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MESSAGE FROM CICASA CHAIRMAN Dear Students, At the outset, I would like to appreciate and express my gratitude towards endeavoring and assiduous effort of whole CICASA team and the editorial team for bringing out the E-News Letter under the title “TEJAS”…….a Light of Wisdom”. The main objective of releasing the newsletters is to provide the students a platform to express and share their knowledge, talent and skills in front students at large in what so ever form that may be writing, sketching, academics, etc. The year 2020 was full of challenges and the Pandemic has compelled us to re-think about our Deeds, Actions, Attitude and Values. Our deeds and actions are now required to be synchronized with the Great Humanity and Nature. Positive Attitude and Human Values have been proved as the best alternate for Quality Life. The Pandemic has shaken and disturbed the whole economy of the globe, consequently, it has casted greater responsibility on the shoulders of Finance Professional to find the best remedy to cure the scars of Pandemic on our Economy. Our Government aims at Minimum Tax Disputes and Maximum Peace of Mind for the Honest Tax Payers.

The Government has Complete Focus on Governance through Technology and in view of this vision, the Government has devised Faceless Assessment and Faceless Appeal under Income Tax Law. In order to take care of Honest Taxpayers, the Government has come up with Taxpayers’ Charter defining the Rights and Obligations of Taxpayers. On 1st February, 2021, our Central Government presented a Balanced Union Budget, 2021 in order to push our economy to the New Light of Development from the Darkness caused by the Pandemic. In Finance Bill 2021, Government has brought out the following historic amendments under Income Tax Provisions Removal of provisions of Assessment of Search cases provided u/s 153A and 153C of Income Tax Law in case of search conducted on or after 1st April, 2021. Replacement of old provisions of Sec. 147 to 151 by newly amended provisions and Devising new concept of Enquiry before Re-opening of Assessment under sec. 148A. Elimination of Role of Settlement Commission. Introduction of Concept of Faceless Appellate Tribunal. ·More reliance on Non-cash/Digital Transactions by enhancing Tax Audit Limit from 5 crore to 10 crore given in Proviso to Sec. 44AB (a). Moreover, the provision of GST Audit in Form GSTR 9C has been done away.

We as a professionals need to take this challenge head on, to take our age- old tradition of excellence into a prosperous future. It is rightly said by Harold Wilson: “He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is cemetery.” Continuity always provides us with roots; change gives us branches, which lets us to stretch and grow and reach new heights. Obstacles always come in the way of success, but as the saying goes: “Obstacles are necessary for success because victory comes only after many struggles and countless defeats.” Obstacles are those frightful things which we see when we take our eyes off the goals and deviate from our passion. Innovation and change will remain always. Let us develop and upgrade our lives—be it our profession or personal life. By Innovating the change gets even better and as we have entered into this noble profession of accountancy, I would like to say this profession demands a continuous and rapid up-gradation with the changes which relates not only to our field but also to other spheres of our economy. At last let me conclude by recalling a saying that Success is a journey, not a destination. So let’s continue with our journey with professional panache. The best way to know our future is to invent and built it with our consistent perseverance. We can never plan our future by looking at the past.

At last I wish you all my Best Wishes for your All Round Success… Be it your studies or exams, Be it upgradation of your Wisdom by sharpening knowledge through continuous studies or shaping professional skills through serious training during your articleship or Be it aResponsible Citizen and above all Good Human Being… CA. Rakesh Agrawal, Chairman- CICASA, Agra

MESSAGE FROM AGRA BRANCH CHAIRMAN Bandhan Bandhan kya karte ho, Bandhan man ke bhandhan hain, Sahas karo utho jhatka do bhandhan chad ke handhan hain” - Upadhayay Amar Muni Maharaj Obstacles are just in minds and temporary, they fade away with our efforts in right direction and forbearance. You should never be terrified with small hindrances which may come between you and your goals. You should stay undeterred and head towards the milestone set. There may be no single person who has seen all good times in his life neither a person who may have seen all bad times in life. Thus all stumbling blocks in our way are transitory blocks could be external or internal. It is relatively easy to overcome external hindrances rather than to overcome the internal ones. Only a person with wisdom can fight with his/her internal hindrances as this fight is really tough and at times it becomes fight of right or wrong in our lives. If you are sure about your actions in overcoming your internal fears and all kinds of bonds which are stopping you to reach your goal, not only you, others will also start believing in you. This will have impact on external factors as well, and make them work in your favour.

