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Annual Report 2019

Published by epreece, 2020-06-02 01:28:42

Description: Annual Report 2019

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Annual Report 2019

Contents 2 4 Governance and Key Achievements 5 6 A Message from the Board 7 Governance 8 The Board 10 Principal’s Report 14 Financial Summary Academic Performance Curricular/Cocurricular Achievements and Events List of Donors 1

A Message from the Board Glenda McLoughlin Welcome to our New Principal Chair This year we have welcomed Mr Stephen Webber as our new SCECGS Redlands Limited Principal. Mr Webber joined us from Perth where he has been Headmaster of Guildford Grammar School for the past nine years. Redlands is a school with a wonderful 136 year history. We are proud of our heritage and achievements but change and self- Last year, both he and Ms McGarry attended the Project Zero renewal are also an important part of the Redlands culture. With the intensive course at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. retirement of Dr Lennox and our former chair Mr Michael Jones, as Mr Webber is a strong supporter of the cultures of thinking well as nearing the final stages of our Senior Campus transformation, approach. As he leads our school into our next stage of growth, we end 2019 with pride in the achievements and progress of our we expect to both strengthen and deepen this active approach School and gratitude for the contributions made by members of to education. our community. As we enter a new decade we look forward to the next chapter of Redlands. For now, it is my pleasure to invite you Mr Webber is looking forward to building on the legacy of Dr Lennox to read the SCECGS Redlands Limited Annual Report for 2019. and taking Redlands forward from the strong foundations we have today. Farewell to Dr Lennox The Strength of Redlands Over the past 12 years we have been fortunate to be guided by one of Australia’s most experienced school Principals - Dr Peter Redlands is in one of the strongest positions it has ever been Lennox. After a stellar educational career with Cranbrook School, in. Our enrolment numbers have increased substantially since Canberra Grammar School and Brisbane Grammar School, Dr Lennox joined us in 2008. Currently we have 1700 students Redlands was fortunate to secure him as our Principal in 2008. enrolled and over 3,800 children on our waiting list. Over the past 12 years, he has led many enhancements to The academic results achieved by the class of 2019 were released Redlands. He has led the major redevelopment of our Junior in December last year for our HSC students and in early January and Senior Campuses, and his passion for quality teaching and for our IB students. The Class of 2019 demonstrated solid results learning has resulted in constant improvement to our academic in their examinations and we wish them the very best in their programs and outcomes. Over his time with us, education has future endeavours. Highlights from the 2019 academic year include: seen significant shifts and Redlands is increasingly focused on ensuring our students develop 21st century skills: communication, • 5 students achieved an ATAR of 99 or more; collaboration, creative and critical thinking. In recent years, • 26 students achieved an ATAR of 95 or more; Dr Lennox has actively developed a culture of thinking within • 45 students achieved an ATAR of 90 or more; Redlands, fostering a vibrant community of teachers and learners. • Isabel Binnekamp achieved top honours with a perfect International Baccalaureate score of 45, which converts Our record of academic achievement has gone from strength to to an ATAR of 99.95; strength under his leadership. This focus extends to hiring and • 120 HSC Band 6s/ IB Grade 7s were awarded; developing outstanding teachers. One of his great legacies is • 21 students were listed on the HSC Honour Roll; leaving Redlands with the exceptional group of educators and • 6 students were nominated for HSC Showcases for their staff that we have today. major works; and • 2 students were awarded IB bilingual diplomas At the centre of Dr Lennox’s values has always been a belief in the value of a broad liberal education. While academic achievement Two thirds of students applied to universities in Sydney, most is important, Dr Lennox has always emphasised the primacy of notably the University of Sydney (22%) and UTS (17%); 22% of developing well-rounded young adults who are engaged with the students applied to interstate universities, most notably the world and who seek to make a positive contribution. As one of the University of Melbourne (8%) and ANU (7%); and 12% of students greatest Greek philosophers, Aristotle said “Educating the mind applied to overseas universities. The top students were accepted without educating the heart is no education at all.” into the University of Cambridge to study Law and the University of Sydney to study Medicine. This is at the core of what makes Redlands such a unique, nurturing, learning community. Caring for one another, acceptance, respect We are also proud of the many achievements of our students and thoughtfulness are all ways that we educate the heart. I am across sport, performing arts and other cocurricular activities, sure it will come as no surprise to you that when Dr Lennox came which are detailed further in this report. to Redlands he looked at our school values of honesty, respect, responsibility, compassion and fairness. And to these Dr Lennox Campus Improvements added…. moral courage. We have made significant progress this year in improving the On behalf of our School community I would like to express our School’s physical facilities. The John Roberts Centre is up and gratitude, admiration and thanks to Dr Lennox for all he has running and construction of the New Learning Hub is now achieved at Redlands over the past 12 years. And wish both he well advanced. and Mrs Lennox every happiness in the next stage of their lives. Buildcorp was appointed in May 2019 to take over the construction of the New Learning Hub. This facility topped out in September and the School expects to move into this new facility in Term 2 2020. This will be followed by landscaping of the site and the construction of the new access road from Waters Rd through to Military Road as planned, which will complete the final elements of the first stage of the Senior Campus transformation. Many parents have funded family plaques in the New Learning Hub. On behalf of the School I would like to thank all of those members of the Redlands community who made donations to help deliver this wonderful new facility. On the Junior Campus, this year has seen the resurfacing of the oval, enabling its widespread use for sporting competitions, and the installation of air conditioning into a number of Junior School buildings and Redlands House Preschool. 2

Sustainability Initiatives Redlands Foundation As we have upgraded the School’s physical environment we Our School would not be able to support its redevelopment have aimed to incorporate strategies that minimise the impact and scholarship initiatives without the efforts of members of of our School’s environmental footprint. Over the past year the Redlands Foundation and I would like to thank the Foundation we have proceeded with: for their work this year. • Installing solar panels on the roofs of the Peter Cornish building Our Foundation is also preparing for the future and this year and Dunnet Hall on the Junior Campus; welcomed a new Chair - Mr Grahame Petersen. Mr Petersen • Introducing new recycling bins to both campuses to reduce has been a committee member of the Foundation for some years the amount of waste going to landfill; and has now stepped into this important leadership role. • Replacing around 3,500 fluorescent lights with LED bulbs on both campuses which has resulted in a significant reduction Thank You in power usage; • Installing electricity monitoring devices in all buildings to track I would like to acknowledge the work of our President of the RPFA, power usage in real time so that the School can more efficiently Michelle Tea, and thank all of the RPFA Committee for their efforts manage electricity usage and reduce CO2 emissions; this year. I would also like to thank the many parent volunteers • Implementing changes to packaging in the School Canteen and who help out in a huge range of activities around the School. Uniform Shop to reduce plastic usage; and All of your support is greatly welcomed. • Installing new water bubblers on both campuses and encouraging students to bring their own water bottles and refill them throughout I commend all of the School’s teachers and staff for their dedication the day rather than buying bottled water at the canteens. and commitment. I would like to particularly acknowledge Ms McGarry, Mr Corcoran, Mr Guha and Mrs Fellowes for their The New Learning Hub incorporates a number of strategies outstanding leadership. designed to minimise our environmental footprint - particularly the ability to open windows and use passive air flow to cool Recent Developments rooms, while having a back up air conditioning system for very hot days. Large water tanks have also been incorporated in the As I write this report, the world is grappling with a new threat - design to enable water supply for landscaped areas. a pandemic caused by a coronavirus named COVID-19 which has impacted nearly every aspect of our daily lives. We have all had to ICT Developments rapidly adapt to changed circumstances. The Board and management of Redlands have been focused on keeping our students, staff and In further future focused preparations, we have introduced community healthy and safe from the threat of infection. online ordering for the Canteen and Uniform Shop, launched a new school website and introduced a new Student Information The initial response to the emergence of this pandemic was to limit System for the start of the 2020 school year. the possibility of infections being transmitted within the School environment by encouraging frequent handwashing, limiting large This system has the capability to support a school app with the internal groups and restricting cross campus interactions. On 24 introduction planned for the second half of 2020. This will further March 2020, in line with expert advice, our School pivoted to providing enhance communication between school and home. I would like remote learning to all students. Our campuses have remained open to thank all parents who provided feedback through our school for the children of essential services workers and parents who are communications audit this year. not able to find care for their children in the short term. Establishment of Peter Lennox Scholarship Fund Redlands has made significant investments in digital capability in recent years which has made the pivot to remote learning One of the ways that our School is honouring Dr Lennox is through seamless and effective. Nonetheless, this has been a significant our newly established Peter Lennox Scholarship program. Our challenge for the management team, teachers and staff of whole community has come together to support this initiative Redlands who have demonstrated great commitment and at events such as our Sports Luncheon, Foundation Soirée, positivity in rising to this challenge. Melbourne Cup Lunch and in particular, the huge turnout of nearly 600 people to our Gala Ball in Term 3. We are very grateful for the There will be many issues to work through in coming weeks and donations from current and past parents and alumni. months in relation to this pandemic. Unfortunately, the Annual General Meeting of SCECGS Redlands Limited has had to be We are particularly heartened by the willingness of the departing postponed until it is safe to hold. All Members of the Company Year 12s to create their own fund and to grow it over time as their were advised of this deferral on 3 April 2020. We will advise you family circumstances allow. We hope that this Year 12 Legacy Gift of the date of this meeting as soon as we are able. will become an embedded tradition at Redlands. Our fundraising for this means-tested scholarship is continuing and we look forward Both the Board and Management of our School are keen to return to offering the first of these scholarships in 2021. to face to face teaching and learning as soon as it is possible to safely do so. However, there are many unknowns in making this The Board assessment and thoughtful evaluation of the risks and benefits of returning to face to face learning as well as adjustments to ways I am fortunate to serve on the Redlands Board with a talented and of operating our School are likely to be required to effectively hard working group of fellow Directors and would like to thank operate within this changed environment. them for the time that they volunteer in the service of Redlands. In its 136 year history Redlands has faced many periods of Last year we farewelled another individual who has made an adversity. Our School community has always demonstrated great outstanding contribution to Redlands - director and former resilience and fortitude in dealing with challenges as they present Chairman of Redlands, Mr Michael Jones. Mr Jones served on themselves. A crisis like the current pandemic brings out the best the Redlands Board from 1985 to 2019. This is an extraordinary in many people and I would like to thank all members of the contribution in a voluntary capacity over many decades. Mr Jones Redlands community for your continued support of our School. has played a key role in making Redlands the school it is today and we thank him wholeheartedly for his service, achievements and commitment to Redlands over 34 years. We also welcomed a new Director, Mr Michael Winram. 3

