and Alex Kim Belinda Wang ^ Jenifer and Charlie Cho Sharon and Michael Greenstein Seongeun Cho and Woo Jin Kim McKellar Wei Jiang and Jian Wang * ^ Shu Tung and Hubert Chou Rhonda and Steven Grenadier Soo Hyun Kwon and Dong Wook Kim Julie and John McKellar Dongli Su and Yuewei Wang ^ Elizabeth and David Ciemiewicz Chu Chang and Nick Gross Ami King Mira and Paul Melin Tracy and Mark Warren * Misook and David Chung Kim and Jason Guesman Cleopatra Kiros Kristina Kovacina and Jean-Rene Suzie Pan and Paul William Kelley and Mike Corley Shobana and Yogesh Gubbi ^ Valerie and James Klazura * Jean Fong and Jeffrey Wong ^ Petra and Jeremy Clark Kristina and Robert Haeckl Mary Sanchez and Tom Klein ^ Menand ^ Mei Ling Leung and Howard Wong-Toi * Eric Clauer Kristen and George Guggeis Margaret and Yotto Koga * Aruna and Anurag Mendhekar Andrea Gray and David Woods Tiffany and Andy Coan Shikha and Tarun Gupta * Rama and Gopi Koganti Amanda and David Meng Jian Zhang and Zeqing Xia * ^ Amy and Blake Connell * ^ Kammy Lo and Kowsik Guruswamy Liat and Dotan Koren Judy Huang and Yuan Meng Judy Tsai and Shili Yih Rasha and Amr Dessouki Laurie and Jim Hartford Tina and Russell Krauss Karen and Arif Merchant * Lih-Huah Yiin and Chengpin Yu ^ Gretchen and David Craford ^ Natsuyo and Sang Ham Nandini and Suresh Krishna Nira and David Metcalf Angelique Champagne and Andrew Chris and John Cummins Oanh and Paul Hanley Durga Kalavagunta and Harikrishnan Howard Meyerson ^ Jill and John Curcio Lei Yuan and Jigang Hao Laura and Craig Norris * Zaeske * Magda and Eric Curtis ^ Kimberly Donovan and Brady Harrigan Krishna Margot and Don Miller Irina and Herman Zaks * Debra and Lou Dadok ^ Chrisula Bloore and David Heine Manju Ramachandran and Ram Page McDonald and Tim Millet * ^ Lei and Ye Zhang * Lara and Dave Daetz Rachel and Jeff Hastings Caroline Horn and Jeremy Minshull Feng Zhou Susan and Jack Dally Gaye Nell Heck and Larry Heck Krishnamurthy ^ Meera and Rajnish Mishra Haixin Xia and Jianfei Zhu * Debbie and Sabbas Daniel Stephanie and Mathew Hein Manisha and Sanjay Kumar * Kathryn Okashima and Timothy Mitchell Amy and Peter Darrah ^ Karen and Ross Heitkamp Parul and Ashok Kumar * YongQi Mu and Cheng Jun Mo HONORS Fariba Alavi and Ali Darvish * Mrinalini Sharma and Pushkar Hingwe Debbie and Douglas Kundrat Priscila Bertiz Lanzillotti and Javier $1,000 TO $1,999 Dipti and Sanjay Dave Suzy and John Heltzel Cuby Ng and Ed Kwan Tamara and Erik Davenport Maryna and Andrei Herasimovich * Lisa and Tim Laehy ^ Mogetta * Anonymous (30) Veronica Sanchez and Joost de Joe Hernon Maija and Risto Lahdesmaki Sheetal and Tanuj Mohan Ramesh Zerang-Adibi and Babak Adibi Jan Boon Foo and Lloyd Hsu * Janet and Robert Lamm Karen and Anthony Moor * Karen Arnett Schutter * Mei Szeto and Frank Ho Hui and Ken Lancaster * ^ Sherry and William Moore Angela Rumi and Eric Andrews Anke and Marc Delingat Mindy Do and Steve Ho * Beth Van Schaack and Brent Lang Trisha and Patrick Moore Olga and Vladimir Begun * Jennifer and Thomas Denebeim Sumiko and Jason Hoerner Helen Yau and Spencer Lau Kimberley and Ed Moran Cynthia and Woody Arnold ^ Stephanie and Robert Dent * Jillian Forusz and Fred Houston Paula and Lilip Lau Anita Rosen and Albert Moser Mridu and Ashish Arora Julie and Kavin Desai Nancy and Wayne Hoyt Trinh Lee Joy Mountford and James Desrosier ^ Natalie and Alex Arsky ^ Shawn and Lance Descourouez ^ Jenny Saw-Hsiao and Nelson Hsiao Jacqueline Cheng and Timothy Lee Kathy Karroubi and Mansour Linda Ashby Priya and Murali Dharan Hsiu-Ching Hsieh Lin and Chung-Kao Judy Chen and Vincent Lee Deana and Russ Atassi Allison Easley and Martin Devenney Ji Sun Kim and Dok Won Lee Moussavian Signa and Mark Atherton Shveta Sharma and Johri Dhanotra Hsieh Beth Liu and Henry Lee Laura and Todd Mozer Rei and Venkata Atluri Jodi Marx and Mark Donovan Maya Strelar-Migotti and Tom Migotti Michelle and Doo Ho Lee Laurie and Mark Muenchow Jaya Kamath and Suresh Babu * Kyuri and Craig Doeden ^ Christina and Shuang Hu Anna and Kevin Lee * Neeta and Ramana Mulpury ^ Eva Joan Bernardo and Tomasz Judy Glazer and Brian Donahue Ke Song and Bin Hu Lucy and Hing Lee Joanne Mungall Jane Li and Stanley Dong Jian Pang and Xuandong Hua * Elaine and Wayman Lee Donna and John Murphy Baginski * Debbie Donovan Jenny and Albert Hua Fatima Ung and Sai Hou Leong Stella and Peter Musso * Andrea Da Fonseca and Edmundo Janice and Robert Eisenstadt * Amy Wang and Yu Chang Huang * Nga Dang and Marc Levenston Yeon Joo Yoo and KiYoung Nam * Jennifer and Greg Doyas Yi Lu and Wei Huang Sarah and Joshua Levy Natalie Johnson and Stuart Neubarth ^ Balthazar * Eleanor and David Duff * Sandy Chang and Waikwan Hui Kari and Robert Lewis Karen and Elliott Ng Kimberly Hanley and Pablo Barahona Valerie and Edouard Duvillier Janet and Clarence Ray Hurt Jennifer and Jeff Lewis Lam Le and Tam Nguyen Kristine and Erik Bardman Chris and Mike Dyer * Gilda Borrelli and Gianluca Iaccarino Ping He and Rui Li Laura Ip and Tony Nhieu Wendy Allyn and David Barkan Deborah Baker and Ken Ebbs ^ Amy and Tony Iannone ^ Xue Ding and Wencheng