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Published by prashant.kadam2891, 2016-10-20 06:49:48

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The Employee Engagement Quotient - Jan-Sep 201675th Anniversary Special Edition

75th Anniversary of Grindwell NortonIn 2016, Grindwell Norton celebrates its 75th Anniversary. Established in 1941, Grindwell Abrasives,as Grindwell Norton was then known, pioneered the manufacturing of grinding wheels in India.Since then the company has come a long way and has grown from strength to strength. Reflectingits origin and evolution over the years, a rich and unique culture combining values andprofessionalism permeates GNO. As GNO gears for its 75th Anniversary, it has its eyes set firmly onthe future –a future marked by sustained growth, strong profitability and market leadership.Theme for the 75th Anniversary SO ALIVE to the changing needs of our customers: We innovate to offer leading products and solutions to meet these needs SO ALIVE to creating a flourishing work environment: We are active, energetic and enthusiastic and do what it takes to think beyond and stay ahead SO ALIVE to embracing our values in all that we do: We are committed to strictly adhering to our Principles and our Code SO ALIVE to taking care of the environment: We are committed to build a sustainable future and embed sustainable solutions in our business strategy SO ALIVE to creating collaborative stakeholder relationships: We build a strong connect with our customers, our dealers, our suppliers, our shareholders and the communities in the midst of which we live and work

F un A happier work environment, where � events & festivals are celebrated together, creates a sense of bondingWork and belongingness.

F un 75th Anniversary Celebration � Winners of GNO’s 75th AnniversaryWork Theme Contest By the end of 2015, GNO announced the 75th Anniversary Theme Contest calling for suggestions and ideas on what should be the theme for the Anniversary. The contest saw an overwhelming response with more than 400 entries received from employees. These ideas provided for the creation of the Anniversary theme – SOALIVE@75. The contest winners were felicitated at their respective locations by the senior management.(t(HhL-eeRa)tdoMkOer.pnAeotruaf ltaiKopunpmsre-acNria(atHigoipmnuafrrc&ohmaHl MiPmrra.adSceahscahhl )iPnrleaAcnretoi)vraing (rMHLe-ciRrm.e)SiaMvaiccnrhh.gaSinltahPnAeldarotenoretak)pe(SHnheoaafrdmapOapp(reHerciamiatitaoiconhnsa-flrNPoramagdpeusrh&)(R-L) Mr. Sanjay Chiplunkar (Mora) receiving ao(Rnf-daLp) amArnb(uVapPi)a–rmeFcaienViavaniindcgeyat&h(eVITPt)o-kHenR)the token of appreciation from Mr. V. R. Mahadevan(Business Head – Bonded Abrasives)MMr(eLur-c.RmeA)ivnbMiiannrig.,dMAythbaareAnattgsooiavksseehtsnyY) a(oBdfraaavpnp(cMhreuMcmiaatbnioaaingBefrrrao-nmch) Mr(eRrc-.LeH)ivMeimnr.gaStnahtiehCthHoaMkrean(nHoAefnaadgpa–prarAep(cBpiaaltincioganatiloofrnroemEBnrgainncehe)ring)

Glimpses of the celebrations across locationsHere’s a snapshot of the events organized as a part of the anniversary celebration across locations in India…Himachal PradeshEmployees forming the shape of ‘75’ on the Plantation of 75 saplingsoccasion of World Environment Day, 2016 SG I NDE C, MumbaiHO, MumbaiAs a part of the Anniversary celebration and to Posing near the old headquarters: 42 Cyclists fromsupport the cause of Saint-Gobain India SG INDEC participated in “Mumbai Heritage MidnightFoundation (SGIF), a team from Mumbai Cycle Tour” – a 20 km cyclothon at South Mumbaiparticipated in the Standard Chartered MumbaiMarathon 2016 Tirupati NagpurInauguration of ’75 Years Theme Park’ by (L-R) Employees forming the shape of ‘75’ on theMr. Samir Bou Obeid (VP - Abrasives), Mr. Anand occasion of World Environment Day, 2016Mahajan (Managing Director), Mr. T. S. NarayanaPrasad (Business Head - Thin Wheels) &Mr. Sachin Arora (Head Operations - Nagpur &Himachal Plant)

