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Late Model Digest 34-09

Published by jimcarsonlmd, 2022-05-07 02:23:33

Description: Late Model Digest volume 34 # 9, featuring pavement Late Model racing and racers from the last two weekends of April in 2022. Major events include the first two shows on the ARCA Midwest Tour schedule in Wisconsin, Outlaw Late Model openers in Michigan, the Leonard Evans 150 weekend in Washington and the CARS Tour's visit to a reopened track in Jacksonville NC. Also featured are the surprise driver in the 2022 Kulwicki Driver Development Program finalist list, a fabulous duel between teenagers at Madera CA, and three drivers collecting their first wins since major hospital stays.

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Teenager Goetz, visiting veteran Newhouse win at Wenatchee • Crump creates another Berlin triumph • Fenhaus, Kahler win in upper Midwest

Coverage… 10 . ARCA Midwest Contents... Johnson, Fenhaus early title fighters 12 . Big 8 Classic run at Rockford for Kahler, plus more from around Midwest 14 . Michigan Outlaws open at Kalamazoo, Spartan, plus Berlin’s breaker, Hull and Head 18 . Alabama Montgomery mastery for Garcia 19 . Florida Winner, podium run at Auburndale 11 Kim Kemperman 20 . New England ACT, PASS and Granite State 33 28 . Virginia Queen, Sellers total most of the wins Publisher & Editor: Jim Carson - Twitter: @JimCarsonLMD 30 . More Late Model Stock Cars Circulation & Distribution: Porsha Chalmers Advertising: Jim Carson & Jane Smith Connor collects first in CARS, plus a rivalry established at Concrete Jungle Contributors… 32 . South Carolina David Allio Dave Drews Randy Jones Randall Perry Visits from APLLMS and SEST Bobby Amos Randy Ellen Stan Kalwasinski James Price Howie Balis Renee Farr Kim Kemperman Todd Ridgeway 9 33 . CRA Jeff Blaser Michael Fettig Rick Kimball Paul Robinson Mark Bochiardy Ron Fox Skip Konkle Joan Roue Salem double dip for Roderick Marv Bohling Dave Franks Eric LaFleche Jeff Sandt Lisa Brady Mary J. Fraundorf Corey Latham Bill Sherman Daylen Robertson 34 . Northwest Troy Bregy Scot French Chuck Look Jason Shultz Linda Brittsan Shari Garber Mike Lysakowski David Sink Regular Items… Local youngster, Idaho veteran win at Buddy Bryan Jeff Garvin James MacDonald Lee Sisco Wenatchee, plus Tellstrom’s Treasure Chuck Buchanan Robert Gill Ken MacIsaac Derek Smith 4 Editorial: Coming off the Corners Bill Carr Chuck Gonzalez Michele Martin Joe Starr 5 Pit Notes 38 . California Mike Cavanah Chuck Green Norm Marx Marty Strimple 6 Track Report: Mobile, Oxford, Midvale Neil Cavanah Roger Grevenkamp Brandi Matteoni Leif Tillotson 8 Race Coverage: ARCA, CPLMS, Rhododendron blooms for Nissen, Chuck Chamblee Kory Hales Mark Melchiori Mark Truman teen standouts duel at Madera, and Keith Cooper Ron Harner Scott McIlwain Ivan Veldhuizen SuperCup, Western Canada two two-time winners at Kern County Rich Corbett Jim Harris Tina Menhennick Laura Ward 23 Scoreboard Norm Cote Jim Hausske Rod Meyering Rick Warren 27 Catchin’ Up with ... Kate Re Cover image from Kim Kemperman Don Croucher Dan Hawk Robert Michon Jason Wedehase 27 Meet ... Jonathan Worley Mike Damic Drew Hierwarter Paul Miller Jamie Williams 43 Business Guide Martin DeFries Jason Hierwarter David Misco Darrell Willrath 46 Checkered Flag Jim DenHamer Lori Hopper Bruce Nuttleman Tom Wilsey 48 Flashback on Back Page: Bobby Dotter Tom DeVette Doug Hornickel Tiffany O’Neall Christina Wolff Debi Domby Robert Howell Chris Owens Mike Wright Denise Doss Jim Jones Deanna Penry Late Model Digest is published every two weeks from mid-January to mid-December, 24 times per year. It is now available for free. Email or call to get on the mailing list. Advertising deadline is Monday before publication. News copy deadline is 6 p.m. Tues- day before publication. Business phone (706) 677-1017. Email: [email protected] World Wide Web: Facebook:

Coming off the Corners by Jim Carson Time at racetrack much better than hospital Normally a pair of April 23 races at bullrings in Billy McKinney Barberton, Ohio, and Sayre, Ala., aren’t going Mike Mazzagatti grabbed top honors in the season opener at Barberton, Ohio, five months after he was nearing to make national news. They were short the end of a long hospitalization for the coronavirus. weekly shows; the Buckeye State track drew seven Late Models and the place in the land of Dixie at- ried about me walking and getting healthy again. I still old underwent open heart surgery to repair an abnor- tracted 11. have a hard time getting out of the car.” mality from birth called a bicuspid aortic valve. But this is why every race is important. The Fellow area veteran John Ambrose came to drive “I won the King of Dixie race that August, and winners were celebrating as if they had won the Glass his car back to tech from the winner’s circle. Ambrose when I pulled into victory lane I was struggling after City 200 or Rattler 250, possibly the biggest races in wasn’t the only one appreciative; he heard a strong shutting the car off,” Callaway said. “The next thing I their respective home states. That’s because Mike Maz- cheer from the fans. Mazzagatti helped keep Barberton know I’m on the ground and everybody’s slapping me zagatti and Alan Callaway had overcome some serious Speedway alive when he owned the track for a few on the helmet, hooting and hollering. I thought it was health issues to get back behind the wheel and into years. Early in 2020 he sold the track to longtime area just too hot. Two months later I fell down again, then victory lane. racing sponsor and former car owner Greg Prunty, but one time I did it in front of my wife and she jerked me even though Mazzagatti concentrates on his scrapyard up and had me in a cardio place.” For Mazzagatti, the problem was the same thing business during the week, he’s still one of the track’s that has dominated the world since early in 2020. He primary supporters. Callaway went through rehab and raced a few contracted COVID-19 last August, and his case was times in 2021. Occasionally he’d struggle breathing, among one of the worst; there was some type 2 dia- Getting back behind the wheel of the #87 was because the surgeons had to collapse one lung to get to betes involved as his prevailing preexisting condition. more than just a sign of normalcy for him. He was his heart. This victory, climbing from fourth on the Mazzagatti spent the better part of three months in a going to be at the track anyway, because 10-year-old grid to the lead in the 50-lapper, was some of his best hospital, with half of that stint in a coma. He lost about daughter Chloe is racing bandoleros, but his younger therapy. 90 pounds over the adventure, then over the winter he son Michael might have been the one to talk him into had to perform seemingly-normal tasks such as walk- running this season opener. And he had ordered this “There were tears of joy getting the monkey off ing and eating. Senneker chassis, serviced at the new Needles Speed my back,” he said. “If I was Carl Edwards, I probably Solutions shop, before he got sick. He also has a tem- would’ve done a backflip off the car.” Once those things were back to normal, he was plate-bodied chassis from FLF Race Cars and wants to thinking about racing again. That dream came true visit tracks as far away as Nashville Fairgrounds These are the kinds of stories which can reignite one week after Easter, especially when he won the fea- Speedway later this year. an entire racing community, even though Mazzagatti ture. isn’t likely to perform great athletic feats. Other sports The dream of racing came true for Callaway and definitely other professions and families have sim- “It was the beginning of December when I started sooner after his health scare. Late in 2020 the 33-year- ilar success stories. It’s like when they ring a bell when thinking about it, although my family was more wor- releasing a cancer patient. Corey Guthrie At Sayre, Ala., Alan Callaway scored his first win since heart surgery in late 2020. 4 • • May 6, 2022

Northwest May 21 and run on seven more Sat- Midwest Tour Speedway in Morris, Ill., July 23 at State urdays. The biggest Pro race of the year at Park Speedway near Wausau, Wis., and Montana 200 back the 3/8-mile oval will be the Aug. 21 Hot Purse boost for Aug. 20 at Hawkeye Downs Speedway in August Nights 100 presented by Racing Cedar Rapids, Iowa. at Mission Valley Dynamiks. Jefferson event Obituary Mission Valley Super Oval, a quarter- Ohio The May 28 ARCA Midwest Tour mile in Polson, Mont., is scheduled to race at Jefferson Speedway will be the • Dale Offdenkamp, an occasional host the Montana 200 Super Late Model Crumrine set to be first of four Midwest is Best Bonus events driver who was more frequently the crew race for the second straight year. This will on the 2022 schedule. More than $2,500 chief for his brother Kevin’s Late Models be the 31st overall edition; from 1991- memorialized in May has been added to the purse of the Salute at Grundy County Speedway and the old 2019 the event was held at the now- the Troops 100 at the quarter-mile near Illiana Motor Speedway, died April 21 in closed Raceway Park in Kalispell. Longtime Buckeye State short-track Cambridge, Wis.; the race will now pay Coal City, Ill. Dale was 67. driver and crowd favorite John Crum- $700 to start the feature. This year’s 200, with presenting rine, who passed away in January at age sponsors in S&S Sports and NAPA Auto 66, will be the honoree of a special Out- The other Midwest is Best Bonus Parts stores in Polson, Ronan and around law Late Model race May 28 at Barberton races will be July 9 at Grundy County the University of Montana, is set for July Speedway. 15-16 with an optional Thursday practice day. The winner’s prize has been con- The Crumrine Memorial presented firmed at $10,000. by Import Auto Care and Greg’s Towing will be a 44-lap race with a $2,044 top It’s the only Super race at any Mon- prize. Those numbers are set in memory tana paved oval this year. MVSO has a of Crumrine, from nearby Akron, Ohio. Pro Late Model class which is set to debut May 6, 2022 • • 5

Alabama California Florida Hall; 3. Zack Dixon; 4. Josh Hicks; 5. Hudson Halder April 23 Outlaw: 1. Hunter Johnson; 2. Wil Griffis; 3. Huntsville Speedway Orange Show Speedway Five Flags Speedway April 30 Pro Late Model: 1. Bryce Carver; 2. Chris Whor- April 23 Pro Late Model: 1. Linny White; 2. Kyle Meyer; April 29 Outlaw Stock: 1. Logan Boyett; 2. Conner Sutton; Maddison Bragg; 4. Donnie Brown; 5. Driver unidentified ton; 3. Cody Bentley; 4. Braden Mitchell; 5. Phil Renfroe 3. John Sereika; 4. Matt Goodwin; 5. Mike Weimann 3. Cameron Henderson; 4. John Heil; 5. Bubba Winslow Indiana Mobile International Speedway Stockton 99 Speedway New Smyrna Speedway April 30 Pro Late Model: 1. Max Calles-McDonald; 2. April 23 Western Late Model: 1. Gary Shafer Jr.; 2. Larry April 23 Super Late Model: 1. Brad May; 2. Jeff Scofield; Anderson Speedway Dustin Smith; 3. Dylan Courtney; 4. Driver unidentified; 5. Tankersley; 3. Ty Carlson; 4. JoJo Stearns; 5. Sam Solari 3. Brian Finney; 4. Jake Perkins; 5. Mike Garrett April 23 Late Model Sportsman: 1. Jim Crabtree Jr.; 2. Troy Grisaffi Jeff Whaley II; 3. Cassten Everidge; 4. J.P. Crabtree; 5. Colorado Showtime Speedway Buddy Davis Montgomery Motor Speedway April 23 Super Late Model: 1. Billy Mowery; 2. James April 30 Late Model Sportsman: 1. Trey Grimes; 2. An- Colorado National Speedway Glover; 3. Kipp McVey; 4. Robert Yoho; 5. Jay Zolciak South Bend Motor Speedway drew Whitaker; 3. Mike Fields; 4. Larry Speakman; 5. Chris April 30 Super Late Model: 1. Jace Hansen; 2. Eddie Vec- April 23 Outlaw Late Model: 1. Steve Stacy; 2. Doug True; Wagner chiarelli; 3. Nick Cooper; 4. Cody Dempster; 5. Zach Morris Georgia 3. Rich Boal; 4. Kevin Sauer; 5. Vern Sauer April 23 LMS: 1. Jacob Maynard; 2. Brandon Smith; 3. Sayre Speedway Crisp Motorsports Park Bobby Stremme; 4. Steve Teske; 5. Tony Chapman April 23 Pro Late Model: 1. Alan Callaway; 2. Nathan April 23 Pro Late Model: 1. Giovanni Ruggiero; 2. Cody Davis; 3. Jeremy Williams; 4. Lee Hansard; 5. Gary Nix Maine Oxford Plains Speedway April 24 Super Late Model: 1. Max Cookson; 2. Kyle De- Souza; 3. Curtis Gerry; 4. Dennis Spencer Jr.; 5. Calvin Rose Jr. April 30: 1. Kyle DeSouza; 2. Dave Farrington Jr.; 3. Joey Doiron; 4. Alan Tardiff; 5. Curtis Gerry April 30 Limited Late Model: 1. Rick Thompson; 2. Chris- topher Smith; 3. Todd Libby; 4. Nick Moulton; 5. Robbie Har- rison Wiscasset Speedway April 23 Pro Stock: 1. Kevin Douglass; 2. Nick Hinkley; 3. Josh St. Clair; 4. Scott Chubbuck; 5. Steven Chicoine April 30 Late Model Sportsman: 1. Shane Clark; 2. Josh St. Clair; 3. Will Collins; 4. Brandon Fowler; 5. Dave Getchell Massachusetts Seekonk Speedway May 1 Pro Stock: 1. Mike Brightman; 2. Kenny Spencer; 3. Mark Jenison; 4. Colby Fournier; 5. Bobby Pelland May 1 Late Model Sportsman: 1. Richie Murray; 2. Mark Jenison; 3. Joshua Hedges; 4. Ryan Flood; 5. Jacob Burns Eddie Richie/Turn 1 Photos Michigan Max Calles-McDonald celebrates at Mobile International Speedway in Irvington, Ala. He beat Dustin Smith in a photo finish in the Pro Late Model race under the Gulf Coast Racing Series banner, which includes Mobile and Houston Motorsports Park in Calles’ Berlin Raceway home state. April 23 Limited Late Model Twin I: 1. Nick Delongpre; 2. Billy Eppink; 3. Tyler Roahrig; 4. Caleb Bisacky; 5. Denny Anderson April 23 Limited Twin II: 1. Tyler Rycenga; 2. Dave Hart; 3. Josh Frye; 4. Nick Delongpre; 5. Tyler Roahrig 6 • • May 6, 2022

Nevada Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway April 30 Pro Late Model: 1. Dustin Ash; 2. Chris Clyne; 3. R.J. Smotherman; 4. John Holtger; 5. Kylie Ith New Hampshire Claremont Motorsports Park Oriana Lovell/OL Photos April 24 Late Model Sportsman: 1. Ricky Bly; 2. Ryan Brian Whalley (02), John Rideout (19), Justin Larsen (18) and eventual feature winner Max Cookson (39) line up for a heat race at Currier; 3. Ben Poland; 4. Ryan Bell; 5. Jack McClay Oxford Plains Speedway. Cookson, from Pittsfield, Maine, won in his Super Late Model debut, one year after winning the PASS April 29 LMS: 1. Ricky Bly; 2. Jack McClay; 3. Ryan Bell; Modified Series crown. 4. Ben Poland; 5. Jeff Murray Monadnock Speedway April 30 Lte Model Sportsman: 1. Ryan Currier; 2. Ryan Bell; 3. Kevin Vaudrien; 4. Justin Littlewood; 5. Nancy Muni- Ruot Star Speedway April 30 Late Model Sportsman: 1. Charlie Rose; 2. Travis Lovejoy; 3. Luke Lebrun; 4. Jaret Curtis; 5. Randy Cole North Carolina 3. Alan Vance; 4. Fletcher Whaley; 5. Tommy Raino tinger Riley Gentry; 3. Austin Somero; 4. Mitchell Dickerson; 5. An- Hickory Motor Speedway April 30 Limited: 1. Akinori Ogata; 2. Landon Huffman; thony Adams Bowman-Gray Stadium April 23 Limited Late Model: 1. Tommy Neal; 2. Sterling April 23 Late Model Stock Car Twin I: 1. Landon Huff- 3. Max Price; 4. Mark Johnson; 5. Colby Gibson April 30 LMSC Twin II: 1. Austin Somero; 2. Magnum Plemmons; 3. Zack Ore; 4. Justin Taylor; 5. Wesley Thomp- man; 2. William Sawalich; 3. Annabeth Barnes Crum; 4. Isa- Wake County Speedway Tate; 3. Riley Gentry; 4. Anthony Adams; 5. Tasha Kummer son bella Robusto; 5. Charlie Watson April 30 LLM Twin I: 1. Riley Neal; 2. Tommy Neal; 3. April 29 Limited Late Model: 1. Ethan Johnson; 2. Clay Tennessee Zack Ore; 4. Zack Clifton; 5. Justin Taylor April 23 LMSC Twin II: 1. Landon Huffman; 2. Ryan Mil- Jones; 3. Zachary Marks; 4. Cory Walker; 5. Daniel Vuncan- April 30 LLM Twin II: 1. Amber Lynn Boger; 2. Chase Rob- lington; 3. Chase Dixon; 4. Annabeth Barnes Crum; 5. Char- non Highland Rim Speedway ertson; 3. Kirk Sheets; 4. Kyle Southern; 5. Zack Clifton lie Watson April 23 Late Model Sportsman: 1. Tre’ Ashworth; 2. Wil- Ohio liam Hall; 3. Randall Payne; 4. Kevin Ouders; 5. Charles Caraway Speedway April 23 Limited: 1. Michael Bumgarner; 2. Colby Gibson; Turner April 30 Limited Late Model: 1. Coy Beard; 2. Dean Fo- 3. Akinori Ogata; 4. Graham Hollar; 5. William Alfred Barberton Speedway April 30 Pro Late Model: 1. Mark Day; 2. Bobby Terry; 3. gleman; 3. Daniel Schadt; 4. Wesley Hawkins; 5. Tony Black April 23 Outlaw Late Model: 1. Mike Mazzagatti; 2. Ricky Sanford; 4. Walt Garrison; 5. Mike Barrett April 30 LM Challenger: 1. Brian Rose; 2. Ronnie Riggs; April 30 LMSC Twin I: 1. Katie Hettinger; 2. William Sa- Roger Smith; 3. Kevin Garner; 4. Nick Randolph; 5. Dave walich; 3. Landon Huffman; 4. Charlie Watson; 5. Jacob Martin Kingsport Speedway Heafner April 30 OLM: 1. Gary Whipkey; 2. Roger Smith; 3. Jeff April 23 Limited Late Model: 1. Kyle Barnes; 2. Keith Hel- Taylor; 4. Alex Stavarz; 5. Nick Randolph ton; 3. Royce Peters; 4. Alex Keith; 5. Jenna Wagner April 30 LMSC Twin II: 1. Matthew Gould; 2. William Sa- walich; 3. Jacob Heafner; 4. Parker Eatmon; 5. Katie Het- Midvale Speedway Virginia April 23 Outlaw Late Model: 1. Bob Page; 2. Jonathan Matt Helms Reitter; 3. Bob Schneider Jr.; 4. George Riddle; 5. Chris Dominion Raceway Grubbs April 30 Limited Late Model: 1. Mike Ganoe; 2. Alex Bob Page won the Outlaw Late Model season opener at Midvale, Ohio. April 30 OLM: 1. Jonathan Reitter; 2. George Riddle; 3. Brock; 3. Nick Leitz; 4. Richard Storm; 5. Reid Murphy Bob Page; 4. Chris Grubbs; 5. Bob Schneider Jr. Motor Mile Speedway Pennsylvania April 23 Late Model Stock Car Twin I: 1. Kyle Dudley; 2. Mike Looney; 3. Cory Dunn; 4. Bryan Reedy; 5. Zeke Shell Mahoning Valley Speedway April 23 LMSC Twin II: 1. Kyle Dudley; 2. Mike Looney; 3. April 30 Late Model: 1. Nick Ross; 2. Mark Hudson; 3. Bryan Reedy; 4. Cory Dunn; 5. Blayne Harrison Mike VanFossen; 4. Geno Steigerwalt; 5. Brandon Turbush April 23 Limited Twin I: 1. Karl Budzevski; 2. Daryn Cock- ram; 3. Kyle Barnes; 4. Richard Caldwell; 5. Drew Bond South Carolina April 23 Limited Twin II: 1. Daryn Cockram; 2. Karl Bud- zevski; 3. Kyle Barnes; 4. Brad Foy; 5. Richard Caldwell Anderson Motor Speedway April 29 Limited Late Model: 1. Archie Adams Jr.; 2. Aus- South Boston Speedway tin Somero; 3. Justin Sorrow; 4. Ashton Higgins; 5. Ralph April 29 Limited Late Model: 1. Kyle Barnes; 2. Chris Carnes Donnelly; 3. Jason Myers; 4. Chuck Lawson; 5. Parker Brookfield Dillon Motor Speedway April 23 Limited Late Model: 1. Louis White; 2. Chris Ontario Throckmorton; 3. Randy Benson; 4. Ethan Winkeler; 5. Jason Clark Flamboro Speedway April 30 Pro Late Model: 1. Mark Burbridge; 2. Kevin Al- Greenville-Pickens Speedway bers; 3. Steve Laking; 4. Trevor Thompson; 5. Ty Cavallin April 30 Late Model Stock Car Twin I: 1. Magnum Tate; 2. May 6, 2022 • • 7

ARCA Menards Series to start on time. This was Sanchez’s second career win, International Speedway in the debut of the Mustang and the first on a superspeedway for team owner Max body style in ARCA competition. Gray, driving for Sanchez finds first place in Siegel. - Adam Fenwick David Gilliland Racing, broke the track record in qual- ifying and then led all but 10 laps. shortened Talladega race General Tire 200: 1. Nick Sanchez; 2. Bret Holmes; 3. Corey Heim; 4. Thad Moffitt; 5. Gus Dean; 6. Rajah Caruth; 7. Drew Dollar; 8. Ryan Huff; 9. Jesse Love jumped ahead for 10 laps on an early EASTABOGA, Ala. (April 23) — Nick Sanchez got Parker Chase; 10. Max Gutierrez; 11. Greg Van Alst; 12. Amber Balcaen; 13. Andy restart before giving the point back to Gray. Love re- shuffled out of the lead pack with 11 scheduled laps Jankowiak; 14. Jason Kitzmiller; 15. Willie Mullins; 16. D.L. Wilson; 17. Daniel mained in second and finished 1.5 seconds back. - left at Talladega Superspeedway. Two minutes later he Dye; 18. Bryce Haugeberg; 19. Thomas Praytor; 20. Zachary Tinkle; 21. Jon Gar- Adam Fenwick celebrated in victory lane after a bizarre finish. rett; 22. Brad Smith; 23. A.J. Moyer; 24. Toni Breidinger; 25. Richard Grave; 26. Brayton Laster; 27. Eric Caudell; 28. Scott Melton; 29. Tim Richmond; 30. Bryan General Tire 125: 1. Taylor Gray; 2. Jesse Love; 3. Conner Jones; 4. Daniel Dye and Corey Heim were side by side Dauzat; 31. Sean Corr; 32. Brian Kaltreider; 33. Tim Monroe. Rajah Caruth; 5. Sammy Smith; 6. Jake Finch; 7. Jonathan Shafer; 8. Leland Hon- with nine laps left when Bret Holmes tried to bump- eyman Jr.; 9. Daniel Escoto; 10. Christian Rose; 11. Brad Smith; 12. Stephanie draft with Dye. Dye slid out of control and down into ARCA Menards Series East Moyer; 13. Tommy Vigh Jr.; 14. Tim Monroe; 15. Ed Pompa. Heim. Just before the caution waved, Sanchez charged in the middle of the mess to get ahead of Holmes. Gray dominates at Dover Carolina Pro Late Model Series The race was then deemed complete because of DOVER, Del. (April 29) — Taylor Gray won at Dover Maggio-Lowder deal sizzles time constraints; the NASCAR Xfinity Series race had JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (April 30) — Josh Lowder had the fastest car in qualifying and appeared to have the fastest car late in the race at Goodyear All American Speedway, but he couldn’t get around Pro Late Model newcomer Mason Maggio in crunch time. Maggio, who earned his second win of the young season, also tightened the gap to Lowder atop the standings for the crate-engine tour. - Keith Graham Carolina 100 presented by Atlantic Turfscapes: 1. Mason Maggio; 2. Josh Lowder; 3. Jasec Holliday; 4. Josh Van Winkle; 5. Caleb Johnson; 6. Chase Singletary; 7. Terri Crider; 8. Luke Morey; 9. Mike Speeney. Connecticut Rich Corbett/Left Turn Media Wray among Sizzler winners Nick Sanchez, a former Late Model Stock Car race winner at Myrtle Beach, S.C., left with the ARCA Menards Series victory at Talladega, Ala., and another feather in the cap of Rev Racing. STAFFORD SPRINGS, Conn. (April 24) — Michael Wray escaped a midrace sideswipe with Tom Fearn just past halfway of the 30-lap Late Model Sportsman season opener at Stafford Motor Speedway. Wray shared the Spring Sizzler victory stage with PASS winner Eddie MacDonald and modified star Matt Hir- schman among others. Wray had earlier lost a spot to Fearn as he was try- ing to chase down early leader Adam Gray. Fearn slid 8 • • May 6, 2022