Li Valerie and Tim Nichols Nancy Hill and Shahzad Bashir Dolly and Paul Eckinger Nadiah Mshasha and Emad Ibrahim Yaoli Song and Jason Li * Michelle and Ed Nieda * Vera and Michael Baum Julie and Lars Eng Maribeth Bautista and Ronald Ih Ying Zhang and Qiang Li Elena and Sorin Nistor Jennie and Richard Blake Ann and Nick Enthoven Naoko and Takeshi Ito Jill and Brian Lillie Claire Chun and Mark Noga ^ Shashwati Kale and Niteen Bhat Susan and Brian Evans ^ Nadja and Marshall Jackson Cindy Leong and Michael Lim Miko Yamaguchi and Daniel O’Leary Laurie and Michael Biros Katherine Zonana and Brian Faeh Brian Jackson Alice Lee and Beng Giap Lim * Maureen and Liam O’Gorman * Katherine Weller and Tallis Blalack Jennifer Gilbert and Rob Fagen * Nan and Jon Jacob Jean and Alan Limbach ^ Chinatsu and Yutaka Okura Laura and David Blakely ^ Tamara and Stuart Fagin Pamela and James Jacobs Wenshu Hu and Lei Lin Jacqueline and Steve Olson Sheela and Jay Boddu * Vered and Amir Faintuch Riffat and Shabber Jaffer Jennifer and David Lin Carol and Steve Olson Elaine and Ray Blasing Alexandra and William Fairey Sudnya Shroff and Nickhil Jakatdar Hali Lindbloom Ellen and Steven Ongchin Tanya Radowicz Boillot and Dominique Rebecca and Rod Fallow Nadia and Walter Jankovic Mary Fran Miller and Fred Linker Susanne and Martin Omander * Marie Christine and Laurent Fanget Taslim and Saleem Janmohamed Yucheng and Bin Liu Alice Householder and Thomas O’Neill * Boillot Hadar and Yossi Feinberg Dianne Edmonds and David Jaques Melinda Gervasio and Albert Liu Elizabeth and David Parry Morgan and Daivd Bricca Cindy and Steven Fitz ^ Annette and Ali Jenab ^ Xichen Zhang and Zhijun Liu Carole Stepp and William Orner Moira Whyte-Shearer and Richard Lucinda and Andrew Fletcher * Sara and Ricardo Jenez ^ Kelly Sanders and Jack Lo Tracy and Shawn Ottenbreit Liz and Alan Fletcher Suzanne and Richard Jensen Amy and Raymond Lo ^ Irene Suzuki and Scott Ottoes Bolanos Rebecca Benton and Brett Flinchum ^ Jie Zhang and Tao Jiang * Shauna and Travis Loeffler Lei Hsu and Min Ouyang Miki Duisterhof and Steven Boljonis Ayako and Eric Flint * Yan Jiang Nancy and Yun-Fong Loh Kuniko and Gary Ozawa Maggie Wing and Patrick Boyle Sherri Flynn Cornelia Webb and Volker Joehnk ^ Charmaine and John Lovell Alagu and Adai Palaniappan * Cynthia Gaertner-Bridges and Bruce Linda and Steven Folkman ^ Samantha and Mark Johnsen Deborah Ren and John Jianjun Lu Julie and Craig Pampeyan Sharon and David Gross Kelly and Mark Johnson ^ Lilly and Jonathan Luk Ching and Chen-Yang Pan Bridges * Selina and Kendall Fong Carol and Craig Johnson * Karen and Alex Luke Uma and Ramesh Panda Carola and Michael Brown ^ Andrea and Fritz Forgy Jennifer and Darren Jones Terri Champ and Mark Lunsford Liesa and Rich Pappas Patricia and William Bryant ^ Celia and Lanny Forrest Helen and Chris Joseph * ^ Yu Chen and Zhiyun Luo Karen and David Paradise Carmen Bryant ^ Audrey and Larry Fox ^ Teresa and Joshy Joseph David Luskin Diana and Thomas Paré * Terri and Greg Buchner ^ Nicole and Gregory Frees Rita and Vinay Joshi Laya Fang and Mike Ma Lisa and Rahul Parekh Lisa Topping and Mark Buggy Amy and Selim Freiha Sabine Kabel-Eckes and Andreas Corinne Finegan and Jens Machatzke * Yeoni and Jay Park Nancy and Michael Buhr Kari Lemons and Ann Friauf ^ Xin Lu and Erik Machnicki * Helen Lee and James Park Jill and Paul Byrne * Michele and Kent Fritz Kabel * Elizabeth and Michael Maciag ^ Liz Pidto and John Parker Laurel McClure and Robert Byrom Thida Cornes and Castor Fu Gabriella Safran and Michael Kahan Bo and Alexander MacInnis Amy Wright and Bill Parkhurst Weiwen Li and Jingsong Cai Melanie and Mark Fulgham Julia and Norman Kahan Julie and Neal Maeyama Harpreet and Pradeep Parmar Fee and Michael Camras Sandra and Deane Furuichi Yasuko and Takamasa Kai Lienhanh Phan and Robert Magee * Svasti Patel-Patrawala and Rob Jessica and Michael Chua Amy and John Gaffney Susi Merhar and Karl Kaiser Parisa and Bizhan Mahallati Pam and Mike Carlton Cara and Juan Galvis Katia and Bob Kamangar Sandra and John Mahlmeister Patrawala Mary and Michael Carp ^ Pamela Kanazawa and Douglas Annie Hung and Sam Kao Cynthia and Dennis Makishima Sally Lai and Chris Parry Kristie Kim and Yoon Chae ^ Pat and J.J. Kapp Vani and Ravinder Mallampet * ^ Angela and Sam Player Mei Huang and Ken Chang * Gambetta ^ Libby and Pete Karolczak Tanya and Nadim Maluf Marie and John Pavlidis Yan Qu and Lei Gao Lorraine and Nicolas Kasha * Nayantara and Rajesh Manglore Mugdha and Sudhir Pendse ^Thank you! Charissa Gering and Raffi Garabedian Lisa and Ross Katchman * Yamuna and Rajamma Manjunatha Annie Sek and Puon Penn* Donation includes corporate matching funds. Marci Teresi and Dave Perrino ^ Families with graduating seniors who have Fiorenza Gorini and Marco Pessi^ donated 4 or more consecutive years. Judy Atterholt and Chris Petti * 11

