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Published by itu.dilgncr, 2021-06-01 13:45:24

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INTRODUCTION The Safety Seal Certification Program (SSCP) provided in IATF Resolution No. 87 aims to increase compliance by private or public entities with the minimum public health standards set by the government. Moreover, the program seeks to encourage the adoption and use of the digital contact tracing application as well as increase consumer confidence as the government safely reopen the economy. The Safety Seal is a physical manifestation of the compliance of an establishment (whether private or public) to the minimum health standards required by government to contain the spread of COVID19.

INTRODUCTION The JMC and the MC provided for the list of Issuing Authorities (IA) together with the respective assigned establishments for them to inspect, and issue and/ or revoke Safety Seal. The JMC and the MC also provided that the design and security features of the Safety Seal shall be set by the Issuing Authority. The Issuing Authorities (IAs) shall also develop their respective microsite or a dedicated section in official website to provide pertinent information regarding the SSCP, the list of establishments issued with Safety Seal, and complaint hotlines, among others.

INTRODUCTION DILG NCR through ORD-RICTU, as requested by the DILG Central Office, and in compliance with the provisions of the JMC and MC, developed a microsite for the Safety Seal Certification Program – The microsite is really intended to be a portal for online application, verification, and certification to ensure safety and security of our Field Office personnel. However, with the complexity of the program and the tedious process of portal development, this has been undergoing different development phases, as follows:

INTRODUCTION • Phase 1 – InfoSite/ Mircosite – (Fully Developed) • It contains information regarding the SSCP: • Issuances • Checklists (for LGU and DILG as IAs) • Complaint hotlines for all IAs • List of Government Establishments issued with Safety Seal with DILG as IA (to be populated once Phase 2 is fully functioning) • This may already be disseminated to LGUs, Barangays and DILG Interior Sectors for their reference. It is recommended that checklists be disseminated to LGUs, Barangays and DILG – Interior Sector Offices for self-assessment.

INTRODUCTION • Phase 2 – Encoding by DILG FO • Since Undersecretary Jonathan Malaya pronounced during the roll- out that the SSCP already need to commence and that the DILG/PNP/BFP inspection team must already conduct onsite inspection for the government establishments, the ORD-RICTU planned to develop the Phase 2 – Admin Page of the SSCP Portal. • The Admin Side of the SSCP Portal will have the capability of generating the unique Safety Seal for the establishment with the QR Code. • It will require the FO to provide/ encode information regarding the government establishment inspected physically and to upload the duly signed Checklist

INTRODUCTION • Phase 3 – Online Application by Government Establishments • This is the intended final feature of the portal to ensure minimal face- to-face interaction. • Government establishments shall • Create/ register an account in the SSCP Portal • Download and accomplish the Self-Assessment Checklist • Prepare the documents for the Means of Verification (MOV) • Transfer information from the Self-Assessment Checklist to the Online Checklist and upload the pertinent MOVs per indicator • Print the Safety Seal Certification on an A4 size photopaper (upon the online verification of DILG FO)

INTRODUCTION • Initially identifed roles for Phase 3 of the SSC Portal: • DILG Field Office • Verify online the submitted documents/ MOVs vis-à-vis the Self-Assessment on a per indicator basis. Provide remarks for those with unmet indictors/ unclear MOVs/ documents. • Click “Pass” to notify the applicant that the Seal is now ready for downloading and printing. Otherwise, click “Return” to notify the applicant to resubmit the documents/ MOVs provided with remarks. • For any complaints for the establishment, verify the validity of complaint and, if valid, inform PNP/ BFP for them to conduct onsite validation.

INTRODUCTION • Initially identifed roles for Phase 3 of the SSC Portal: • PNP and BFP • Conduct Onsite Validation for verified government establishments by DILG FO, either through: • Random sampling/ Surprise Visit • Request of government establishment • Verified complaints • Place a unique marker/ sticker on the posted Safety Seal (to be designed and distributed by DILG Central Office) proving that the establishment has been validated with its compliance. Otherwise, and/or with proven non-compliance arising from complaint, report to DILG FO to process revocation of the Seal

User USER ROLES F•ield Office (City/ Mun) Roles o With Conducted Onsite Validation (Phase 2) Provincial Office Regional Office - Encode Details and Upload Checklists of Cental Office Agencies and Establishments, and Generate Safety Seals. o With Online Application of Government Establishments (Phase 3) - Verify uploaded MOVs, information and checklist. Processes the application. Generate Safety Seals. o Viewing and Reporting o Viewing and Reporting o Manage Regional Users o Viewing and Reporting o Manage Users

REGISTRATION •Go to •Enter Registration Details and click on \"Register\". •Note: You must use a valid email address so we can notify you regarding the approval of your account.

REGISTRATION After hitting the \"Register\" button you will be redirected to the \"Login page\". Registration has been saved. Please wait for an email notification regarding the approval of your account.

LOGIN Go to Enter the credentials you used when you created an account and press \"Login\". Note: Each user has different functions depending on what role he/she is assigned. See \"User Roles\" for more info.

AGENCIES City/Municipalities Once Logged in, Click on \"Agencies\" . The record of the added agencies will be on the list.

AGENCIES To add an \"Agency\" Click on \"+ Add Agency“ Fill in the \"Agency Form\" and press \"Submit\". A message will appear if you successfully added a new Agency, otherwise check for errors.

AGENCIES To check or edit the details of an existing Agency. Click the \"eye\" button on the list and you will be redirected to this page.

AGENCIES Region Once Logged in, Click on \"Agencies\" . The record of the added agencies will be on the list. Both user can use the \"search box\" to filter the list.

ESTABLISHMENTS City/Municipalities Once Logged in, Click on “Establishment\" . The record of the added establishments will be on the list.

ESTABLISHMENTS To add an “Establishment\" Click on \"+ Add Establishment“ Fill in the “Establishment Form\" and press \"Submit\". A message will appear if you successfully added a new Establishment, otherwise check for errors.

ESTABLISHMENTS To check or edit the details of an existing Establishment. Click the \"eye\" button on the list and you will be redirected to this page.

SAFETY SEAL Each government establishment will need to apply for Safety Seal Certication • After encoding the details of the establishment, or upon viewing the details of the establishment you may click New Application.

SAFETY SEAL • Upload the scanned copy of the duly accomplished and signed Safety Seal Certification Checklist and click Pass (on the right side of the screen). Note: The name of the user who processed the application will be posted in the history of the application of the establishment.

GENERATE SAFETY SEAL Only those \"Passed\" establishment will have the \"Print Safety Seal\" enabled. Once the status of the application is \"Passed\" the DILG FO may also click the \"Send SSC\" to forward a copy of the Seal to the registered email address of the agency/ establishment. The FO may also \"Revoke\" the seal should a complaint be proven valid.

GENERATE SAFETY SEAL Clicking on Print Safety Seal will open another tab with the copy of the Safety Seal for the establishment. This may then be downloaded and/ or printed as usual.


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