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LPU Alumni Newsletter spreadsheet

Published by vladimir laquindanum, 2020-10-19 03:21:53

Description: Here's the very first alumni newsletter, entitled: “Beyond the Legacy.”

We are grateful for our alumni's contributions to our institution.


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The Official Newsletter Beyond the of the LPU-Laguna and LPU-SC Alumni Office. Legacy Vol. 1 No. 1 September 2020. LPU Alumni & Admin join Meanwhile, LPU alumni through the Alumni Soci- the call to heal as one. ety, headed by Michael Angelo Villadolid, proved that LPU’s core values, especially service orienta- Jezabel Alves tion, were instilled in them. They discussed and planned to raise funds ever since the community quarantine to help those affected by the pandemic. LPU-Laguna’s Alumni Society, faculty, admin, and students joined “With the participation of the alumni society in this forces in extending help to maintenance and outsourced personnel of project, we consider this as an act of giving back to the institution during the global heath pandemic. our Alma Mater. The alumni society is grateful that LPU-L has been part of their character develop- The project, headed by Institutional Social Responsibility Office ment. This will also imply that the institution not (ISRO) Director Ms. Kay Losabia and Human Resource Manage- only fosters quality education but also quality ment and Development Office (HRMDO) Director Dr. Aileen Balba, values,” shared Villadolid. was able to reach out to 52 outsourced employees and LPU-L guards with cash aides and in-kind goods. There were more than 40 alumni that contributed to the ₱48,395.00 that was raised by the organization. ISRO Director Kay Losabia shared that the project started when “The spirit of bayanihan is truly alive in LPU-La- some faculty members expressed their interest in extending help to guna and LPU-SC. We never hesitated to work outsourced employees who were greatly affected by the sudden together and share what we have to our less fortu- announcement of lockdown in NCR and Region IV-A last March. nate members of the LPU family. And yes, we heal as one,” expressed Dr. Balba. Some administrative staff were affected by the no work, no pay LPU-Laguna & LPU-St. Cabrini also donated meat policy since not everyone could work from home. This also prompt- products to the five COVID-19 hospitals, namely: ed the Bayanihan Project. JP Rizal Memorial Hospital, Laurel Memorial “We have decided to extend the Bayanihan Project among our District Hospital, Batangas Medical Center, St. displaced employees. Some faculty members gave their voluntary Frances Cabrini Hospital, and Gen. Emilio Agui- contributions as well as the department heads,” said Dr. Balba. naldo Memorial Hospital. “This is our modest contribution to our front liners for their untiring and dedicated work, especially in this time. With your valiant efforts, you are truly the heroes of this battle,” said Director Losabia. • 1

CAS’ Legacy of Excellence Caryl Anne Gonzales Every year, one alumnus from every program (Communica- tion, Multimedia Arts, and Psychology. Biology department College of Arts and Sciences is known to pursue is yet to produce local graduates) receives the award. excellence in the fields of Communication, Psychology, Candidates are evaluated based on the following criteria: Multimedia Arts, and Biology. Living up to its moniker of being outstanding performance during their academic years, excel- the chamber of the best and the brightest, CAS has produced lency in their chosen fields, and presence of gratitude graduates who excel in their chosen professions. to their Alma Mater. In 2017, CAS launched the SinAg Award to recognize exceptional alumni. It is part of the annual celebration of the College of Arts and Sciences Film Awards (CASFA). The award aims to acknowledge the hard work and According to Dr. Celia Tibayan, having this kind of event is achievements of CAS’ alumni. It also encourages CAS students a way of maintaining their connection with the alumni, as well as their way to enhance their relationship and to hone their skills and talents through the SinAg Awardees as partnership in upbringing the quality of the LPU brand. • their inspirations. 10th CASFA: The TENacity Continues During the 10th CASFA last November 2019, the college BEST AND THE BRIGHTEST. (from left to right) Fernando decided to recognize 10 outstanding alumni instead of Garcia (Psychology Program Chair), Celia Tibayan (Former only three. According to JP Seño, CASFA’s Adviser and CAS Dean), Jonas Donato (Communication), Carlota Alipit former SinAg Awardee, the organizing committee (Communication), Wilzon Vitug (Communication), Patricia decided to award 10 alumni as part of the special Andrea Tolentino (Psychology), and Nelson Tenorio (General celebration of the 10th CASFA and to give recognition to Education Program Chair). a number of CAS Alumni. • 2019Sinag Andrew Sebastian A. Abrigo - Multimedia Arts Carlota N. Alipit - Communication Awardees Jamie Lynn T. Ayers - Communication Jonas Nelson D. Donato - Communication Chelsie P. Malabanan - Multimedia Arts Neon Carlo L. Lantican - Multimedia Arts Roniña Anna G. Rodriguez - Multimedia Arts Briann Joi A. Teofilo – Multimedia Arts Patricia Andrea C. Tolentino - Psychology Wilzon A. Vitug - Communication 2

