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Aloha College Leaflet - English

Published by Esther Duernberger, 2020-02-12 06:13:03

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CURRICULUM CLASS DISTRIBUTION At Aloha College we teach the English National Curri- From Year 5 upwards children are “set” for English, culum until the age of 16, when the children take their Maths and Spanish (plus Science in Secondary) so we IGCSE examinations with the Cambridge International can accommodate children in 3 or 4 different ability Board. For the last 2, pre-university years, we offer the levels. Children are regularly assessed to make sure they International Baccalaureate Programme (since 1990) are reaching their targets and working to the best of their and the A levels (since 2012). This opens doors for our ability. There is still plenty of time for fun, though, as students at prestigious universities in the UK, Spain, the first thing we must achieve is that children come to rest of Europe, and North America. school happily, which they do. ASSESSMENTS In Primary school children are regularly assessed from entry, so we can be sure they are covering the curricu- lum to the very best of their ability. In Secondary school children are tested throughout the year with written PCT’s, while the end-of-year GL assess- ments show their progress since the previous year, and the online CAT’s show their potential for their future external examinations. CLASS SIZE AND TEACHING From Year 1 upwards we have a 3-form intake, i.e. a maximum of 60 children in 3 classes. In Secondary we have a maximum of 80 children in 4 classes. We are a not-for-profit-making Foundation, and our statutes do not allow us to have more than 20 children in a class, although in practice the average is 17-18. (In the IB clas- ses there is a maximum of 14/15 and an average of 10). All the children’s classes are in English, although they have 1 lesson a day of Spanish Language and one or 2 a week of Spanish Culture. From Year 7 the children are offered either French or German Modern Foreign Language.

SCHOOL DAY & CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES School starts at 9 am and finishes at 15.50, except for those days when the children have after-school activi- ties until 17.00 (and later if they have League football or basketball). There is also a breakfast club from 8.15. In the activities programme we offer creative, sporting and academic activities, most of which involve no extra cost for parents as they are given by our own teaching staff. There are additional activities on offer such as tuition in 11 instruments, Taekwondo, flamenco and Chess, for example, which do involve a modest cost for parents. SPORTS Sports facilities which include 2 basketball pitches; a  2.650 sq m Astroturf; and our Sports and Arts Hall offering 3,350 sq m of playing space mean our students can learn, practise and perfect a tremendous variety of sports, such as football, basketball, hockey, trampoline, handball, volleyball, cricket, rounders, athletics, rugby, badminton, gymnastics, table tennis, fitness, dance and ski for IGCSE. We are thus well prepared to compete against other international schools in many of these events, and the Marbella Town Hall games also offer competitions in cross country, orienteering, and beach volleyball. British International Education 3-18 Years Not-for-profit Educational Foundation

TECHNOLOGY and a charity to build a school in Africa. The Interact committee, run by students, raised nearly 7,000 euros Apart from the iPads, laptops and PC’s which children last year for local and international charities. Each year use from Nursery, Chromebooks are assigned to every we have a Student, Alumni and Parent choice of cha- pupil in Secondary. Computer Science can now be stu- rity. Through different learning activities the children died at IGCSE, ITGS at IB and Coding in the Co-Cu- are made aware of the importance of solidarity with rricular activities programme. the rest of the world. 2 years ago Aloha College became the first Eco School on the coast, and the students are NATIONALITIES instrumental in implementing the vital changes in an effort to save our environment. We have 57 nationalities in Aloha College, over half the school population being made up of UK and Spanish. NOT-FOR-PROFIT OPEN DOORS TO PARENTS Our Foundation status means that all surplus is reinves- ted in the school: there is no owner who takes away part Each week in Primary we celebrate the children’s achie- of the profits. These are entirely dedicated to improving vements in an assembly – they are congratulated not the facilities and resources for the children. The not- only for their academic progress but also for their acts for-profit ethos has been an integral part of the school of kindness towards their colleagues or for being ambas- since it was first established in 1982. sadors of Aloha outside school. Parents are invited. SECURITY, HEALTH AND SAFETY In Primary School we have regular “Stay and Play” Days where parents come and join in with their children to We have a permanent security guard in the main make something (for first-time parents help with the entrance and an additional one at the bottom entrance in Easter bonnet is always useful!) Then we have Works- the afternoon. In the main building there are 2 key-pa- hops for Maths, English and Spanish so parents can dded security doors which block entry to the classrooms find out about, and witness, how these subjects are tau- once the school day has started. ght. In Secondary School parents are invited to some assemblies, the Science Club week and Art Exhibitions. We have a qualified nurse who attends to injuries or illnesses that occur during school hours and adminis- THE WIDER WORLD ters medication. The school has an emergency service contract with Helicopteros Sanitarios, a medical centre Aloha College children are made aware from a very located within a short distance from the school which young age that there are people less fortunate than them- operates during all school hours. Through Aloha Colle- selves. Last year we collected money for Save the Chil- ge’s medical insurance the school has an agreement with dren, Cáritas, Crece, Debra, Triple A, Healthy Minds, the best clinics in the area.

MOST IMPORTANT ASSET FURTHER INFO Our most important asset are our children, as you will Further information is available on our website, but see if you visit the school. And they make up our peace- please do not hesitate to contact the Registrar with any ful Aloha community where over 57 nationalities with further queries you may have at https://aloha-college. their own religions, traditions and characteristics learn com/en/admissions/ about and respect each other. What better environment to prepare children to be tolerant, forward-thinking, You can also follow the exciting activities that are part valuable members of society? of daily Aloha College Marbella’s life through social media @alohacollege LUNCHES & BUSES Children have a hot lunch in school, although they may bring packed lunch if they prefer. We give Primary chil- dren fruit or milk in the morning and afternoon breaks. There is a bus from Estepona to the west and Fuengirola to the east, and bus monitors look after the children. EXAM RESULTS / June 2019 IGCSE (16-year-olds): Over 90% of our June 2019 IGCSE cohort achieved A*- C grades and 43% achie- ved all A/A*. International Baccalaureate Diploma (18-year-olds): 2 students achieved 40 points, the highest being 45. The average score was 33, way above the world average. All our students look forward to a career in one of the best universities in the world, in Medicine, Enginee- ring, Computer Science, and many others. INSPECTION The Independent Schools Inspectorate main findings were: “An outstandingly caring, supportive ethos engenders a highly empowering learning environment, which enables the school to fulfil its challenging aims”. “The pupils achieve excellent levels of personal deve- lopment, feeling secure and valued within the friendly, mutually trustful environment that prevails throu- ghout the school.” “The supportive insight and financial acumen of the school’s governors have been key factors in its suc- cess.” We are to be inspected again in March 2020. British International Education 3-18 Years Not-for-profit Educational Foundation

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