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Published by aronpallavi11, 2020-11-11 14:32:00

Description: सृजन



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KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA BEG PUNE -06 Website – सृजन E-Newsletter 2020-21 Special Edition [ April to October ] Published Under : Common Minimum Programme [CMP]

Our Inspiration Our Leader Ms. Nidhi Pandey Sh.N.R.Murali Commissioner DC KVS KVS RO MUMBAI Our Mentor Our Mentor Our Facilitator Sh.S.P.Patil Sh.R.K.Lale Brig.M.J.Kumar AC AC Chairman KVS RO MUMBAI KVS RO MUMBAI KV BEG PUNE

Message from the Vice Principal’s Desk in the Pandemic year. I am very happy to say that primary section under the able guidance of Head Mistress Mrs Mala B is doing excellent work and newsletter is one amongst them. This year due to pandemic Covid 19 we have organized things in a different way. All academic activities are taking place virtually in a befitting manner, let it be Google meet, CCA, yoga, music, and sports activities as well as celebration of all important days as suggested by KVS. Our teachers have updated themselves with regards to the latest technological advancements in the sphere of virtual learning and teaching. They are participating enthusiastically in various courses from CBSE and NCERT. Keeping in mind holistic development of the child this newsletter is being published. Remember to wash your hands cover your mouth with mask maintain social distance Thank you Stay healthy stay safe Anil Sharma Vice Principal

Message from the HM’s Desk in the Pandemic year. Greetings to Respected Vice Principal and my team of Primary teachers. It is my pleasure to announce that Primary section has made e-newsletter in the form of flipbook to showcase all the activities taking place in the Academic year 2020 - 2021. Due to pandemic Covid-19, all necessary precautions are being followed and scholastic as well as co-scholastic activities are taking place in full swing virtually. Parents are cooperating wholeheartedly, teaching activities are going on in a dedicated and systematic manner. We are also conducting various competitions virtually. Though we cannot create school environment physically, technology has made it possible to conduct teaching virtually. Meetings ,workshops ,PTM and online courses are being conducted smoothly. My best wishes to all my team members and my dear children. Stay safe and Stay healthy. Remember to wash your hands, cover your mouth with mask and maintain social distance. Smt. Mala Basavraj Headmistress

EDITORIAL BOARD CHIEF PATRON Shri Anil Kumar Sharma Vice Principal CHIEF EDITOR Smt Mala Basavraj Headmistress EDITORIAL TEAM Mrs Naseem Khan Mrs Pallavi Aronkar

INDEX 1. A small message on covid -19 conveyed by Primary Wing 2. Staff meeting 3. KV BEG on Twiter 4. International yoga day celebration 5. 15th August celebration 6. Teacher’s day celebration 7. CCA activity 8. Welcome of class 1st 9. School Readiness Programe 10. Virtual Tour 11. Musical activities 12. Eat Safe Eat Healthy (Poster making competition) 13. Cub Bulbul activities (Golden Arrow) 14. Funday Activities 15. All Faith Prayer 16. Unity day celebration 17. Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat 18. Awareness of Covid 19 19. Fit India Freedom Run 20. Online Teaching 21. E-Workshop on competency based learning 22. E-Workshop on competency based learning (photos) 23. E-Workshop on competency based learning (Mathematics)TLM PPTs 24. Feedback on online teaching by students 25. Feedback on online teaching by parent 26. Vibrant team of KV BEG Pune (Primary)

A SMALL MESSAGE ON COVID-19 CONVEYED BY OUR MENTORS OF PRIMARY WING सुरक्षा जीवन का अर्थ हंै,सुरक्षा के बिना सि व्यर्थ हैं Fight against virus



Virtual International Yoga Day Celebration जो योग अपनायेगा, वह रोगोंो को दू र भगाएगा

Virtual 15th August Celebration सारे जहााँ से अच्छा, हहंोदुस्ता हमारा

Virtual Teachers Day Celebration गुरु हिन ज्ञान नह ,ंो ज्ञान हिन आत्मा नह ,ों ध्यान, ज्ञान, धैयय और कमय, सि गुरु क ह देन हैं !!