Lynette and Jean Philippe Kimiyo Straw Jun Zhang and Hong Zeng Committed to providing Paulina and Marc Ferrari Gail and Scott Pinkner Strollo Family * Daihong Fu and Hong Zhang the highest level of Verna and Bill Fimbres Gil Porat * Michelle and Nick Sturiale Jenny Dong and Zhili Zhang * transparency Catherine Fisse ^ Daphne Luong and Randy Polen The Subramanian Family Sherry and David Zhang Julia Tam and Joe Fok ^ Jasmeen and Sandeep Pombra Ann Tien and Decai Sun Wei Sun and Zhong Zhang * ^ Carol and Philip Carpenter Adrian Fritsch ^ Amy Hom and Ronald Pon Hui and Lisheng Sun ^ Hongying Lai and Wei Zhang Darla and Scott Carter Guadalupe Cruz and Rigoberto Frutos Pilar Garcia and Thomas Poppitz Meryle and Howard Sussman Minyi Zhao Leslie Pruett and Luis Castellanos Rose and Fred Fry Irina Pragin Ronia and Alfred Tadros * Yibin Tang and Jian Zhou Marine and Frederick Cerauskis * Serena and Axel Fuchs Karen Brooks and Robert Potter Vaishali Khandekar and Krishna Tammana Yan Zhang and Kewen Zhou Tik and Gordon Chan Sara Woodhull and Craig Fuget Adeline and Eric Ratner ^ Ping Fu and Yifan Tang * Carla and Lee Zorn * Sherry Yeh and Norman Chan Monica Smith and Curt Fukuda Jill Eskenazi and Eswar Priyadarshan Norelle and Lee Tavrow Li Mu and Xiao Zou Bessie Ng and Andrew Chang Isabel Bautista and Maximino Galindo Kathryn and Lawrence Przywara * Laura and Boris Teksler Chiang Chang Anzhela Rusakova and Karapet Galstyan Cheryl and Kevin Quinn Leonora and Min Teng MENTOR Judy and Ed Chang Tina Galvin Shobana and Kumar Raghupathy Niki and Jeremy Theil UP TO $999 April Liu and Trevor Chau ^ Liwei Cai and Wuzi Gao * Kim and Martin Ragnartz Chris and Bob Thome Padmini and Sriram Chelluri Niza Rivera and Onesimo Garcia Sumati and Prasad Ram ^ Eileen and Michael Thornberry ^ Anonymous (82) Ke Long and Beizhong Chen Lesly and Aaron Garcia Celeste and James Randolph Ramya and Sanjai Thvar * Verity and Jean-Frederic Aboudarham ^ Shimei Yang and Shanjun Chen Jovita Camacho and Jacobo Garcia Dina Selim and Hazem Rashed Colina and Peter Tong Zenaida Cruz and Jose Cruz Acevedo Chih-Hsiu Yiin and Yu-Wei Chen Keila Garcia Sushma and Lakshman Rathnam Christy and Barry Tonge Karen and Ralph Aceves Jenn and Even Chen Calvin Gee * Karen and Jerry Rau ^ Anne and Gregory Toth Vintia and Jay Afshar Wei Xiong and Zhen Cheng Lana Gee Marta Rauch and David Huddleston ^ Anita and Paul Towner * Bindu Jain and Mukesh Agarwal * Hsiao-Lei and Ching-An Cheng Carol and Mickey Gee Mahalakshmi Sankaran and Vikranth Karen and Karl Townsend * Abha and Rajiv Aggarwal Shaye and Martin Chirotarrab Nadine and Christopher George Katpally Reddy Quyen Phan and Paul Trudeau Adriana Faiman and Richard Aguinsky Eunice Cho Kristi and Mark Gerrior Juxian Ren Betty and Norman Tsang Esra and Omer Levend Akkan Cindy Lim and Jackie Cho Lisa and Adam Gervin Celisa Date and Ricardo Rodriguez Justena Yun Tseng and Kaiwen Tseng Margaret Inui and Charles Alexander Jamie Paek and Bongjin Choi ^ Orchid and Bob Ghaffari Sarah and David Robinson Lillian Yu and Yi-Ming Tseng Carolyn Alexander Hye Ryun Kim and Han Seob Choi May and Biswa Ghosh * Julie Tsoi and Steve Rockhold Yu-Show Kou and Ming Cheng Tu Amy and Erik Allebest Jansi Christhuraj Claire and Emil Girczyc Tzipor Ulman and Dan Rubinstein Moira and Andrew Turner ^ Vicki and Derek Allen Anthea and Henry Chung Indira and Padam Giri Elena Baquero and Alexei Rodriguez Lisa and Kirk Twardowski Kirsten Allison Cindy Wang and Hugh Ciao Premika Ratnam and Gideon Glass Namita Sahai and Pankaj Rohatgi ^ Tatjana and Igor Ukrainczyk Mary and Tamer Alpagot Gustavo Coc Daniela and Sante Gnerre Katie and Preston Roper Anitha and Arun Vaidyanathan * Ellen St Amand and Mark Anderson Nathalie and David Colodny Shannon and Ali Gokay Amber and Jeffrey Rosen ^ Lori and PK Van Deloo Kathleen Gaspich and Michael Anderson Corazon and Paul Coad Judith Goldkrand * ^ Tami and Marc Rosen Nina and Nicolas Vandeventer * Susan and Dave Anderson Jennifer Conrad Martha Gomez Rachel and Clay Ross Tracy and Dave Vanoncini Rosalba Pino and Enrique Angeles Rachel and Tom Corn * Enedelia Valdez and Anacleto Gomez Allyson and Zane Rowe Mala Krishna and Murli Varadachari Josefina and Froilan Antiporda Charles Cosgrove Ada and German Gomez Linda Roy and Robert Stoll Pearly and Joe Varghese * Wendy and Kazuo Aoki ^ Karen Eichstadt-Coy and Bill Coy Josefina and Carlos Gomez Joilene and Steve Rutledge Minakshi Gopalakrishnan and Sandy and Michael Aratow Mitsuko and Rod Cramblit ^ Francine and Mark Goodwin ^ Stacey Ryder * Arunshankar Venkataraman * Rebecca and Jared Archibald Robin Gantzos and David Crilley Danielle and Ric Gorospe ^ Alice and Ron Sage * Bertha Alarcon Cisneros and Mario Vera Lisa and Larry Aronovitz Megan and Bob Crissman Jen Nee Tang and James Gowers Nasser Sagheb Alma and Jose Arreola Sherin Gahrahmat Fidel Grande Sree and Vijay Sajja Culebro * Ana Asensio Patricia Cruz Chia and Philip Green Elizabeth Lee and Gordon Sakamoto Sabine and Fernando Villamar * ^ Fiona Harding and David Atkins * Lurdes Chavez and Julian Cruz Maria Grima Orozco and Luis Grima ^ Mimi and Markku Salkola Deborah and Philippe Vincent Kim and Scott Atkinson ^ Justine and Frank Dachille * ^ Wendy Tsoi and Eric Gruenberg Leslie Holsinger and Steve Sanders Nathalie Vuong * Katherine Atmore Susan