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Published by Serene Evseeva, 2019-12-03 00:36:10

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我给 一 份 送 信 您 任 一 身 康健

公 康乐养生馆成立于2018年7月28日。起名为康乐 Kang Le Beauty was established on July 28, 2018. The 的初心,是为了帮助大家变得更健康和快乐之余, Initial heart of given this name is to help everyone 也能变得更美丽与自信。 become more healthy and happy, but also to live more 随着科技的迅速发展,导致现代人处于工作紧张 beautiful and confident from the inside out 司 产生身心疲劳的病态。如今大家的生活习惯也 都离不开空凋,喝冷饮,熬夜等。导致身体的能 With the rapid development of science and technology, 量也慢慢的无形被消耗;并开始出现疲倦,身体酸 modern people are lead to in a state of physical and mental fatigue. Nowadays, everyone's living habits are 简 痛,这也往往导致了身体亮起了红灯。 also inseparable from air conditioners, drinking cold 欣慰的是,现代人不但追求美丽以外,也开始慢慢 water, staying up late and so on. As a result, the body's 介 注重养生调理。康乐养生馆不仅推崇传统的手 法以外,还结合了“能量养生的理念”,为迎合现 energy is also slowly and invisibly consumed, and 代人所崇尚的“力”与“美”的追求。并且,能 tiredness and soreness begin to appear, which often 够帮助大家从里到外的保养身体健康。 causes the body turned on a red alert. 康乐养生馆的特色在于全程护理主要都以能量 The good news is that modern people not only pursue in 疗法做护理,其中也借着工具和手法让护理的过 beauty, but also begin to pay attention to health 程感觉更舒服。为此,更能达到能量健康养身的 conditioning. Kang Le Beauty not only promotes 效果。 traditional methods, but also combines the concept of “energy conservation” to meet the pursuit of “power” 养生---所谓生就是生命,所谓养既是保养,调 and “beauty” advocated by modern people. And, it can 养,补养之意。 help to maintain health from the inside out. Laeng换而言之,养生就是保养生命的意思。 Kang Le Beauty features a full range of treatments that are based on energy therapy, and the tools and techniques make the care process more comfortable. In order to better achieve the effect of energy health. Health care is the meaning of life, maintenance, recuperation and nourishment. In other words, health is the meaning of maintaining life. 01

给我一份 信任 送您一身 健康 A trust that gives you a healthy body 02

中式 传 统 护 底传从数 的统而百 极护改年 理 面部刮痧护理 致疗善来 FACIAL SCRAPING TREATMENT 放,新, 松将陈推 (75 Minutes) RM 108 。让代拿 您谢这 面部刮痧能起到排毒养颜,加速我们面部的新陈 重并一 代 谢 、疏 通 经 络 、畅 通 气 血 、深 层 排 除 面 部 毒 素 、 返增按 促 进 血 液 循 环 、美 白 淡 斑 、提 升 面 部 轮 廓 、使 皮 肤 身强摩 从内到外紧实红润通透有光泽。为改善面部肤色 心身手 不均、皮肤灰暗、面部松弛、黑眼圈。 合体法 一活被 Facial scraping can achieve the effect of 的力用 detoxification and beauty of our face, and can 谐。于 accelerate our facial metabolism. It also help to 调这调 clear the meridians, smoothen the vitality of blood 境一理 flow, deeply remove facial toxins, promote blood 界极体 circulation, Whitens skin spots, improves facial ,为内 contours, and makes skin firm, rosy, translucent and 享有之 shiny from the inside out. To improve uneven skin 受效气 tone, dark skin, loose face, and dark circles. 彻的, 03

全身经络排毒 子宫清浊护理 眼部护理 SYSTEMIC MERIDIAN DETOXIFICATION UTERINE CLEARING TREATMENT EYE DETOXIFICATION CARE (60 Minutes) RM 98 / (90 Minutes) RM 128 (105 Minutes) RM168 45 Minutes) RM68 通过全身经络刮痧,能促进排毒,血液循环,活血 拥有健康的子宫对于一个女性来说至关重要,如 眼 部 护 理 的 功 效 助 于 缓 解 眼 部 疲 劳 、舒 解 压 力 、 化瘀,疏通经络,刮痧后能使紧绷的肌肉得到放松 今 现 代 人 都 爱 吃 生 冷 、熬 夜 、穿 着 单 薄 不 良 习 惯 促 进 睡 眠 、淡 化 黑 眼 圈 、缓 解 眼 涩 、预 防 近 视 、活 。针对长期因使用电脑和手机而疲惫的人群,或 会对子宫的健康造成极大的威胁,子宫清浊护理 血红润和起到养眼的功效。 者因为姿势不对,拿重的东西导致肩颈僵硬酸痛, 能 促 进 活 血 化 瘀 、温 经 散 寒 、保 养 卵 巢 、淡 化 妊 辰 腰酸,关节疼痛者。也可去除手脚冰冷,消化不良 纹、调理肠胃及紧致肌肤等。 Eye Care efficacy help alleviate eye fatigue, relieve ,易胃涨,手脚麻痹,月经不规律或疼痛和失眠易 stress, promote sleep, dark circles, relieve 醒等症状。 Having a healthy uterus is essential for a woman. astringency, prevent myopia, promote blood Nowadays, people like to eat cold food and drinks, circulation, and improve eyesight. Through the meridian scraping of the whole body, it stay up all night and wear thin clothes. These bad can promote detoxification, blood circulation, habits will pose a great threat to the health of the promote blood circulation and clear blood stasis, uterus. Nursing care of the uterus can promote dredge the meridians, and relax the tight muscles blood circulation and remove blood stasis, warming after scraping. For people who have been physically and dispersing cold, maintaining the ovaries, and mentally tired for a long time due to the use of diminishing pregnancy marks, conditioning the computers and mobile phones, or because of stomach, and firming the skin. improper posture, holding heavy objects, causing stiff shoulders and neck pain, backache, and joint pain Can also remove cold hands and feet, indigestion, stomach upset, hands and feet paralysis, irregular menstruation or pain, insomnia, easy to wake up and other symptoms. 04