Let me put this through an example we become what we think we can become and not what our parents, our friends or this society think of us to become. Thus at this point in your life take out a moment for you in which you can assess your actions and find out what you want to achieve in your life and oncesure, do not allow small and immaterial problems and excuses to not to fulfill your dreams. Remember you perform well when not in competition so try to do your best, not to leave behind others instead for your own contentment and that is how Wise person behaves. As far as support of Managing Committee of Agra Branch is concerned we all are there for each one of you for your support in tough times and as a friend in your good times. I humbly request you to please do not hesitate in contacting any one of us in hour of need and we shall do the best to the possible extent. All the Very Best for your forthcoming Examinations to all my future colleagues. CA Ashish Jain Chairman Agra Branch of CIRC

Latest GST News, Information, Notifications & Announcements and Updates: Knowledge is the key asset of our prestigious profession. A chartered accountant is always expected to be updated as soon as a new amendment in law comes into effect. Therefore, it is of prime importance for budding chartered to keep yourself updated. Also, it is well said by Benjamin Franklin – “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”. A bird eye view to recent GST updates are: A . Budget 2021: 1. Proposal to omit the GST Annual Audit obligation – The requirement for a third-party validation (i.e., for practicing chartered accountants) by way of audit is no longer necessary. Accordingly, Section 44 of the CGST Act, 2017 is also amended, which now requires a self- certified reconciliation statement instead of an audit report. However, it had been specifically clarified by the GST council that the existing provisions shall continue for FY 2019-2020, meaning thereby, certification by a chartered accountant is mandatory for F.Y. 2019-20

2. Interest on delayed payment of GST (Section 50 of CGST Act, 2017) - An amendment has been made in section 50 of CGST Act 2019, which requires an interest to be charged on net liability i.e., on the cash portion of tax. CBIC has clarified that even though the amendment in Section 50 made effective from 1st September 2020 but no recoveries for the past period shall be made on gross liabilities in accordance with the recommendations of the GST Council in its 39th meeting. However, no such clarification has been provided by the government with respect to refunds. 3. LUT in case of non-realization of sale proceeds: Section 16(3) of the IGST Act has been substituted and a proviso has been added to the subsection which provides that the registered person claiming refund under Section 54 of the CGST Act, for exports made under LUT without payment of tax, shall be liable to deposit the refund so received along with interest, in case of non-realization of sale proceeds within thirty days after the CA SHORYA GOYAL (Senior Partner) expiry of the time limit prescribed under the FEMA, 1999 for receipt of foreign exchange remittances. This amendment has enabled the Rule 96B of the CGST rules inserted vide Notification 16/2020 CT dated 23rd March 2020 which was aimed at recovery of unutilized ITC or IGST refunded to an exporter in the event of non- realization of export proceeds.

4. Amendment in Section 16 of IGST Act, 2017. The option for claiming refund of tax paid on supply of goods and/or services with payment of IGST originally covered under Section16(3)(b), is now being addressed under the newly inserted Section 16(4). However, it is pertinent here to mention that the new subsection restricts the availability of this option to a class of persons engaged in the export of a class of goods or services as notified by the Government. In fact, a plain reading of the new sub-section shows that the export with payment of tax is no more an option, but the Government may, on recommendation of GST Council, extend such an option to a notified class of exporters for notified supplies. This has been done in line of the Government’s drive to curb the problem of fake invoices and refund of IGST granted to the exporter on the basis of such fake invoices and illegitimate ITC claimed therewith. 5. Amendment in Schedule II of CGST Act, 2017. Section 7(1)(aa) and an explanation clause proposed to be inserted in the CGST Act, retrospectively with effect from the 1st July 2017,To ensure levy of tax on activities or transactions involving supply of goods or services by any person, other than an individual, to its members or constituents or vice-versa, for cash, deferred payment or other valuable consideration.

The person (Other than an individual) and its members or constituents shall be deemed to be two separate persons and the supply of activities or transactions inter se shall be deemed to take place from one such person to another. Consequent amendment has been made in Schedule- II to make the law in line. 6. Amendment in Section 35 and 44 of CGST Act, 2017 . Section 35 (Accounts and Other records): The provision for audit under Section 35(5) has been omitted with consequential amendment in Section 44. The annual return may be accompanied by a self-certified reconciliation statement (instead of audit report), reconciling the value of supplies declared in the return furnished with the audited annual financial statement. 7. Amendment in Section 74 and 75 of CGST Act, 2017. Detention, seizure and confiscation of goods or conveyances shall have separate proceedings for recovery of tax and penalty. Explanation has been inserted I section 75 (Recovery of interest on self- assessed tax) to clarify that 'self-assessed tax' shall include only the amount of tax payable in respect of details of outward supplies furnished in GSTR-1, but not included in GSTR-3B.

