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International Program in Thailand & Asean Thai Vol.11 e-book

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Description: International Program in Thailand & Asean Thai Vol.11 e-book


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Educationhandbook Vol.11 ทำเนยี บหลกั สูตรนานาชาตใิ นประเทศไทยและอาเซียน รวบรวมโดย สุชาดา เปลย่ี นสุภาพ INPTREORGNRAATMIOSNAL In THAILAND & ASEAN FTorhTahiaVi Seturdseiontns University • Bachelor Degrees • Master Degrees • Doctoral Degrees Scan to Download E-Book Eng-PDF Thai-PDF

For 130 years, Mahidol University has been guided by the work and life of our namesake, H.R.H. Prince Mahidol of Songkla, shown through his educational philosophy. We aim to use our skills, expertise and facilities to enrich the local and global community: • We provide innovative education, developing both hard and soft skills, to help our students grow as members of their community. • We focus on translational and transformative research, making real world change through creating technologies, treatments, and programs for economic and social development. • We work towards global connectivity, bringing international institutions together to leverage teaching and learning for global citizens and solve global challenges through research collaboration. • We have built a campus for living and learning, creating an environment that we are proud to share with local and international students. • We work to support the development of Thailand and beyond .

Introduction Our main section, universities around the Kingdom of Thailand, in both Thai and English, With another International Programs in Thailand available, admission requirements along with more details unique to each institute. and ASEAN Handbook (our 11th) now available for review by 1000s of students, we continue to be We consider this section to be the key to our continued success pleased with the support we receive from the universities as it offers students a user-friendly guide they can refer to as they navigate listed, the 21 great institutions who have supported their way into the college and the program of their choice. our efforts through advertising and from the students This year, in addition to distributing many of our 8,000 copies, free of charge, to 162 and parents who have taken the time to write to us international schools, 184 private bilingual schools, 176 schools with English and Mini English with questions; to ask for a personal copy; or to just Programs throughout Thailand 69 demonstration schools, we have added 1,165 public high say thanks for putting together in one handbook schools and 265 private high schools throughout Thailand. so much information about education in Thailand the increasing internationalization of higher education in Thailand, our and throughout ASEAN. handbook is also sent to over 85 international schools in Laos, the Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. With our thorough listing of higher education To further expand our reach institutions, public universities and institutions, Commission, tutoring schools, associations related to private education, school, university and private universities and colleges in Thailand along public libraries, Royal Thai embassies worldwide, foreign embassies and counselors in Thailand with a listing of University Network institutes of and to a growing number of public organizations. higher learning spread throughout the region, Finally, in response to many requests from Thai parents and students, we have translated the same information for 19 concerning domestic and international educational If you would like your own copy, let me know ([email protected] options. or line: opel6999) and I will post one to you. However the easiest and quickest way to have a copy, is to download our handbook at: or you can scan our QR code on front cover and please, regardless of how you access this wealth of information, share it with your friends. Mahasarakham University

International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11 7

INPTREORGNRAATMIOSNAL In THAILAND & ASEAN Vol. 11 Owner SUCHADA PLIANSUPAP ISBN : 978-616-91127-6-1 Printing Editor Published by Year: 2019 BK Interprint Co., Ltd. Tim Cornwall, PhD FTC (Thailand) Tel: 66 (0) 2443 6391 55/74 Moo 2, Ladyao, Copyright 2019 Team Member Chatuchuk, Bangkok by Suchada Pliansupap Prepress Janya Petchana 10900 THAILAND Densuthafilm Co., Ltd. Saowakhon Nualsri Tel: 66 (0) 2158 1133-5 All rights reserved Tel: 66 (0) 2294 9320 Unchalee Chudpog Fax: 66 (0) 2158 1132 Monsichanat Timmanee Distribution FTC (Thailand) Micky Chang [email protected] Tel: 66 (0) 2158 1133-5 Jacqueline Mercader

INPTREORGNRAATMIOSNAL Contents In THAILAND & ASEAN Vol. 11 UniversitoyfoCfotmhemTehracieChamber Why select an International Program in Thailand ? 34-37 Tim Cornwall, PhD 40-43 ASEAN Eeducation 46-47 ASEAN University Network 48-49 The ASEAN Gateway on Higher Education 50-51 52-53 Universities Offering International Programs in Thailand 54-55 56-57 Chula International School of Engineering