深层护理 基层护理 ESSENTIAL FACIAL ESSENTIAL (60 Minutes) RM 98 表面清洁,去角质,快速萃取和入肤。这个护理 净化护理 非常适合为繁忙的人群快速清理肌肤。 PURIFYING FACIAL Surface Cleansing, Exfoliating, quick extraction and (75 Minutes) RM 158 Mask. This treatment gets the job done for people on the run. 适用于情况较轻的皮肤问题,一旦出现,必须立即 保湿护理 进行治疗。 HYDRATING FACIAL 软 化 充 血 的 皮 肤 、去 除 水 垢 、并 轻 松 去 除 纤 毛 、黑 (75 Minutes) RM 188 头 和 白 头 。 面 部 护 理 包 括 深 层 清 洁 、爽 肤 、去 角 质 、然 后 进 行 提 取 、面 部 按 摩 、面 膜 以 提 供 更 深 层 这 种 补 水 作 用 可 以 有 效 地 舒 缓 面 部 、减 少 皮 肤 的 的清洁效果,使皮肤肤色变得平滑和清晰。 紧 绷 感 、保 持 皮 肤 水 分 、为 保 持 年 轻 的 皮 肤 并 增 添 光 彩 。 此 面 部 护 理 包 括 深 层 清 洁 、爽 肤 、去 角 It cares for skin who normally has minor conditions 质 、面 部 按 摩 。 面 膜 可 促 进 表 皮 的 变 化 , 并 立 即 恢 that must be treated as soon as they appear. 复及保湿肌肤的水分水平。 Soften congested skin, descale and ease the This hydration boosts facial effectively soothes and removal of milia, blackhead and whitehead. A facial reduces skin tightness, maintaining skin hydration includes a deep cleansing, toning, exfoliation and to have an exceptional glow for teen skin. A facial follow with extraction, facial massage, a masque to includes a deep cleansing, toning, exfoliation and giving more deep cleaning effects, smooth and clear follow with extraction, facial massage, a masque skin complexion. promotes changes in the epidermis and immediately restore skin hydration level. 05

西式 专 业 护 并充肤定 有皮注时 效肤入洁 理 地所新净 帮需活和 助的力进 肌水。行 肤分并深 保来让层 持维肌保 最持肤湿 佳滋状护 健润态理 康舒保能 状缓持够 态的平重 。效衡新 果,为 ,补肌 06

中层护理 抗痘护理 ADVANCE ACNE RECOVERY FACIAL (90 Minutes) RM 138 此面部护理特别用于治疗和预防油性痤疮 This facial is especially for treating and preventing the proliferation of 皮肤外观上的瑕疵和杂质扩散。面部护理 blemishes and impurities affecting the appearance of oily acne skin. 包括深层清洁、爽肤、去角质然后拔除、 Facilitate to normalize sebaceous secretions and soften the appearance of 面部按摩、重新平衡和深层清洁皮肤的面 the blemishes. A facial includes a deep cleansing, toning, exfoliation and 膜;保护脂质而不使皮肤油腻或油亮。 follow with extraction, facial massage, a masque to rebalance and deep cleanse the skin; protecting lipids without leaving the skin oily or shiny. 修护抗敏护理 ADVANCE SENSITIVE RECOVERY FACIAL (90 Minutes) RM 218 与Aquatherm系列产品结合使用,这些产品 Combination with Aquatherm range made from plant extracts and thermal 由植物提取物和热水制成。这款面部护理 water. This facial includes a deep cleansing, toning, soft peeling follow with light extraction, massage with Anti Redness Hydra Concentrates or with 包括深层清洁、爽肤、用光提取并柔和剥 Meso machine. A gel mask in the form of cellulose veil, particularly beneficial for sensitive skin with couperose. Formulated with active 离,使用抗红润保湿精华或Meso机按摩。纤 ingredients that improve drainage and soften imperfections (veins and 维素面纱形式的凝胶面膜,特别适用于带有 couperose). Helps revitalize tissues, refreshes, moisturizes and protects red 库珀糖的敏感肌肤。含有有效成分的配方, or congested skin. 可改善排水并软化瑕疵(静脉和古朴糖)。帮 助振兴细胞组织,滋润并保护充血的皮肤。 07

