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Magic From North July 2017

Published by jeevanthanal, 2017-07-01 13:07:06

Description: Magic From North July 2017

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 MAGIC FROM NORTH JULY 2017 ISSUE 2 Editor in Chief & Design Jeevan U Thayannur Managing Editor Vishnu Suresh Finance& Content Management  Akhila Muralidhar Associate Editor Sneha Dineshan Assistant Editor Harida Supported by  Arun Upendra DPM Kasaragod,ASAP Kerala  Cover Photograph by Varun AduthilaGET IN TOUCH : [email protected] FIND US ONLINE: Notice: The publisher, editor, and contributors accept no responsibility in respect of any omissions or errors relating to goods,products or services referred to or advertised in the magazine. Except where otherwise noted, content in this magazine is licensedunder copyright law. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of stock images used which are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Commercial- ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0).


COMMENT FROM THE EDITOR IN CHIEF Indeed it's a revolutionary initiative We have for you, a wide range of Articles,from the vibrant youngsters of Kasaragod to Current Affairs,Travel narratives,release a monthly magazine named MAGIC Photography, Food Recipes, Reviews ,etc.FROM NORTH. As the name suggests it will and some interviews with inspirationalbe a magical experience in reading. dignitaries. Magic from North is to be viewedNowadays Magazines and journals have a lot not only as a launch pad for the creativeto communicate with people.But the content urges to blossom naturally but to entertainof most magazine includes negative things our readers with optimistic thoughts.You canto discuss with people. Even social media expect the same with varieties of articles ondoes the same. Let us stir our rotten mindset all months.towards them.This is a time of greatchanges. All these writings, i believe would Thank you for being a part of this pathspur the higher growth and enterprises in breaking move.readers.This humble initiative is to set thebudding minds free allowing them to roam JEEVAN U. THAYANNURfree in the realm of imagination and create a EDITOR-IN-CHIEFnew world of beauty with words. It's just abeginning from a group of energetic andoptimistic young people of Kasaragod.

specialRAMZAN FASTING ANDEID CELEBRATIONS BY MUHAMMAD RASHID, PROGRAMME MANAGER, ASAP KERALAVisit Kerala on the eve of Eid ul fitr, the mood of EID AL- \"FEAST OF BREAKING OF 05devotion in the air will make you spellbound. The THE FASTfestival is celebrated to mark the end of Ramadan, the JULY 2017 | ISSUE 02Islamic holy month of fasting. On the day of Id, the celebrates the conclusion of the 29 or 30 days of dawn-faithful attend special group prayers held in mosques to-sunset fasting during the entire month of Ramadan.and large grounds. Following this, people embrace each The day of Eid, therefore, falls on the first day of theother, greeting 'Id Mubarak', conveying the spirit of month of Shawwal. The date for the start of any lunarlove, peace and co-operation. The spirit of festivity Hijri month varies based on the observation of newgoes high in the wearing of new clothes and visiting the moon by local religious authorities, so the exact day ofhomes of friends and relatives. To the special feast of celebration varies by locality.the day, members from the other communities are The advantages of this form of fasting helps ininvited. strengthening and increasing moral character, appreciating the everyday blessings of food andEid al- \"feast of breaking of the fast\" is an important beverages, and sympathizing with the person who arereligious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that less fortunate or underprivileged. In the social sensemarks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of people celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr by visiting to relatives andfasting, refraining from beverages, foods, assisting the neighbour homes and exchanging warm greetings likeunderprivileged and engaging in some kind of ‘Eid Mubarak’. community services. The religious Eid is the first andonly day in the month of Shawwal during whichMuslims are not permitted to fast. The holiday 05

In India, all communities join the Muslims in celebrating Eid. Sweets are shared and greetings exchanged by all. The Hindus, Sikhs and Christians greet their Muslim brothers on this day. The celebration of Eid promotes national integration and the feeling of brotherhood. Joys are doubled when they are shared. Eid brings a message of brotherhood for all of us. It is a festival of love and goodwill. It gives us a message to love all and hate none. It teaches us to embrace all men as brothers. Separated lovers hope to meet on this day. It exhorts us to bid goodbye to hatred, jealousy and enmity and bring in an era of love, sympathy and brotherhood. “May Eid-ul-fitr bless us all with a renewed spirit of love and oneness through its unmatched message of self-discipline, sacrifice and charity.The exchange of such kind of FITR ZAKATH 06greetings is part of cultural tradition Anyone who has experienced the pangs ofand not the religious obligation. hunger while fasting must sympathy with the JULY 2017 | ISSUE 02RAMZAN fasting poor and with homeless refugees to whomRamadan is the ninth month of the hunger is a common experience. During theIslamic calendar, when Muslims fast fasting month it is common express thisduring daylight hours.Ramadan is the sympathy by giving out food as and when oneninth month of the Islamic calendar can afford it, and this practice is encourage atand as with all months in the Islamic any tie of the year as an important act ofcalendar, its start is based on the charity. The act of giving food to those in needsighting of the new moon. The month is made compulsory at the end of the fastingof Ramadan is a period of fasting, month when Zakatul-Fitr is to given out onsacrifice, giving, piousness and self- behalf of every member of the family of thosetraining with the hope that these who have the mean.qualities will extend beyond this Every adult Muslim who possesses food inmonth and stay with us throughout excess of his needs and those of his family mustthe year. Indeed, the essence of fasting pay Zakat al Fitr. If the person is a breadwinner,in Ramadan is spiritual. Nevertheless, he should also pay Zakat al Fitr for histhis holy month also offers a number dependents, such as his wife, children, relativesof benefits for both the mind and or servants. Zakat al Fitr can be paid a few daysbody. Ramadan is a month where before the end of Ramadan. It is preferable tobelievers learn to exercise self-control. pay it just before Eid prayer (first thing in theA major facet of this is the abstinence morning) so that the poor can enjoy the Eid.from food and drink that is prescribedto all healthy Muslims during thehours of sunrise to sunset.06

