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Quality Manual - DILG NCR Signed - Small

Published by itu.dilgncr, 2018-03-02 03:49:20

Description: Quality Manual - DILG NCR Signed - Small


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}lAI Ot'|AL DILG IAP TAI. t RIG ON Quality Manual

Docurnent Code M-NCR-OO DILG - NATIONAI, CAPITAL REGION Dorunlent Title QUALITY Organizational Ba d MANUAL Rev.lYo. Eff. Dat Page m 09.01.17 I of 3 ORGANIZATIONAT BACKGROUND The Department of the Interior and Local Government The Department ofthe Interior and Local Government (DILG) is responsible for promoting peace and order, ensuring public safety and strengthening local government capability aimed towards tJre effective delivery of basic services to the citizenry. DILG assists the President in the exercise ofgeneral supervision over local governments; advises the President in the promulgation of policies, rules, regulations and other issuances on the general supervision over local governments and on public order and safety; establishes and prescribes rules, regulations and other issuances to implement laws on public order and safety, general supervision over local governments and promotion of local autonomy and community empowerment, and monitors compliance; formulates plans, policies and programs which will meet local emergencies arising from natural and man-made disasters; establishes a system of coordination and cooperation among the citizenry, local executives and the Department, to ensure effective and efficient delivery of basic services to the public. Historyand the DILG Mandate DILG traces its roots from the Philippine Revolution of 1897. The Department oflnterior was created in March 22, 1897 during the Teieros Convention. General Emilio Aguinaldo, President ofthe Philippine Revolutionary Government appointed General Pascual Alvarez as Secretary of the Interior at the Naic Assembly held in April 17, 1897. Powers of the Department of lnterior was defined under the Biak-na-Bato Constitution signed on November 1, 1897. Article XV of the said Constitution stated the powers and functions ofthe Department that included statistics, roads and bridges, agriculture, public information and posts, and public order. As the struggle for independence continued, the Interior Departrnent was tasked with various functions ranging from supervision over local units, forest conservation, public instructions, control and supervision over the police, counter-insurgency, rehabilitation, community development and cooperatives development programs. In the 1950s, the Interior Department was abolished, and was replaced with the Presidential Assistant on Community Development (PACD) under the leadership of President Ramon Magsaysay. Created on lanuary 6, 1956, PACD was tasked to oversee the Philippine Community Development Program to coordinate and integrate the efforts of various governmental and civic agencies to improve the living conditions of barrio residents nationwide to make them self-relianL In 1972, Presidential Decree No. l created the Department of Local Governmentand Community Development (DLGCD) tlrrough Letter of Implementation No. 7 on November 1, 1972, integrating the Department oflnterior and PACD. ln 1982, the DLGCD was reorganized and renamed Ministry of Local Government by virtue [MLG) of Executive Order No.777; and in 1987, it was restructured and renamed Department of Local Government [DLG) by virtue of Executive Order No.262.

Documellt Code OM.NCR.OO DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Document litle QUALITY Organizational B d MANUAL Rev. l{o. Eff. Date P.aa 00 09.01.17 2of3 By virtue of Republic Act No. 6975, the DLG became the Department of t}re Interior and Local Government (DILGJ. The law integrated the Philippine National Police, tIe National Police Commission, the Bureau of Fire Protection, the Bureau oflail Managementand Penolory,t}re Philippine Public SafetyCollege; and the National Action Committee on Anti-Hi.iacking. Vision, Mission, Goals, Obiectives, Core Values DILG Shared Vision A strongly determined and highly trusted Departrnent committed to capacitate and nurture local government units, public order and safety institutions to sustain peaceful, progressive and resilient communities where people live happily. DILG Mission The Department shall promote peace and order, ensure public safety, and strengthen capability of local government units through active people participation and a professionalized corps of civil servants. DILG Goals r Peaceful, safe, self-reliant and development-dominated communitiesi . [mprove performance of local governments in governance, administration, social and economic development and environmental management; . Sustain peace and order condition and ensure public safety DILG Obiectives o Reduce crime incidents and improve crime solution efficiency r Improve jail management and penology services o lmprove fire protection services . Continue professionalization ofPNP, BFP and BIMP personnel and services o Enhance LGU capacities to improve their performance and enable them to effectively and efficiently deliver services to their constituents . Continue to initiate policy reforms in support of local autonomy DILG Core Values o Integrity and Trust o Sense of Commitment . Visionary o Lead by Example . Responsive o Team Spirit

