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ShareSafe Solutions Newsletter

Published by ShareSafe Solutions, 2017-09-20 11:39:35

Description: Solutions Newsletter October 2017


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September 2017 ShareSafe SolutionsShareSafe NEWSLETTERDigital Forum coming in October... P2 FROM THE CEO Letter to Shareholders P3 A CULTURE OF INNOVATION DELIVERED IN A SINGLE APP P3 SAFECONNECT: A MOBILE COMMUNICATION HUB Introducing ShareSafe Pro and ShareSafe Basic P4 SALES AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Three approaches to market penetration P5 TEAM SPOTLIGHT Chief Security Officer and Chief Growth Officers leading ShareSafe’s path to successINTRODUCING VORTEX A NEW DIGITAL COMMUNICATION FORUMWith the release of our latest software, Vortex™ in August, ShareSafe is positioned for rapid COMING IN OCTOBERpenetration with the most robust mobile platform in the healthcare industry. With thisrelease, ShareSafe became the first company in healthcare to authenticate users and pro- We will be changing our methodvide access to their mission-critical systems from a mobile phone (m-IAM). The value of our of investor updates from a news-m-IAM lies in our ability to significantly improve user workflow, security and quality while letter to a secure on-line investordecreasing costs–setting a new standard in the healthcare industry. See pages 3 and 4 site, to be updated quarterly, forfor details. anytime access. Login instructions will be provided as soon as the platfom is available.

ShareSafe NewsletterFrom the CEOAlthough it has been some time since we’ve communicated, I am delighted to update you on the status of our company and the future we face. We are inspired aboutour accomplishments and the opportunities ahead of us. I want to thank our members for your support, and our employees for their hard work and dedication in creatingsomething extraordinary.The primary headliners since our last update are our pivot into the security space, the considerable impact we are having on clinician workflow and costs, as well as ourpositioning for rapid and scalable growth. The value proposition of our new Vortex™ 5.0 Platform is a significant advancement over previous releases (in terms of design,functionality, performance, security and analytics), and has transformed ShareSafe into a Mobile platform that is unrivaled in the market. We believe Vortex’s convergencetechnology is creating a “strategic inflection point” in the market for ShareSafe and our potential partners, which include several of the largest health systems and chains inthe acute (hospital) and ambulatory surgery center (ASC) marketplaces, as well as some leading IT vendors in healthcare.Another important element of our update is ShareSafe’s formal re-entry into the healthcare market with Vortex. You may recall from our last correspondence that we suc-cessfully launched our 3.0 and 4.0 software releases with positive market movement and valuable feedback from our early adopter clients. However, we made a decisionin December of 2015 to suspend sales activity to integrate a breakthrough “biometric” solution that was created by our partner, MicroStrategy. This solution, combinedwith ShareSafe’s technology stack, creates a very powerful Mobile platform. ShareSafe was the first company globally to execute an OEM license agreement to integrateMicroStrategy’s enterprise identity access and security system, which was in development for 3 years with an investment of $100M in R&D. From this partnership, a jointventure company (BioWave Technology) was formed to license the software, securing a 5-year agreement in November of 2015 with an option to renew for an additional 5years. We then spent the following 12 months completing the integration, creating two new innovative products (SafeShield® and SafeLaunch™) and expanding our mobileapp into the Vortex platform. The combinatorial effect of the products that make up Vortex fuses cost and end-user value with advanced security and liability risk reduc-tion—creating extraordinary customer value while obsoleting many of the offerings from incumbents in the market. Making the decision to decelerate sales and focus ourresources on integrating a disruptive technology and developing the Vortex platform was challenging; however, the result has been a significant increase in our corporatevalue that has positively impacted our commercialization position and path.In addition to our technology and market position advancement, ShareSafe has expanded fund-raising as follows: 1) We have completed an angel round of 10 units at$180,000 per unit and have authorized an additional 10 units. Funds are being used to advance sales and partnerships, launch Vortex marketing and branding campaignsand expand deployment services infrastructure. 2) A subsequent Strategic “Series A” professional round will be sought with investment firms that are health industry-related, that own hospitals and/or ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) chains, and are leading IT vendors that have large customer bases. ShareSafe also modified its corpo-rate structure by spinning-off “ShareSafe Health” on June 13, 2017 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of ShareSafe Solutions. This strategy aligns with our earlier decision in2015 to spinoff ShareSafe Sports & Education, which allows us to capitalize on the power of our technology beyond a single industry, and improve our long-term value andexit strategy options.I am also excited to announce important additions to our leadership team. These include John Beck as Chief Technology & Security Officer (CTSO), who joined us in Novem-ber 2015 and has guided our pivot into the security space and the development of Vortex. Kenny Spitler, who started with us in February 2017 as a Consultant in BusinessDevelopment, and recently joined us as our Chief Growth Officer (CGO). In addition, Steve Belcher, who has been a longtime strategic advisor, will be President of ShareSafeSports & Education. We are also very pleased to announce Bill Harlan as a new member of our Board of Directors. For more details please see page 4?.I look forward to the next phase of our company and believe we are well positioned to be a leader in the healthcare and sports technology space. Our vision of providingthe most innovative solutions for transforming patient care and user experience has not wavered. I believe that the combinatorial value of Vortex, along with our pivot intothe security space, expands our value proposition in both vertical and horizontal market opportunities and will be an instrumental part of our success.Best regards,Robert Hanson 2