07 One of the major initiatives launched as a part of Skill JULY 2017 | ISSUE 02THE SKILL India campaign which is less discussed about is theLOAN Skill Loan Scheme. The scheme was launched on 15th July, 2015 by the Hon’ble Prime Minister along with the National Skill Development Mission, National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship 2015 and Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY). The scheme was aimed in enabling theSCHEME youth who wish to pursue any skill training to overcome the barrier of Lack of Financial Support. The scheme aimed to provide Skill Loans to 34 lakhs students within a period of 5 years. Even though it had the potential to improve the number of youth going for Skill Training, lack of awareness about the scheme resulted in less takers for these loans.By  Arun PrabhakarSenior Programme Manager - Research, ASAPKerala MAGIC FROM NORTH

THE SCHEMEThe Skill Loan Scheme was introduced by replacing The Skill Loan Scheme was introduced by replacing the 08the earlier Indian Banks Association (IBA) Model Loan earlier Indian Banks Association (IBA) Model LoanScheme for Vocational Education and the first bank to Scheme for Vocational Education and the first bank to JULY 2017 | ISSUE 02offer the Skill loan was Bank of India under the name offer the Skill loan was Bank of India under the namePradhan Mantri Kaushal Rin Yojna. The scheme got Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Rin Yojna. The scheme gotgood support from the Indian Banks Association (IBA) good support from the Indian Banks Association (IBA)and now almost all banks are providing Skill loans. The and now almost all banks are providing Skill loans. Theloan can be availed by any Indian National who has loan can be availed by any Indian National who hassecured admission in a course run by Industrial secured admission in a course run by Industrial TrainingTraining Institutes (ITIs), Polytechnics or in a school Institutes (ITIs), Polytechnics or in a school recognisedrecognized by Central or State education Boards or in by Central or State education Boards or in a collegea college affiliated to recognized university, training affiliated to recognised university, training partnerspartners affiliated to National Skill Development affiliated to National Skill Development CorporationCorporation (NSDC) Sector Skill Councils, State Skill (NSDC) Sector Skill Councils, State Skill Mission, StateMission, State Skill Corporation etc. These loans are Skill Corporation etc. These loans are only granted toonly granted to students who pursue courses as per students who pursue courses as per the National Skillthe National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) and Qualification Framework (NSQF) and the amount ofthe amount of loan vary from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 150, loan vary from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 150, 000/- depending000/- depending on NSQF Level of the course. Along on NSQF Level of the course. Along with the tuitionswith the tuition fees or course fee any other fees or course fee any other reasonable expenditurereasonable expenditure found necessary for found necessary for completion of the course includingcompletion of the course including but not limited to but not limited to assessment fee, Examination fee,assessment fee, Examination fee, Library charges, Library charges, Laboratory fee, Caution deposit,Laboratory fee, Caution deposit, Purchase of books, Purchase of books, equipment's and instruments will beequipment's and instruments will be considered under considered under the scheme.the scheme.The Major Skill Loan Schemes by Banks are as Follows...Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Rin Yojna – Bank of IndiaUnited Kaushal Rin Yojana – United Bank of IndiaBaroda Education Loan for Vocational Education & Training - Bank of BarodaCent Skill Loan – Central Bank of IndiaSkill Loan Scheme – South Indian BankSBI Skill Loan Scheme – State Bank of IndiaSkill Loan Scheme – Corporation BankIBA Model Skill Loan Scheme – Vijaya BankSkill Development Loan – Tamilnad Mercantile BankSkill Loan Scheme – Allahabad BankLow economic status and limited access to finance, which often is the problem in rural areas that prevents the youthfrom enrolling to Skill Training even though they are interested. The Skill Loan is the remedy for that it is suchScheme that can act as catalyst for attaining the goal of training 400 million people in India by 2022 thus by makingIndia the Skill capital of the World. MAGIC FROM NORTH

09INTERNSHIP JULY 2017 | ISSUE 02EXPERIENCE BY SHABNAM, ASAP STUDENT, SDC KASARAGODInternship?? Wow!! At kochi? Yeayy! Before I was like \"No expectation noBut what? My momma wouldn't let her sweetie pie disappointment\" reminding myself that she neverleave alone and this girl never gonna tell her made me step out of my comfort zone alonemomma about this seldom gift in hand she has. hitherto, and I could never imagine her leaving meThe thing is simple that I, myself kinda hate living to a city around 400kms away.without my mom. That's the time I knew how good procastination is.But this time, deep down in my heart, I couldn't By the time we reached the meeting venue, It hashelp myself from making this wish come true. already been dispersed.Thank God, atleast she has agreed to come for this So we planned to get into the ASAP office to meetspecial meeting arranged for internship students. Mr. Rashid(PM). Thanks to him and Prabhin sir whoAs far as I know, my teachers got this Gift of the got the hit on point.gab, that they know how to make one undertsand And thats how me aisu,seppi, jec and other 15complex things and keep their minds serene, ASAPians  boarded from kasaragod to the queenofcourse with their words. of arabian sea \"Kochi\"on 21st may.It was only then, I knew It wasn't that hard job After a pleasant fun-filled journey we reachedhandling my mom. there with full enthusiasm.