8. Amendment in Section 83 & 107 of CGST Act, 2017. Section 83 (Provisional attachment to protect revenue in certain cases): Powers of provisional attachment has been extended to proceeding under Chapter XII, XIV or XV for attachment of property including bank account belonging to taxable person or person who has retained benefits of offences under 122(1A) i.e., the persons taking benefit of the restricted transactions or who aid or abet the default. Section 107 (Appeals to Appellate Authority): An appeal against an order of detention or seizure of goods or conveyance can be filed only after 25 per cent of the amount of penalty. 9. Detention and Seizure of goods/ Vehicles – Delinking of Sec 129 and Section 130. Where goods and the vehicle are detained / seized in transit then the same shall be released only if: 1. The owner of the goods comes forward and pays penalty equal to 200% of tax (in case of taxable goods) or a penalty equal to 2.5% of value of goods or 25000 (lower of the two). 2. If the owner doesn’t come forward then penalty shall be 50% of the value of goods or 200% of tax (higher of the two) in case of taxable goods and in case of exempt goods the penalty will be 5% of value of goods or 25000 (lower of the two).

10. Amendment in Section 151, 152 and 168 of CGST Act, 2017. The power of the Commissioner has been extended to call for any information relating to any matter dealt with in connection with the GST Acts and the rules amendment in Section 151 (Power to collect statistics). It has been amended in Section 152 (Bar on disclosure of information) so as to prevent use of any information obtained under Section 150 and 151 for the purpose of proceedings under the Act without giving the concerned person an opportunity of being heard. Section 168 has been amended to remove references to the omitted sub-section in Section 44 and 151. CA SHORYA GOYAL (Senior Partner) ACSG & ASSOCIATES (Chartered Accountants)

Bullying- Modern Tyranny? Well I'll try not to go into the details of pros and cons of social media, the internet and I believe this is something that many people have been crying their throats out for years. My major concern right now is on growing abuse on our mental health. In this article I'll try to restrict myslef to the impact of social media abuse that we as commoners have to face. Recently innumerable cases have been registered where people are subjected to online bullying for mere sharing their opinion on a political issue or criticising a political decision or just uploading pics of their preferences. Now-a- days it has literally become very easy to bully people which puts me into doubt as to whether we are utilising the perks of having access to the internet for good or for the worst . \"Pen is mightier than sword\"..... gone are days when this statement seemed to have potential power beyond imagination. The pen would leave its impression on the pages of a notebook giving the person ample time to correct, think and recorrect. The new version that follows is probably that \" The Index finger is mightier than sword\". Its decisions are quicker and carried out faster without consultation with even our inner selves. Now with just one click and in no time we can post anything about anyone without having to think about the dire consequences.

One of the prime characteristic changes observed in such cases is that the victim starts living a life with two sides - one that he shows to his family, friends and teachers and the other which no one except the victim is aware about. If not addressed at the earliest the infusion of emotions like self doubt, insecurity, inferior complex in the mind and soul can force the victim to even commit suicide especially when they are aged below 18 years. Now the Question is what is the need of the hour? Well I believe that communicating the impact of bullying people is very important along with it's vastness. One comment or one baseless criticism of our towards any individual can force him/her to overthink to an extent which me and you can never predict. So what's the most appropriate solution to this problem. If someone were to ask my opinion then no civil law, no psychological courses or no moral support can help us curbe this's only the mentality and the mindset of the users of social media that can bring change for real towards this virus which is spreading at an unmatchable, unpredictable, untraceable and at an unparallel speed. SAMBHAV JAIN CRO0683469

CURSED WALLPAPER It's a True Faith, Cats Don't Lie. On May 31, 2020, ICE UNIVERSE, a famous leaker (having a cat as their profile picture), made a tweet requesting people to not to apply a certain picture as their smartphone's wallpaper as it caused the phones, especially Samsung, to crash. The tweet got two types of responses: those who applied and got away with it, and those who applied and probably still regretting their decision. This wallpaper really kills the phone, and there's a reason. Ever wondered whether all the colors that can be seen through our eyes are available on our smartphone's display as well? The range of all the colors that is visible to a normal human eye is called visible range. The picture posted by the cat was originally shot on Nikon D80 Camera and posted on in Pro RGB color space, a subset of visible range. And the color space generally used by smartphones is called sRGB (standard Red, Green, Blue), a subset of not only the visible range, but Pro RGB as well. It basically consists of 255 shades of red, green and blue each, a total of over 16 Million colors (255 x 255 x 255). Whenever a picture in Pro RGB color space is set as wallpaper on a phone, an algorithm that converts it to sRGB color space runs in the background prior to applying it as wallpaper. But there is a pixel in the picture posted by the cat, whose conversion was causing an error on certain phones, especially Samsung and Google,

resulting in people losing their smartphones, and even their personal data (without back-up). Arun Maini from MRWHOSETHEBOSS posted a video describing in details that how the error was caused along with some other information. In conclusion, people should stay vigilant, and don't do anything to their devices without knowing it's consequences. Reference: 1. 499826176 2. ABHAY AGARWAL CRO 0651272

