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Free Online Poster Maker to Get More Exposure and Strengthen Brand Awareness

PUB HTML5 can help you create eye-catching, professional-looking posters with your own brand that are sure to impress

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Quick Tour of PubHTML5


Online marketing is hot; in fact, it has become the most important part for most business owners to promote their products and do retails online. Posters as one of the methods of marketing promotions can be useful when promoting a product and hoping it to get more exposure. People today spend more time looking at images on their computers and not on their walls. Therefore to find a right tool to lay out an attention-grabbing digital poster regarding to the product online is a must.

Want to promote something by means of digital posters yet be worry about paying for expensive poster design software which slows down your system and run out of budget? PUB HTML5 introduced here is a free online poster maker and it’s flexible enough for any design and layout project. Whether you want to create large, complex posters or put together a basic project, PUB HTML5 can help out. It is the excellent poster design software you can use to design and create your own customized posters with your own brand for free. Making full use of it and you will get products more exposure and strengthen your brand awareness. Better still, it is accessible from any device.
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Extraordinary Functions of PUB HTML5

1. Templates Style Customization

The drag-and-drop editor of PUB HTML5 is responsive, and it allows you to customize the look by choosing your preferred colors, background, audio, visual page transitions and button controls design. Your digital poster can include your logo and branding with Brand Setting feature that is included in PUB HTML5. As a result, you’ll get exposure for your brand and make it widely recognizable among your target audiences.

2. Social Networking Connection

With PUB HTML5, you can share your work with online audiences then comment directly. This feature allows your audiences to share the posters they like via email or social networks, like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Besides, you can specify your contact info and a social icons panel and an unbranded icon where you can link your website.

3. Cross-platform Flexibility

Since PUB HTMl5 is browser-based, you can work on PC, Mac, or PUB HTML5 operating systems. It reaches globally and delivers locally. Templates of PUB HTML5 make it easy to create and display beautiful posters, no matter what device you choose. It reaches globally and delivers locally.

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