Western Canada One-two finish from track’s leading family From staff and team reports and a Formula One world championship in the PENTICTION, British Columbia (April 30) — At sev- 1990s. In recent years most of Ryley’s laps have eral racetracks around North America where the son or other relative of the track owner scores a big vic- come at Area 27, as a racer and driving instructor for tory, some groans can be heard from the crowd and some fellow racers. The sentiment was all positive events such as corporate outings and open track after a big prize was awarded to Ryley Seibert in the most prestigious Late Model race ever at Penticton days under the Avion Motorsports banner. Speedway. “I ran street stocks for five years and then got The 30-year-old Seibert, from Williams Lake, B.C., won the Western Rattler 300 trophy and into Late Models from 2011 until ’16. I had just been $10,000 check at the quarter-mile oval which his dad Trevor and uncle Ingo bought before the 2021 sea- at it for a long time and was tired … kinda lost the son. The Seiberts, who also own Lake Excavating, injected new life into the facility, and the turnout passion for it. We did selected races here and there. from fans and racers was a sign of appreciation of the family of the winner and second-place finisher. Then (in 2018) the guy who owned SuperSeal said “We tore the track down and rebuilt 50 percent he’d give us some money for the Canada 200 (at of the racing surface and the wall,” the younger Seibert said. “We tore all the grandstands and build- Western Speedway in Victoria) and a race at Pentic- ings down and regraded the entire site and parking area … all kinda stuff. Having a construction com- tion. We led the Pentiction race until a camber shim pany has done us well twice now.” fell out and I finished second, then we didn’t do Trevor Seibert, a veteran racer who spent a dec- ade running NASCAR Pinty’s (then Canadian Tire) well in the 200. Then we parked the car for years be- Series events, also helped design the Area 27 Motor- sports Park road course in nearby Oliver, along with cause I didn’t have the desire to work on it. Jacques Villeneuve who won an Indianapolis 500 “This year with the 300 on the schedule, we de- cided we wanted to take a serious run at it. We bought a couple of cars from McColl Racing ; they were used in the APC series in Ontario. We ended up having a rocketship of a car.” Make that two rocketships, because Ryley and Trevor wound up first and second, both at the end of the race and at the lap-150 service break. The Seiberts also put on much of the show after that in- Michael Suhr termission … because they were sent to the rear for Ryley Seibert (right) took top honors just ahead of his dad Tre- the restart. vor (left), shown with his father Karl) in Pentiction Speedway’s groundbreaking 300-lap Late Model race named after the continued on page 43 predominant poisonous snake found in the desert-like area. back in the final 10 laps. - Scott Running Benji drew the front-row starting spot in In the second race Kitzmiller took Twin I: 1. Jason Kitzmiller; 2. Ron Langdon; 3. Brent NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler: 1. Michael the top-six letter. the point from Brent Nelson after an Nelson; 4. Ben Ebeling; 5. Kevin Kromer; 6. Hayden early accident that began with Ben Ebel- Brothers; 7. Lauren Butler; 8. Landon Brothers; 9. Mike Se- Wray; 2. Michael Bennett; 3. John Blake; 4. Paul Arute; 5. Defending series champion Ben ing’s broken transmission. Langdon nica; 10. Richard Hauck; 11. Samantha Rohrbaugh. Darrell Keane; 6. David Wray; 7. Tom Fearn; 8. Chris Meyer; Ebeling set fast time and edged soon followed Kitzmiller past Nelson. - 9. Jim Mavlouganes; 10. Marc Curtis; 11. Paul Varricchio; Kitzmiller. The eventual winner jumped Aaron Creed Twin II: 1. Jason Kitzmiller; 2. Ron Langdon; 3. Kevin 12. Adam Gray; 13. Michael Mordino; 14. Duane Knoll; 15. ahead of Ron Langdon at the start and Kromer; 4. Brent Nelson; 5. Rob Jones; 6. Landon Brothers; Wayne Coury Jr.; 16. Kevin Gambacorta; 17. Andrew Mol- on subsequent restarts. 7. Hayden Brothers; 8. Lauren Butler; 9. Ben Ebeling; 10. leur; 18. Scott Bouley. Richard Hauck; 11. Larry Berg. SuperCup Stock Car Series Ashley Hope Photography Jason Kitzmiller (97), Ron Langdon (17), Kevin Kromer (77) and Hayden Brothers head to the green flag in SuperCup Stock Car Two for Kitzmiller Series action at Dominion Raceway. Kitzmiller swept the 60-lappers for his third and fourth career wins in the tour. THORNBURG, Va. (April 30) — Jason May 6, 2022 • • 9 Kitzmiller, a frequent runner-up in the 2021 season, swept this year’s season opener held at Dominion Raceway. Kitzmiller is connected to former series race winner and frequent ARCA driver Codie Rohrbaugh; Rohrbaugh’s son

ARCA Midwest • Madison International Speedway Johnson handles late stages at MIS From series reports been about 50/50 who wins. I love racing the guy. We didn’t do a thing (adjustments at the break) and it was OREGON, Wis. (May 1) — One of the crown jewels on really solid underneath me. I could tell Dalton was the ARCA Midwest Tour schedule became the latest getting a little tight, so I told ‘em to throw on some check mark for short-track superstar Casey Johnson … tires and let ‘er go. When I got him there on the next and the biggest win for his combination with car restart, I figured that was gonna be the race … and the owner Travis Dassow. rest is history.” Johnson, from Stoughton, Wis., controlled the sec- The biggest struggle for the Apex car might have ond half of the Joe Shear Classic presented by Keen come before qualifying. In the last practice something Parts. This $15,000 triumph was his fifth career Mid- locked up in the drivetrain, and Dassow and the crew west Tour victory and the first at Madison Inter- had to put in a new transmission and driveshaft of the national Speedway. #5, a Reed chassis sponsored by PMI, Hougan Farms, Baja Industries, Valley Gasket, Oak Creek Automotive “This definitely jump-starts the team,” he said and Snow Studs. Those repairs took less than 30 mi- about the team called Apex Motorsports. “We race like nutes. a big team, but we’re not. This money’s gonna take us some places where we probably wouldn’t have raced.” “We didn’t get down; we knew we had a great car and got it done,” Dassow said. “This one bit us last The two-time series champion started third in the year, and it feels good to get it this year.” 200-lap endurance contest and fell to fifth in the early going, but he quickly went the other direction. He Joe Shear Classic presented by Keen Parts: 1. Casey Johnson; reached second, lost one spot on a restart, then jumped 2. Dalton Zehr; 3. Derek Kraus; 4. John DeAngelis Jr.; 5. Riley Stenjem; 6. Jona- back past Austin Nason to the runner-up spot and fol- than Eilen; 7. Gabe Sommers; 8. Carson Kvapil; 9. Jeff Storm; 10. Justin Mondeik; lowed Dalton Zehr into the halfway service break. 11. Brent Edmunds; 12. Bryan Syer-Keske; 13. Dan Fredrickson; 14. Matt Kenseth; 15. Levon VanDerGeest; 16. Eddie Hoffman; 17. Ryan Farrell; 18. Tristan Swan- Their duel was quick as Johnson surged ahead on son; 19. Harley Jankowski; 20. Luke Fenhaus; 21. Austin Nason; 22. Gregory the restart. They had to deal with one more caution, Borchardt; 23. Bobby Kendall; 24. Michael Bilderback; 25. Max Kahler; 26. Shaun but Johnson cleared him again. Zehr erased his com- Scheel; 27. Ty Majeski; 28. Andrew Morrissey; 29. Brandon Hill. fortable lead near the end but still wound up about half a second short at the stripe. Lap leaders: Nason 1-53, Zehr 54-104, Johnson 105-200 • Cautions: 4 for 19 laps • Fast qualifier: DeAngelis, 17.304 seconds • Dash winners: Nason, “He kept the pressure on,” Johnson said about Johnson • Heat: Sommers Zehr. “I’ve raced with him for a lot of years, and it’s Doug Hornickel/ Casey Johnson scored his third career Super Late Model victory at Madison International Speedway and first in the ARCA Midwest Tour. Doug Hornickel/ Kim Kemperman Casey Johnson (5) battles Dalton Zehr for the lead in the second half of the Joe Shear Classic presented by Keen John DeAngelis Jr. finished fourth at the half-mile in Ore- Parts. gon, Wis. He placed third here in a Midwest Tour race last August. Good start in Midwest Tour points for 2019-20 series champion Johnson • Final caution on lap 136 for early leader Nason’s broken trailing arm and crash • Nine finish on lead lap • More on NASCAR favorite Kenseth in Nuts & Bolts, Page 13 10 • • May 6, 2022

ARCA Midwest • Slinger Super Speedway Slinger champion tops tour field Doug Hornickel/ Alex Prunty (11) edges ahead of eventual winner Luke Fenhaus on a restart in the Keen Parts Miracle on the High Banks presented by Miller Lite. Fenhaus, who regained the lead with 17 laps left, won the race just ahead of Casey Johnson (5), Ty Majeski (91) and Derek Kraus (9) while Prunty slipped to sixth by the end. Doug Hornickel/ From track and series reports and car lengths on five-time series champion Luke Fenhaus celebrates a victory in the first-ever visit by the ARCA Midwest Tour to Dave Kallman/Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Ty Majeski. Slinger Super Speedway, where he won the Super Late Model track title in 2021. SLINGER, Wis. (April 24) — Defending “That’s kind of our weakness, re- Slinger Super Speedway Super Late starts, but today we’ve just been on top Model champion Luke Fenhaus held his of our stuff,” Fenhaus said. “Just to out- ground at the quarter-mile in the season run those two behind me was a huge opener for the ARCA Midwest Tour. The deal. To beat those guys, who I consider 2021 Slinger Nationals winner added to be the best in Wisconsin, is pretty another prized Slinger trophy to his col- good.” lection, and it was his first triumph in 20 career Midwest Tour starts. This Slinger triumph was the sixth in the young career of Fenhaus, who “I finally got the monkey off our drove a Fury chassis with power from back,” Fenhaus said. “I feel like we’e run really good Midwest Tour races. continued on page 42 We’ve been super-competitive wherever we’ve been … just missed it a little bit Mary Fraundorf here or there.” Gabe Sommers (15) awaits driver intro- ductions next to Justin Mondeik (44) and The 18-year-old native of Wausau, behind Dalton Zehr at Slinger, Wis. Wis., faced his toughest challenge in the middle stages of the 75-lap Miracle on the High Banks feature sponsored by Keen Parts and Miller Lite. Former track champion Alex Prunty grabbed the point on a restart just before the halfway point of the quick race. Fenhaus reeled him back in and cleared him with 17 laps remaining and held on through three late cautions. At the finish he ended up with a .4-second edge on Casey Johnson and a few more Winner Fenhaus following CARS Pro Late Model Tour with Lopez; best finish in first three races was second in opener at Caraway • Fifteen finish on lead lap • More on hard charger Eilen in Nuts & Bolts, Page 13 May 6, 2022 • • 11

Big 8 • Rockford Speedway Long wait ends for local star Kahler From series and staff reports chief. Jake Garcia finished second at the Rackley Roofing Masters of the Pros 150, at the Kahler, who finished with a 1.4-sec- LOVES PARK, Ill. (April 24) — The 2021 track where he first raced at age 13. season was a strong one for Max Kahler. ond edge over Nottestad, is sponsored He won a couple of Limited Late Model fix.” rear. by Retool of Rockford, Windsor Auto races at Rockford Speedway, broke out Kahler set fast time and started “After that we were just on cruise Sales, WTVO-17, Mecum Auctions, into a more serious Super Late Model Kunes Auto Group, Machinery Source, schedule, graduated high school, and 10th. By lap 10 he had passed former control,” Kahler said. “We had a couple Cordray Brothers, Junction Auto Parts, was one of the Kulwicki Driver Devel- Spring Classic winner Dale Nottestad of close calls early in the race when a Rush Power Systems, Dickey’s Staffing opment Program finalists. and 2021 NSTC winner Austin Nason. couple of wrecks happened right in Solutions, Candlelite Chicago, Dan’s He got a break when multi-time Classic front of me and I barely got away. Diesel Performance, Paper Recovery But the season ended in a horrible winner Casey Johnson had to go the There’s always something that happens Services, Synergy Asphalt Paving, Busy fashion for Kahler, from Caledonia, Ill. up front in the beginning of these races. Beaver Tree Care, Mr. Goodwater, Flana- The Big 8 Series schedule ended with Short Track was the same way, when the gan Orthodontics, Williams Brothers Rockford’s National Short Track Cham- guy behind me didn’t see it.” Plumbing, Dwight Swanson Construc- pionships, and Kahler, the 2020 series tion, Rockford Airport, Complete Me- champion and former NSTC main event The baseline setup on the repaired chanical Solutions, Hasseyfest, State winner, lasted only one lap in last Oc- #17 Lefthander chassis comes from Street Animal Clinic, Sips & Sprinkles, tober’s special because of a wreck. Rockford-based shock specialist Brian Belrock Asphalt Paving, Boone County Johnson Jr.,, who serves as Nason’s crew Shopper, Gallano Trucking, Hammer- After thinking about that dis- time Sports, Area Services, Keystone In- appointment at his home bullring for six surance, Timber Pointe Golf Club, Auto months, he scored some redemption in Clinic of Rockford, Balsley Printing, Jack this 88-lap Big 8 feature. And this ended Barnes Auto Body Specialists and Boone up being one of the most economical Country Transmissions. events he has entered in recent times. Spring Classic presented by Kunes Auto “We ran the ‘Short Track’ tires in the Group: 1. Max Kahler; 2. Dale Nottestad; 3. Dennis Smith Spring Classic,” Kahler said. “These left- Jr.; 4. Casey Johnson; 5. Jim Olson; 6. Frank Beldowski; 7. side tires we ran were pretty durable. Stephen Scheel; 8. Will Rece; 9. Jerry Mueller; 10. Willie And everything was ripped off on the Nelson; 11. Adam Cartwright; 12. Jerry Stafford; 13. Mike right front, but it was only about $700 to Beyer; 14. Owin Giles; 15. Jayden Dahlberg; 16. Brandon Laing; 17. Austin Nason; 18. Kody King; 19. Jon Reynolds Jr.; 20. Randy Sargent; 21. Mark Simonson; 22. Josh Thiering; 23. John Beinlich; 24. Mitch Haver. Lap leaders: Nottestad 1-7, Kahler 8-88 • Cautions: 5 • Fast qualifier (of 26 drivers): Kahler, 13.641 seconds • Heat race winners: Nottestad, Beyer, Rece, Stafford • Last chance: Haver • Provisional: Beinlich Kim Kemperman Kim Kemperman The field of Big 8 Limited Late Models, led by front-row starters Adam Cartwright and Dale Nottestad (2) and Austin Nason use the low line to pass Kody King at Rockford Owin Giles (left), lines up behind the pace car just before sunset at the quarter-mile in Speedway. Loves Park, Ill. Winner’s check worth $2,088 • Seventh-place Scheel earns Powersource Power Mover hard charger bonus after starting 18th • Nine finish on lead lap • Track’s weekly opener set for May 7 • Late Model driver Curts eighth in Mid-Am race won by Vandermeir 12 • • May 6, 2022

nuts&bolts: Upper Midwest … from team and series reports and Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Trouble for Ty: Plenty of events in Rough ride: Rockford Spring Classic the ARCA Midwest Tour and elsewhere winner Max Kahler will likely focus on Super around the upper Midwest and beyond have Late Models more often in 2022, but his sea- gone Ty Majeski’s way in the past decade, but son debut in that division didn’t go well. His the Joe Shear Classic hasn’t been one of them car, a new Fury chassis set up in part by An- too often. The rough streak continued for the drew Morrissey, was the fifth retiree from the five-time series champion in this race at Mad- Joe Shear Classic. ison International Speedway, as a mechanical problem led him to an accident. D.J.’s good tune: In third in the The #91, which was third on the Slinger Spring Classic was Dennis Smith Jr., who was Super Speedway rundown a week earlier, the top finisher likely to run the full season at was renumbered #21 for the Madison show in tribute to car owner Brad Mannstedt’s continued on page 42 father Todd. Mike Ramsell Another Trucker: Besides Majeski, Ty Majeski crashed with a broken oil line at the Joe Shear Classic presented by Keen Parts. the other NASCAR Camping World Truck Series regular from the Badger State who still Doug Hornickel/ drops in on as many Super Late Model races Derek Kraus chats with his father Mark before as possible is Derek Kraus. He followed his the ARCA Midwest Tour race at Madison Inter- fourth-place finish at Slinger with a podium national Speedway in Oregon, Wis. Derek at Madison, his best-ever Lae Model result at placed third at a track where Mark never fin- the half-mile. ished better than 10th in a touring event. Majeski, whose Truck ride is with Thor- Sport Racing, and Kraus, who drives for McAnally-Hilgemann Racing, may be able to run the five Midwest Tour events from Au- gust to October without NASCAR conflicts. Slinging for first time: The top seven finishers at Slinger entered the Miracle on the High Banks race with plenty of experi- ence at the quarter-mile. Most of those were in Super Late Models; seventh-place finisher Jacob Nottestad has a Limited track cham- pionship under his belt. Jonathan Eilen in eighth had never raced at Slinger in nearly 20 years in the sport. Kim Kemperman Matt Kenseth, getting pit service on his Pathfinder house car, competed in the Joe Shear Classic to honor one of his mentors from the early 1990s. Four days after his 14th-place finish at Madi- son, Kenseth was voted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame. May 6, 2022 • • 13

Intimidator 100 • Kalamazoo Speedway Another successful Rocket launch From track and staff reports KALAMAZOO, Mich. (April 29) — Tyler Roahrig began Thomas Stumpfig his eighth season of Outlaw Late Model racing with Tyler Roahrig won the Intimidator 100 season opener at Kalamazoo Speedway for the fourth time. He also has his the same car in grand fashion, winning the Intimidator name on the Kalamazoo Klash trophy four times. 100 at Kalamazoo Speedway. This was the fourth vic- tory in the ‘Zoo’s traditional season opener for the 31- ing is a yellow,” said Roahrig, who counts as Rocket Corey Ryman; 5. Jeff Ganus; 6. J.R. Roahrig; 7. Paul Jakubik; 8. Doug Rodan- year-old nicknamed “Kid Rocket.” Fab customers Shook, Adam Terry, Corey Ryman, Jeff hisler; 9. Brandon Short; 10. Rick Senneker; 11. Steve Needles; 12. Zack Cook; 13. Ganus, defending track champion Todd Harrington, Todd Harrington; 14. Brian Bergakker; 15. Kyle Crump; 16. Bobby Schisler; 17. With several updates to his Senneker Performance and of course his dad. Patrick Kirkendall. chassis with parts from his own Rocket Fabrication & Suspension shop and Penske and Eibach Springs Intimidator 100: 1. Tyler Roahrig; 2. Mark Shook; 3. Adam Terry; 4. Lap leaders: Needles 1-58, T.Roahrig 59-100 • Cautions: 5 • Fast qualifier (of dealer in Plymouth, Ind., Roahrig topped time trials 18 drivers): T.Roahrig, 12.229 seconds for this event. The inversion put him ninth on the grid, and by just past the halfway point, his #24 was out front to stay. “We’ve done far more than that and started deeper and won,” said Roahrig, also sponsored by 1st Choice Auto Body, Allstar Performance and Schneider Auto Sales. “For the first 10 laps until the first yellow we were pretty good, then we had a restart and kinda got boxed in and lost a few spots. We ended up getting back up there, then we had to make some smooth laps after that.” The final two positions Tyler picked up were against his father J.R. Roahrig and leader Steve Needles. The rest of the race went sour for that pair, as J.R. wound up sixth and Needles dropped out just after losing the top spot. The younger Roahrig faced four restarts while leading. The final three found him next to former track champion Mark Shook. Roahrig built a two-second edge over the final sprint, which fortunately for him was a long green-flag run. “The last thing you want to see when you’re lead- Koty Geyer Koty Geyer Mark Shook started second, dropped as far as ninth, then climbed back to the runner- up spot with about 36 laps left at Kalamazoo, Mich. Steve Needles led the first 58 laps but then dropped back. Top five finishers all use parts from Roahrig’s Rocket Fabrication & Suspension • Six finish on lead lap • Zimmerman unable to start • Extended-distance Outlaw event set for June 10 (Randy’s Towing 75) as tuneup for Kalamazoo Klash XXX July 16 14 • • May 6, 2022

Intimidator 100 • Kalamazoo Speedway Back to winner’s circle for Bozell From track and staff reports MASON, Mich. (April 29) — The sea- Rand Thompson/Level Pebble Racing Pics son finale of the Outlaw Late Model Andy Bozell scored his second straight win in Northside Towing Big 8 competition, dating back to last fall. class at Corrigan Oil Speedway was Andy Bozell’s first win of the year at the quarter-mile. He didn’t have to wait too long for his first triumph in 2022. Bozell, from Portage, Mich., won the first round of the Northside Towing Big 8. The victory came in the same car in which he won the Harvest feature here at the former Spartan Speedway last September and the Smitty Memorial at Galesburg Speedway. “It’s the same old car, just with a lit- tle tweaking,” the 58-year-old Michigan Motorsports Hall of Fame driver said. “We bodied it up and we’re trying some new stuff, trying to find some more speed, and that’s what it’s all about.” The only drawback to the race for Bozell, whose Senneker Performance Phil’s fault,” Andy said. “On the restart chassis is sponsored by Harding’s I was able to get a good restart and beat Family Markets, Next Generation Lawn the #33, then kill the rest of the laps. Care, Sweet Manufacturing, Lane Auto- (Runner-up) Justin (Claucherty) hasn’t motive, Allstar Performance, PFC and won here in an Outlaw, but he’s had a FK Rod Ends, was seeing how he as- fast car here the last two years … just sumed the lead. Blake Childers had hasn’t been able to get it all lined up.” been up front since the drop of the green flag, and on lap 20 Andy was a close Unleashed 50 presented by Northside third behind his son and 2021 track Towing, Auto Value Parts Stores and champion Phil Bozell. Then Childers Shaheen Chevrolet: 1. Andy Bozell; 2. Justin Clau- went spinning, and officials blamed the cherty; 3. Blake Childers; 4. Jason Felver; 5. Kyle Drake; 6. younger Bozell and sent him to the rear Doug True; 7. Phil Bozell; 8. Tyler Heeney; 9. Jimmy O. of the field. Smith; 10. Steve Stacy; 11. Dave Stehouwer; 12. Jim Hee- ney; 13. Bob Bauer; 14. John Ledwidge. “They ran out of real estate between the two of them, and they deemed it Lap leaders: Childers 1-20, A.Bozell 21-50 • Cautions: 3 • Heat race winners (of 15 drivers): Felver, P.Bozell Jeff Lonsberry Rand Thompson/Level Pebble Racing Pics Justin Claucherty shows off the cash for finishing second at the track formerly known Tyler Hufford (5) won for the first time in the Pro Late Model class at the quarter-mile as Spartan Speedway. just south of Lansing, Mich. (Results, Page 17) Top five finishers all use parts from Roahrig’s Rocket Fabrication & Suspension • Six finish on lead lap • Zimmerman unable to start • Extended-distance Outlaw event set for June 10 (Randy’s Towing 75) as tuneup for Kalamazoo Klash XXX July 16 May 6, 2022 • • 15