All the arrangements were A new experience.. no oneready, including a hostel for of us really knew what toour accomodation. do in that placeRashid sir guaranteed the eventhough we packed towarden that he has kochi.But we werenothing to  worry for his courageous enough to dochildren are good & anything the companymatured enough.\" wants us to do. So with all the courage andSorry sir for proving you enthusiasm we steppedwrong on the very next day into AITIA on 22nd may.Myitself. chums got appointed toThe warden was a bit idea custmer servce.Well, istubborn that we have  to must say its the god's graceengage in fights that we speak \"kasrod\"manytimes. malayalam so we wereSometime it was for bed or selected to the team ofit was for water. Manu M Varghese; theWe the girl who never coolest guy of AITIA withtouched veggies had to eat load of tension.Manuetta.. A cute face of Carmel tresa is the firstveggies three times a day your laugh is unique. We thing that flashes in my mind when Ito fill her tummy. will miss it. To be frank we remember of office.You were aEventhough the curries would be happy if we teacher,sister,care taker,best friend andhad never experienced the could work for you in everything..❤ you made us feel home at 10taste of salt, it made the future. You never puts AITIA. Sidharth C Nair comedy tree.. littlefeast!! pressure on your team and brother��Its so nice to hear you callingOh sorry.. in the middle of takes it all alone.But please me sebu..and officers aisu..Be a good boy JULY 2017 | ISSUE 02praising hostel I forgot to stop taking too much on always. Hope you got my point��!mention AITIA Infotech Pvt yourself.We care for you. Abhilash V K someone who blathers alot!Ltd.Our first office!! May be because of work pressure.. but we used to moke you.. we're sooriieee! That was just for fun.. I will miss you calling\"Shabnam.. aa ICRM onn edthe\".�� Magdaline chechi.. you are a minion ��I N T E R N S H I P yourexpressionsarejustcute..we appreciate your sincerity and dedication..we will miss the moments spent with you all..?? WOW!! 20 days with carmelechi, manuettan,nifana,amalu, ganga,sidhu, abhilashettan.. was really precious days ofAT KOCHI? our life. I will  also miss all those days I have spent with my blooody idiotic minded fool friends.. our attacks onYEAYY! snacks..chocolates..water.. toilets�� and all. If I mention all our stories from hostel I wont complete writing my experience.. because you guys gave many incredible moments���� LOVE YOU PEOPLE ALOT. I MISS YOU all.

 / INTERVIEW / Beyond HHeorrizons A Cup of tea with Smitha Suresh, the former Regional Senior Programme Manager, Business Development, Placement and Internship- North KeralaAs you are moving from the post bunch. after listening to the vision and , i wasn't doing this for just 11of Regional senior program mission of ASAP, I knew it right then that publicizing ASAP but i could feel itmanager in charge of business i had hit the mark. this was the platform i in my bones that it was for a larger JULY 2017 | ISSUE 02development - North Kerala, ASAP was looking for and it had come looking vision and i was confident enoughto a new phase of life, could you for me. Without second thoughts or to be a huge part of it and i soshare your experiences regarding guessing, i jumped right into it (no one wanted to make it a big success. so ithe years with ASAP. to support me because everybody was talked  and told them what they critical about the concept in the were witnessing was really aTeaching is something that i have beginning). i attended the interview for revolution in the area of education.always enjoyed doing. but then the post of Programme manager. i was we were educating students for lifeyou know, there are certain things one among 200 or so people who and that was reason enough to takethat keep haunting you despite the participated the interview process. And part  in this venture. And as thefact that you are doing pretty good luckily enough, i landed the job and years followed, My team managed toin your life at the moment. the more so interestingly being the first in enrol more schools into the schemething that was bugging me back the interview rank list. eventually leading up to 120 schoolsthen was that i was limited when it But i assure you it was no cakewalk. i was in the districts. Today ASAP Keralacame to opportunities where i given four institutions, all located miles stands as an empire in itself. Andcould actually be of use to the apart and in different directions, and the this was a significant decision in mysociety on a larger scale. i really complete responsibility was on me, as i life that changed everything i havewanted to do something better for was the only Programme Manager in the known to be true before embarkingmy people. i had thoughts of district. ASAP’s publicity was poor and it on this journey. and i couldn't beworking for women empowerment wasn’t even known to the school officials more happier! and much more but the lack of a for whom the project was launched. Iplatform had stopped me from had to personally find the way to Is there any difference from beingachieving that feat. it was during convince them what this was about and teacher and then to a programthis time that ASAP made its it was during these meetings that i manager...?entrance in my life. It was a freshly understoodbaked idea right out of the oven.The Higher Education Departmentcommunicated the idea of ASAPto Vocational Secondary teachersand i was one among the 