INTEGRATION OF INCOME E-FILING PORTAL WITH GST PORTAL There is a great necessity of integration of these two portals, The step taken by Central Government with respect to linking and integrating E-filing portal with GST portal is one of the most welcoming step towards the growth of tax revenue of Central Government which will ultimately lead to growth of economy, lets understand the purpose of this integration; Earlier, what happens is that Assesse can easily manipulate their Turnover as per their requirement while filing income tax return for lowering their tax incidence, but now this mal- practices of evading taxes cannot be done as Form 26AS will automatically reflect Turnover as per GSTR-3B Return, this is possible only because of this integration of these two portals. Now assesse cannot manipulate the T.O. as per his convenience, he has to report the correct T.O. as reflecting in the GST portal, this will surely increase the tax revenue of Government and also there is no undue hardship on the honest tax payers already declaring correct Facts and figures of T.O. and profit Form 26AS ( Form in which all the TDS, TCS and Other Tax payment entries related to income tax are reflected) now will also reflect T.O. as per GSTR-3B, this form will automatically pickup month wise T.O. entries from the GSTR-3B return filed by registered person in GST portal.

Earlier, before this linkage what happens is that assesse has to self-declare the T.O. as per GST portal in his income tax return, but there is no such linkage of GST portal and e-filing therefore assesse can easily manipulate the T.O. which ultimately results in “less profit less tax”. Assesse wilfully declare less T.O. in Income Tax Return due to self-declaration therefore, this is the need of situation to link both the portals so as to avoid tax evasion and ensure proper compliance. PUSHP KUMAR SAHU CRO0553317

EK AUR KOSHISH Ek chiti 100 bar chdti 99 bar vo fisalti h Har ni manti vo hr bar dubara uthti h Aur fir chadti h Khushmizaz thi phele mai Khilkhila kr hasa krti thi Nah nah kuch alg ni hu app sbse mai Ye sb mai bachpan mei kiya krti thi Un roz din dhalta rha Umr bhdti gyi Vo exams ka pressure aur result k depression mei vo hsi khi dbti gyi Meri vo hsi khi dbti gyi 10th k boards mei result zra accha agya tha Sath hi sath mujhse sbki expectations bhi bhda gya tha Asan ni tha uss bojh k sath jiye jana Aur fir Agli hi subha akhbar kyi baccho k suicide ki khbr bhi mujh tk phucha gya tha Smjhiyega iss baat ko Nahi zindagi iss bojh mei jine ki h zrurat Tum bht strong hoh yr nahi hoh koi moum ki murat Khade hoh sudharo apni ye surat Roone se kuch ni hoga raat bhr kro tum khud apni hifazat Puri hogi tumhari bhi ibadat

Kya hua iss attempt mei rhe gye hoh Bs itni choti si rukavat se tham jaoge apne nam k age CA lagana chate hoh Abhi pura samundar par krna h ye choti si lhr se ghbra jaoge Andr se tut gye hoh na Aur bhi bht chize hurt krti h Logo ne nicha toh dikhaya hi hoga na Are tum ye ni krpaoge ye bhi batlaya hoga na. Chlo uss chiti ki trh ek bar aur koshish krte hai Duniya ko glt sabit krne k liye nahi Iss bar apne liye try krte hai Iss bar apne liye try krte hai SEJAL BHATIA CRO0657429

PEHCHANO KON Kabhi hasati hai kabhi rulati hai , Ruth jaao toh do pal ki khushi hi sahi dekar manati hai . Kabhi jeene ki unginat wajah dekar seene se lagati hai , Toh kabhi ek pal me sab kuch khatam kar dalne par majboor karjati hai .Bhaut se paath padati hai Kitabo se zyada toh iski di hui sikh kaam aati hai .Haanji sahi pehchana dosto Yhi toh hai jo zindagi kehlati hai MEHAK KESHWANI CRO 0659895

HOLI A JOYFUL AND COLOURFUL FESTIVAL The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring and the end of winter, and an opportunity to meet others. People are brought together to play and laugh, forget and forgive, to repair ruptured relationships. The Holi Festival is known for being the festival of colors, or the festival of love. As an ancient Hindu religious festival, Holi has also become popular with non-Hindus in South Asia, as well as communities outside of the Continent. Holi has become as popular festival in Europe in the form of a music festival, featuring songs accompanied by an exuberant riot of color on streets and buildings. Holi was enabled through the unwavering devotion to the Hindu god of preservation, Lord Vishnu. When reincarnated as the Lord Krishna, he was known for playing pranks on the village girls by drenching them in water and colors. There are different forms of Holi Festival across India, the Lathmar Holi Festival in Barsana involves men with shields being beaten with women and bamboo sticks. During the celebration, the men attempt to fight the women off by sprinkling them with colored chalks.. The festival typically marks full moon day of Phagun, the 12th month of the Hindu calender. It is increasingly popular upon the Golden Triangle Tourist Circuit in India, with celebrations in Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra.

