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Published by Jay Vee Padilla Ignacio, 2021-08-31 09:09:05



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SEPTEMBER 2021 USTFU VACCINE UPDATES UST Vaccination Program FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ( FAQ'S) QUESTION 1: What is the efficacy of Covovax ( Novovax)? The Novavax vaccine has demonstrated 92.6% efficacy against variants of concern and interest including the Delta variant. EUA filings have been submitted in the Philippines, India, and Indonesia and are under evaluation. (see attachments) These key points were also posted on ThoMedSS last August 13, 2021. Additional updates may be obtained from the Facebook page of Faberco Life Sciences, Inc. QUESTION 2: When will Covovax arrive? Deliveries are scheduled to commence in October 2021. QUESTION 3: What will happen to those who made reservations but are just vaccinated by the time our vaccine arrives? If the University staff answered yes but later refuses to take the vaccine, the staff needs to find a substitute recipient who is also a university employee. If the substitute is not a university employee, the staff agrees to pay PHP 2,900 for the cost of the vaccine (1,000 per dose) and the inoculation fee (900 for two doses). NOTE: UPDATE THROUGH THOMEDSS MUST BE DONE, THE DEADLINE WAS LAST AUGUST 21, 2021 @5PM QUESTION 4: Are faculty members allowed to use Covovax for booster shots? There is no recommendation yet regarding the use of the Covovax vaccine as a booster dose. National Vaccination Operations Center (NVOC) issues Advisory No. 72 on \"DOH Advisory Against the Administration of Additional (Booster) Doses of COVID-19 Vaccines.\" The NVOC provides the following guidance: a. Vaccine recipients shall ONLY receive the recommended dose series from ONE (1) COVID-19 vaccine brand as stipulated in the Emergency Use Authorization of the Philippine FDA, notwithstanding the DOH guidelines on anaphylaxis during the first dose. b. Administration of additional doses (booster) on top of the recommended dose series of a COVID-19 vaccine IS NOT ALLOWED, pending availability of sufficient and conclusive studies.

QUESTION 5: If a UST employee keeps his order in anticipation of the recommendation for booster shots in the coming months, will UST allow the employee to use the vaccine for himself even if the recommendation has not yet been issued? - Dr. Consolacion was able to verify with Unilab that the orders covered by the term sheet agreement that they are collecting at this time will only be applicable to those who have not had their first cycle dose/s of COVID-19 vaccines. - If in the coming months, the government will release recommendations for booster doses, then Unilab will collect a separate term sheet agreement for this. Thereafter, if the government releases recommendations for a second cycle dose, Unilab will again collect a separate term sheet agreement for this. QUESTION 6: What is the expiration of Covovax? - We will know the expiration date of the Covovax vaccine once it arrives. We will give the schedule of vaccination based on priority groups as recommended by the NTF on the COVID-19 vaccine. QUESTION 7: Is it true that our USTH vaccination system is tied up with the Manila Health Department? Therefore using the same system (QR Code) for the vaccination records? - The UST Hospital's inoculation services as separate from those of the Manila Health Department. It has its own system for vaccination records compliant with the guidelines provided by the Department of Health. QUESTION 8: Many of our retirees have been calling our USTFU staff and asking if they can get the COVOVAX vaccine for free as their final gift from the university. Is it possible for them to order vaccines through UST if their request is denied? - University staff who qualified for mandatory retirement in AY 2020-2021 and have not yet been vaccinated may confirm their intent to be counted in the University vaccination program 2021 by sending an email to [email protected]. They shall be allowed to order for their bubble group if USTFU and SM-UST shall commit to collect the payment for the vaccines and be held accountable for unpaid orders of bubble groups. THE ANSWERS WERE GIVEN TO US BY : DR. CHERYL PERALTA - VICE-RECTOR FOR ACADEMIC AFFAIRS DR. CHARITO CONSOLACION - MEDICAL DIRECTOR UST-HOSPITAL DR. SHERYL DIONISIO - DIRECTOR, UST HEALTH SERVICE We continue to pray for the good health, protection, and safety of everyone! \"For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds, says the Lord.\" Jeremiah 30:17 Your USTFU Family

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