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Free Online Brochure Maker Provides Business with Perfect Online Marketing Solution

PUB HTML5 is a free digital brochure creator that promote your business by creating an all-around online marketing brochure

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How PUB HTML5 Publish an Online Brochure?

To best advertise your business, you should create as many chances as possible to expose your business to potential audiences. An effective business brochure is what you need most. Readers can easily find out what your company is about and what product or service it can offer. However, a poorly constructed brochure can just cause trouble, frustration and kick the potential customers away. Therefore, you should really give the chance to the unique but free PUB HTML5 which can create an advanced marketing brochure.

The free online brochure maker provides users with a wide range of amazingly powerful features to highlight your marketing while at the same time it is so simple to use even for people who had no brochure making experience. Many features have concise step-to-step illustrations and users can just apply the features as the instructions say. Our users have fed back that they are so satisfied with the online marketing brochure PUB HTML5 provides for them as well as the online revenue streams it bring them.
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Enrich Your Online Marketing

1. Upload a PDF

PUB HTML5 , can convert any PDF file into online brochure quickly and easily. There is no any other third party involved into the conversion and no complicated programming skills needed. Besides, the download of PUB HTML5 is totally free. You can accomplish the conversion on its home page or on the original platform.

2. Customize the Look & Add Media

PUB HTML5 offers a full navigated toolbar for users to print, crop, download, share, search, bookmarks, add notes and so on. There are a variety of toolbars for you to customize your brochure and make it match your branding. PUB HTML5 also provides you with Animation Editor which can add multiple media into your brochure to present your product in all-scale dimensions. Users can succinctly present the main points of the product and readers can also quickly grab the essential message.

3. Advanced Search Engine Optimization

When you finish preparing an engaging online brochure, you should enable it to be searched by Google. In that way, the brochure can win more attention from audiences. You can use PUB HTML5 to output your brochure into HTML format. Upload it to your website and then Google can easily search your brochure.

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