Holi Festival in these cities is distinctively more vivid and jovial than those in southern India, where Holi is often more solemn and more focused on religious rituals. Children love playing with colours using pichkaris, buckets and balloons, filled with coloured water. Holi celebrations begin with the Holika Dahan ritual that is celebrated to honour the burning of Holika, the evil demoness and protection of Prahlad by Lord Vishnu from that fire. The Special Food Item that we Eat/Drink on Holi are: Thandai. When you think of Holi, it will surely cross your mind; Dahi Bhalle: The perfect blend of curd and spices, this dish is a favorite of every household; Puran Poli: A burst of flavors through the delicious Puran Polis is something you cannot miss; Rasmalai, Badam Phirni, etc. Holi is the most colorful and vibrant festival of India with much fun and fervor throughout the country. KRATI GARG CRO 0642258

WHAT IS THE HARDEST TRUTH YOU HAD TO ACCEPT THAT MADE YOU STRONGER? People don’t actually care about you. They care about the thing they can get from you. Nobody really knows you. You must find a forum that will allow you to shout yourself out using brute force. Poverty is simply the inability to legally and ethically steal money from another person. If many people are flocking around you, you are either predator or prey It is actually easier to attract more people quicker than you think. Just become a clown. Don’t show sympathy to people when you bill them for consuming your services ecause they’ll never be sympathetic to you when consuming your effort. Actually, there’s no such thing as the best thing. You’re just afraid of taking risks. Your mother is the only person who really knows you more than you think you know yourself. You made her mad many times when you were dancing in her womb. Life misleads you into thinking you’re someone that you’re not, while all along it is pushing you into manifesting your true self

·Everything must die one day, to give way for a new thing. We all follow this pattern of life. Love is not only an emotion. It is a universal religion that catches you unaware You can easily identify a person who has money. Just identify what else they don’t have. Never, ever, waste your time on someone who has nothing to offer. Never waste more than 5 minutes on something that will not worry you in the next 5 years. If you want to grow, spend more time with people who leave you mentally challenged, emotionally overwhelmed, and physically energetic. Those who spend exceedingly more time thinking without moving will never move. Most people can’t think. They just want to listen to you so that they can waste their time copying you and bringing you down with them. Nobody knows they’re making a mistake until they get a bill they can’t afford. Asking quality questions is more important than giving miserable answers.·

There’s no such thing as *‘genius’. It is just a culmination of hard work, ruthless practice and, almost maniacal devotion.· You don’t have to fight over that which is too big for you to handle. Great things don’t just happen without a fight, and some great force and pressure being exerted. The person who gives you food is twice more important than the person who loves you. Definitely, pain is the greatest source of strength SHRESHTH BHARGAVA CRO 0673335

PSARA PSARA License is a required before any person starts a private security business in India. The Private Security Agency means an entity which involves in the business of providing Security Guards and other related services at an establishment. The operation of the private security agencies are governed by The Private Security Agencies Regulation Act, 2005, popularly known as PSARA Appointment of controlling authority by State Government Issuance of PSARA license is a State matter as the rules is different for different states. The PSARA Act allows the State Government to appoint an officer not below the rank of Joint Secretary in the Home Department of the State Validity of the License The validity of PSARA license is 5 years and can be further renewed for next 5 years on payment of the prescribed fee PSARA License Process All the related documents need to be submitted to the concerned authority along with the prescribed fee. After getting the application submitted the concerned authority is required to dispose of the application within 60 days. However, in the states like Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand it is valid for one year. The renewal for the License can be filed 90 days before the expiry of the License.

Advantage of PSARA License Business Credibility: Security is a very serious matter and trust can only be upon those who has permission from the Government and obtaining license can increase your credibility in the market at very early stage of your business. Smooth Functioning: PSARA license allows the Private Security Agencies to function smoothly as after obtaining it a business don’t need to obtain the same for 5 years. Do I need separate PSARA License to run business in other states Yes, if the applicant wants to operate business in different state then separate license must be taken. Who can apply for PSARA An Individual, Partnership Firm, LLP, One Person Company (OPC) or a Private Limited Company can make the application for PSARA License/ Registration to the Competent Authority of the concerned state. Conditions of PSARA license The PSARA specifies the criteria, qualification, and disqualification for a security guard. And the applicant must engage supervisors to supervise the work of security guards. A person from the army, navy or air force with a minimum of three years of experience, must be given preference. Can An Agency Work In Any State Once It Obtains The license In One Particular State Every state grants this license after the agency fulfils the

the requirements raised by the authority An agency cannot work in the state where it does not have PSARA license. It merely means that the said License is state specific and to work/operate in other states, one is supposed to apply for PSARA License at respective State controlling authority. Eligibility of Director / Principal Officer For police verification of the applicant, they must be a Resident Indian, having sound financial standing (We need to submit a copy of ITR) and should have a clean background and must not have been convicted of any offence. Eligibility for becoming a security guard ·Citizen of India· Over eighteen years ofage and below sixty-five years· Non-objectionable character and antecedents· Passed the security training successfully Fulfils physical standards Not convicted by a court Not dismissed formisconduct from any Government institution MUKUL GUPTA CRO 0562934