September 2017A CULTURE OFINNOVATIONDELIVERED IN A SINGLE MOBILE PLATFORMIntroducing Vortex 5.0The principle consumers of ShareSafeproducts are clinicians, who struggle todeliver care and collaborate with eachother in today’s cluttered electronic en-vironment, using systems that were notdesigned to complement their work-flows. Specifically consider physicians,who must access as many as 6 to 9 ITsystems per day from multiple loca-tions and remember numerous pass-words that may require changing every3 months—they have reached a break-ing point. At the same time, manyhealthcare organizations must back offfrom the tight login security needed toprotect data in a digital world undersiege from cyber criminals, because ofthe push back from users who find itjust too difficult to keep up with thosepassword requirements.With the successful completion of ourlatest software release, Vortex v.5.0, Vortex 5.0this month, ShareSafe brings a mobile The Vortex mobile platform increases cyberse-solution to market that provides relief curity while simultaneously improving clinicalto both clinical and IT providers—a workflow and quality – and saving costs–creatingsolution that increases cybersecurity a strategic inflection point in the market.while simultaneously improving clinicalworkflow and quality and saving costs, creating a strategic inflection point in themarket.Vortex is a flexible, turnkey Mobile and Web Enterprise Platform that includes8 products and fuses 3 market sectors: (1) MOBILE-IDENTITY ACCESS MAN-AGEMENT (M-IAM), (2) ADVANCED COMMUNICATION and (3) KNOWLEDGEDISSEMINATION. The significant impact on workflow (particularly physicians’),security and costs is very powerful. The combinatorial effect of Vortex allows or-ganizations to access multiple products in one app that is designed for simplicityof use and management—creating high user frequency and satisfaction, as wellas decreasing challenges for system deployment and IT maintenance.Vortex also incorporates Concurrent Analytics that generate real-time measure-ment of platform use and content accessed, affording organizations true account-ability for gauging the success of corporate initiatives delivered via the platform.Additionally, Vortex is protected by simultaneous Security Surveillance Monitor-ing of the entire ecosystem and private-cloud architecture, providing advancedprotection against cyber threats and potential HIPAA breaches. 3