I think the difference lies only in its It's essential to maintain a You are a person who is technicality. the aim of both profession is to private life as well as a brilliantly using the social media. enhance the students in every way possible professional life. so how have Your recently started \"Sunday but in the former there are limitations in you managed that..? Notes\" have very good feedback. reaching out to every single student. In the How you are looking forward case of ASAP, our sole focus is to help them Yes it is very crucial to maintain a about this new initiative..? reach their unique potential which they miss balance between professional and out on due to lack of proper training or in private life and i have never  I am someone who believes that unfortunate cases, negligence. besides, more missed the sight of its importance. social media is the reflection of than being a teacher i was more inclined Right from the beginning i had our character. Initially I wasn’t towards being a mentor. and the position i decided it for myself that i really serious about this platform held in ASAP gave me that space to explore wouldn’t get engrossed in and thus keeping my posts on the and i believe that i did my part well and still professional life so much so that i lighter side. But recently, the fact continue to do so. On the other hand i like to miss out on my personal life. So i really hit me that it is indeed a believe that both professions are rather made it a point to divide a certain powerful tool in today’s world. And complimentary in the sense that my amount of time to both aspects if used correctly, it can create experience in the teaching field helped me a and thereby balancing it in a miracles. My vision behind Sunday lot to understand my new students inside out. flexible way. and i believe that i Notes is to stay connected with have managed it well. oftentimes i my students and whoever has everBeing a woman, was holding those positions have heard from others that there benefited from my work. DuringDifficult..? what were the challenges you have isn’t enough time to get things my tenure in ASAP, i had afaced during your stay at the organisation..? done but trust me, that is just an platform to interact with people illusion. You can and you must by for sharing ideas, opinions and  To be honest, I find this question a little all means learn to manage time everything under the sun. I wanted funny. Because it is the exact opposite of how and i guarantee that it is possible to keep this flow of exchanges you posed it. Being a woman made it easier to do that without much fuss.  even after leaving ASAP and that for me to navigate through most of the phases is how Sunday Notes took its form. in ASAP. Whatever i wanted in terms of You were an active member of I am planning to take it to the improvement or opportunities for ASAP, the socially committed groups like next level by bringing more doors everywhere were open. And i recollect Positive Commune and Kannur people into the videos who could a compliment paid by the Deputy Collector of diaries. How did these groups serve as examples to the ideas Kannur saying, “Smitha, it is impossible to say mould your social outlook? being discussed. Well, I am no to your face”. working on it. But i always have had my doubts in that  it is not just Positive Commune regard thinking that whether it was  sympathy and Kannur Diaries that i am Last but not the least. Are you towards being a ‘woman’ or really my involved in but also groups like the same person that you have capability that led me to where i stand today. Disha, Map My Home Kannur and decided to become and what are It is still vague to me but truth be told I never Kannur Club. Each group serves a the plans that you have at a had that kind of an issue in my experience as different purpose. For example, PC moment after leaving ASAP..? a woman in power. When it comes to leading focuses on building platforms for the organization, the challenges that were emerging entrepreneurs whereas  Let me tell you guys, there comes faced are similar to the ones faced by almost on the other hand Disha and a time in your career when you every leader in any part of the world, be it Kannur Club specializes in feel that you have fulfilled the male or female. infrastructure development in responsibility bestowed upon you And to add to the earlier question on Kannur. Kannur Diaries and and that it is time to pursue your challenges, i would like to say that I am MapMyHomeKannur are initiatives other dreams. And trust me, i am always up for a good challenge because launched by the former Assistant doing exactly that. At present i am comfort zones never breed excellence, and i Collector and District Collector focusing on my higher studies, I believe, without facing challenges people respectively to promote and have my PhD on hold, and certain deny themselves the opportunity to truly provide an urban understanding of other projects that I have thought grow. And i would never tolerate that kind of Kannur. The way in which these about before but never had the an ignorance in my life.  groups have helped me and still time to materialize. To me, continues to do so is that it decision making is an art and I am Mam, It had been heard that your helped me gain a larger network an aspiring artist in that field. childhood was a struggle in itself. Could of people making it easier for me Surely, ASAP has been everything you share your memories? to work efficiently for the public. to me. It has shaped me for better and propelled me to a higher It is a long story and i don't think i can really  Also, only when i joined these plane of success and I will always boil it down to a bottom line. But i can tell groups did I realize that there are be indebted to that. I remember, you, financially I was definitely struggling but many people willing to sacrifice when i use to take off for one or i was lucky enough to have a father who is a their time and money for making two months for vacation, I always visionary himself. He would talk to us about their fellow beings and tell my team to take care of it as if the ways in which life can be improved and environment better. It was a huge it were my own child. But I don’t all that he had said influenced me on a inspiration and I thank each team regret the decision of leaving it deeper level. In the years to come, i used for the opportunity given to me to because i know it in my heart that these as benchmarks for my own growth and be a part of it. I am doing the right thing. My my current life is the testimony to the intuition has never failed me and successful integration of those ideals into my 12this time too I am positive I am on life. And i would like to add that, i was only the right direction. an average student back in my school years. My point is, if you have a goal and the belief JULY 2017 | ISSUE 02 to carry out that goal, nothing can stop you from achieving it. 


TravelPossadi Gumpe The destination is one of the best for an Outdoor 14JULY 2017 | ISSUE 02 picnic, and from the top of the hill you can By Arun Upendra actually have a bird’s view of Kasaragod,DPM Kasaragod,ASAP Kerala Kudramukh and Mangalore. The hill is covered by black rocks and knee high grass, so your viewThe name sounded very mysterious to my ears, will not be obstructed by huge trees, nor will youthe first time it was revealed to me by my fellow be lost on your way down. There are a few bigKasargodans. They made me guess a variety of Trees on the way uphill, but most of them aresubstances, from eatable to martial arts, in order hardly any feet taller than you. Be sure to carryto relate the two words to something, and at last lots of water and light snacks with you, as youwhen in despair, the suspense was broken. My will find no shops or restaurants in 2 kmfellow member revealed the magical secret of circumference of Possadi Gumpe. The localwhat Possadi Gumpe was; a hill at the head of people of Possadi Gumpe are very friendly andKasaragod, hardly 22 Km from the Kasaragod they would proudly guide you to the location,Bus Stand and the Railway Station, the hill only a bit of care must be taken when you planstands out a magnificent place for the wild to travel with a female companion, as the moraltrekkers and nature enthusiasts. The place is policing is high in these areas. The best is tolocated near Manjeswaram, on a hillock 1060 travel in a group and enjoy the destination, andfeet above sea level. Facilities are minimal at this this hill in every way would satisfy your hunger tobeautiful destination, so it is best to go go off road. By this, I do not mean that thewell-equipped with food, water and trekking Roadway till this location is bad, in fact, Possadigear. You can also reach the destination via Gumpe lies on a well tarred, maintained andManjeswaram Railway Station and also the straight road. If you own an off road vehicle, yourMangalore International Airport in Karnataka thirst for the dirt can easily be quenched uponState provide easy access to Manjeswaram, visiting this great Hill.about 35 km.

Now, as is being written, I seriously 15 wonder where the place must have received its Gumpe name, As JULY 2017 | ISSUE 02 the natives does not know I guess we all have a thousand reasons to guess. This locality is an essentially multi-lingual region, with the people speaking Malayalam, Kannada, Tulu, Beary bashe and Konkani. On the way down, was a magnificent stroll and as I had gone there with just my casual Shoes, it wasn’t as difficult to climb down, nor up. So I would recommend no advance preparation, in case you plan to visit Possadi Gumpe and you can feel free to conquer the top on any of your visit to Kasaragod. Now the most exciting part and the hidden treasure at Possadi Gumpe, are the Possadi Gumpe falls. A beautiful water fall is located in Possadi Gumpe, and believe me even a few of the local inhabitants do not know about its where-about or even as to whether this legend exists. So how did we come to know? Pretty simple, Google Map informed us and guided us to the location. In case you find your Smart Phone switched off, as you reach Possadi Gumpe; ask directions to Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple, en route you may ask direction to this water fall, which will lead you through a narrow untarred road. As you move ahead, you can park your vehicle there and a Goat herding path may be seen in the adjoining forest. Take the narrow path through the jungle and within 5 minutes you will hear the flow of water, follow your ears and trust your instinct for you are on a road to discover the Possadi Gumpe Falls.Issue 27 | 234

