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In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 Order of Service PART 1- AT THE CHAPEL Call to Worship - Minister Processional Hymn - PH 518 Scripture Sentences - Minister PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH GHANA Hymn - PH 555 (1-3) TRINITY CONGREGATION, KWASHIEMAN BURIAL SERVICE FOR THE LATE Prayer - Minister PAPA Hymn / Song - Church Choir GYEKYE- Biography - Family Member ABOAGYE Hymn - PH 811 (1-2) 20th August 2022 9:00 A.M. PROMPT Tributes - Widow, Children, Men’s Fellowship, Church Officiating Ministers Offertory - Singing Band REV. KOFI MANUKURE AKYEAMPONG Scripture Reading - REV. MRS BEATRICE ANSAH KWAKYE CAT. MARGNUS ACORLO Hymn - PH 789 (1-2) Sermon / Creed - Rev. Kofi M. Akyeampong Prayer Of Thanksgiving Christian Charity - Singing Bond Dedication Of Offertory - Presbyter Announcement - Family / Clerk Closing Hymns - PH 832 (1-2,5) Benediction - Minister Recessional Hymn - PH 844 PART III- THE GRAVE SIDE Scripture Sentences - Minister Hymn - PH 809 (1-2) Exhortation - Minister Committal - Minister Hymn - PH 805 (1) Vote of Thanks - Family Member Benediction - Minister 3

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 JBAMIEOS GGYERKYAE-APBOHAGYOFYTHELEATE 4

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 5

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 he late James Kwadwo Gyekye-Aboagye was born on the 21st of May 1934 at Kwabeng, Akyem Abuakwa to Opanyin Kofi Aboagye and Madam Afia Ako both deceased. He was one of five children namely; Daasebre Aboagye Oware Nkwantabisa II (deceased), Capt. Rtd. TKwame Boadu Aboagye (deceased), Charlotte Abena Mpomaa Aboagye (deceased) and Mary Tweneboah Asiedu (deceased). Madam Mary Tweneboah Asiedu passed on barely a month after the demise of her brother James Gyekye-Aboagye. James Gyekye-Aboagye began his primary school education in 1941 at Apedwa and continued at the Kwabeng Presbyterian Junior and Senior Schools respectively. He completed his primary education in 1950 and applied to continue his secondary school education at Odorgonno Secondary School. He gained admission to Odorgonno Secondary School in 1952 and graduated successfully from the school in 1956. Subsequently he began his professional career in 1959 as a reporter for the Bureau of Ghana Languages (BGL) and was posted to the Asante-Twi section. The focus of BGL at the time he joined the organization, was on the production of newspapers in local Ghanaian languages including the Asante -Twi language. He obtained a Diploma in Journalism from the London School of Journalism in 1969 to enhance his skill set in newspaper production. This enabled him to contribute significantly to BGLs’ efforts in that line of business. However along the line, the Bureau of Ghana Languages changed course from newspaper production to book production as its main line of business. The shift from newspaper production to book production by BGL 6

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 made it necessary for Mr Gyekye-Aboagye to acquire some expertise in book production. With his usual drive to take on new challenges, he pursued courses in book production and obtained a UNESCO Certificate in book production in 1972. He also acquired certification in editing, copy editing and translation among others. Mr Gyekye-Aboagye rose through the ranks to become the Acting Deputy Director of the Bureau of Ghana Languages and retired from the organization in 1994. His colleagues described his dedication to duty at the Bureau of Ghana Languages as unparalleled and his concern and care for his subordinates exceptional! In addition to editing manuscripts for book production at the Bureau of Ghana Languages, he provided translation services for a number of government and private organizations. One major translation work he undertook was the translation of the new Apostolic Hymnary from the English language into Asante-Twi. Mr Gyekye-Aboagye was highly sought after as a translator of manuscripts from English into the Asante- Twi language. Consequently he was engaged by the Living Bible International organization now known as Biblica as a translator. At Biblica he worked as part of a team to translate the New Testament, Old Testament and the Book of Psalms, into a complete Asante-Twi Bible with footnotes. Among his many accomplishments was filling in as editor for the “Dawuro” newspaper run by the Non- Formal Education branch of the Ministry of Education. He was also engaged as an Asante-Twi examiner by the West African Examinations Council. His engagement by these institutions occurred on account of his command of the Asante-Twi language. 7

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 As further testament to his mastery of the Akan He received duly deserved recognition and awards language, some foreign visitors to Ghana sought him for his contribution to education from notable bodies out to learn the language. He was also a major resource such as the Ghana Book Development Council in 1983 person for media houses including television and radio and 1986 respectively. stations such as the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation and Peace FM respectively. Mr Gyekye-Aboagye’s contribution to society was not limited only to education, promotion of the Akan At GBC he was a significant contributor to their language and his involvement in important translation production content for programs such as “Women’s projects. He was also very active in promoting the Own”, “Adwuma O Adwuma, staged plays, as well Gospel of Christ and the Kingdom of God. as advertisements in the Asante-Twi language. He also hosted the popular “Adult Education in Akan” He played an important role in the project by Biblica programme on GBC TV (Ghana Broadcasting Corporation to make the Bible available in the Asante-Twi language. TV) from 1980 to 1986. This helped bring the light of God’s word to native Akan speakers who were unable to read or understand the Peace FM serialized a number of his books on programs English language. anchored by renowned and legendary host, the late Maa Afia Konadu. His work promoting the Kingdom of God continued with his role as a founding member of the Kwashieman James Gyekye-Aboagye was an accomplished poet and Trinity Congregation of the Presbyterian Church of author with about thirty published works to his credit. Ghana. Indeed the history of the church cannot be The majority of his books were written in Asante-Twi. considered complete without mention of the numerous Notable among them are: roles he played. 1. ‘Wosum Bor)de3 A sum Kwadu Bi Mr Gyekye-Aboagye was a member of the Interim 2. Me Na M’akyinkyinakyinkyini Yi. Management Committee that was set up in the 3. Abrab) Mu Anwons3m formative years of the church to manage its day to day 4. Nyansap)w activities. 5. Akan Kasakoa Horow Bi He was elected as the first President of the Men’s A number of his books are currently used by schools Fellowship and was instrumental in the formation in Ghana to teach students who are later assessed for of the Singing Band of the Trinity Congregation. His their proficiency in the Asante-Twi language by the appreciation for music also led to his appointment as West African Examinations Council (WAEC). the first Chairman of the Choir Board. Mr Gyekye-Aboagye promoted the Akan language The late James Gyekye-Aboagye held a number of both locally and outside Ghana. In 1996 he attended important positions in the church. He was a Presbyter a colloquium on African languages sponsored by the for 18 years and a Senior Presbyter from 1994 to 2002. Centre for Advanced Studies of African Society (CASAS) He was also the first substantive Session Clerk and a where he presented a paper on the unification of Akan session clerk for 8 years. languages in Cape Town, South Africa. 8