F un 75th Anniversary Celebration � Memory Lane ContestWork The Memory Lane Contest encouraged employees across locations to share their memories associated with the company. An overwhelming response was received with employees sharing stories and anecdotes of the good old days at GNO. A series of comunication mailers & posters were circulated across locations to promote the contestLines That Rhyme – PoetryWriting ContestAs a part of the contest, employees were encouraged towrite poems on various topics related to GNO such as theAnniversary, the products and services we offer or anythingwhich the employees like about GNO. The contest, whichprovided an opportunity to put forth the creative side, waswell received by all. A series of comunication mailers & posters were circulated across locations to promote the contest

The Times of GNODecked with pictures and stories, 'The Times of GNO', a special bi-monthly publication was sent by post tothe employee residences from June onwards. The newspaper offered a perfect blend of information aboutthe company, its people, the rich history and glimpses from the on-going celebratory moments & in-housecompetitions across locations in India.June 2016 August 2016movie TimeThe Movie Time contest invited short films made byemployees based on the 5 pillars of the Anniversarytheme. Chosen films will be screened soon on theKaltura platform.

F un 75th Anniversary Celebration � Games Fest 2016Work Games Fest 2016, a series of locally-led games began in the month of August. The fest, which stretches till the end of October, brings with it an array of indoor and outdoor games such as Carrom, Chess, Table Tennis, Cricket and Badminton. Each of the games that have been played till now has witnessed an enthusiastic participation. Here’s a snapshot of a few of them…BangaloreCricket tournament organized in June 2016. Chess tournament held in August 2016.7 participating teams played inter-business matches as a part It witnessed 34 participants competing forof the tournament a place in the finaleftOroorugmranndaiimzffeeedrneitnnstSabewputspeianmretbsicseierps2a0ti1o6n, the Carrom First round of TT matches was conducted in of employees September 2016. Around 40 participants enrolled themselves for the tournamentHalol SG INDEC, Mumbai1th1e2HpaPrRtiHciaplaonl Ptsrefmroimer8LetaegaumesipnaArptirciilp2a0t1e6d in Box Cricket League was organised in May 2016. 10 teams participated in the tournament

HO, Mumbai NagpurFirst round of TT matches was conducted First round of Badminton tournament witnessedin September 2016. Around 20 participants participation from 80 employeesenrolled themselves for the tournamentHimachal PradeshFirst round of Carrom tournament Thinking over the next move - 30 Cricket 2016 was organised in thewitnessed 48 participants battling participants took part in the chess month of April. More than 60 employeesit out to go to the next round competition participated in the tournamentVolleyLive – All India Volleyball ChampionshipVolleyLive, the national-level volleyball tournament binding all GNO locations in one team-spirit began inAugust 2016. Matches were played in three rounds - Intra-unit, Inter-unit, Semi Finals & Finals. Here's presentingpicturesque moments from the Grand Finale held in Mumbai.Opening Ceremony Exhibition Match

F un 75th Anniversary Celebration �WorkWinners - Himachal Warriors, Himachal Pradesh Runners up - The Moracians, MoraMan of the Match - Vinod Jaiswal, Best Defender - Sudeep More, The MoraciansHimachal WarriorsBest Spiker - Mohd. Iftikhar, Himachal Warriors Best Lifter - Vivek Kumar Rana, Himachal Warriors

Festivals and other eventsAlong with the events that have been centered around the 75th Anniversary celebration, our teams also celebratedseveral festivals and events across locations within GNO.New Year Celebration NagpurMoraCelebrations included make-up competition for ladies, Celebrations included cake cutting ceremony along withSanta surprise for kids and Tambola game for all sweets distribution. Employees relived their childhood memories by playing the game of ‘Chhippi’Lohri CelebrationHimachal PradeshLohri was celebrated on 13th January, 2016. Employees gathered around the bonfire and enjoyed gur rewri, peanutsand popcorn which were offered as refreshmentsSankranti Celebrations TirupatiNagpur‘Kite flying’ was organized on 14th January, The factory premises were decorated beautifully2016. Sweets were distributed to all as a part with a Rangoli. Employees, dressed in traditionalof the celebration attire, gathered at the Bhogi bonfire as a part of the celebration