and Hugh Daniels Rolando Guarcas Esquit Joan Ryan and Vasant Sanjeevan Inhwa and Russ Wada Anna Babayeva and Anatoliy Babayev Krisanne and Aaron Davies Guadalupe Guerra and Carlos Guarda Yvonne Freund and Claude Sans ^ Sujatha and Pushkar Wagle Teressa and Ken Baer Chia Wu and Ken Dawson Catherine and Mike Guibord Kantha and Ragh Sastry Annette Wagner Kimberly and Ronald Bailey * Judy and Patrick Day ^ Shirley and Wilberto Gutierrez Jana Faulhaber and Hamid Savoj Donna and Bill Wagner Jemma and Ahmad Baitalmal Estelina De Leon Lopez Jeff Halden Susan Stark and Jerry Scher Karen Bunya and Jon Wakimoto Samina and Narayan Ban Samantha and Federico De Silva Oriana Halevy Betsy and Bill Schmitt Fiona and Todd Walter ^ Julie Rome-Banks and Curtis Banks Dayna and Jeff Deaton ^ Alma Ruelas and Samuel Halsted Diana and Olaf Schneider * Yayin Zhu and Feng Wan ^ Norma Garcia and Bernardo Banos Jennifer and David DeGraaff Beth Kanter and Walter Halvorsen Kelly and Joe Seither Grace and Alex Wang Lisa and Bruce Barry Jennifer Mitchell and Bruno Delagneau Nancy and Glenn Hamamoto * Mei Lim and Kuan Seow Wenshan Liu and Xiaomin Wang * Amy and Bradley Baugh Victoriya Yurtaeva and Alexey Cathy and Mike Hampel Kristin and Mike Shadduck Yan Li and Daran Wang * Luisa Velasco and Felicitos Bautista Ursula and Michael Hansen Deepali and Jignesh Shah * Ying Xie and Chunlei Wang * Diane and Dave Beatty Demyanenko Magnus Hansson Shreyani and Shreyas Shah ^ May Show and Wei Wang Kimberly Beck Jane Li and David Deng Guillermina Sanchez-Harris and Clifford Behnaz Farshchi and Keyvan Shahidi Sylvia Plevritis and Howard Weale Kevin and Mark Beckstead ^ Thomas Dennedy Yan Song and Tian Shan Nancy and Christopher Webb Mariana Antcheva and Deyan Bektchiev Marie-Claude Theriault and Jean Harris Michele Murnane Sharkey and Brett Margaret Steen and David Webster Van and Colby Bellew Cynthia and Robert Hartman Elena and Philipp Weirauch Dan-Reina Aquino and Ray Bernardo Deslauriers Miho and Chikashige Hayashi Sharkey Laurie and Peter Wheeler ^ Karen Berner Lorena and William DeVincenzi Cathy Martina and Michael Hayden Nandita and Shiva Shenoy Jessica and Thaddeus White Jill and Keith Bertrand * Heather and Jason Dewberry Anne and Tom Hecht Claudine and James Sheridan Sherry Whitley and Philippe Canabou Suzanne and Eric Bettinger Arvinder and Jarnail Dhalla ^ Diane Heckman * Yan Zeng and He Shi Lisa and Kent Whitfield ^ Susan and Tom Biesty ^ Kimberly and Christopher Dickerson ^ Donald Hejna Hattie and Sui Shieh Jill Kopeikin and Chris Wiborg Sara and Pete Blanchfield ^ Caiqin Li and Qin Xue Ding Milvia and Marvin Hernandez Helena Liu and Glen Shok * Barbara and David Wilbur Maithili and Nikhil Bobde Dana and Daniel DiVerde Dimna Hernandez Allison and Joseph Shubert Marta and Jeffrey Wilde Alejandra Garcia and Ricardo Bolanos Julie Panontin and Jack Dominge Jana Gold and Sean Higgins Mark Shulman * Caryn and Ben Wiseman ^ Michelle and Nicholas Bonfilio Shirley and Ricardo Doria Jane and Steve Hindman ^ Sonia Sagues-Shulman Molly Black and Bill Witte Maria Christina Borges-Lutz and Markus Carrie Lee Mohun and John Dougherty * Diane Clark Hinz and David Hinz Deborah and Paul Sibcy Beth and Eric Wolff Xia Sheng and Viktor Doundakov * ^ Sylvie and Noel Hocquet ^ Sumi and Bob Sinha Cindy and Michael Wolverton Lutz Crystal and Alex Dove Linda Kobara and Chad Hoke Natasha Dehn and Mark Skubik Lisa and Chad Wong Gabriela Marquez and Anthony Boscacci Julie Yang and Andy Doyel * Teresa and Andy Holland Caroline and Jim Small ^ Jean and Hing Wong Lisa Martinez and Luc Bousse Katy and John Drewry ^ Jenny and Paul Hollingworth Linda and Philip Smith Lilly Shieh and Chi-On Wong * Elizabeth and Harry Bratt Marco Duenas Lan Yu and Lichan Hong * ^ Hilary and Boyd Smith Sophie Verreault and Andy Woo Ping Ping Guo and Michael Brazell Lydia Conoway and William Dunbar Alice and Chris Hoover Lyn Swyryd-Smith and Michael Smith Chuhee and Peter Woo Virginia and Christopher Brey Eve and Bill Dunkle Mark Lentczner and John Horigan * Vernell and Brian Smith Christine Lee and Daniel Wu * Tayla Brinkman Daniel Edelson Cler and Tim Houston Fenty and Jimmy Soetarman Rongmei Xiang and Ke Xu Linda and Wesley Brinsfield ^ Dorith and Axel Endler Jeni and Doug Howland Trina Ward and Jon Sofield Tami and Dave Yanaga Kevin Brunner Maria Ventura Escobar Sarah Chang and Jerry Hsia ^ Soobin and Chris Son * Hong Zhao and Yuedong Yang Fiona and Neil Brydon Gale Leung and Michael Evanson Phyu Pyar Thein and Thet Maung Htwe Maria Bautista and Robert Specker Lucy and Baolin Yang * Jessica Davidson and Kenneth Bullis Annie Goldstein and Craig Factor Ling Jiang and Ty Hu ^ Monica and Ravi Srivastava * ^ Inna and Steven Yaskin Marita Barreda and Guillermo Burger Mimi and Ed Falsetti Manhong Zhou and Hetao Huang * Marilyn and Peter Stanley Hanifa Ismail and George Yeung Cheryl and Todd Bystrom ^ Isidra Cruz and Rigoberto Farias Amy and Yiming Huang Arina Kutuyeva and Yuri Stasiv Li Li and Zhigang Yin Cindy and Tim Byun Tatiana Krivenko and Yakov Feldman Caroline Lin and Charles Huang Andrea Ho and