INPTREORGNRAATMIOSNAL Contents In THAILAND & ASEAN 58-59 60-61 Vol. 11 62-63 64-67 Mahasarakham University 68-69 70-71 King Mongkut’s 72-73 Institute of Technology 74-75 76-77 Ladkrabang 78-79 80-81 82-83

Tel : +669 9051 5130

INPTREORGNRAATMIOSNAL Contents In THAILAND & ASEAN Vol. 11 iSC – Industrial Science University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce 84-85 and Management Program 86-87 at Thammasat University Universities Offering International Programs in ASEAN 88-89 List of the ASEAN University Network member universities 92-106 Programs Listing 108-144 International Programs Offered by Thai Higher Education Institutions 146-160 182 University Directory Directory Thai Higher Education Institutions Thank You

ISE Undergraduate Programs: 1. Automotive Design and Manufacturing Engineering (ADME) 2. Aerospace Engineering (AERO) 3. Information and Communication Engineering (ICE) 4. Nano Engineering (NANO) 5. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Engineering (Robotics AI) INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING (ISE) Building 2, Room 107 Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok 10330 THAILAND


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20 International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11

International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11 21

22 International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11


Special BU International Life Section In the modern, global age, a university education needs to be more than just classes and lectures. Students are now seeking opportunities to gain 24 International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11 experience both inside and outside of the classroom. This means that higher education institutions should no longer view students as empty vessels waiting need to develop opportunities for students to gain experiences that will lead to professional advancement and personal development. Bangkok University International has positioned itself to provide such opportunities to students through its commitment to creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and internationalization. Creativity isn’t just a slogan for us. These values embedded in Bangkok University’s commit to this mindset as enhancement to their lives at BU International and beyond. One way BU International can provide experiences for our students is by recognizing that higher education isn’t an individual activity. It is a social activity that builds off of others’ experiences, knowledge, and skills. Nowadays, students do not isolate themselves in corners of the library studying lecture notes. Students group together, looking for ways to connect with others, learn from others, and discover their unique talents. Our students seek to collaborate in their studies as they work together to tackle current industry issues through problem-based learning. Whether it’s working on a real-life project with a company in the state of the art Media Lab or on a problem in the simulated environment in the Tourism Tower, BU International students can master the approaches of solving industry problems while going through a process of self-discovery, instead of just being told what to do.

Bangkok University embraces creativity as the means for success in life. We Life at Bangkok University International leads students believe that a creative environment allows students for growth and development. With on journey of experiences and discoveries in creative the guidance for their professors, students are encouraged to try out new or innovative environment. By the end of their journeys, students will ways of solving problems, to create solutions that go beyond expectations. Along with have gained knowledge, developed skills, and applied them creativity, we encourage our students to have an entrepreneurial spirit. To succeed towards reaching their professional ambitions and potential, creatively, students need to take risks and assume ownership for the success of their BU International’s graduates are creative entrepreneurs ideas and activities. Our creative classrooms provide a safe environment in which ready to contribute their developments to a global industry. students can be successful in their journeys of self-discovery. Our goal is to enable our students to become responsible visionaries with agility in thought and action, while developing excellence and trust in the professional arena, both domestically and internationally. Bangkok University is well positioned internationally. Our faculty and students come from over 50 different countries. We believe that diversity is a catalyst for the creativity of our students. Our students naturally learn to view the differences between people, countries, and cultures as opportunities for growth and development, not as obstacles to be overcome. The innovative solutions that might not have been thought of if they had just stayed with others similar to themselves. This isn’t always an easy process, but students who stick with it will advance in both their social and personal abilities as well as create life-long connections with people and experiences from around the world. In fact, our faculty serves as a role model to our students for international collaborations. Many student and cultural exchange programs also provide valuable opportunities to study at leading partner universities around the world. International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11 25