Governance SCECGS Redlands Limited The maximum number of Board members is twelve who are all School Governance Statement non-executives. All elective and SDS appointed Directors hold office initially for three years. Elective Directors retire by rotation in SCECGS Redlands Limited operates as a public company limited accordance with the School’s Constitution. It is not generally expected by guarantee. that a Director would hold office for more than ten years or be nominated for more than three consecutive terms, whichever is Members do not have an economic interest in the assets or operating the longer. Each triennium, the Board appoints a Chair and Deputy surplus of the company or the School and are not entitled to any Chair from among the Directors. dividends or other payments. Any surplus must be applied for the benefit of the School. Board Directors receive no remuneration for their services, but may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses (other than time) such The operation of the School is overseen by a Board of Directors who as special travel, conferences and accommodation specifically for do this in accordance with the purposes and objectives of the School School business. The School provides Directors with indemnity and as set out in the Memorandum and Articles of Association. insurance cover to the extent permitted by the Corporations Act. The role of the Board is to effectively represent and promote the The Board normally holds meetings in each month of the year except interests of the School with a view to adding long term value to the outside of school term times and may hold additional meetings as School as an educational enterprise. the occasion requires. The Board operates within a highly regulated environment and The Board is comprised entirely of Independent Non-Executive complies with governance requirements of the following: Directors who, together with management, have the appropriate balance of skills, knowledge, experience and independence to meet • The Corporations Act 2001 the obligations of the Company. During 2019, the Board comprised • The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) eleven Directors, whose biographical details can be found on the • The Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) Act following page. The following provides a summary overview of the approach to New Directors have the benefit of an induction program aimed at corporate governance taken by the Board. deepening their understanding of the School and the environment in which the School operates. The Board has established sound foundations for School Governance and Management oversight All Directors are entitled to obtain independent professional advice relating to the affairs of the School or their responsibilities as a The Board has adopted a Board Charter which describes the role of Director, provided that the expense is reasonable and the Director the Board, Board procedures, the role of the Chair and Deputy Chair has received written approval of this expense from the Chair. and the functions of Board Committees. Each year the Board critically evaluates its own performance, and The Board is responsible for setting and reviewing the strategic every second year the performance of individual Directors is direction of the School, as well as monitoring the implementation of evaluated by an external expert. that strategy by management. The Board is responsible for: The Board promotes ethical and responsible • the appointment and removal of the Principal; decision-making • establishing policies that seek to strengthen the School; • monitoring the performance of the Principal; In forming its decisions, the Board aims to make sensible business • reviewing and protecting the School’s reputation; and school decisions, to contribute to the purpose of the School, to • protecting the School’s financial position; apply sound practical sense and to adhere to high ethical standards • ensuring that the School’s financial statements are true which are aligned to the School’s values. and fair and conform with the law; • ensuring that the School adheres to high standards of To inform this decision making, the Board has adopted a formal code ethical and corporate behaviour; and of conduct which sets out expectations with respect to acting with • ensuring that the School has appropriate risk management reasonable care and diligence, behaviour, confidentiality, the interests and regulatory compliance policies in place. of stakeholders, independence of judgement and acting honestly and fairly in the best interests of the School. In addition, the Board has The Principal is responsible for the day-to-day management of adopted policies with respect to the following areas: the School. • conflicts of interest The Board has established the following standing Committees: • notification of related party transactions • delegations • Nominations and Governance • confidentiality • Finance and Audit • whistleblowing. • Risk Management; and • Physical Resources. The Board safeguards the integrity of the corporate financial reporting Additional Board Committees and Working Groups are established from time to time. During 2019 the Board had in place ICT, Marketing A Finance and Audit Committee reports to the Board. The committee and Chaplaincy Committees. regularly examines and makes recommendations to the Board regarding: The Board uses its best endeavours to familiarise itself with issues of concern to stakeholders. In doing so, the Board regularly evaluates • approval of annual budgets economic, social, reputational and regulatory issues and changes • financial risk management policies that may affect the development of the School or the interests of • processes, frameworks and insurances stakeholders. • compliance with financial risk policies • accounting principles in the School’s accounts; and The Board is structured to add value • the appointment of the external auditor and any internal audit activity. Under the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the School, the Board comprises four to six Directors who are elected by the The Finance and Audit Committee consists of not more than five members of SCECGS Redlands Limited, up to four Directors who are members, one of whom is the Board Chair. nominated by the Board and four Directors who are nominated by Sydney Diocesan Services. Directors are proposed who have the ability to make a contribution to the School through their experience, qualifications, talents and commitment to the School. 4

The Board Glenda McLoughlin Kylie Binnekamp John Pradel BEc, MBA, FAICD BBus (UTS), DipLaw (LPAB), BArch, JP Appointed October 2016 GradDip Legal Practice Appointed September 2018 Chair Appointed May 2017 Glenda is a Company Director and former Kylie is currently a Company Director and Practice John is a registered Architect and the Director banker and Chief Financial Officer. She has one Manager for a private medical practice. She has of a Company of Architects. He has one child child currently attending Redlands. She is a over 13 years legal experience practising as a currently attending Redlands. During 2019, John member of the Finance and Audit, Nominations solicitor. Kylie has one child currently attending was a member of the Physical Resources Group and Governance and Physical Resources Group Redlands and one who graduated in 2019. She Committee and the Chair of the Master Plan 2.0 Committees. Glenda previously held senior was Chair of the Marketing Committee, a member roles in investment banks Barclays Capital, of the Chaplaincy Committee and a Board Sub-Committee. Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse. Prior to her Appointee to the Redlands Parents and Friends banking career she was a consultant with Price Association during 2019. Kylie’s aim is to serve Anna Reed-Stephenson Waterhouse and NERA (London). She has been the Redlands community. a founding director and board Chair of two ASX MBA, BA listed energy companies. Glenda’s focus is Appointed June 2018 on ensuring Redlands has a strong operating and financial capability to deliver a world class Stephen Blaxland Anna is an IT Executive with over 20 years’ educational experience to its students. experience across multiple IT disciplines and BArch (Hons), AIA , RIBA, Expert industries. During 2019 she was Chair of the Witness ICT Governance Committee and a member of Appointed May 2010 the Chaplaincy Committee. Anna has a passion for working with youth to recognise how they Peter Gold Stephen is an Architect and founding Director can use their individual talents to serve of BN Group, with over 25 years’ experience. their communities. B Comm Stephen is an expert in Master planning, his Appointed April 2017 areas of professional expertise include: strategic Rev Timothy St Quintin Deputy Chair urban analysis; satisfying commercial, social and environmental outcomes; and establishing BD (Hons), BSc (Hons), innovative design solutions. He acts as an AdvDipGov, DipPersMan Peter is a Managing Director of Archer expert witness for Urban and Mixed-use issues. Appointed August 2017 Capital - a private equity investment company Stephen has had two children attend Redlands. of which he was a founding team member in During 2019 he was the Chair of the Physical Tim is the Rector of St Peter’s Anglican Church, 1997. After taking majority ownership positions Resources Group Committee. Cremorne, having previously served as the in businesses, his company helps establish Senior Associate Minister in the parish of and execute focused strategic plans to achieve Colleen Godsell AM St Stephen’s Willoughby. Tim brings leadership, growth. He is also the Chairman of New Zealand resource management and strategic planning Pharmaceuticals and a Director of Craveable JP experience from his parish roles, and from Brands, and previous roles include investment having been an Army Officer for 15 years prior banking experience with Morgan Stanley in New Appointed April 2008 to entering full-time ministry. He continues to York. He has qualified as an Associate of the serve in the military, now as a chaplain in the Institute of Actuaries of Australia and has two Colleen is a Company Director with a background Army Reserve. In 2019 Tim was Chair of the children currently attending Redlands. During in the not-for-profit sector and the Department Chaplaincy Committee and a member of the 2019 he was Chair of the Finance and Audit of State & Regional Development. She has had Risk Management Committee. He is keen to Committee. Peter’s goal for Redlands is to achieve three children attend Redlands. During 2019, continue to build on the character, education widespread recognition as the pre-eminent Colleen was a member of the Physical and community strengths of Redlands. provider of coeducation in NSW. Resources Group and ICT Governance Committees. Colleen is dedicated to building Michael Winram Jane Anderson strong partnerships between home and school that will foster leadership and excellence in BAppFinn, LLB, AMusA MMgmt, PGDip, Bank students and staff alike. Appointed May 2019 Appointed May 2018 Michael E Jones OAM Michael is an environmental lawyer and a partner Jane is currently an Executive General Manager, in an independent Australian law firm. He has Corporate Affairs for an insurance company. MBA, BArch, MIML, FAICD, FRAIA, JP had 19 years’ legal experience in public law, She has more than 20 years’ corporate affairs Appointed 1985 environmental law, climate change law, planning experience in financial services including Retired December 2019 and land access law. Michael is also the Chairman insurance, banking, superannuation and of the Horizons Family Law Centre, which asset management. She has two children Michael is a Registered Architect, Licensed Builder provides free legal support to those who don’t currently attending Redlands. During 2019 and Managing Director of an architectural firm; qualify for legal aid, and yet still cannot afford Jane was Chair of the Nominations and and the Chair or former Chair of three independent a lawyer. During 2019 Michael was a member Governance Committee and a member schools, including Redlands (2001-2016). He has of the Risk Management and Nominations and of the Marketing Committee. had three children attend Redlands. During 2019 Governance Committees. Michael’s goal for he was Chair of the Risk Management Committee Redlands is to create an environment where and a member of the Physical Resources Group each student truly can let their light shine. Committee. Michael is a member of several State and Federal education governance advisory committees. 5