F un Festivals and other events � Republic Day CelebrationWork Mora Nagpur The event was attended by employees, campus The event was attended by the security families, Mora police personnel and kids from personnel and the workers from the plant. the Mora government school. Flag hoisting After the Flag hoisting ceremony and the ceremony and a group song by the school girls National Anthem, sweets and snacks were were the highlights of the celebration distributedSG INDEC, Mumbai QIcnoudniizdao,uancntgededtnraeiscroaalloparawdrtareroesfnstiehnsegsecaovnemdnptfaecttitsioanbowuatsHoli Celebration NagpurHimachal PradeshTcohleoeumrfupllohyaenedspcreinletbsroantecdhhaortlipbaypdeirsspalacyroinsgs Employees enjoyed the Holi bash organised atthe plant the site

Corporate soccer TournamentBhutan Team from SGCMBPL participated in the Corporate Soccer tournament that was conducted in Pasakha, Bhutan on 13th March, 2016Employee Get-TogetherHimachal Pradesh Mora A2bn0otnlhlyuAwaplorGiol,ed2tn-0tu1om6g.ebEtehmrespralwonyadeseaoslsrdgoaasnnhciazeerdeddtootnhtheeirlatest An employee get-together was organized at workplace memories Mora on 6th April, 2016Bengali Food Festival Employee PicnicHO & SG INDEC, Mumbai MoraB2e9nthgAaplirfilo,o2d01fe6s.tAivvaal rwieatsyoorfgBaennizgeadliodnelicacies Employees went aown aaysfhroormt tMripumtobIami agica, awere served theme park little

F un Festivals and other events � Auspicious PoojaWork Mora A Satyanarayana Pooja was held on 24th May, 2016. All the workers and staff gathered together for the poojaMocktail ContestHO, Mumbai‘Cheers to Health’ – Mocktail Contest was conducted on 17th June, 2016. It witnessed mouthwatering& healthy mocktails prepared by 8 teams. The contest had two winners – one from the judges’ choiceand the other from the audience votesFriendship Day CelebrationHO & SG INDEC, MumbaiMonsoon Carnival & Friendship day celebration was organized on 9th August, 2016. Fun games andphoto booth contest were the highlights of the celebration. Lip-smacking monsoon snacks wereserved as a part of the celebration

Dahi Handi Corporate Volleyball TournamentMora Bhutan tftFrooaargmdmeiittelihiodeensarafthrlooudmeamnhatjiohnhyeaptMnyhdrioasirmeavicdeantmto.pTbuhreseajeokmitnhpeedloyees A team from SGCMBPL participated in the Women’s corporate volleyball tournamentGanesh chaturthi organized on 4th September, 2016 at Pasakha,Celebration BhutanMora Engineer’s Day Celebration Himachal PradeshThe families from the Mora campus came The event was conducted from 13th to 15thtogether to celebrate the 5 day festival. Fun September, 2016. Activities like Quiz, Crossword andgames, dance and movie screening were identify the personality witnessed activeconducted during the festival participation. Winners received gift vouchers

Mind From learning sessions to safety � workshops to value-add courses, we have been doing it all to nurtureWork a conducive work culture at GNO.