Icebreaker • Berlin Raceway Locals turned away by Crump again From track reports, FloRacing and Grand Rapids Press MARNE, Mich. (April 23) — In one of Kyle Crump’s Kayla Crump breakthrough victories last season, he captured the Battle at Berlin special at Berlin Raceway. In that event Kyle Crump (131) edges ahead of Joe Bush (101) for the lead on the final restart of the Icebreaker 75 presented by he came out on top against the home track’s winnin- Budweiser. Carson Hocevar (14) and Blake Rowe (57) were left battling for third. gest driver of the past decade, Brian Campbell, and one of its young standouts, Evan Shotko. the third row and grab the lead, aided in part by front- row starter Campbell’s misfortune. Bush was right be- In Crump’s return to the 7/16-mile oval just west hind Crump on the grid and hounded the #131 until of Grand Rapids, he outbattled one of the area’s most taking the lead on lap 52. accomplished and enduring veterans. He drove the fa- miliar red R&D Racing entry past Joe Bush for the final “We were fighting a loose race car the whole day,” lead change after a restart with six of 75 laps left. Crump said. “We made it really snug for the start of the race, which is beautiful, but it really started getting “Going up against Joe Bush, who’s been here for loose on entry. I had to back my corners up so much to years and knows how to do it and knows how to get it not spin out, and that’s when Joe got back by me. done, was a true test right there,” said Crump, from Brighton, Mich. “I ran the top and was able to clear him off turn two. I was biting my teeth the whole time. I was expecting him to get to my rear bumper, but it didn’t happen and we ended up in victory lane. It took only 10 laps for Crump to advance from continued on page 44 Eli Kaminski/Grand Rapids Press Eli Kaminski/Grand Rapids Press Kyle Crump joins Berlin Raceway promoter Don DeWitt after winning the season opener at the track in Marne, Mich. Andrew Scheid climbs over the left side of Scott Thomas’ car in an early crash that also took out Terry Senneker (37). Third career win with Rosen family for Crump • Former track champion Thomas starts second, drops to ninth on lap 10, then rebounds to finish fifth, watched by crashed brother • Seventeen finish on lead lap • Limited LM results, Page 6 16 • • May 6, 2022

nuts&bolts: Around Michigan … from team, staff and track reports Another podium: Carson Hocevar returned Eli Kaminski/Grand Rapids Press class at Kalamazoo. With his win in the division’s weekly opener, Kenny Head established himself as a to his home track, Berlin Raceway, coming off a career- Carson Hocevar finished third at Berlin on an off-week- favorite in the Grand Slam, even though he didn’t win high second-place finish in the NASCAR Camping end for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. at Kalamazoo in 2021. World Truck Seres race April 16 at Bristol, Tenn. Al- though the 19-year-old is a little disappointed when he several trophies from Kalamazoo Speedway. He won Hometown driver Head was the sixth different doesn’t win at Berlin, he logged a solid third-place fin- Kalamazoo Klash XXIII in 2015 when he was driving leader of this race, which was slowed by only one cau- ish in the Icebreaker and learned more for the June 8 for Brian Short, then scored another Outlaw Late tion. His entry, a VanDoorn chassis whose sponsors in- and August 10 SRL National-sanctioned specials. Model win two years later with his own team. The clude Irwin Racing Engines, GT Products, Amsoil, “Constantine Comet” even has a victory at the 3/8- HD5 Graphics, McEwen Law Office, Carter Lumber, “We came out and tried something totally new,” mile oval in the Midwest Modified tour. Purity Cylinder Gases, Sunshine Toyota and Perkins said Hocevar, from Portage, Mich. “We had a few Tire, is owned by company bosses Nick and Amanda ideas that we figured we would try and see what it His 2022 campaign began with a dubious but Hutcherson. would do. Starting 10th, it’s tough to make up that big harmless honor. Ganus was the hard charger in the In- of a gap in a short race. It took me five or six laps to timidator 100, climbing from 15th on the grid to fifth at Template 35: 1. Kenny Head; 2. Dylan Stovall; 3. Billy Shannon; 4. Nick get going, so the restarts put me behind in the middle. the end. Pressler; 5. Cam Schoeck; 6. Jared Blanchard; 7. David Guarino; 8. Ken Papesh; I wasn’t going to catch Kyle Crump or Joe Bush unless 9. Buddy Head; 10. Jacob Maynard; 11. Jeff Ganus; 12. Austin Maynard; 13. it went really long. Even then I don’t know if I would “I was late to tech, and the push truck driver Aaron Zimmerman; 14. Taylor Sexton; 15. Lane Head; 16. Nathan Koester. have caught them.” didn’t come up in time,” said Ganus, who started near the rear and also dealt with a broken transmission in Corrigan Oil Speedway also held a template Late Awareness of Austin: In sixth place in the practice. “It was an all-day occurrence.” Model race at its opener. Tyler Hufford climbed from the second row into the lead early and scored his first Icebreaker was Austin Hull, who was also the event’s Template title talk: Hutcherson Construc- win in the division. hard charger after starting 16th. Hull, who has one full season of Late Model racing under his belt after win- tion has signed on as a sponsor for the Grand Slam Unleashed 30: 1. Tyler Hufford; 2. Tony Dager; 3. Damon Place; 4. John ning the 2019 sportsman track title, has had only one four-race miniseries for the Late Model Sportsman Trudell; 5. Evan Varney; 6. Paige Rogers; 7. Bryce Bozell; 8. Troy Andrews. finish better than this in this division. Postponements: The Reveal the Hammer “I did finish fourth last year on championship night, but we did not have near the field of heavy Outlaw Late Model Series was slated to open May 6 at hitters that night … just Berlin regulars,” said Hull, Birch Run Speedway, but that race has been called off from Belmont, Mich. “I was not expecting a finish like due to weather and construction delays. The Dixie we had. We had updates on the car at VanDoorn done Shootout was reset for Sept. 10 and made into a dou- over this last off-season.” bleheader with the Jegs CRA All-Stars Tour. He’ll likely pursue Berlin’s schedule, especially Weather was also the reason for postponing the with each Late Model race paying at least $5,000 to April 30 Todd Foote Memorial Victory 110, the year’s win. His #20 was once a #55 out of the now-closed biggest LMS race at Galesburg Speedway, to May 7. Racing Awareness stable. Defending Galesburg champion Cole Allers won the April 23 season points lid lifter. “We got it from a friend of ours late in 2020,” Hull said. “I still feel like a young kid compared to all the Opening Night Celebration at the ‘Burg: 1. Cole Allers; 2. Jesse guys I race with, until they start talking about (Evan) Van Avery; 3. Phil Bozell; 4. A.J. Foote; 5. Chris Garrett; 6. Ethan Easey; 7. Bryce Shotko and Hocevar, and I have to remind myself that Bozell; 8. Shawn Smith; 9. Bryan Allers; 10. Ken Papesh; 11. Jesse Van Avery Jr.; I am 10 years older than them.” 12. Adam Replogle; 13. Billy Edwards; 14. Jorden Brinkert; 15. T.J. Easey. Rough start gets better: Jeff Ganus has Kayla Crump Koty Geyer Austin Hull finished sixth in the Icebreaker at Berlin Raceway. Kenny Head won the Late Model Sportsman season opener at Kalamazoo, Mich. May 6, 2022 • • 17

SMTM • Montgomery Motor Speedway Runaway for Garcia in Spring Fling From track reports and Racing America He crossed the stripe more than a second ahead of Giovanni Ruggiero, and he didn’t have to press it too MONTGOMERY, Ala. (April 30) — The winningest Pro much to get that margin. Casey Roderick and Brittney Late Model driver since 2020 at Montgomery Motor Zamora were three seconds farther back battling for Speedway kept his winning ways going at the big half- third place. mile. The 17-year-old from Monroe, Ga., ran away with the year’s second Show Me the Money miniseries This was Garcia’s seventh win in his last 12 ap- event, leading all 100 laps in the Spring Fling. pearances at Montgomery since 2020. He didn’t win either of the last two SMTM championships, largely Garcia topped time trials, drew a front-row start- because of the fact that he had a conflict to keep him ing spot, and jumped ahead on the first laps. He away from one Montgomery race each year. lapped up to seventh place, and had it not been for a caution with 17 circuits remaining, the #35, set up by That might not be a concern in 2022. Garcia has crew chief Ricky Turner, would have likely caught a four NASCAR Camping World Truck Series starts couple more contenders. planned with McAnally-Hilgemann Racing, but none conflict with any Montgomery races. The biggest issue “I’m sorry I couldn’t make it more of a show for there might be not having Turner, who has led the #35 everyone in the stands,” said Garcia, whose Fury chas- Late Model efforts for five years. sis has support from Expo Homes and RPM Trailer Sales. “I was really comfortable out there. Ricky and “I’ve thought about bringing Ricky with me to these guys gave me a great car.” those races,” Garcia joked. “I don’t know what to do without him, to be honest.” David Kranak/Impact Zone Photos Jake Garcia (35) puts a lap on Jake Daniels en route to a flag-to-flag Spring Fling triumph. David Kranak/Impact Zone Photos Jake Garcia shows off the Show Me the Money Pro Late Model fast qualifier plaque with Hollyn Coats, the daughter of crewman Will Coats. David Kranak/Impact Zone Photos Spring Fling: 1. Jake Garcia; 2. Giovanni Ruggiero; 3. Casey Roderick; 4. Brittney Zamora (25) pulls away from Justin South at Montgomery Motor Speedway. Zamora finished fourth in her Brittney Zamora; 5. Christopher Tullis; 6. Justin South; 7. Hunter Wright; 8. John second-ever race at the half-mile near Montgomery, Ala. Bolen; 9. Jim Wall; 10. Jeff Dawkins; 11. Bryson Shaffer; 12. Chase Spradlin; 13. Johnny Brazier; 14. Jake Daniels; 15. JoJo Wilkinson; 16. Hudson Halder; 17. Brandon Bishop; 18. Justin Bonnett; 19. Chase McLemore; 20. Gage Rodgers. Lap leader: Garcia 1-100 • Cautions: 2 • Fast qualifier: Garcia, 19.577 sec- onds Top three finish in the order in which they qualified; fourth-best time trailer Bonnett drops out by halfway • Hard chargers: Dawkins and Brazier, up five spots each • Final caution for Wilkinson and Bishop • LM Sportsman results in Track Report, Page 6 18 • • May 6, 2022

Auburndale Speedway Two more for Gorham at bullring From track and staff reports six-car inversion draw. On the first lap Sunshine State Racing Gavin Graham’s throttle stuck and his George Gorham Jr. shook off some sheetmetal damage and swept 50-lap Super Late WINTER HAVEN, Fla. (April 23) — One machine landed on Adam Briggs’ car. Model races at the quarter-mile near Auburndale, Fla. of the Sunshine State’s traveling vet- Gorham was collected, but he escaped erans did his best to interrupt the Au- with a torn left door panel. After that it Twin II: 1. George Gorham Jr.; 2. Jonathan Guy; 3. ard Elkins; 13. Steven King; 14. David King; 15. Tommy burndale Speedway winning streak of took Gorham, in a Senneker chassis Brey Holmes; 4. Charlie Brown; 5. Ross Francisco; 6. Adam King; 16. Abigail Jonas; 17. Robert Jonas. George Gorham Jr. The defending track sponsored by Blackburn’s Southern Bar- Briggs; 7. Kristin Clements; 8. Steve Dorer; 9. Brandon An- champion fought off Steve Dorer in both becue, Progressive Racing Engines and derson; 10. Hunter Lovelady; 11. Randy Anderson; 12. Rich- Lap leaders: Clements 1-4, Guy 5-21, Gorham 22-50 Sunoco Twin 50s for his third and fourth Performance Friction, less than half the • Cautions: 4 straight Super Late Model victories. race distance to reach first place. Gorham, from Lakeland, Fla., be- A late spin by Hunter Lovelady set lieved Dorer had jumped the initial start up a restart with three laps left. By then in the early-evening race. They battled Dorer had little left and he fell back, back and forth during the middle stages yielding second place to Jonathan Guy. of that first 50 until Gorham finally cleared him. The #10 had a winning Twin I: 1. George Gorham Jr.; 2. Steve Dorer; 3. Adam edge of almost half a second at the fin- Briggs; 4. Jonathan Guy; 5. Ross Francisco; 6. Kristin Clem- ish line. ents; 7. Becca Monopoli; 8. Richard Elkins; 9. Gavin Gra- ham; 10. Brandon Anderson; 11. Abigail Jonas; 12. Tommy “Steve put up more than a little bit King; 13. David King; 14. Charlie Brown; 15. Chase King; 16. of a fight,” Gorham said. “It was a Robert Jonas; 17. Chase Lovelady; 18. Hunter Lovelady; 19. pretty good race in the first race. Then Randy Anderson; 20. Steven King. in the second race we checked out.” Lap leaders: Dorer 1-29, Gorham 30, Dorer 31–32, Gor- The nightcap was preceded by a ham 33-50 • Cautions: 4 • Fast qualifier (of 23 drivers): Gorham, 13.211 seconds nuts&bolts: Around Florida … from staff and track reports Brey’s big play: The first half of the Sunoco back of his car. A bolt had sheared and the rear end “He didn’t have any measurement tools when he had rolled forward and pinched his driveshaft. Former fixed the bolts; he just eyeballed the whole thing,” said Twin 50s at Auburndale attracted a car count of 23. track champion Matt McCrary, the brother-in-law of Holmes, whose sponsors include the Brack Shack Res- Only a couple of the quarter-mile’s Super Late Model race winner Gorham (and also longtime Late Model taurant, AutoTech Collision, All American Lawn Care, shows since the pandemic have brought that many. star and NASCAR Xfinity Series team owner Mario Southern Comfort Refrigeration, Ace Wrecker and Am- Gosselin), left racing after 2019 when he became a soil. “He won the championship in the car that I’m in. Three of the entered names had DNS designations father, but he still has a shop five minutes away from It’s such an old car; we don’t know what chassis it is. for the first 50. Super rookie Brey Holmes went from the bullring. Matt had the spare bolts which Holmes It’s like my truck chassis, which was built in like 2003 next to veterans Rob Partelo and the runner-up’s needed; repairs were made in time for the nightcap. and had so much black iron on it. We take old chassis brother Brian Dorer on short-track racing’s equivalent and take ‘em to the front.” of a milk carton, to next to George Gorham Jr. and Jo- Hometown racer Holmes put on the drive of the nathan Guy on the podium. night climbing to third from the back of the grid. The Belted: The return of the Florida Sunbelt divi- result eclipsed his previous best of his brief Late The issue on the #57 Senneker chassis was in the Model career by one position. sion got off to a whimper at New Smyrna Speedway. Rained out from April 2, the half-mile reset the opener Bracken Smith “It was definitely very stressful,” Holmes said. of the six-race Super miniseries to April 23, conflicting Brey Holmes came home third in the second 50-lapper “We were very cautious keeping my nose clean. I with Auburndale and also Showtime Speedway. at Auburndale, Fla. knew when I got within the top eight … I held my line and blocked off whoever I could. I tried not to get any Multi-time track champion Brad May beat a six- trash on the grill either. I didn’t want to wreck this car; car field at New Smyrna, while Billy Mowery took his I’d just gotten it back. If we had five more laps, we second win of 2022 against a similar field at Showtime. probably could’ve gotten second.” Also: The April 30 event at 417 Southern Speed- Gorham was too far out, especially since Holmes was running a Pro Late Model engine against higher- way was rained out. The Punta Gorda track’s next powered Supers. The Gorham and McCrary families Super Late Model show is set for May 14. weren’t the only area names with whom Holmes has a connection. Holmes and his dad Aaron acquired their That race, plus one in late June and one on Hallo- car from former track titlist Josh Todd, who’s still ween weekend, are the only planned competitive tu- around as the #57’s crew chief. neups for the Nov. 26 Bill Bigley Memorial special, which will pay at least $10,000 to win. May 6, 2022 • • 19

ACT • Thunder Road International Speedbowl Sweet return for Milk Bowl winner From track reports and FloRacing Alan Ward/Big Al’s Photos side.” Nick Sweet emerges with his fourth win in the Community Bank 150 and eighth in an Gravel remained close until he spun BARRE, Vt. (May 1) — For most of the American-Canadian Tour points race. decade of the 2010s, Nick Sweet was a with 34 laps remaining. The Gravel cau- major player in Late Model Sportsman pass came against Marcel J. Gravel, who the week we were tight, and we were tion led to the third and final restart competition at Thunder Road Inter- had led from the outset. working on it and trying things. When it which Sweet had to endure which he national Speedbowl. He racked up two came to the feature, we could go to the was out front in his Distance chassis, track championships and more than 20 “The car made gains all weekend outside. We had one of the few cars that sponsored by Mansfield Heliflight, Gary victories over that span, for his own long,” Sweet said. “At the beginning of was able to do that. It’s so much fun to Clay Builders and Warhog Graphics. team and one funded by businessman pass here when you can do it on the out- Over the last stretch, he built a two-sec- and two-time feature winner Eric Chase. ond lead over former track champion Derrick O’Donnell. From 2018-20 Sweet changed his focus to the Pro All Stars Series and “We brought a good car and saved Super Late Model racing. That proved for quite a while,” O’Donnell said. to be a good choice, as he won eight “When Nick came along we didn’t fight times in PASS. him. I stayed with him as long as I could to see what happened. My car needed The 37-year-old hometown favorite the top, and with other cars up there it showed that he still knows his way was hard to make progress and try to around Thunder Road in American-Ca- run him down.” (Additional information nadian Tour-legal cars, capturing his from the Inside Groove) fourth career Vermont Milk Bowl in Oc- tober. The return trip, in Thunder Community Bank NA 150: 1. Nick Sweet; 2. Der- Road’s annual Community Bank 150 rick O’Donnell; 3. Christopher Pelkey; 4. Kyle Pembroke; 5. season opener, found Sweet in a Chase- Jason Corliss; 6. Stephen Donahue; 7. Jimmy Hebert; 8. Rich owned #40, and the end result was the Dubeau; 9. D.J. Shaw; 10. Evan Hallstrom; 11. Derek Glu- same. chacki; 12. Jimmy Renfrew; 13. Tyler Cahoon; 14. Brandon Lanphear; 15. Stephen Martin; 16. Jamie Swallow Jr.; 17. “It’s so nice to win in front of my Brooks Clark; 18. Erick Sands; 19. Scott Dragon; 20. Bren- home crowd. It’s been a long, cold dan Moodie; 21. Darrell Morin; 22. Chip Grenier; 23. Shawn winter,” he said. “To capitalize like this Swallow; 24. Cooper Bouchard; 25. Alexandre Tardif; 26. is big for us.” Marcel J. Gravel; 27. Cody Leblanc; 28. Patrick Laperle. It took Sweet 53 laps to climb to the Lap leaders: Gravel 1-52, Sweet 53-150 • Cautions: 5 • top spot from 12th on the grid. His final Heat race winners (of 33 drivers): Grenier, Donahue, Sweet • B-mains: Dubeau, Gravel, Bouchard • Provisionals: Le- blanc, Dragon Alan Ward/Big Al’s Photos Alan Ward/Big Al’s Photos Nick Sweet (40) passes Marcel Gravel for the lead about a third of the way into the Patrick Laperle goes for a loop at ACT’s home track. Spins by the three-time Milk Bowl season opener at Thunder Road International Speedbowl in Barre, Vt. winner forced the first two cautions. Fourth career win in bank-sponsored track opener for Sweet; two came with Chase and two in family-owned ride in 2010-11 • Fourteen finish on lead lap • Track points season resumes May 29 for Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic 20 • • May 6, 2022

PASS • Stafford Motor Speedway Return to Stafford all MacDonald From series reports and FloRacing tire failure and forced a yellow with three laps remaining. STAFFORD, Conn. (April 23) — Many of the Pro All Stars Series competitors Gabe Brown restarted second, but had never seen Stafford Motor Speed- he found himself locked into a battle way before. Eddie MacDonald relied on with Joey Polewarczyk for that position. his prior experience at the half-mile - MacDonald, in a Fury chassis sponsored and the ability of one of New England’s by his car owner’s company Lemieux established veterans and strong teams - Builders, Grimm Construction, Hancock to lead all 75 laps in the PASS feature at Electric and Exit Realty, beat Pole- the 50th NAPA Auto Parts Spring Siz- warczyk to the stripe by half a second. zler. “We were going pretty hard to stay “It’s been a long time since the out front. I didn’t want to deal with K&N days,” said MacDonald, whose those guys making a run on me,” the last win here came in 2007 in the then- winner said. “I tried to stay out far NASCAR Busch East Series. “The car away, then we had that caution. Luckily was fast right off the trailer … really fun we were able to get away and didn’t get to drive. We’ve been falling behind the run into or anything, so it was fun.” last couple of years, so we tried to im- prove our equipment and be more com- Spring Sizzler: 1. Eddie MacDonald; 2. Joey Pole- petitive.” warczyk; 3. Gabe Brown; 4. Jake Matheson; 5. Ben Rowe; 6. Cory Casagrande; 7. Austin MacDonald; 8. Kate Re; 9. Josh This was the third victory in 40 King; 10. Johnny Clark; 11. Dan Winter; 12. Derek Glu- PASS starts for MacDonald, from Row- chacki; 13. Brandon Barker; 14. Ryan Kuhn; 15. Adam Gray; ley, Mass. Things appeared to come 16. Garrett Hall; 17. Mike Scorzelli; 18. D.J. Shaw; 19. Corey easily for the “Oval Outlaw” until Ryan Bubar. Kuhn dropped out of third place with a Lap leader: E.MacDonald 1-75 • Cautions: 2 • Heat race winners: Brown, E.MacDonald Norm Marx Norm Marx Austin MacDonald (13) drives away from an accident which took out Mike Scorzelli Eddie MacDonald led all 75 laps in the Pro All Stars Series portion of the NAPA Auto (18), Corey Bubar (12) and D.J. Shaw (60) and hampered Garrett Hall (94). Parts Spring Sizzler. Norm Marx Eddie MacDonald (17) edges ahead of Joey Polewarczyk (4), Ryan Kuhn (72) and Cory Casagrande on the first of two restarts at the half-mile in Stafford Springs, Conn. Best PASS run for runner-up Polewarczyk since joining Moody team; teammate Rowe places fifth • Hard charger: Winter, 19th to 10th • Late Model Sportsman results, Page 6 • Ten finish on lead lap • More on eighth-place Re, Page 27 May 6, 2022 • • 21