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 He continued to play a key role in the church for as long as he could until old age prevented him from actively serving in any capacity. His health deteriorated towards the end of April this year and he passed on in the morning of Thursday 12th of May 2022 at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra. Mr James Gyekye-Aboagye is survived by his wife Mrs Agnes Gyekye-Aboagye whom he affectionately called Akua Dentaa andfourchildren-JamesKwabena Aboagye, Naana Oforiwaa Agyeman-Donkoh, Nana Gyapomaa Boateng, Kwame Ako-Aboagye, 5 Grandchildren, 2 Great grandchildren and many nephews and nieces. He was also very active in promoting the Gospel of Christ and the Kingdom of God. 9

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 Tribute By Widow This is my tribute to my late husband, James Gyekye-Aboagye, whom I affectionately called I attended Kwashieman Trinity Presbyterian Church Kwadwo. Kwadwo and I met in Koforidua in 1966. where we both played active roles until we were no He proposed marriage to me not long after and longer physically able to do so due to old age. after seeking my hand in marriage from my family we got married the following year in 1967. A year Kwadwo was a supportive husband and did all the later God blessed us with our first daughter. grocery shopping for the home. Even in his old age he continued to do so till his health deteriorated and left After the baby was born, Kwadwo sent us to stay with him incapacitated. He was also the one who went to his mother, the late Afia Ako for 6 weeks. The baby and the bank to collect my pension benefits. I then proceeded to Koforidua to stay with my mother, the late Mrs Mary Boakye for another 6 weeks. We then Kwadwo Moosi loved his children very much and he travelled back to Accra where Kwadwo found me my was happy to look after them whenever my job took first job at Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana. me to different parts of Ghana and beyond Ghana. He was delighted when each of our children were born. He loved them all and gave them the best education. My husband was a wonderful man. I am not sure I He had his interesting moments too and during one of can really express how much I miss him already. He his evening prayer sessions before bedtime he asked was not only a wonderful husband, but a great father, me why I was listening in to his prayers. Kwadwo loved grandfather, great grandfather, best friend and so much to pray and he dedicated time in the morning and more to me. evening to pray every single day. I loved Kwadwo’s ability to make people feel at ease You will never be forgotten Kwadwo. That simply cannot and appreciated in his presence. He was full of wisdom be. and inspirational. He was also influential and stood out in any group he was part of. He was a real source How can I forget over 50 years of marriage filled with of strength to me and his resilience was something I joy, laughter, friendship and every great thing to be had also treasured. We were married for over 50 years and from a husband. I cherish the memories of my time spent by his side. I will carry you in my heart as long as I live. Born and bred as a Presbyterian, he always had a Safely tucked within my heart, your light will always passion for promoting the Kingdom of God. I was shine within me not surprised when he got involved in the project to translate the Bible from English into Asante-Twi. A glowing ember forever lit, throughout the ends of Kwadwo was the one who introduced me to Christ. time Although I attended Catholic schools, I didn’t have a relationship with Christ. Subsequently Kwadwo and Rest well my Angel 10

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 Tribute from your precious Children JAMES KWABENA ABOAGYE, MRS NAANA OFORIWAA AGYEMAN-DONKOH, MRS NANA GYAPOMAA BOATENG AND KWAME AKO-ABOAGYE “What we have once enjoyed deeply we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” – Helen Keller. Helen Keller couldn’t have described any better how being treated unfairly or being cheated out of what was we feel about our “Agya Koo”, our precious and rightfully theirs. cherished father who we simply called “James” in our adult years. James, you may have temporarily He valued the importance of education being an left us, but you are very much part of our lives. educationist himself and ensured that his children attended some of the best schools in Ghana. He was The moment of your passing on that gloomy Thursday our number one cheerleader and urged us on with morning of May 12, 2022 is the most difficult we’ve had words of encouragement. Our father loved being part to contend with so far in our lives. The thought of not of our lives and constantly provided words of wisdom hearing your deep voice, never saying “Amen” again to to guide us. your incessant prayers and blessings, missing out on your counsel and losing your warm fatherly embrace is He cherished his grandchildren and consciously and quite overwhelming. wholeheartedly pronounced blessings over their lives at every opportunity. After every visit he made sure to There is much to say and admire about our father pray for them and commit them into the care of the James Gyekye-Aboagye, the educationist, English-Twi Almighty. translator,  journalist, grandfather, uncle, founding member of the Kwashieman Trinity Presbyterian Dad was a prayerful man, he loved the Lord and he Church and most importantly a devoted God fearing, ensured our feet were also planted in the House of family man. God. One could hardly leave his presence without receiving a blessing from him. This he extended to all Our father was a man of many admirable parts and he our friends, He just loved to bless and we thank God faithfully abided by the moral principles of integrity, for blessing us with a faithful distributor of His divine hardwork and fairness. He couldn’t stand to see people blessings. 11

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 Right from childhood, we had a close relationship Kwabena says; “Thank you for opening my eyes to this with our father and as we grew older, our relationship wonderful world, I will always love you “. with him transformed into something unique and wonderful! He became our friend and we called him by Naana says; “If l’m given the opportunity to take care of his first name “James”, to which he would respond with you once again, l would do it a million times because I a smile. He reciprocated this show of affection with pet really love you my handsome Dad.” names for the girls. Gyapomaa says; “ I thank God for making our paths cross In our tribute to our father we would like to acknowledge and for granting me the privilege of helping to meet and appreciate a few people who helped make his your needs till your last breath. Given the opportunity last days on earth as comfortable as possible. We do I will do it again, my number one cheerleader”. this because we know Agya Koo would have done this before leaving us if it were possible. Kwame says; “It’s been the hardest thing to lose you. You meant so much to me and I’m going to miss the We would like to thank Professor Mathew Yamoah Kyei early morning calls on my birthday to pray and share of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and University of some thoughts. Grateful for the special moments we Ghana Medical School. God richly bless you for your shared together “. patience and availability. Your care for our Dad was simply divine. We would also like to thank Mavis, Agya Rest well Agya Koo Koo’s private nurse, you cared for him as though he was your own father. Lastly we would like to appreciate One could hardly and thank Kwame who became Agya Koo’s de facto leave his presence personal assistant and driver. without receiving a blessing from him. The best legacy a father can leave for his children is to ingrain in them the fear of the Lord and the trust in the Lord’s protection and provision. That you did for us. And we believe this will help us through the dark moments of our grief. Thank you “James” for sharing the light of Christ with us. We will encourage ourselves in the Lord and there is no better way to do that than with one of your favourite hymns “Onyame kia me ey3, kia me ma eyenyiyie. We don’t know how long it will take to come to terms with your passing. The pain is deep in our hearts but we comfort ourselves with the knowledge that you are in a better place without pain and with your Maker. 12