Document Code M.NCR.OO DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Document Title QUATITY Organizational Ba und MANUAI nev,llo, gft, D.te PaSe 00 09.01.17 3of3 The DILG Logo The Philippine map syrnbolizes national territory comprising all local government units under tle general supervision of the Department The people and shields forming a circle represents the 18 regions ofthe country and the unity ofthe local government and peace and order sectors, which the DILG upholds. Prepared bv: Reviewed by: Aptrrovetl bv AD UAN INGENIERO, CESO V MARIA LOURDES. L. AGUSTIN, CESO IV G nt ns 0fficer Vl Regional Director Regional Dire€tor s t Head D litJr Management Re tive R

Document Code I M.NCR-01 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Document Title QUALITY DILG National Capital Region MANUAT Rcv. No, fff. Dite Page m 09.01.17 1of 4 1. DIIG National Capital Region The Department of t}re Interior and Local Government - National Capital Region (DILG-NCR) is one of the 18 regional offices of the Department serving t}re 17 Local Government Units (LGUs) of Metro Manila, the Philippines' seat of governance. Established in 1988, DILG-NCR has a total of 17 field offices, one is situated in every LGU in Metro Manila, while its regional office is located in Sugar Regulatory Administration in Diliman, Quezon City. In fulfilment of its mandate of providing general supervision to local government, tIe DILG-NCR continues to create venues to respond to the needs of its LGUs, from the City and Municipal level, down to its 1,706 barangays. In lune 2010, the Department of Budget and Management [DBMJ approved the Rationalization Plan for DILG Regional Offices which resulted in a restructured DILG-NCR. ln2O77, Regional Office Circular 2077-OZ was issued and reorganized the regional office to effectively dispense services and ensure continuity ofservices in anticipation of the emergence of new programs and projects lodged to the Department, as well as to respond to the evolving demands of its clientele. This restructuring aims to ensure that performance obiectives are achieved, quality management system is institutionalized and service excellence becomes a way of life towards improved organizational outcomes. .1

Do.xm.'nt Cod{ OM-NCR-01 DILC - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Docurnont'l itlc QUALITY DILG National Capital Re on MANUAL Rev. No. Eff, Date Page m 09.o1.17 2of4 Figure 1 (DILG-NCR Organizational Structure) g-TqE of rHlBEG]9!!A! !!lFcrq! lo_lPl oFFrcE oF THE ASS|STAT{T REGTONAL D|RECTOR (OARD} Perforftance, lnrormation and systemi LetalUnit Management Section (PrlsMS) Public Planning Unit lnformation Unit (Plu) Unit {lfiU) loaal Governmenl Local Govemment Finance and Capability Development MonitorinS and 16HUC&l Muni.ipal Admioistrative Division Evaluation Division Field Offices Oivision (LGCDD) (FAD) (TGMED) Compliance Monitorin& Development Evaluation & Reportin& Accounting Section Assistance and Special Projects Section Sections BudSer section lnnovative Souktions and Peace & order and Public Urban Governance Safety, lncentives and Cash Section Section Awards Section PersonnelSection DRRM, ISF, MBCRP and Specral Concerns Sections Records Section Supply and General Servi€es Section