Principal’s Report At the end of 12 years, I take the opportunity Dr Peter Lennox However in 2019 we used the expanded to reflect back on my decision to take up expertise within our own staff to lead from the position of Principal at this very fine PhD, MPhil, MA (Hons), within the School. In December 2018 and in school. Redlands had been one of my first BA (Hons), DipEd, GAICD, January 2019, a number of our own teachers consultancies in the first half of 2006 and FAIM, MACE shared their learning with their colleagues only a year later I was asked to meet with and led really thoughtful and impressive the Board to see if I would be a willing and The Board and I set about providing a teaching and learning sessions. In the past suitable person to lead Redlands. solution that would relocate the Preparatory two years our teachers have presented School to the Junior Campus and bring at Project Zero Sydney meetings; some of The suggestion appealed to me because all the secondary students back onto the our teachers were accepted to present at a it would offer me new experiences. I had Senior Campus. That was achieved in early major Project Zero conference in Melbourne never worked in a coeducational school, 2011 and the benefits for all were quickly in 2020; and one of our secondary teachers and I knew of the IB Diploma Programme realised. The Sixties Building was demolished, has had an article accepted to appear in a having previously considered it for Brisbane opening up better outdoor spaces, and the new book to be published by Ron Ritchhart. Grammar. Another attraction of Redlands Preparatory School moved into a purpose- was that with many expatriate families, it designed building directly adjacent to At the end of Term 4 we filmed presentations promised to be a school that had a more Redlands House Preschool. by a number of our staff and these will global perspective. become part of the induction program for The whole Secondary School was united on teachers new to Redlands. Our goal is to Seeking to understand what the students the Senior Campus, which meant that the share some of this video with other Project themselves thought about Redlands, in my Year 7s and 8s now had leadership models Zero Schools in Australia and overseas, with first year I invited all Year 12 students in among the older students and all the Year 11 a view to creating an international group of small groups for lunch and asked what they and 12 students were appropriately together. schools who are leading the way in building valued about Redlands and what made it The cottages fronting Gerard Street became a Culture of Teaching and Learning in their special for them.They identified coeducation, classrooms for Music and Visual Arts. Not schools. All new Redlands teachers will the choice of the HSC or the IB and the long after, a property purchase of a cottage continue to be supported in taking Harvard international element. They saw Redlands on Gerard Street enabled the creation of an online courses. as a school that offered both an international outdoor Arts Precinct. context for local students and a local school There is no doubt in my mind that this model for students from overseas. The fourth A Fitness Centre had been built and opened and the recent history of our Year 12 students’ feature that they repeatedly spoke about was in 2010, thanks to the support of many parents ATAR results are strongly connected to this the wide range of academic and cocurricular and the Board. approach to teaching and learning. options. So I felt affirmed that what appealed to me and what the Year 12 students valued After enhancing the facilities on the Junior Pastoral Care and Student were going to prove a good mix. Campus, the Board turned its attention back Leadership to the Senior Campus. An Aspirational Structure Brief was developed through a consultative Over the past 12 years, the pastoral care process with staff, students, parents system in the Secondary School has steadily The structure of the School was one of the and alumni, and from that a Master Plan improved and in the past three years, under first things which needed to be addressed. evolved. It took five years to create a Master the leadership of Deputy Principal Ms Sarah Plan and get Development Applications for McGarry, Head of Secondary School Mr Our current Year 11s, who commenced their both the Master Plan and Stage 1 approved. Sean Corcoran and Dean of Students Ms final year of schooling in Term 4, were in Work commenced in January 2017 and the Carolyn Shaw, it has reached new heights. Kindergarten in 2008. At that age they would completion of this first stage will transform not have appreciated how the School was the Senior Campus in 2020. The concept and practice of leadership structured, but they certainly remember among senior students has constantly that the Preparatory School was located Teaching and Learning expanded, due to the thoughtful guidance in cottages along Gerard Street, with their and encouragement of the Heads of School playground directly behind the cottages. Teaching and Learning, a topic very close and other senior staff. These student leaders, to my heart, had started prior to my arrival and others who also lead informally, play Years 9-12 were on the Senior Campus, but with the first Redlands Learning Platform. a very important part in shaping the culture Years 7 and 8 were accommodated in the We revised the Learning Platform in 2010, for the whole school and they do an Sixties building that had previously been as well as the Curriculum structure for Years outstanding job in creating a very supportive part of the former Cremorne Girls High 7-10. My study leave in Term 4 2016 led to and positive culture among all students. School. The Year 11 and 12 IB students were our wholesale adoption of the Harvard Their actions provide a great model for also located in demountable classrooms on Project Zero model. This was launched at other students and inspire them to become the Junior Campus. The secondary teachers the start of 2017 by Professor Ron Ritchhart, student leaders themselves in the future. kept fit walking back and forth across the inspiring our teachers about the purpose of Military Road footbridge. education and new approaches to teaching. Farewell Under the leadership of Head of Teaching I have realised that I shall miss many things and Learning, Dr Emma Burgess, and Dean about this wonderful School and its amazing of Teaching and Learning, Mr Nigel Coutts, people, the Music and Theatre performances we drew upon the expertise of Harvard and the Ballet and Dance Concert that was consultants in the first two years. such a wind-up to this year’s program. I so admire the efforts, the hard work and the talent of the students and staff who put their hearts and souls into those performances. I shall miss watching our athletes at weekends and at the carnivals, where persistence, teamwork and courage have again in 2019 resulted in many teams reaching semi-finals and finals. Swimming and Track and Field teams have done exceptionally well over the past few years. I have loved my time at Redlands and have found this final phase of my life as an educator to be all that I had hoped it would be. 6

