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Introductory word Dear colleagues, dear friends, The winter semester is slowly coming to an will take place on Monday, 6 December, from end, and so is the calendar year 2021. Despite 19:00 in Kostel Nejsvětějšího Salvátora. The all the optimism we had about the classes concert will take place in strict compliance and the pandemic situation at the beginning with all currently valid government measures. of September, we had to adapt our teaching To allow you all to experience the beautiful during the semester to the increasing inci‑ atmosphere of the approaching Christmas, dence of positive cases at the Faculty and while remaining in the maximum safety and on the university campus. We are all aware comfort of your home, we have decided to of the importance of full‑­time teaching in broadcast this concert online on our Faculty our study programmes. Project tasks in la‑ YouTube channel. I  believe that in this way, boratories and in the field also require tea‑ we will all be able to meet at least in a hybrid mwork and contact with colleagues. Without form before the end of the year. it, it is very difficult to fulfil personal and I cordially wish you and your families a Christ‑ departmental goals regarding the quality mas full of peace and quiet, good health and of scientific outputs. It requires our mutual positive thinking in the new year. consideration in order to protect both our‑ selves and others. Personally, I  believe vac‑ Róbert Marušák cination is the way. When I got vaccinated, it was not only for the protection of myself and my family, but also for all of you with whom I  come into contact. I  do not want to meet you only online on Teams, or communicate only via e­‑mail, so I  am impatiently waiting for the third dose. I realize that vaccination is a free choice for each of us. However, I would like us to take into consideration that the pro‑ fession we have chosen cannot be pursued without contact with larger groups of people. At the Faculty, we were used to meeting at a Christmas party at the end of the year and not only having fun together, but strengthe‑ ning our relationships in informal conversati‑ ons. Last year, the pandemic situation did not allow us to do so, and unfortunately this year will not be any different. However, let me invi‑ te you to the FFWS Christmas Concert, which NEWSLETTER –1– INTRODUCTORY WORD

What happened at our Faculty FFWS Family Day listen to live music by Globus Band and enjoy a beautiful autumn afternoon. This year’s novel‑ On 1 September 2021, the second year of this ty was a children’s raffle, where children could event took place on the FFWS premises. Throu‑ win many valuable prizes. The main prize was ghout the afternoon, a diverse programme was a maxi plush toy in a FFWS T‑­shirt. We believe prepared for both adults and children. Children that everyone enjoyed Family Day and we are visited a magician, face painting, and the forest already looking forward to next year. pedagogy trail. Staff and their families could NEWSLETTER –2– W H AT H A P P E N E D AT O U R FAC U LT Y

IUFRO Conference Andrew Liebhold gave the introductory speech and officially started the conference. The pro‑ A  five‑­day IUFRO conference on „Biological In‑ gramme included individual lectures, which took vasions in Forests: Trade, Ecology and Manage‑ place in person, but also remotely via Zoom. The ment“ took place at the FFWS in September. participants also visited the School Forest Enter‑ The conference was attended by 68 scientists in prise in Kostelec nad Černými lesy and the Rese‑ person from around the world. The conference arch Institute of Beekeeping in Dol. opening took place in Club C, where Professor NEWSLETTER –3– W H AT H A P P E N E D AT O U R FAC U LT Y

RESONATE project meeting From 3 to 6 October, a hybrid introductory mee‑ ting of the international RESONATE project from the Horizon 2020 call took place on the premises of the School Forest Enterprise (SFE) chateau in Kostelec nad Černými lesy. The RESONATE project is coordinated by the European Forestry Institute (EFI) and our Faculty is one of 19 co­‑researching institutions. The project aims to increase the resi‑ lience of European forests and forestry value cha‑ ins. An excursion through the forest stands of SFE with examples of research activities of the EXTE‑ MIT K project was prepared for the participants of the introductory meeting, as well as a visit to a sa‑ wmill in Jevany. The hybrid meeting was attended by over 70 scientists from 11 European countries. EFI Conference from the CZU Rector, prof. Petr Sklenička and the FFWS Dean prof. Róbert Marušák. The fo‑ The annual conference of the European Fores‑ llowing day, a professional seminar was held, try Institute (EFI) took place on 6 and 7 Octo‑ where doc.  Peter Surový attended as the ber. Originally, this prestigious event was to lecturer. Given that Prague is a very attractive take place in Prague in cooperation with our place for such events, we will have the oppor‑ Faculty. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, tunity to participate in the organization of the it took place online. The first day was devo‑ conference in 2025, which, hopefully, will not ted to the discussion of EFI’s  annual reports be affected by the Covid pandemic. and was opened, among others, by speeches NEWSLETTER –4– W H AT H A P P E N E D AT O U R FAC U LT Y