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 Tribute from your precious Grandchildren WKofi Apem Aboagye & Abena Amoabemah Aboagye happily go on any trip he was going on and that was e have fond memories of Grandpa James, his life strange for me. Close family members know I don’t and the legacy he left behind. It was a simple enjoy going out on visits or running errands. This is life; not complicated and underlined with good, something my mum knows quite well and “allows” me honest intentions.Grandpa was first of all a family to stay home when the family goes out on visits. man and then a remarkable storyteller which was reflected in his published literature and in the work he However with Grandpa I would rush to get ready to go did translating manuscripts and Biblical texts into the on visits and spend time “chilling” with him. Grandpa, Asante-Twi language. my “unseen” friend on the phone and pen pal before his visit, had become a reality and I was not going to He loved his children dearly and the fruit of that love miss spending time with him for anything. Trips to the has been passed down to his grandchildren. Our Dad landmarks of London, even as a child did not interest has shared amazing stories with us about Grandpa me one bit and sadly still don’t. But with my Grandpa James. And the main takeaway from them is that our I would even smile in the photos because anything he grandfather had a great sense of style and lived life to cared about was something I was willing to take an the full. interest in, even at a young age. We are grateful to God for the life he lived. May his soul Grandpa was somebody who took a genuine interest in rest in eternal peace. whatever I was doing. When I was playing football he wanted to know how that was going, when it came to GNana Kwaku Agyenim Boateng my education he wanted to know how that was going rowing up I began to appreciate the significance of as well. having a grandfather when I was about 8 years old. I had not been to Ghana before and my conversations He took such an interest that he would call me when with Grandpa prior to that were often brief. I even I was in university at 6 am. For those who know me, 6 found it strange that someone I had never met took am happens to be when I go to bed, especially when I such an interest in my life. was away from mum and dad’s “strict regime” at home. I would always answer his call when I could or call him When Grandpa visited the UK for holidays I would back and we would speak about university and my life in general . 13

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 Grandpa was a man of standards and high ones at that! We have all gathered here again but this time you If you called him back on WhatsApp Grandpa would not are not present to receive us at your house. We have answer . He would only answer if it was a direct phone gathered to celebrate your long and blessed life and call as he didn’t want any unreliable internet issues to I’m not sad because I know you are in a better place disturb his phone call. now. He often sent mum pictures of him going to church on Rest in perfect peace Grandpa. Sunday and mum would show them to me with a proud smile. Grandpa had a soft spot for his grandchildren INana Yaa Frempomaa Boateng which his children, my parents often used to their am truly honoured to be writing this tribute as one advantage. For example when we visited him in Ghana, of Grandpa’s grandchildren. Grandpa was a man of he would only allow the fan in his bedroom to be moved honour who always wanted the best for us up until to the porch if his beloved grandchildren requested his last moments on earth. for it. His children including mum were not allowed to move the fan so they would send me because he could I’m grateful to have known him for much of the 17 years never say no to “Lawyer” Kwaku as he affectionately I have lived on earth. He made sure to call often and called me. on every birthday no matter how busy he was. Grandpa always wished us well and wanted the best for us. He Grandpa never failed to pray for us whenever we paid was our biggest cheerleader and took every opportunity him a visit and to underline his love and devotion to to praise us and remind us that he loved us. his family, there are framed pictures of all immediate family members in his living room. He was insistent He was the epitome of a man of faith and constantly that I brought him my university graduation pictures so reminded us that with Jesus we could do anything. he could add them to the collage he had created in his Prayer was a constant theme in our conversations and living room. So when I graduated I brought him a photo he never failed to make sure he covered us with the to add to it. This was partly so he could brag about his blood of Jesus. grandson in London with the Law degree. I fondly remember our last meeting with you in The love I had for my grandpa was deep and when I December last year. Grandad, you made sure to tell started working I made sure I sent him and Grandma us how much you loved spending time with us. You some “chop money’’ or CM as he liked to call it every prayed over Kwaku and I for peace and prosperity and month. I felt it was only right considering how much of for us to never lack in Jesus’ Name. Grandpa, if only we his money he spent calling me direct every other day. knew our meeting during Christmas was going to be our last, I would have hugged you longer and never let I’m happy we got to see you last Christmas before go of your hand. you passed away. I know God orchestrated things in such a way that we all happened to be in Ghana last Grateful is the word that springs to my mind the most Christmas. during this moment of grief and loss. As a family we are 14

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 grateful for the foundations you laid on behalf of all of values that have moulded me to be the man that I am us. Grateful for the life you lived and how it impacted today. everyone around you. Grateful that you took time out to always address the needs of your grandchildren You equipped me with the life skills I needed to live a before your own. I’m truly in awe of everything you good life.You taught me about Christ and you always accomplished and everything you stood for. encouraged me to live a Christ-like life. Mummy, Auntie Linda, Uncle Bro and Uncle Kwabena You were both my father as well as my grandad and never fail to remind us of how well you brought them I am super proud of you. When I try to single out the up, which is a validation of your legacy. Grandpa, I person who has inspired me most in my life, I go back promise to make you proud of me no matter where I to Grandpa James. end up. You encouraged me to focus on my studies and aim for success in everything I do. Your love for your great grandchildren was second to none. You always called to check up on them and you God willing when I become a pediatrician, it will be in never missed calling them on their birthday. no small part to your encouragement to reach my full potential and not settle for less in life. You taught me I would like to say a huge thank you for all you did for to believe that with God all things are possible and me and may the heavens give you the VIP treatment through faith you can truly move mountains. I love you you deserve. I will miss your wisdom, encouragement so much Grandad. and inspiration. And I’m saddened by the fact that I will never see you here on earth again. Thank you Grandpa for the unfailing love you showed us. You made sure we knew the reason we were alive You cannot be erased from my mind and I promise to and had breath in our lungs was all down to Jesus. So hold you in my heart till the day we meet again. now that you’re gone, I’m comforted by the fact that you are resting in the bosom of the Lord. Rest in Perfect peace, Nana Moosi. I will never forget you. AYaw Gyekye-Aboagye gya Koo, your death has brought me great sadness Damirafa Due, Damirafa Due, Damirafa Due. because I have lost an irreplaceable guardian. I look back now at the joyful times we shared together and I know no one else could be so special as my wonderful grandfather. You cared for me from childhood and you nurtured and treasured me everyday. You taught me good values, 15

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 Tribute by Family Then I heard a voice from heaven saying to me, “Write: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.’ ” “Yes,” says the Spirit, “that they may rest from their labors, and their works follow them.” Revelation 14:13 Iread this tribute on behalf of the family of Opanyin them. He made them feel they had an uncle they could James Gyekye-Aboagye. Our family has lost a special depend on. human being and a valuable member, a mighty tree has fallen. With the passing of James Gyekye-Aboagye He wished to see people do well and never hesitated and his younger sister Madam Mary Tweneboah to share his life experiences with the younger members Asiedu, which occurred a week after he left us, a of the family as a way of encouraging them to excel. He generation of elders in our family have passed on. was a well of wisdom and we will miss his counsel. James Kwadwo Gyekye-Aboagye a.k.a Agya Koo Moosi Agya Koo Moosi was the undisputed custodian of the was a significant father figure and a treasured elder in family history including our lineage and origins of the our family. We will forever miss him. Royal Asona Kokoben Family, our traditional family. He always reminded us to protect our heritage and what Agya Koo Moosi went home almost a year to the day our forefathers bequeathed to us. his elder and beloved sister, Madam Charlotte Aboagye passed on. As a result some in the family jokingly claim He played a major role in establishing our family’s royal that Madam Charlotte also known as “Kraa” called her credentials and in proving the Asona Kokoben family’s brother home. eligibility for the chieftaincy position in Kwabeng. Agya Koo was humble, down to earth and got on well His support to the family was exemplary. He graciously with both old and young members of the family. He accepted invitations from family members to help was a good uncle to the children of his siblings and got them celebrate special occasions such as weddings, on quite well with them. People often mistook him for child naming ceremonies and graduations. And he was an elder brother and not an uncle to his nephews and always present to comfort members of the family who nieces because of the great relationship he had with were bereaved. 16