Document Code M-NCR-01 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Documenl Titl( QUALITY DILG National Capital Re on MANUAL Rev. llo. Eff. O.te Page m 09.o1.17 3 ol4 Figure 2 (DILG Outcome-Based Framework) Povcfty in Muhiplc Dim.ll5ions R€duc.d Soristal0utcome and M.rsiv€ quality Created 5ef-Relirnce, hwand order S€cioraloutcome Sustainable D€velopment{ri€nted Lotal Govemm€nt .nd Publi. Salety Sub.s!clor Outcom. [nYi ooment.Protective, Business+riendly ard Socjallt+rotecliYe Pea.eful, ord€rly .nd s.h Oimate 6.n!e Adaptive and Competitive tGUs tGUs IGUt Disaster Resilist l.6us organizrtional Accountable, Tnnsparent, Padiripativ! Outcome and E lective lo€al Governance Reintorint Atency d Coflrhments I [8Jor FinslOu$ut tE C{.dty D.ldolm.t*Itd I t Pt fo n lt Ov.ulitrd turt l lutliUc I o c t! o lntemal Governanca @: Strengthenedlnternal Outcome Organirational C\"apacity The Quality Management System is in coniunction with the thrust of the DILG in strengthening its internal governance to improve the organization's productivity and the effectiveness of t}le current systems. 1.1 DILG-NCR Vision The DILG-NCR is the Center of Excellence in Urban Governance lnnovations that nurtures business-friendly, competitive, environment-protective, climate change-adaptive, disaster-resilient and socially-protective Local Government Units tJlrough accountable, transparent, participative, and effective governance ofthe LGUs in coordination with the Central Office. 1.2 DILG-NCR Mission The DILG-NCR develops, strengthens and sustain capabilities of every LGU in Metro Manila and promotes service excellence in local governance through provision of technical assistance, performance oversight and awards and incentives services on programs, proiects and activities in coordination with the Central Office, and in collaboration with its stakeholders.

Documeht Code M.NCR-01 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Documenl Titk QUALITY DILG National Capital on MANUAL Rev.l{o, Eff. D.te P.te m 09.01.17 4 of 4 1.3 DILG-NCR Core Values The DILG-NCR established a set ofcorporate core values thatguides the organization in reaching its aspiration to develop a culture of customer satisfaction through effective and efficient service to clients, and continue to demonstrate its steadfast commitment to further strengt}len local governance in the National Capital Region. Commitment o The DILC-NCR is dedicated towards the achievement of the organizational goals through the unwavering p:lssion and loyalty of its personnel Integrity o The DILG-NCR ensures that tasks be done in a principled manner exuding discipline, honesty, trustworthiness, right attitude and respect a Teamwork o The DILG-NCR works unified to reach its set objectives. Competence o The DILG-NCR has a workforce committed to further enhance tleir knowledge and skills towards productivity and efficiency. The DILG-NCR also inspires and imbues its people with principle and qualities to imbibe and acquire traits consistent with the Department Core Values as follows: \"Matino, Mahusay, at Maaasahang kagawaran pora sa Mapogkalinga at Maunlad na Pamahalaang Lokal.\" (\"Committed, ExcellenC ond Dependable Agenq/ towards a Coring and Developed Local GovemmenL\") Matino - Sensible, accountable, committed and works with integrity Mahusay - Skillful, capable, methodical, aims for excellence, mastery of knowledge and skills Maaasahan - Reliable, dependable and accessible Mapagkalinga - Caring, sensitive, responsive, and attentive Maunlad - Progressive, developed, matured, enhance, evolved Prepared b1 Reviewed bv Approved by a --,f{-- ]UANI E.INGENIERO, CESO V MARIA LOURDES L. AGUSTIN, CESO IV /oc4,(ov er{ment op26tioy's omcer vt /d. nt Regional Director Regional Director QMssecrfrhtread ,ll, Quality Management V R

Document Code M.NCR.O2 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Document Title QUALITY DILG NCR Quality Manual MANUAT Rev, ilo. Eff. Date P.8. m 09.01.17 1of1 2.0 About the DILG-NCR Quality Manual This manual is prepared for the purpose of defining t}e organization's interpretation of the ISO 9001:2015 international standard, as well as to demonstrate how the organization complies with that standard. This manual presents \"Notes\" which are used to define how DILG-NCR has tailored its management system to suit its purposes. These are intended to clarify implementation approaches and interpretations for concepts which are not otherwise clearly defined in ISO 9001:2015. IVofes appear in italics, with gray bacl<ground. Where subordinate or supporting documentation is reference in this manual, these are indicated by bold italics. Pre lared bv: Reviewed bv: ApDroved by --4!-- E. INGENIERO, CESO V MARIA LOURDES L. AGUSTIN, CESO IV ent O o Officer Vl taht Regional Director Regional Director QMS t * Quality Management lresentaUve (OMRI