YPEF National Round After last year’s Covid pause, when the national finals took place only online, the Czech Forest‑ ry Society (CFS) organized the National Round of the 11th year of the international competition Young People in European Forests (YPEF), on 15 and 16 September. Organization of th event was supported by the FFWS. Eighteen three­ ‑member teams took part, competing in theo‑ retical and practical knowledge of forests as well as European and Czech forestry. On the first day, the competitors in the Kostelec nad Černými lesy chateau did a written test, which consisted of 30 questions in English about Eu‑ ropean forestry, and a presentation in English on the topic „Is it possible to use introduced trees in forest regeneration? What are the pros and cons?“. The second day was dedicated to the practical part in the field at the FFWS Ar‑ boretum. The absolute winner was the team from Gymnázium Český Krumlov, consisting of Anna Mičanová, Karolína Míčková, and Matěj Baštýř. NEWSLETTER –5– W H AT H A P P E N E D AT O U R FAC U LT Y

Ask us and the old FFWS building. Their task was to advi‑ se and assist with the navigation of new students The Ask Us event was intended for first­‑year in the FFWS buildings and on the university cam‑ FFWS students. Senior students in green Faculty pus. More than 140 first­‑year students used the T‑­shirts were wating around the entrance to the advice and assistance with navigation. Pavilion of Wood Sciences, the High­‑Tech Pavilion, Open Day the Faculty associations. Lectures on studying, tours of the campus, and presentations of in‑ On Friday, 12 November, after a  long pause, dividual departments were prepared for futu‑ the Open Day was held at FFWS. Those inte‑ re students. The Faculty collection, carpentry, rested in studying had the opportunity to look and laser shooting range were also opened. around the Faculty premises, get information 107 applicants visited the Open Day. about studying, and chat with students from NEWSLETTER –6– W H AT H A P P E N E D AT O U R FAC U LT Y

Summer workshop for primary ging, tried working with a laser, and much more. and secondary school students There was a very positive response to workshop, so we can look forward to new students with an In the last week of August, a summer workshop interest in forestry. The importance of this event for primary and secondary school students from the point of view of admitting new students took place at FFWS. The first day was focused is also evidenced by the fact that out of 10 par‑ on wood sciences and the second day on fore‑ ticipants in the summer workshop in 2020, 6 of stry. Students learned a lot of interesting things them joined the FFWS study programmes. about wooden buildings, entomology, and log‑ Lecture of Petr Ludwig At the end of November, a  lecture on personal development was held, which was open to both employees and students. The lecture given by the leading Czech lecturer on personal develop‑ ment, Petr Ludwig, focused on growth and fixed mindset. In the lecture, participants learned how to think about themselves and others in a  far more efficient way, what neuroplasticity is and how it affects our skills, how growth mindset can help manage change and uncertainty, and how to train growth mindset in oneself and others. NEWSLETTER –7– W H AT H A P P E N E D AT O U R FAC U LT Y

Summer school in Slovakia In the third week of September, a  summer school took place in Slovakia, which was attended by 30 full‑­time and part‑­time stu‑ dents. Among others, students visited Paráč Forest Administration of the Forests of the Slovak Republic, with expert interpretation and accompaniment, they had the opportu‑ nity to see forest regeneration in the High Tatras after an extensive wind disaster in 2004 and a  fire in 2005. They also visited Smolník Forest Administration, Poloniny Na‑ tional Park, where they hiked through Stužica forest all the way to Kremenec tripoint. At the end, the students visited Vihorlat Forest, saw the beautiful landscape of Sninský ka‑ men and the pearl of the Vihorlat Hills, Mor‑ ské oko. Under the expert interpretation of a  Remetské Haámre Forest Administration member, they also visited Jedlinka ancient woodland and inspected the forest stands around Malé Morské oko. The whole week was packed with professional events, and there was a  very positive reception from all the people who gave their time to students to pass on their expertise, but also their view on the issue of forestry in the Slovak Repub‑ lic. The students left full of new theoretical and practical knowledge and impressions. NEWSLETTER –8– W H AT H A P P E N E D AT O U R FAC U LT Y

Completion and approval Marketing Department. The warehouse is fu‑ of the FFWS warehouse lly air­‑conditioned and heated to a  laboratory temperature of 21 °C, and it has a wi‑­fi connec‑ On 16 September, the new FFWS warehouse tion. The temperature can be regulated, but and the subsequent transformer station were only within the whole space. The warehouse approved. The construction of both buildings is fully secured by security alarm, fire alarm was carried out within the deadline in the con‑ system, connected to the central security at tract. The warehouse now serves nine FFWS the Rector’s Office, and has a camera system. workplaces. The division of premises is de‑ Access to the warehouse and storage rooms termined by Dean’s  Regulation No. 12/2021. It (cubicles) is via the employee’s card. Fuel, ma‑ houses the facilities of the Department of Fo‑ chines, and equipment with internal combus‑ rest Protection, Forest Ecology, Game Manage‑ tion engines can be stored in the warehouse. ment, Wood Production, Forest Management, Each cubicle has a 230 V socket. EVA and EXTEMIT teams, geodesists, and the NEWSLETTER –9– W H AT H A P P E N E D AT O U R FAC U LT Y