The water fall is preferably better 16 when visited during the Monsoon, as sufficient water may not be JULY 2017 | ISSUE 02 available on the peak of Summer. The area seems never visited and is sure to give you the chills of being deep inside a Magical Forest. The way towards the water fall is carefully paved and steps have been cut along the way, the adventurous one can climb down along the water fall and at the bottom you will find buckets made by the fall of water. You can relax your back muscles and waste away your time in the gentle down flow of the falls. The Waterfall gives you a beautiful trek downhill and is a must visit spot, if you are dropping by Possadi Gumpe. If you listen carefully, wading through the waters, you hear the Temple music; regularly played from the nearby Devi Temple, which in total gives you a complete Magical Experience. You will surely feel enchanted after your visit at the Gumpe Falls, so it is better to dedicate a half day for your Possadi Gumpe Expedition. Travel light and remember to bring along snack, in paper bags. Do not forget to carry additional pair of trousers, if you happen to visit during the monsoon; and finally wear shoes with good grip to help you hold on to the rocks better. A place worth visiting, I give the Gumpe a 3.75/5.Issue 27 | 234

VR BY  JEEVAN U THAYANNUR SDE ASAP KERALAIN TRAININGWho esnatyesrtVaiirntmueanl tRoenallyit.y!!!isforYou can also use it in English skill training, Public speaking andinterview skills.A person using virtual reality equipment is able to \"look around\" 17the artificial world, and with high-quality VR move about in it andinteract with virtual features or items. VR headsets are head- JULY 2017 | ISSUE 02mounted goggles with a screen in front of the eyes. Programsmay include audio and sound through speakers or headphones.Using some great apps students can participate in interviews andaddress a huge audience. They will get the real feeling of aninterview and public speaking. In the interview scenario, thestudent can choose different company according to theirpreference so that the interview board ask questionsaccordingly. Things you need VR supporting mobile phone (Most of the latest phones above 10K Rupee will support VR) VR Headset/Google Carboard ( Price- 99Rs to 7000Rs ) VR Apps

You might be not ready Sketchfab VR is like a museum. Youto talk to strangers. can see many kinds of objects. To enhance your English with thisIf so, you can do some application, Describe it really, reallypractice first with Public detail to your friends in English—Speaking for Cardboard. and, don’t mention anything tooYou will be standing on a obvious. Your friend only has onevirtual stage or standing chance to guess, and you only havein a meeting room. Can one minute to describe. If youryou speak clearly, friend cannot answer it, give ameanwhile, those punishment like truth or dare.animated people aretalking and looking atyou? 18 JULY 2017 | ISSUE 02

KOCHI AKHILA MURALIDHAR, SDE DOS &DON’TS METROHey..everyone in a rush to get on the metro… 19The authorities have a long list of dos and don’ts for commuters. JULY 2017 | ISSUE 02Breaking these rules can not only invite fines but also jailsentences for six months to four years.Topping the list of offences is drunkenness or intoxication, whichwill invite a fine of Rs 500.Acts of vandalism or any act of indecency, use of abusive orobscene language, and quarrelling in the train will be fined at Rs500.Eating and drinking in metro premises is also prohibited and, ifcaught, you will be fined Rs 500.Passengers are not allowed to sit on the floor of the train orinterfere with the comfort of any other passenger. These offencescan also invite a fine of Rs 500.Demonstrations of any kind in the metro premises and inside thetrain are prohibited. Pasting or putting up any posters, writing ordrawing anything in the train or in the metro premises can invitea fine of Rs 1,000. These offences can also lead to imprisonmentof up to six months.If one is asked to leave the premises by the metro personnel, andone refuses, then a fine of Rs 1,000 can be charged.Anyone caught obstructing the running of a train by any meansincluding picketing, interfering with train signaling  system or inany other way, will be fined Rs 2,000.  Misusing the emergencytrip switch and soon to stop a running train will also be fined atRs 2,000.Taking dangerous material into the Metro premises or train, willinvite imprisonment for up to 4years and a penalty of up to Rs5,000.Besides these offences, the metro authorities list of do’s anddon’ts includes etiquette rules for commuters including offeringseats to senior citizens and persons with disabilities, standing inqueues to board, using headphones for music, and soon.Let us obey the rules and enjoy metro journey…

NOTICING THE UNNOTICED- DATA COLLECTION AKHILA MURALIDHAR SDEBody noise to New law to unlock India’s textile heritagedetect cancer data economy showcased onlineNatural sound waves made by The government is mulling a Google’s “ We Wear Culture” 20the human body can be used to new data protection law to project includes digitizeddiagnose cancers and other protect personal data of exhibits from Indian institutionsdiseases at the earliest stages. citizens , while also creating an too.Passive elastography is a enabling framework to allow It showcases designs fromtechnique that can non- public data to be mined north-eastern India, includinginvasively Study tumours deep effectively. The move assumes the weaves of theinside the body. The elasticity significance amid the debate Nagas,Meiteis and traditionalof tissue is measured using the over security of individuals’ attire from Meghalaya called ‘body’s own propagation of private data, including Dhara’ or ‘Nara’ worn by theshear waves, which enables Aadhaar-linked biometrics, and Khasi women. The virtualeffective imaging deeper inside the rising number of cyber- exhibits can be viewed on thethe body compared to crimes in the country. project website or through thetraditional elastography. Google Arts and culture app. JULY 2017 | ISSUE 02Kudumbasree wins A new cast of White tea enthusiastsyet another laurel can breathe easy freshwater crabs inThe Kudumbasree National A small-scale farmer in a remoteResource Organisation(NRO) Western Ghats hill area in Kerala is attemptinghas won a national award of to break the monopoly ofthe Union Ministry of Rural Scientists have discovered a China in white tea market.Development for implementing new genus and six new species Mohan K. Sebastian from Idukkipoverty eradication projects of freshwater crabs in the has joined hands with aand women empowerment Western Ghats biodiversity government -sponsored unit atactivities in various States as hotspot. Karkata is a fresh parappu here to make the teapart of the National Rural genus from kerala, indicating a available in the country. WhiteLivelihood Mission. higher order of distinctive tea is made from silver features. The freshwater crab needle(unfurled bud) and is diversity in Kerala has risen to considered the most virgin and 34 species with the recent pure tea the world over. finding.