Michael Stein JunJing Yan and John Ying Paula Perez and Romualdo Caballero Xin Lu and Dehuan Huang ^ Flo Oswald and Fred Stemmelin Michelle and Tony Yoon June and Christian Cabatu Anne Scalapino and Travis Huch Anna Stepanov Fuyumi and Kazuhiko Yoshino Jeanmarie and Desmond Cahill Christina and Burkhard Huhnke Beverly Smolich and Craig Stephens ^ Lesley and Gary Young Belinda and Nick Cairns ^ Barbara and Edward Hull Claudia Carpenter and Max Stoaks Tracy and Daniel Young ^ Marita Caldecott Ching-Pao Chang and Chung-Ping Hwang Hope Liu and Yan Wang * ^ Heidi Chen and Yahsing Yuan * Frances and Neal Callan Chih-Ling Chou and Bor-Chyuan Hwang Lynn and David Straus * Svetlana Kostina and Aleks Zabreyko Rosa Cerqueda and German Campos April and Echere Iroaga Kiwi and Bob Capriles ^12

Miyuki and Fumihiko Ishii ^ Yu-Fang Vickie Chen and Venchiu Joseph Heather and Daniel Myers Rajeshree Riswadkar Nazanin Dashtara and Richard TurnerRavi Iyer Liao ^ Michelle and D’Arcy Myjer Dulce Perez and Victor River Connie TyrellCyndee Nguyen and Blair Jackson Gail Satake-Nakamura and Stacy Irina and Michael Rivkin ^ Elaina TysonPia Jacobsen Aileen and Jack Lin Kirsten and Art Roberts Emi and Masahiro Ueno ^Jayshree and Jawahar Jain Eve Carlson and Steven Lindley Nakamura Lorna Toyota and Craig Robertson Robert UptonSujata Kapai and Nikhil Jayaram Ai-Shan Shih and Wei-Shiue Lio * Gayle and Dale Nakayama Maria Gonzalez and Steve Roman Carol and Neil UyedaJuana Jimenez and Leopoldo Hernandez Pei-Jung Yu and Hsien-Chang Liu Wendy and Steven Nelson Yotvat and Michael Romm Laurie and Ali VahediDina Jiron Melgar and Carlos Jiron Joanna and Robert Liu Valerie and Travis Nelson ^ Teija and Jan Rosen Luciano ValenciaElana and Neil Joffe Xi Chen and Yanting Liu Anne and Michael Nguyen Alexandra and Raphael Rousseau * Karla and Andre Valente *Eric Johansson Catherine and Lee Liu Diem and David Nguyen Cristina and Eduardo Rufeisen Juan ValleVictoria Liou-Johnson Luozheng and John Liu ^ Emilia and Aleksander Niebylski * Alma Mejia and Domingo Ruiz Elryna Lawi and Jelle Van GeunsCarol Michaels and David Jones Uma and Ashwin Lodhia * Nooshin Saghafi and Hamid Nikzad * Michelle and Robert Ruweler ^ Hagit and Nadav VansoverKim and Brian Jones Araceli Garcia and Victor Lopez Linda and Bryan Nishimoto Miyoung Kang and Sihoon Ryu Alona and Sharon VardiKaren Keller and Kelly Jost Mercedes Lopez Kate Khatereh and Brad Behrad Nowrouzi * Olga Mejia and Ezequiel Saldivar Lara and John VastanoLeslie Katsura and Bill Jue ^ Phan Truong and Stuart Lowe ^ Lynne and Kenneth Olsen Maria Otero and Jose Saldivar Alberta VelazquezEsra Kadiroglu Lee and Gaudi Lucca Heidi and Steven Olson * Mary Jane Sambuceto Emilia Cortez and Miguel VelazquezCindy and Steve Kane Adriana Morales and Ricardo Luis Laurie and Brian Orlov * Olivia Ochoa and Hector Sanchez Deborah Wilson and Chris Verbil ^Suzanne and Chris Kasso Margarita Mejia and German Ortiz Alejandra Sanchez Suthasinee and Samerpark VesuraiMaureen Kelly Ramirez Noe Ortiz Mary Nicknish and Ken Sandmann Adriana Diaz and Rodolfo VillaverdeMelinda and Scott Kennedy * Cindy and Alan Lundberg Aurelia Guzman Leyva and Emiliano Ortiz Blandina Diaz and Iyoni Santiago Pilar Camps and Pablo VillosladaDebra Ann and George Kerr Nathalie Lusinchi ^ Liz Price and Jim Ostrowski Myra and Joselito Santos Rosa VincesSepideh Mostashiri and Behzad Khodadad Debi Yip and Roger Ma ^ Amy and Gregory Pal Gemma Guirao Vazquez and Oscar Sanz Maribel Barajas and Jose VirgenJocelyne and Najib Khouri-Haddad Beata and John Madej Corrine and Tim Palacios Pauline and Mark de VisserJieun and Dan Kim Lori Moon and Alan Maderal Marilu Cuesta Flores and Silverio Palma Rodriguez Sophia and Armin VolkelSheri and Adam King * Jennifer Makower * Maria Dolores Rojas and Juan Carlos Amy Flaskerud and Steve Sasaki Michele and Nha Vu *Heidi Hoffman and Louis Kishton Greg Malley Christina and Gordon Sasamori Cheryl WalterskirchenLorrie and Norm Kitching * Belinda and Francis Mamangon Palominos Jennifer Walsh and Steve Sauter Guenther WaltherCynthia and Matthew Knecht * Carolyn Chin and Eric Manghise * Hema Daryani and Rajendra Panwar Roli and Sachin Saxena Gang Feng Wang and Xiang Lan LiuSeon Ae Choi and No Hee Ko Carmen Esquivel and Santos Margueis Yu Jin and Jae Park ^ Inna Sayfer Jianglan Xiong and Jianping WangMichelle Koblas Olga and Almir Marin Lori and Thomas Parsons ^ Melissa and Robert Schill * Juliet and Chihhung Jason WangKathy and Sang Wook Koh Susan and Jeff Marinchak Karen Fitch and Sunil Patel Jiang Jiang and Johannes Schmidt Jinyan Tang and Yong Wang ^ Valentina and David Mark Smita and Sanket Patel Lisa Schubert Yisong Jing and Yihua Wang * Rita and Jim Martin ^ Rita Patel Kathleen Roskos and Scott Selover Douglas Ward Rini Ghose and Dipankar Sen Deborah and Dale WeatherspoonJanet and Christopher Kolstad Ann and Rick Martin Julia Zarcone and David Patmore ^ Sunita and Sanjay Sethi * Nandita and Don WeigelKeerthi and Krishna Kondaka * Gabriela and Eduardo Martinez Rajalakshmi Madras and Rameshbabu Kerrin and David Seymour ^ Lauren and Howard WeingramLoletta