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 Agya Koo’s assistance to family members extended to He wished to see people their education and he was instrumental in getting a do well and never number of them admitted into Achimota Secondary hesitated to share his School. He also facilitated the employment of some life experiences with family members by well established institutions in the the younger members of country. the family Agya Koo was content with what he had and was not one to envy anyone. Neither did he see the need to connive to take away from others what belonged to them. He was disciplined and appreciated culture and tradition. But he was a committed Christian and didn’t allow tradition and culture to interfere with his reverence for his Maker. We thank God for blessing this family with James Gyekye- Aboagye. We have lost a pillar and an irreplaceable member of our family but we believe the Good Lord will help fill this void. The loss of Agya Koo is hard to accept but we encourage ourselves with the knowledge that he is enjoying his well deserved rest in the company of his Maker. Agya Koo Dayie Moosi Nante yie Asona ne Anooba Aboagye Awurade mfa wo nsie 17

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 Tribute by In-Laws IKwasi & Nana IPapa t’s an honour for Nana and I to write a tribute to t’s hard to come to terms with Agya Koo’s passing our awesome father-in-law. James Gyekye-Aboagye. occurring two years short of his 90th birthday. He Before we continue, we would like to offer our sincere appeared reasonably well and having made it to his condolences to our mother-in-law Mrs Agnes Gyekye- 88th year, we were hopeful he was going to hit the Aboagye and all our brothers and sisters in law. 90th year milestone by God’s grace. But unfortunately that was not to be. So the party planned for his 90th Mr Gyekye-Aboagye welcomed us with open arms into birthday will now have to take place in Heaven. his family and made us feel at ease at all times. Forgive us if we sound greedy or even annoying since Throughout the years, our respect for his principles, 88 years is still a significant amount of time for one integrity and love for God grew stronger and stronger. to spend on earth. We acknowledge that many don’t He was a man full of wisdom, very honest and spoke make even half of that. We’re truly grateful to God for his mind without missing words. We were all fond of the many years we were privileged to spend with him. him. But we wanted him around longer for many reasons. You showed us love the moment we became part of Agya Koo was not a scary in-law who left you with the family and you were never a financial burden. Your heart palpitations and needed to be avoided at all constant phone calls checking up on your grandchildren costs. Neither was he one of those in-laws who move was phenomenal. We are forever grateful for the love people into offering secret prayers to the Good Lord to and attention you gave our children. intervene and mercifully call a parent-in-law “home” before their time. We remember our numerous trips to Cathedral Primary school to drop and pick up your grandchildren from He also wasn’t a “tax collecting in-law” who would shake school during your visits to London and also our visits you down at every opportunity for money because you to the tourist attractions in London. were blessed with a wife or husband through him. Our father-in-law was a dedicated Christian, he loved Agya Koo was a gentleman, affable, an enlightened God and we never left his presence or ended a phone conversationalist and well mannered. And he was quick call without him pronouncing blessings on us. Your to correct you if you “butchered” the Akan language in passing has created a vacuum that will be hard to fill. conversation with him. We miss you greatly. 18

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 He was one of the few people I know who would thank Agya Koo was a you for a gift both on the day you gave it and early gentleman, affable, the following morning with a blessing. Agya Koo just an enlightened couldn’t stop blessing and always seemed ready to conversationalist pronounce a prayer of blessing over us. and well mannered. Perhaps it was a trait he picked up from the patriarchs in the Bible he had come to know quite well in the course of translating the Bible from English into the Asante-Twi language. Being the only in-law currently residing in Ghana, I was blessed to be a recipient of many of his blessings. Agya Koo, I’m grateful for the beautiful and virtuous woman you “gave” me as my wife. Take your deserved rest and enjoy your retirement in Heaven. 19

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 TRIBUTE BY Samuel Apeatu Gyima My association with Mr. James Gyekye-Aboagye started in 1968. Both of us served on the by Professor Kwasi Prah of the Centre for Advanced Akan Orthography Committee of the Bureau Studies of African Society of South Africa (CASAS). He of Ghana Languages. He was the secretary was instrumental in getting me to join the team of and I represented the Curriculum Research writers that were assembled to work on the project. We and Development Division of the Ministry of produced Akan Ns3mfuasekyer3. Education. Again, he recommended me to Biblical Ghana to work When I went on voluntary retirement towards the as one of their translators. Subsequently I was inspired end of 1980, I joined the Trinity Congregation of the by him to write a number of books namely - “Abadinto, Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Kwashieman where Awaregye ne Ayiy3”, “Language Spices” and “Reflect and Mr. Gyekye-Aboagye worshiped. Mr. Gyekye-Aboagye Relax” (in English). informed me that my classmate at Akropong P.T.C. who went on teaching practice at Kwabeng taught He also enjoyed singing and good music generally. He him at standard seven. Mr. Gyekye-Aboagye therefore was deeply involved in the success story of the Orpheus regarded me as his own teacher. Anybody who had Choir of Kaneshie fame. He also enjoyed melodies by anything to do with us would testify that we were not Jim Reeves. friends but rather brothers, to that extent I addressed him as Koo Moosi. He supported me during my moments of celebration and bereavement and I did same for him. He never Koo Moosi joined the Bureau of Ghana Languages as turned his back on me when I needed his support or the editor of “Nkwantabisa”, a journal. He subsequently advice during my role as the Catechist in charge of the wrote a number of books with the following titles in Trinity Congregation. Akan: When he became incapacitated, I visited him often and )man Ba Pay3 Ho could tell the end of the journey was near. Death has deprived me of my good friend Koo Moosi who should Ahintas3m be my support at my advanced age. I hold back my tears because the Holy Book tells me that the Almighty God Ahwehw3niwa, has called you into his kingdom. Thank you, my brother, for the long years of invaluable companionship. Nyansap)w May He who has called you grant you eternal rest in his He inspired my interest in the book industry when bosom. Rest In Perfect Peace. he was commissioned to work on an Akan dictionary 20

