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FibMatrix forex day trading software

Published by fibmatrix, 2019-08-07 03:52:45

Description: - Live online forex trade room

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Read the Text Version The Ultimate Forex Day Trading System

5 Reasons Why Traders Fail! ●Over Leveraged Trading Account ●Failure to Stick to Trading Plan ●Emotional Trading ●Learn on their own ●Unrealistic Expectations Basically... Lack of Proper Training!

A successful Forex trading system would be.. ✔ Profitable! ✔ Easy to Learn! ✔ Affordable! ✔ Live, Hands-on Trading and Training from Professional Traders! ✔ Enforce a Disciplined Trading Plan! ✔ Automated Risk/Money Management System! ✔ Adaptive to your trading style! ✔ Allows you to profit even when you are not watching the market!

The FibMatrix The ultimate forex scalping companion... ...takes the STRESS out of trading!

What is the FibMatrix?

Dynamic FibMatrix Grids MMuullttiippllee TTiimmeeffrraammee GGrriiddss SSaavvee HHoouurrss ooff TTeecchhnniiccaall AAnnaallyyssiiss

FibMatrix Dynamic Grids Based on Dynamic Fibonacci Wave Principle Displays Multiple Time Frames on one Matrix Display Scan several currency pairs across multiple time frames in seconds! Completes hours of technical analysis with every tick!

FibMatrix Live Online Trade Room

FibMatrix Live Online Trade Room ●Follow live trade calls and earn while you learn! ●Real time analysis, advice and feedback on trades you are considering. ●Never trade in isolation. Companionship enhances the trading experience. ●Share trading strategies among fellow traders, pick up new trades you wouldn't have otherwise ●More eyes on the market. ●Get constant coaching from other disciplined traders (Trade strategies, discipline, trader mindset, etc)

FibMatrix Virtual Trading Assistant

The FibMatrix VTA is a virtual trading Coach trading with you 100% of the time.. Showing you great trade setups to take Never letting you risk too much on a trade... ...or too little The VTA even picks up the trading duties if you have to leave your trading platform will alert you to... Trend Trades (1,5 & 15m) Reversal Trades(5 & 15m) (PLUS Extended and Pre emptive Variations) Bounce Trades Snap Back Trades L1/L7 Crossover Trades Tripod Trades Supreme Combo Trades

FibMatrix VTA Features: ✔ Scans FibMatrix Grids in Real Time ✔ Over 20 Built In Trading Strategies! ✔ Alerts, Enters, Manages and Exits Trades For You! ✔ Once You Accept an Alert, You can Literally Walk Away! ✔ Dynamic Entry/Exit Technology ✔ Automated Risk/Money Management System ✔ TradeProtector® Defense System ✔ Programmable Trailing Stops ✔ Auto Scaling out of Trades ✔ High Impact News Release Auto Shutoff ✔ 1-Click Easy Install

With FibMatrix VTA you will be able to... ✔ Easily identify high probability trade setups from the moment you start trading. ✔ Analyze and trade multiple pairs simultaneously in real time ...with ease. ✔ Take advantage of the powerful FibMatrix Grids, even before you have completely learned the simple strategies of “grid trading”. ✔ Stick to a disciplined trading plan. ✔ Save hours of technical analysis. ✔ Learn the FibMatrix trading strategies at an accelerated rate.

FibMatrix VTA Master Class Sessions ●Become a FibMatrix technician! ●Enhance your knowledge of the Matrix ●Free to all FibMatrix subscribers! ●Access to the Master Class Video Library

FibMatrix Membership Includes: ●FibMatrix Dynamic Grids ●FibMatrix VTA (Virtual Trading Assistant) ●Daily Live Trading in the FibMatrix Live Trade Room ●Regularly Scheduled Live Master Class Sessions ●Full Access to the Master Class Video Library ●PLUS....

Check Your Levels and Stack your Clues

Check your Levels and Stack Your Clues “A Practical Guide To Fibonacci Grid Trading” This video course will allow you to... ●Expand your Awareness of the FibMatrix Grids ●Be Able to Scan the Grids Quicker in Real Time ●Find the Highest Probability Bounce Points ●Develop a Foundational Approach to Grid Trading

Trading the Triads

“Trading the Triads” An Intermediate Approach to the Triad Correlation This video course will allow you to... ●Understand and Implement the Triad Correlation ●Identify Currency Strength and Weakness at a Glance ●Identify Perfect Storm Trades ●Increase your understanding of the FibMatrix!

Power of 20 Pips a Day

“Power of 20 Pips a Day” A Course in Risk/Money Management This video course will allow you to... ●Learn how just 20 pips a day can make you successful ●Develop a sound Risk Management Strategy ●Develop a Trader's Mindset ●Become a disciplined trader

FibMatrix Forex Day Trading System

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