Document Code M-NCR.O3 DILC - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Do.ument Title DItG QUALITY Terms and Definitions \"a MANUAT R€v.lvo. Eff. Data Page 00 09.01.17 1of3 3.0 Terms and Definitions DILC-NCR adopts the following terms and definitions within its Quality Management System. Where no definition is provided, the organization typically adopts the definitions provided in ISO 9OO0: Qualigt Management - Fundamentals and Vocabulary. In some cases, specific procedures or documentation may provide a different definition to be used in the context of that document; in such cases, the definition will supersede those provided for in this Quality Manual or ISO 9000. aJ DILG-NCR - Department ofthe Interior and Local Government - National Capital Region - refers to the DILG Office in the National Capital Region serving the 16 Highly Urbanized Cities and 1 Municipality in Metro Manila. Itcovers the Office ofthe Regional Director (0RD), Office of theAssistant Regional Director (OARD), Local Government Capability Development Division [LGCDD), Local Government Monitoring and Evaluation Division (LGMEDI, Finance and Administrative Division (FAD) and the 17 Field Offices in each ofthe LGUS in Metro Manila. bJ DILG Central Office IDILG-CO) - refers to the main office ofthe DILG which covers the 0ffice ofthe Secretary, Office of the Undersecretaries, Office of the Assistant Secretaries, lnternal Audit Service (lAS), Bureau ofLocal Government Supervision (BLGS), Bureau of Local Government Development [BLGD), Office of Proiect Development Services (OPDS), National Barangay Operations Office (NBOO), Planning Service (PS), Financial and Management Service (FMS), Administrative Service (AS), Public Affairs and Communications Service (PACS), lnformation Systems and Technology Management Service (ISTMS), and Legal and kgislative Liaison Service (LLLSJ. c) Field Oflice - this refers to the DILG Offices under the supervision ofthe Regional Office - City Office and Municipal Office. For DILG NCR, there is a Field Office in each ofthe following: Caloocan City Paraffaque City Las Pifras City Pasay City Makati City Pasig City Malabon City Municipality of Pateros Mandaluyong City Quezon City City of Manila San ,uan City Marikina City Taguig City Muntinlupa City Valenzuela City Navotas City d) Clients/Customers - refers to persons or entlties outside the DILG-NCR organizational structure who/which are the intended beneficiary of DILG-NCR programs, proiects, activities {PPAs) and services. In consideration of the QMS scope, this specifically refers to the Local Government Units/Officials/Employees and the general public.

lJocument Cod( OM.NCR-03 'l DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Document itle QUALITY Terms and Definitions MANUAL R€v. fio. tff. Orta P.8. 00 09.01.17 2 ol3 e) Core process refers to processes that are directly involved in the performance ofthe mandate ofthe - DILG-NCR in the provision of LGU capacity development, performance oversight and incentives and awards services which are intended for its clients/customers. 0 Support Services - refer to processes needed to ensure the satisfactory performance of the core processes delivered by the different units in the DILG-NCR which caters the officials, employees and/ or operating units/ offices ofthe DILG-NCR. g) External Documents/References - Documents of external origin - usually from DILG CenEal Office (DILG COJ, Office of the President {OPJ, Civil Service Commission {CSCJ, Commission on Audit {COA), Department of Budget (DBM), Other National Government Agencies (NGAs), National Government Organizations (NGOsJ, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Government Financial lnstitutions {GFis), Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations {GOCCs), Local Government Units (t GUs) and other Institutions - necessary for planningand operations which include Circulars, Memorandums, Republic Acts, Executive Orders, AdminisEative Orders, Guidelines, Manuals, Resolutions, Orders, other Issuances, Reportorial and Compliance Forms, among others. hJ Form - A document in a structured format with standardized data fields that gathers information asa requirementof a certain regulation or necessary in achieving desired process, procedure, and/or service outputs/oblectives/results that when duly filled out, are considered records. i) Maior Final Output (MFO) - the major deliverables of the DILG which are measured, evaluated, monitored and reported as performance results of the DepartmenL Specifically, this refers to LGU capacity development and performance oversight and incentives and awards services. i) Regional Management - this refers to the top level management which includes the Regional Director, Assistant Regional Director and Division Chiefs k) Quality Management Representative (QMR) - is a designated member ofthe regional management, the Assistant Regional Director, who has the responsibility and authority to ensure that adequate resources and management support are provided for the effective implementation, sustainability, and continual improvement of t}le Quality Management System (QMS). l) Deputy QMR - is the designated Division Chiefwho oversees the overall affairs ofthe QMS and reports to the QMR the performance ofthe QMS and any need for improvementand performs the functions of the QMR in his/ her absence. m) lnternal Quality Audit [QA) - A systematic, independeng and documented process for obtaining audit evidence and evaluating it objectively to determine compliance to international standard requirements for QMS. n) Risk - Negative effect of uncertainty