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 TRIBUTE BY The Children Of Alex Oteng Boakye Owiidiam, was the name we heard our parents call physically, you readily got out of bed anytime we came you from childhood. We later got to know it was a calling for advice. If we didn’t have the opportunity to nickname you and our dad coined for yourselves. thank you enough for that kind gesture, we want to do As we bid farewell to you today, a lot of memories that now. are rekindled in our minds. And we are reminded of your love for our family, especially our dad Owiidiam, we are grateful for your show of love and who you loved till his death. support during those challenging moments. Owiidiam, it’s difficult to accept that you are also gone. We miss Your visits to our house when we were children were you already and our pain is deepened when we visit marked by numerous jokes and laughter. Everything Maa Akua and see your empty chair in your favourite you said was underlined by a joke or a proverb. You corner of your house. had a name for every one of us and we all laughed about it. This endeared you to us and we cherished Owii, thank you for the special love you shared with your visits and always looked forward to meeting you our father, which has trickled down to us all. We shall again. continue to visit Maa Akua and we promise not to break the chain of love you established with our father, even Your death reminds us of what the Bible says in after your deaths. Ecclesiastes 3:1 ”There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”. We have Kindly send our warmest regards to our father and learned that man is but a passenger through this mother on our behalf. We mourn your death today but journey on earth. we know you are rejoicing with your friend in heaven. Thank you for being that special person in our lives. When we lost our mother years ago and our father (your friend and brother-in-law) recently, we relied Owiidiam, da yie!, Agya Koo Moosi nante yie! Rest in on your guidance. Although you were not at your best peace till we meet again. 21

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 TRIBUTE BY THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF GHANA Trinity Congregation, Kwashieman Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord. 1 Corinthians 15:58 The late Papa Gyekye-Aboagye was a founding elected as the first Session members on 23rd August, member of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana 1981. Trinity Congregation. His name appears first on the list of members who attended the first Papa Gyekye-Aboagye who was then the Session Clerk, formal Sunday service in October 1979. The other joined the team of leaders in December 1981 to seek a founding members present at the inaugural new place of worship as they had been ejected from service included Mr C.E. Twum, Mr. J.O. Adu, Mrs. their worship centre. Mr Gyekye-Aboagye negotiated Christiana Khair, Mrs Grace Frempong, Miss Janet with the Ghana Education Service and secured a Boama and Mr B.N. Nortey. classroom at the Kwashieman cluster of schools, where the Trinity Congregation held its first classroom worship He was a member of the Interim Management on 15th January, 1982. Committee put in place in 1980 to handle the day-to- day activities of the congregation. The members of Papa Gyekye-Aboagye, during his tenure as Clerk, the Committee were: the late Papa Gyekye-Aboagye helped acquire a plot of land for the Congregation on (Secretary), Mr. C.E. Twum, Mr. J.O. Adu, Mrs. Christiana 20th May 1988. By 20th May 1990, the Congregation had Khair, Mrs. Grace Frempong and Mr B. N. Nortey, who erected a wooden structure as their chapel with the was chosen as Catechist. help of the leaders including Papa Gyekye-Aboagye who had become a Presbyter. He was elected as a Presbyster in August 1981. After the congregations anniversary in 1981, the Kaneshie Papa Gyekye-Aboagye was instrumental in the Bible Study and Prayer Group decided to hand over formation of a number of groups within the church. completely, the leadership affairs of the congregation He was responsible for bringing in the late Okyeame to the IMC. Papa Gyekye-Aboagye was one of the those Kwabena Adi, a colleague from the Bureau of Ghana Languages, to help groom the Men’s Fellowship before 22

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 it’s inauguration. He also invited his brother-in-law, On 12th May, 2022, the church was informed by his the late Mr. Alex Oteng Boakye to assist as the Church family that our dear pioneer, colleague, husband, Organist and Choir Master. Papa Gyekye-Aboagye also father and member, Papa James Gyekye-Aboagye had initiated the formation of the Singing Band under the been called home. With the hope of resurrection in the leadership of Mr. P.W. Boateng in 1982. Lord, we received the news in good faith as a church. We say, walk on, walk boldly into the bosom of your As the Session Clerk, Papa Gyekye-Aboagye represented Father, for indeed, you have fought the good fight and the congregation at several District and Presbytery ran a good race. What is left to be received is your meetings. He was involved in the negotiation and crown from your Father. acquisition of lands for the congregation and also Nantew Yiye, Nantew Yiye, Nantew Yiye Obrepong, supervised its building and other projects. Okonini, Odikanfo James Gyekye-Aboagye. After the congregation’s temporary chapel (a wooden Mr. Gyekye-Aboagye structure) had been registered, the first couple to be was instrumental joined in holy matrimony were Papa James Gyekye- in the formation of Aboagye and Miss Agnes Boakye in May, 1994. a number of groups within the church. Papa Gyekye-Aboagye assisted and worked with the following Clergy: Rev. K Opuni Frimpong (first minister of the congregation), Rev. Dr. K. Amoah-Kumah (2nd Minister of the congregation), Rev. Dr. Antwi-Bosiako (3rd Minister), now of blessed memory, Rev. Rtd. Col. Oteng (4th Minister). Papa Gyekye-Aboagye at the end of his leadership tenure as Session Clerk and Senior Presbyter, also experienced the ministry of the following ministers: Rev. Andy Odonkor, Rev. Gladys Ocran, Rev. Samuel Nortey Adjei, Rev. Mrs. Vera Gyan-Amponsah, Rev. Jeremiah Davidson Agyemfra, Rev. Mrs. Beatrice Ansah Kwakye, and Rev. Kofi Mankure Akyeampong. It was always a pleasure seeing Papa Gyekye-Aboagye with his bosom friend, Mr. Samuel Gyima, seated by each other during Sunday services. Their presence graced and made the service beautiful. Papa Gyekye- Aboagye attended church services almost every Sunday even in his old age but the onset of Covid-19 and the lockdown that followed served to curtail his attendance to church. The Church kept in touch through the Clergy and Presbyter, who visited and administered communion to him and his wife, Mrs Gyekye-Aboagye. 23

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 TRIBUTE BY The Men's Fellowship OF THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF GHANA, TRINITY CONGREGATION, KWASHIEMAN For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s. Romans 14: 8 Our eyes well up with tears as we read these words mentored a lot of the men in the fellowship. He was in memory of our dear brother, James Gyekye- not discouraged from serving God even as his health Aboagye. We were saddened by the news of his deteriorated with old age. Papa! you will forever be demise because we didn’t expect him to pass remembered. at a time we needed him most. Brother James, as we affectionately called him, was one of the The vacuum created in the Men’s Fellowship by your founding fathers of the Trinity Congregation Men’s painful exit will be difficult to fill. In fact, we have lost Fellowship, Kwashieman. He contributed immensely to a gem, a comrade and a true soldier for Christ. There’s the growth and success of the fellowship in diverse not much we can do than to say God knows best. ways. He paid his dues, levies and other contributions regularly. He was very active, regular and punctual to Now Brother James, in the words of Apostle Paul you meetings and programs. have fought a good fight, you have finished the race, and you have kept the faith. May God Almighty keep He was reserved but he always had a smile on his face. you in His loving bosom till we meet again. He was very accommodating and kind to all manner of people. He encouraged, advised, motivated and May your gentle soul find eternal rest. Onuapa, Nante yie!!! Amen! 24