An overview FFWS events from August to November 2021 August FOR ARCH 21-25 Sep 2021 Fair Praha Letňany Summer workshop 24–25 Aug Night of Scientists 24 Sep Event for secondary school students Event for the public FFWS FFWS Země živitelka 26–31 Aug Ask us 27–29 Sep Exhibition Event for first‑­year students České Budějovice FFWS September October 2021 2021 FFWS Family Day 1 Sep RESONATE meeting 4–6 Oct Event for employees, PhD students, International meeting and family members Kostelec nad Černými lesy FFWS EFI conference 6–7 Oct Natura Viva 8-12 Sep international conference Exhibition on­‑line Lysá nad Labem FilmFest CZU 18–22 Oct VědaFest 8 Sep International festival of popular science films Popularization of Science Festival CZU Praha Dejvice Job fair 21 Oct Forestry Day 9 Sep Event for students Event for the professional public on­‑line FFWS Summer School in Slovakia 12-19 Sep November Event for FFWS students 2021 Slovakia YPEF National Round 15-16 Sep Open Day 11 Nov International forestry competition Event for applicants from abroad Kostelec nad Černými lesy CZU Wood Science Day 17 Sep Open Day 12 Nov Event for the professional public Event for applicants FFWS FFWS IUFRO Conference 20-24 Sep Forest pedagogy programmes International conference Events for schools and kindergartens FFWS Lecture of Petr Ludwig 30 Nov Meeting of the Dean with teachers 21 Sep Lecture – Growth and fixed mindset Information event to educational activities FFWS FFWS NEWSLETTER – 10 – AN OVERVIEW FFWS EVENTS


Who you may not know at our Faculty Mgr. Matěj Kaloč (Assistant Professor, Department of Forest Management) What brought you to FFWS? didates, and finally, my admission to the positi‑ In general, I came to FFWS in an attempt to re‑ on of a GIS and Remote Sensing specialist; I am turn (after a two‑year break) to my field – geo‑ very grateful to him. informatics – which I studied in my native Ost‑ rava. After moving to Prague to my girlfriend’s, Tell us something about yourself. I first decided to fulfil my long‑held dream – to I  love my native region, Ostrava, beautiful be a tram driver. The job was lovely, but deman‑ Czech(and)Slovak nature and its forests, trams, ding, so after two years I decided to let the tram trains, Cimrman’s  humour, and my fiancée. go so that I  would not „miss the train“ in the Thanks to her, I  am where I  am  – in Prague field. In the narrower sense, I was introduced to (which I also love). I’m also a bit of a workaho‑ FFWS by the Head of the Department of Forest lic, probably due to the fact that, for me, work Management, Associate Professor Surový: first, has always been not only a source of livelihood, my interview with him (about the scope of work but also a hobby. In my free time, I like to disco‑ and other opportunities for personal develop‑ ver defunct railways, take photos, cook, ride ment), then my subsequent selection from can‑ a bike, or exercise in Sokol. NEWSLETTER – 12 – WHO YOU MAY NOT KNOW

MVDr. Pavel Berka (Assistant Professor, Department of Game Management and Wildlife Biology) What brought you to FFWS? I  have been dealing with wildlife health issues for some time and have cooperated with FFWS as a teacher. After some changes in my personal life and also changes in the previous workplace, I came to the conclusion that I would like to get involved with FFWS on a regular basis. Tell us something about yourself. I  am a  graduate of University of Veterinary Sciences Brno. After completing basic military service, as a self‑employed person, I started as a  full‑time veterinarian. My big hobby has al‑ ways been hunting. I try to spend my free time with my family. My wife and I have two boys. NEWSLETTER – 13 – WHO YOU MAY NOT KNOW