flocument Codc a M.NCR-03 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Document Titk QUALITY Terms and Definitions MANUAL Rev. ilo. Eff. Drte m 09.01.17 3of3 o) Opportunity - Positive effect of uncertainty p) Uncertainty - A deficiency of information related to understanding or knowledge of an event, its consequence, or likelihood. Other terms and definitions deemed applicable to a specific process or function are defined in the specific quality procedure (QPJ. Prepared by: Reviewed by: Approved bv -4-y+ ,,/ ,,/lop.tfft.tgfrl. JUAN ] INGENIERO, CESO V MARIA LOURDES L. AGUSTIN, CESO IV t Officer Vl #/ist/rf ReSronal Director Regional Director s D lUd N@Qua I ity Manasemen t [/Ret/esen tative (QM R)

Documcot Code I M.NCR.O4 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Docume t Title QUATITY Context ofthe Organization MANUAT Rev. t'lo. Err. Date Patc 00 09.01.17 I ol2 4.0 Context of the Organization 4.1 Understanding the Organization and Its Context DILG-NCR has reviewed and analyzed key aspects of itself and its stakeholders to determine the strategic direction of the organization. This requires understanding internal and external issues that are of concern to DILG-NCR and its interested parties (per 4.2 below). Issues are laid down using the lssues-Risk-Opportunities Motrx with internal context focusing on values, culture, knowledge and performance while external context focusing on political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental perspectives. Such issues are monitored and updated as appropriate, and discussed as part of management reviews. 4.2 Understanding the Needs and Expectations of Interested Parties The issues determined per 4.1 above are identified through an analysis of risks facing DILG-NCR and its interested parties. \"lnterested parties\" are tlose stakeholders who receive DILG-NCR's services, or who may be impacted by tlrem, or those parties who may otherwise have a significant interest in the organization. As such, DILG-NCR has determined the following: . the interested parties relevant to the QMS o the requirements of the identified interested parties relevant to the QMS; This information is then used by regional management to determine the organization's strategic direction. This is defined in records of management review, and periodically updated as conditions and situations change. DILG-NCR is committed to continually monitor, reviewand analyze information and relevant requirements of t}le interested parties to assure their requirements are effectively managed in the QMS. 4,3 Determining the Scope of the Quality Management System Based on an analysis of the above issues of concern, interests of stakeholders, and in consideration of its services, DI LG-NCR has determined the scope of the management system as follows: r Planning for Program/Projectlmplementation o Provision ofTechnical and Administrative Assistance . Rewards and Incentives Services The quality system applies to all processes, activities and employees within the organization. The facility is located at: 4th Floor, Annex Building - SRA, Sugar Center, North Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City

Document Code OM-NCR-04 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Document Title QUALITY Context of the Organization MANUAT Rev. l{o. Efr. Date P.8e 00 09.01.17 2ot2 The following clauses of ISO 9001 are not applicable to DILG-NCR: Clause Justification 7.1.5 Monitoring and Measuring Resources DILG-NCR does not require any monitoring and measuring resource or equipment as it does not have any critical measurement activity such as inspection and testinq. Prepared by: Reviewed by: Approved by --n!- AD L UAN E. INGENIERO, CESO V MARIA LOURDES L, AGUSTIN, CESO IV (o/ Gouarnmerl Op{ratirs Omcer Vl t Regional Director Regional Director ' Qlis sectgi,Iiat Aead D Quality Management /f sentative