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 With the Gift of the Tongue Kwadwo Gyekye-Aboagye (1934-2022) A TRIBUTE BY Professor Prah James Kwadwo Gyekye-Aboagye or Koo Moosi, years leading to Ghana’s independence. Gyekye was in as he was affectionately called by relatives and his late teens and bristling with the emblems of youth; close friends, was born in Kwabeng to Efia Ako trendy male couture, a discriminative love for the and Kofi Aboagye in 1934. His father Kofi Aboagye popular music of the time, the politics of independence, was a brother of my maternal grandfather Sam and from afar discussions about the ins and outs of Sarkodee. He was therefore a cousin of my Akyem politics. mother on the father side. Gyekye-Aboagye’s younger brother Prof. Kwabena Kyei Aboagye, was Dean Gyekye carried himself unobstructively, with gently of the Medical School in the University of Development expressed, undemonstrative and measured views. Studies, Tamale, and was also the late Chief of Kwabeng He was naturally gracious in an unaffected way, a who died in 2014 in a tragic car accident. keen observer and deeply sympathetic personality. His kindly disposition, faint smile and reassuring Gyekye happened to have married my mother Adjoa gentility pervaded his relations with all and sundry. His Gyapomaa’s maternal cousin Agnes Akua Dentaa. manners always exhibited carefully cultivated civility Akua Dentaa’s mother Mary Abena Nkrumah was and assured polish. He invariably wore an unflappable my maternal grand-mother’s youngest sister. Akua demeanour underpinned by courteous manners and Dentaa’s father Nana Ameyaw was, years ago, Chief of mildly expressed sensibilities. These were habits he Effiduasie/Koforidua. Thus, my siblings and I relate to acquired and cultivated in the Kwabeng Ahenfie. Gyekye-Aboagye on both my maternal patri and matri derivative lines. Remarkably close indeed! He made no show of his royal connections and spoke about such matters in a deadpan and undramatic Gyekye started primary school in Apedwa during the way. Gyekye was tolerant and accommodating. Always 2nd World War and later continued in Kwabeng. He came inclined to think positively about people, he was at the to Accra to do his secondary schooling at Odorgonno same time contemptuous of hypocrisy and humbug. He Secondary School in 1952. Together with his mate from would laugh off behaviour which many people would Kwabeng, Kwame Anane Frimpong, they lived with us in work themselves up about, but avoided people who Asylum-Down, Accra, during the turbulent and bracing were given to loud, boisterous and extravagant displays of emotion. 25

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 His measured non-combatively expressed language over notes and readings of the exploits of Simon de and argumentation was not on account of flabby or Montfort, the battle of Hastings, the battle of Agincourt, insubstantial principles. He was, when he considered it King Arthur and other figures and events from British deserving, resolute, pointed, firm and principled. Once history which were in content and imagination miles he had made up his mind on any matter on hand, he removed from our African experience. In later years, would doggedly with unflagging resolution pursue his we laughed about the ringing absurdity of subjecting contention and stance, no matter what happens. Africans to this type of imperially dispensed history. Distinctly, his passions and their outward expression My interactions with Gyekye were interrupted in the were invariably delicately restrained by reason, 1960s when I left Ghana for the Netherlands and did avoiding rash and intemperate words, or language not see him until I came back into the country in the that had deficient sense or thought in it. He carefully 1970s. He was then based in the Bureau of Ghana interspersed his discourse with accomplished wit, Languages in Accra where he over the years climbed verbal agility and linguistic ingenuity, turning his phrase up to become Deputy Director before his retirement. I with humour and cool sagacity. Like all consummate saw him intermittently between 1974 and 75. During the and superior wordsmiths, his verbal virtuosity and early months of 1976, I left Ghana for Southern Africa. knowledge of human nature meant that he could precisely anticipate and predict the reaction which his In 1997 when I established the Centre for Advanced formulations would provoke and promote. Studies of African Society (CASAS) to harmonize the orthographic conventions of African languages, he was We normally spoke Fanti at home, but with their one of the first linguists I drew into the network. Gyekye presence in the household, I in no time learnt my had retired from the Bureau of Ghana Languages Twi/Akyem version of Akan from Gyekye-Aboagye and and was busy helping with Bible translations for the Anane Frimpong. Gyekye was a patient but persistent Bible Society. He brought into the network, as Akan and confident teacher. I learnt from a friend, who specialists, his close friend and colleague S. A. Gyima. was English, who he taught in the early 1970s, how Gyekye contributed a chapter (The Akan Experience at encouraging, fortitudinous and focused he always was Harmonization and Standardization) with another one as a teacher. He was indeed ever-serene and ever- of his colleagues D. E. K. Krampah in the first volume ready to impart knowledge of the language. produced by CASAS, Between Distinction and Extinction, published by Witwatersrand University Press in 1998. I can vividly recall some of the Eurocentric study materials which kept them busy at Odorgonno Gyekye-Aboagye was part of the cohort of linguists who Secondary School, the alienating curriculum which produced the CASAS Unified Orthography for the Akan was offered in those late colonial days. Gyekye pored Languages of Ghana and Ivory Coast. This involved two 26

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 workshops. The first workshop for the harmonization He was naturally and standardization of Akan orthography took place on gracious in an the 8th of September 2001 and the second from the unaffected way, a 22nd to the 23rd of May 2002 in Abidjan. It included keen observer and Jeremie Kouadio, Kofi Agyekum, Kofi Saah, Kalilou deeply sympathetic Tera, Djaban Tano Kouame and Sassongo Silue. The personality. ensuing publication was CASAS Monograph No. 20, A Unified Orthography for the Akan Languages of Ghana and Ivory Coast. General Unified Spelling Rules which appeared in 2003. He authored a number of books with CASAS, starting with Nyansapow. This text was followed by Akan Nsεmfuasekyerε by J. Gyekye-Aboagye, S.A. Gyima, L.A. Okraku, R.M. Opong, S.K. Coleman and our late relative A.O. Boakye (Teacher Teng). He went on to write another book, Akan Kasakoa Horow Bi. Then together with S.A. Gyima, they put together Mbofra Akan Kasa Nsεmfuasekyerε. The next volume he scripted was Ahwehweniwa. He produced many other writings which have been published by other publishing houses. Indeed, he said to me not too long ago that he had written close to 50 books. Gyekye-Aboagye had a penchant for sustained work and was widely recognized as an accomplished linguist. His prolific output has gone a long way to establish his legacy in post-colonial Akan linguistics. Kwesi Kwaa Prah Cape Town 15.7.2022 27