Financial Summary I love the fact it is a Preschool to Year 12 Brad Weatherstone School, with the opportunity to impact on a student’s whole learning journey. MBA, MComm, BEcon, FCPA, FGIA FCIS, GAICD Chief Financial Officer I love seeing our students engaged in what they are learning and seeing our teachers The reportable income including Government recurrent per capita funding for encouraging students to be inquisitive, creative, the year ended 31 December 2019 was $63.3 M before income from revaluation of questioning and innovative learners. Our properties. School income was 3.9% higher than in 2018 due to a 2.7% average fee students are being encouraged to strive for increase as well as a 1.4% increase in enrolments. deep understanding and to then apply that to whatever problems may be put before The School achieved a very solid performance in 2019 and continues to recognise them. This approach will prepare them very the importance of further action required to effectively manage increasing pressure well for their future. on School revenue and expenses. I have loved visiting classrooms and listening Operational expenses increased by 4.7% in 2019 to $49.6 M. This was primarily to some very thoughtful answers to the attributable to higher payroll expenses, repairs and maintenance, and ICT expenses. questions I have posed. Depreciation expenses also increased in 2019 as the John Roberts Centre was utilised for the entire school year. After a lifetime in boys’ schools I very quickly became a coeducation convert, seeing the Capital Expenditure of $28.5 M during 2019 included $25.9M for capitalisation of respect our students have for each other, expenses related to Stage 1 of the New Learning Hub initiative. Other significant the way they treat each other as equals, the investments made during 2019 were the implementation of a new School Information different perspectives they share – all a System of $1.3M as well as other upgrades to ICT infrastructure and the acquisition of wonderful preparation for life after school. various furnitures and fixtures. I loved hearing the multitude of accents all Maintaining diligent financial management will be important in the coming years, as the around the school and very much appreciated School continues to deliver on completing the current Master Plan building project, whilst the diverse experiences, which our international also keeping a primary focus on our core enterprise of teaching and learning in order to students and their families have brought to ensure a strong and sustainable school, fit to face the opportunities and challenges ahead. the Redlands school community. 70 Income 2019 And I love the fact that Redlands is a ($M) community that doesn’t limit itself by how things have been done in the past, but looks 60 91.2% 91.3% forward to and embraces the future. 50 New Principal 40 From the time spent recently with Mr Stephen Webber, Redlands’ new Principal, 30 I feel confident that the Board has made a very good decision as to who should 20 lead Redlands forward in its goals and its journey. I look forward to his taking over the 10 8.2% 8.4% 0.6% 0.3% reins as he leads Redlands into the future. Fees and Private Income Government Grants Other Capital Income Thank You (Donations)* I wish to thank the Board, past and present, 2018 2019 * Excludes donations to the Redlands Foundation Scholarship Fund for giving me the opportunity to serve Redlands and for their faith in me. Operating Expenditure 2019 Capital Expenditure 2019 ($M) I thank my fantastic Executive team for their ($M) collegiality, collaboration and independent 45 thinking over the past three years that the 40 71.1% 70.7% team has been together. They have worked 40 upon a number of really significant projects 35 and have played a major part in putting 35 Redlands in such a strong position. 30 30 I thank most sincerely all our staff for their 25 commitment and support for the directions 25 which have been taken. 20 28.9% 29.3% 20 I am also most grateful for the many parents 15 15 who have voluntarily supported the school this year and in previous years, and particularly 10 10 those who have taken on roles of leadership themselves within the RPFA and the Friends 5 5 of Groups. Salaries and Related Costs Non-Salary Expenses Capital Expenditure Sandra and I shall miss being a part of the Redlands community, but I feel very privileged 2018 2019 2018 2019 to have been offered the opportunity to lead and guide the School over the past Capital Expenditure 2019 (%) How We Are Funded 2019 (%) twelve years. Long may the Redlands Light continue to shine. 3% 11% 6% 91% 89% Land and Information Furniture and Equity Borrowings and Buildings Technology Equipment other liabilities 7

Academic Performance 2019 HSC/IB Results Of the 137 students who sat for HSC and IB: 99+ 98+ 95+ 90+ 80+ ATAR ATAR ATAR ATAR ATAR 5 9 26 45 82 STUDENTS STUDENTS STUDENTS STUDENTS STUDENTS Specific Highlights 1 student achieved a 99.95 ATAR and was accepted 4% of students achieved an ATAR of 99 or more into the Double Degree Medicine Program at the 7% of students achieved an ATAR of 98 or more University of Sydney 19% of students achieved an ATAR of 95 or more 33% of students achieved an ATAR of 90 or more 2 students achieved a 99.85 ATAR - one was accepted 117 HSC Band 6s and IB Grades 7/A were awarded into Cambridge University to study Law and the other into the University of Sydney to study Science/Advanced Studies Higher School Certificate International Baccalaureate 77 students completed the HSC course 59 Diplomas awarded Design and Technology: 5 students were nominated 2 students were awarded rare Bilingual Diplomas - for Shape in Danish and Dutch Music: 1 student was nominated for ENCORE NAPLAN Year 9 Year 5 • Reading: 59% of students achieved in the top 2 bands compared to • Reading: 80% of students achieved in the top 2 bands compared to 23% of the State • Writing: 28% of students achieved in the top 2 bands compared to 38% of the State 13% of the State • Writing: 42% of students achieved in the top 2 bands compared to • Spelling: 40% of students achieved in the top 2 bands compared to 19% of the State 24% of the State • Spelling: 72% of students achieved in the top 2 bands compared to • Grammar and Punctuation: 47% of students achieved in the top 2 38% of the State bands compared to 19% of the State • Grammar and Punctuation: 82% of students achieved in the top 2 • Numeracy: 79% of students achieved in the top 2 bands compared to bands compared to 37% of the State 27% of the State • Numeracy: 70% of students achieved in the top 2 bands compared to 32% of the State Year 7 Year 3 • Reading: 57% of students achieved in the top 2 bands compared to 31% of the State • Reading: 87% of students achieved in the top 2 bands compared to • Writing: 49% of students achieved in the top 2 bands compared to 54% of the State 17% of the State • Writing: 70% of students achieved in the top 2 bands compared to • Spelling: 50% of students achieved in the top 2 bands compared to 55% of the State 35% of the State • Spelling: 76% of students achieved in the top 2 bands compared to • Grammar and Punctuation: 60% of students achieved in the top 2 52% of the State bands compared to 31% of the State • Grammar and Punctuation: 83% of students achieved in the top 2 • Numeracy: 68% of students achieved in the top 2 bands compared bands compared to 59% of the State to 37% of the State • Numeracy: 66% of students achieved in the top 2 bands compared to 52% of the State 8

80 Redlands HSC and IB ATAR 2019 70 60 80 80 70 70 50 60 60 40 50 50 30 40 40 20 30 30 10 20 20 10 10 Top 30% Top 20% Top 10% Top 5% Top 2% Top 1% State Redlands Top 3T0o%p 30% Top 2T0o%p 20% Top 1T0o%p 10% Top 5T%op 5% Top 2T%op 2% Top 1T%op 1% State StateRedlanRdesdlands Redlands Year 12 University Offers Redlands Year 12 Course Types Sydney Business / Commerce UNSW Science / Medicine 12% 22% UTSSydneSy dney 14% 21% BusinBeussCi/noCemosmsp/muCoteemrrcemSceirecnece / IT 12%12% 22%22% ANUUNSWUNSW ScienSccei/eAMnrceteds/icMineedicine 4% 14%14% 21%21% 19% 6% MeUlTbSouUrTnSe 54%% 4% CompCuotmeErpnSugctienerneSceceri/einInTgce / IT 19%19% 6% 6% MaAcNqUuAaNriUe OtMheelrbAoMuuerslnbteroaulrianne 56%%5% 10% Arts ArtsVisual Arts / Design OtMhaecrqOMuavareciqersueaarise EnginEenegrLinaegwering VisuaVl iAsruMtasle/ADdrietas/i/gCDnoemsigmnunications OtherOAthuesrtrAauliastnralian Law LawInternational Studies MediaM/eCdoima/mCoumnimcautinoincastions OtherOOthveerrsOevaesrseas InternInatteiSorpnaotlriStostnuSadcliiSeetsnucdeie/sManagement SportSspSocPrietesnrScfecoi/erMmncaienn/agMgeAamnrtaesgnetment 6%46%% 10%10% PerfoPremrifPnosgrymAcrihntosglAorgtys 9% 17% 4% 44%% 8% PsychPoslyocOghytohloegr y 17%17% 9% 9% 4% 4%5% 8% 8% OtherOther 8% 7% 7% 5% 5% 6% 66%%7% 7% 6% 6%6% 8% 8%7% 7% Redlands 2019 HSC and IB Top Achievers 9