ShareSafe Newsletter MOBILE-IDEN TITY ACCESS MAN AGEMEN T:1 Our m-IAM system includes two products: 1) SafeShield®, which allows one-touch login(like iPhone’s “Touch ID”, but more secure) andrequires no passwords while providing 3-factorbiometric authentication (1st in healthcare). 2)SafeLaunch®, which provides Mobile Single Sign-On (1st in healthcare), launching from our “Vortex”mobile app to ShareSafe and other mission-criticalIT systems (similar to Imprivata SSO, but mobilewith 3-factor authentication, not dual-factor).See videos of system in use at PROPOSITION: Establishing a new stan-dard in security, workflow and cost.2 ADVANCED COMMUNICATION: SafeConnect® is a collaboration and en- gagement software suite created for health-care’s most challenged users—physicians andnurses—as well as other departments, like IT. Theapplication combines 5 products: 1) Messaging(text and video, like iPhone’s messaging and Face-time tools); 2) Email (similar to Outlook, but privateand hyper secure); 3) Collaborate/business socialsoftware, which is a mobile Intranet with advanceduser tools, rich-media functions and dashboardanalytics. The system integrates communities,groups, blogs and surveys (like Jive, Slack or Yam-mer, but designed for healthcare and mobile). 4) Interactive Content Management System, (like Joomla or Drupal, but more powerful,interactive and mobile) and includes a Video Library (analogous to YouTube); 5) DocumentManagement System (similar to SharePoint, but designed for mobile workers and easy touse). The video and document libraries also offer an intuitive three-dimensional ContentViewer (like Apple’s original album view—CoverFlow) for a better mobile viewing experi-ence. In addition, the system incorporates a rapid (Google-like) private search enginetool that extends across the entire enterprise.VALUE PROPOSITION: Elevating organizational collaboration to new heights to improvepatient care and delivery efficiency. KNOWLEDGE DISSEMINATION: ShareFire®, is an education system for physicians,3 nurses and other healthcare workers to learn, share best practices, onboard and train for new equipment and IT systems (similar to Healthstream, but designed for mobile workers). The system provides a more contemporary and agile tool to speeddevelopment and sustain the collective knowledge of workers.VALUE PROPOSITION: Creating rapid knowledge dissemination for sustaining a continu-ously learning organization. Mobile Single Sign-On - 1st in Healthcare www.sharesafesolutions.com4

September 2017INNOVATION WEB BROWSER APPLICATION ALSO GETS A MAKEOVER IN VORTEXOver the course of the last year, we solicited the design exper-tise of Medvis, a University of Utah-affiliated firm specializingin graphical user interfaces for medical information technology,to review our browser-based platform design. Additionally, wesought and received input from our “millennial” platform users,who were predominantly nurses and social media devotees.Medvis integrated that feedback and their own expertise tocreate a new design for our browser-based communication hub,SafeConnect®. The resulting layout (as shown here) has beenincorporated into our Vortex 5.0 software release. ShareSafe’s Upcoming Touring ScheduleEvent Location DatesFall Hospital & Healthcare I.T. Confer- Hyatt Regency O’Hare October 18-20, 2017ence, Reverse EXPO, Health ConnectPartners October 26-28, 2017Becker’s ASC 24th Annual Meeting: The Swissotel Chicago November 16-17, 2017Business and Operations of ASCs March 5-9, 20185th Annual HIMSS Gulf Coast Chapters New Orleans Marriott(GC3) April 11-14, 2018HIMSS18 Conference & Exhibition Venetian – Palazzo – Sands Expo August, 2018 Center, Las Vegas September 2018 October 2018Becker’s Hospital Review 9th Annual Hyatt Regency ChicagoMeetingAllscripts Client Experience TBDGreenway Engage18 TBDCerner Health Conference 2018 TBDIntellectual Property ProtectionThe following are U.S. patents filed by ShareSafe, first as provisional, then in 2017 as non-provisional.PATENT 454.1-100 April 28, 2016 AUTOMATED SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTENT MANAGEMENT AND May 18, 2016 COMMUNICATION BASED ON PATIENT DATAPATENT 454.2-100PATENT 454.3-100 BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM AND METHODProvisional Applica- June 8, 2016 SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REGULATING TRANSMISSION OF CONTENT TOtion # 62/413,803 PUBLIC PLATFORMS USING CONTEXT-BASED ANALYSIS October 27, 2016 A BIOMETRIC AUTHORIZATION SYSTEM FOR DATA-DRIVEN SMARTPHONE APPLICATIONS 5