Docunent Code M-NCR.O4.4 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION DocumPnt Title QUALITY Quality Management System & Its Processes MANUAT R€v.l$o. Clt. D.t Page m 09.01.17 1of10 4.4 DILG NCR Quality Management System & Its Processes The DILG-NCR establishes and documents a Quality Management System which it implements, maintains and continually improves in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 The DILG-NCR a. determines the processes needed for its quality management system and their application throughout the organization; b. determines the sequence and interaction of these processes as shown in its business process map; c. determines t}le criteria and metiods needed to ensure that botl the operation and control of these processes are effective; d. ensures the availability of resources and information necessary to support t}le operation and monitoring of these processes; e. monitors, measure where applicable, and analyzes tlese processes; and f. implements actions necessary to achieve planned results and continual improvement of these processes. These processes are managed by DILG-NCR in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Where DILG-NCR chooses to outsource any process that affects product conformity to requirements, it ensures control over such processes. The type and extent of control to be applied to these outsourced processes are defined within the quality management system. Note 7: Processes needed for the qualily management system referred to above include proc*sed for management activities, provision of resources, product realizution, measurement, analysis and improvement (refer to the business process map). Note 2: An \"otttsourced process\" is a process that the orgonization needs for its qualiql management system and which the orgonization chooses to have performed by an externol pat'Ly, control of which is through the application of 8.4, where it is applicahle. 4.4.1 Process Identifi cation The DILG-NCR's QMS documentation includes regional management-approved quality policy and quality objectives, this Quality Manual, its businessprocess map, the mandatory documented procedures and records, and the documents needed for effective planning, operation and control of its processes. The DILG-NCR adopts a process approach in developing, implementin& and improving the effectiveness of its quality management system showing the linkages of the different processes as shown in the DILG-NCR Busi4ess Process Map.

Document code . M.NCR.O4.4 DILG NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Document'[itle D!LG QUALITY Quality Management System & Its Processes MANUAL R.v. No. Efi. Oate o0 09.01.17 2of10 DILG-NCR's Business Process Map Figure 1 - The DILG-NCR Business Process Map QMs Planning ..d cort'ol H.nnina drd Cornminn.lrtt O PE RATION S Paovlsion ot Overslght Services . Pollcy fonnolallon . tndo.semenl of LGU requests For ! Issuanc€ of Authority lo Pur(hnsc ! EE . rrrplenrentrtkir of (nnlrudsr'lan, uI saodi.tatrbiyar, oP, aOl.lI I t ( l).r i\\irJns ()r.ltsr\\ rrlrl !r o E F 2 Provision ol Rewards and lncentivas 2 t! and lssuanae ot GFH certlflcate) o oeath aeneflt claims (oac) ot oece.ied ' 5GI0 tCl, Assr'ssrDe l tr = llJ o E lssuance of certifi.ate of In(umbcncy to Bar.ngey ot i€ials LGUs :, certitication of servlce Rerdered by sanggunian llembers . Implementatlon ol tTlA ;2 l! o o lor appli€alion tor CS{ Ellglblllty it ut Endorsement ot Appli(atlon lor scholarshlp Gr.nls/srudy o, lfon.onrorminq Ollrprrts F t o o t o lrl l- UJ t SUPPORT TO OPERATIONS F F t o- i z o- o PEC.r.tlo ol Atllur UJ o lu tkrultnua s.k<t!d .rd Cont.ol of Laint.lncd F ooorrlcotcd tnf ornDtion ul o, PEp...tio ol r.qi<ml ra.ht6.N. ..d urd.ti.C of LLt.m,rc€ o{ v.nkkt (Irnc'lt l) = lr, F o E!n.n l..ou... O.t.b.!. t Projc.t l pl.Mt.ti@ o uJ u.t Pl...ioC t@ Progran/ Pt.renel conp.t.ea olt9o$l ol unr.ryk .bL tu Pro.6rn9 .nd Pdyrral ot PlwC..l Inventorv ot E E F o. u! F P.o..$lno ol tlquLr.tlon Orq.nlz.tional l(nowledqe Proviriih of ll on Icl z = Provlllolt ol rGtC Scrk.t O( lnf orm.tio. = o Oo<um6l5 t€view .trd a t PrcvBlo. of (ohmerrJ :g E, lrl w.brlle iJl!..!eme.i u, - G*EMil o = o F c6tr.dtne, ShopDhc. P5- Rerahred Do(unr€nted F g, . o.ralo9.h6t 0{ ltc DBfl) o f . 55 tmplenE^t.tion Evrlu.tion ol SuDDli!.. aA ) o . PR ISE Implenrenl.tio. ! (r$do.r ol ltrc.r tcL..e l.eO.rtion- ..eOtaft a, .nd u Irqran.e of O€liv.nes Pro.e$ Per,orm.Ge SPlls: P.rtdft.@ R€vie* raonilql.s ..d N..ro6ai .nd Evllu.t on Irtcroal Quality Auditing PERFORMANCE PeD...lion ot Slltlr ol funds DIIG PPA ImOlenEntatlon EVALUATION rao.ltorlrg tleeo.t PreDdr.tio^.nd subnislion ol LoL.lly rooded ,rogran (LFp) Manageftent Review Finimial..dAc.orrnrablliry progrcrtxonitorinCind It!!ort5 R+ortttg The above DILG-NCR's Business Process Map illustrates the flow and interaction of the processes within its quality management system.