Mind Yoga Sessions � To celebrate the International Yoga Day, several locations across GNO organizedWork Yoga sessions for employees. The sessions focused on breath control, meditation and basic exercises. The sessions witnessed an active participation from employees Halol across age groups.More than 30 employees participated in the session on Upa Yoga that helps relieve stress andtirednessHimachal Pradesh Around 100 employees participated in the session that taught basic yoga techniquesHO, MumbaiBasic yoga exercises, techniques for breathing and relaxation & fundamental yoga positions were taughtduring the session

Learning Week – HO, MumbaiAs a part of the Learning Week, which was celebrated worldwide by all Saint-Gobain Group companies from27th June to 1st July 2016, multiple learning sessions were conducted at the Head Office in Mumbai. Thesesessions addressed employee groups on several functional and non-functional topics such as Grow fromWithin, Finance for Non-finance and an activity based workshop on Building Trust.Grow from WithinThis interactive session began with Mr. DeepakChindarkar (VP – Finance & IT) sharing a fewanecdotes from the start of his career withGrindwell Norton. These anecdotes highlighted theefforts one must put-in especially at the beginningof his/her career. As the session progressed,Mr. Chindarkar put forth some key elements oflearnings that helped him to build a successfulcareer Finance For Non-Finance Few basic business financial concepts were discussed in this session which was conducted by Mr. Jaysheel Vachhrajani (Senior Manager, Finance). This session was organized to facilitate learnings for non – finance functionsAssertiveness & Building TrustThe session was conducted by an external trainer,Mr. Amit Mankani (Co-Founder, Leap Inc.). This softskill development session focused on various teambuilding activities. The exercises conducted duringthis session not only kept the participants engagedbut also gave them key learnings on assertivenessand building trust amongst team members.Participants were also given a self-assessmentquestionnaire to enhance their understanding ontheir communication patterns and make themaware the way they interact with others in varioussituations

Mind Training Sessions � Training sessions form an integral part of our endeavor in creating a conduciveWork working environment. Sessions are conducted not only for the staff grade but also for the operators to help them enhance their knowledge and skillsets in order to perform Bhutan better in their professional roles.First Aid training workshop was conducted by The Disaster Management training was conductedSt. John Ambulance Association on 3rd & 4th on 24th & 25th May, 2016 by Association of BhutanSeptember, 2016 Industries for all the Industries at Pasakha, BhutanMora With an objective to enhance the knowledge on Labour Laws, a training programme was conducted for teamNagpur members at Mora plant on 18th June, 2016. Focalpoint Management Services, an external training consultancy, provided support in the implementation of the programme. Apart from covering the basics of Labour Law, the session specifically focused on the Factories Act and the Contract Labour ActThe Operator training program was conducted on 29th July, 2016 by Mr. Sanjay Agrawal (external trainer). Itcovered topics like self-management, stress management, communication skills, industrial safety and teambuilding. Around 34 operators participated in this session

The WCM Yellow Belt training program was conducted on 29th and 30th July, 2016. This two-day trainingprogram was conducted by Mr. Sharathchandra Dongre (Sr. Manager – WCM & Facilities, SGIPL). Around 20staff members participated in this sessionLong Service Awards 2015Long Service Awards, an initiative that recognizes employees’ contribution towards the organization wasorganized across 3 locations. The initiative, which celebrates the achievements of those who have dedicated 15, 25and 35 years’ service, holds a special place within GNO.Bangalore Mora Nagpur

United Be it International Women’s Day or � the Road Safety Week, we ensure that we live the spirit of a safer,Work healthier & happier workplace.

United National Safety Week Celebration � 45th National Safety Week was celebrated from 4th to 10th March, 2016. As a part of theWork celebration, a host of safety awareness programs were conducted across locations.Himachal Pradesh MoraSafety Pledge, Emergency Response Team Training The event began with the Flag hoisting ceremony& Mock Evacuation Drills were organised to followed by the Safety Pledge. Safety relatedreiterate our commitment towards safety competitions were conducted and winners were presented with prizes as a part of the ceremonyNagpurAll the employees assembled for the Safety Pledge. This was followed by a Safety Rally by the workers andthe staff membersTirupati Safety Pledge, Safety slogan competition, Safety suggestion competition & training on First Aid were conducted for employee awareness