Curricular/Cocurricular Achievements and Events English Social Science Sydney Eisteddfod • 1 Junior Girl achieved Highly Commended in ICAS Competition Australian Business Week her Vocal category • 1 Junior student awarded a medal for Running a Business Market Day highest score in NSW/ACT NSW Flute Eisteddfod Nan Manefield Young Writers’ Award Languages • 1 Senior Girl placed 1st in the Grade 7/8 • 1 Junior student placed 3rd Division Mosman Youth Awards in Literature Southern Cross Cultural Exchange Scholarship • 1 Junior student placed 1st • Awarded to 1 Senior student Duke of Edinburgh • 1 Junior student was shortlisted Language Perfect Championships Premier’s Reading Challenge • Redlands Junior Spanish students placed 1st • 6 Gold, 7 Silver, 7 Bronze Awards awarded in Australia and 2nd in the world - 22 Credit, Mathematics 11 Bronze, 7 Silver, 11 Gold, 4 Emerald and Dance 3 Elite Certificates Australian Mathematics Competition Sydney University Summer School RAD Exams • 4 High Distinctions, 31 Distinctions, 83 Credits A Night to Delight • Senior - 38 students awarded, 19 Distinctions ICAS Competition International Day • Grades - 84 students awarded, 57 Distinctions • 5 High Distinctions, 33 Distinctions, 60 Credits Chinese New Year Australian Problem Solving Mathematical Isobel Anderson Awards Olympiads Competition Visual Arts • 3 Senior students competed in the Semi Finals • Junior School students received an Outstanding Achievement Award Redlands Konica Minolta Artist in Joan and Monica Halliday Awards Mathematics Cup Residence Program • 1 Junior Boy placed 2nd • 2 Junior School teams contested the HSC/IB Art Exhibitions Semi Finals Years 3-12 Art Exhibition Australian Ballet UNSW Teacher Fellowship Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize • 1 Senior Boy received a short-term • Awarded to Secondary School teacher • 1 Senior student selected as a finalist scholarship to the Australian Ballet School and performed in the Australian Ballet’s Science/Technology Innovative Design/Textiles production of The Nutcracker • 1 Junior Boy performed in the Australian Metropolitan Science and Engineering HSC Challenge • 5 students were nominated for Shape Ballet’s production of Sylvia • Year 9-10 team placed 1st HSC Design and Technology Exhibition • 1 Junior and2 Senior students participatedinthe Aurecon Bridge Building Competition HSC Textiles and Design Exhibition Australian Ballet Interstate Training Program • Redlands team won Strength Award NCSS Challenge • 3 Senior students awarded High Distinction International Lower North Shore Science Competition • 1 Senior Boy contested the Hong Kong Finals Australian Computational Thinking Challenge of the Asian Grand Prix International Ballet National Science Week • 4 Senior students awarded High Distinction Competition, received the AGP 2019 Atelier Yoshino Prize and was awarded a Breakfast with a Scientist Drama short-term scholarship to the ABT JKO School • 2 Senior students attended the Royal Ballet Year 8/10 Science Symposiums Shakespeare Festival Competition School Summer Intensive and the English • Redlands team placed 3rd in the NSW Finals National Ballet School Intensive in the UK, Year 8-9 STEAM Week the Princess Grace Academy Summer Theatresports Schools Challenge Intensive in Monaco and the Bolshoi Ballet STEAM Big Day In • Intermediate team placed 4th in the Academy Summer Intensive in Connecticut Regional Final • 1 Senior Girl was accepted into the Yorkshire Year 4 STEAM Day Ballet Summer School AACTA Awards • 1 Junior Boy was awarded a part-scholarship Da Vinci Decathlon • 1 Senior Girl won Best New Female into the Bolshoi Sydney Summer School and Talent Award qualified for the finals of the YAGP in New York • Year 10 team: 2nd in Cartography and • 1 Junior Girl was accepted into the Royal Ballet 3rd in Art and Poetry Gilbert and Sullivan Opera School Intensive in Hong Kong • Year 8 team: 2nd in Engineering • 1 Senior Boy selected to perform in • 1 Prep Girl placed 3rd in Lyrical and 5th in • Year 7 team: 2nd in Art and Poetry The Mikado Broadway Jazz and qualified for the World • Year 6 team: 2nd in Cartography and Hip Hop Battle Finals at the Dance World Cup 3rd in Code Breaking ATYP in Portugal • 2 Senior Girls selected to perform in Debating Intersection and April Aardvark Sydney Eisteddfod • Senior Ballet Performance Group placed SDN Competition HSC/IB Drama Showcase 2nd in Secondary School Classical • Senior, Primary A and Primary B teams Year 11 Drama - Frantic • Senior Contemporary Performance Group won their Grand Finals Year 10 Drama - Connections - received Highly Commended in Secondary • Year 7 team were runners up in the Theatre of the Absurd School Dance Grand Final Year 9 Drama - Headlines • Redlands 1 received Highly Commended in Year 8 Drama - Australian Landscapes in Secondary School Contemporary/ Lyrical/ FED Competition Modern/ Expressive • Year 7B team were runners up in the Music • Junior Jazz Performance Group placed 1st in Grand Final Primary School Jazz/Musical Theatre/Hip Hop • Year 7A and Year 10 teams contested the HSC and was selected to perform at the Finals at Semi Finals • 1 student nominated for ENCORE the Sydney Opera House • Junior Ballet Performance Group received ISDA Competition HSC/IB Music Showcase Highly Commended in Primary School Ballet • Yr 7 and Primary A teams contested AMEB Exams • 1 Senior Girl placed 1st in 17/O Jazz Solo and the Semi Finals • 7 High Distinctions and 27 Honours - Highly Commented in 17Y Contemporary Solo Piano, Violin, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, • 1 Senior Boy placed 2nd in 14/O Tap Solo NSW Law Society Mock Trials Trombone, Saxophone, French Horn, and 14/O Tap Championship • Redlands team were runners up in the Euphonium, Voice, Musical Theatre • 1 Junior Boy received Highly Commended Grand Final in Classical Ballet St Cecilia’s Exams • 1 Prep Girl placed 3rd in Jazz NSW Debating Squad • 2 High Distinctions and 1 Distinction - • 1 Senior student selected Violin, Cello Year 7 House Debating Competition Singapore Violin Festival • 2 Junior students selected to perform Students vs Teachers Great Debate 10

Major Events IRBD Eisteddfod Leadership Service • Senior Dance Group placed 3rd • 1 Senior Boy placed 1st in Senior Open Tap YLead Prefects’ Leadership Day M’Lop Tapang, Cambodia and 3rd in the Senior division at the Night Peer Support Leadership Program Kampong Kleang School Library, Cambodia of Champions Student Representative Council Matthew Talbot Hostel • 1 Senior Girl placed 2nd in Open Jazz and Global Young Leaders Conference Breast Cancer Research Highly Commended in Open Contemporary Young Persons’ Plan for the Planet Conference • Mother’s Day Classic Fun Run and Walk • 1 Senior Boy placed 3rd in Classical Ballet UN International Women’s Day • [email protected] Sports Charity Round Scholarship and 2nd in 13/U Classical Spirit Week Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal Ballet Variation Duke of Edinburgh Salvation Army Oasis • 1 Senior Girl placed 3rd in Open Age Jazz Wesley Mission Edward Eager Lodge Performing Arts Anglicare Toys and Tucker Appeal Extreme Dance Competition Red Cross Bushfire Relief and Recovery Appeal • Senior Dance Group placed 1st Musical - Strictly Ballroom Rural Aid Australia • 1 Senior Girl placed 1st in Open Age Jazz Gala Arts Festival Smith Family and Highly Commended in Open Ballet & Dance Concert - Cinderella and Jazz/ Room to Read Contemporary Contemporary Showcase Indigenous Literacy Foundation • 1 Senior Boy placed 1st in Open Age Tap Senior Music Festival - Back to the 80s Bougainvillea Retirement Community • 2 Junior Girls placed 1st in 10/U Ballet Duo Junior Music Festival - Music through the Decades Junior School Reading and Maths Mentoring K-6 Strings Concert NSW Cancer Council Dance Life Unite Competition Year 2 Strings Concert CanTeen • Senior Contemporary Performance Group Year 4-5 MIP Concert Kids Cancer Project placed 2nd HICES Music Festival CMRI – Jeans for Genes Day • Junior Ballet Performance Group placed 1st Jazz in the Garden UN Women in the Primary School Dance Group Any Style Senior Piano Competition UNICEF’s Change for Good • 1 Senior Girl qualified for Nationals in Junior Piano Competition Westmead Children’s Hospital Lyrical, Contemporary, Jazz and Protégé Vocal Competition Royal Society for the Deaf and Blind • 1 Senior Boy qualified for Nationals in Tap Instrumental Competition Headspace Composition Competition Vinnies School Sleepout Ultimate Dance Challenge Battle of the Bands Assistance Dogs Australia • 1 Senior Girl placed 2nd in 14/U Tap Solo Drama and Theatre Competition Taldumande Youth Refuge and 3rd in 14/U Tap Duo Shakespeare Carnival Orange Sky Laundry • 1 Junior Girl placed 2nd in 12/U Broadway Theatresports Competition Wayside Chapel Jazz and Highly Commended in 12/U Drama Celebration Every Little Bit Helps Open Jazz Senior Musical Theatre - Cup of Time, Surprise Giraffe Conservation Foundation • 2 Junior Girls placed 2nd in 12/U Ballet Duo Junior Musical Theatre - Mary Poppins Jnr, Save the Rhino Foundation • 1 Junior Girl placed 2nd in U12 Restricted The Little Mermaid Jnr, Once on This Island Jnr, Shoes for Planet Earth Ballet Solo Musicals We Know and Love, Animal Kingdom Operation Christmas Child • 1 Junior Girl placed 2nd in 9U Jazz Prep Musical Theatre - We Won’t Grow Up, Service Learning Trips Rockin’ With Friends ANZAC Day Services Northern Beaches Eisteddfod Private Musical Theatre - An Evening of Theatre Clean Up Australia • 1 Senior Girl received Highly Commended Senior Acting - Cluedo, Those Bridges Greenlands Week in 13/U Contemporary Restricted Junior Acting - Percy the Pirate, Jack & the • 1 Junior Girl received Highly Commended Beanstalk, Pizza Party, The Parallelodram, in 11Y Demi Character The Gatecrashers, Herb the Vegetarian Dragon Prep Acting - The Present, The Great Pig Saga of 2019 Energy Express Eisteddfod Junior Film Making - Film Works! • 1 Junior Girl placed 3rd in U12 Specially Redlands House - Creative Kids Open Classes Restricted Classical Ballet Solo Expression Dance Eisteddfod • 1 Senior Girl placed 1st in U12 Jazz Solo Sydney Tap Festival • 1 Senior Boy placed 1st in 16/U Fast Tap and 16/U Slow Tap and won the award of Most Promising Tapper Time to Shine Eisteddfod • 1 Senior Girl placed 1st in 12/U Jazz Solo and was selected to compete in the National Finals • 1 Senior Girl placed 1st in U12 Jazz Solo • 1 Junior Girl received Honorary Mention in U12 Jazz Solo Burn It Up Dance Challenge • 2 Junior Girls placed 1st in Classical Ballet Duo Talent Tribe • 1 Junior Girl placed 1st in 8/U Pre-Open Jazz • 1 Junior Girl placed 2nd in 12/U Restricted Jazz Hollywood Bound • 1 Senior Girl placed 1st in 14/U Tap Solo and 14/U Tap Duo Get the Beat Eisteddfod • 1 Senior Girl was named 13/U National Champion in Jazz Castle Hill Eisteddfod • 1 Prep Girl placed 2nd in U8 Jazz Specially Restricted 11