ShareSafe NewsletterSALES ANDBUSINESS DEVELOPMENTWe are delighted to report that since launching the commercialization of Vortex, our success hasbeen tremendous. Kicking off our re-entry into the market, Springhill Medical Center, ShareSafe’searly adopter hospital in Mobile, successfully piloted and then became the first hospital to purchaseSafeShield and SafeLaunch. Right behind Springhill, the Alabama Orthopaedic Clinic, a group of 20orthopaedic surgeons in Mobile, purchased the ShareSafe platform for their clinic and multi-special-ty ASC, encompassing 300 employees.Experiencing the positive reception of Vortex in several key market segments, ShareSafe is focusingon the following four market categories to achieve sales and business development penetration: I HOSPITAL CHAINS & IDNS – We currently have 266 hospital systems and IDNs in our sales funnel and, by targeting the flagship hospitals of major hospital chains (like Ascension Health, Tenet, and HCA), we will create demand within the chain. Springhill Medical Center is assisting in lead generation by including ShareSafe in their Allscripts visits, which numbered over 40 last year. II AMBULATORY SURGERY CENTER (ASC) CHAINS – We are immediately targeting 7 ASC chains, covering nearly 800 centers, where we have significant contacts. III STRATEGIC PARTNERS – We aim to develop meaningful partnerships with well-estab lished EHR and other technology companies to leverage their sales teams and signifi- cant customer bases to sell our platform. Allscripts, Greenway Health, Harris Corpora- tion and Surgical Notes are several of such companies where we have made significant progress toward partnerships. Revenue Opportunities IV PAYERS – Payer organizations have upped their investments in healthcare technology to modernize infrastructure, advance care and empower their covered lives. There are opportunities for ShareSafe’s security, collaborative and educational platforms to play a role in improving health care delivery and operations in partnership with payers. ORGANIZATIONS TRACKING TO CLOSE 1) University of South Alabama Health System, Mobile, AL – has two hospitals and a cancer center; they have agreed to pricing and paperwork completion within a few weeks for a clinical network of 2,000 physicians, residents and nurses focusing on m-IAM. 2) AMSURG, Nashville, TN– has 260 multispecialty, GI and ophthalmologic Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC’s) throughout the U.S.; they are committed to deploying our technology for their corporate office and their network of ASCs. 3) LifePoint, Nashville, TN – has 72 community hospitals throughout the U.S.; their interest is in hospital and physician network deployment. 4) Orlando Health, Orlando, FL – has 8 hospitals and a 1,500+ physician network; we are advancing the process for hospital, corporate, ASC and physician network deployment. 5) St. Thomas Health, Nashville, TN – has 9 hospitals and a 1,000+ physician network. They are pursuing a physician network deployment to take to Ascension Health – their management company, which operates 2,500 sites of care – including 141 Hospitals. 6) Baptist Health Care, Pensacola, FL –, has 3 hospitals, 4 medical parks and 6,500 employees. They were selected by Allscripts as one of their showcase ORGANIZATIONS BEING SCHEDULED FOR Q4 MEETINGS accounts to deploy ShareSafe’s plat form. Allscripts will expand their 1) Palmetto Health, Columbia, SC - has partnership with ShareSafe based on 2) Northwell Health System the success of the Baptist experience. 3) Ochsner Health 4) North Mississippi 5) Florida Hospital 6) CHS6