Granite State • Claremont Motorsports Park Rebound at Claremont for champ From track reports and FloRacing CLAREMONT, N.H. (April 24) — Gabe Alan Ward/Big Al’s Photos Brown’s streak of consecutive Granite Gabe Brown (50) moves past Luke Hinkley at Claremont Motorsports Park, with Joey Doiron (73) in pursuit. State Pro Stock Series wins at Claremont Motorsports Park was stretched to three Brown, sponsored by Lucy’s Ice favorite Luke Hinkley gave it his best Granite State 100 presented by Key with his triumph in the season opener Cream Shop, R&B Drywall, Jones Rac- shot, but he settled for second by half a Chevrolet-Buick-GMC: 1. Gabe Brown; 2. Luke Hin- for the tour and its home track. But ing Products, JBJ Machine, C.C. Russo second. This was his second straight kley; 3. Joey Doiron; 4. Jimmy Renfrew Jr.; 5. Casey Call; 6. Brown, from Center Conway, N.H., and G.E. Brown Excavating, led all but runner-up effort at the track that’s about Dylan Estrella; 7. Ryan Ripley; 8. Josh King; 9. Nick Cusack; wasn’t thinking about his trips here last three laps in this visit to the third-mile, five minutes from his home. 10. Dan McKeage; 11. Sammy Gooden; 12. Jeremy Sorel. July and October. lapping up to sixth place. Home-track Lap leaders: Hinkley 1-3, Brown 4-100 • Cautions: 1 Heavier on the mind of the 19-year- • Fast qualifier: Doiron, 13.98 seconds old employee at chassis builder Dale Shaw Race Cars was a hard crash in a PASS heat race one week earlier at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. This weekend, and his fourth career win in the tour, was just what Brown needed. “This win was needed,” the 2021 GSPSS champion said. “Last week sucked (fixing the car). I think our earli- est night this week was 1:30 a.m.” nuts&bolts: Around New England … from track and series reports and the Inside Groove First podium: The Community Bank 150 pro- laps,” said Pelkey, from South Barre, Vt. “We just got a wreck.” little loose the last couple of laps … but to finish be- duced Chris Pelkey’s best finish in the American-Ca- hind two champions, you can’t really be too mad Hard charger: The big mover in the 150 was nadian Tour in 33 career starts. Pelkey has four career about it. We didn’t have the greatest run in the Milk wins at Thunder Road and branched out to follow Bowl (last October) and found some things wrong someone who isn’t used to starting that far back. Jason most of the ACT schedules starting in 2018. with the car that weren’t quite right after our big Corliss, who won the last three track championships, was 23rd on the grid and came home fifth. “This was a lot of fun. We really clicked off some Corliss won this event in 2018-20 but crashed out Alan Ward/Big Al’s Photos on lap 55 in last year’s edition. Chris Pelkey (64) battles Derrick O’Donnell for second place in the Community Bank 150. O’Donnell was the runner- up, but Pelkey still left with his best ACT result. A little history: The Pro All Stars Series event at Stafford Motor Speedway’s Spring Sizzler was the first appearance of Super Late Models since 2012 at the half-mile in Stafford Springs, Conn. The only drivers who were in that field and this year’s PASS North visit were multi-time series champions Ben Rowe, D.J. Shaw and Johnny Clark. Title hopes: The top three finishers in the Gra- nite State Pro Stock Series opener at Claremont Motor- sports Park aren’t likely to follow the entire schedule. The next three in the running order – Jimmy Renfrew Jr., Casey Call and Dylan Estrella – could be champion- ship contenders in Mike Parks’ circuit. Also: Aaron Fellows, who once had an unde- feated season in LMS action at Claremont, was in a modified for this opener and finished third in the NHSTRA-sanctioned event won by Matt Kimball. 22 • • May 6, 2022

ARCA/CRA Super Series ARCA Midwest Tour (Through Salem) 1. Cody Coughlin 200 (powered by Jegs) (Through Joe Shear Classic) April 24 Slinger (Wis.) Super Speedway/Luke Fenhaus (one more date to be added) 1. Casey Johnson 213 May 1 Madison (Wis.) Int’l Speedway/Casey Johnson 2. Eddie Van Meter 196 Jan. 29 Crisp Motorsports Park, Cordele, Ga./Bubba Pollard 2. Luke Fenhaus 190 May 28 Jefferson (Wis.) Speedway 3. Dalton Armstrong 192 April 10 Anderson (Ind.) Speedway/Eddie Van Meter 3. Derek Kraus 187 June 19 Milwaukee Mile, West Allis, Wis. 4. Hunter Jack 185 April 24 Salem (Ind.) Speedway/Casey Roderick 4. Dalton Zehr 181 July 9 Wayne Carter Classic, Grundy County (Ill.) Speedway 5. Albert Francis 184 May 7 N-S Challenge, Nashville (Tenn.) Fair. Speedway 5. John DeAngelis Jr. 170 July 23 Detjens Mem., State Park Speedway, Wausau, Wis. 6. Billy Van Meter 160 June 4 Jennerstown (Pa.) Speedway 6. Gabe Sommers 164 Aug. 2 Wisconsin International Raceway, Kaukauna, Wis. 7. Casey Roderick 110 June 18 Flat Rock (Mich.) Speedway 7. Ty Majeski 163 Aug. 20 Hawkeye Downs Speedway, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 8. Tommy St. John 94 July 16 Redbud 400, Anderson (Ind.) Speedway 8. Jonathan Eilen 161 Aug. 26 Howie Lettow Classic, Madison (Wis.) Int’l Speedway 9. J.P. Crabtree 92 July 30 Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis, Brownsburg, Ind. 9. Justin Mondeik 157 Sept. 3 Dells (Wis.) Raceway Park Jordon Riddick 92 Sept. 3-4Winchester (Ind.) Speedway 10. Levon VanDerGeest 153 Oct. 8-9 Oktoberfest 200, LaCrosse (Wis.) Fair. Speedway Sept. 17 Glass City 100, Toledo (Ohio) Speedway Oct. 30 All-American 400, Nashville (Tenn.) F. Speedway (NP) Oct.15-16Winchester 400, Winchester (Ind.) Speedway Oct.29-30All Am. 400, Nashville (Tenn.) Fair. Speedway (NP) TUNDRA Super Late Model Series Jegs CRA All-Stars Tour (Final 2021 points) May 14 Wisconsin International Raceway, Kaukauna, Wis. (Through Salem) 1. Riley Stenjem 601 June 11 Marshfield (Wis.) Motor Speedway 1. Casey Roderick 110 Jan. 29 (presented by Chevrolet Performance) 2. Casey Johnson 598 July 16 Norway (Mich.) Speedway 2. Dakota Stroup 103 April 24 Crisp Motorsports Park, Cordele, Ga./Michael Hinde 3. Justin Mondeik 505 Aug. 6 State Park Speedway, Wausau, Wis. 3. Cole Williams 102 May 7 Salem (Ind.) Speedway/Casey Roderick 4. Brock Heinrich 493 Sept. 5 Golden Sands Speedway, Plover, Wis. 4. Trey Craig 95 May 14 Nashville (Tenn.) Fair. Speedway 5. Grant Thompson 487 Sept. 25 Dells (Wis.) Raceway Park 5. Cody Coughlin 92 June 18 Birch Run (Mich.) Speedway 6. Jordan Thiel 486 6. Ryan Fleming 88 July 2 Flat Rock (Mich.) Speedway 7. Kevin Knuese 433 7. Brett Robinson 86 July 9 Birch Run (Mich.) Speedway 8. Max Kahler 424 Corey Deuser 86 July 22 Masters of the Pros, Nashville (Tenn.) Fair. Speedway 9. Mike Olson 413 9. Nick Egan 84 Aug. 6 Grundy County Speedway, Morris, Ill. 10. Brady Bill 405 10. Tanner Jack 80 Anderson (Ind.) Speedway Sept. 3 World Stock Car Festival, Winchester (Ind.) Speedway Sept. 10 Birch Run (Mich.) Speedway Big 8 Limited Late Model Series Oct. 1 Fall Brawl, Jennerstown (Pa.) Speedway Oct. 14 Winchester (Ind.) Speedway Oct. 30 Nashville (Tenn.) Fairgrounds Speedway (NP) (powered by Jegs) (Through Spring Classic) April 23 Rockford Speedway, Loves Park, Ill./Max Kahler 1. Max Kahler 129 June 3 Hawkeye Downs Speedway, Cedar Rapids, Iowa April 3 Shadybowl Speedway, DeGraff, Ohio/Ryan Fleming July 1 Tomah-Sparta Speedway, Tomah, Wis. April 16 Anderson (Ind.) Speedway/Jeff Marcum July 22 Detjens Mem., State Park Speedway, Wausau, Wis. June 19 Mount Lawn Speedway, New Castle, Ind. July 29 Madison International Speedway, Oregon, Wis. July 2 Anderson (Ind.) Speedway Aug. 28 Milwaukee Mile, West Allis, Wis. Aug. 13 Anderson (Ind.) Speedway Sept. 24 September Showdown, Dells (Wis.) Raceway Park Sept. 3-4Winchester (Ind.) Speedway Oct. 1-2 NSTC, Rockford Speedway, Loves Park, Ill. Sept. 17 Anderson (Ind.) Speedway Oct. 8 Oktoberfest, LaCrosse (Wis.) Fairgrounds Speedway Oct. 15 Winchester (Ind.) Speedway Vore’s Welding CRA Late Model Sportsman(2022points) 2. Dale Nottestad 107 3. Dennis Smith Jr. 104 4. Franc Beldowski 97 5. Casey Johnson 92 1. Kyle Worley 176 6. Jim Olson 87 2. Greg Stilwell 168 7. Stephen Scheel 84 3. Kent Carson 154 8. Will Rece 81 4. Jason Timmerman 136 9. Jerry Mueller 75 5. Cassten Everidge 132 10. Austin Nason 72 6. Caleb Reschar 115 7. Ryan Fleming 100 CWRA Stars to Legends Tour9.BradCoons100 Jeff Marcum 97 (Final 2021 points) (presented by Cedar Creek Rustic Village and Bentley Trucking) Reveal the Hammer Outlaw Late Model Series(Final2021points) 1. Jeff Weinfurter 230 May 7 Marshfield (Wis.) Motor Speedway 1. Steve Needles 718 May 6 Birch Run (Mich.) Speedway/postponed 2. Tyler Sauter 227 May 28 Lyle Nabbefeldt Classic, Dells (Wis.) Raceway Park 2. Shawn Amor 712 May 14 Berlin Raceway, Marne, Mich. 5. Derrick Van Dreel 192 June 25 Marshfield (Wis.) Motor Speedway 3. Brian Maxim 650 June 18 Anderson (Ind.) Speedway 4. Kirby Kurth 189 July 20 LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway, West Salem, Wis. 4. Rick Hahn Jr. 544 June 25 Lorain County Raceway Park, South Amherst, Ohio 3. Paul Paine 185 Aug. 5 Golden Sands Speedway, Plover, Wis. 5. Tyler Roahrig 540 Aug. 12 Dixie Classic, Birch Run (Mich.) Speedway 171 Aug. 27 Dells (Wis.) Raceway Park Aug. 27 Berlin Raceway, Marne, Mich. Steve Lichtfeld 165 Sept. 23 Midwest Championship, Dells (Wis.) Raceway Park Sept. 10 Birch Run (Mich.) Speedway 6. Mike Sievers 157 Sept. 24 Midwest Championship, Dells (Wis.) Raceway Park 8. Monte Gress 156 6. Adam Terry 530 9. Corey Jankowski 151 7. Mike Root 408 10. Mark Eswein 8. J.R. Roahrig 394 Midwestern one-track miniseries 9. Michael Thayer 390 10. Austin Davis 388 UMA 602 Late Model Tour Red, White & Blue SLM Alive for Five SLM Northside Towing Big 8 Outlaw (Kaukauna, Wis.) (Dells, Wis.) (Spartan, Mich.) 1. Jordan DeVoy (1) 103 1. Andy Bozell (1) 100 1. Casey Johnson (2) 270 2. Dan Fredrickson 97 2. Justin Claucherty 90 (Through Icebreaker) 2. Grant Griesbach 249 1. Dennis Prunty 109 April 10 Dells (Wis.) Raceway Park/Dennis Prunty 3. Carson Kvapil (1) 245 3. Derek Kraus 95 3. Blake Childers 85 May 1 Madison (Wis.)International Speedway/Dennis Prunty 4. Maxwell Schultz 230 Austin Nason 95 4. Jason Felver 80 2. Tom Carlson 105 May 22 Slinger (Wis.) Super Speedway 3. Hunter Stenson 98 May 28 Jefferson (Wis.) Speedway Jesse Oudenhoven 230 Jeff Storm 95 5. Kyle Drake 75 July 31 Slinger (Wis.) Super Speedway (2021 points; (April 10 winner: Jordan DeVoy; April 22 winner: Andy Bozell; Brad Warthan 98 Aug. 26 Madison International Speedway, Oregon, Wis. first 2022 race June 9) next races June 4, June 25) next races May 13, May 20) 5. Jason Stark 95 6. Brian Johnson 89 Oct. 22 Dells (Wis.) Raceway Park 7. Michael Winters 88 8. Pete Moore 86 May 6, 2022 • • 23

CARS Late Model Stock Tour Southern Super Series(ThroughJacksonville) (presented by (presented by Sunoco) Solid Rock Carriers) March13 South Alabama Speedway, Kinston, Ala./Ty Majeski 1. Carson Kvapil 125 March13 Caraway Speedway, Sophia, N.C./Carson Kvapil (Through April) 195 March26Crisp Motorsports Park,Cordele, Ga./Bubba Pollard 2. Chad McCumbee 108 March20Hickory (N.C.) Motor Speedway/Chad McCumbee 1. Bubba Pollard 170 April 8 Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, Fla./Stephen Nasse 3. Kaden Honeycutt 95 April 9 Greenville-Pickens Speedway, Easley, S.C./Josh Berry 2. Stephen Nasse 162 April 9 Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, Fla./Derek Thorn 4. Chase Burrow 89 April 23 Goodyear All American (N.C.) Speedway/Connor Hall 3. Hunter Robbins 128 April 23 Southern National (N.C.) Motorsports Park/postponed 5. Carter Langley 86 May 6 Ace Speedway, Altamahaw, N.C. 4. Daniel Dye 126 May 7 N-S Challenge, Nashville (Tenn.) Fair. Speedway Brandon Pierce 86 May 21 Franklin County Speedway, Callaway, Va. 5. Matt Craig 124 May 21 Greenville-Pickens Speedway, Easley, S.C. Conner Jones 86 June 4 Langley Speedway, Hampton, Va. 6. Jake Garcia 124 June 11 Montgomery (Ala.) Motor Speedway 8. Connor Hall 84 June 18 Dominion Raceway, Thornburg, Va. 94 June 25 Tri-County Motor Speedway, Hudson, N.C. 9. Bobby McCarty 81 July 30 Throwback, Hickory (N.C.) Motor Speedway Jackson Boone 94 July 9 New Smyrna Speedway, Samsula, Fla. 10. Braden Rogers 77 Aug. 12 Ace Speedway, Altamahaw, N.C. 8. Jett Noland 92 July 23 Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, Fla. Aug. 27 Motor Mile Speedway, Radford, Va. Aug. 20 Crisp Motorsports Park,Cordele, Ga. Michael Hinde Sept. 24 Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, Fla. 10. Jake Finch Oct. 30 All American 400, Nashville (Tenn.) F. Speedway (NP) Sept. 10 Tri-County Motor Speedway, Hudson, N.C. Oct. 8 Dillon (S.C.) Motor Speedway Oct. 22 South Boston (Va.) Speedway Nov. 5 Caraway Speedway, Sophia, N.C. Carolina Pro Late Model Series(Through Hickory) CARS Pro Late Model Tour 1. Josh Lowder 339 (powered by Autec) (Through Greenville) (presented by Solid Rock Carriers) March 5 Southern National Motorsports Park/Josh Lowder 1. Caden Kvapil 96 March13 Caraway Speedway, Sophia, N.C./Caden Kvapil 2. Mason Maggio 322 March19 Franklin County (Va.) Speedway/Mason Maggio March20Hickory (N.C.) Motor Speedway/William Sawalich 3. Katie Hettinger 308 April 2 Hickory (N.C.) Motor Speedway/Caden Kvapil 2. Luke Fenhaus 93 April 9 Greenville-Pickens (S.C.) Speedway/Gio Ruggiero 4. Jasec Holladay 303 April 30 Goodyear All Am. (N.C.) Speedway/Mason Maggio 3. Austin MacDonald 78 May 21 Franklin County Speedway, Callaway, Va. May 14 Dillon (S.C.) Motor Speedway 4. Logan Jones 73 July 30 Throwback, Hickory (N.C.) Motor Speedway 5. Tovia Grynewicz 296 May 28 Tri-County Motor Speedway, Hudson, N.C. Aug. 12 Ace Speedway, Altamahaw, N.C. 6. Ryan Matthews 274 June 11 Carteret County Speedway, Swansboro, N.C. 5. Kody King 71 Aug. 27 Motor Mile Speedway, Radford, Va. 7. Caleb Johnson 272 July 2 Greenville-Pickens Speedway, Easley, S.C. 6. Charlie Keeven 70 Sept. 10 Tri-County Motor Speedway, Hudson, N.C. Aug. 6 Anderson (S.C.) Motor Speedway 7. William Sawalich 66 Oct. 22 South Boston (Va.) Speedway 8. Caleb Costner 250 Aug. 20 Hickory (N.C.) Motor Speedway Nov. 5 Caraway Speedway, Sophia, N.C. 9. Kyle Campbell 196 Sept. 17 Southern National Motorsports Park, Kenly, N.C. 8. Tyler Johnson 49 10. E.J. Tamayo 171 9. Jeff Batten 48 10. Penn Crim Jr. 42 Oct. 15 Hickory (N.C.) Motor Speedway Nov. 27 Southern National Motorsports Park, Kenly, N.C. Southeastern one-track miniseries All Pro Limited Late Model Series Big Machine Vodka Pro LM Show Me the Money Pro LM Allen Turner Pro LM (New series for 2022) (Nashville, Tenn.) (Montgomery, Ala.) (Pensacola, Fla.) March12 Southern National Motorsports Park/BooBoo Dalton 1. Hunter Wright (1) 95 1. Jake Garcia (1) 94 1. Connor Okrzesik 138 April 23 Greenville-Pickens Speedway/Riley Gentry 2. Chase Johnson 91 2. Christopher Tullis 86 2. Chris Davidson 133 June 11 Southern National Motorsports Park, Kenly, N.C. 3. Cole Williams (1) 90 3. John Bolen 84 3. John Bolen 132 June 25 Florence (S.C.) Motor Speedway 4. Dylan Fetcho 83 4. Hunter Wright 78 4. Jake Garcia (2) 109 July 16 Greenville-Pickens Speedway, Easley, S.C. 5. Stacey Crain 73 5. Justin South 76 5. Matt Craig (1) 108 Aug. 13 Anderson (S.C.) Motor Speedway (April 16 winner: Hunter Wright; (April 30 winner: Jake Garcia; (2021 points; Sept. 10 Florence (S.C.) Motor Speedway next races May 7, June 4) next races May 28, Aug. 6) first 2022 race May 13) Oct. 8 Southern National Motorsports Park, Kenly, N.C. 24 • • May 6, 2022

Spears SRL Southwest Tour ARCA Menards Series (Through Roseville) 502 Feb. 5 Irwindale (Calif.) Speedway/Derek Thorn (Through Talladega) Feb. 19 Daytona (Fla.) International Speedway/Corey Heim 1. Jacob Gomes March 5 All American Speedway, Roseville,Calif./Jacob Gomes 1. Daniel Dye 112 March11 Phoenix (Ariz.) International Raceway/Taylor Gray 2. Jace Hansen 481 April 2 Kern County (Calif.) Raceway Park/Jacob Gomes 2. Rajah Caruth 111 April 23 Talladega (Ala.) Superspeedway/Nick Sanchez 3. Jeremy Doss 480 May 21 Irwindale (Calif.) Speedway 3. Nick Sanchez 108 May 14 Kansas Speedway, Kansas City 4. Cale Kanke 444 June 18 Kern County Raceway Park, Bakersfield, Calif. 4. Parker Chase 101 May 27 Charlotte Motor Speedway, Concord, N.C. Trevor Huddleston 444 July 16 Stockton 99 (Calif.) Speedway 5. Corey Heim 91 June 11 Iowa Speedway, Newton, Iowa 6. Dan Holtz 422 Aug. 13 Redwood Acres Raceway, Eureka, Calif. 6. Toni Breidinger 84 June 18 Berlin Raceway, Marne, Mich. 7. John Moore 418 Sept. 17 Irwindale (Calif.) Speedway 7. Gus Dean 78 June 25 Elko (Minn.) Speedway 8. Andy Allen 388 Oct. 22 Kern County Raceway Park, Bakersfield, Calif. 8. Amber Balcaen 74 July 8 Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Lexington, Ohio 9. Buddy Shepherd 380 Nov. 12 Irwindale (Calif.) Speedway 9. Ryan Huff 70 July 22 Pocono Raceway, Long Pond, Pa. 10. D.Ash/S.Sanchez 339 10. D.L. Wilson 69 July 29 Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis, Brownsburg, Ind. Andy Jankowiak 69 Aug. 6 Michigan International Speedway, Brooklyn, Mich. Spears Pro Late Model Series Aug. 19 Watkins Glen (N.Y.) International Raceway Aug. 21 Illinois State Fairgrounds, Springfield, Ill. Aug. 28 Milwaukee Mile, West Allis, Wis. (Through April 23) Sept. 4 DuQuoin (Ill.) State Fairgrounds 1. Tyler Reif 640 (presented by Sigma Performance Services) Sept. 10 Kansas Speedway, Kansas City 2. Seth Wise 638 Feb. 5 Irwindale (Calif.) Speedway/Dylan Cappello Sept. 15 Bristol (Tenn.) Motor Speedway 3. Tanner Reif 591 March 5 All American Speedway, Roseville,Calif./Dylan Zampa Oct. 1 Salem (Ind.) Speedway 4. Dylan Zampa 576 April 2 Kern County (Calif.) Raceway Park/Seth Wise Oct. 8 Toledo (Ohio) Speedway 5. Logan Zampa 569 April 23 Kern County (Calif.) Raceway Park/Dylan Cappello May 21 Irwindale (Calif.) Speedway 6. Frankie Muniz 524 June 18 Kern County Raceway Park, Bakersfield, Calif. 7. Christian Bazen 507 July 16 Stockton 99 (Calif.) Speedway 8. Mike Beeler 474 Sept. 17 Irwindale (Calif.) Speedway 9. Hans Beeler 442 10. Dylan Cappello 360 ARCA Menards Series EastOct. 1 Bischofberger Brawl, Stockton 99 (Calif.) Speedway Oct. 22 Kern County Raceway Park, Bakersfield, Calif. Nov. 12 Irwindale (Calif.) Speedway (Through Dover) 1. Sammy Smith 136 Feb. 15 New Smyrna Speedway, Samsula, Fla./Sammy Smith Northwest Super Late Model Series 2. Taylor Gray 134 March19 Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, Fla./Sammy Smith 3. Leland Honeyman Jr. 120 April 29 Dover (Del.) International Speedway/Taylor Gray 4. Christian Rose 101 May 7 Nashville (Tenn.) Fairgrounds Speedway 5. Stephanie Moyer 99 June 11 Iowa Speedway, Newton, Iowa (Through Apple Cup) 52 April 3 Tri-City Raceway, W. Richland, Wash./Preston Peltier 6. Brad Smith 92 Aug. 28 Milwaukee Mile, West Allis, Wis. 1. Preston Peltier May 1 Wenatchee Valley (Wash.) Super Oval/Evan Goetz 7. Willie Mullins 75 Sept. 15 Bristol (Tenn.) Motor Speedway May 14 Stateline Speedway, Post Falls, Idaho 75 2. Mike Longton 51 May 28 South Sound Speedway, Tenino, Wash. Daniel Escoto 74 3. Trevor Cristiani 48 June 18 Hermiston (Ore.) Raceway 9. Donald Theetge 74 4. Randy Marshall Jr. 44 July 9 Magic Valley Speedway, Twin Falls, Idaho 5. Trenton Moriarity 43 Jake Finch 6. Kaiden Anderson 42 Aug. 6 South Sound Speedway, Tenino, Wash. 7. Nick Gibson 41 Sept. 4 Atomic 125, Hermiston (Ore.) Raceway ARCA Menards Series West 8. Jim Franklin 40 Sept. 18 Wenatchee Valley (Wash.) Super Oval 40 Oct. 2 Fall Classic, Tri-City Raceway, West Richland, Wash. (Through Bakersfield) March11 Phoenix (Ariz.) International Raceway/Taylor Gray Haeden Plybon 39 March26Irwindale (Calif.) Speedway/Tanner Reif 10. Andy Beaman 1. Jake Drew 122 April 23 Kern County (Calif.) Raceway Park/Landen Lewis June 4 Portland (Ore.) International Raceway Tri-State Challenge 2. Tanner Reif 117 June 11 Sonoma (Calif.) Raceway 3. Cole Moore 116 July 2 Irwindale (Calif.) Speedway 4. Paul Pedroncelli Jr. 108 Aug. 20 Evergreen Speedway, Monroe, Wash. 5. Austin Herzog 107 Sept. 3 Portland (Ore.) International Raceway (Final 2021 points) July 2 Hermiston (Ore.) Raceway 6. Todd Souza 105 Oct. 1 All American Speedway, Roseville, Calif. 1. Terry Halverson 256 July 30 Stateline Speedway, Post Falls, Idaho 7. Takuma Koga 98 Oct. 14 Bullring at Las Vegas (Nev.) Speedway 2. Andy Beaman 243 Sept. 17 Wenatchee Valley (Wash.) Super Oval 8. Joey Iest 92 Nov. 5 Phoenix (Ariz.) International Raceway 3. Garrett Huffines 234 Oct. 1 Fall Classic, Tri-City Raceway, West Richland, Wash. 9. Sebastian Arias 86 4. Kaiden Anderson 226 10. Bridget Burgess 85 5. Rick Gerard 194 6. Ron Stewart 185 7. Todd Connell 154 SuperCup Stock Car Series 8. Aubree Cristiani 139 9. Dan Lowther 124 10. Chris Hiner 121 (Through April) April 30 Dominion Raceway, Thornburg, Va./Jason Kitzmiller 1. Jason Kitzmiller 320 May 14 Midvale (Ohio) Speedway NHSTRA Late Model Race for the Ring 2. Ron Langdon 290 June 4 Shenandoah (Va.) Speedway 3. Brent Nelson 270 June 18 UMI Motorsports Park, Clearfield. Pa. 4. Kevin Kromer 260 July 9 Jennerstown (Pa.) Speedway 5. Ben Ebeling 243 Aug. 20 Motor Mile Speedway, Radford, Va. (Final 2021 points) June 30 Lee USA (N.H.) Speedway 6. Landon Brothers 242 Sept. 10 Jennerstown (Pa.) Speedway 1. Frankie Eldredge 318 July 8 Claremont (N.H.) Motorsports Park 7. Hayden Brothers 236 Oct. 1 Dominion Raceway, Thornburg, Va. 2. Jason Maki 274 Aug. 21 Hudson (N.H.) International Speedway 8. Lauren Butler 228 Oct. 22 Hickory (N.C.) Motor Speedway 3. Mark Hudson 264 Sept. 10 Monadnock Speedway, Winchester, N.H. 9. Richard Hauck 208 4. Ricky Bly 258 10. Rob Jones 125 5. Ryan Currier 222 6. Hayden Scott 220 7. Cam Curtis 202 8. Bobby Melvin 200 9. Jimmy Renfrew Jr. 198 Bobby Frappier 198 May 6, 2022 • • 25