GROW BUSINESS There are many strategies which follow by many business tycoons like radha kishandamani founder of Dmart, gorden bowker founder of star bucks and many more. In this article, I am going to discuss about strategy which follows by star bucks. We all drink coffee, but have you ever drink coffee in star bucks, actually it may be yes or no. coffee of star bucks is actually very expensive. But what things make it differ from others, which things followed by star bucks to made more growth in its business. Sensory marketing The main strategy follow by star bucks is SENSORY MARKETING. Mean that as we all know we have 5 sense organ, by using this strategy star bucks deliver a pleasurable experience to its customer. Starbucks is arguably regarded as the purveyor of the world’s best coffee. It achieved this status not by marketing coffee as a product; it would have been deemed an expensive coffee. This is achieved by assaulting all the five senses of its customers to generate fine memories, which linger long after the customer has consumed the coffee

Sensory Marketing with Sight Colors: People respond to colors from a place that is both psychological and deeply personal. Many marketers understand the importance of choosing the right color for their brand. For example star bucks focuses on what colors should be use, the official Starbucks colors are Starbucks Green, black and white. The official Subway colors are Vivid Green, Marigold and white. Colors add a brand value in the eye of consumer. Colors use by subway and star bucks Images: Using images in advertising is a great way to grab attention quickly. For example star bucks there’s some lady with long hair wearing a crown and holding what appears to be two. logo of star bucks

Text: text tells the customer what exactly the company wants to give its consumer. For example mission of star bucks: to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time. Mission of star bucks, McDonalds’ and H&M Light: light means what environment should be of outlet of company So that consumers spend more and more time in their outlet. Some retail stores will use low or dim light or lamps instead of heavy lights to change the experience the customer Lighting of one outlet of star bucks

Sensory Marketing with Sounds: in now day’s sound effect plays a very important role in success of outlet or retail store. Star bucks plays light music not songs from which consumers spends more time in their outlet and feel premium service. Many companies play theme songs in their outlet to get a brand value. Unique outlet of star bucks Sensory Marketing With smell: many people will think how smell can be used in marketing, but actually it is used now days. The sense of smell is the most direct link to the brain in human beings. ·Fragrance: using some special scents in their outlet, company can create a memory in the consumer mind. With which consumer will come again. ·Smell of product: The enticing smell of a bakery or freshly brewed coffee is a common method that some brands use to appeal to customers. Hot dog vendors will also use the scent of cooking to entice hungry crowds at events.

Sensory Marketing with Touch: it can actually work well to grow a brand’s appeal. Some products require physical touch to buy like phone, laptop, cars and many more. ·Comfort: for furniture companies, they should allowing customers to sit on and feel the furniture before buying Sensory Marketing with Taste: Taste is another visceral sense that is often overlooked in marketing. Taste is a way to appeal to the biological urges or people to eat and drink. It is closely linked with the smell sense and can be significantly affected by other senses as well. SAURABH GOYAL CRO0610119

HAPPY HOLI 2K21 यँू तो रंग का योहार है होली पर सच क ं तो अपन का यार है होली लोग तो गलु ाल लगाते ह मठाइयां बाटं ते ह इससे कह आगे दल को दल से जोड़ने वाला तार है होली स दयां जा रही होती ह ग मयां आ रही होती ह मौसम म सु ती होती है सूरज दादा नाराज होते ह उस व त उस समय हमारे दल को धड़काने हमारे 9 से 5 के ट न को थोड़ा सा हलाने आती है होली मनी बरै भाव और नाराज़गी छोड़कर गले मलना सखाती है होली रंग से जीवन कतना खशु हाल हो सकता है ये हर साल बताने आती है होली अलग अलग जगह पर देश के हर एक कोने म होली है भई होली है गजंू यही बस होती है बूढ़े ब े सबके चहे रे नीले पीले होते ह हर अपना अपने को उस दन रंग लगाने जाता है मथुरा म तो होली खले न परदेशी भी आते ह देश रगं ीलो भारत हारो होली होली गाते ह दंत कथा म भी होली लए बड़ा स मान खड़ी है भु मलन क आस जगत म भईया मरे े ब त बड़ी है भ पे उनके जब जब कोई भी मु कल आ जाती है नारायण गरधर भु व णु दौड़े दौड़े आते ह