Ho and Fan Kong * Natividad Bautista and Fidel Martinez Sigita and Ted Shab Jolene and Brent Welch ^Lorraine and Paul Kostka * Carmen Martinez Pattabiraman ^ Bela and Amit Shah Marlene and David WellsElena and Viktar Koush Kathy Massucci * Maria Bautista and Virgilio Perez ^ Dikla and Daniel Shaked Huifang Chang and Kuoyin WengCourtney and Kevin Kramer Kathleen McGall ^ Janis Petree Michelle Shao * Michelle and Brian WilcoveCrysta Krames Amanda and Ben McNeal Marina and Eugene Peyzner Payal Sharma and Vinod Kumar Joleen and Eric WilkeningJudy Walden and John Krautkramer Anna Meklin * Keith Pflederer * Hongbin Cao and Baoshan Shen Krisstina WilmothSusan Kuczynski Linda and Nir Merry * Huong Nguyen and Alexander Pham Weihong Zhang and Norman Shi Juliet and Sterling WilsonMarijke and Andre Kuper Deborah Mester Rachel and John Phelps Julia Chiu and Kevin Shih Peggy Franczyk and Thomas WilsonTali and Yair Kurzion * Anna Van Rijswijk Michaud and Bertrand Alejandra and Leo Picollo Jung Wook Ryu and Youn Cherl Shin Tracy and David WinnMary and Benjamin Lai * Karen Pivetti Elizabeth and Rick Showecker Veronica and Chadd Witham *Jennifer and Charles Lai Michaud Roxana and Stanley Poon Adri and Mark Shustock Richard Withers *David Lansky Leigh Anne Miller Shreedevi and Mohan Prabhu * Nirit and Yair Siegel Patsy and A-Kwun Wong ^Tara and David Larson Roberto Miller Karen Price Debby Sillman Kathleen Comyns and Dexter WooImelda Marianne and Daniel Latif Robin and Timothy Miller Ly Doan and Shawn Purcell Lyn and Craig Simpson Melissa and Bradford WoolleyJennifer Truong and Frank Le Jennifer and Jeff Mills Bindiya Khanna and Rahoul Puri ^ Nandita and Sanjeev Singh Susan and David WrubelEllen Kuo and Chuan Chen Lee * Janet Mendez and Antonio Miranda ^ Sally and Greg Quigley Simran and Tej Singh Chiachi Lan and Chaur WuSoyoung Lee Ahn and Sookeun Lee Maria Dominguez and Brandy Miranda Branko and Stanka Radonjic * Catherine and Baz Smith Meiling Lin and Kuoting WuJenny Huang and Mark Lee Ravina and Sunil Mirapuri Nikola Radovanovic Mina and Scott Snyder * Ann Kannampilly and Asish XavierAlison Barnsley and Vernon Lee Judith and Ronald Missirian ^ Catherine Raffa Uma and Alok Sonthalia * Jing Zhang and Lei XiaSylvie and Mark Lee * Meher and Afshad Mistri Latha and Vishwanathan Ramamurthy Elvia Primitivo and Francisco Sotelo Sushma and Raja Yadalam *Jacqueline and Ken Lee * ^ Zale Mitchner Martha Graciela Ruiz and Victor Manuel Stephanie and Michael Spaid Sein Nwe and Naohiko YanSiu and Raymond Lee Joanne and Derek Miyahara Lynn Waelde and Ashok Srivastava Takako and Mitsuru YanaseHong Chang and Alex Lee Julia Miyaoka and Steve Andrews ^ Ramos Janet Sloan and Peter Stahl ^ Xiaorui Zang and Jingping YangJane Li and Ray Leihe Brenda and Peter Moceyunas Shandell and Adam Randall Joan Burg-Starreveld and Dolf Starreveld Huihua Tom and Weili Yao ^Josefina Montiel and Dioscoro Leon Toni and Kevin Moos Lina and Vladimir Rappoport Marlene and Michael Staufenbiel ^ Diane and Peter YeeMarlena and Reynold Leong Elham and Mehrdad Moslehi Maital Shemesh-Rasmussen and Andrew Maria and Ryan Stevens Shih-Hui Ko and Ping YehJanet and Art Woods Dianah Marr and Matthew Mow Kathryn Strickland Wenchun Zhu and Herng-Leh YuanElIzabeth and Michael Levin Leda and Philip Muller Rasmussen Gretchen and Jim Stroud Ying Liu and Weichun YuanLucy Li Yuki and Bob Murata Phoenix Podell and Gary Redecker Meaghan Sullivan Pui Hung and Kam Yue *Elizabeth Beattie Li and Shengqiang Li Carol and Matt Murphy * ^ Christy and Matthew Reed Karl Swartz * Susan and Jeremy YungJane Liu and Tony Li Jennifer and Steven Murray Leane and Mike Reelfs Jacqueline and Stuart Sweet Armaghan Zare Kathleen and Michael Murray Yaru Dong and Minghui Ren Linda and Steve Tabaska Judy and Mark Zellers Renae Rhodes Diane and Makoto Takashima Laura Zhang ^ Cathy Christie-Patton and Patrick Ridgway Wajiha and Jawad Tareen Yingsha and Qiong Zhang Shiela and Bernard Tayag Chunbei Feng and Jian Zhang * Katherine and Stewart Taylor Weini and Kia Zhang ^ Jennifer and Jens Tellefsen Ya Ren and Yurui Zhao Jennifer and Alan Tenney Yinghua and Bin Zhou Ann Hepenstal and Ronny Tey * Lisa and Carl Theobald Eileen and Alexi Zubiria Yaping Li and Edward Tico ^ Lan Nguyen and Quyen Tiet Thank you! Hope Abe and Scott Titcomb * Donation includes corporate matching funds. Esther and Po Tong * ^ Families with graduating seniors who have Milagros Torres and Erich Torres ^ donated 4 or more consecutive years. Gloria Aguilar and Fernando Torres Annett Inacker-Trail and Jonathan Trail We have made every effort to ensure our list of Aleana Yiu and Michael Trainor * donors and volunteers is accurate. Please forgive Julie and Kirk Trammell us for any errors or omissions. Please send cor- Trang Tran rections to [email protected] Florencia Arduino and Daniel Trepanier Peg and Philip Tsao 13 Gigi and Ely Tsern Laure and Thomas Tuchscherer Kristiane and Robert Turner