Special Section As Thailand and the world progress towards Industry 4.0, it is a challenge to do this in a sustainable way. Doing so means bringing together a Nurturing society and to support economic development. At Mahidol University, Innovation we recognize the central role we play in advancing technologies and ideas through innovative research. We use our multidisciplinary strengths By the Institute of Technology and Innovation in Medicine, Sciences and Arts to support the development of national infrastructure and to overcome global challenges. We pass these values to our students, creating entrepreneurially minded and innovative graduates who can be competitive as global citizens. Management (iNT), Mahidol University The Institute of Technology and Innovation Management (iNT) was established to be Mahidol University’s innovation gateway. iNT promotes entrepreneurship from the beginning, through translational research, innovation development and startup incubation, and manages intellectual property protection and technology commercialization for the university. We also welcome “outside in” ideas, proposed by the community and partners to be initiated as objective- oriented research and promote industry collaboration. Our researchers and mobility programs, or invest in their own startups with the support of the university. We support their drive with entrepreneur courses, workshops and activities on our campuses all year round, and have created co-working and maker spaces, “MaSHARES”, with equipment like 3D printers, so that students can take their ideas to the next level by developing prototypes. We are creating a seamless innovation roadmap to dynamically facilitate entrepreneurial activities among students, staff and researchers in collaboration with our government and industrial partners. Mahidol University is committed to supporting Thailand as it becomes a leading nation for innovation and entrepreneurship. 26 International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11

A New Approach to Teaching and Learning Division of Education Administration With the world of work changing at a rapid pace, the skills to be able to seek new knowledge throughout their life. To support this, which students need to develop are changing too. Mahidol University Mahidol University has launched a range of e-Learning and blended is adapting to this new environment, reforming the ways we programs through our MUx platform. MUx features MOOCs (Massive teach, supporting professors and staff in using new methods, Open Online Courses) and SPOCs (Small Private Online Courses) which and establishing new platforms to spread knowledge beyond our allow students to explore a wide range of interests, develop new skills, campuses and foster life-long learning. and take on interdisciplinary challenges. Our graduates need not only the technical knowledge to In addition to helping our students to expand their horizons, these st century skills focused opportunities through self-learning. Currently over 27,500 people are on creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and adaptability, learning something new through the 100+ MUx courses. so that they can make the most of global opportunities. These skills can be developed alongside academic knowledge, by • Health Sciences - 47 courses revolutionizing the way in which our students learn. Our Academic • Science and Technology - 28 courses and Entrepreneurial Education strategy supports our professors • Humanities and Social Sciences 37 courses. and staff in utilizing new educational technologies, and creating courses focused on project-based, student-centered learning, to ensure that we nurture a new learning environment focused not only on knowledge but on modern skills too. One of the most valuable skills in the modern world is self-learning. Graduates need to be able to adapt to new International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11 27

Special Section 28 International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11

KMUTNB KNACKSAT into orbit in 2018 KMUTNB Professor Dr. Suchart Siengchin, President of KMUTNB, presided over a press conference held on the Main Campus of KMUTNB to announce a team is headed by Prof. Dr. Suwat Kulthanapreeda. Other members of the research team include Dr. Pongsatorn Saisutjarit, Asst. Prof. Dr. Suramate Chalermwisutkul and students of KMUTNB involved in the design and construction of KNACKSAT. KNACKSAT (standing for King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok Academic Challenge of Knowledge SATellite) is a cube-shaped 1 kg. The miniature cube-shaped satellite uses amateur radio frequencies for its data transmission between the ground and the satellite station. KNACKSAT is funded through a research funding program called Broadcasting and Telecommunications Research and Development Fund Thai satellite designed and built domestically by a team of Thai researchers and Thai students of a Thai university. The success of the KNACKSAT project serves as a good example of how much potential Thailand has for the area of satellite engineering as well as the design and development of other space technologies, and also proves that Thailand is now well-prepared and ready for the ever-growing space industry, which can potentially open up new opportunities for Thailand in the foreseeable future. International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11 29

Special Section Faculty of Engineering, KMUTT is ranked no. 1 in Thailand from U.S. News Global Universities Rankings 30 International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11