Interview with the new Head of Department shoulder, and my mum didn’t object. So, when my classmates in the third year of elementary school said they wanted to be dustmen, Tatra lorry drivers, etc., I  told my class teacher that I wanted to be a forest engineer. As we grew up in elementary school, the other boys wanted to be pilots and astronauts, and I kept repeating „forest engineer“. This lasted until my graduation from the Brno Faculty of Forestry and Wood Techno‑ logy, which I went to from the secondary forestry school I mentioned earlier. Ing. Roman Dudík, Ph.D. What do you like to remember from your studies? Department of Forestry and Wood Economics At secondary school it was a nice group of pe‑ ople and operational practice at Školské pole‑ Tell us something about yourself. sí in Valšovice. At the Faculty, it was my new colleagues and teachers. And also the cul‑ A  Gemini with a  wide range of interests who tural life provided by the Moravian capital. seeks to learn from the mistakes of himself and others, to look to the future, and to be realistic. What is your job position at FFWS? Currently the Head of the Department of Fore‑ How did you get into forestry stry and Wood Economics; before that I  was and wood sciences? Deputy­‑head of the Department for four years. I remember it very well, and occasionally some‑ What brought you to FFWS? one does ask me about it… I  went to primary A  job offer from the then Department of Eco‑ school in the 80 s and it was common for a class nomics and Forest Management, with which teacher to ask us what we would like to be. Well, I  had a  very good relationship. And also the I went to my parents for advice, the family council possibility of changing my work environment. met, and my dad said… When you go to a fores‑ try school (meaning Secondary Forestry School What do you see as the biggest advantage in Hranice na Moravě), you will walk around the of working at FFWS? forest with a gun and you won’t have to do much; and if you’re a  forest engineer, you’ll be even Engaging not only in pedagogical and research better. The truth is that my dad’s view of a fores‑ activities, but also the opportunity to stay in ter’s  work was greatly distorted, but I  liked the touch with practice. It is good that projects of idea of walking in the forest with a gun over my excellent science and research are happening at NEWSLETTER – 14 – INTERVIEW

FFWS, as well as the possibility of solving current problems and challenges associated with opera‑ tional requirements, or projecting them into ex‑ cellent research, which is important. At the same time, I appreciate the Faculty’s support for coope‑ ration with foreign partners. Is there anything that surprised you when ppy watching historical documentaries, as well you started working here? as sports activities like cycling (so far without an e-bike!). I  came to Prague, to FFWS, in the autumn of 2011. I had hoped there were good interpersonal What symbolizes you in forestry and wood relationships at the Faculty; and I was happy to sciences, and why? say that there really were, at least from my po‑ int of view. I think we have managed to maintain The most difficult question… It is probably fore‑ good relationships, which is not always the case. stry education and work for forests, which I had I have never had a problem communicating with the opportunity to subsequently expand with other colleagues from the Department or Facul‑ operational knowledge from the production of ty; inter‑­departmental cooperation on projects small and medium-sized wooden constructions I  have led and worked on has been seamless. and managing their implementation. I still draw on this while working at FFWS. The opportunity What are your hobbies? What can’t you be to work in both fields has been really beneficial. without in your free time? My hobby is looking for free time… But, serious‑ ly, visiting places I haven’t been to, I’m also ha‑ NEWSLETTER – 15 – INTERVIEW

News from Faculty Management International Expert group to support ERC applicants relations and Faculty CZU was offered the opportunity to send em‑ development ployees interested in submitting prestigious ERC grants to a  series of training events or‑ The Department of International Relations was ganized by the expert group under the auspi‑ busy at the beginning of the new academic ces of the Technology Centre of the ASCR and year. The new semester means new Erasmus+ Charles University. Eighty applicants registe‑ students arrive from abroad to attend classes, red for the seminar, and about twenty of the and not only at our Faculty. At the same time, best were selected by the expert group. Two preparation starts for a selection procedure for candidates were accepted from CZU, of which our students who want to go on exchange stays Ing. Martin Mokroš, Ph.D. represents our Facul‑ within Erasmus+. ty. The workshops consist of individual presen‑ The Department participated in organizing the tations of those interested in ERC grants, which RESONATE project team meeting at the begin‑ are subject to critical discussion by the expert ning of October, which took place at the School group. It consists of ERC grant evaluators, or Forest Enterprise in Kostelec. We represented other experts from the applicants’ research the Faculty at CZU Prague Open Day, where we areas. Applicants also meet successful appli‑ introduced our bachelor’s, master’s, and doc‑ cants from previously announced ERC grants toral study programmes in English to potential and have the opportunity to discuss their pro‑ students and introduced them to the admi‑ fessional topic with them. The final phase of ssion procedure for individual levels of study. the workshops is devoted to feedback on the prepared project proposals, which will then be Preparation of new international projects submitted to the European call in January. In the new EU Horizon Europe framework pro‑ gramme, the first calls for consortium projects COST Urban Tree Guard were launched before the summer, with deadlines FFWS has acquired a  new project in the COST for project proposals in September and October. programme as a  coordinator. The COST event FFWS submitted five proposals to calls dealing will bring together a Europe‑­wide and internatio‑ with climate change and innovative governance nal network of scientists and other stakeholders for the transition to a  Green Agreement for the to support green infrastructure, including urban EU. In four cases, FFWS is involved as a  project forests. Green infrastructure has been propo‑ partner, in the REFOREST project proposal as sed by the European Commission as a  strate‑ a coordinator. The main mission of the REFOREST gy to support climate change adaptability and project is to promote innovation, knowledge ex‑ sustainable development in urban areas, where change, and provide innovative solutions that will more than 70% of the EU population lives. The enable farmers in Europe and associated count‑ alarming thing is that green infrastructure, and ries to meet objectives such as food production, especially its characteristic elements  – trees  – carbon sequestration, and biodiversity. NEWSLETTER – 16 – N EWS F R O M FAC U LT Y M A N AG E M E N T