NEVER SETTLE FOR OKAY. Tolentino, believes that CAS has pushed her to go beyond her limits and be the better version of herself. VALIDATED. Carlota Alipit, Business Cluster For the Psychology major, Patricia Andrea Tolentino, Manager, thanked CAS for recognizing her achievement. “Out of my comfort zone and into the real world; CAS She has been in the business development unit for has given me enough weapons to push through reality almost a decade. with my head held high. \"Never settle for okay\" was what kept me going and kept me striving in my field. I “I feel “validated” – that even if I did not go after the path was raised in the chamber of the best and the brightest, of the more mainstream jobs of a Communication and I am proud to say that the biggest factor that Graduate, what I’ve pursued is just as important. It is helped me were the trainings and the values LPU has heartwarming to know that in my quiet, little ways, I’ve embedded in me.” created a little ripple within the CAS community, and I am now being acknowledged.” Character, hard work, and resilience are important factors in determining success according to Dr. Celia Tibayan. - Carlota Alipit, Batch 2010 She hopes that the awardees will continue to harness their craft and take pride in showing how LPU has molded EQUIPPED. them. • Andrew Abrigo is a The Sinag Awardees member of the pioneer in the past years batch of MMA in LPU. He is thankful that CAS 2017 equipped him with real-life lessons that Jonh Paul Seño – Communication helped him face the real Kristine Joy Calayeg – Psychology world. Near Landicho – Multimedia Arts Relatively, Andrew Abrigo believes that being part of 2018 CAS has opened more opportunities to know his real potentials. He also thanked CAS for Celine Anne Cachola-Delos Reyes – Communication equipping him of necessary skill sets to face the real Reina Canda – Psychology world confidently. • Marion Pasia – Multimedia Arts 3

Alumni Testimonials LPU-St. Cabrini School of Health Sciences, Inc. “Lyceum-St. Cabrini has helped me pave the way for my Now, I am working as a registered nurse in of one the major career to step up into the international arena. From a hum- health trusts here in central London. Lyceum-St. Cabrini has bled scholar of the school and Mr. Feliciano Torres, I was able to acquire my bachelor’s degree in Nursing in one of offered me a globally competitive education and high academ- the best pillars of education in the country. I could not thank my college professors and clinical instructors enough for ic standards which definitely catapulted my career beyond the sharing their expertise during my stay in LPU-St. Cabrini. Without them, I would not be able to gain confidence and borders of our country. A profession that also enabled me to clinical competence in my chosen field. travel in different parts of the world reaching four out of seven ”continents, and counting. - Mr. Jovic De Leon Bermas, BSN, RN, UKRN Senior Staff Nurse, The Whittington Health NHS Trust, London BS in Nursing, Batch 2007 College of Arts and Sciences “Back in the days, I was a timid and awkward person until I became part of the College of Arts and Sciences. The department has taught me to be confident with my skills and to do what I love the most and achieve what I aspire to be. During my stay as a multimedia arts student, I received numerous recognitions. I became part of a cultural organization and had my first acting stint. CAS made me realize that I can do more–that I can be more. CAS opened opportunities for me to know myself more. It equipped me with necessary ”skill sets to face the real world confidently. - Mr. Andrew Sebastian A. Abrigo Creative Director, Pens&Pages, New Zealand Bachelor of Multimedia Arts, Batch 2014 4

College of Business and Accountancy College of Engineering and Computer Studies “ Ever since I graduat- “LPU-Laguna has a big ed high school, I always contribution to where I am dreamed of becoming a now. Its BSIE program Certified Public Accoun- became my training tant. With the help of ground to boost my confi- LPU-Laguna, I am now dence, improve my skills, employed in one of the country’s fastest growing and move forward in professional services firms. LPU-Laguna instilled a achieving my goals. When very strong educational foundation, practical I was a student, I have knowledge, and expertise which are indispensable in been inspired of my instructor’s achievements. I always remind myself ”my professional career. about the most favorite quote of our batch, “Be the best IE that you can be.” Always remember that in anything - Ms. Gladyleanne S. Luna, CPA that you do, you need to ask for God’s guidance, put your best effort and determination, and let your Associate, Reyes Tacandong & Co. BS in Accountancy, Batch 2018 ”achievements be the voice of your success - Engr. Dycelle M. Arante, CIE College of International Tourism and Cabin and Avionics Engineer, Luftansa Technik Philippines Hospitality Management BS in Industrial Engineering, Batch 2015 Cum Laude “It is true that prepara- LPU International School tion is one of the keys to success. Thank you to my “I completed Junior Alma Mater, LPU-Lagu- na, for the best quality High School and graduat- education and the profes- ed Senior High School in sional training that honed my skills in the hospitality industry. Indeed, it helped LPU-Laguna Internation- me in forming a solid foundation for my profession ever since I started my career as a Front Office al School. My high Ambassador in one of the luxury hotels in UAE. It is all worth it. Hard work pays off as long as you school life was never ”believe in yourself. easy. I must maintain a - Ms. Colene L. Pusag balance between my Hotel Administrator, Sofitel Dubai Downtown, Dubai, UAE academic life and profes- BS International Travel and Tourism, Batch 2015 sional career as a singer. At first, I have always been shy and reserved, but everyone in LPU International School helped me grow to be the person I am today. I appreciate all the support that the institution had given me; may it be on my studies or my career. Our principal, the teach- ers, staff, and all of my friends gave a tremendous amount of support to make sure that I will never be left behind and for that, I will always and forever be ”grateful. - Ms. Arabelle Dela Cruz Senior High School, Class of 2019 LPU Idol 2014 and Ms. LPU 2018 Top 5 Grand Finalist, Tawag ng Tanghalan Season 2 5

