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Published by info, 2017-11-28 16:29:07

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HOW WE CAN HELP YOUAre you the only one to cope with marketing in your business? If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions,Or do you have one person/a small team who is overworked,ranging from printing business cards to managing contests on social media? we will be happy to meet you ☺Is it time to bring professionalism (strategy - strike - efficiency) into yourmarketing activities and thus to work on steady growth in your business?Do you need to convert your thoughts and plans into marketingtexts and create ‘your content’ for communication purposes (online, brochures, others)?Do you need to develop a project?Are you an agency that wants to strengthen your ideas with a brand and trademarketing strategy the way your clients do?Do you need to restart?Are you starting a new business?

WHY US?Who?We are a couple of experienced marketers who bring expertise to the full range of marketing activities, ranging from brand to sales channels.For whom?For businesses that do not reach the desired results, they need help or start something new.What?We promptly bring practice-tested processes, methods and a strategic approach to the table and we apply them in specific plans and activitiestailor-made for you. We will be like your internal marketing department.How?Your point of view is crucial. Our task is to get to know it, understand it and transform it into usable marketing.Our absolute advantage is strong experience in the field of trade marketing (business marketing) used directly in sales channels, whichguarantees business-oriented outputs.Why?Because we care about your success.Because we want you to know what marketing is all about and help yourself.Because we want to change the status of marketing in Slovakia and bring expertise there. ‘Every business does marketing even if they do not know about it ☺ . And now, they can do it conscientiously and effectively. Because in this way, they can stand out from the crowd and be better in their activities.’

WHO WE AREMag. Anka SabolováMarketing is my job and my hobby. I can use there my creativity, and at thesame time, I can help others turn their good ideas into reality. My approach isopen and honest. I like it when things, situations and relationships are clear.My communication and bargaining skills have often helped me solve evenseemingly irresolvable situations. My constructive approach and practicalityare instrumental in getting things done effectively. I see that marketing can bedone well only when it combines the years of experience with the right amountof enthusiasm, courage and sentiment.Ing. Naďa KaceraI am one of the people who get enthusiastic easily. I respect the work andsuccesses of others and I admire smart ideas. I believe that everything canalways be done better, so I like to try and test new approaches. This is theinspiration for my work in marketing, which is my life profession and muse yet.Marketing combines all areas of business. That is why I consider a well-established marketing strategy and plan to be crucial for achieving businessgoals. Here is where my skills of seeing things in context and transformingthem into practical plans come in useful. It is the intersection of talent andexperience.

LIKE TWO COGWHEELSThey are both different, but they complement and drive each other.It is verified that marketing is better developed in a team, as itsbasis is communication. And that requires at least two persons.Warning! The cogwheels must be in the air. On the ground, theyturn in the opposite direction and they cannot get anywhere.However, in the air, they drive each other. Thus, we can guaranteeyou A DIFFERENT POINT OF VIEW in our outputs.

WHAT DO WE OFFER? COMPLEX MARKETING CONSULTANCYMarketing audit Marketing plan Business plan‘SOMETHING IS WRONG, IT IS NO ‘I NEED MARKETING because I want to GROW ‘I KNOW WHAT I WANT, LET’S JUST PUT ITLONGER AS BEFORE’ SUSTAINABLY and BE PROFESSIONAL’ TOGETHER’A comprehensive marketing analysis Based on the developed marketing audit, or based on An overall assessment of the businessassessing the current state of your the specification of the problem areas and the goals of environment and help in developing a businessbusiness. It includes a set of the company management, we propose a marketing plan according to the client's needs andrecommendations. We recommend the plan. The output is a specific guide on how to take the assignment.audit to clients who experience a loss of opportunity, ranging from strategy to tactics (a specificeffectiveness, who fail to achieve goals, fall action plan) both in time and money. 1 Executive summaryinto routine or do not use their business 2 Professional entrepreneur profile and motivation for businesspotential. 1 Starting point summary 3 Portfolio/product 2 Situational analysis 4 Marketing plan1 Macro environment audit (market, competition, SWOT, 4P) 5 Organisational plan and employees2 Target environment audit 3 Mission — purpose, strategy and vision 6 Strategic direction 4 Marketing strategy 7 Founding budget3 Marketing strategy audit (competition, target audience, 8 Planned financial projections4 Marketing organisation audit price, distribution, communication, product and brand strategy) 5 Tactics (a precise plan of activities) a Revenue and expenditure plan5 Marketing systems audit 6 Priorities — the plan of activities arranged by their importance b Assets and liabilities plan6 Marketing functions audit 7 Budget c Cash flow plan7 Definition of issue areas8 Conclusions and recommendations