are increasingly threatened by foreign pests At the beginning of October, an additional selec‑ (insects and pathogens), which are introduced tion procedure was held for applicants for Eras‑ through trade and transport. In addition, their mus study stays and internships abroad. Due to spread and devastating effects are enhanced the ongoing pandemic, interest in foreign trips by ongoing climate change. The project will, for remained low, although surveys found that stu‑ example, gather, share, and harmonize scientific dents would like to travel abroad. Students are knowledge and expertise, accelerate the deve‑ continuously informed about the possibilities of lopment of innovative technological solutions, trips abroad. Ondřej Votínský, coordinator of stu‑ and increase European competitiveness in the dent trips for CZU, presented the possibilities of field of biosafety. The main project coordinator trips for first‑­year students within the Introducti‑ is Ing. Martin Mokroš, Ph.D. on to studies and Health and safety. Two Dean’s Regulations were issued as part of the Study department study matters agenda: Schedule of the 2021/22 and pedagogy academic year at FFWS, and Determining the maximum number of admitted students and de‑ During September, enrolment to termining the conditions of admission to FFWS higher years and studies took place, and, sub‑ bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes and sequently, the schedule for the winter semester specializations for the academic year 2022/23. was completed. This year, its compilation was The conditions of the admission procedure re‑ very difficult; in addition to the requirement to main the same as in the previous year; for the separate lecture and practice days, we had to academic year 2022/23, we are opening the fo‑ count on the loss of approximately ten rooms llowing bachelor’s degree programmes: Forestry, due to extensive reconstruction. Before the be‑ Wood sciences, Hunting and game environment ginning of the semester, the Dean and the Vice­ management, Conservation of natural products ‑Dean for Education met with teachers to provide and taxidermy, System arboriculture’ and the fo‑ information for the beginning of the semester, llowing master’s  programmes taught in Czech: its progress, and preparation for possible chan‑ Forest engineering, Wood engineering Wooden ges in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic. structures and wood­‑based constructions. Pro‑ Teaching in the academic year 2021/22 began grammes taught in English include the bache‑ on 27 September 2021; after a year and a half, it lor’s  Forestry and master’s  Forestry, Water and began in full­‑time mode. Landscape management. Applications started on Library lectures within the subject Processing ba‑ 12 November 2021. On 11 November 2021, an Open chelor and diploma thesis were introduced. The Day took place, i.e. a meeting where the possibili‑ first lecture took place in the third week on the ties of studying at our Faculty were presented for topic of Professional resources and their search; applicants for study in English. On behalf of our the second lecture was held in the sixth week on Faculty, Adéla Česenková from the Department of the topic of Citation and citation ethics. Development attended the meeting. In the subject of Introduction to studies and Heal‑ th and safety, which is compulsory for all students Quality department on the first year of bachelor’s and master’s stu‑ dies, the guarantors of study programmes ex‑ In September, two important events plained to students the creation of a study plan, took place from the cooperation continuity of individual subjects, graduate profile, with practice point of view. They were Forestry as well as their potential career after graduation. Day and Wood Science Day. The latter was held NEWSLETTER – 17 – N EWS F R O M FAC U LT Y M A N AG E M E N T