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 TRIBUTE BY Rev Professor Mathew Kyei & Dr Mrs Josephine Kyei (nee Kabute) “For we believe that Jesus died and rose again and we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him”. 1 Thessalonians 4:14 NIV Mr Gyekye-Aboagye (Wofa Koo Moosi) occupied We got on particularly well as he was always on time a special place in the heart of his late brother, for his appointments. He was also appreciative of our Mr A.B Kabute (our father-in-law and Dad efforts to emulate his time management skills. He respectively) and as a result his name was once remarked to Professor Kyei a number of years a household name in the family. Among the ago, before he attained the title of “Professor” and I many good things Mr Kabute had to say about quote,”because you keep to the appointment we agree Mr Gyekye-Aboagye was his hospitality. This on and exhibit such professionalism, you’ll become a assertion was supported by the fact that Mr Gyekye- “professor”, a prediction that came to pass. Aboagye accomodated Mr Kabute for 2 years when he In our interactions, we discussed general health issues was transferred from Sekondi Takoradi to Accra (Korle in addition to those that fell under my specialty. We Bu Teaching Hospital) in the late 1960s. got to know that irrespective of how he felt about a Though we had heard so much about him, we met particular medication or procedure, he was willing him in person for the first time in the early 2000s to take it on board once he was convinced we had when he had a minor medical condition. He made an endorsed it. We are grateful for the trust you had in us. appointment for a medical consultation, but instead of Mr Gyekye-Aboagye was our beloved father in Accra. talking about the medical condition for which he had When our Dad, Mr Kabute passed on at Nkawkaw in come, he chose to talk about our family relationship 2014, he called many times and offered advice to ensure and the family tree. his brother got a befitting burial. Even though he was He subsequently followed it up with a write up of advanced in years, he made it to the final funeral rites the family tree going back many generations. This in Kwabeng, which we deeply appreciated. established the family bond between us. This family Wofa Koo Moosi, we will miss you bond and friendship was to last for many years. He would May the Good Lord give you rest in His bosom periodically call and send presents during Christmas. Wofa da yie He was very particular about the grandchildren and sent presents during their naming ceremonies. 28

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 IN MEMORY OF A SUPPORTIVE MAN A TRIBUTE BY Rev Dr (Mrs) Grace Sintim Adasi Principal, Agogo Presbyterian Women’s College of Education If we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.” Romans 14:8 It is with profound sadness but with many cherished career ladder. I will also cherish his fatherly advice to memories that I write this tribute to our beloved uncle, shepherd my children into the best adults possible as he father, brother and grandfather, James Gyekye-Aboagye did for all of us. who we popularly called Koo Moosi. Koo Moosi helped and supported me immensely and I stand here today He was also a loving grandfather to my children, and to pay tribute to an uncle I will dearly miss. was always happy and welcoming whenever we visited him. His exemplary lifestyle made him someone worth In September 1994, I went to live with Koo Moosi for emulating. a brief period and the time I spent with him is one I fondly remember. He was of great help to me and taught Last year when I visited him at his Anyaa residence, I me valuable lessons that have helped me through my met the same man whose company I always enjoyed. journey of life. I will always remember the kindness my As usual, we had one of our lengthy conversations uncle showed me throughout my stay with him. and he gave me some helpful advice and many words of encouragement. My last words were that I would be Koo Moosi was a pleasant person and took a keen seeing him soon. Unfortunately, that meeting was going interest in the well-being and development of everyone. to be the last time I would see Wofa Moosi. He constantly drummed in me, the need to pursue personal development goals and was a great advocate Coming to terms with your passing is hard for me to do. for furthering one’s education. Today, I celebrate you Koo Moosi. You held my hand till I found my feet, and if I stand tall today, it is because of He assisted me pursue my career path in education and what supportive people like you did for me. As the word was profoundly proud of the significant milestones in of God says in 1 Thessalonians 5:18, “In all things give my life. When I completed my Masters degree, he was thanks, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”. overjoyed and present at my graduation to cheer me on. During the outdooring of my second girl, Koo Moosi I thank God He gave you to us, and I thank God for using was present to offer his support and blessings for my you to impact my life. daughter. May you rest peacefully in the Lord till we meet again. I will carry with me forever memories of the insightful Da yie wofa conversations and his exhortations to keep climbing my 29

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 TRIBUTE BY Richard & Esther Kwae Good people pass away, the godly often die before their time. But no one seems to understand that God is protecting them from the evil to come. For those who follow godly paths will rest in peace when they die” (Isaiah 57:1-2) When partings happen, hearts are broken Our family was shocked on hearing that Nana Koo and loved ones go with words unspoken. Moosi had passed on. We will always remember the Indeed death is the unavoidable truth in nuggets of wisdom you shared with us any time we met this life journey, but as stated in the Book and it’s hard to come to terms with your passing. We of Revelation 14: 13, “...Blessed are those who can’t believe you’re gone for good and not coming back. die in the Lord from now on, Yes! Says the spirit they are blessed indeed, for they will When we reflect on the manner of Nana Koo Moosi’s rest from their hard work, for their good deeds follow life and demise, a prayer written many years ago by them“. Theodore Parker Ferris comes to mind. Mr. Gyekye-Aboagye, or Nana Koo Moosi as we “Teach me, O Lord, not to hold on to life too tightly. affectionately called him, was a very astute Christian Teach me to hold it lightly; not carelessly, but lightly, and a key member of our family. easily. Teach me to take it as a gift, to enjoy and cherish while I have it, and to let it go gracefully and thankfully Like the elders say, there is what is described as when the time comes. The gift is great, but the Giver is “theoretical wisdom” on one hand and what is described greater still. Thou, O God, art the Giver and in thee is as “practical wisdom” on the other. Nana Koo Moosi the Life that never dies. Amen.” abounded in practical wisdom and as a result some of us were quick to seek his counsel. Mr. Gyekye-Aboagye We believe you are in a better place and smiling down exhibited maturity in addressing any issue that was at us. We know the fellowship we shared will continue brought to him. He made it a point to be present at all when we meet again. We ask that God keeps you well the social events we invited him to attend. until we meet again. 30

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 TRIBUTE BY The Bureau Of Ghana Languages “Oh, God our help in ages past, Our hope for years to come Our shelter from the stormy blast” The management of the Bureau of Ghana Languages • Member of the Children’s Literature Foundation. received news of Mr. James Gyekye-Aboagye’s demise Member of the team that wrote the Akan Orthography with shock. This is because we had been consulting him on his institutional knowledge for some time • Presented a paper in July, 1996 on the unification of and seeking clarification on certain historical facts Akan languages experiences at the Colloquium of about the department. African languages, University of Cape-Town, South Africa. Mr Gyekye - Aboagye was employed into the Civil Service at the Bureau of Ghana Languages as a reporter in • Received a Ghana Book Award from the Ghana Book the year 1959. Through dint of hard work, he rose through Development award in 1983. the ranks to become a deputy director and retired on 22nd May, 1994. • Was a member of the International Bible Society Bible Translation Team He was a gentleman by all standards and his gentility • Taught the Twi language to many foreigners. was apparent in his mannerisms and dressing. He often attracted comments of admiration from colleagues on his • Editor of the Non-formal Education Division of the sense of style and fashion. Ministry of Education newspaper called Atumpan. His dedication to duty was unparalleled and his care and • Featured severally on GBC TV and radio on Twi love for subordinates was exceptional. programs. He was determined to pursue the development and His passing is a big blow and has created a vacuum that promotion of local languages. As a result of his love for will remain difficult to fill for many years to come. the development of local languages, he authored thirteen books in the Asante Twi language. Many of the books are A Ghanaian language stalwart has fallen. Due due ne used by WAEC for the assessment of students of local amanehunu languages. Mr James Gyekye-Aboagye Among his many recorded achievements are the following: God be with you till we meet again. • General Secretary of the Ghana Chapter of the International Reading Association Network.- Delaware Amen!! USA 31