Sport Achievements Athletics AFL Football Secondary School Carnival • 1 Junior Boy was selected for the NSWCIS • Girls 1sts won the ISA Girls 1st XI Premiership • 3 Senior Girls broke 4 records in Intermediate teamwhichwontheNSWPSSAChampionships and Girls teams won the Overall ISA Girls Girls 400m, Intermediate Girls High Jump, • 1 Senior Boy was selected for the NSW/ACT Football Shield Intermediate Girls 1500m and Senior Girls U16 team to compete in the National U16 • Girls 2nds and Intermediate A teams were Shot Put Championships runners up in the ISA Grand Finals • 6 teams contested the ISA Semi Finals and ISA Carnival Basketball 3 teams qualified for the Grand Finals • Redlands team placed 1st in Coed Schools, • 6 students were selected for ISA teams - won Overall Div 1 Girls Championship and • Girls Open B, Junior A, Junior B and Boys 17A 3 Senior Girls for Open Girls, 2 Senior Boys for Junior and Intermediate Girls Shields; and 14D won the ISA Grand Finals Open Boys and 1 Senior Boy for U16 Boys placed 3rd in Senior Girls and 4th in Junior • Junior Girls won the ISA Junior Championship • 2 Senior Girls were selected for the NSWCIS and Senior Boys Shield and Girls teams placed 2nd Overall team to compete at the NSW All Schools • Redlands team won 24 Gold medals and • 18 of the 25 Senior teams contested the ISA Championships; and then for the NSW team 8 athletes were awarded Athlete of the Year Semi Finals and 11 teams advanced to the to compete at the National Championships for their age group Grand Finals • 1 Junior Girl was awarded the VM Medway • 1 Senior Girl won Gold in the U16 Triple Jump, • 1 Senior Girl was selected for the ISA team Award for Outstanding Girl – Primary Sport Long Jump, High Jump, 100m and 200m, and another as reserve for the team which in NSW and was awarded a NSWCIS Red breaking the ISA records in the first 3 events placed 3rd in the NSWCIS Championships Award for performing at an exceptional level • 1 Senior Girl won Gold in the U16 800m, • 1 Senior Boy was selected for the ISA 2nds at the School Sport Australia Championships 1500m and 3000m team and the Basketball Without Borders • 1 Senior Girl won Gold in the U15 100m, Asia Camp in Tokyo Gymnastics 200m and 400m • 1 Junior Boy was selected for the NSWCIS • 1 Senior Boy won Gold in the U13 Discus team which was runner up at the NSWPSSA • Girls Junior Level 1 team and Boys Junior team and Javelin Championships both placed 2nd at the IPSHA Competition • 1 Senior Boy won Gold in the U16 800m • 1 Junior Boy and his Manly Warringah team • 1 Junior Girl won the U13 Tumbling at the and placed 3rd in the 400m won the NSW Div 1 Championship NSW State Trials Competition and was selected • 1 Senior Girl won Gold in the U17 Girls High for the NSW Gymnastics Squad Jump and placed 2nd in the 100m Cross Country • 1 Senior Girl won Gold in the U13 Girls Hockey Shotput and placed 3rd in the Javelin ISA Carnival • 5 Senior Girls won Gold in the U18 3000m • Redlands team placed 1st in Coed Schools, • Girls 2ndand3rdteams won theISAGrand Finals and High Jump, U15 800m, U12 Girls 100m won Overall Girls Championship and Senior • 2 Senior Girls were selected for the ISA Open and Discus and Junior Girls Shields; placed 3rd in Boys and U16 teams to compete in the NSWCIS • 2 Senior Boys won Gold in the U17 800m Overall and 2nd in Senior Boys Championships and U12 800m • 2SeniorGirlswonGoldintheU16andU154km • 3 Senior Girls were selected for teams to • Senior Boys Relay team won Gold in the compete at the NSW Championships 4 x 100m Relay CIS Championships • 1 Junior Girl was selected for the NSWCIS team CIS Championships • 2 Senior Girls placed 3rd in the 16Y 4km to compete at the NSWPSSA Championships • 1 Senior Girl won Gold in the U16 Girls Long and 9th in the 15Y 4km, and qualified for Jump and placed 2nd in the High Jump and NSW All Schools Indoor Hockey 3rd in the 200m • 1 Senior Boy placed 8th in the 13Y 3km, • 1 Senior Boy won Gold in the U16 Boys 800m his ISA team won Gold, and he qualified for • Girls team won the SIHA 18C Competition • Senior Boys Relay team won Gold in the NSW All Schools • 3 Senior Girls competed in the NSW Regional 4 x 100m Relay • 2 Senior Boys and 1 Senior Girl achieved Challenge • 1SeniorBoyplaced2ndinthe15Y100mHurdles Top 20 places • 1 Senior Girl won the Citizenship Award at the • 1 Senior Boy placed 3rd in the 13Y Javelin Centre of Development Carnival NSW All Schools Championships • 1 Senior Boy and his NSW U13 team won their Junior School Carnival • 1 Senior Girl placed 5th in 16Y 4km GrandFinalattheAustralianIndoorHockeyCarnival • 1 Junior Boy broke 3 records in the 10Y 200m, Long Jump and Discus National Championships Netball • 1 Senior Girl was selected for the NSW HICES Championships 15/16Y team to compete at the National • 4thsteamwererunnersupintheISAGrandFinals • 1 Junior Boy won Gold in the 10Y Long Jump, Championships • 4 teams qualified for the ISA Semi Finals - breaking the record 1sts, 3rds, 4ths, Inter A • Junior Boys Relay team won the 4 x 100m HICES Championships • Year 6A team (Redlands 13) won their NSNA Relay, breaking the record • 2 Junior Boys placed 2nd and 3rd in 10Y; GrandFinalandtheHICESNetballChampionships • 14 Junior School students were selected 1 placed 5th in 11Y and 1 placed 10th in 12Y • 6 teams qualified for the NSNA Semi Finals - for the HICES team to compete at the • All 4 Junior Boys were selected to represent Redlands 9A, 9C, 8B, 7D, 13 and 18 NSWCIS Championships HICES at the NSWCIS Championships • 3 Junior Girls were selected for the HICES team to compete at the NSWCIS Championships CIS Championships Equestrian • 2 Junior Girls were selected for the NSWCIS team • 1 Junior Boy won the 10Y 100m and Long Jump to compete at the NSWPSSA Championships • 4 Junior Boys were selected to represent CIS • 1 Senior Girl placed 5th in the 1m Show- • 2 Junior Girls were selected for the NSNA 11Y at the NSWPSSA Championships jumping at both the NSW Interschools and Representative Development Squad National Interschools Championships PSSA Championships • 1 Senior Girl placed 5th in the Elementary • 1 Junior Boy placed 3rd in the 10Y Long Jump Dressage at the NSW Interschools and • Junior Boys Relay team placed 4th in the 8th in the CDI-Y Championship and 7th in 10Y 4 x 100m Relay the CDI-Freestyle at the Australian Dressage Championships 12