World-renowned US news agency ‘U.S. News & World Report’ announced via its website the ranking of the best global universities ‘Global Universities Rankings 2019’, which ranks the top 1,250 universities worldwide from 75 countries. Due to the ranking of each subject, this year the Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) is ranked No.1 with the highest score in Thailand and no.277 in the world. The ranking criteria of the U.S. News Best Global Universities Rankings consists of indicators that show the quality of each university. They are the data of published papers and research references from the Clarivate Analytics database, as well as the reputation of research at the global and regional levels, published books and academic papers, research references, and international produced and accepted in terms of academic reference of KMUTT. International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11 31

Special Message from the Dean Section role in the grooming of talented students that will help to shape the economy of our country. The world economy has geared towards globalisation at a tremendous speed. 32 Understandably, as we entered this era of dynamic development, we have to spearhead a restructuring programme that will elevate the university standard and be recognised as a leading university in business education in Asia. Globalisation, along with communication technology, has brought the world closer than ever before. Motivated by forces of internationalisation, our trade, industries, businesses and management now require a labour force that is equipped with higher specialised skills. The diffusion of innovation in trade means that our students must understand more about foreign culture, customs, religion, languages and ideas so as to be ready for the real business world. It is therefore important that we foster an international environment within our university. UTCC is ready to welcome all of you with a promise of delivering an extraordianry experience and a touch of Thai hospitality. Sincerely yours, Jakarin Srimoon, Ph.D. Dean

Message from Associate Dean for Academic Affairs As the world has become more connected, higher education institutions, such as ours, have acknowledged this change and the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC) has geared itself towards being an outstanding member of the global community. Apart from providing students numerous opportunities to pursue quality educational programs both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, we also thrive to offer extraordinary experiences to all students by fostering an international and multicultural environment where students can cultivate lasting friendships, business networking, innovative entrepreneurship, leadership, and a strategic mindset. We encourage all of our students to initiate business ideas with innovation in mind and put these into practice. Our ultimate goal is to produce future business leaders as well as global citizens, who can make positive and lasting contributions to their respective community, country, region and the world. Mr. Miroslav Kalniev Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, International School of Management, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce 33

Why select Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT), Thammasat University an International Program ?in Thailand Tim Cornwall, PhD Thai Parents and Student Perspective Enhanced English Skills International programs at Thai universities allow Thai students to The better your English, the better you will be able to take on experience more of the world and its varied peoples and cultures a full role as a professional in the 21st Century. without leaving the safety and comfort of home. While the world might not share a global language, English is the In a culture where family and family connections are paramount, default option for countless forms of communication from internet any parent is loath to the idea their child might travel half-way around to movies, from magazines to journals, from international conferences the world to study in a foreign land without the support any parent to business symposiums, and in turn, the better your English, the wants to be able to offer as and when needed. better you will be able to participate and, the better you are able to participate, the more you will learn and advance your career and For many Thai students, graduating high school and going into career opportunities university at 17 or 18, might be a bit too young to be on one’s own, but in an international program, often with a chance to study abroad your brain will be active and challenged. Active and challenged not abroad is delayed for two, perhaps even three years. express yourself verbally, and more importantly, in writing. international program will prepare any child for any exciting career and life opportunities as the 21st Century unfolds. 34 International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11

Regardless of your current English level, be it just enough to enter Taking courses from Thai professors who have lived and worked overseas many programs, (IELTS 5.0 to 6.0) or near native (IELTS 7.5 to 8.5) four years of study in English will enhance your existing skills and expand your to the lessons they have learned and the successes they have enjoyed. With ability to be conversant in a multitude of topics. Most importantly, studying professors from around the world, you will become comfortable in dealing in English will strengthen your writing skills, the one single and most with varying teaching styles, learning experiences and expectations as to the overlooked skill needed for business success. work to be completed and how it should be done. With technology shrinking the world daily and with being able to travel to When you learn, from your own experience about other cultures, you other countries so easy, there is growing need to be able to communicate with learn about new and different approaches to life and that your ideas and those who do not share your mother language and to do this, you need to approaches might not always be the best and that often, a more diverse, multi-faceted view to life will add to your ability to deal with the ever changing world and the people who make it so exciting. Enriched Cultural Awareness Improved Career Opportunities The better you understand and are comfortable with other cultures, The better your ability to learn and deal with the world in a second language, the better your hiring and career advancement potential. approaching problems. English, and your choice of major are the keys to international success and a career that can lead to the top in business, industry, academia or Studying in an international program will give you the chance to meet civil service. All these and Thai students who may have lived or studied overseas and can offer unique many other professions will increasingly require employees, new to you. managers and leaders who With students coming from a myriad of countries, you will have a are comfortable in socializing, negotiating and most chance to learn their cultures, perhaps even visit as a treasured friend of the importantly being able to family, further expanding your comfort levels in an international world and express their ideas in helping to multiply your professional or business opportunities. International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11 35