PARTIAL CONSULTANCY Portfolio management, brand development,BRAND MARKETING brand change, brand extension, brand delisting — leaving the marketBrand strategy Communication strategy‘TO MAKE YOUR BRAND LIVE’ ‘COMMUNICATE EVERYTHING YOU DO ... BENEFIT FROM IT’Developing a new brand and its market position, changing the A clearly defined concept expressing how and where to communicate inmarket position of an existing brand, working on the brand equity, order to meet expected goals. The communication plan is tailor-made forcreative, portfolio management. The output is a specific guide to your target audience, and we set it up in an integrated and strikingbrand/portfolio strategy, tactics (a specific action plan) both in time manner to exploit the synergy effect. The goal is to set theand money. At the same time, we create content that is the basis communication strategy effectively (even with a low budget) and in thefor communication (web, Facebook, articles, brochures, etc.). long term.1 Environmental and brand analysis 1 Situational analysis (market, brand, competition)2 Main insight identification 2 Setting communication goals — what you want to achieve when communicating with your target(the inner feeling of target audience) audience (pozn. ALEBO motivations that drive your audience’s behavior) 3 Communication message — creative line3 Target audience identification 4 Choice of communication mix — recommended communication channels and tools4 Positioning statement 5 Priorities — the plan of activities arranged by their importance5 Brand architecture — brand pyramid 6 Budget

PARTIAL CONSULTANCY Wholesale, retail chains, HoReCa, shoppers, traditionalTRADE MARKETING market, category and its management, services (art), tourism, FMCG, pharmacy, education and othersTrade marketing strategy Shopper marketing strategy Customer marketing strategy – vendors‘HOW TO PROPERLY ENTER and BE ‘HOW TO GET TO KNOW and ‘HOW TO ATTRACT, SELL and COOPERATESUCCESSFUL in YOUR SALES CHANNEL’ ATTRACT and MAINTAIN YOUR WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS IN THE LONG SHOPPERS’ TERM’Developing a strategy to increase demandand sales in your distribution channel Proposing a strategy to turn a customer Proposing a strategy on how to effectively(vendor, wholesale, trade, HoReCa). into the shopper of your — and not your cooperate with your customers (vendors) in yourConsidering the individual characteristics of competition’s — products. The output is a distribution channel. The output is a specificcustomer and shopper marketing. specific guide on how to take the guide on how to take the opportunity, ranging opportunity, ranging from strategy to from strategy to tactics (a specific action plan)1 Market and category analysis tactics (a specific action plan) both in time both in time and money.2 Product analysis using 4P in trade marketing and money.3 Basic findings — insights for the sales channel 1 Customer definition (segmentation)4 Customer, shopper and consumer definition 1 Situational analysis (market, channel, trade, category, 2 Analysis, objectives and customers’ key motives5 Trade marketing goals shoppers) 3 Strategy of cooperation with customers6 Trade marketing strategy 2 Shopper segmentation (includes a guide on how to lead a conversation, and the7 Marketing tactics using 4P — 4A 3 Setting communication goals, key preparation of a(product & placement & price & promotion) motives and insight — the inner feeling of shoppers sample presentation for negotiations)8 Action plan — according to priorities 4 Communication message — creative line for shoppers 4 Tactics to work with customers9 Budget 5 Selection of the communication mix (a plan of activities) 6 Action plan — according to priorities 5 Action plan — according to priorities 7 Budget 6 Budget