Rowing Rugby Swimming Australian Rowing Championships • 3 teams qualified for the ISA Semi Finals - • 6 records were broken at the Redlands Carnival • Senior Boys Double Scull placed 5th in the 1sts, U14, U13 in Boys 15Y 50m Freestyle, Boys 16Y 50m U17 Double Scull A Final • 2 Senior Boys were selected for the ISA Freestyle, Girls 16Y 50m Freestyle, Junior • 1 Senior Girl placed 7th in the U17 Single 2nds and 3rds Girls 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay and Boys and Scull A Final Girls Champion of Champions Sailing • Junior Girls won Div 1 Shield at the ISA Carnival NSW Championships and Redlands team achieved 30 Top 3 places • Senior Boys Coxed Quad won Silver • 1 Senior Boy placed 2nd in the Men’s with 7 1st, 16 2nd and 7 3rd places in the heats • Senior Boys Double Scull won Silver Division of the Laser World Championships • 7 Senior students were selected for the ISA • 1 Senior Girl won Bronze in the U16 • 1 Senior Boy was selectedfor theRSYS Youth team to compete at the CIS Championships, Single Scull team to compete in the Musto International achieving 12 Top 10 places Youth Match Racing Championship and the • 1 Senior Girl was selected for the CIS team to NSW Boys Head of the River Harken Racing Regatta compete at the NSW Championships • Boys crews achieved 11 podium finishes - • 1 Senior Girl won the Secondary Schools • 31 Junior students represented Redlands at 2 Gold, 5 Silver and 4 Bronze – and placed Sportsmanship Award at the Australian HICES and 8 were selected for the HICES team 5thoverall Schools Championships to compete at NSWCIS • Senior BoysCoxedQuadScull placed 2nd in Div 2 Snowsports Tennis • Senior Boys Single Scull placed 1st in Div 2 • Yr 8 Boys crews placed 2nd in Div 1 and 5 National Interschools • 4 teams won the ISA Finals – 1sts, 3rds, 4ths and and 3rd in Div 2 • Redlands achieved 13 podium finishes - 6ths - with the 1sts winning the ISA Div 1 Shield • Yr 8 Boys placed 1st in Double Scull Div 2 7 team and 6 individual – 4 Gold, 3 Silver • 6 teams qualified for the ISA Finals • Yr 8 Boys placed 2nd in Single Scull Div 5 and 6 Bronze • Redlands 1 won the NSTA Summer Finals and and 6 • Redlands Secondary team placed 2nd in Redlands 5, 12 and 20 were runners up • Yr 8 Boys placed 3rd in Single Scull Div 2 Secondary Coed • Redlands 7, 9 and 11 won the Term 4 NSTA and 3 and Double Scull Div 1 • 1 team won a National Championship competitionwith10teamsqualifyingfortheFinals • 2 Senior Boys and 1 Senior Girl won an • 5 Senior Boys competed at the Australian NSW Girls Head of the River individual National Championship Schools Tennis Challenge • Girls crews achieved 3 podium finishes • 2 Senior Boys competed at the Tennis and Senior Girls placed 4th NSW Interschools Australia Tournament • 10/11 crews qualified for A Finals • Redlands achieved 28 podium finishes - • 3 Senior students were selected for the ISA • Yr 9 Single Scuill placed 1st in A Final 16 team and 12 individual – 7 Gold, 8 Silver team to compete at the NSWCIS Trials and • Yr 10 Coxed Quads placed 2nd in Div 1 and 13 Bronze CAS and GPS Championships and 1st in Div 2 • 2 teams won State Championships • 1 Junior Girl was selected for the NSWCIS • 2 Senior Girls, 1 Senior Boy and 1 Junior Girl team which placed 4th at the NSWPSSA ACT Head of the Lake Regatta won 5 individual State Championships Championships • Redlands teams won Overall Combined Girls and Boys Points Score, winning 7 Gold, Sydney Interschools Touch Football 11 Silver and 7 Bronze medals • Redlands achieved 34 podium finishes - • Senior Boys placed 1st in School Boy 20 team and 14 individual – 17 Gold, 8 Silver • 1stIVand2JuniorteamsqualifiedfortheISAFinals Double Scull and 9 Bronze • 3 Senior Girls were selected for the ISA Opens • Senior Boys Single Scull placed 1st in Div 1 • Redlands Secondary team placed 1st in Team which placed 3rd at the NSWCIS and 2nd in Div 2 SecondaryCoedOverall,SkiingandSnowboard Championships • 1 Senior Boy placed 2nd in School Boy • Redlands Junior team placed 1st in Primary • 1 Senior Girl was selected for the ISA U15 Single Scull Div 2 Coed Overall, Skiing and Snowboard teamtocompeteattheNSWCIS Championships • Senior Girls Single Scull placed 1st in Div 2 • 6 teams won individual Gold medals and 2nd in Div 1 • 9 students won 11 individual Gold medals Volleyball • Senior Boys Coxed Quads both placed 2nd in Div 1 and Div 2 Redlands Cup • 1 Senior Girl was selected for the NSW Junior • Yr 10 Girls Coxed Quads placed 1st and 3rd • Redlands achieved 29 podium finishes - Volleyball team to compete at the Australian in the A Final 19 team and 10 individual – 10 Gold, 5 Silver Junior Volleyball Championships • Yr 10 Boys Double Scull placed 1st and 14 Bronze • Yr 9 Girls placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Year 9 • 1 Senior Boy was awarded the Redlands Waterpolo Single Scull Div 1 and 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Div 2 Cup for Boys Snowboard • Yr 9 Girls Coxed Quads placed 3rd in A Final • 8 teams won Gold medals • Senior Girls A Waterpolo team won the and 2nd in C Final • 2 students won individual Gold medals NSSWPA Grand Final and Boys Senior A Team • Yr 9 Boys Double Sculls placed 3rd in Div 1 qualified for the Semi Finals and Div 2 Other • Yr 8 Girls Coxed Quads placed 3rd in A Final • 1 Senior Boy won the Australian Junior and 2nd in C Final Moguls Series; placed 2nd in the U20 • Yr 8 Boys Coxed Quads both placed 2nd in A Juniors at the Australian National Mogul and C Finals Championships; 3rd in the U20 Juniors and 8th in the Open Mens at the ABOM Mogul AAGPS Junior Regatta Challenge; was selected for the Australian • Yr 8 Boys 1st Crew placed 1st Mogul Skiing Academy Whistler Spring • Junior Boys crews both placed 3rd in Div 5 Camp; was awarded the Perisher Winter and 6 Sports Club Performance Scholarship; and was awarded the Emerging Talented Athlete Other of the Year at the Ski and Snowboard Australia • 1 Senior Girl was selected for the NSW Community Sport Awards and nominated U17/19 Girls 1st VIII, which placed 5th at the for the Young Achiever of the Year Edward Trickett Regatta • 1SeniorGirlplaced1stand3rdattheSnowboard Futures Boarder Cross Competition • 1 Senior Boy placed 3rd in Youth Boys at the ABOM Mogul Challenge • 1 Senior Girl placed 3rd in U15 Snowboard at the Karbon Buller Cup 13

Donors The following is a list of the names of families, friends and Dunnet, Robert Alumni who financially supported the means-tested Redlands Elzinga, Jelle & Stephanie Foundation Scholarship and New Learning Hub during 2019. Falcomata, Joseph & Paula Feller, Frerk-Malte & Dinah Their generosity is appreciated and on behalf of the School Filatov / Filatova, Dmitry & Olga community we thank you sincerely for your support. Foley/ Summerhayes, Nicholas & Kylie Forrest, John & Juraporn The following list of donors excludes a number of generous Freeman / Burchall, David & Karen donors who have asked to remain anonymous. Gait, David & Rebecca Garde / Wyburn, Thomas & Kate New Patrons Garrett, Tyson & Peta Garvey/ Lee-Joe, Robert & Jaclyn Humphreys / Naylor, Michael & Nadia Gibbs / Pageau, Nicholas & Nancie Gluck / Gladden, William & Trista New Benefactors Gold, Peter & Kirsty Gong / Li, Xue Yan & Hetao Lennox, Peter Gordon / Lofthouse, Helen & Luke Petersen, Grahame & Martina Green, Wayne & Kimberley Greig, Brian & Lesley New Governors Grinham, Angus & Catherine Gyoshev / Bumbarova, Vasil & Denitsa Cooke, Gavin & Hyun Halliday, Matthew & Jaquelin Goodsall, Andrew & Kate Hansen, Rolf & Barbara Wang / Wu, Luxin & Min Hartnell / McLoughlin, William & Glenda Hayes, Ian & Bernadette Scholarship Fund Haynes / Stapleton, Kylie & David He / Cao, Maojun & Shanshan Algar, Jonathan & Nicole Heard / Jarvinen, David & Justine Allen / Sutherland, David & Kira Heller / Robb, Josh & Kylie Angus / Davila, Iris & Troy Hill, Rod & Helen Bailey / Rickard, Vincent & Janeke Hopkins / Harrington-Hopkins, Mark & Alexandra Banfield, Stephen & Susan Hor / Cooper, Joydeep & Michelle Banks, John & Cathryn Hoskin, Dudley & Katherine Bardwell, Maitland & Amanda Jackson, Andrew & Jennifer Barker, Collette & Craig Jennings, Adam & Deborah Bartley, Rodney & Mikaela Jennings, Gavin & Kirsten Barwise / Racine, David & Wendy Keay, Sarah & Giles Beder, Jefferson & Karen Kos, Walter & Jennifer Benz / Larsson, Robert & Malin Krapovnitskiy / Krapovnitskaya, Evgeny & Natalia Berbic, Nedim & Marina Kumpulainen, Roger & Helen Blackstock, Fergus & Helena Laverty, Jonathan & Julia Bootes, Alan & Maria-Helena Leach, Christopher & Christine Boswarva / Fleming, Gavin & Melissa Leon, Nicole Bourne, Matthew & Emma Leung / Liao, Yu-Lan & Kai Chi Bowden, Andrew & Corinne Liu, Sarah Braden, Donald & Sonya Lobo/ Staley, Leroy & Mayumi Bradley, Scott & Helen Louis, Justin & Rosanna Briscoe, Steven & Katherine Lu / Chen, Ming Hua & Xiu Xia Burton / Stillone, Christopher & Anna Maria MacLochlainn/ Glass, Philip & Elissa Carter / Devin, Sheona & Christopher Mahon/ Hatton-Mahon, Jennifer & Colin Casimaty, Dana & Peter Maiden/ Watson, William & Philippa Chan, Derek & Laura Mast, Darren & Jennifer Charles, Anthony & Rachel Maxwell / Tham, Philip & Jane Chua / Ong, Brian & Yang-Yi McFarlane / Welstead, Andrew & Aimee Church / Williams-Church, Matthew & Lexie McGrath / Conybeare, Nicholas & Alix Cicchini / Baggett-Cicchini, Ferdinando & Emily McKay, Robert & Catherine Coleman, Peter & Mary Meagher / Fransen, Tobin & Alexandra Colvin / Smiles, John & Robyn Mennie, Craig & Lisa Cooper / Griffiths, Jason & Sharon Mellor-Stuart, Joanne Corn, Mitchell & Kerri Moate / Clarke, Stephen & Janelle Cotiga, Costin & Laura Monty/ Hale, Jean-Max & Katherine Coussy / Chang, Alexandre & Ching-Wen Murphy, Paul & Corrine Cui / Liu, Chi & Jun Daily / Speechly, Christopher & Catherine Davies, Paul & Anne De Saxe, Marshal & Alysia Dong/ Han, Zhihong & Yining Droumev / Droumeva, George & Radiana Du / Wang, Ying Hui & Wei 14