for the second time this year due to a very po‑ excellent research at FFWS in 2022. We assume sitive response from partners from practice. In that all calls for science and research support addition, Forestry Day was organized this year. for employees and PhD students will be pub‑ Although it was not as significant in terms of lished in December. the number of participants, the contributions presented by our colleagues aroused great in‑ Marketing terest. We believe that both events significantly contribute to the reputation of the Faculty with The period from the beginning of the professional public, and they are also an September to the end of November opportunity to make important contacts. The was very busy from the point of view of Facul‑ organization of similar meetings with practice ty events. On some days, several events took will certainly continue next year. place simultaneously. An overview of all events During September, adjustments and updates is provided in this Newsletter. These were both to the study plans of some study programmes events for building the Faculty’s reputation with were also completed, which were subsequent‑ the general public, as well as events aimed di‑ ly approved by the Internal Evaluation Council rectly at recruiting new students and internati‑ and sent to the National Accreditation Office onal events for foreign researchers. There was due to information duty. Changes in study pro‑ constant communication with students and grammes are a response to suggestions from applicants through social networks and the practice, from students and graduates, and website. The Open Day invitation was sent to also from teachers, and are an integral part of more than 120 secondary schools. FFWS was improving the quality of educational activities. also promoted in the media on an ongoing basis, and several press releases were issued. Science and research Outputs in the media are regularly monitored, promoted, and recorded on the Faculty databa‑ FFWS already has more than 200 sci‑ se of outputs. At the beginning of the semes‑ entific articles on the Web of Science ter, the FFWS Copy Centre (Pavilion of Wood in 2021 (as of 20/11/21). We will tell you the total Sciences, room DP213) opened for students number in the spring Newsletter. What is more, and employees, from Mon – Fri 8:30-11:00 and however, is that many of them have been pub‑ 12:00-14:00. Students can purchase study ma‑ lished in the most prestigious journals. terials and FFWS promotional materials, print, A total of 38 PhD students have been admitted scan, and ring bind documents. In the area of to the academic year 2021/22. By 31 October career counselling, job offers for students and 2021, 24 of them had been enrolled into study. graduates were continuously promoted. These Other students will be enrolled later; these are are mainly offers of full­‑time employment, agre‑ mainly foreign students who are dealing with ements on the performance of work, part‑­time visas and nostrification of previous education. work, or internships in the forestry and wood‑ So far this year, 21 dissertation defences have working field. The benefits section for students taken place (as of 20/11/21) and more are to is continuously updated on the Faculty website. come. From this point of view, it will be a record The scientific research activities of our Facul‑ year. The IGA committee is currently preparing ty are newly promoted to the general public tender documentation for PhD student projects through a  university podcast called Podcast which will be researched from 2022. Faculty ma‑ plný života (Podcast Full of Life). The promoti‑ nagement is also preparing rules for rewards for on of scientific articles in a popular educational NEWSLETTER – 18 – N EWS F R O M FAC U LT Y M A N AG E M E N T

form is provided by the Popularization of Scien‑ conflict with the barrier­‑free solution of the ce association at FFWS. There are also two new corridors). We are currently working on waste promotional videos. The first of them deals with and media distribution so that the constructi‑ environmental education at FFWS, the second on work interferes as little as possible with presents science and research at FFWS. the work of the EXTEMIT team, namely the laboratories in the basement. With regard to Economic the condition of the building and complicati‑ and operational ons during relocation of construction of the management new wing, the schedule has been extended of the Faculty by about a  month. In the area of personnel management, the Department of Wood Pro‑ Nothing significant happened during the se‑ cessing and Biomaterials recruited new assi‑ cond and third quarters in this area. Funds stant professors in the field of construction, were drawn in accordance with the approved design, and wood chemistry. Furthermore, budget. Regarding the ongoing reconstructi‑ from 5 November 2021, a new head of the De‑ on, new amendments for extra work were ad‑ partment of Forestry and Wood Economics, dressed, which concerned the condition and Ing. Roman Dudík, Ph.D., was appointed based height of the floors in individual places and on a selection procedure. classrooms (the heights were different and in NEWSLETTER – 19 – N EWS F R O M FAC U LT Y M A N AG E M E N T

CZU Official Scientific Board On 25 October 2021, the Rector’s Awards were presented for the best publication results of research work from PhD students and employees at the CZU Official Scientific Board. Of the twenty awarded PhD students, four ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT journal) and were from FFWS. They were Jakob Pavlin (Dis‑ Kristýna Šimůnková (Caffeine Perspective turbance history is a  key driver of tree life‑ natural biocide for wood protection against span in temperate primary forests, JOURNAL decaying fungi and termites, JOURNAL OF OF VEGETATION SCIENCE), Ondrej Kameniar CLEANER PRODUCTION). A total of 36 Faculty (Historical natural disturbances shape spru‑ employees were given the Rector’s Award for ce primary forest structure and indirectly publications in journals classified in the first influence bird assemblage composition, FO‑ decile on WoS, and 10 employees for publi‑ REST ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT journal), cation output listed in the Nature index. The Lucia Vélová (Land use diversity and prey presentation of the Rector’s Awards for peda‑ availability structure the bird communities gogical activities also took place; for FFWS, in Norway spruce plantation forests, FOREST doc. Ing. Lukáš Bílek, Ph.D. was a recipient. NEWSLETTER – 20 – CZU OFFICIAL SCIENTIFIC BOARD