American-Canadian Tour APC United Late Model Series (Through Loudon) (Final 2021 points) 1. Derek Gluchacki 120 April 16 New Hampshire Motor Speedway/Derek Gluchacki 1. Brandon Watson 467 (presented by Grisdale Racing Products) 2. Tom Carey III 118 May 1 Thunder Road (Vt.) Int’l Speedbowl/Nick Sweet 2. Treyten Lapcevich 466 May 21 Sunset Speedway, Innisfil, Ontario 3. Dillon Moltz 104 May 22 Monadnock Speedway, Winchester, N.H. 3. Pete Shepherd 455 June 4 Flamboro Speedway, Freelton, Ontario 4. Patrick Laperle 102 June 11 White Mountain (N.H.) Motorsports Park 4. Andrew Gresel 452 June 18 Peterborough (Ontario) Speedway 5. D.J. Shaw 101 June 25 Autodrome Chaudiere, Vallee-Jonction, Quebec 5. Jake Sheridan 438 July 1 Delaware Speedway, London, Ontario 6. Dany Trepanier 97 July 10 Oxford Plains (Maine) Speedway 6. Dale Shaw 437 July 16 Flamboro Speedway, Freelton, Ontario 7. Jamie Swallow Jr. 95 July 30 White Mountain (N.H.) Motorsports Park 7. J.R. Fitzpatrick 435 July 30 Sauble Speedway, Sauble Beach, Ontario 8. Ben Rowe 94 Aug. 20 Can-Am 200, Autodrome Montmagny, Quebec Jo Lawrence 435 Aug. 13 Sunset Speedway, Innisfil, Ontario 9. Jean-Philippe Bergeron93 Aug. 27 Oxford Plains (Maine) Speedway 9. Ryan Kimball 415 Aug. 27 Sauble Speedway, Sauble Beach, Ontario 10. Shawn Swallow 88 Sept. 4 Thunder Road International Speedbowl, Barre, Vt. 10. Jordan Sims 411 Sept. 24 Delaware Speedway, London, Ontario Sept. 17 White Mountain (N.H.) Motorsports Park Oct. 1-2 Milk Bowl, Thunder Road Int’l Speedbowl, Barre, Vt. NASCAR Pinty’s Series Oct. 8 Thompson (Conn.) Speedway Motorsports Park Oct. 22 Seekonk (Mass.) Speedway Pro All Stars Series(Through Stafford) (Final 2021 points) 389 May 14 Sunset Speedway, Innisfil, Ontario 1. L.P. Dumoulin May 22 Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, Bowmanville, Ont. 2. Andrew Ranger 381 June 11 Autodrome Chaudiere, Vallee-Jonction, Quebec 3. D.J. Kennington 378 July 15 Exhibition Place, Toronto, Ontario 1. Eddie MacDonald 658 March18 Hickory (N.C.) Motor Speedway/Ryan Moore 4. Alex Tagliani 371 July 23 Edmonton (Alberta) International Raceway 2. Jake Matheson 624 March19 Hickory (N.C.) Motor Speedway/William Byron 5. Treyten Lapcevich 361 July 27 Wyant Group Raceway, Saskatoon, Sask. 3. Brandon Barker 617 April 2 Thompson (Conn.) Speedway/D.J. Shaw 6. Kevin Lacroix 352 Aug. 7 Circuit de Trois-Rivieres, Quebec 4. Austin MacDonald 616 April 16 New Hampshire Motor Speedway/Austin MacDonald 7. Alex Guenette 347 Aug. 16 Ohsweken (Ontario) Speedway 5. Joey Polewarczyk 614 April 23 Stafford (Conn.) Motor Speedway/Eddie MacDonald 8. Brett Taylor 337 Aug. 27 Circuit ICAR, Mirabel, Quebec 6. D.J. Shaw 612 May 7 Oxford Plains (Maine) Speedway 9. Dexter Stacey 330 Sept. 4 Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, Bowmanville, Ont. 7. Ryan Kuhn 609 May 15 White Mountain (N.H.) Motorsports Park 10. Larry Jackson 318 Sept. 24 Delaware Speedway, London, Ontario 8. Garrett Hall 603 May 22 Monadnock Speedway, Winchester, N.H. May 21 Scotia Speedworld, Halifax, N.S. June 5 Oxford Plains (Maine) Speedway June 4 Petty International Raceway, River Glade, N.B. 9. Ben Rowe 601 June 19 Spud Speedway, Caribou, Maine June 11 Riverside International Speedway, James River, N.B. June 25 Scotia Speedworld, Halifax, N.S. July 2 Oyster Bed (P.E.I.) Speedway July 9 Petty International Raceway, River Glade, N.B. July 23 IWK 250, Riverside Int’l Speedway, James River, N.B. July 30 Oyster Bed (P.E.I.) Speedway Aug. 13 Toromont Cat 250, Scotia Speedworld, Halifax, N.S. Aug. 27 Petty International Raceway, River Glade, N.B. Sept. 10 Riverside International Speedway, James River, N.B. 10. Dan WinterEast Coast International Pro Stock Tour(nationalpoints)574 July 10 Oxford Plains (Maine) Speedway July 16 White Mountain (N.H.) Motorsports Park 1. D.J. Shaw 841 July 27 Seekonk (Mass.) Speedway 2. Garrett Hall 838 Aug. 14 Oxford Plains (Maine) Speedway (Final 2021 points) Aug. 28 Oxford 250, Oxford Plains (Maine) Speedway 1. Craig Slaunwhite 1868 3. Austin MacDonald 834 Sept. 17 White Mountain (N.H.) Motorsports Park 2. Cole Butcher 1836 4. Brandon Barker 827 Sept. 24 Seekonk (Mass.) Speedway 5. Joey Polewarczyk 821 Sept. 30 Thunder Road International Speedbowl, Barre, Vt. 3. Jarrett Butcher 1788 Oct. 8 Thompson (Conn.) Speedway Motorspots Park 4. Nicholas Naugle 1798 6. Eddie MacDonald 807 Oct. 15 Oxford Plains (Maine) Speedway 5. Matt Vaughan 1682 7. Jake Matheson 789 8. Ben Rowe 786 6. Gary Elliott 1643 7. Donald Chisholm 1548 9. Ryan Kuhn 761 8. Kent Vincent 1554 10. Gabe Brown 741 9. Waylon Ferrell 1520 10. Terry Dougay 1074 Sept. 24 Scotia Speedworld, Halifax, N.S. Granite State Pro Stock Series (Final 2021 points) Western one-track miniseries 1. Gabe Brown 410 April 24 Claremont (N.H.) Motorsports Park 2. Josh King 320 May 7 Star Speedway, Epping, N.H. LunkerDaddy Pro Late Models Speed Tour Late Models 3. Devin O’Connell 274 May 21 Lee USA (N.H.) Speedway (Madera, Calif.) (Meridian, Idaho) 4. Casey Call 254 June 16 Monadnock Speedway, Winchester, N.H. 1. Kyle Keller (1) 163 1. Kyle Tellstrom (1) 86 5. Bryan Kruczek 244 July 2 Riverside Speedway, Groveton, N.H. 2. Jadan Walbridge (1) 162 2. John Newhouse 77 6. Evan Beaulieu 218 July 16 Lee USA (N.H.) Speedway 3. Ethan Nascimento 116 3. Mike Doss 64 7. Mike Mitchell 196 Aug. 12 Claremont (N.H.) Motorsports Park Shelden Cooper 116 4. Nick Gibson 58 8. Joey Polewarczyk 170 Sept. 4 Hudson (N.H.) International Speedway 5. Jason Aguirre 104 5. Wyatt King 41 9. Luke Hinkley 162 Sept. 16 Star Classic, Star Speedway, Epping, N.H. (April 30 win: Jadan Walbridge; (April 23 win: John Newhouse; next races May 21, June 25) 10. Angelo Belsito 160 next race July 4) Major unsanctioned events June 8 Money in the Bank, Berlin Raceway, Marne, Mich.Aug. 13 Challenge Cup, Colorado National Speedway June 11 J. Ingram Mem., Hickory (N.C.) Motor Speedway Aug. 27 World 604 Champ., Marshfield (Wis.) Speedway June 18 Gambler, South Bend (Ind.) Motor Speedway Sept. 3 B. Isaac Mem., Hickory (N.C.) Motor Speedway June 25 Galloway Shootout, Evergreen (Wash.) Speedway Sept. 3 Leaf Peepers 100, White Mountain (N.H.) M.Park Jan. 8 Red Eye, New Smyrna (Fla.)/B.Pollard, B.May July 2 Thunder Road 200, South Boston (Va.) Speedway Sept. 4 Boss Hogg 150, Wiscasset (Maine) Speedway Jan. 22 Showtime Speedway, Pinellas Pk, Fla./rained out July 3 R. Strmiska Mem., Stockton 99 (Calif.) Speedway Sept. 4 Pro Stock 250, Speedway 660, Geary, N.B. Jan. 23 Tucson (Ariz.) Speedway/Preston Peltier July 12 Miller Lite Nationals, Slinger (Wis.) Speedway Sept. 4 Canada 200, Westshore (B.C.) Motorsports Park Feb. 5 Florence (S.C.) Motor Speedway/Josh Berry July 14 Governor’s Cup, Thunder Road, Barre, Vt. Sept. 17 Wisconsin State Ch., Jefferson (Wis.) Speedway Feb. 18 New Smyrna (Fla.) Speedway/Kaden Honeycutt July 23 Summer Showdown, Evergreen (Wash.) Speedway Sept. 17 Fall Shootout, Marshfield (Wis.) Motor Speedway Feb. 19 New Smyrna (Fla.) Speedway/William Byron July 23 Stan Yee Mem., Flat Rock (Mich.) Speedway Sept. 17 Bettenhausen, Grundy County (Ill.) Speedway March12 South Alabama Speedway/Dylan Fetcho July 23 Hampton Heat 200, Langley (Va.) Speedway Sept. 17 Glass City 100, Toledo (Ohio) Speedway April 30 Wenatchee Valley (Wash.)/John Newhouse Aug. 4 Summer Sizzler, New Paris (Ind.) Speedway Sept. 17 Berschauer Mem., Wenatchee Valley (Wash.) May 28 Joy Fair Mem., Flat Rock (Mich.) Speedway Aug. 6 Motor Mtn Masters, Jennerstown (Pa.) Speedway Oct. 8 Paul Bunyan 150, Speedway 95, Hermon, Maine May 28 Spring Board 100, White Mountain (N.H.) M.Park Aug. 6 Growler 100, Onaway (Mich.) Speedway Oct. 8 Fall Brawl, Riverside Speedway, Groveton, N.H. May 29 Memorial Day Classic, Thunder Road, Barre, Vt. Aug. 6 Al Cook Jr. Mem., Angola (Ind.) Motor Speedway Oct. 15 Fall Brawl, Hickory (N.C.) Motor Speedway May 29 Coastal 200, Wiscasset (Maine) Raceway Aug. 10 Battle at Berlin, Berlin Raceway, Marne, Mich. Oct. 15 Fall Classic, Auburndale (Fla.) Speedway Nov. 13 Battle of the Stars, Goodyear (N.C.) A-A Speedway 26 • • May 6, 2022

Kate Re Norm Marx Team 10 Interview conducted mentum to myself. With the PASS tour 40s. To me it’s a little bit harder to get we’re running up to 30-40 cars weekly. podium finishes on this tour than in a Kate Re has entered her third sea- by Jim Carson Out west and down south they might weekly race. We continue to look for that son of Pro All Stars Series competition have 15-20. In my opinion the racing in challenge this season. with mixed results, but her most recent and Theriault launched the DriveRefine the Northeast is stronger than anywhere race at Stafford Motor Speedway (see driver optimization program in 2019) else in the country. The competition Our other sponsors are Bessey Page 21) was a reason for optimism. level is so much harder with these guys. Motor Sales, Derek Kneeland Racing, E The biggest boost for her this spring LMD: Last year you had a third- We’re racing with veterans that have Performance, LCM, Norway Candle was the announcement that the 18- place finish and everyone was going been doing this since they’re my age Company, Simpson Racing Products, year-old from Lowell, Maine, was one crazy. Can you get to that level again? now, and they’re now in their 30s and of the seven finalists for the Kulwicki continued on page 44 Driver Development Program. Re: That was at Lee USA Speedway. I’m really hoping so, especially after the Jonathan Worley #14 • Unicoi, Tenn. Late Model Digest: You were eighth strong run at Stafford. We figured some at Stafford. That might not be what you things out with the car and what we Age: 39 were hoping for, but it’s still pretty needed to work on going forward. I’m good. hoping we can carry this momentum Original hometown: Asheville, N.C. into White Mountain and go from there. Re: The start of the season hasn’t Occupation: Owner of grading contracting com- been the best for us. We started off at LMD: Are you in a new car this Hickory Motor Speedway and were year? pany Blue Ridge Mountain Property Services really hoping to come out strong in the doubleheader, but we had two DNFs. Re: This is the same car I ran all sea- Family: Wife, Ann; daughter, Emma (grandfather Then we went on to Thompson and I son last year. It’s new but old … only ended up putting my brand new car in ran it about four times. It’s getting a Winfred Worley once crewed for Dale Earn- the wall in the same spot I did a year front clip down at Fury. ago. Then we went on to Loudon and hardt) battled tire issues. So it was a huge con- LMD: What did it mean to you to be fidence booster to finish eighth. I had one of the Kulwicki finalists? Chassis: Townsend-Oliver Racing Performance not been to Stafford before. Re: What it meant to be was hon- (acquired from Ronald Renfrow and formerly LMD: Was there someone who estly pure shock. I wasn’t even expect- helped you learn the place? ing to be one of the semifinalists. When driven by Bradley McCaskill) Alan Dietz called me the Monday after Re: My driving coach helped me be- Hickory, he said he wanted to talk to me Body: Five Star Chevrolet fore going into the weekend, and my about going forward. I was expecting us spotter actually spots weekly there with to talk about Thompson and going for- Engine: Harrington Enforcer serviced by Robbie a modified. My coach is Joey Coulter. ward in the season. It means a lot to be We know Austin Theriault from Maine to carry Alan Kulwicki’s colors through- White Above: Randall Perry and got connected with him down in out 2022. Crew: Darby Fleenor, Chris Barber, Jeremy Below: H&H Graphic Designs North Carolina. We met with Joey and that was instantly what I needed. This is I tend to do a lot better when I have Draughn, Matt Bays; consulting from Kres Van- my second year working with Joey, and something pushing me, having a reason it’s helped me tremendously. (Coulter why I want to finish these races and do Dyke good. When my primary sponsor (Henry Hudson at) Henry’s Concrete Sponsors: Actively seeking Construction passed away a couple of seasons ago, I went out and had my first Accomplishments: 2021 Late Model Stock Car rookie of the year and sixth in points top-10 in a Super two weeks later. So I always do better with that momentum at Kingsport Speedway, with a best finish of third; one season of sportsman cars behind me, and I’m really looking for- ward to using that momentum with Goal: Keep improving at Kingsport (“I don’t know if we’re gonna run every week, Alan behind me this season. but at least three-quarters of the season”) LMD: Honestly I was shocked too, because you’re the only one of the seven finalists who has not yet won a Late Model feature. Re: I like to kinda see that as mo- May 6, 2022 • • 27

Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway Shorter races just fine for Queen From team and track reports Queen, who started eighth after the inversion. The Bill Carnes/Given to Fly Photography breaks were nicely timed as Queen found his way past Brenden ‘Butterbean’ Queen performs a victory lap in HAMPTON, Va. (April 23) — In Langley Speedway’s Justin Carroll for the lead by lap 15. At the end the #03, his Late Model Stock Car after his sweep of Smiley’s Late Model Stock Car season opener, Brenden Queen a Hedgecock chassis with Clark’s Automotive power Heating & Cooling Night. showed his ability in a 100-lap main event. Things and primary backing from Old Skool Video Games and changed for the two-time defending track champion Leith Cars, was almost three seconds ahead of Carroll. and the rest of the top-division racers at the .4-mile oval, but Queen had little trouble in the first shorter Twin I: 1. Brenden Queen; 2. Greg Edwards; 3. Ryan Matthews; 4. Nick Smith; events of the year. 5. Mark Wertz; 6. Danny Edwards Jr.; 7. Terry Carroll; 8. Justin S. Carroll; 9. Casey Wyatt; 10. Woody Howard; 11. Thomas Marks; 12. Matt Carter; 13. Duane The 24-year-old from Chesapeake, Va., qualified on Shreeves; 14. Chris Horton Jr.; 15. Rodney Boyd; 16. Dean Shiflett; 17. Evan Van the pole for the Smiley’s Heating & Cooling Twin 50s Leeuwen. presented by Taylor Waste Services. Queen was out front the entire way in the early-evening feature, which Lap leader: Queen 1-50 • Cautions: 0 • Fast qualifier (of 18 drivers): Queen, went caution-free. He and six-time track champion 15.663 seconds Greg Edwards ran 1-2 for all 50 laps, with Queen ahead by 1.5 seconds at the end. Twin II: 1. Brenden Queen; 2. Justin S. Carroll; 3. Ryan Matthews; 4. Nick Smith; 5. Danny Edwards Jr.; 6. Thomas Marks; 7. Terry Carroll; 8. Mark Wertz; 9. The cautions in the second race seemed to help Greg Edwards; 10. Woody Howard; 11. Chris Horton Jr.; 12. Dean Shiflett; 13. Casey Wyatt; 14. Duane Shreeves; 15. Evan Van Leeuwen. Lap leaders: J.Carroll 1-13, Queen 14-50 • Cautions: 3 Dominion Raceway and Entertainment Sellers edges Barnes and Silvestri From track reports the point five times with Barnes over race. An eight-car inversion awaited the Storm; 11. G.R. Waldrop; 12. Michael Sutphin; 13. Meagan the course of 60 laps. Barnes’ final move frontrunners to start the nightcap, and Creech; 14. Cole Bruce; 15. Logan Clark; 16. Davey Callihan; THORNBURG, Va. (April 23) — For the came after the last caution with four then came a multi-car pileup on the first 17. C.J. Terczak; 18. Cole Knopp; 19. Justin Martz; 20. Her- first time since Peyton Sellers captured laps left and he pulled even with the lap that took out, among others, Doug’s man Luck; 21. Chandler Sherman. his second straight Late Model Stock #26 when the green reemerged, but then brother Trent Barnes. When the race got Car championship at Dominion Race- Sellers cleared him and won by a couple back into a rhythm, Silvestri and Sellers Lap leaders: Callihan 1-7, D.Barnes 8-11, Sellers 12-49, way, he found himself in a duel with fel- of car lengths. emerged first and second, then Sellers D.Barnes 50, Sellers 51-56, D.Barnes 57, Sellers 58-60 low two-time Dominion titlist Doug made the winning pass just before half- • Cautions: 3 • Fast qualifier: Sellers, 15.079 seconds Barnes Jr. Sellers, also a two-time and “There were several restarts that way. Sellers had almost a second on Sil- defending NASCAR Advance Auto kept the race close,” said Sellers, who vestri at the end, with a similar gap back Twin II: 1. Peyton Sellers; 2. Daniel Silvestri; 3. Doug Parts Weekly Series national champion, drove a Malone chassis with Tanner to Barnes. Barnes Jr.; 4. Michael Hardin; 5. Mason Bailey; 6. John came out on top in the early-evening Automotive power and support from Goin; 7. C.J. Terczak; 8. Chandler Sherman; 9. Michael Sut- LMSC feature that headlined the Geico Bowers Construction, Clarence’s Steak Twin I: 1. Peyton Sellers; 2. Doug Barnes Jr.; 3. Daniel phin; 10. Logan Clark; 11. G.R. Waldrop; 12. Layne Riggs; Spring Fling presented by Zoso: the Ul- & Seafood and Danville Toyota. “Daniel Silvestri; 4. Mini Tyrrell; 5. Trent Barnes; 6. Layne Riggs; 7. 13. Herman Luck; 14. Trent Barnes; 15. Mini Tyrrell; 16. 16. timate Led Zeppelin Experience at the Silvestri made a show of it as well.” Mason Bailey; 8. John Goin; 9. Michael Hardin; 10. Dustin Dustin Storm; 17. Cole Bruce; 18. Meagan Creech; 19. Justin Groove Music Hall. Martz. Silvestri, Sellers’ teammate and pro- Sellers, from Danville, Va., swapped tege who split with his boss on opening Lap leaders: Bailey 1, Riggs 2, Silvestri 3-28, Sellers 29-60 night two weeks earlier, was right on • Cautions: 3 • Red flag: 1 Barnes’ quarterpanel in third in this first Nathan Turner Tracy Mackereth/ Peyton Sellers improved his 2022 Dominion Raceway record to three wins in four Late Doug Barnes Jr. (88), Daniel Silvestri (97), Mason Bailey and John Goin battle for Model Stock Car races with his Spring Fling sweep. spots at the .4-mile oval near Thornburg, Va. 28 • • May 6, 2022