International Women’s Day CelebrationA host of initiatives were organized across locations to commemorate the global day in recognition of theeconomic, political and social achievements of women. Each location celebrated the occasion with a lot ofgusto and cheer.Bangalore Bhutan34 women employees were part of the The day began with inauguration of new garden bycelebration which included cake cutting, fun the employees. This was followed by the Cakegames & special lunch cutting ceremonyHO & SG INDEC, Mumbai HalolA workshop on ‘Pot Decoration with Decoupage A fun outing was organized as a part of the celebration.Technique’ was organized at both the locations. The employees were given a special gift as a token ofThe employees were greeted with a card and a appreciationbouquet on their arrival to work MoraHimachal PradeshA series of small team building games were Employees as well as spouses of employees from Moraorganized. The winners were given prizes and a campus took part in events like dress game, group song,hi-tea was arranged with senior management tambola. Bollywood film ‘English Vinglish’ was screened followed by the cake cutting ceremony

United Tirupati �Work The celebration began with note from Mr. B Shankaraiah, General Manager – SiC, followed by the cake cutting ceremony, experience sharing and screening of motivational videos for employeesHealth CampsIn an endeavor to raise health awareness and to highlight the importance of regular health check-ups amongstemployees, health checkup camps were conducted across some of the locations.Mora NagpurA general Health Checkup camp was The Annual Medical Camp was organized forconducted for staff as well as workmen and all employees, including workmen andcontractual employees contractual employeesEHS CampMora EHS camp for the school kids from Mora public school was conducted on 2nd May 2016. The purpose of the camp was to sensitize the young generation about importance of Environment and Cleanliness. This was followed by a poster making competition for kids

World Environment Day CelebrationThe World Environment Day is observed every year on 5th June to raise global awareness on positiveenvironmental actions and protection of mother nature. Celebrations across locations included:Bhutan Halol75 saplings were donated to a neighbouring school Sapling plantation by the senior managementHimachal Pradesh MoraTo sensitize the younger generation on this topic, A campus cleanliness drive was undertaken as partschool children were invited to participate in various of the celebrations. Employees were divided intoevents like skit, painting, poetry, declamation etc. groups and handed over an area to cleanWinners in each category received prizes Tirupati Environment awareness session and sapling plantation were organized at the site

United Nagpur �Work The celebrations included plantation of 75 Saplings in the GNO 75 years Theme Park by employees and their families, followed by painting competition for employees’ childrenBlood Donation CampBlood donation is one of the most significant contributions that an individual can make towards the society. Asa part of this noble gesture, series of Blood Donation Camps were conducted across some of the locations.HalolThe camp was organized on 14th June, 2016. More than 50 staff, team members & contractualworkers donated 45 bottles of bloodNagpur Tirupat iBlood Donation camp was organized on 11th The camp was conducted on 7th April, 2016. 26 unitsMarch, 2016. A total of 56 bottles of blood were of blood were donated to 'Sri Venkateswara Institute ofdonated Medical Sciences Blood Bank'

Independence Day CelebrationHimachal Pradesh Workplace decoration and Antakshari competition were organized as a part of the celebration. The winners were felicitated by the senior managementHO, MumbaiThe event ‘Bringing Colours Alive’ was conducted on 19th August, 2016 as part of the Independence Daycelebration. Employees celebrated the occasion with kids from Aseema Charitable trust, an NGOsupported by the Saint-Gobain India Foundation. The kids painted aprons as a tribute to the late Indianpainter Padma Vibhushan Syed Haider Raza. The aprons were later gifted to the children from the NGONagpur MoraThe event was attended by employees as well The event was attended by employees, campusas staff. Flag hoisting and national anthem families, Mora Police personnel and kids fromwas followed by sweets distribution and the Mora government school. Flag Hoisting,snacks to all National Anthem and a group song by school girls were the highlights of this event

United Glimpses from the Saint–Gobain � Stepathlon Challenge 2016WorkHimachal PradeshThe team preparing for the 100 days race, one step at a time!NagpurNagpur Teams ready to Step it Up! Cycling their way to officeTirupatiTaking the pledge to get in shape for the future

Reward Our performance is in our people - and men & women who strive constantly towards excellence. OurRecognition Reward and Recognition program allows us to encourage and endorse the efforts made by our people. From a simple message to as elaborate as a formal event, we do it all to appreciate good work.