Going Beyond the Legacy Michael Angelo Villadolid This year has been particularly tough for all of us. The global pandemic has affected different sectors including the academe. Schools and universities were challenged by the transition to online classes and administrative concerns. LPU-Laguna is no exemption to this struggle. The Alumni Society recently participated in the Bayanihan Moreover, we plan to touch base with all the Project that aide LPU employees during the early months alumni per batch so we can easily communicate of the pandemic. Through this project, we discovered that plans, especially the Grand Alumni Homecoming our alumni were willing to extend their helping hands. This (once the pandemic is resolved). The pandemic was a fulfilling moment especially after seeing the smiles and quarantine prohibitions have given us the time of the beneficiaries. We extend our gratitude to all the to connect with the alumni through social media. alumni who participated in this project. The core values instilled by the institution impart- For this reason, the LPU-Laguna Alumni Society plans to ed a great impact to our professional life, which launch a fund-raising drive to assist selected outstanding inspired us to give back to our Alma Mater. • students who cannot fully support their academic financial needs. We also aim to promote alumni engagement by “This was a fulfilling moment creating a network of professionals who will help raise the profile of the university by assisting it in molding students especially after seeing though sharing of experiences. In addition, the organiza- tion plans to have online seminars focusing on shared the smiles of the experiences, ethics, and professionalism. With this, we ask the LPU-Laguna Alumni Council and every LPU-Laguna ”beneficiaries. alumnus to cooperate and to reach out so that we can form a stronger Alumni Society. 6

Alumni give back to LPU as resource speaker Rowena Maraquilla The Guidance and Testing Center (GTC) conducted seminars for College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and College of Business and Accountancy (CBA) first year students last November 26, 2020 and November 22, 2020, respectively. The center invited some alumni to share about their relevant experiences and inspire the students to handle different hurdles that they may face during their college years. AB Communication graduate Patricia BS Accountancy alumna Camille Joie T. Calip from CBA shared Gabriel H. Abrihan from CAS discussed the her first-hand experiences on how to deal with the different importance of goal setting with right mindset phases of college life. According to her, it is fulfilling to and attitude. surmount all the challenge by keeping a strong determination and eagerness to reach one’s goals. She also put emphasis on the importance of time management and how it helped her brave the challenges that came her way when she was a student. Guidance and Testing Center provides support to students’ holistic development through facilitation of relevant seminars and workshops which are designed to equip them with necessary skills and knowledge as college students. Recently, they invited LPU-Laguna’s alumni as resource speakers to share their own experiences during their time in the university and their transition to the professional world. • “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands — one for helping yourself, the other for helping ”others 7

COECS Editorial Board leads donation drives Kimry Danielle Gonzales for the eruption victims Editor-in-Chief Ronnel Robles Wilzon Vitug The College of Engineering and Computer Studies Associate Editor Student Council (COECS SC) led the COECS Tigers Donation Drive for Taal victims with the participation Jezabel Alves of COECS Alumni headed by Engr. Keith Hernandez, Rowena Maraquilla Engr. Ericka Panghulan, and Mr. Michael Angelo Michael Angelo Villadolid Villadolid last January 2020. Ronnel Matthew Robles Caryl Anne Gonzales The donation drive started last January 13, 2020 with the aim of aiding eruption victims with necessities Writers such as food, water, and clothes. Vladimir Laquindanum The Philippine Society of Information Technology Layout Artist Educators (PSITE) supported the donation drive by reaching out to students and alumni from different Ms. Ma. Anna Corina Kagaoan organizations. The proceeds went to families that Adviser evacuated to a church in Cabuyao, Laguna. Moreover, COECS SC, in collaboration with the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE), was also able to reach evacuees in different schools in Malvar. The COECS Tigers Donation Drive for Taal Victims is just one of the different efforts organized by student organizations of LPU-Laguna to help the eruption victims in Batangas and Laguna. • 8

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