NOTICING THE UNNOTICED-Elephant dung gets a Haven of mangroves A new weapon to will soon be sanctuaryprofitable makeover for birds too. fight mosquito bitesIt is waste management on a Spadework for the declaration Exposing malaria-spreadingjumbo scale. Elephant dung of the Chettuva mangrove mosquitoes to just 10 minutesgets transformed into paper of forests of the Chavakkad taluk of light at night may suppressvarious hues at Athulya, a unit in Thrissur district has been biting and manipulate theirimparting job skills to differently completed. Once declared, flight behavior. Criticalabled students hailing from Chettuva mangrove forests will behaviours exhibited by theestate lanes. Paper bags, be the seventh bird sanctuary Anopheles gambiae mosquito -envelopes, writing pads , and in the State the major vector forcovers made of dung fibre transmission of malaria in Africapaper stand testimony to the -such as feeding,egg layingskill set of students. and flying , are time- of-day specific, including a greater propensity for night-time biting. 21 JULY 2017 | ISSUE 02Kasaragod girl does Information on rubber Facebook offers new privacy tools for usersIndia proud on farmer’s fingertips Facebook has started rollingM. Deepika, a plus 2 student of The Rubber Board has out two new features- profileAnnapoorneshwari Higher introduced a new mobile app- picture guard and profileSecondary School, Agalpady have based online manurial picture design in India that willwon the gold medal in the recent recommendation technology, help prevent copying orWorld Throwball Championship the first of its kind for rubber downloading user’s profileheld in Kathmandu. Deepika and anywhere in the world and the pictures from the socialMaheshwari from Ernakulam were first for any crop in India. The networking site.the two Keralites in the 14-member app named RubSiS( RubberIndian squad in the senior girls Soil Information System) will tellcategory winning the gold medal the farmer the present nutrienttrouncing Pakistan during the status , as well as the optimumthree-day championship that was quantity of fertilizer to beheld from June 15. applied in his location through a satellite- based system

AUTO REVIEW By Kiran Krishnan, PM, ASAP KeralaTATA TIGORIt was in 2016 Auto expo Tata came up with some new 22hatch and small sedan designs, now many of thosemodels are out on the road. This time I am with Tata Being a sedan the Tigor has a small boot superbly JULY 2017 | ISSUE 02Tigor. The model was developed under the project integrated. We have to say that the Tata engineersname ‘Kite 5’ where 5 stands for 5 seats, this Tigor have done their best to add the boot to Tiago todirectly compete with many other small sedans such as become Tigor. A chrome panel connecting theHonda Amaze, Volkswagen Ameo, Ford Aspire and two tail lamps gives an elegant look for the rear.Maruti Suzuki Dzire.Design and Looks: In the side the prominent body line which startsExterior: from the front wheel arch and goes through theThough Tata claims that they are following a new two door handles and ends at the tail lamp willdesign theme, I’ve to say there is not much change in draw our attention, this is not so common in Tatasthe old indica/vista egg shaped design. Tata claims that rather you can see the same kind of body lines intheir three design houses in Italy, UK and India were Hondas!collaborated to design Tigor, I just wonder what they allhave done for this small car very similar to its siblings. Let me tell you something about the wheels, theFor a change we can say that the grill has changed to petrol variant gets 15 inch alloys with diamond cut,honey comb like design other than the old Tata cars. where the diesel has the old fashioned normalOne more thing we can notice that there are new pair of alloy in the top variant too.headlamps and tail lamps, tails lamps has the honeycomb stripes visible same as that of grill. You may bemistaken the Tigor with Tiago as they both have sameface, the only difference you could find that the smokedprojector headlamps on Tigor.

AUTO REVIEWInterior: Security: 23In the first look we can say that the fit and finish of The top end variants get security features such asthis car is far better than the old Tata vehicles. The ABS, EBD, Airbags and Corner Stability Control. JULY 2017 | ISSUE 02plastic parts are of superior quality, and here and Drive and Performance:there we can see chrome inserts and bodycoloured parts. Almost all parts in the interior is Tigor comes with both petrol and diesel variant.same to Tiago. You could see the three spoke The vehicle which given to me was petrol. Initialsteering wheel with some control switches pick up was good but when the AC is on theintegrated to it. The steering wheel gets body engine has some lag which is not so good. Thecoloured stripe in the inner part. Body coloured engine is mated with 5 speed gear box. The gearframe for AC vents also, which is usually found in change is effortless in Tigor. Instead of hydraulicFord cars. Seats are spacious and fabric made. steering system Tigor has electrical powerThere is a touch screen infotainment system in the steering is very smooth and responsive. As that ofcenter, which supports Android but not Apple car any other Tata the engine lacks refinement,play. The same screen transforms to monitor though it was a petrol engine. The insulation iswhen the vehicle is in reverse gear. More than 22 perfect to keep the engine roar away from thestorage spaces are available in the Tigor. The leg cabin. One of the best feature available in thisroom is so good for front and rear passengers vehicle is the drive mode selection, which notwhereas the head room is a bit tight for rear even an option in many of its competitors. Eco andpassengers. Sedan which is intend to 3 City modes are there to select the desired drivepassengers in the back should have some more mode. Overall it’s a good option to choose Tigor inhead room. The boot space is 419 litre. The boot the mid-size sedan segment.lid gets a smart 4-link opening mechanism that hasremoved the need of hinges, making it a cleanerand more useful layout. Eight speaker harmenmusic system is an added advantage whencomparing to other brands.