Articles in Nature journal In 2021, FFWS employees were in the author’s team claim in their study „Abrupt increase in harvested of two publications which were published in the forest area over Europe after 2015“, published in NA‑ prestigious NATURE journal. The first one was an ar‑ TURE, that after 2016 there was a 69% increase in forest harvesting in Europe. This finding has provo‑ ticle entitled „High above‑ ked heated professional and political debate in Eu‑ ground carbon stock of rope. The response did not take long and scientists African tropical montane from 13 European countries, including FFWS experts, forests“ (prof.  Miroslav questioned the study’s  findings. The response fo‑ Svoboda) about African cused on three aspects of the original study: (i) the mountain forests that correct use of Global Forest Watch (GFW) satellite bind more carbon dioxide data; (ii) the correctness of distinguishing planned than we thought. Howe‑ harvests from natural disturbance; and (iii) the re‑ ver, they are disappearing lationship between potential harvest increase and from the world map at European policies. Unfortunately, initial doubts were a high rate. The results of this scientific article fo‑ confirmed in all three respects. The quality of GFW cusing on carbon sequestration in African mountain data as well as algorithms for assessing changes forests are very significant and surprising. Carbon in forest conditions have improved over time, and sequestration is a key issue in the current debate on especially since 2014 it has been possible to capture climate change. Therefore, information about the hi‑ changes that were not apparent in the previous pe‑ gher ability of African montane forests to sequester riod. The authors of the original study also failed to carbon is very gratifying. According to the study, one correctly distinguish disturbances from intentional hectare of untouched tropical forests in the moun‑ harvesting – the increase in disturbances in recent tains will store approximately 150 tons of carbon, years has therefore been misinterpreted as an incre‑ which is almost 60 more than previously reported. ase in intentional harvesting. In fact, there has been However, the conclusions of the study are also wor‑ some increase in harvesting (around 6%) in recent rying. The authors calculated that, in the Democratic years, but this was related to natural economic cyc‑ Republic of the Congo, Uganda, and Ethiopia in parti‑ les and the recovery of economies after the recessi‑ cular, almost a million hectares of mountain forests on of 2008-2012, not to have been destroyed in the last two decades, relea‑ European policies. This sing more than 450 million tonnes of CO2 back into exchange of opinions is the atmosphere. With the current trend of deforesta‑ a  regrettable event, but tion, Africa faces the loss of another half a million it also shows that scien‑ hectares of these forests within ten years. The se‑ ce has mechanisms in cond article is „Concerns about reported harvests in place to correct various European forests“ (prof. Tomáš Hlásny, prof. Róbert mistakes and find the Marušák), which addresses the controversy over truth, even if it someti‑ the increase in logging in Europe. The authors of the mes can be complicated. Joint Research Centre of the European Commission NEWSLETTER – 21 – ARTICLES IN NATURE JOURNAL

Interesting facts from the departments 1 In autumn 2021, Department of Silviculture, in cooperation with the Thurn­‑Taxis Fo- rest Administration and the Life­‑Terra Foundation, established a research and veri- fication area in the Vintířov site. The following species will be planted and monitored: Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica), Lebanese cedar (Cedrus libani), Douglas Fir (Pseudotsu‑ ga menziesii), and sessile oak (Quercus petraea). The owner’s goal, in cooperation with the Foundation, is to establish a forest that is resistant to expected climate change. 2 In 2020, Department of Silviculture members established 18 pairs of control (fen- ced) and comparison areas in hunting grounds with different hunting management to determine the damage by game at the School Forest Enterprise in Kostelec nad Černými lesy. The monitored areas were selected in stands with different species com‑ position so that they were comparable and therefore relatively homogeneous. The type, number, and distribution of natural regeneration are evaluated on the areas, including damage to it and damage to the herbaceous layer by nibbling. At some sites, differences from the area establishment are already apparent in the first year. 3 Researchers from the Department of Game Management and Wildlife Biology (DGMWB) are able to identify and quantify the different types of behaviour of deer and wild boar marked with new GPS collars. Modern bio‑­logging technology is used for this research, which is based on data from an accelerometer and mag‑ netometer, which are common components of smartphones and watches. 4 DGMWB has three large electromagnetic coils (two in the FFWS building and one in Kostelec nad Černými lesy) in which research is ongoing on magnetoreception foonchuoswedtomgaaininlynoenwvkenrotweblerdagteesa. bTohuerteaanrime aaZa lnjbíumemhaavbvoeisortuiorf great ideas for experiments thanks to the coils. z kateder 5 The DGMWB researchers have cooperated with colleagues at Swansea University and the Naval Academy USA to develop a behavioural model ng facts from of wild boar. The model can •wauhticohmaarteictahlleynreFucLsoDegdn• ize up to seven types of behaviour, Interesti the departem for detailed analysis. •FFWS • ents Za NEWSLETTER – 22 – INTERESTING FACTS