Hindi ,English Poem Recitation Virtual CCA Activity Solo Dance Compitition कोबिि करने वालो की कभी हार नहीीं होती Solo Singing Compition

Virtual Welcome Of Class 1st

Colours Day School Readiness Programe Mask Day

Virtual Tour 0f School For Our Tiny Tot Photos by – Ritu Bharadwaj

Virtual Musical Activities जहााँ िब्द कम पड़ते हैं वहााँ संीगीत िोलता हंै A motivational song by some students and teachers of Kendriya Vidyalaya in lockdown period you tube link-

Eat Safe Eat Healthy [Poster Making Competition]

Golden Arrow Cub Bulbul Virtual Training DO YOUR BEST Aditi Manwar Class-5thB Jivitesh Kaushik Class -5thB Bulbul Cub

Virtual Fun day Activities Do anything, but let it produce joy

All Faith Prayer

Virtual Unity Day Celebration राष्ट्र य एकता मंे िल हैं अपार,चलो हाथ हमलाये िांोटे प्यार

Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat

Let’s Fight Corona Awareness of Covi-19

Fit India Freedom Run

Online Teaching

E-Workshop On Competency Based Learning CBL in EVS DESIGNING E-Resources CBL in Maths Attended By – Pummy Attended By – Sandeep Patil Resource Person- Mrs Mala Anand PRT Basavraj HM KV BEG PRT Participant- Mrs Ritu Bharadwaj PRT

E-Workshop On Competency Based Learning(Mathematics) TLM PPTs All the primary teachers attended CBL workshop on Mathematics and prepared TLM using resources as mentioned bellow Name of the teacher Resource used 1. Mrs Neera Jain 1. Straw 2. Mrs Naseem Khan 2. Beads 3. Mrs Prafullata Kalambe 3. Disposable Glass 4. Mrs Lakhvinder Kaur 4. Number Strips 5. Mr Ganesh Arakh 5. Calendar Number 6. Mr Laxman Bhosle 6. Bangles 7. Mrs Sangeeta Bhande 7. Building Blocks 8. Mr Amardeep Nikalje 8. Sponge 9. Mr Maruti Shinde 9. Disposable spoon 10. Mrs Pummy Anand 10. Matchsticks 11. Mr Sandeep Patil 11. Paper Plates 12. Mrs Ritu Bharadwaj 12. Ice cream Sticks 13. Mr Abhijeet Gade 13. Bottle Caps

Feedback on online teaching by students Online teaching views Positive Points First of all hats off to all the teachers who changed themselves to cope up with the new normal way of teaching Students remained connected to teachers which indirectly made them connected to studies in this pandemic period. Students became aware of technology like Using Google Meet , Google Classroom etc Online classes reduced the travelling time which gave them more time to study, rest and play . Swateja class 5C Good part .. 1.Teachers are really putting quality effort to make children happy and motivate them to learn in a digital way 2. In a video call (Google meet), we are happy that Roshni is putting her best effort to learn and acknowledge to teachers. 3. In this pandemic, where we dont have any alternatives, i think this is the right approach for learning. 4. As a parent, i will definitely hesitate to send my kid to school due to this covid situations, and we are happy with her education part. 5. From Roshni's point of view, she is enjoying each and every call and acknowledging to teachers in case of any difficulties Improvement area 1. No physical activity - can we start e-yoga and ask each children to upload the video. This will improve the physical fitness and will be more focused 2. Play section- to make childeren happy and allow them to interact more with others, if you can plan some virtual fun games. 3. More virtual activities Roshani class 2C

Feedback on online teaching by Parent अबभभावक की कलम से, बवषम पररस्थर्बतयोीं में भी बकया ,ज्ञान का सींचार कृ तज्ञ हैं हम सभी, जो िच्ोीं ने पाया आपका प्यार नमस्कार भूरर –भूरर मैं प्रिींसा करना चाहँागी –हिक्षकोंो का बजन्ोनंी े इस प्रबतकू ल वातावरण में भी अपने कतथव्योंी का बनवाथह अर्ाह पररश्रम एवंी नवीन तकनीबक के िल पर कर हमारे िच्ोंी को अध्ययनरत िनाया | बवषयगत बिक्षण हो या बियाकलाप, गायन हो या योग,सभी मंे आपका अतुलनीय योगदान हमारे िच्ोंी के बलए लाभकारी बसद्ध हुआ है |आपकी बिक्षण प्रणाली के कारण ही िच्े घर पर भी अनुिासन में रह कर पठन –पाठन की बिया को पूणथ कर अपने भबवष्य को संीवारने का प्रयास कर रहंे हंै | सधन्यवाद स्वधा िुक्ला

VIBRANT TEAM OF KV BEG PUNE (Primary ) Mrs Mala Basavraj (HM) Mrs Neera Jain (PRT) Mrs Pummy Anand (PRT) Mrs Naseem Khan (PRT) Mr Maruti Shinde (PRT) Mrs Prafullata Kalambe (PRT) Mrs Anjali Tannk (PRT) Mrs Lakhvinder Kaur (PRT) Mrs Ritu Bharadwaj (PRT) Mr Ganesh Arakh (PRT) Mr Sandep Patil (PRT) Mr Laxman Bhosale (PRT) Mr Abhijeet Gade (PRT) Mrs Sangeeta Bhande (PRT) Mrs Pallavi Aronkar (PRT MUSIC) Mr Amardeep Nikalje (PRT)

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