Pros: 24 A sedan in 4m category Music System (only in Top variant) Infotainment system Cons: Power lag Refinement DesignEngine : Revtorq 1047 cc Diesel CRDI and Revotron1199 cc PetrolCylinder : 3 cylinderPower : Diesel 69 PS @ 4000 rpm, Petrol 84 PS @ 5000 psTorque : Diesel 140 Nm @ 1800 rpm, Petrol 114 Nm @ 1800 rpmTransmission : 5 Speed ManualTyre : 175/65/14 or 15 for petrolBrake : Disc (Front), Drum (Rear)LWH : 3992, 1677, 1537Wheelbase : 2450 mmGround Clearance : 170 mmBoot space : 419 LMileage : 20.3 kmpl Petrol, 24.7 kmpl DieselPRICE :   (EX SHOWROOM) JULY 2017 | ISSUE 021.05 REVOTORQ XE          Rs 5.6 Lakh1.05 REVOTORQ XT          Rs 6.31 Lakh1.05 REVOTORQ XZ         Rs 6.8 Lakh1.05 REVOTORQ XZ (O)   Rs 7.09 Lakh1.2 REVOTRON XE            Rs 4.7 Lakh1.2 REVOTRON XT             Rs 5.41 Lakh                                        Vehicle and Detail provided by:  KVR TATA, Kasargod

MOVIE REVIEWby Sneha Dineshan,SDE MUNNARIYIPPU An Unnoticed Movie      Munnariyippu’ is a cinematographer-turned-director       The film is mesmerizingly brilliant and excels in almost 25Venu’s second film, his first being ‘Daya’, which all areas especially in the choosing ofwas released long back in 1998,which is one of the carrier actors,which is one of the strong point of the movie. JULY 2017 | ISSUE 02best movie of the actress Manju warrier. Mammotty gives a neat and convincingHats off to the Director who gives us real brilliant frames performance as C . K. Raghavan and once again provesall through the film. Seems like he is that characters like Raghavan would alwaysweaving up the plot using his camera as well. remain safe with him. Mammootty lived CK Raghavan.Those who look for a conventional plot structure and a When we go out of the theatre we take a part ofconventional kind of climax may end up being C.K with us. The mannerisms and dialogue delivery ofdisappointed with ‘Munnariyippu’.It tries to convey some Mammootty made the character more alive.philosophical messages regarding an Aparna Gopinath was not appealed to the audienceindividual's freedom through less dialogues .Most of the through her debut movie ABCD ,because she haspart is left to the audience to interpret by themselves. nothing to do in that movie but through MunnariyippuHence no wonder that it was not a commercial hit. director Venu has brillliantly used her talent. Her     Munnariyippu tells the story of Anjali Arakkal(Aparana maturity in handling Anjali in this movie should beGopinath), the freelance journalist who makes appreciated.A normal viewer may wonder why theher living being as a ghost writer. During one of her director included Pritrhviraj in this movie for a single shotassignments to write an autobiography for jail .Prithviraj's character has nothing much tosuperintendent, she meets an inmate-C.K do but provides an important turn in the story with anRaghavan(Mammootty), she grows an interest in his story advice he gives Anjali. He also resembles theand character and decides to write a feature on him. C.K character of C.K Raghavan .Raghavan had been sentenced to life for This movie will haunt the viewers for a long time evenmurder of two ladies. But even after completing his term after they leave  the theatre . Munnariyippuof 14 years, he prefers to continue in jail. The once again established the truth that the script is the backstory then revolves around how he comes out of jail , how bone of the movie.Through out the developmentAnjali pursues him to write what really of the movie it arouses a curiosity in viewers to find thehappened in his life and if the audience really get to learn truths behind the mystery in the murdersall those. committed by C.K Raghavan . But the climax will leave  a number of questions in the mind of audience . But the highlight of the movie is brilliant dialogues,which is short in length but carries lot of things.25

MOVIE       The main idea that Munnariyippu tries 26 REVIEW to convey through Raghavan to the audience is that, the interpretation of JULY 2017 | ISSUE 02Is2su6e 27 | 234 freedom or exemption is absolutely subjective in accordance to the individual in question. It also presents a strong disapproval at the ruthless pragmatism of the new age through Anjali, which puts pressure, even when it comes to the field of creative cosmos, where thoughtfulness might not develop instantaneously within the given peak of time. The way director portrays the idiosyncrasies of Raghavan, the selfishness of Anjali, the build-up to the shocking culmination are sheer strokes of brilliance.It crosses all the usual styles of movies having a positive character and a negative one as the opposite.We couldnt say that Anjali or Raghavan is postive or negative . It echoes that everone have their freedom to live their life . Here Raghavan gave ultimate importance to his freedom that is the reason why he killed two ladies and Anjali who forced him to write by locking him . No one can define this way is good or bad. Unni R's script is the back bone of the story.On its technical side, Venu himself has handled its cinematography and shows his class in that department once again without going above the narrative. It will be a great experience in watching the filim for a movie lover. The movie will give an experience of reading a novel .

NATURE PHOTOGRAPHYPhotographs By Anirudh N, SDECamera : Canon 600D 70-200mm 27JULY 2017 | ISSUE 02

CHRIICCKEE  N By Sumayya Mohammed, Master Trainer Retail Skill Course. ASAP 28Chicken 1/2 kilo JULY 2017 | ISSUE 02Rice - Basmathi or khaima 2 cupsGinger garlic paste - 2 tblspGreen chilies - 2 tspSliced onions - 2Lemon juice - 2 tbl spnChicken cube - optional (use less salt if using chicken cubes)Pepper corns 6-10Cinnamon - 1 inch piececardamom - 3Bay leaf  1Pepper powder 3 tspTurmeric powder 1/2 tspSalt - to tasteButter or oil 2-3 tblsp                Wash the rice and soak in water for about 1-2 hours. clean thechicken well and cook with one sliced onion, 1 tbsp ginger garlic paste, 1tsp oil  3-4  crushed Pepper corns ,cunnamon, 1 crushed cardamom ,salt & a bay leaf with 4 cups of water in a pressure cooker till it whistlestwice.lift and transfer the chicken immediately to stop cooking  . reserve thebroth for cooking rice. in a nonstick vessel ,heat 2 tbsp of butter or oil.saute 1 sliced onion,  drained rice, 1 tbsp of ginger garlic paste , a greenchilli, a crushed cardamom ,salt, 1tsp lemon juice, chicken  cube and 3cups of chicken broth and bring to a boil , turn the heat down to low,cover the pot and cook for 15 min.While your rice is cooking, mix 2 tsp of pepper powder, 1/2 tsp ofturmeric powder 1tsp of Lemon juice ,1tsp of oil and salt to taste.marinate the chicken in this and shallow fry in a pan.Serve the rice and chicken decorated with coriander leaves or schoppedspring onions  with yoghurt or your choice of sauce .Enjoy , This delicious dish ��

