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ROSARIO INSTITUTE “A Tradition of Quality Education” An examination of the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing Google among Rosario Institute Senior High School Students. A Research Presented to the Senior High School Department of ROSARIO INSTITUTE In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the PRACTICAL RESEARCH 1 S.Y 2021-2022 SUBMITTED TO: Ms. Marianne P. Narca SUBMITTED BY: Dela Cruz, Aaron Lotivio Ervas, Rhon Zander Felipe, John Clarence Belen Ferraer, Kione Adriel Ibisate Gonzales, Ernesto Jr. Garcera Grozen, Ariz Azuvich Balbuena Pagara, Aliyah Sophia Dela Cruz Pagkaliwangan, Princess Policar Pregon, Kristina Casandra Hapa

ROSARIO INSTITUTE “A Tradition of Quality Education” Chapter I INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY From 2010 to 2021, Google was the most popular search engine in the world, with an 86.19 percent market share (Statista, 2022). According to several research findings, some students rely on search engines and other online learning resources for their education (Nuning Kurniasih et al., 2018). Its impact might not be as profound as educators claim. While this notion is questionable, it does compel them to investigate how students use technology. Are they being utilized to support critical thinking, analysis, and active learning. Do they facilitate meaningful interactions between teachers and students, or are they primarily used for socialization or information dissemination. (Rodrigo, M. M., Grosch, M., & Andres, J. M., 2013). The Google tale begins in 1995, when Larry Page and Sergey Brin “Founders” formed a partnership at Stanford University. \"Organize the world's information and make it widely accessible and valuable,\" is their goal. Google Inc. opened its first office in Menlo Park, California, with sufficient funds. Every day, 10,000 search queries were answered by a beta search engine (Thought Co., Mary Bellis, 2020). Google is well-known for empowering pupils of all ages, genders, nationalities, and religious backgrounds. It enables students unrestricted chances to investigate a wide range of topics while also ensuring that they have equal access to information, In a number of different ways. Google Classroom is a new Google Apps for Education tool that helps teachers optimize their digital workflow by offering a platform on which they can easily disseminate announcements and homework, as well as allow students to interact with

ROSARIO INSTITUTE “A Tradition of Quality Education” both the teacher and classmates and submit assignments electronically. Teachers who have been using Classroom for a long time have told students how it has drastically changed their workflow. Despite the fact that Google is a great source of knowledge, it cannot solve some questions such as mathematical problems and grammar. Everything in this time has come to a halt, including schooling, due to the rapid spread of Covid-19 in the Philippines and around the world. Education became a national topic throughout the 2020-2021 period. In fact, in the Philippines, all schools have decided to close. Despite the widespread transmission of Covid-19, courses began in October. Rosario Institute is among the schools that have begun a \"New Normal Education\" For students and teachers, They used Zoom Meeting and Rex Schoology Learning Management System to provide a tool for distance learning, which can be downloaded through the Google Play Store, the App Store, or Google Chrome. Students’ communities all throughout the world, Google has offered several features. Classroom, Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Sites are offered under the Google Workspace for Educational initiative. The aim of this study is to scrutinize the benefits as well as the drawbacks of using Google as a search engine among Rosario Institute senior high school students. Furthermore, as part of this study, the researchers will ask senior high school students at Rosario Institute to participate in a virtual interview to acquire information about the study. It is possible to do so via a Zoom meeting or Google Classroom. The participants' opinions are based on their personal experiences or observations. A meeting link will be sent to selected participants' social media accounts.

ROSARIO INSTITUTE “A Tradition of Quality Education” 1.2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM This examination will focus on the focal points of Google. By any means, the researchers will seek or assess information upon Google to evaluate the efficiency of google at this present time. Generally, the study aims to determine the examination of the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing Google among Rosario Institute Senior High School Students. Specifically, the study sought to answer the following questions: 1. What is the demographic profile of the participants in terms of: a. Name; b. Sex; c. Year-level and strand; and d. Age; 2. What are the experiences of students when it comes to Google? 3. What are the knowledge of Senior high school students about Google in terms of; a. Definition of Google; b. Causes of Google; and, c. Effects of google; 4. How does Google affect the way Senior high school students think? 5. How does Google influence the level of performance of Senior high school Students in academics?