South Boston Speedway Leaders’ misfortune favors Borst From track reports Thomas Scott were collected in a wreck after two laps in the nightcap. In the middle stages, six-time and de- SOUTH BOSTON, Va. (April 30) — Layne Riggs at- fending track champion Peyton Sellers also found trou- tempted to continue his strong run in Late Model Stock ble. Car action at South Boston Speedway, and did so in the first 75-lap feature on Sentara Healthcare American The beneficiary was Borst, the 18-year-old from Sprint Car Weekend. The domination of the #99 hit a Elon, N.C., who moved into the lead early. At the end roadblock later that day, opening the door for second- the 2021 track rookie of the year had a half-second edge year LMSC driver Jacob Borst to celebrate. on Trey Crews to score his second career LMSC victory; the first came exactly one year ago. Riggs, from Bahama, N.C., led from start to finish in the first race, giving him five wins in the first six fea- “That’s two wins for us in our first two seasons of tures of the year at the .4-mile oval. being in Late Models,” said Borst, whose Reynolds chassis is sponsored by Barber Heating & Air & Refrig- “I had a really great car,” he said. “There were a eration, Surface Concepts and Cox Chrysler-Dodge- couple of restarts that were pretty tough where I had to Jeep-Ram. “I’m very privileged to be in this ride.” fend them off and came out with the victory. They all know we have a pretty fast car, and it’s their opportu- Twin I: 1. Layne Riggs; 2. Peyton Sellers; 3. Landon Pembelton; 4. Thomas Joe Chandler/Gazette-Virginian nity to get a bumper to me. Any chance they get to lay a Scott; 5. Trey Crews; 6. Jacob Borst; 7. Brandon Pierce; 8. Mason Bailey; 9. Camden Jacob Borst scored his second career Late Model Stock bumper to me, they make sure they do it, so I’ve got to Gullie; 10. Daniel Moss; 11. Larry Barrett; 12. Aaron Donnelly; 13. Craig Moore; Car victory in the second April 30 feature after misfor- try to stay one step ahead of them.” 14. Austin Thaxton; 15. Trey Dillard; 16. Terry Dease; 17. Mike Looney. tune befell favorites Layne Riggs and Peyton Sellers. That #99 PRW chassis, sponsored by Puryear Tank Lap leader: Riggs 1-75 • Cautions: 2 • Fast qualifier: Crews, 15.06 seconds Lines, Glenn Tire Sales, Creech Heating & Air, Jacobs Twin II: 1. Jacob Borst; 2. Trey Crews; 3. Brandon Pierce; 4. Landon Pembel- Glass and Carrington Contracting, wasn’t as pretty in ton; 5. Camden Gullie; 6. Daniel Moss; 7. Austin Thaxton; 8. Peyton Sellers; 9. the next race. Riggs and fourth-place opener finisher Mason Bailey; 10. Larry Barrett; 11. Terry Dease; 12. Thomas Scott; 13. Layne Riggs. Lap leaders: Bailey 1-2, Crews 3-17, Borst 18-75 • Cautions: 3 nuts&bolts: Around Virginia … from staff and team reports Another Landon leftover: gest adjustments for the Virginia Com- place seventh and eighth in that night- LMSC stomping ground of South Bos- monwealth University student. cap. ton Speedway for some momentum. The transition from Limited Late Pierce, who drives for former track Models to the LMSC class isn’t always Like his Limited car, this LMSC is a C.J., the son of veteran journeyman champion Lee Pulliam, placed seventh smooth. It took Ryan Matthews two Hedgecock chassis acquired from Brian Ray Terczak, broke a water pump in the and third in the two April 30 races. whole extra weeks to reach the podium, Pembelton. His son Landon Pembelton first race at the .4-mile oval near Thorn- in both ends of the Smiley’s Heating & was in a hard crash at Dominion late in burg, Va. This was his second-ever night “We pitted for some adjustments Cooling Twin 50s at Langley Speedway. 2021 (one week before his landmark win of LMSC racing. and drove from the back to finish sev- at Martinsville), and that’s the car now enth in the first one,” said Pierce, from Two weeks earlier Matthews qual- in Matthews’ shop. Last-minute trip: One week Oak Ridge, N.C. “It was a long day for ified second but slid to ninth in a longer everyone waiting out the rain, but I was feature. This time his time trial effort “We had to replace all the suspen- after a DNF in CARS Solid Rock Car- glad to get the races in.” wasn’t as flashy, but his runs were sion, the clips and stuff,” said Mat- riers Tour action at Jacksonville, N.C., better when it mattered. thews, sponsored by Tanner Brandon Pierce returned to his original Automotive, Pembelton Forest Pro- “I seem to do better in shorter ducts, James River Nurseries, REM Con- Bill Carnes/Given to Fly Photography races,” said Matthews, from Mechan- crete & Seal Coating, S&M Auto Service, Ryan Matthews (51) passes Woody Howard en route to a third-place finish in the sec- icsville, Va. “I don’t feel like the first Denise Matthews Real Estate, Pierce ond Late Model Stock Car race April 23 at Langley Speedway. race was like a true race to see how Trailers, Mobile Perfection, Computer good I am on these longer races because Systems Support Center and Elite Per- of just how tight my car was. We made formance Industries. quite a few adjustments over the weeks we were off and got the car a lot better.” Good comebacks: Two driv- Before 2022 nearly all of Matthews’ ers who dropped out early in the first races were either 35 laps, as most of his twin feature at Dominion Raceway features in the Limited class were at Do- mounted good comebacks in the second minion Raceway (he won more than 60-lap race during the Geico Spring half of the 19 races), or 25 laps from his Fling. C.J. Terczak and Chandler Sher- legends car days. That’s one of the big- man came from the rear of the field to May 6, 2022 • • 29

CARS LMSC • Goodyear All American Speedway Hall runs fast early and late at last From series reports and middle stages. After the second compe- Andy Marquis tition caution on lap 80, and a pileup on Connor Hall and three crew members await qualifying at the recently-renamed Good- JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (April 23) — In the ensuing restart, Hall slid into second year All American Speedway in Jacksonville, N.C. two of his first four appearances in the place behind Andrew Grady. One lap CARS Late Model Stock Tour, Connor later the #77, a Hedgecock chassis with Hall topped time trials. His blue #77 Banks power and backing from Breeden hadn’t been around at the end of any of Concrete, Towne Bank, First Team Auto- the three races before Easter in the Solid motive, Knot Done Yet Sportfishing, Rock Carriers-sponsored circuit, but his Liquid Performance and Release Fight- luck turned around at the right time in ing Chairs, was out front for good. the latest event. His closest challenger the rest of the Hall, racing out of the Chad Bryant way was former CARS champion Deac Racing stable, took top honors in the McCaskill. He closed in on the leader’s series’ first visit to Goodyear All Ameri- rear bumper on the final lap, but Hall can Speedway. Once again he qualified edged him by about a quarter of a sec- first, but he was also the most powerful ond. force at crunch time in the New River 125 presented by United Rentals. “Catching and passing are two dif- ferent things,” McCaskill said. “He had “We’ve been really, really quick ev- a really strong car in (turns) three and erywhere we’ve gone, and we’ve had four. I think I was a little better than he some fuel management issues and just was and hoping to work myself under some off days,” said Hall, from Hamp- him, but just ran out of time. It seemed ton, Va. “I’m really happy to be able to like when I got to second, he fired off just capitalize. The CARS Tour is where really strong there for a couple of laps, I wanted to come ‘cause I knew that’s and then I was able to run him down a where the top competition was. We’ve little bit.” been checking some boxes and finally starting to have some success.” In third at the end was Chad McCumbee, who started back in 16th. Hall fell back as far as sixth in the Series points leader Carson Kvapil was fourth after catching part of the lap-80 incident and climbed from the rear. McCumbee; 4. Carson Kvapil; 5. Mason Diaz; 6. Conner Fifth-place Mason Diaz also mounted a Jones; 7. Chase Burrow; 8. Bobby McCarty; 9. Kaden Honey- solid improvement through part of the cutt; 10. Jacob Heafner; 11. Jonathan Shafer; 12. Janson field. On the slide late was Grady, who Marchbanks; 13. Bradley McCaskill; 14. Braden Rogers; 15. pitted for an adjustment during a lap- Tyler Matthews; 16. Hayden Swank; 17. Justin Johnson; 18. 104 red-flag period and was stuck back Andrew Grady; 19. Zack Miracle; 20. Brandon Pierce; 21. in 18th over the final run. Jason York; 22. Carter Langley. New River 125 presented by United Lap leaders: Hall 1-13, Diaz 14-23, Jones 24-25, Grady Rentals: 1. Connor Hall; 2. Deac McCaskill; 3. Chad 26-80, Hall 81-125 • Cautions: 5 • Red flag: 1 • Fast qualifier: Hall, 15.816 seconds Andy Marquis Pit Row TV Connor Hall leads a pack of CARS Late Model Stock Tour machines en route to a victory Tyler Matthews goes for a spin in front of series points leader Carson Kvapil (8) and in the New River 125 presented by United Rentals. inside of three-time CARS champion Bobby McCarty. Hall finished third in November’s Battle of the Stars for valuable track time at former Coastal Plains track • Hard charger: McCumbee, for second straight race in series • Rookie Burrow finishes seventh and slips into second in points behind Kvapil • Eighteen finish on lead lap 30 • • May 6, 2022

Kingsport Speedway Two in April for returning McCarty From staff and team reports and Johnson City Press KINGSPORT, Tenn. — In the Late Model Stock Car season opener at Randall Perry Kingsport Speedway, Ronnie McCarty reacquainted himself with run- Ronnie McCarty celebrates a thrilling Late Model Stock Car victory, his second straight to start the ning near the front and tasting success. One week later was his wel- year at Kingsport Speedway. come back to the reason why the Kingsport track is nicknamed the “Concrete Jungle.” In 2019 McCarty won five times at the 3/8-mile oval in his home- town. Since the pandemic he cut his schedule back, largely because racing is an enjoyable family activity for him and his 82-year-old father didn’t want too much unnecessary public exposure. In 2021 he planned to run five races, but two were rained out and one of his runs was ruined by tire selection. This season McCarty committed to a fuller #5 effort, bringing in former track champion Robbie Ferguson as his crew chief. Having Fer- guson on his side for his two victories in late April was another thorn in the craw of multi-time Kingsport titlist Kres VanDyke, because Fer- guson has spent time as a lead wrench on the #15. “We’d always been with Mark Ketron until Mark said he wanted to retire,” McCarty said. “Robbie and I had known each other forever, and we were kinda crew-chief hunting … and he was looking to start a driver development deal.” He quickly reestablished the rivalry with VanDyke, who owns the single-season Kingsport wins record with 16 in 2020. In the opener sponsored by Food City, VanDyke led the first 52 laps but then discov- ered a deflating tire. After losing the lead to McCarty, he dropped back to fourth. “That was a little sad, because I wanted to race him,” McCarty said. “I was right with him … getting ready to make the pass, when he cut the tire and went super-high.” The 36-year-old McCarty, whose Performancenter chassis has en- gine service from Charlie Long and support from Luv Homes, Cour- tesy Chevrolet, Assured Financial, Ron’s Mobile Home Parts, A-Hood Bonding, Postal Paintball Supply, Alternative Sports and UNDR In- dustries, did get to race VanDyke the next week. After the disappoint- ment of faltering on his sponsor’s night, VanDyke led from the pole again and stayed out front until a caution waved with three laps re- maining. Then they went side by side and kept that battle going until the final seconds. McCarty crossed the line ahead and slammed the wall at nearly the same time. “We got pushed up the track coming out of turn four on the final lap,” VanDyke said. “The car and driver were strong enough to still bring home a P-2. All in all it was a great night of racing.” Season Opener presented by Food City (April 22): 1. Ronnie McCarty; 2. Nik Wil- Randall Perry liams; 3. Brad Housewright; 4. Kres VanDyke; 5. Joey Trent; 6. Jonathan Worley; 7. Chase Ratliff; 8. Brad Ronnie McCarty (5) and Kres VanDyke (15) crash while crossing the finish line for the final time in the Teague; 9. Derek Lane; 10. Rick Pannell; 11. Jerry Broyles; 12. Hayden Woods; 13. Wayne Hale; 14. Allen April 29 feature at Kingsport, Tenn. Hawkins; 15. Glen Perry. Lap leaders: VanDyke 1-52, McCarty 53-60 • Cautions: 3 • Fast qualifier (of 16 drivers): VanDyke, 14.882 seconds Friday Night Thunder (April 29): 1. Ronnie McCarty; 2. Kres VanDyke; 3. Brad House- wright; 4. Nik Williams; 5. Derek Lane; 6. Joey Trent; 7. Brad Teague; 8. Jonathan Worley; 9. Jerry Broyles; 10. Allen Hawkins; 11. Wayne Hale; 12. Rick Pannell; 13. Glen Peery. Lap leaders: VanDyke 1-57, McCarty 58-60 • Cautions: 3 • Fast qualifier: VanDyke, 14.903 seconds Defending track champion Williams, who won 11 times last year, takes second and fourth in 2021 lidlifters • Local 73-year-old legend Teague places seventh in second race • Meet track’s 2021 rookie of the year, Page 27 May 6, 2022 • • 31

All Pro Limited • Greenville-Pickens Speedway Completing his comeback with win From team and staff reports LMD file sey’s Ring & Pinion, Upchurch Perform- Greenville-Pickens Sepedway-based driver Riley Gentry won the second-ever race in ance, Earnest Performance and LP Gear, EASLEY, S.C. (April 23) — Longtime the All Pro Limited Late Model Series. had to battle one of the McCall cars in Upstate driver Randy Gentry became a the second half of this race. Local teen- proud father in the All Pro Limited Late and other changes to his Malone chassis track champion Randy Porter was a big ager Tate got around the #09 on two re- Model Series’ first-ever visit to his home in line with Limited specs, Gentry cap- feather in Gentry’s cap. starts. The final yellow found Tate out track, Greenville-Pickens Speedway. His tured his biggest win. The field included front on lap 95 before Gentry regained it son Riley’s win in the 100-lap main established multi-car teams from AK “Even David Roberts was in the with an inside pass. event came one year after he became a Performance, whose driver Matt Linker field, and his name’s on the wall out scared father. finished one second back at the stripe, there,” Gentry said. “It was a pretty big This triumph wasn’t his first since and Hawk-McCall Motorsports, with win. I stretched the lead out at one surgeons inserted the screws into his Early in 2021, less than a month third-place finisher Whitney Meggs and point, but some late cautions made it collarbone. To test his sharpness before after Riley’s first win in a weekly show midrace leader Magnum Tate. Beating kinda nerve-wracking.” the CARS race, Gentry drove someone at G-P, he was involved in a hard acci- them and local veterans such as former else’s B-modified at Anderson Motor dent and suffered a broken collarbone Gentry, whose sponsors include J- Speedway, and he won the feature and and compressed vertebrae in his back, Mac Fabrication & Suspension, Lind- set the division’s track qualifying and he spent much of the summer in a record. back brace and not able to do much at the family grading business Gentry All Pro 100 presented by Door Tech: 1. Services. The 22-year-old Gentry’s first Riley Gentry; 2. Matt Linker; 3. Whitney Meggs; 4. Randy race back was the CARS Late Model Porter; 5. Mitchell Wright; 6. Austin Somero; 7. Magnum Stock Tour show here April 9, when he Tate; 8. Tristan McKee; 9. Anthony Adams; 10. BooBoo Dal- ran as high as ninth before running out ton; 11. Tasha Kummer; 12. Mitchell Dickerson; 13. David of fuel with a few laps left. Roberts; 14. Jackie Manley. Now with a two-barrel carburetor Lap leaders: Gentry 1-50, Tate 51-79, Gentry 80-94, Tate 95, Gentry 96-100 • Cautions: 5 • Red flag: 1 • Fast qualifier: Tate, 20.153 seconds SEST • Anderson Motor Speedway New Yorker makes most of DHR ride From team and staff reports said. “The first 30 laps don’t matter.” General Admission Officials His first trip south came last year, when he Joey Braun emerges from his car as a first-time SEST Limited Late WILLIAMSTON, S.C. (April 23) — Joey Braun Model winner. has only been able to race a few times in Late swept weekly Limited features at Tri-County Models in the Carolinas, with one of the region’s Motor Speedway. One of Braun’s crewmen on top driver development teams in Dwight Huff- his legends cars up north is Tommy Barton, man Racing. The sporadic schedule for the 20- whose brother Keith is a good friend of the 42- year-old from Riverhead, N.Y., may be a year-old Huffman, and that’s what connected blessing to those lining up on the grid against the team with the driver, sponsored by Papa DHR cars. Carmine’s Hot Peppers, A Cut Above All, Brett Suggs Racing & Marketing and the law firm of Braun’s latest visit was to Anderson Motor Miller & Caggiano. Speedway, in the Limited Late Model division sanctioned by the Southeast Super Truck Series. Braun’s ultimate goal is racing in the CARS He added to Ashley Huffman’s organization’s Late Model Stock Tour. A more immediate plan stellar record with SEST, as he led the last 17 is another trip to the next SEST date May 14 at laps. John Gallman, who won twice in 2021 in- Kingsport, Tenn. cluding a fall race at Anderson, had been out front since the drop of the green, but Braun SEST 50 presented by Double Aught Injury Law- fought his way past him. yers: 1. Joey Braun; 2. John Gallman; 3. Bryce Applegate; 4. Chase Polland; 5. Jacob Bradley; 6. Heath Silver; 7. Chris Phipps; 8. Justin Sor- “We fired it off tight, waiting for it to come row; 9. T.J. Lollis; 10. Bub Haney; 11. Ralph Carnes. DQ-3: Eric Wallace. to me. As soon as it did, he lost his stuff,” Braun Lap leaders: Gallman 1-33, Braun 34-50 • Cautions: 2 • Fast qual- ifier: Sorrow, 15.832 seconds 32 • • May 6, 2022

ARCA/CRA & Jegs CRA • Salem Speedway Two high banked wins for Roderick From series reports and Racing America Super Late Model race an hour or so later in his first race with Team Platinum. His #26, another Fury with SALEM, Ind. (April 24) — A proven driver took two support from Brands Truck Insurance and Brembo different teams to the Champion Racing Association’s Brakes, was fourth on the grid after the draw. Roderick victory lane in his first appearance at Salem Speedway. was in first place after 12 laps and enjoyed a half-track Casey Roderick swept both Late Model races which advantage over former series champion Cody Cough- headlined the Lucas Oil Midwest 250 presented by lin by the finish. Scott County Tourism. “This thing was hooked up,” he said. “I didn’t Roderick, a Georgia native now living in Pulaski, want to run too hard there and burn our stuff up, so I Miss., gave Rock Motorsports team owner Tyler Porter went and took control of the race and controlled the his first trophy in a hard-fought Jegs CRA All-Stars pace. That’s why I went hard those first few laps to get Tour race. Later in the afternoon he added to the long around those guys. I felt it for a couple laps and it felt list of ARCA/CRA Super Series victories for Platinum so good, and I said I have to take control of the race. I Motorsports, the team owned by Ohioans Bill and really enjoyed this weekend and hopefully we can put Myna Burba. Only two other drivers have won in both a couple more races together.” series on the same day; the first was Travis Braden in 2016 with Platinum at Winchester Speedway. Jegs CRA All-Stars Tour: 1. Casey Roderick; 2. Dakota Stroup; 3. Cole Williams; 4. Cody Coughlin; 5. Trey Craig; 6. Ryan Fleming; 7. Brett Robinson; 8. The afternoon began with a hard-fought crate-en- Nick Egan; 9. Corey Deuser; 10. Tanner Jack; 11. Joe Cooksey. gine race, his sixth appearance in the Jegs CRA circuit. He set fast time for the bonus from Nova Motorsports, Lap leaders: Deuser 1-49, Stroup 50-88, Roderick 89-100 • Cautions: 0 • Fast then the inversion put him fifth on the grid. It took qualifier (of 13 drivers): Roderick, 17.29 seconds him almost the entire 100 laps to climb to the lead; his last pass in his U.S. Tank and Godfrey Environmental- ARCA/CRA Super Series: 1. Casey Roderick; 2. Cody Coughlin; 3. Dal- sponsored Fury chassis was against Dakota Stroup. ton Armstrong; 4. Jordon Riddick; 5. Tommy St. John; 6. Eddie Van Meter; 7. Billy Van Meter; 8. Albert Francis; 9. Hunter Jack. Roderick pressed the issue a bit more early in the Lap leaders: Jack 1-11, Roderick 12-100 • Cautions: 1 • Fast qualifier (of 10 drivers): Roderick, 16.966 seconds Rich Corbett/Left Turn Media Casey Roderick swept the trophies in the Champion Rac- ing Association-sanctioned races in his first competition at Salem Speedway. Casey Roderick makes an inside pass on polesitter Corey Deuser en route to a victory in the Jegs CRA All-Stars Tour. Cody Coughlin (1) leads Eddie Van Meter en route to a His ARCA/CRA Super Series ride (26) on pit road was even stronger later in the day as he also won that portion of second-place Super Late Model finish at Salem, Ind. the Lucas Oil Midwest 250 presented by Scott County Tourism. Hard charger: VanOudenhoven • Johnson brings 14-point lead over Griesbach and Kvapil into RW&B finale Aug. 12, nine days after ARCA Midwest Dixieland 250 at WIR • Tough nights for Johnson four days later at Redbud 400 (see Page 10) and July 17 in TUNDRA race (see Page 30) May 6, 2022 • • 33

Northwest SLM • Wenatchee Valley Super Oval Super day for Washington teenager From series and team reports Raz and Max Schroeder. Goetz grabbed the lead from Kevin Peters Schroeder just before halfway in the race, then fought Evan Goetz won the Leonard Evans 150 in his Super Late EAST WENATCHEE, Wash. (May 1) — Horsepower and off a challenge from Schroeder after a red-flag crash Model debut at Wenatchee Valley Super Oval. experience are two major factors in short-track racing, delay and cleared him for good on lap 99. but Evan Goetz overcame both of those disadvantages 16. Jan Evans; 17. Haeden Plybon; 18. Garrett Evans; 19. Wyatt Gardner; 20. J.J. in the Northwest Super Late Model Series season Goetz finished with a decent edge on runner-up Hamilton; 21. Braeden Havens; 22. Nick Gibson; 23. Matt Doyle. opener. The 14-year-old from Okanogan, Wash., left Riddle. Riddle, who won this event in 2015 and 2018, with the victory in the Leonard Evans 150 at Wenat- suffered an early setback when he spun with Haeden Lap leaders: Riddle 1-20, Raz 21-60, Schroeder 61-63, Raz 64-66, Goetz 67-97, chee Valley Super Oval. Plybon on lap 22. He battled back from that, but on his Schroeder 98, Goetz 99-150 • Cautions: 6 • Red flag: 1 • Fast qualifier: Mar- way back up through the field he found that the crate shall, 12.639 seconds The disadvantages weren’t as challenging as they car’s weight break favored Goetz. appeared. Goetz had some success at Wenatchee in full-sized cars, winning last September’s Pro Late “Everybody was racing too hard too early,” Riddle Model season finale. And the quarter-mile racing sur- said. “We knew with the crate motors, they were going face at WVSO helps equal the playing field between to be an issue with the weight break. With the big mo- the crate-engine drivers such as Goetz and those with tors everyone was just running too hard at the begin- more powerful bullets. But Goetz’s triumph in his first ning. I feel like we should have saved more, but race in a Super Late Model field still seemed unlikely, everyone didn’t have the patience early on. It caused even with the services of Jefferson Racing. us to got to the back and had to use our stuff up. I still don’t think we would have had anything for the #22 “It’s really crazy that we are technically not old regardless. It was hot, slick and greasy out there, so no enough to race, but because we have a professional one was great.” crew chief, we were able to race,” Goetz said. “We were lucky to have Jeff Jefferson with us. Qualifying The winning #22 was the same machine in which was pretty hard because we had a little motor - 400 HP Goetz won the Jerry Berschauer Memorial Pro race vs. 650, so we qualified P-11. But we were able to make here last September; Jefferson won in it one week ear- it all the way to the front. It feels awesome, and it lier at Hermiston Raceway. The Port City chassis has kinda proves my point that it doesn’t matter about help from D&D Auto Body, North Valley Mechanical age, but you can have a good car and a good driver and Puttin’ on the Ritz. and still win.” Leonard Evans Memorial 150: 1. Evan Goetz; 2. Tayler Riddle; 3. Those whom Goetz passed on his way to the front Max Schroeder; 4. Mike Longton; 5. Kaiden Anderson; 6. Gracin Raz; 7. Bob Pres- included veterans-in-their-20s Tayler Riddle, Gracin ley; 8. Jason O’Neil; 9. Randy Marshall Jr.; 10. Trenton Moriarity; 11. Andy Bea- man; 12. Alan Cress; 13. Ken Bonney; 14. Christopher Kalsch; 15. Corey Allard; Kyler Hope/Elevate Racing Media Eventual runner-up Taylor Riddle (15) and Bob Presley lead the field on an early restart in the Northwest Super Late Model Series season opener, just ahead of Max Schroeder (17), Gracin Raz, fast qualifier Randy Marshall Jr. (25) and others. Series’ all-time victories leader collects bounty bonus here, but he’ll have to do more for bonus later in season • Fury chassis finish first and third, around Rocha’s Hamke • Former NASCAR Southwest championship crew chief Teets wrenching for Cappello • Eleven finish on lead lap 34 • • May 6, 2022