THE CAREERNATIONALDEFENCEACADEMY by Vishnu Suresh, SDE ASAP     The National Defence Academy is creative writers, artists, corporate       National Defence Academy is a premier 29an iconic institution, a global brand honchos and more recently, Olympic joint training institution and center ofof excellence in the sphere of military champions. Their achievements are all excellence for grooming junior leaders for the JULY 2017 | ISSUE 02education. It has the unique pervading and showcased in every Indian armed forces and armed forces ofdistinction of being the first echelon of our Armed Forces and also in Friendly Foreign Countries. The traininginstitution in the world to impart the civil society. The 'cradle' has indeed entails equipping the cadets with mental,joint training to officer cadets of the rocked the nascent youth and groomed moral and physical attributes required to copeArmy, Navy and Air Force. The them properly as 'leaders' who have lived with the challenges of the future battle fieldconcept and genesis of NDA dates up to its ethos: 'Seva Paramo Dharma' with the aim of leading troops to victory inback to the period before (Service Before Self). The National conventional, non-conventional andIndependence and evolved from the Defence Academy is located south-west asymmetrical conflicts.lessons learnt from World War II. Pune city and north-west of      The syllabi encompass science, technology,Over the years it has emerged as a Khadakwasla Lake on 7015 acres of land, arts and military subjects. The three-yearunique military academy, attracting Out of the 8022 acres donated by the course is split into six terms. A cadet isthe best of youth from our nation Government of the erstwhile Bombay awarded a Bachelor's Degree from theand also from friendly foreign state.   Pune was ultimately chosen after Jawaharlal Nehru University. The regimencountries and transforming them careful deliberation for its salubrious consists of physical conditioning whichinto officers and gentlemen. During climatic conditions, suitability of terrain includes drill, swimming, horse riding, fullthe last six decades of its glorious for military training, proximity to the gamut of games and adventure activities. Inexistence, the National Defence Arabian sea, existence of an operational three years at the Academy, he is transformedAcademy has grown both in grace existence of a combined training center from a Cadet into a potential Officer and aand grandeur and from its portals and the 'mock' landing ship, HMS gentleman. On successful completion of thehave emerged 'leaders of men', who Angostura, on the north bank of the three-year course, Army cadets proceed tohave demonstrated the essence of Khadakwasla Lake lent additional Indian Military Academy at Dehradun, Navalinter-services camaraderie and leverage to the claims of Khadakwasla cadets to Indian Naval Academy at Ezhimalajointsmanship, thereby vindicating over other contenders for being chosen and Air Force cadets to the Air Force Academythe faith and vision of its founding as the site for the prestigious NDA, with at Hyderabad. After completion of one year offathers.  Apart from leaders of men, the daunting Sinhagad Fort as a training at their respective academies, theythe alumni have proved to be great panoramic backdrop. are commissioned as Officers into respectivemountaineers, cosmonauts, services.sportsmen, researchers,29

Why NDA..? NDA Continues the drive towards CAREER      Three formative years at the conserving and preserving theacademy instil in the cadets a sense environment, flora and fauna toof intense belonging, bonding and make plastic free, green campusfeelings of oneness with the with zero carbon footprints.alma-mater. Breaking bread andtraining together engender the spirit How to Apply 30of camaraderie which in the ultimate    To join National Defence Academy aanalysis forms the bedrock of inter- candidate must appear in the entrance JULY 2017 | ISSUE 02services co-operation in times to exam conducted by Union Public Servicecome. Herein are sown the seeds of Commission, New Delhi, twice a year.'Jointmanship', the new mantra of The Union Public Service Commission iscoordinated inter-services strategy. solely responsible for issuing guidelinesThe cadet during his sojourn at the for selection and the final conduct of theNDA holds many a thing close to his entrance examination.heart. By merging his identity withothers, he gains the solace of a herd, Eligibility Criteria (As obtained fromthe power of a team and the leverage official recruitment website of the Indianof a group. This attribute of Army)solidarity stands him in good steadduring testing times and crunch Agesituations. As per  UPSC notification  It provides academic training of Qualification the highest quality in order to 12th Class of 10+2 System of equip cadets with appropriate Education/Equivalent for Army and with qualification as a foundation for Physics and Maths for AF & Navy their service careers.  It carries out focused training to Marital Status enable cadets to achieve the Unmarried requisite physical standards, with proficiency in troop games. Likely SSB Date  NDA inculcates in cadets qualities Sep to Oct and Jan to Apr of leadership, a desire for self-improvement and a drive to Date Commencement of Training excel in every sphere. Jan and Jul  Incorporates culture of jointmanship in training and Training Academy promotes the spirit of NDA, Khadakwasla, Pune jointmanship in thought, word and deed. Duration of Training  NDA Conducts high quality 3 Years at NDA and 1 Year at IMA (For service training to enable cadets Army cadets)/ to have a substantial edge over 3 Years at NDA and 1 Year at Naval their counterparts during their Academy(For Naval cadets)/ service careers. 3 Years at NDA and 1 & 1/2 Years at AFA  NDA is focused on the Hyderabad (For AF cadets) improvement and up gradation of   the quality of life of all personnel in the campus and to foster an   environment of spirited and happy team [email protected] THE END

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