हो लका दहन क घटना सीख यही सखलाती है भु साथ खड़े हो तो आग भी छू नह पाती है होली यार का योहार है य ना इसे यार से मनाया जाए जब इतना अ ा मौका है तो य ना हर बैर भाव भुलाया जाये आपक खशु ी कसी को तकलीफ ना दे इस बात का जरा खयाल रखा जाये हा नकारक रंग से सचेत रहा जाए व न षण थोड़ा कम कया जाए बाक होली होली है इस लए इसका जम के मजा लया जाये KRISHNA VERMA CRO0641827

HOLI AAYI !!! Holi aayi Holi aayi... Saath me rangon ki bahar layi Phir gile shikve mitane ka vakt aaya Dushman ko gulal lagakar dost banane Ka samay Aaya Holi ke bhi kya alag alag andaaz hain Kahi rango se, Kahi phoolon se Toh Kahi laathi se khelne ke rivaz hain... Bachpan me Holi bhi kya gazab hua krti thi Hoti toh ek din ki thi Pr hum bachcho ki Holi toh n jaane kitne din pehle shuru ho jati thi Hume toh mano mauka chahiye hota tha Rang lagane ya lagwane Ka Pichkari, gubbare se khelne ke bhi kya maze the Vo school me gulal chupakr le jannaa... Phir checking par pakde jane pr punishment milna Punishment tak manjoor thi dosto ke saath holi khelne ke liye

Ghar me bhi gujiya aur mithaiyon ki mehak goonj uthti hai Holi ke din thandai toh kisi amrit se kam nhi lagti hai Akhir Holi tyohar hi kuch aesa hai... Toh aao phir inhi andaazon me holi Ka tyohar manate hain Sab kuch bhul Kar saath me holi khelte hain Holi Mubarak Ho..... SHRUTI AGARWAL CRO0662341

IS INDIAN MEDIA GIVING AUTHENTIC NEWS TO ITS VIEWERS?? Indian media is among the oldest in the world. It dates back even before the reign of Ashoka. The Indian media consists of communication through television, radio, cinema, newspapers, magazines and Internet-based website/portals. Despite of being one of the oldest and largest media in the world, it has been found that nearly 60% of Indians had seen fake news against the global average of 57% as per the recent survey. The authenticity of Indian media is challenged many times. But the question is why it is being challenged at several pointof times? The Indian media nowadays seem to be divided. The fourth pillar of Indian democracy doesn’t seem to be united at some instances. Although, each association or individual has their own ideology and they have complete right to follow it. But the problem arises when their objective differs. Whereas some media and publication houses work only with a single motive of giving authentic news to its viewers, free of biasness and any kind of threat, there are some media and publication houses too which work with a primary motiveof profit and fame. And here only the problemarises when the nation and their citizens start getting manipulated. It happensmany times when different Printmedia houses and news channels give different news. Sometimes, viewers are unable to make a decision about whom they should believe. The use of too much advertisements by few news channels and Print mediahouses sometimes bring irratibility among Viewers.

There are instances where one news channel is backbiting another which should not be expected in the democracy like India. But above all the things, there are instances where Indian media seemed collaborated and it made the nation proud too. No matter what, our Indian media knows very well how to retaliate when some another country or their media raise questions on our nation. Yes, it can be said that a part of Indian media deliver the News to its viewers without proving its authenticity but that is not a whole media .As a responsible citizen, we ourselves also have the duty to review the source of any news before believing on it and after cross check only, we should make our unbiased opinion. This is the only way we can obviate fake news and biased information. I strongly feel that Indian Media just need some reforms and some sort of unity and honesty among their ideologies and the way to become world’s most trustable and honest media is no far away. HARSHIT CHANDUKA WRO 0664928

RISK MANAGEMENT UNDER BLACK SWAN EVENTS… What is risk? Risks are those uncertainties of an outcome, whether an opportunity or threat, arising out of actions and events. In the business, risk impede the achievement of the organization’s goals and objectives .Business risk can be both internal and external There are 5 levels of risk namely- remote, unlikely, possible, likely or almost certain. It may have consequences like insignificant, minor, major and catastrophic. Black swan events comes under catastrophic events which mean destructive consequences at a large scale What Is a Black Swan? A black swan is an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences. Black swan events are characterized by their extreme rarity, severe impact, and the widespread insistence they were obvious in hindsight. These events are caused by , natural calamity ,political decisions, distress etc. impacting worldwide financial systems, international political relations and public welfare at large , the recovery of such catastrophic events take longer time and cause losses. Why Do We Underestimate Black Swan Risks? There are five peculiarities of human behavior responsible for blindness to Black Swans:

3.Human nature is not programmed to imagine Black Swans; 4.Humans tend to ignore the silent evidence and focus disproportionately either on the failures or successes; 5.Humans overestimate one’s knowledge and focus too narrowly on one’s field of expertise (tunnel vision), ignoring other sources of uncertainty, and mistaking concocted models for reality (ludic fallacy). Followings are major black swan events: Black Monday[1987] “Black Monday” refers to the catastrophic stock market crash that occurred on Monday, October 19, 1987 starting in Hong Kong and reached to Europe and United States. Two of the major contributing factors to the severity of the Black Monday crash were computerized trading and portfolio insurance trading strategies that hedged stock market portfolios by selling short S&P 500 Index futures contracts. Disintegration of erstwhile USSR(1991) The dissolution of the Soviet Union (1988–1991) was the process of internal disintegration within the USSR, which began with growing unrest in its various constituent republics developing into an incessant political and legislative conflict between the republics and the central government. Gulf War The Gulf War (2 August 1990 – 28 February 1991) was a war waged by coalition forces from 35 nations led by the United States against Iraq in response to Iraq's invasion and annexation of Kuwait arising from oil pricing and production disputes.

2001 Dot com Bubble The bubble (also known as the boom, the tech bubble, and the Internet bubble) was a stock market bubble cause by excessive speculation of Internet-related companies in the late 1990s, a period of massive growth in the use and adoption of the Internet. Between 1995 and its peak in March 2000, the Nasdaq Composite stock market index rose 400%, only to fall 78% from its peak by October 2002, giving up all its gains during the bubble. During the crash, many online shopping companies, such as, Webvan, and, as well as several communication companies, such as Worldcom, NorthPoint Communications, and Global Crossing, failed and shut down. Some companies, such as Cisco, whose stock declined by 86%,, and Qualcomm, lost a large portion of their market capitalization Financial crash of 2008 in US The financial crisis of 2007–2008, also known as the global financial crisis (GFC), was a severe worldwide financial crisis. Excessive risk-taking by banks, combined with the bursting of the United States housing bubble, caused the values of securities tied to U.S. real estate to plummet and damaged financial institutions globally; this culminated with the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers on September 15, 2008, and an international banking crisis. Zimbabwe Hyper-inflation(2008) In 2008, Zimbabwe had the second highest incidence of hyper-inflation on record. The estimated inflation rate for Nov 2008 was 79,600,000,000%.

That is effectively a daily inflation rate of 98.0. Roughly every day, prices would double. It was also a time of real hardship and poverty, with an unemployment rate of close to 80% and a virtual breakdown in normal economic activity. The hyper-inflation was caused by printing money in response toHigh national debt, Decline in economic output, Decline in export earnings, Price controls which exacerbate shortages ,Lack of confidence in government, economy and political life andExpectations of hyperinflation Brexit Deal.. Brexit (a short term of \"British exit\") was the withdrawal of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU) and the European Atomic Energy Community (EAEC or Euratom) at the end of 31 January 2020 CET. To date, the UK is the first and only country formally to leave the EU, after 47 years of being a member state within the bloc, after having first joined its predecessor, the European Communities (EC), on 1 January 1973. Now that it's no longer in the EU, the UK is free to set its own trade policy and can negotiate deals with other countries. Economists expect that Brexit will have damaging immediate and longer-term effects on the economies of the UK and at least part of the 27 other EU member states. In particular, there is a broad consensus among economists and in the economic literature that Brexit will likely reduce the UK's real per capita income in the medium and long term, and that the Brexit referendum itself damaged the economy. Studies on effects since the referendum show a reduction in GDP, trade and investment, as well as household losses from increased inflation

Covid 19 Covid-19 impact: Covid 19 (Corona Virus) effect emerged due to an unknown and unidentified virus ,having no medically based treatment and have killed lacs of people around the world .In the process, people lost their earning, jobs ,and having no medical support . According to IMF, the global economy is expected to shrink by over 3 per cent in 2020 – the steepest slowdown since the Great Depression of the 1930s. The pandemic has pushed the global economy into a recession, which means the economy starts shrinking and growth stops. In the global scenario, Covid-19-related disruptions have led to millions filing for unemployment benefits. and are expected to rise as the impact of the pandemic on the labour market worsens. As per a Reuters report, since March 2020 , more than 36 million have filed for unemployment benefits, which is almost a quarter of the working-age population. Conclusion The metaphor Black Swan refers to the unexpected, an unlikely but not impossible catastrophic event that no one seems to plan for, the things one does not know or does not know that one does not know. As the likelihood of occurrence for these unforeseen events cannot be estimated from observed data or prognosticated by experts, the usual risk management techniques are inapplicable for addressing the impact of Black Swan events on vital engineering facilities.

Therefore, engineers must think through the likely adverse consequences of such unpredictable events and use their experience and judgment to devise suitable strategies focused on managing the consequences of these outliersTherefore, engineers must think through the likely adverse consequences of such unpredictable events and use their experience and judgment to devise suitable strategies focused on managing the consequences of these outliers {Reference:, investopedia, Indian express,,,} SIDDHARTH GOYAL CRO0559215

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