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Taylor Morrison’s Active Lifestyle Guide

Published by Digital Flipbooks, 2017-01-05 11:58:08

Description: Taylor Morrison's Active Lifestyle Guide

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IT’S TIME TOMAKE THERIGHT MOVE simBpuleyrintghaanhoI mtheoiusght

COME HOME TOA PRIVATESANCTUARYWhether it’s grabbing your favorite drinkand kicking off your shoes as you head toyour favorite space to unwind from theday or you step outside to your patio tobreathe in the fresh air, when you ownyour own space life feels so good.IWcahnenreI lhaaxvwehmeynepvlaecre,I want

BUY INTHE HEARTOF IT ALLYou have always wanted to live closeto it all, but to own your home near allthe action was only a dream. Now thatdream has become your reality and youlive for your morning runs and yourcarefree bike rides to your favorite cafe. Iaflnaovdvoelrivibtieenignegsnceianaprtehmeyaction,

We offer loans with credit scores as low as 600* CREDITDOWNPAYMENT APPROVAL We offer loans 95%We APPROVE over with as little as of our loan 3% applications* down*

THE NUMBERS OWN VS. RENTLOOK GOOD The national average monthly cost to buy a home is 28% less than renting* INVESTMENT Existing home values have increased nearly 30% since 2012** Restrictions apply. Ask a Taylor MorrisonHome Funding Loan Consultant for complete details.

GET THECREDIT YOUDESERVEYou play smart and work smart. Overthe years you’ve paid rent and investedin someone else’s future. Now that youunderstand the importance of goodcredit and you’ve been steadily buildingyours, it’s time to take action and buy ahome. Let your roommates help pay yourmortgage and you invest in your future.Say gaonoddhbeylelototombyeilnagndolnoerd

N otheinntgerctoaminp

npianrgesattomy own home A PLACE TO GATHER Get-togethers at your place with your friends become the norm. There isn’t a restrictive “Quiet Hours” sign posted outside. You can laugh and play your music as late as your heart desires. And hosting family gatherings fill you with pride and a sense of accomplishment. Every laugh, every moment creates new memories you will never forget.

36% I want to invest in my future35 and under owna home 92% Under 40 want to work from home Owning provides more options for dedicated home office67%of Americans Owna Pet.When I own, I can saygoodbye to pet deposits

67% THE POWER OF Millennials stick HOME to a budget OWNERSHIPMortgages have fixed options so 53%they don’t go up like my rent of Millennial Households $64.8 have children BILLION My priorities are evolving around spent annually on education and community Sporting Goods * Sourced from multiple websites. I will enjoy extra space to store my toys

ENJOY YOURBREATHINGROOMYou have hobbies and you like having yourthings near you, easy to access. Now youcan say goodbye to that one tiny closet thatwas supposed to store all of your prizedpossessions. Go ahead and hang yoursurfboard on the wall in the family room ormount a rack in your garage to park your kayak. Irto’somallfmorinmeyanhdobtbhieerse’s

ADMIRE YOURFREEDOM OFEXPRESSIONYou have your own style and you love toexpress it. Every room, every space, andevery wall is a blank canvas waiting to reflectyour personality. You love the freedomto paint the walls, hang up your favoritepictures, and change just about everything,without having to ask permission. Itw’shamtyevheormme,akI ecsanmdeohappy

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