writing and in the way they conduct themselves socially in international and teeming with energy, the fame of Thailand’s hospitality and the warmth environments. of its welcome and care for its visitors will alleviate many concerns any parent might have when sending a teenager overseas. Around the world, English is the language of choice in every major industry and profession. Without being able to understand the outside In addition to its hospitality, Thailand not only offers international world, unilingual employees will be entering into or struggling in an students a unique opportunity to learn inside and outside the classroom but ever-shrinking employment market as Thailand will be increasingly looking in many other ways needed to prepare young people for a changing world to the outside world to buy and sell goods and services in an ever-growing international market. Varied Life-Style Choices Studying in an international program often requires extensive The better your lifestyle matches your needs and wishes, the better writing assignments which over the four years in the program of your you will be able to learn, not only in the classroom but outside as well. choice will improve your ability to express yourself in written form needed by international employees but so often lacking and thereby limiting chances to progress in almost any given career. International Parents and Student Perspective Offering international students the choice as to life style, be it an exciting urban life in its major cities, a quieter, but still vibrant life in its Sending a child off to university is smaller university towns, a tranquil and laidback lifestyle offered by its rural never easy, even when the move might only be a few hundred post-secondary education is not just selecting the desired major, but the kilometers to a different city in your life-style you want to enjoy while completing your studies and coming to home country. However, when a young understand and appreciate the beauty, mystique and charm found one has voiced the strong opinion that throughout the Kingdom. not only do they want to leave home, they want to go to a foreign country, it is even more important to select the right country, city, university and degree program. 36 International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11

With a hot, tropical climate all-year round, with the odd day mixed with Broadened Academic Opportunities a short and intensive Monson downfalls, campus and off-campus life is rich in both indoor and outdoor activities, sports and more. The better you expand your choice of university beyond the borders of your own country, the better the variety of academic choices open to you. Reduced Educational Expenses If you are planning to enter the world of international commerce, industry, service or diplomacy, an international program in Thailand will expand your chances to learn more from your fellow international and Thai friends and Students studying at a Thai university, unlike in many other countries, varying points of views not found in textbooks or classes with students limited do not graduate with a huge student debt that make take years, even to one nation. decades to repay. With reasonable tuition fees, inexpensive accommodation choices and budget-friendly meals and entertainment possibilities, students This is especially true for students interested in anything to do with the in Thailand enjoy a standard of living most students in other countries can tropics, from medicine to diseases, from agriculture to environmental concerns, only dream about. Thailand has taken a lead in developing expertise in subject areas essential to its, and its neighbors, well-being, including ecology and the environment, With a cost of living a fraction of most developed countries, the cost of agriculture and development studies. completing both an undergraduate and graduate degree, along with accommodation, food and entertainment could cost far less than just the Programs relating to ecology, undergraduate tuition required to attend many universities in the developed human communities, and development world. are popular, and students often get to experience the breadth of Thailand’s to 25,000 Baht a month, (USD 450 to 750 or Euro 390 to 650) with enough natural environments and landscapes funds to not only cover the necessities, but also to enjoy vacations trips to while also encountering some of the Thailand’s amazing beaches or lush tropical countryside. more traditional and fragile aspects of Thai culture. And of course, though it is not as popular or widely spoken as some Asian languages, Thailand is the only place to go if you are expressions, easy to acquire grammar and a unique writing system. International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11 37