CORPORATE MATCHING COMMUNITY MEMBERSThese employers provided matching donations in 2016-2017. CORPORATIONS Laura and Allan McCarthyThank you for checking with your employer to make your Bambi Cask and Steve Pattersondonation go farther! Amazon Judith Fan and Robert Reay Burr Pilger Mayer Carol and Graham SangsterAnonymous (1) Google Rockwell eScrip Debra and Seth StrichartzAbbott Hewlett Packard Enterprise Salesforce Google Theresa and James TringaliAdobe HP Inc SanDisk LinkedIn Kathleen WilsonApple Computer Illumina SAP UpToUs Kelly Toshach and Ralph ZazulaApplied Materials Intel ShoreTelARM, Inc. Intuit Silicon Valley Bank FOUNDATIONS COMMUNITY & ALUMNIAstraZeneca Juniper Networks Space Systems UP TO $999Pharmaceuticals Kaiser Permanente Symantec Anonymous (1) Autodesk KLA Tencor Synopsys Melvin and Geraldine Hoven Foundation Anonymous (3)Bank of America Lam Research Tektronix Skoll Foundation Judy and Jay AudettBristol-Myers Squibb Lending Club Texas Instruments Irena Stepanova and Seva BaykinCA Technologies Lenovo ThermoFisher SERVICE Amy and Kern BeareCadence Design Systems Linkedin Tibco ORGANIZATIONS Ann and Sandy BenettCisco Logitech UBS Kathleen and Serge Bonte *Citrix Mentor Graphics Union Bank Of California Kiwanis Club of Los Altos Susanna Kim and Victor BrackeDavid and Lucile Packard Merck Varian Medical Systems Cari and Michael ChienFoundation Microsoft Veritas SERVICE PROVIDERS Patty Einarson and Matt CusonDell News Corp Visa Shell and Greg D’Augusta *Deloitte & Touche Northrop Grumman VMWare We extend our sincere appreciation and Cynthia and Charles DeVogelaere *Dropbox Nvidia Walmart recognition to those who have discounted Rachel and Hugh Dickins *eBay Omidyar Network Walt Disney Company their services or made in-kind donations. Marie and Eric EvittElectronic Arts Oracle Wells Fargo Sheila and Phil FaillaceGap PayPal Workday Alain Pinel Elizabeth Gardner and Jay GillGartner PG&E Xilinx Christopher Bradley, Photographer Sue and Glenn GoldbergGE Foundation Qualcomm Yahoo i2i Interactive Sarah GoodGenentech Raytheon KMVT 15 Silicon Valley Community Media Andrea Gorman Los Altos Town Crier Sue and Kim GrahamTHANK YOU FOR UNLOCKING Melody Barreira Xiao Li Gong and Shihua Gu$279,401 IN MATCHING! Mountain View Voice Janet and Bill Guns Prodigy Press Olivia and Daniel HaleyMany companies have matching programs, so please help us by Salesforce Foundation Thomas Han *checking with your Human Resources department. if you have questions SmartyStreets Celia and Lobo Huangabout applying for a match email us at [email protected] Virajith Jalaparti LOCAL MERCHANTS Jill and Richard Klein TRIBUTE GIFTS Gwen and John McAlister Support local merchants who support our Susie and Neal Mielke These tribute gifts were dedicated to MVLA faculty and staff schools. Kelly Lind who made a difference in students’ lives. Please join us in Amici’s New York Pizzeria Gina and Toby McDonell recognizing these honorees for their contributions. Helming’s Auto Repair Iris and Tom Moran IMACS Vanita and Sanjiv Natu * In Honor of... Justin Hedberg (Kidder Matthews) Viki and Kirk Paige Mia Vita Collection Ellen Wheeler Amy Beare - Sydney Sheffield Skin Life Medical Laser Center Maureen and Satish Rishi Lauren Camarillo - Abby Jensen & Family Lorena and Francis Rolland David Campbell - Ivan and Fernando Calleja & Family COMMUNITY & ALUMNI Alan Russell * Keren Dawson-Bowman - Cooper Cornell & Family $5,000 AND UP Elisabeth and Edward Sesek Jill Denny - Nithya Ramachandran & Family Sheri and Phil Shemanski Kathy Dewar - Ron Miasnik & Family Esther John and Aart DeGeus Suzanne Small Sarah Good - Teddy Kelly & Family Margaret and Ben Gong Mildred and John Squire Dr. Mala Krishna - Anders Eckburg & Family Rick Kramer Katherine Stephens Dr. Mala Krishna - Sophie and Sam Tobin & Family Bryn and James Stuebner Jim Levett - Ivan and Fernando Calleja & Family COMMUNITY & ALUMNI Kathy Sulaver Kim Marks - Alyson Evans & Family $1,000 AND UP Lalitha and Garret Swart Paul McHenry - Ivan and Fernando Calleja & Family Sylvia and Theodore Tarbell Mady Miraglia - Ivan and Fernando Calleja & Family Victoria and David Blockhus Debbie and Ray Torok Kim Rogers - Hailey Marent & Family Lisa and Rich Cornelius * Judy Levy and Mason Uyeda George St. Clair - The Bardman Family Susan and Ken Greathouse Esther and George Vasick Dr. Katie Thornburg - The Gong Family Suenghoon and Younghee Han * Maureen and Paul Williams * Dr. Katie Thornburg - Jivan Gubbi & Family Judy Hannemann Lisa and James Zuegel Phil Wiechec - Ron Miasnik & Family Kate and Jeff Harding Dede and Michael Huffman14 Valerie and Alan Huwe Connie and Matthew Ives Laura Roberts and Bob Jones Lisa and Michael Liu

