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Q_ A, Lesson 11,Class VI

Published by Reenu Kaushal, 2021-08-25 15:14:51

Description: Q_ A, Lesson 11,Class VI


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LESSON 11 THE IRON AGE CIVILIZATION QUESTIONS / ANSWERS PART Answer the following questions in brief D Q1. What were the main inventions of Greek Civilization ? Ans. The main invention of Greek Civilization were :-- a Calculated the circumference of the earth. b Drew maps of the world c Olympic games Q2. Name the Gods that were worshipped by Romans. Ans. Romans worshipped Gods -- Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Juno. Q3. Name the four Vedas. Ans. The four Vedas are :-- a Rigveda b Samaveda c Yajurveda d Atharvaveda Q4. Give any five examples to prove that Vedic civilization was quite advanced. Ans. The vedic literature proves that the Vedic Civilization was quite advance. a The people led a happy and simple life. b Their clothes were made of cotton, wool and skin of animals. They ⁵wore ornaments. c They used madhu and took sura and soma ras. d They played many musical instrument like flute, drums and harp. e They were also found of chariot racing, dancing etc. Q5. Mention the main occupations of the people of Iranian civilization Ans. The main occupation of the people of Iranian Civilization were :-- a Trading b Shipbuilding c Crafts -- silk weaving d Pottery e Metalwork f Gem cutting

PART Answer the following questions E Q1. What was the political conditions of the country under Aryans ? Ans. a Kingship was hereditary . b King of a small Kingdom was called a Raja. c A Samrat or Maharaja controlled a large Kingdom known as a Rashtra. d The king was assisted by Purohit (priest), Mantri (minister), Senani (Commander of Army) and Gramini (headman of the village). e The king consulted the Sabha and the Samiti on all important matters. Q2. What was the condition of women in the early Vedic period ? Ans. The condition of women in the early Vedic period were a Women were held in great respect . b They were educated. c Women, like Apala and Gosha , even composed hymns. d The participation of wife was essential in all the religious ceremonies. Q3. Explain the Varna System. What change did it undergo during Later Vedic Period ? Ans a The society was divided into four varnas ( caste )namely Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras. b Brahmins looked after the religious matter. c Kshatriyas protected the people from internal and external harm. d The Vaishyas were the cultivator and craftsmen. e The Shudras were the labourers who served the above three classes. f But, in the later Vedic period the Vedic system became hereditary and very rigid . g No one could change the occupation or the Varna. Q4. List the achievements of the Aryans in the field of science and mathematics . Ans. The Vedic literature throws light on the achievement of Aryans in the field a of science and mathematics. b The Aryans àknew the use of iron. They used it for making stronger tools c and weapons. d Mathematics was known as Ganita. It include arithmetic, geometry and e algebra. The Vedic people had the knowledge of 'Zero', which helped them to calculate large number . Astronomy was the favourite subject of Aryan. They studied the movement of heavenly bodies They knew about the movement of the Earth on its own axis, around the sun and the movement of moon around the earth. Q5. List the occupations of the Aryans.

Ans. The occupations of the Aryans were :-- a Agriculture b Pottery c Weaving d Carpentry e Jewellery making

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