Reward Reward and Recognition (internal) and within grindwell Norton & the Saint-Gobain GroupRecognition Grindwell Norton’s SiC plant – Tirupati achieves Bronze rating at the HSE Audit GNO’s SiC (Silicon Carbide) plant at Tirupati achieved Bronze level rating at the HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) Label SiC Roadmap IV audit, which was conducted in 2015 by SiC Business worldwide. It is the first plant amongst the SiC plants within the Saint-Gobain Group Worldwide to receive this certification. The award was received by Mr. B. Shankaraiah (General Manager – SiC, Tirupati) on 20th January, 2016 at ParisThe Blue Way Digital AwardGNO Abrasives team received theBlue Way Award for its digitalinitiatives under the ‘We and You’axis of the Blue Way program. Theteam won this award for its ‘Ease ofDealing’ initiative which has beendeveloped for the distributors inIndia. The initiative was consideredto be the best from amongst othercompeting projects acrossdelegationsBest Performance Achievers Annual AwardsThe Performance Achievers Awards bring to the fore exceptional achievements made by individuals andteams in-line with the company’s objectives. This recognition focuses on identifying a particular type ofexemplary or noteworthy performance. From improving productivity, achieving business goals with anexceptional display of our values to stretching the limits to meet and exceed customer expectations,the awards applaud champions over a range of categories across departments

Bangalore HimachalThe award ceremony was conducted on 12th March The ceremony was conducted on 20th April, 2016. The2016. The ceremony was attended by staff members winners were felicitated by Mr. T. S. Narayana Prasad, Business Head – Thin Wheels & Construction ProductsNagpur The ceremony was conducted on 13th June, 2016. The winners were felicitated by Mr. V. R. Mahadevan, Business Head – Bonded SOA and Mr. T. S. Narayana Prasad, Business Head – Thin Wheels & Construction ProductsDelegation EHS Awards Felicitation CeremonyNagpurThe ceremony was held on 22nd July, 2016 to felicitate the EHS team members who were recognized at theDelegation EHS Awards

Reward andRecognition Grade A for SG INDEC at Group Internal Audit SG INDEC (Saint-Gobain India Development Center) was accredited Grade A at the Group IT audit in May 2016. The audit scope encompassed all SG INDEC activities including Applications and Infrastructure Management. To celebrate this success, a Gala Nite was organized on 17th June, 2016 in Mumbai REWARD AND RECOGNITION (EXTERNAL) OUTSIDE GRINDWELL NORTON & THE SAINT-GOBAIN GROUP ABCI Awards, 2015 The Saint-Gobain India Delegation received 2 awards at the 55th Association of Business Communicators of India (ABCI) Annual Awards 2015 held in Mumbai on 18th March 2016. The team received a Gold trophy for the ‘E-awareness module on Zero Tolerance towards Sexual Harassment at the workplace’ and a Bronze trophy for the Saint-Gobain India corporate website

‘The Best Development Support’ Award from Schae er Group Grindwell Norton (GNO) Abrasives recently received “The Best Development Support” award for the year 2015-16 from Schaeffler Group in recognition of its contribution in the development of a specialized grinding application. The award ceremony took place on 20th May, 2016 at Schaeffler’s India Supplier Meet 2016

Email Through consistent emailCommunication communication, we celebrate our culture of openness, sharing & caring. From festive greetings to employee engagement updates, we keep our people abreast with the most recent development in the sphere of engagement.

Email Makar Sankranti & Pongal WishesCommunication Lohri WishesRepublic Day wishes Greetings on International Women’s DayHoli Wishes Greetings on World Health Day

Gudi Padwa Wishes Invitation for the ‘Bengali Food Fest’Wishes on International No-Tobacco Day Greetings on World Environment Day Greetings on International Yoga DayMocktail Contest Eid Greetings

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