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In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 Sample of Books by J. GYEKYE-ABOAGYE • Akan nsemfuasekyere by J. Gyekye-Aboagye • Ahwehweniwa by J. Gyekye-Aboagye • Nyansapow by J. Gyekye-Aboagye • Akan kasakoa horow bi by J. Gyekye-Aboagye • Fa ho adwen by J. Gyekye-Aboagye • Abrabo mu anwonsem by J Gyekye-Aboagye • Oman ba paye ho ahintasem by J .Gyekye- • Wosum borode e a sum kwadu bi by J Gyekye- Aboagye Aboagye • Mbofra Akan kasa nsemfuasekyere by J Gyekye- Aboagye 46

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 Awards & Recognition 47

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 Hymns 2. Menam wu bon mu po a, 2. $home a 1to rentwa da n’$nyankopon de ato h4; PH 518 minsuro b4ne bi: ne d4 k1se no nti, n’4y11 1. Beso me nsa gyigye me, m’Agyenkwa pa, na wo na wudi m’akyi, saa w4 m’asetena mu nn1 yi wokyekye me wer1. ansa na w4b44 wiase. Onyame guammaa p1 s1 ne daa nyinaa. Yehowa, wode wo poma Owu, Mep1 s1 metena wo nky1n, b1pam m’atamfo nyinaa’ra. na y1anya ne nky1n daa minnyaw wo da; 3. Wotow me pon ma wohu, 4home, enti na 4fr1 nnipa s1: nea wode m’bek4 h4 no, wof4w me tirim ngo; Mo a moabr1, mommra me mep1 me k’ruwa y1 ma bu so; nky1n 1, momm4 me home ho [ara. yiye di m’akyi daa. mm4den 1, na momfa f1w ne nnam 2. Fa dom ne ahumm4b4 M1tena Yehowa fi koraa, mmra nt1m! kyer1 me kwan. na mahu n’ad4e daa Ma memfa d4 ne gyidi PH 789 nyinaa. minni w’akyi. 1. $hw1fo wui dua ho M’anigyem ne m’amanem PH 811 n‘ $de ayi y1n b4ne: enti s1 ne nguan wu a, ma meny1 komm. 1. $home da so w4 h4 ma na wobu w4n s1 w4ada. Mebr1 a, ma me ho nnwo y1n. w4 wo kokom. Me kra a woabr1, bra 2. Wonk4 s1 mum4y1fo b1hyer1n! Memp1 b’ribi mahu da Wo fam ha mpokyer1 wonsuro weredifo: s1 wo nkutoo. dennen mu w4te s1 akofo a Me kwan so duru sum a, wo wia befi ama wo. w4awie ko, na w4ada. me hann ne wo. Na enti beso me nsa Behw1 Oguamma a 4de few PH 832 1. Wiase yi nya hyew a, na ma y1nk4! pii nnipa nyinaa behyia Ma minnu soro h4 a m1tena h4 daa. b1y1n wo w4 n’anim h4 $temmufo anim. PH 555 daapem; Nyame ne Nipa Ba no, tow w’adesoa kyene, bra! 1. Yehowa ne me Hw1fo, Y1n Wura Yesu Kristo, ! nky1 na woawie wo ko na hwee renhia me. bebu nnipa mma nO, $hw1 me na 4y1n me, na w’akwantum amane nt1ntrenee. de n’adepa ky1 me. asa, Amanem odwudwo me kra na woak4 homebea h4. na 4kyer1 me ne kwan pa. 48

2. Nea w4y1e esum mu, 5. W4som w4n Nyankop4n In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 nea w4de hintawee, som pa, Hymns atoro, awudi, na wonya anu’nyam; yaw ne amane biara PH 805 aguammamm4 ne saa 1. Nante yiye! na wu nni h4 koraa. †de, Nn1 w4afr1 wo me ba, awi, nnaadaa ne nsisi 6. s1 bra 4soro fi! Y1n de, yesu, wo wu yi y1 ne ntanhunu b1da adi. Yerusalem, m’ahot4 fi, y1n yaw me kra p1 wo dennen. nanso Nyame p1 nti, 5. Momma y1nkae as1m yi, Yensu na yenni nk4mm4 Minya wo mu ahodwo a, na yenni Yesu akyi, na me haw asa nen. ntra so; na daa yemmisa s1: PH 809 na y1de abot4ase ka s1: So 4pene me nney1e? 1. Agyenkwa no akyidifo S1nea Yesu p1 ni? Nante yiye! Mes4 Yesu ani anaa? nam fam ha s1 ah4ho; w4fa 4haw ne wu mu nso, PH 844 w4n agyinae ne soro. 1. Yerusalem, m’ahot4 fi, Wowie kwan no tu, wo din ho y1 me na! Da b1n na me haw to Yesu y1 w4n atuu; w4n honam deda fam ansa betwa te s1 w4adua mm’rofua. na mahu w’anika? 2. Wo nso woatu wo kwan 2 Da b1n na m’aniwa behu yiye, wo fasu a 1hran, s1 w’apon a 1y1 nhene, wo a y1hw1 w’atiko; ne wo sika aban? wo honhom anya asomdwoe, 3. Me Nyankop4n kuro f1f1, woanya wo ho koraa po. m1ba h4nom anaa? Nea wo mma ahyia h4, Woaba w’Agyenkwa h4, na anigye rensa. na w’ani gye no ho; 4. Adiyifo, asomafo na w’ad4fo asiesie h4 gyina m’Agyenkwa ho, ma wo honam da nwini ne w4n a w4d4 Kristo no mu. behyia mu w4 h4. 49

In Loving Memory | James Gyekye-Aboagye | 1934 -2022 Program for Final Funeral Rites • Arrival of Mourners & Sympathizers • Opening Prayer - Minister Obeng-Asiedu • Purpose For Gathering & Brief Life History of James Gyekye-Aboagye • Musical Interlude - Performance by Living Choir • Report by Member of Burial Team - Mr Yaw Amoah Peprah • Musical interlude - Performance by Living Choir • Poetry Recital by Nana Ama Boakye • Musical Performance by Madam Yaa Amankwaa • Greetings & Condolences From Friends & Sympathizers • Musical Interlude - Cultural Group • Presentation by In-laws • Celebration & Thanksgiving by Family & Friends 50

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