September 2017TEAM SPOTLIGHTJOHN BECK, CTSOJohn Beck was hired as Chief Technology and Security Officer in late 2015 after an initial engage- John Beck, CTSOment as a consultant. His extensive experience in naval security, cybersecurity, and in starting upand serving as CEO for Actel Integrated Communications uniquely qualify him for his current respon-sibilities in leading technical operations. Since coming to ShareSafe, John has created a new hybridserver infrastructure that has significantly enhanced our security, reduced costs (down to $0.05 peruser per month from $0.41), decreased login times by approximately 80% and increased our usercapacity to 50,000 users per server cluster. Thanks to his efforts, we are now positioned for rapidlarge-scale deployment with the capability of firing up and testing server clusters in 72 hours. John’swork over the year has resulted in maximum scalability and industry-leading security for ShareSafe.KENNY SPITLER, CHIEF GROWTH OFFICERKenny Spitler, a Business Development specialist extraordinaire, was brought on in a consulting roleand influencer for the development of strategic partners. Kenny has since signed on full-time to takethe lead in top line revenue production, increasing enterprise value and driving merger and acquisi-tion opportunities for the company and its subsidiaries. Kenny’ 30-plus year track record of successin the healthcare industry and his extensive background in the mergers and acquisition market forambulatory surgery centers, has positioned him with a long list of close contacts in the EHR market.His unbridled enthusiasm and work ethic will bring excitement to the ShareSafe experience movingforward. Robert Hanson and Teecie Cozad enjoyed a high-performance tenure with Kenny at VitalSigns (now GE Medical) and are pleased to take advantage of his leadership for ShareSafe. Kennywill lead Business Development, Strategic Planning & Partnerships and works closely with Robert onrevenue-generating initiatives. Kenny Spitler, CGOSTEPHEN BELCHER, PRESIDENT OF SHARESAFE SPORTS AND EDUCATIONSteve Belcher brings over 19 years of senior experience to ShareSafe Sports and Education. He hasa proven history of success in startups, mergers, acquisitions, operations, and sales. As a founder,principal, and Vice President of Triad Isotopes, which was formed in 2007 and had grown to morethan $270 million in sales by 2014, Steve contributed to its success as its architect, Vice President ofSales and Marketing and Vice President of Strategic Accounts. He has served on the boards of, orhas been an advisor to, multiple companies in the medical sector as well as having had the privi-lege of serving on the board for Make a Wish Alabama. Steve will first concentrate on tapping intoengineering resources to create a specialized mobile app for sports training and then diversifyingproduct lines and income streams with follow-on products for high schools and universities.SHARESAFE WELCOMES BILL HARLAN TO THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Stephen Belcher, PWith nearly 30 years of experience in directly managing the financing, acquisition, and disposition ofhealthcare-related, income-producing real estate properties and multi-property portfolios across theU.S., Bill Harlan (Nashville) brings both healthcare and financial expertise to the Board. Bill has beenheavily involved in capital formation, corporate finance, and executive management activities withseveral healthcare-related service companies and healthcare Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)highlighted by co-founding, taking public and ultimately selling Capstone (a Birmingham, Alabama-based, healthcare REIT); founding Healthcare Capital Investors, LLC, a healthcare real estate advisoryand investment company; and serving as head of healthcare and subsequently as a consultant forCarter Validus Advisors, LLC. Bill spent almost 20 years with SouthTrust Bank in Birmingham, Ala-bama, where he was a member of senior management. While at SouthTrust, Mr. Harlan founded theHealthcare Finance Division and completed in excess of $2.5 billion in aggregate loan transactionsrepresenting over 200 projects nationwide, with operators and developers within the healthcareindustry. With his contacts at the highest levels of the healthcare epicenter in Nashville, Bill offers anextraordinary opportunity to guide ShareSafe on our path to commercialization. 7

ShareSafe NewsletterCONTACT US ShareSafe Solutions 182 St. Francis St. Suite 302 Mobile, AL 36602 [email protected] (251)378-5885 For investor related questions please contact: Tiffany Griffin Executive Marketing Assistant [email protected] (251)445-3859

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