38 International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11

ASEAN Education

Asean Educati on ASEAN University Network The ASEAN Gateway on Higher Education Introduction The initiative to establish AUN dated back to the year 1992 when the leaders of ASEAN Countries called for cooperation in resource development during the 4th ASEAN Summit. Then, the idea of establishing AUN gradually materialized and the Charter of the ASEAN University Network was signed by the ASEAN Ministers responsible for higher education in 1995. Since then, AUN was established with the AUN Secretariat located in Bangkok and in 2008 it becomes one of ASEAN Sectoral Ministerial Body. Since its establishment, AUN has been a prime mover of regional cooperation in higher education. The network operates on cost-sharing basis 40 International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11

which is the one of the essential parts of a set of unique shared value and belief system that help the network reaches a number of visible achievements to date. AUN’s activities rapidly expand to cover from university policymaker level to faculty staff and student level both with the region and beyond. The AUN’s network of cooperation also continuously expands through various AUN Thematic Networks, which essentially are the sub-network of Networks are the AUN’s attempt to promote disciplines and topics. International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11 41

Asean Educati on AS E A N E D U CAT I O N 42 International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11

In terms of organisational structure.The structure can be categorised into 3 levels. 1) AUN Board of Trustees (AUN-BOT) servers as policy-making body. 2) The implementing level, AUN Member Universities participate and implement the programmes and activities under AUN. 3) The AUN Secretariat serves as coordinating and monitoring body. The AUN Secretariat works closely with the member universities in cooperation with dialogue partners and is periodically being reviewed and monitored by the AUN-BOT. AUN Member Universities Currently, AUN has 30 Member Universities from 10 ASEAN Member States Reporting Meeting on Education (SOM-ED+3), ASEAN Education Ministers Meeting (ASED), and ASEAN+3 Education Ministers Meeting (APT EMM). In these four levels of policy meeting, AUN reports its progress and contribute its input and initiative to the meetings. In addition, the works and progress of AUN activities are also being reported to ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Council (ASCC) and ASEAN Coordinating Council (ACC) through the ASEAN Secretariat. access to any working schemes thanks to its autonomous management and implementation that directly complement to the ASEAN Socio Cultural Community blueprint. This function, in return brings forth the continuous growth of higher education cooperation and enrich stupendous engagement of educational sector into the ASEAN community building process. The existence of AUN in the ASEAN Charter is thus an assessable advantage towards the development of regional education platform that can only be achieved through a recognition of and support by the ASEAN leaders and other policy forums responsible for ASCC and higher education in ASEAN. International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11 43

INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS IN THAILAND UNIVERSITIES OFFERING INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS A-Bangkok p.46-47 34. Rangsit University p.86-87 T 2. Bangkok University International College 35. Shinawatra University 3. Chandrakasem Rajabhat University S R 6. Chulalongkorn University, p.48-49 37. Thammasat University, Industrial Science p.82-83 O Q International School of Engineering, p.50-51 and Management Program (iSC) Q-Nakhon Phanom U L N Faculty of Engineering, p.52-53 V C-Nonthaburi p.74-75 M 8. Dhurakij Pundit University 38. Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University IG P 12. King Mongkut’s Institute p.56-57 D-Samut Prakan p.54-55 E BCDAH F p.60-61 K J 13. King Mongkut’s University p.62-63 E-Nakhon Pathom p.66-67 p.72-73 15 Mahanakorn University of Technology F-Nakhon Nayok Y 44. St. Theresa International College WX p.68-69 Z p.76-77 66. Naresuan University p.78-79 X-Songkhla 26. International College, p.80-81 29. Thammasat University, Social Policy and p.84-85 L-Khon Kaen p.58-59 Z-Yala Development, SPD (International Programme) M-Maha Sarakham p.70-71 OTHER INSTITUTES OFFERING INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS p.88-89 31. Webster University Thailand 44 International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11

มหาวิทยาลัยกรุงเทพ 46 International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11 International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11 47

48 International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11 International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11 49

มหาวิทยาลัย (ดีพียู) 50 International Programs in THAILAND & ASEAN Vol.11

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