ROSARIO INSTITUTE “A Tradition of Quality Education” 1.3 SCOPE AND DELIMITATION OF THE STUDY The purpose of this study is to raise awareness about how students take advantage of Google for their education and how plentiful they rely on it. This study will cover the satisfaction and defects of utilizing Google among Senior high school students of Rosario Institute. The primary subjects of this research study will consist of the Senior High School students enrolled in the academic year of 2021-2022. The respondents will be limited to fifteen (15) available select Senior High School students of Rosario Institute and will be interviewed via Zoom meeting and Facebook messenger. 1.4 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY This study contains the beneficiaries, for them to become aware about google. This research has significant implications in the realm of education, since it improves the efficiency and productivity of teachers and students. The aim of researchers is to determine the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing Google among Senior high school Students in Rosario Institute. It must be conducted since many Rosario Institute Senior High School Students are unable to concentrate on their own learning and understanding, some of them are relying too much on google and also they are losing their interest to know and acknowledge the importance of books. The outcome of this study could be highly significant and beneficial especially to the following:

ROSARIO INSTITUTE “A Tradition of Quality Education” 1. STUDENT Students at Rosario Institute will learn about the value of Google as well as its downside. They will know the verifiable concept of google , and this research will also assist students in providing information about their own expertise. 2. TEACHERS Google is frequently used by teachers since it has an opulence knowledge and tools. The findings of this study could lead to a significant shift in teachers and students approaches to teaching and learning, resulting in a more effective learning environment and highly developed skilled individuals. This may also serve as a guide to the teachers who will determine the importance of google. 3. PARENTS Google's advantages for parents include the ability to answer their inquiries and the ability to instruct their children on how to use the search engine. This study may assist parents in understanding how their children use Google for academic purposes. 4. FUTURE RESEARCHERS This study provides information regarding the use of Google so that future researchers will have a better understanding of the topic. Lastly, this paper can serve as a related literature for future researchers who plan to explore the same topic.

ROSARIO INSTITUTE “A Tradition of Quality Education” 1.5 CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK Figure 1 shows the conceptual framework of the study of examination related to benefits and drawbacks of utilizing Google among Rosario Institute Senior high school Students. The figure shows how the researcher will conduct the study. It shows an overview to help the researcher. The overview shows how the researcher will formulate, cascade, and collect the instrument needed for this research. By this, they begin to get the demographic profile of the respondents of the students of Rosario Institute Senior high school. The responders' comprehension of the material was assessed. The next phase was for respondents to be aware of their ability to use Google as their preferred search engine. It contains a description of the advantages that they will obtain in the near future. The researchers were supposed to assess the respondents' understanding of benefits and drawbacks of using Google as a medium for the specified topic. The researchers will gather information by asking respondents about their attitudes toward utilizing Google. Also, it shows how the data will be treated and used to find the output for this research.

ROSARIO INSTITUTE “A Tradition of Quality Education” Figure 1. Research diagram showing the flow of the study on examination of the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing Google among Rosario Institute Senior High School Students 1.6 DEFINITION OF TERMS Conceptual Definition: ❖ Google - Google is a search engine on the internet. It employs a unique algorithm to retrieve and order search results in order to deliver the most relevant and reliable data sources possible. (Techopedia,2020) ❖ Research - Research is described as a systematic investigation of a specific subject or problem using scientific methodologies. \"Research is a methodical effort to characterize, explain, forecast, and manage the

ROSARIO INSTITUTE “A Tradition of Quality Education” observable event,\" says American sociologist Earl Robert Babbie. It employs both inductive and deductive reasoning.\" (QuestionPro, 2022) ❖ Search Engine - A search engine is a software program that helps people find the information they are looking for online using keywords or phrases. Search engines are able to return results quickly even with millions of websites online by scanning the Internet continuously and indexing every page they find. (bcd,2020) ❖ New Normal Education - The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone’s hands to adapt to the changing times as far as learning is concerned. It goes without saying that learning in today's new normal is a difficult task, not only for children but also for teachers and parents. As a result, the demand for open learning options is growing to assist solve major concerns and continue to provide excellent education in the face of the global health crisis. One key approach is to adopt the ways of blended learning. This system uses both offline and online education through tech. (Childhope, 2021) ❖ Google Form - Google Forms is a free online tool for creating surveys, quizzes, and other forms. It's part of Google's suite of web-based products, which also includes Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. It's a flexible tool that can be used for a variety of tasks, such as gathering RSVPs for an event or producing a pop quiz. (Demarest,2021) ❖ Facebook Messenger - is a free mobile messaging program that may be used for group chats, instant messaging, and sharing photographs, videos, and audio recordings. The program, which is available for free

ROSARIO INSTITUTE “A Tradition of Quality Education” download, allows you to chat with your Facebook friends as well as your phone contacts. ( Operational Definition: ❖ Google - is a search engine that we’re gonna distinguish the pros and cons for the learners of Rosario Institute. ❖ Research - It prepares our mind to comprehend concepts and theories more easily. ❖ Search Engine - We utilize search engines to meet our daily information demands, solve difficulties, gain knowledge, eliminate uncertainties, explain issues, enjoy ourselves, and satisfy our curiosity about others, among other things. ❖ New Normal Education - Aiming to combine face-to-face sessions with tech gives rise to blended learning, helping boost the learning power of students. ❖ Google Form - Used to make surveys and quizzes for learners. ❖ Facebook Messenger - It is also beneficial to students because it allows them to effortlessly share with others. It is more user-friendly than text brigade or text blitz.


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