Toledo Speedway New ride suitable for Newhouse From track and staff reports Tom Plybon EAST WENATCHEE, Wash. (April 30) — The Car Store Haeden Plybon visits with fans and offi- John Newhouse drove this rebuilt car to a Pro Late Model victory on Leonard Evans cials at the Apple Blossom Festival near The Pro Late Model season opener at Memorial weekend at Wenatchee Valley Super Oval. the quarter-mile oval. The next day he Wenatchee Valley Super Oval was a mir- placed third in the Pro Late Model race. ror image of the next day’s Super Late Model event. Veteran driver John New- house topped a field with many younger drivers, and the winning car had an open motor against a group of crate-engine campaigners. Newhouse, from Twin Falls, Idaho, took the lead from Jan Evans in the early moments of the Apple Blossom 100 presented by Knutson General Con- tracting. The race at the quarter-mile was littered with spins and two red flags, something that sometimes happens at the bullring. The pace with- out really long green-flag runs favored Newhouse’s powerplant, because the crates are often at disadvantages on re- starts. “Someone said this was the first Pro Late Model race at the track with an open-motor car winning,” Newhouse said. “I still had to take almost all of the horsepower out of my car to make it work, ‘cause there’s not a whole lot of grip with these tires. They had plenty of shots at me.” His challengers included Randy Marshall Jr. and Haeden Plybon, a pair of proven winners who wound up on Kenny Burns/Just KB Media the podium this time, plus Alan Cress was we had a new car, and we didn’t Randy Marshall Jr. finished second in the Apple Blossom 100 presented by Knutson and even the next day’s Super winner know what we were gonna be up General Construction. Evan Goetz. Another late caution against more than anything else. For- bunched the field, but Newhouse held tunately it was good right away. We just on to beat Marshall to the finish line by changed the right rear spring three about half a second. times, and a driveline, but other than that it was just a bump-stop here and a Even some of the younger racers shim there. We didn’t even put new had more track time at Wenatchee than tires on until (the last practice).” Newhouse, a former champion at Me- ridian Speedway. This was his fourth The #26 wasn’t totally new, but it time competing at this bullring, and it seemed like it. The Pathfinder chassis was only his second time finishing. was purchased from fellow Idaho driver Zach Telford’s family, but he was “The thing about this track is that if you like it, it helps you out a little bit,” continued on page 44 he said. “We had a game plan from what we’d learned before. The problem Winner Newhouse’s best result in previous WVSO visits was ninth last September • Six finish on lead lap • Knutson brothers absent from field even though family business sponsored division • More on sixth-place Havens and host Evans family in Nuts & Bolts, Page 37 May 6, 2022 • • 35

Big 5 • Meridian Speedway Shunning shutoffs: Tellstrom wins From track and staff reports MERIDIAN, Idaho (April 23) — Multi- Tyler’s Takes division short-track standout Kyle Tell- Kyle Tellstrom (91) passes Tyler Bailey en route to the victory at Meridian, Idaho. Tellstrom was the fastest early and late and strom and his Super Late Model car overcame an iffy ignition to win the NAPA Auto Parts Treasure Valley 125 for the second time in five years. owner Lee Hackney joked with each other about acquiring their new ma- something happen. On the next lap it second, the car shut off momentarily Racing, YMC Mechanical, Carbon De- chine, with an outlaw body rarely seen died again off four and then started once again. That was the last time the signs Racing Vinyl, True Performance but not prohibited in the Northwest. again. This car has an HEI system and problem surfaced under green-flag con- and Pit Stop USA. Tellstrom, a sales rep- There was one issue on the car which not an MSD, and it was going out, plus ditions, and Tellstrom found his way resentative at PFC Brakes, also has a the #91 camp didn’t count on, but Tell- there was an alternator and battery around fellow former track champion 2022 victory in a modified on Apple strom overcame it to earn $3,000 in the problem.” Newhouse for first place with 10 laps Cup weekend and will be in a sprint car NAPA Auto Parts Treasure Valley 125 left. later this year at Meridian. presented by Boise Spa Movers. Tellstrom dropped as far down as seventh or eighth due to the hiccup, “It was like hurry up and wait for it “I also have a full-blown Super Late The car, which Hackney traveled to then quickly climbed back to third be- to happen again,” he said. “I just took it Model, and we’re hoping to run the Michigan to buy for just $5,000 after see- hind veterans John Newhouse and Mike easy and tried not to overuse it. It was (Spears SRL Southwest Tour) race at ing its photo, was strong enough to Doss. As he set up a move on Doss for nice out front in fresh air and the car Eureka in August,” he said. allow Tellstrom to set fast time. The Cal- cooled down a bit; we were hoping that ifornia native now living in Boise, was the problem. Then it didn’t fire up NAPA Auto Parts Treasure Valley 125 Idaho, drove to the lead for the first again after the race, and we had to get it presented by Boise Spa Movers: 1. Kyle Tell- time on lap 32, but then an ignition pushed up to tech.” strom; 2. John Newhouse; 3. Mike Doss; 4. Wyatt King; 5. problem set in and almost led to an Nick Gibson; 6. Josh Fanopoulos; 7. Dan Lowther; 8. Emilee early exit. This car, which he plans to enter in Newman; 9. Tyler Monroe; 10. Pat Tully; 11. Tyler Bailey; the remaining Speed Tour Big 5 events, 12. Nevaeh Hull; 13. Dennis Wurtz; 14. Kasey Kleyn; 15. “I’d just finished working on Tyler is a Port City chassis with some Sen- Dylan Caldwell; 16. Jody Moen. Monroe for the lead and the car shut off neker Performance suspension pieces, a coming off turn four,” Tellstrom said. “I borrowed carburetor from Doss, and Lap leaders: Newman 1-2, King 3-20, Lowther 21-23, Mon- pulled darn near all the way off the backing from QuickCar, Joes Racing roe 24-31, Tellstrom 32-39, Monroe 40-58, Newhouse 59- racetrack, then it fired back up while I Products, Renegade Race Fuels, Buzze 115, Tellstrom 116-125 • Cautions: 2 • Fast qualifier: was kinda rolling around on the clutch Tellstrom, 13.498 seconds and flipping switches trying to make Xtreme Photo Tyler’s Takes Kyle Tellstrom took center stage after passing veterans Mike Doss (left) and John John Newhouse (26) leads Mike Doss in a midrace battle for the lead. Newhouse Newhouse (right) in the final 30 laps. wound up second and Doss third. PFC Brakes rep wins Treasure Valley event for second time; he first joined Hackney in 2018 • Near-complete inversion of field; top-four qualifiers Tellstrom, Newhouse, Doss and Gibson finish in top five • No others on lead lap 36 • • May 6, 2022

nuts&bolts: Around the Northwest … from team, staff and track reports Title gunning: Max Schroeder Tayler Riddle. “This was the car Braeden once led 199 laps in the Idaho 200,” Jess said was third in Northwest Super Late Fresh out of the hive: about his Port City chassis. “The car was Model Series points in 2021 and scored strong from early on.” his first victory in the tour in the abbre- Braeden Havens’ Super Late Model run viated 2020 schedule. This season the ended after 41 of 150 laps due to a pivot The 18-year-old Havens plans to 24-year-old from Tacoma, Wash., hopes point binding up on his new car. That enter flight school right after high to have a championship run in his #17 didn’t mean there weren’t high spots for school; he obtained his pilot’s license team, aided by the Racing Dynamiks the team called “Killer B” Racing … or last fall. Beyond a May race at the fam- staff led by Travis Sharpe. that it won’t be changed to “Killer J.” ily’s remaining home track, Stateline Speedway in Post Falls, Idaho, his 2022 Eric Johnson Jr. was the crew chief Braeden’s younger brother Jess racing schedule is up in the air. and coach for Schroeder in this event at Havens made his second-ever Pro Late Wenatchee Valley Super Oval. He rode Model start and collected his first finish. More double duty: Alan Cress in second place for much of the Leonard He placed sixth in the Apple Blossom Evans 150 before losing one spot late to 100 presented by Knutson General Con- was one of several drivers tackling both tracting. Late Model races at Wenatchee. And like Pro Late Model podium finishers Randy Marshall Jr. and Haeden Plybon, Cress Kevin Peters was happy about that car and scratching Max Schroeder placed third in the Leon- his head about the Super race. ard Evans 150, the second 2022 race for the Northwest Super Late Model Series. Cress qualified second behind Mar- shall for the 150 and started fourth, but by lap 10 he was hanging on to the back of the pack. He wound up 12th, two laps down. continued on page 45 Kenny Burns/Just KB Media Jess Havens placed sixth in the Pro Late Model feature at Wenatchee Valley Super Oval. Kenny Burns/Just KB Media Alan Cress sported an unfamiliar number on his Pro Late Model ride owned by Jason Ogle. Cress drove to a fifth-place finish in the Apple Blossom 100 presented by Knut- son General Contracting. May 6, 2022 • • 37

Rhody 100 • Redwood Acres Raceway Long green, big purse favor Nissen From staff and track reports 1980s watching races together from the tion. “This was more money than we’d Rhododendron 100 presented by Old stands when under-16s weren’t allowed ever get the chance to run for. They paid Town Rotary: 1. Dane Nissen; 2. David Henderson; 3. EUREKA, Calif. (April 30) — One acci- in the pits. $5,000 to win and $4,000 for second; Mike Doss; 4. Brandon Barnwell; 5. Mike Neilson; 6. Nick dent turned Redwood Acres Raceway’s that’s more than the Spears SRL South- Ford; 7. Luke Hall; 8. Junior Roddy; 9. Kenny Demello; 10. biggest Late Model race in recent mem- “David Gilliland, Jason Jefferson, west Tour pays. This was $500 to take Brian Crawford; 11. David Miller; 12. Brandon Ash; 13. ory in favor of veteran Dane Nissen. Joiner and I would be around each other the green; I’ve run some races where it’s Dustin Walters; 14. Scott Baker. Nissen knows how one wreck can 10 hours a day. Now if Junior shows up, $500 to win.” change things; he missed almost all of we run well,” said Nissen, sponsored by Lap leaders: Walters 1-23, Miller 24-51, Nissen 52-100 • the 2021 campaign after suffering a con- Farmers Brewing and Farm Out Fabrica- Cautions: 6 • Fast qualifier (of 15 drivers): Miller, 15.883 cussion early last season in a rollover seconds crash in a legends car. Sherie Bialous “This was the first time I could give it a go all the way through since then,” Dane Nissen won $5,000 in the Rhododendron 100 at Redwood Acres Raceway in Eureka, Calif. said Nissen, from Williams, Calif. “We won enough money to run again.” Sherie Bialous David Miller (22) and Brandon Ash (23) crash on a midrace restart while David Henderson (2) and eventual winner Dane Nissen Nissen sat in fourth at the halfway avoid the mess. Ash’s car was destroyed after he slid into the walkway opening barrier, but no one was injured. point of the Rhododendron 100 pre- sented by Old Town Rotary. Fast qual- ifier and midrace leader David Miller collided with pursuer Brandon Ash on the next restart, and their resulting crash and departure opened the door for Nissen. “I was darn near in it,” he said. “Miller spun the tires and it looked like he corrected it, and he hooked Ash in the wall and couldn’t get off of him. They crashed before the start-finish line and the #23 car rode along the wall.” Nissen got the jump on 2021 track champion David Henderson on the next restart and led the rest of the race. The final 49 laps went caution-free, which was a sigh of relief to the winner. “Junior Roddy had a mechanical problem as we lapped him near the end, and he was not under power with one to go, but they threw the white,” Nissen said. “That’s what I was looking not to have happen, but there was no yellow. Junior was still on the frontstretch when we took the checkered. We had the only 604 crate engine; everybody else had an open motor and you can run anything here. We qualified second and I didn’t think a crate car would qualify that well.” This victory was his first since a 50- lap preliminary race on a Chilly Willy 150 weekend at Tucson Speedway in 2019. Famed NASCAR crew chief and Bakersfield shop owner Junior Joiner and his father Dan were in attendance here; they go back to their days in the Elder Doss wins $3,000 for third place; standout son withdraws after practice • Walters earns $1,000 bonus for leading lap 20; Miller grabs $1,500 for leading at halfway • Five more Late Model races scheduled in 2022 at 3/8-mile oval 38 • • May 6, 2022

Madera Speedway Walbridge wins duel of young stars From track and staff reports MADERA, Calif. (April 30) — The two winnin- Ethan Smith gest drivers in Madera Speedway’s premier Pro Jadan Walbridge emerges from his Pro Late Model as a winner of the year’s third MavTV race at Madera, Calif. Late Model division last year were a pair of teenagers, Kyle Keller from Las Vegas and Jadan Walbridge who has roots in Washington and Oregon. The latest MavTV-recorded race at the third-mile oval pitted the two stars against each other for their most exciting duel. Walbridge came out on top over April 2 winner Keller for his first triumph of the year. They officially swapped the lead 11 times over the course of 80 laps, with Walbridge taking ad- vantage of a restart with four laps left. “It was pretty intense,” Walbridge said. “We raced side by side probably for 40 laps before the break (at lap 50), and I was finally able to clear him. After the break I didn’t scrape the tires enough and the air pressures went down and I started bottoming out, and he was able to get by me. Then I got back to his door and we battled it out ’til the end. “After the last caution he picked the bottom, and I got around him on the outside and the rest is history. I feel like we had the quicker car. We talked after the race, and I think I could’ve gotten by him either way. I don’t think he was ever able to clear me, but I cleared him. I don’t think it would’ve mattered what lane he was in.” Walbridge, the 2021 champion of the MavTV miniseries now sponsored by track owner Kenny Shepherd’s fishing lure brand LunkerDaddy, left in a dead heat with Keller atop the 2022 standings. His Hamke chassis is sponsored by Crown Living and Madera Blinds & Shutters. It has also been fast in time trials. “We got the pole the last couple of races, but last time we drew 10th and this time sixth, while (Keller) was on the front row both times,” Wal- bridge said. LunkerDaddy Pro Late Model #2 presented by LVMPD Mission Foods: 1. Jadan Walbridge; 2. Kyle Keller; 3. Carlos Three days before the latest Madera Speedway visit, Kyle Keller appeared at a police department in his hometown of Las Vieira; 4. Kasey Kleyn; 5. Shelden Cooper; 6. Jason Aguirre; 7. Kercie Vegas as part of an officer recruitment drive. Here Keller is shown with sheriff Joe Lombardo (right). Jung; 8. Barrett Polhemus; 9. Ethan Nascimento; 10. Shaun Reynolds; 11. Glen Cook; 12. Ryan Reynolds; 13. Rick Thompson; 14. Peter Soto; 15. Jacob Smith; 16. Brody Armtrout; 17. Matt Erickson; 18. Sean Hingo- rani. Lap leaders: Keller 1-2, Vieira 3-7, Keller 8-45, Walbridge 46-50, Keller 51, Walbridge 52, Keller 53, Walbridge 54-57, Keller 58-67, Walbridge 68, Keller 69-70, Walbridge 71, Keller 72-76, Walbridge 77-80 • Cau- tions: 4 • Fast qualifier (of 19 drivers): Walbridge, 15.01 seconds Best finish in MavTV race for fifth-place Cooper, a longtime track regular • Aguirre, winner of two weekly club races this spring, places sixth here • Gottula unable to start • Hingorani adds Junior victory to two earlier this year at Vegas; more on Juniors, Page 41 May 6, 2022 • • 39

Spears Pro • Kern County Raceway Park Another drop-in, win for Cappello From series reports was really fun.” Sal Sigala Jr. In the race Cappello held off Brad- Dylan Cappello celebrates his second win of the season in the Spears Pro Late Model BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (April 23) — Series presented by Sigma Performance Services. ley Erickson for the first 55 laps and Three weeks earlier Kern County Race- then Tanner Reif for the remaining dis- way Park held its first race of the year tance. Erickson ran down Cappello for Spears Pro Late Model Series pre- about 10 laps before the halfway service sented by Sigma Performance Services. break. The best thing about that Winter Show- down feature for the rest of the competi- The second half was more action- tors might have been the fact that Dylan packed and chaos-filled behind Cap- Cappello had another commitment and pello, while Tanner and his brother was not at the half-mile. Tyler Reif moved past Erickson after two restarts. Tyler had one run-in with In the return trip Cappello gave no Logan Zampa, then later Logan’s reprieve to the others in the field. The brother and fast qualifier Dylan Zampa 26-year-old native of Peoria, Ariz., re- found trouble with Hans Beeler. Tanner ceived a bit of good luck at the start, made two moves in the final five-lap then he never let up and led all 80 laps sprint to unseat Cappello, but he re- in the General Tire-sponsored race set in mained a car length in front at the end appreciation of the Golden State’s oil in his Fury chassis sponsored by Quick and gas industry. Response Services, Total Power Bat- teries, SAG Graphics, RVK Racing and The top eight qualifiers in the sec- STR. ond-year series draw for their starting spots. Cappello was only seventh in The Reifs enjoyed their best com- time trials, but he drew a front-row bined results in a Spears Pro race. Tyler spot. He took care of the rest from be- also moved into a slim points lead after hind the wheel of the #11, owned by finishing two spots ahead of April 2 race Dean Kuhn, to score his second win in winner Seth Wise. as many starts in the series in 2022. Oil & Gas Industry Salute presented by “I think we were good enough that General Tire: 1. Dylan Cappello; 2. Tanner Reif; 3. we could have started a little bit back Tyler Reif; 4. Bradley Erickson; 5. Seth Wise; 6. Dylan there and drive up through the field,” Zampa; 7. Kevin Furden; 8. Frankie Muniz; 9. Christian he said. “We could fire off really good, Bazen; 10. Zach Telford; 11. Hans Beeler; 12. Mike Beeler; and the first three or four laps we were 13. Cassidy Hinds; 14. Logan Zampa; 15. Brian Collins. really fast. I feel like our long run was all right, just enough to keep these guys Lap leader: Cappello 1-80 • Cautions: 5 • Fast qualifier: that were a little bit faster behind us. It D.Zampa, 19.518 seconds team photo Sal Sigala Jr. Tyler Reif finished third, one spot behind his double-duty-driving brother Tanner Reif. Fast qualifier Dylan Zampa holds the inside line against his brother Logan at Kern Tanner placed fourth in the ARCA Menards Series West race on the same night. County Raceway Park in Bakersfield, Calif. Elder Doss wins $3,000 for third place; standout son withdraws after practice • Walters earns $1,000 bonus for leading lap 20; Miller grabs $1,500 for leading at halfway • Five more Late Model races scheduled in 2022 at 3/8-mile oval 40 • • May 6, 2022

ARCA West • Kern County Raceway Park Win for Lewis, hug from Hornaday From series reports and BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (April 23) — Landen Lewis isn’t Team Hornaday Development a familiar name to many in stock car circles, especially Landen Lewis won at Kern County to give Bruce Cook his first ARCA Menards Series West victory as a car owner. on the West Coast. But after Lewis emerged from his car with the ARCA Menards Series West victory at to get out to the lead and to run hard, and that’s what we have to fight with. That’s what competition is for, Kern County Raceway Park, a much more recogniza- we did.” and it was still a good points night in general.” ble figure was the first one to hug the 16-year-old from Ocean Isle Beach, N.C. The Cook Racing Technologies team and its rookie Salute to the Oil Industry 150 presented by NAPA Auto driver receive help from former NASCAR national Parts: 1. Landen Lewis; 2. Jake Drew; 3. Cole Moore; 4. Tanner Reif; 5. Paul The former legends car and dirt modified driver driver Joey Coulter and former Southeastern Late Pedroncelli Jr.; 6. Todd Souza; 7. Trevor Huddleston; 8. Austin Herzog; 9. Takuma has been a protege of Ron Hornaday Jr. for several Model driver Joe Ryan Osborne. In second place was Koa; 10. Amber Slagle; 11. Nick Joanides; 12. Bridget Burgess; 13. Sebastian years. Hornaday, a NASCAR Hall of Fame driver with Drew, who topped the list of regular-team racers Arias; 14. Kyle Keller; 15. Andrew Tuttle; 16. Tripp Gaylord; 17. Joey Iest; 18. Paul four Camping World Truck Series titles and two in the (Bruncati Racing) and expected West title contenders. Pedroncelli. old Southwest tour, is a longtime favorite in his native area of southern California. After Lewis’ victory, Hor- “P-2 Drew has been the nickname for a while,” Lap leaders: Pedroncelli Jr. 1-62, Drew 63-84, Lewis 85-150 • Fast qualifier: naday greeted him with a hug and a Bill Venturing- Drew said. “We had a good car, but it seems like whe- Pedroncelli Jr., 18.624 seconds style kiss. never someone from out of town shows up, that’s who “It was pretty cool to work with one of Ron Hor- naday’s old crew chiefs,” Lewis said. “Everything Ron told me to expect with him was spot-on. The com- munication was awesome and I learned a ton.” Lewis, making his first start with Bruce Cook’s team after three 2021 races and one win with Rette- Jones Racing, took the lead from Jake Drew just past the halfway service break. He stretched his edge over Drew to half a straightaway at times in the late stages, then Drew closed to within one second before the checkered flag. “I wanted to get out there and se a pace and save my equipment,” said Lewis, who qualified third. “After the first stop, Bruce told me no more saving … nuts&bolts: Around California … from series and team reports Kasey at the bat: In the past the field. We got a past a lot of cars Naake-Klauer Motorsports pretty quick,” he said. “After a caution Kasey Kleyn finished fourth at Madera, his best result against adults outside of his two years, Kasey Kleyn has ventured or two I used the restarts to get pass native Washington. south from Quincy, Wash., several times some more cars. We’ve got a good han- to compete in the Junior Late Model dle on the track. (The Pro cars) have the May 6, 2022 • • 41 class at Madera Speedway. Track owner same tires as the Juniors, just different Kenny Shepherd figured the son of horsepower, and I’m used to it. We run Northwest Super Late Model veteran 604 (crate engines) at home, and these Mitch Kleyn would be down more in are 602s.” 2022, so he helped hook the Kleyns up with the Naake-Klauer Motorsports de- He’ll likely have more trips to Mad- velopment team. era in his VanDoorn-built ride, spon- sored by Thaemert Farms, Sporty’s The third round of the Lunker- Steakhouse, Mountain View Polaris, Daddy Pro Late Model class was the Farmer Bean & Seed, Kleyn’s Auto first time racing with adults at Madera Sales, Race Face Brand Development for the 14-year-old Kleyn. He kept the and the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation. interest of everyone not watching leaders Jadan Walbridge and Kyle Hindsight: Colorado driver Keller. At the end of the 80-lap feature Kleyn had climbed from 16th to fourth. continued on page 45 “It was pretty easy moving through