z katederajímavosti – 23 – INTERESTING FACTS NEWSLETTER

What is awaiting us? December FFWS Christmas Concert 6 Dec The 9th FFWS Christmas Concert will take 2021 place on 6 December at 7 p.  m. in Kostel Nejsvětějšího Salvátora. During the concert, January a painting entitled „Nature in the Forest“ will be exhibited, which was bought by our Faculty 2022 from DUHA, which cooperates with adults with mental disabilities. The concert will take NEWSLETTER place in strict compliance with all currently valid government measures against Covid‑19 spread. To allow you all to experience the beautiful atmosphere of the approaching Christmas, while remaining in the maximum safety and comfort of your home, we have decided to broadcast this concert online on our Faculty YouTube channel. FFWS Hunt 9 Dec On Thursday, 9 December, there will be a joint wild boar hunt in the hunting ground of the School Forest Enterprise in Kostelec nad Čer‑ nými lesy. A few hours spent in the beautiful forests of the School Forest Enterprise will make us slow down and gain new energy and strength for the near future. The hunt will take place under appropriate se‑ curity measures, which we successfully tes‑ ted last year. For this reason, all refreshments will be prepared in the courtyard of the castle and the planned evening event with music will not happen. Film screening with a discussion 19 Jan On Wednesday, 19 January, from 6 pm, a film entitled Lesy zdravé i výnosné (Healthy and profitable Forests) will be screened in the FFWS Pavilion of Wood Sciences, followed by a discussion with interesting guests. Open Days 21–22 Jan On Friday and Saturday 21‑22 January, our Faculty will host Open Days for those inte‑ rested in studying. – 24 – WHAT IS AWAITING US?

Film screening with a discussion 19 January / 6 p.m. Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague Kamýcká 1176 165 00 Praha-Suchdol FFWS Pavilion of Wood Sciences, room DP201 Catering provided. A long way to Suchdol? Event programme Never mind, you can ∙ Presentation of the film’s protagonists watch the event live on the Faculty and discussion participants You Tube channel (FLDvPraze). ∙ Film screening ∙ Discussion on the film The following will participate in ∙ Debate, answers to questions a discussion after the screening from event participantse (in Czech language) ∙ Tour of FFWS CZU laboratories ∙ prof. Ing. Marek Turčáni, PhD. (Faculty of Forestry and collections and Wood Sciences Prague) ∙ Mgr. Jiří Hulcr, Ph.D. et Ph.D. (University of Florida) ∙ doc. Dr. Ing. Tomáš Vrška (Mendel University Brno) ∙ Constantin Kinský (Kinský Žďár, a.s.) ∙ Ing. Roman Modlinger, Ph.D. (Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences Prague) NEWSLETTER – 25 – WHAT IS AWAITING US?

Did you know… 1 …FFWS, with Capital City of Prague financial support, has prepared a video on environmental education, which was shown on 7 October 2021 to the participants of the online conference of the European Forestry Institute? The video is also available on the FFWS English Youtube channel. 2 …in the second half of October, selection procedures were held for young researchers who, in addition to their study duties, work at departments as part of their research activities? The student selection committee included the Vice­‑dean for Education and the Head of Department/workplace or their deputy. A total of 63 students applied for the position, 11 were eliminated in the first round due to poor study results, and 30 students were accepted. NEWSLETTER – 26 – DID YOU KNOW…

3 4 …a total of 861 bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD students were enrolled in study in 2021? …a questionnaire survey was conducted with 5 first­‑year students, within which we obtained answers from 412 bachelor’s students and 98 master’s students? More than 63% of respondents from among bachelor’s students answered that they applied only to FFWS. Almost 91% of respondents from master’s degree programmes stated that they had completed a bachelor’s  degree programme at FFWS. …on average, FFWS provides 249 subjects per semester, of which 67% (166) end with an exam? NEWSLETTER – 27 – DID YOU KNOW…

Did you know… 6 …on average, 75% of students pass the exams at the first attempt? 7 …only 2% of the total number of enrolled students use the third date for the exam; that is 3% of the total number of studentsin the exams? NEWSLETTER – 28 – DID YOU KNOW…

8 9 …23 students received a merit scholarship to the amount of CZK …67 FFWS students participated in the Adjunktem na léto project 7,000 (study average up to 1.2), 18 students to the amount of for the summer, organized by Forests of the Czech CZK 3,500 (study average Republic? up to 1.5)? 10 …students can go on an internship even after graduation and get a CZU scholarship? Students can do this within 12 months of graduation, and they can apply at any time during the year. NEWSLETTER – 29 – DID YOU KNOW…

We invite you to CHRISTMAS CONCERT of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences 6 December 2021 7 p.m Christmas music by FFWS employees and students Kostel Nejsvětějšího Salvátora Křížovnické náměstí, Praha 1 The concert will take place in strict compliance with all currently valid government measures against Covid-19 spread. TOHENCLOINNCEERTONWTILHLEBFEFBWRSOYAODUCTAUSBTE CHANNEL

Issued by Marketing Department, FFWS CZU Prague, December 2021

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