细 心 遇呵 见护 最肌 美肤 的 自 己 08

深层护理 舒缓/平衡护理 深层保湿护理 POWER Aquatherm Recovery O2 Treatment HYDRO-DYNAMIC TREATMENT TRULY ALLEVIATES SENSITIVE 抗氧化美白护理 & REACTIVE SKIN (105 Minutes) RM 318 POWER C + ANTIOX BRIGHTENING TREATMENT (105 Minutes) RM 318 天然皮肤水动力疗法,将不同分子量的透明质酸 与水通道蛋白致动器结合在一起,水通道蛋白致 (105 Minutes) RM 318 增氧,增加氧气含量可促进受损组织的快速愈合, 动器负责将水输送到细胞心脏的蛋白质。两极分 并有助于减少疤痕。重新平衡敏感皮肤。提升肌 化的水,可以允许在细胞大吸水率相结合。 维生素C是皮肤病学中最有价值的活性成分之一 肤吸收力,因此恢复受缺乏呼吸影响的细胞组织 ,因为它对皮肤具有多种益处。专业治疗旨在照 。刷新,滋润和缓解皮肤发红或充血。除此之外, 在“三个维度”中创建了完整的皮肤保湿功能: 亮皮肤,使皮肤明显年轻。强光效果治疗和持续 它还可以促进皮肤紧致,抵抗自由基并提供完美 1.浅表性维度 - 角质层 渗入的抗氧化剂,还可以刺激皮肤的新陈代谢和 的抗衰老皮肤解决方案。 2.中间维度 - 皮肤最深层 胶原蛋白的形成。 3.深度维度-细胞 Vitamin C is one of the most valued active Oxygen Boosting, increased oxygen levels promote ingredients in dermatology, due to its multiple the rapid healing of damaged tissue and help 立即使您的皮肤饱满,并达到最佳保湿水平,填 benefits to the skin. Professional treatment reduce scarring. Rebalance sensitive skins. Improve 补您的细纹和皱纹。 designed to illuminate the skin, leaving it visibly skin absorption and therefore to revive the tissues younger. Intensive lights effect treatment & affected by the cellular respiration deficiency. The natural skin hydrodynamics treatment which relentless anti-oxidants, it also stimulates the skin’s Refreshes, moisturizes and alleviates reddened or combines hyaluronic acid of different molecular metabolism and the formation of collagen. congested skins. Besides that, it also promotes skin weights with an aquaporins actuator, the proteins in firmness, against free radicals and providing the charge of transporting the water to the heart of the perfect anti-aging skin solution. cell. It’s combined with the polarize water, which can allow greater water absorption in the cell. Created Complete skin hydration in ‘Three dimensions’ : 1. Superficial Dimension - Corneous Layer 2. Middle Dimension - The deepest layers of the skin 3. Deep Dimension - The cell Give your skin instantly plum up and optimum hydration level to fill your fine lines and wrinkles. 09

快速恢复完美无瑕,年轻肌肤 Power Retinol Intensive Repairing Professional Program QUICKEST WAY TO HAVE A FLAWLESS AND YOUNGER SKIN (60 Minutes) RM 380 视黄醇是一种强大的皮肤护理产品系列,可诱导 胶原蛋白合成,使其成为现有最强的抗皱剂之一 基于三种活性成分(纯视黄醇,补骨脂酚,HS大 豆提取物)的协同作用的新视黄醇配方,可通过 专业组合获得具有最大稳定性的独特复合物。 它的任务是通过增加真皮深层的细胞更新来完成 修复肌肤因反复暴露于紫外线而引起的细胞损伤 。也有效地使您的皮肤更紧致,紧致和无瑕疵。 Retinol is a powerful skin care line that induces collagen synthesis, making it one of the strongest anti-wrinkle agents available. A new formula of Retinol based on the synergy of three active ingredients (Pure Retinol, Bakuchiol, HS Soy Extract) that are expertly combined to obtain a unique complex with maximum stabilities. Its mission work by increasing cell turnover deep within the dermis. Repairing the cellular damage caused by repeated exposure to UV light. To effectively give your skin tighter, firmer and blemishes free. 10

+6010 - 790 7988 KANG LE Beauty 康乐养生馆 No.51, Jalan Mutiara 1/7, Taman Mutiara Mas, 81300 Skudai, Johor.

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