Naqvi, Kamal & Sabiha Building Fund Natilli, Stephen & Susan Nelson, Richard & Sarah Adamson, David & Michele Nguyen, Robert & Fiona Alexandratos / O’Donoghue, Panos & Michele Nicoletti, Vincent & Lidia Angus / Davila, Iris & Troy Ower, David & Christine Ashby, Georgina & Jonathan Piro, Darren & Robyn Banfield, Stephen & Susan Prado, Todd & Hiroko Banks, John & Cathryn Priestley / Watson, Peter & Christine Bardwell, Maitland & Amanda Psaroulis, Louie & Vivienne Barker, Collette & Craig Qu / Zhu, Ye & Jing Bartley, Rodney & Mikaela Rahman, Mozammel & Tanuza Barwise / Racine, David & Wendy Ramsey, Anita Benz / Larsson, Robert & Malin Ramsey, Mark Blackstock, Fergus & Helena Rawlinson, Duncan & Caroline Bond, James & Mara Ressas / Saticieli, Nazmi & Dilek Bootes, Alan & Maria-Helena Richards, Hugh & Melissa Bourne, Matthew & Emma Robertson / van Bavel, Duncan & Julie Bracks, Courtney Ryan / Andrews, Travis & Kathryn Bradley, Scott & Helen Sanger / Larsson, Paul & Maria Briscoe, Steven & Katherine Santos Inacio/ Pedro Inacio, Jason & Susy Brisson/ Gaspar, Sofia & Mark Schlederer/ Marshall, Peter & Rebecca Brown, Chester & Catherine Scotting/ Cheeseman, Andrew & Elizabeth Burton / Stillone, Christopher & Anna Maria Shatilov/ Shatilova, Andrey & Nataliya Byrne, Fabian & Tracey Shen/ Mai, Zhiling & Xinan Carter/ Devin, Christopher & Sheona Sivaloganathan/ Baw, Theresa & Soruban Casimaty, Peter & Dana Smith/ Kinsela, Murray & Maria Chan, Derek & Laura Smith/ Witherington, Oliver & Beverley Charles, Anthony & Rachel Smith, Stephen & Natasha Chua / Ong, Brian & Yang-Yi Stewart, Marcus & Debra Church/ Williams-Church, Matt & Lexie Sun/ Zhan, Jianya & Quan Cicchini / Baggett Cicchini, Ferdinando & Emily Swann, Troy & Annette Coburn, Lindsay & Vibha Szeto / Chung, Stuart & Eng Eng Colvin/ Smiles, John & Robyn Tea, Mosese & Michelle Cooke/ Choi, Gavin & Hyun Tebbutt, Peter & Penelope Corn, Mitchell & Kerri Textor/ Munson, Mark & Susan Cotiga, Costin & Laura Thorburn, Cassandra Coussy/ Chang, Alexandre & Ching-Wen Tobin, Andrew & Samantha Creighton / Hicks, Reece & Amanda Voyce/ Snedden, Christopher & Angela Cui / Liu, Chi & Jun Wang, Guangyu & Aileen Daily/ Speechly, Christopher & Catherine Wang / Peng, Lixiang & Yao Droumev/ Droumeva, George & Radiana Wang / Wu, Luming & Xunda Du / Wang, Ying Hui & Wei Ward, David & Kristie-Anne Elzinga, Jelle & Stephanie White, Maxine Falcomata, Joseph & Paula White, Simon Feller, Frerk-Malte & Dinah Williams / Gardner, Christopher & Felicity Foley / Summerhayes, Nicholas & Kylie Wilson, Kerryn Forrest, John & Juraporn Wrigglesworth / Bramwell, Eric & Pauline Freeman/ Burchall, David & Karen Wu/ Yang, Chien-Nan & Peifan Gait, David & Rebecca Yang / Han, Hongyu & Xiao Garvey / Lee-Joe, Robert & Jaclyn Yohannan/ Mehra, Rajesh & Sweta Gluck/ Gladden, William & Trista Young, Alan & Flavia Gold, Peter & Kirsty Zhang / Yang, Shi Yong & Ming Gong/ Li, Hetao & Xue Yan Zhao/ Mao, Yu Xing & Jian Min Gordon/ Lofthouse, Luke & Helen Zhou / Zhang, Hong & Wei Grinham, Angus & Catherine Gupta, Rajeev & Leena Gyoshev / Bumbarova, Vasil & Denitsa Halliday, Matthew & Jaquelin Harper, Rodney & Elizabeth Haynes/ Stapleton, David & Kylie Hindmarsh, Kent & Katie Hoang/ Le, Le Minh & Ngoc Hopkins / Harrington-Hopkins, Mark & Alexandra 15

Donors Tobin, Andrew & Samantha Vincent, Alastair & Emma Hoskin, Dudley and Sophie Vivaldi / Viese Vivaldi, Gustavo & Patricia Hu/Yao, Yipeng and Min Voyce / Snedden, Christopher & Angela Jackson, Andrew & Jennifer Wainberg, Simon & Kate Jennings, Adam & Deborah Wang, Christian & Valeriya Jeoung/ Chung, Seyun & Jillian Wang / Pan, Xin Xin & Elaine Kang, Ho-Young & Vyvian Wang / Wu, Luming & Xunda Kelly/ Davis, Frederick & Jaclyn Wang, Guangyu & Aileen Kin/ Chen Auyeung, Sui & Lillian Waterfield, Anselm & Trudy Kos, Walter & Jennifer Williams/ Gardner, Christopher & Felicity Krapovnitskiy/ Krapovnitskaya, Evgeny & Natalia Williams, Andrew & Natasha Kumpulainen, Roger & Helen Willis, Matthew & Lucienne Lam/ Yuan, Pok & Fang Wilson, Kerryn Laverty, Jonathan & Julia Wintle / Templeton, Derek & Nicoli Leach, Christopher & Christine Yang / Han, Hongyu & Xiao Leon, Nicole Zhang/ Yang, Shi Yong & Ming Leroux/ Houle, Jean-Etienne & Julie Zhao/ Mao, Yu Xing & Jian Min Liu, Sha Zhou / Zhang, Hong & Wei Lloyd, Henry & Joanne Louis, Justin & Rosanna Alumni Lu/ Chen, Ming Hua & Xiu Xia MacLochlainn/ Glass, Philip & Elissa Bayles, Gregory & Mary Maher/ Witte, Simon & Jane Edwards, Kim & Jennifer Maiden/ Watson, William & Philippa Finney, Kristen Markman/ Macdonald, Wayne & Sally Girodet / Palmer, Christian & Ragen Marshall, Larry & Maria Howard OAM (nee Cameron), Merron McGarry, Sarah Jane (nee Farris), Caroline McGrath/ Conybeare, Nicholas & Alix Kvisle (nee Charody), Vicky McKay, Robert & Catherine Manfredini / Palmer, Carlo & Dianne Meagher/ Fransen, Tobin & Alexandra Mulligan, Tracey Murai, Haruo & Yukiko Numa/ Swift, Andrew & Amanda Murphy, Paul & Corrine Ryrie, Elizabeth Murray, Crispin & Kate Stanford, Jann Natilli, Stephen & Susan Steenbhom (nee Land), Gillian Nelson, Richard & Sarah Thompson, Beverley Noakes, David & Tiffany Thompson, Stephen & Sarah Pocknee / Bell, Michael & Christine Popovac, Luka & Petra 16 Priestley / Watson, Peter & Christine Qu/ Zhu, Ye & Jing Ramsey, Anita Ramsey, Mark Rawlinson, Duncan & Caroline Ressas / Saticieli, Nazmi & Dilek Richards, Hugh & Melissa Roger, Philippe & Samantha Rolfe, Robyn Ryan/ Andrews, Travis & Kathryn Santos Inacio/ Pedro Inacio, Jason & Susy Saraf, Manish & Preeta Schwarzer/ Pegus, Christopher & Annabel Scott, Christopher & Sofie Scotting/ Cheeseman, Andrew & Elizabeth Scown/ Davidson, Andrew & Victoria-Anne Sellar, Jonathon & Sue Shatilov / Shatilova, Andrey & Nataliya Smith / Witherington, Oliver & Beverley Smith, Stephen & Natasha Sun/ Zhan, Jianya & Quan Swann, Troy & Annette Szeto/ Chung, Stuart & Eng Eng Tebbutt, Peter & Penelope Textor / Munson, Mark & Susan

Redlands, Sydney Church of England Coeducational Grammar School 272 Military Road, Cremorne, NSW 2090 P: 02 9909 3133 Operated by SCECGS Redlands Limited ABN 96 001 336 269 CRICOS Provider Code: 00713M

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