PARTIAL CONSULTANCYOTHERSBusiness identity Opponency to developed plans/analyses/tendersPreparing a comprehensive visual system for a company which Reviewing and commenting on existing plans, analyses and tendersdefines how the company should communicate visually with its prepared by a company or third party.customers. The goal is to distinguish yourself from your competitors,communicate the strengths of your company and make your company Implementation/assistance in plan implementation/outsourcing(brand) memorable. Executing an overall plan or individual activities, or assistance — help in the implementation directly in the client's company.Competition analysisDeveloping a competition analysis, an objective, fair and Additional servicescomprehensive view on the market and its actors in order to develop Managing social media, writing blogs and articles, market research,specific measures for the client. PR, online marketing, graphics, video, photography, pricing, drafting briefs and tenders for agencies, preparing documents for negotiationsHour counselling with key customers in FMCG and others.Consultations on specific marketing questions, plans, activities andideas according to the client’s need. Education Training, workshops (brainstorming), lectures, coaching.

Mag. ANKA SABOLOVÁ WORK EXPERIENCE - More than 11 years of practice in the full spectrum of marketing and 4 years of consulting practiceEDUCATION anka&naďa karneol consulting,Vienna University of Economics and Business, ATSpecialisation: Clients: Wutai, i2m, RC Kramárik, Divas drink,, Abakus, Tibor Kocsic, Pretty Photography, cooperation withEntrepreneurship and Innovation Management, SBA and othersInternational FinancePlekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, RU ST. NICOLAUS - trade, Ltd.(February – June 2004) Senior Brand Manager Developed and launched the most successful flavoured vodka in Slovakia — Nicolaus Extra Jemná Vodka. Prepared and implemented the corporate identity change. Audited internal management processes of marketing projects, and created a document archive database. Coca-Cola Hellenic, Ltd. FC Channel Marketing Manager CZ / SK Led a FC Channel team of 7 people for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Responsible for all sales channels in retail (modern and traditional market, petrol stations, education, labour). Created a picture of success for individual channels in cooperation with the business department and category management. Implemented the customer and shopper marketing strategy in the Slovak and Czech markets, which improved the quality of the work with the company’s portfolio and moved the collaboration with customers, such as Tesco, Metro and Billa, from the level of cooperation to the alliance. Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, Ltd. Modern Trade Channel Manager SK (Retail chains) Set up a model approach to launch new products in business channels (such as Coca-Cola Zero, Cappy Junior, Fanta relaunch, Illy, Monster and others). Run successful in-store campaigns and promotions. KPMG Slovensko Advisory, Ltd. Preparing tax returns for personal income tax. Counselling and working with local and international tax issues for both Slovak and foreign companies..

Ing. NAĎA KACERA WORK EXPERIENCE - More than 14 years of practice in the full spectrum of marketingEDUCATION anka&naďa karneol consulting,University of Economics in Bratislava (1999–2003)Specialisation: Business and Marketing Clients: RC Kramárik, Divas drink,, Abakus, Tibor Kocsic, Pretty Photography, cooperation with SBA and others Heineken Slovakia, Ltd. Brand Manager Created and implemented the rebranding and repositioning of the brand Corgoň in the market. Launched the successful product Corgoň 4 Malt and Corgoň Maurus. Created and managed multiple successful campaigns. Coca-Cola Hellenic, Ltd. Marketing Trade & Brand Project Manager CZ / SK Led a project team for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Launched the successful brands Monster, Romerquelle, Coca-Cola Zero, Nestea Vitao, Cappy Junior, Illyissimo and many others. Relaunched the brands Coca-Cola Light, Fanta, Cappy and others. Managed the business planning process at the department level, including the three-year plans. Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, Ltd. Modern Trade Channel Manager Designed and implemented then-revolutionary processes for key customers relationships. Set up internal processes for collaboration between internal marketing departments, key customer managers and supply chain departments. This measure led to more comfortable working environment and the synchronisation of the departments’ goals with processes. MEDIAN SK, Ltd. Account Manager SK Responsible for communication and preparation of statistical reports MML (Market & Media & Lifestyle). Data survey for the Slovak media TV Markíza, TV JOJ, New Time Diary and all other media in Slovakia.

CONTACTKARNEOL Consulting, [email protected]. Anna Sabolová Ing. Naďa Kacera+421 911 055 050 +421 907 925 364

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