HONOR ROLL OF REALTORSThe Honor Roll of Realtors Program benefits the Mountain View Los Altos High School Foundation and the Los Altos EducationalFoundation. Proceeds are split equally between the two educational foundations. If you have occasion to use or recommend arealtor, please contact one of the following generous donors to our schools.OFFICE SPONSORS VALEDICTORIAN Intero Real Estate Services “ The academic and enrichment programs $2,500 enabled by the MVLA Foundation provideAlain Pinel Realtors Alain Pinel Realtors Howard Bloom great benefits for our children, ensuring ourCampi Properties Ethel Green community remains a vibrant and desirableColdwell Banker Barbara Conkin-Orrock Lisa Liu place to raise a family and own a home. IDeLeon Realty Heather Green Hiep Nguyen have been dedicated to leading the effort toIntero Real Estate Services Lynn North Nisha Sharma encourage local realtors to financially supportSereno Group Susan Sims John Thompson ’’the high-quality of our local public schools. Susan Sweeley Sandy Wihtol Susan Sims, Honor Roll of Realtors ChairLEADERSHIP CIRCLE$5,000 Coldwell Banker Sereno Group Alain Pinel Realtors Elizabeth Thompson Bob Kamangar Judy Bogard-Tanigami, Sheri Alicia Nuzzo Bogard-Hughes, Cindy SALUTATORIAN Marc Roos Bogard-O’Gorman $1,000 Meryle Sussman Kathy Bridgman Alain Pinel Realtors HONORS - $500Campi Properties Anonymous Alain Pinel Realtors Erika Ameri Gary Campi Judy and Jana Faulhaber Bruce Dougherty Michael Galli Patti Robison and Ursula Cremona DeLeon Realty Ryan Gowdy Denise Welsh Jackie Haugh Ken DeLeon Patrice Horvath Coldwell BankerMichael Repka Laura McCarthy Shilpa Merchant Vicki Geers Intero Real Estate Services Connie Miller Francis Rolland Mansour Moussavian Pam Blackman Carol Sangster Intero Real Estate ServicesGreg Goumas Linda W. Smith David Troyer Kathleen Wilson Nancy Carlson Vicki Ferrando Keller Williams Realty Coldwell Banker Yvonne Heyl and Jeffrey Gonzales Suzanne O’Brien Anne Moran Mar Andres Keehn Lori and Andy Orion David Blockhus Maureen Rishi Sereno Group Alan Huwe Jack Tuttle Kay Stenn Owen Halliday Ramesh Zerang Sereno Group Alex Wang Jeanne MacVicar VOLUNTEER ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSThese volunteers donate their time and expertise to help provideexcellent public schools for all students in their community.Maribel Barajas Valerie Faillace Bryan Johnson Many thanks to our outgoing board members: Laura Blakely, Susan Norton, Neil Tuch,Kristine Bardman Rod Fallow Bob Jones Shobana Gubbi, and Page McDonald. Not pictured: Janice Lisbonne and Susan SimsRoberto Bautista Irene Fernandez Helen JosephNicolas Betancur John Fitch Durga Kalavaguta Alagu Palani Alma Ruelas Debbie TorokNiteen Bhat Audrey Fox Pat Kapp Adai Palani Jake Russo Erich TorresWilliam Blair Cyntia Galindo Soo Kim So Yong Park Gabriella Safran Neil TuchLaura Blakely Narciza Galvez Anna Kjos Jeamice Parker Salesforce volunteers Julieta VargasKathy Bonte Craig Garber Valerie Klazura Perla Passallo Brigitte Sarraf Sumeeta VasishtaSerge Bonte Araceli Garcia Ashok Kumar Amy Peabody Wynne Satterwhite Huong VoSusan Bourgan Pilar Garcia Debbie Kundrat Paula Perez Joe Seither Fiona WalterChristine Bridges Erich Goddard Susan Lamarche Nadia Pongo Susan Sims Nancy WebbAzucena Castanon Glenn Goldberg Janet Lamm Shobana Raghupathy Indu Singla Tamesha WiseKristin Castillo Adai Gomez Liza Levin Manju Ramachandran Marilyn Stanley David WoodsLilia Castillo Carmen Gomez Michelle Lee Adam Randall Susan Stark Suzanne WoolfolkSarah Chang Margaret Gong Annie Liu Kavita Reddy George St. Clair Janine WulfsohnWuyi Chin Andrea Gorman Meifeng Liu Laura Roberts Katherine Stephens Tami YanagaMarcia Chmyz Andrea Gray Janice Lisbonne Blanca Rocha Susan Sweeley Erika YanezRoxanne Coish Sharon Greenstein Rebecca Lowell Ariel Rojas Mili Talledo Sherry ZhangRobert Coursen David Grissom Lilly Luk Katie Roper Julia Tam Junfang ZhuAudrey Crowley Shobana Gubbi Kathleen Lund Galen Rosenberg Yibin Tang Catherine ZunigaLeonel Cruz Olga Melo Guzman Mike Mathiesen Lee Rubin Nanette ThomasAlan Cyron Bing Hai Gwen McAlisterSanjay Dave Kelly Hammell Martha McClatchieStacey Davidson Kelsey Harrigan Page McDonaldKeren Dawson-Bowman Krishna Harikrishnan Kathleen McGallFederico De Silva Leon Brenda Harris Susi MerharPerry Dembner Debby Haslem Connie MillerJen Denebeim Adrienne Heiskanen Deanna MisteleLance Descourouez Joy Hellman Joe MitchnerBrendan Dilloughery Greg Heppberger Derek MiyaharaKyuri Doeden Nicole Higley Joanne MiyaharaKim Donovan Nancy Hill Keith MoodyLynne Ewald Kiyomi Hurst Michael MoulTamara Fagin Gordon Jack CeCe MurrayPhil Faillace Natalie Johnson Quyen NguyenMany thanks to Bill Lewis and the staff of Alain Pinel Realtors for their generosity in providing the facilities for our annual Phonathon. 15

NON PROFIT ORG. U.S. POSTAGE PAID LOS ALTOS, CA PERMIT #16P.O. BOX 1146LOS ALTOS, CA 94023ACT TODAY!GIVE US A CALL650.940.4670GET IN [email protected]orgMAKE A DONATIONMVLAfoundation.orgSTAY FOUNDATION FACTS4,073 students benefited each day3000+ Chromebooks for checkout1,059 freshmen enjoyed smaller class sizes186 academic tutors free of charge749 daily visits to Tutorial Center1821 PSAT tests taken493 PreACT tests taken304 college visits to the C&CCs701 attendees at Countdown to College$433,941 in Leadership Circle donations$116,650 raised in Honor Roll of Realtors campaign$279,401 corporate matching$10,000 granted to MVHS for Every 15 Minutes program$10,000 granted to LAHS for Communications Week$30,000 special appeal for Visual & Performing Arts$1,688,487 total granted in 2016-17

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