continued from page 11 ARCA Midwest @ Slinger Wegner Automotive and support from Chevrolet, Dun-Rite Exte- Kim Kemperman riors, Soda Sense, Zilisch Asphalt Paving & Maintenance, Pioneer Seeds, Central Wisconsin Vending, Custom Meats, Crystal Finish- ARCA Midwest Tour chief ing Systems, Slowey Farms, Stepan Enterprises, Created Anew starter Tom White gives Designs, Amsoil, K-Tech Kleening, Schulz Masonry, Urban & the one-to-go signal to Sons and Ritchie Propane. This spring he moved to North Caro- front-row starters Jacob lina after finishing his high school degree early; his primary ride Nottestad and Alex is with Highlands Motorsports in the CARS Pro Late Model Tour. Prunty before the sea- son opener for the Keen Parts Miracle on the High Banks presented by Miller Lite: 1. Super Late Model tour. Luke Fenhaus; 2. Casey Johnson; 3. Ty Majeski; 4. Derek Kraus; 5. Gabe Sommers; 6. Alex Prunty; 7. Jacob Nottestad; 8. Jonathan Eilen; 9. Levon VanDerGeest; 10. James Swan; 11. Dalton Zehr; 12. Justin Mondeik; 13. Tristan Swanson; 14. Brad Keith; 15. Rich Loch; 16. John DeAngelis Jr.; 17. Ryan Farrell; 18. Eddie Hoffman; 19. R.J. Braun; 20. Ryan DeStefano; 21. Braison Bennett; 22. Austin Nason; 23. Jeff Storm; 24. Dennis Prunty. Lap leaders: Loch 1-7, Fenhaus 8-34, A.Prunty 35-58, Fenhaus 59-75 • Cautions: 5 • Fast qualifier (of 33 drivers): Fenhaus, 11.227 seconds • Heat race winners: Fenhaus, Braun continued from page 13 Nuts & Bolts: Upper Midwest Rockford. “D.J.” is coming off his best season of Lim- Kim Kemperman ited Late Model racing, winning three weekly races Dennis Smith Jr. (08) holds the low line against Jim Olson (24) and others at Rockford, Ill. Smith finished third in the and placing third in last summer’s Big 8 race at his Spring Classic while Olson, one of his sponsors, placed fifth. home track. The driver in victory lane after the 45-lap feature 602 repeat: The UMA 602 Late Model feature His #08, set up in part by multi-time track and Big on the Miracle of the High Banks event was Ryan 8 champion Michael Bilderback, was involved in a tan- Craine, who won two Limited shows a year ago and at Madison was set at 36 laps in another tribute to the gle after two laps. finished third in points. Craine took the lead for the late Midwest standout Shear. Dennis Prunty needed first time on lap 10, then swapped the point with Jeff only 15 circuits to reach first place, clearing Brad War- “We restarted in the back and worked our way Holtz and Ryan Gutknecht on midrace restarts before than for the point. through the field in good time,” said Smith, whose clearing them for good with 12 to go. sponsors include Windsor Pizza, Crazy Times Pub & After a midrace restart following Warthan’s crash, Grub, Fairburn Automotive, Christofferson Moving & Pro Late Models: 1. Ryan Craine; 2. Jeff Holtz; 3. Ryan Gutknecht; 4. Prunty and Jason Stark took the front row, with fast Storage, Shake & Bake Motorsports and Powersource Zach Prunty; 5. Tom Berens; 6. Jerry Eckhardt; 7. Zach Braun; 8. Jacob Vanoskey; qualifier Bryce Miller and Tom Carlson behind them. Racing Engines. “We had some great battles with some 9. Tyler Hromadka; 10. Del Schuler; 11. Jeremy Bentz; 12. Billy Braun. The second-row pair went in different directions; Carl- really cool drivers … a very up-and-down event to say son climbed to second, while Miller got loose on the the least.” frontstretch and dipped back to eighth. Another of Smith’s supporters is Jim Olson Colli- UMA 602: 1. Dennis Prunty; 2. Tom Carlson; 3. Jason Stark; 4. Alex Hart- sion, whose owner finished two spots behind him in wig; 5. Brian Johnson; 6. Chase Hunter; 7. Pete Moore; 8. Bryce Miller; 9. Ethan the Spring Classic. Rose; 10. Brian Ulrich; 11. Rick Coppernoll; 12. Kevin Kulka; 13. Charlie Bates; 14. Mason Hellenbrand; 15. Greg Bowers; 16. Brad Warthen; 17. Ray Hellenbrand; New name and familiar name: The top 18. Hunter Stenson; 19. James Storey; 20. Clayton Storey; 21. Madison Larson. support class at Slinger – which will be the headlining class on about half of the bullring’s Sunday night cards – is now called Pro Late Models. The rules package in- cludes engine allowances and weights for the Limited Late Models which Slinger campaigned in 2021, plus other built powerplants and 604 and 602 crates. Kim Kemperman Also: Miller also topped time trials for the Mid- Ryan Craine (99) battles for the lead with Jeff Holtz (88), Ryan Gutknecht (01) and Tom Berens en route to a vic- tory in Slinger Super Speedway’s Pro Late Model season opener. west Truck Series feature and crossed the stripe second behind Kevin Knuese. Miller’s pickup was later dis- qualified in tech. Part-time Late Model drivers Jeff Holtz and James Swan were bumped up to second and third. Other no- tables included Kody Hubred in ninth, Chris Blawat in 10th, Brandon Reichenberger in 11th and Randy Sar- gent in 12th. 42 • • May 6, 2022

continued from page 9 Race Coverage presented by Strasburg Performance: Penticton Reid inherited the lead after the Late Models … I was setting track Seiberts’ penalty and ended up third, as records and winning some and ran my “We forgot our own rule where we “Dad didn’t quite follow me one of seven drivers to run all 300 laps. mouth a little bit. He ran the next race had a seven-minute timer for service,” through as fast; I think my youth and This was the longest race in the western and he still whacked my ass; he wound said Ryley, who started sixth. “You had my spark had me a little more pissed off provinces since the western swings of up winning the only WESCAR race he to wait for the horn to start, and our than him. There’s a big ol’ scoreboard the Pinty’s (ex-CASCAR) circuit. ever entered in Vernon (at the old Moto- crews started jacking the cars up before on the backstretch. At one point in the plex Speedway). That was a nice little the horn went off. They stuck us in the second half I was up to third and then “Dad, in the postrace interviews, humbling experience. When he beats back of the field as a penalty - like 13th second, and I had my chance to catch up was wondering why he made it 300,” me, it’s a learning experience for me, or 14th. We had to drive through the to (leader Kyle Reid). All of a sudden the younger Seibert said. “I really en- and when I beat him, I think he’s happy field again. That was sheer – let’s call it my dad’s number popped up in fifth, joyed the 300 laps. It was a true test of either way.” frustration from getting the penalty. By and I’m like, ‘There he is; he’s coming.’ how the cars are prepared, attrition, and lap 186, I think, we took the lead again. Then a bit later he got to second and I’m where you are as a driver.” Western Rattler 300: 1. Ryley Seibert; 2. Trevor like, ‘I’m gonna have to deal with him Seibert; 3. Kyle Reid; 4. Matthew Shirley; 5. Darrell Hor- “Since the renovation, it’s a two- now. He’s pretty cagey on restarts and a Ryley, who also has a season-plus of wath; 6. Korbin Thomas; 7. Jarret Bonn; 8. Brandon Carlson; lane track, and my car was on rails. You super-intelligent guy, and he’s still got a Pinty’s experience, enjoyed having his 9. Darrell Midgley; 10. Jim White; 11. Logan Jewell; 12. don’t have to bump and run; you can couple of tricks that he pulls out once in father join him for postrace ceremonies Jason White; 13. Matt Stephenson; 14. Kelly Admiraal; 15. come through the pack clean. We started a while, like ‘I didn’t know he could do the most after the endurance contest. Adam Dowler; 16. Tony Terrance; 17. Wes Mader; 18. Kyle the race with a new wrap on the car, and that.’ About lap 290 my spotter said But that might have been a bit different Cottam; 19. Noel Dowler; 20. Steve Lengert; 21. Jeff Cam- it still looks brand new. There isn’t even there was 10 to go, and I’m like, ‘No- had the 55-year-old Trevor reeled his eron; 22. Trevor Reinert; 23. Grant Brown. a rubber scuff on that thing. We can’t be body spin … please, nobody spin.’” son in for the lead. any happier about that. “We’ve been in the same field quite a bit,” he said. “When I first moved into May 6, 2022 • • 43

continued from page 27 Catchin’ Up with Kate Re continued from page 16 Icebreaker @ Berlin Victory Lane Racing, Troy Morse and she hired me to be one of her “Thankfully we had that caution. I cooled Icebreaker 75 presented by Budweiser and Trucking, Waddell Communica- minions. the tires off, got a good jump on him, and we Mike Rose Landscape & Irrigation: 1. Kyle Crump; 2. Joe tions, Worster’s Rubbish, Worster just raced it out from that point on. I had a little Bush; 3. Carson Hocevar; 4. Blake Rowe; 5. Tom Thomas; 6. Austin Hull; Marine Center, and the Mayhan LMD: Is there any racing in cooler tires, which made it not so loose, and was 7. Michael Simko; 8. Nate Walton; 9. Evan Shotko; 10. Ray Clay; 11. and Winchenbaugh families. your family before you came able to get it done.” Brian Tillema; 12. Harold Fair Jr.; 13. Jeff Vrsek; 14. Chase Burda; 15. along? Ken Wobma; 16. Max Fair; 17. Brian VanZalen; 18. Dylan Stovall; 19. LMD: You did win in a mod- The late pass dampened the mood of the Tyler Roahrig; 20. Brian Campbell; 21. Terry Senneker; 22. Scott ified. Re: My dad drag raced 60-year-old Bush’s family and fans a bit. He Thomas; 23. Andrew Scheid; 24. Trever McCoy; 25. Lauren Bush Soko- snowmobiles; other than that I’m started his 40th racing season as the runner-up. loski. Re: I had three PASS mod- the only race car driver in the ified wins. family. “I have a long race car, not a short race car,” Lap leaders: Campbell 1-9, Crump 10-51, J.Bush 52-69, Crump 70-75 Bush said. “I have a little crate motor, so it takes • Cautions: 3 • Fast qualifiers: Hocevar and Roahrig, 15.954 seconds LMD: The day after Stafford, LMD: What community proj- a while to get it wound up on restarts. But it is a what were you doing at Oxford ects do you have in mind? That’s cheap way to race. That’s why we run them.” Kayla Crump Plains Speedway? a big part of KDDP. Tom Thomas (82), Evan Shotko and Tyler Roahrig Over the final sprint Crump built a small .2- (outside) take it three-wide at Berlin Raceway just Re: I work at Oxford during Re: So far I’ve dropped some second edge in his VanDoorn Racing Devel- west of Grand Rapids, Mich. my off-time. I do lineups and stuff off at our local animal opment chassis, owned by Stan and Judi Rosen work in the pit tower. It’s some- shelter. What I’m really looking and powered by McGunegill Engine Perform- thing I look forward to. I’d be at forward to is that each month ance. The car is new for 2022, and like many the racetrack anyway, just watch- I’ve decided to do a different Midwest racers he’s targeting the Battle in Au- ing or helping my cousin in the project, like one day with a local gust and the Money in the Bank 150 June 8. rookie class, so it gave me an op- food back. I think June is the one portunity to be there either way. I I’m looking forward to the most. “We’re testing a lot for those big races,” just love working at the racetrack. Veterans hold a huge place in my Crump said. “It’s kinda surreal winning ‘cause family, and it’s something I’m it’s brand new, and we only got one tire mark LMD: I know some racers really proud to represent. In June on it.” who would never listen to an 18- we’re going to sell these decals to year-old official. go on the car, and they’ll help us continued from page 35 Apple Blossom Pro Late Models @ Wenatchee send a veteran to Washington Re: Actually there are two D.C. There’s also stuff in our local wrecked under caution in a preliminary race in January at the Chilly Willy 150 in Tucson, Ariz. 18-year-olds and I think a 16- area in town. “We replaced every body panel except for the roof,” said Newhouse, who owns the Car Store year-old working the pit tower and lineups. They kinda listen to I’m looking forward to going in his hometown. “We put some new Earnest shocks on and had to rebuild more than that. Luckily us pretty easily; we don’t have to back to my elementary school in we didn’t have to put a rear end in; if it was bent in that crash, it was in the right direction.” yell at them. If we give them lee- a few weeks to do alternative way, they give us leeway, so they learning day. I’ll get to talk to the Apple Blossom 100 presented by Knutson General Contracting: 1. John Newhouse; 2. Randy Marshall Jr.; 3. Haeden kinda work with us. My aunt kids about racing, and they’ll get Plybon; 4. Kaiden Anderson; 5. Alan Cress; 6. Jess Havens; 7. Jan Evans; 8. Kody Graham; 9. Josh Ingram; 10. Andy Beaman; 11. Danica Dart; 12. Lisa used to be in the pit tower, to sit in the car. Evan Goetz; 13. Dave Garber; 14. Nick Gunderson; 15. Dan Nelson; 16. Haley Constance; 17. Garrett Huffines; 18. Chad Fitzpatrick; 19. Eric Johnson Jr.; 20. Trace Thompson; 21. Jody Moen; 22. Agni Howell; 23. Nick Gibson. Lap leaders: Evans 1-3, Newhouse 4-100 • Cautions: 11 • Red flags: 2 • Fast qualifier: Newhouse, 13.307 seconds 44 • • May 6, 2022

continued from page 37 Nuts & Bolts: Northwest continued from page 41 Nuts & Bolts: California more times this year, especially since the fenders. Cassidy Hinds made his third start in the Spears Pro Late Model Series. In Sunday-heavy Northwest SLM slate might Over the rest of the event King, from the first two, also at Kern County Raceway Park, Hinds did complete make it tough for him to run that tour for every lap. points. Boise, Idaho, fell no lower than fifth and picked up one spot with eight laps left. De- That streak ended in the Salute to the Oil & Gas Industry. Hinds qual- “The Pro car had a new setup on it … spite his 602 crate engine which isn’t stron- ified a strong fourth and held sixth through to the halfway break, but early kinda completely out of the box for me,” gest on restarts, the biggest challenge for in the second stanza she wound up on the wrong side of a three-wide mo- Cress said. “We were kinda gun-shy to do him was the simple length of the race, but ment. Her entry, from Naake-Klauer Motorsports, was out for the night. much changing because we didn’t know the longtime modified racer didn’t suffer be- how it was gonna run long-term. Now that cause of it. Flower for the family: Jeremy Doss was a surprise withdrawal we’ve got a race on it, we’re a little more comfortable with it.” “In modifieds we usually ran 65 laps from the Rhododendron 100 after mechanical problems set in during prac- and the longest was 85, so I didn’t feel like tice. His dad Mike Doss showed some of his past flashes of greatness with Unhappy hosts: WVSO owner and 125 was too big a jump,” the 31-year-old a third-place finish in Redwood Acres Raceway’s big spring Late Model King said. “Modifieds have been dying here show. four-time Northwest SLM champion Garrett in our area, and there are three different Late Evans was another frustrated veteran on the Model series we can run besides (the Spears The elder Doss came back from a flat right front tire at halfway to Sunday side. The region’s living legend SRL Southwest Tour). We’re wanting to do reach the podium. This was his second trip to victory lane on the day; the qualified in the middle of the pack for the more touring than local racing, but this was first was to congratulate Jeremy after winning in his legends car. race honoring his father’s memory, then a good one.” dropped out after 59 laps with a broken Landmark race: The Kern County trip was Todd Souza’s 100th gearshift. This #80 VanDoorn chassis, acquired from California star Austin Herzog, should career start in the ARCA Menards Series West. He qualified second and Garrett’s son Jan Evans returned to the be in some Northwest Super Late Model held fourth at the halfway break before sliding back to sixth by the end. sport with a more concentrated effort, which Series races later this year. Race winner Kyle included double duty here. Jan started on Tellstrom has been one of his mentors, both Souza, from Watsonville, Calif., competed in the old NASCAR South- the front row of the Pro Late Model race, but in the modified class and now in Late west circuit from 2000-05, but his last win in a Late Model came in the race winner John Newhouse’s fast pace left Models, and they also share a sponsor in 1990s. His only triumph in a heavy car came on the Utah road course in him a lap down after halfway and the YMC Mechanical. 2008. younger Evans wound up seventh. “It wasn’t unfamiliar territory being in Juniors: A powerful team with success at Madera brought along a Newcomer: Fans at Meridian Speed- the lead,” said King, also backed by Major Tire & Hitch, Ice & Fire Mechanical and his new member, and it resulted in a win in the class for drivers aged 10-16. way watching the NAPA Auto Parts Treas- family’s mechanical contracting company. Sean Hingorani, a 15-year-old from the Los Angeles area, joined Nasci- ure Valley 125 likely needed a program or “Still, this is a lot higher than we were ex- mento Motorsports for the first time and won in his Madera debut. had to pay close attention to the announcer. pecting after the struggles we were having For nearly 20 laps in the track’s Speed Tour all day and not putting on new tires for Hingorani, who won twice this spring at Las Vegas driving for Sigma Big 5 Super Late Model opener, Wyatt King qualifying.” Performance Motorsports, topped Junior time trials but fell as far back as was up front, and this was his first-ever ap- third during the 70-lap race. He climbed back past teammate Ethan Nasci- pearance in a top-division race car with mento and leader Robbie Kennealy after the service break with 30 laps left. 51Fifty Junior Late Models: 1. Sean Hingorani; 2. Robbie Kennealy; 3. Kasey Kleyn; 4. Ethan Nas- cimento; 5. Brody Moore; 6. Joey Kennealy; 7. Kenna Mitchell; 8. Vito Cancilla; 9. Caden Cordova; 10. Joaquin Stewart; 11. Rebecca Dubie; 12. Monty Tipton; 13. Lane Anderson. May 6, 2022 • • 45

Slinger Super Speedway No Chassis problems R.J. Braun enjoys a moment with his golden retriever Chassis in his hauler before the ARCA Midwest Tour season opener at his home track in Slinger, Wis. Photography by Mary Fraundorf 46 • • May 6, 2022

A Reizen to believe in Chicago racer’s future BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (May 6, 1989) — tionals trophies in Wisconsin and an the track. We had a V-6 engine, and not love for the short tracks, because they’re One of NASCAR’s early-season feel- ASA race at Sandusky, Ohio. He tried to a lot of guys in All Pro were running V- what gave him his boosts in the 1980s. good stories was Cole Custer’s Xfinity ride that wave into the national scene, 6s yet. It turned out tire wear was my He’ll also look back with a sense of grat- Series win in Fontana, Calif. That’s not and his family entry was in half of the friend. Later in the race I had good tires itude and relief, because that ’89 season because of Custer, now established in 1988 Busch Series races. and I was able to pass people. I won started off with a scary moment. He had Cup, but it was even more special to twice there that year. I barely nosed Rick a fiery crash in the ARCA race at Day- someone else in victory lane that day. What happened the next spring Crawford out of the lead late. He was so tona that February (look up his moving helped springboard Dotter into that mad for getting beat there, but he got escape from the car on YouTube) and His car owner was Bobby Dotter, next level. He had a deal with Miami his revenge at the end of the year. I was spent 31 days in a nearby hospital’s whose SS-Green Light Racing operation businessman Ed Reizen to run the All leading at the Snowball Derby and the burn unit. Two days after he left, he ran won for the first time in one of the na- Pro Super Series, with a promise that if yellow came out with 20 to go, and he the All Pro opener at Pensacola, Fla. tional series. GLR signed an alignment things went well that Reizen would lead had a V-8 and put tires on and blew by deal with Stewart-Haas Racing over the him back to Busch the following season. me. He got his revenge ‘cause he won a “The minute I went in with third- winter, and this race was one of four in Things definitely went well as Dotter bigger race than I did.” degree burns, I was like, ‘I gotta be which Cole, the son of SHR team pres- won five times; the first of those vic- outta here in 30 days.’ I had to cut the ident Joe Custer, was scheduled to tories came 33 years ago today at Birm- With Reizen, Dotter captured one pain meds off early to do it,” he said. drive. GLR’s roster had previously been ingham International Raceway. Busch win, in 1992 at what is now covered with names either hopefully on Motor Mile Speedway. Their arrange- Sunoco 250: 1. Bobby Dotter; 2. Rick Crawford; 3. their way up, such as Joey Gase and “That’s what got me into Xfinity. I ment dissolved in the mid-‘90s. For a Jody Ridley; 4. Randy Couch; 5. Clay Brown; 6. Dave Mader Gray Gaulding, or occasionally one-offs knew I had the best opportunity of my few years Dotter hung on to his place in III; 7. Joey Sims; 8. Roy Payne; 9. Larry Morton; 10. Chett for older veterans such as Todd Bodine. career lined up for the year, and it the sport by a thread, then his deal with Williams; 11. Kenny Thorpe; 12. Keith Wald; 13. Joe Win- turned into years,” Dotter said about the Christensen and later Ken Smith helped chell; 14. Ken Certain; 15. Sidney Minton; 16. Billy Bigley Before Fontana, Dotter hadn’t won Reizen ride, occupied by Joe Winchell in his business sense and brought his team Jr.; 17. Jerry Glenn; 18. Bobby Knox; 19. Noreen Mears; 20. since he drove. His last serious stint 1988. “We ran a RanderCar, which is back to a more solid place. Scotty Lovelady; 21. Rege Hellett; 22. Joe Nemechek; 23. came in 2000-02 in the then-NASCAR what I was comfortable with in ASA. Ed Sam Parsons; 24. Darrell Brown; 25. Gary Sanford; 26. Winston West Series; he won four times was involved with Hamke, and even After GLR merged with Smith’s SS Wayne Niedecken Jr.; 27. Jeff Purvis; 28. Gary Bradberry; in 2000 and placed second in points. His though they were in Miami and Hamke Racing in 2008, three-time ASA cham- 29. Eddie Hanks; 30. Ken Smith; 31. Mike Thomas; 32. car owner then was Gene Christensen, was in North Carolina, if the car got pion and one-time NASCAR Camping Bobby Gill; 33. Jimmy Kitchens; 34. Jeff Dawkins; 35. Jim who later became one of his ownership banged up they’d take it to Robert World Truck Series race winner Butch Castleberry; 36. Kent Cooper; 37. Ron McDonald. partners for a time at GLR. Hamke. When I came in and wanted to Miller came with the deal. Miller raced switch, I immediately got on the wrong semi-regularly in Trucks until 2011, and Lap leaders: Ridley 1-126, Dotter 127-144, Payne 145- Dotter was a standout short-tracker side of him, but we were talking a little he also keyed Dotter’s return to owning 148, Mader 149-165, Crawford 166-181, Mader 182-197, in the Chicago area in his later teens and more and agreed to run a RanderCar Late Models. SS-GLR was a short-track Dotter 198-254 • Cautions: 11 for 67 laps • Fast qualifier: 20s, once winning 22 times in one year but Hamke would put the body on it force for several years, with the biggest Ridley, 20.161 seconds at the old Raceway Park in Blue Island, and the interior in it. Jack Sprague was win coming in 2011 when Chris Eggles- Ill. (the track ran up to four times a Robert’s right-hand man then. ton earned $75,000 in “The Race” at Dave Westerman week at times). The 1987 season was a North Wilkesboro Speedway. Ken’s Bobby Dotter celebrates one of his five breakthrough in the upper Midwest for “I had run at Birmingham a couple nephew Troy Smith was Miller’s associ- All Pro Super Series victories in 1989. Dotter, who won one of the Slinger Na- of times in ASA cars and I really liked ate during many of the Michigan favor- This one was at Hialeah Speedway, the ite’s crew-chief days; Smith helped home track of his then-car owner Ed James Wallace make Donnie Wilson’s team into a pow- Reizen. The first win of that season came Team owner Bobby Dotter and his girlfriend Jan enjoyed a moment with Cole Custer erhouse and now has a role at Jamie Yel- 33 years ago today at Birmingham, Ala. after winning the NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Auto Club Speedway in February. ton’s FatHead Racing. 48 • • May 6, 2022 Dotter still keeps tabs on the Late Model scene, attending Hickory Motor Speedway races two or three times a year. Ohio driver Todd Shafer ran some Truck races in 2012-14 for SS-GLR, and his son Jonathan Shafer now runs the CARS Late Model Stock Tour for Nelson Motorsports and won a weekly LMSC race in March at Greenville, S.C. Now 61, Dotter will forever have a

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