Document Code M.NCR.O4.4 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Docu eIt Title QUALITY Quality Management System & Its Processes MANUAL Rev. ilo. Cff. Date Pate 00 09.01.17 3of10 Management Processes Management processes refer to those activities of the DILG-NCR management relating to establishing quality obiectives IQOsJ through QMS planning consistent with its quality policy commitments, conducting operations planning and budgetin& risk identification, evaluation and control, SPMS Performance Planning and Commitments and the implementation of internal/ external communication with the QMS. Core Processes These processes refers to the operation of DILG-NCR wherein tlree maior services are covered as follows: 1. Provision ofl'echnical and Administrative Assistance Services a. Provision of Technical Assistance to LGUs i. FDP Compliance Facilitation ii. Training Program Management, Monitoring and Evaluation iii. Provision ofTechnical Assistance on Community-Based Monitoring System iv. Rendition of Legal Opinion v. Provision of Public Assistance and Complaints Handling Services vi. Conduct of Fact-Finding/ Investigation b. Provision of Administrative Services i. Indorsement of LCU requests for lssuance of FDP Compliance Certificate ii. Indorsement of LGU request for Issuance ofGFH Certificate iii. Processing of Death Benefit Claims (DBC) of Deceased Barangay Officials iv. Issuance ofCertificate oflncumbency to Barangay Officials v. Certification of Service Rendered by Sanggunian Members for application for CSC Eligibility vi. Endorsement of Application for Scholarship Grants/ Study Leave 2. Provision of Oversight Services a. Pollcy Formulation b. Endorsement of LGU request for Issuance of Authority to Purchase Vehicle c. Implementation of Ombudsman, Sandiganbayan, OP, COMELEC Decisionq Orders and Resolutions 3. Provision ofAwards and Incentives a. SGLG LGU Assessment b. Provision of PCF Subsidy to Beneficiary LGUS c. Provision ofLTIA to awardees Support Processes Support processes are those that provide the needed enablers to ensure the satisfactory service delivery performance ofthe core processes. These are:

Docutncnt Code M.NCR.O4.4 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Docurnellt l itle QUALITY Quality Management System & Its Processes MANUAL Rcv.I!o. Eff. Date P.g! 00 09.01.17 4of10 o General . Preparation ofAnnual Procurement Plan (APP) . Budget Proposals Preparation . Planning for Program/ Project Implementation . Processing and Payment ofClaims . Processing of Liquidation . Cashiering Services o Control of Externally-Provided Services . Procurement Processes (Public Bidding, Negotiated Procurement, Direct Contractin& ShoppingJ . Evaluation of Supplies . Inspection, Acceptance, and Issuance of Deliveries o People . Recruitment, Selection and Promotion . Maintenance and Updating of Human Resource Database . PersonnelCompetenceDevelopment o OrganizationalKnowledge . Provision of LGRC Services . Regional Records Management . Website Management o Communication . Press Release Process . Content-management in the DILG NCR Website o Infrastructure . Management of Facilities . Provision ofVehicular Support Service r MaintenanceofVehicles . Disposal of Unserviceable Properties . Physical Inventory of Property, Plan, & Equipment (PPE) . Provision ofTA on ICT Resources o Environment(Physical/Psychosocial) . 5S Implementation . PRAISEImplementation . SFMS: Performance Rewarding and Development Planning

Document Code M-NCR-04.4 DILG - NATTONAL CAPITAL REGION Docurnel|t Titl( QUATITY Quality Management System & Its Processes MANUAT Rev. I{o. E l. O.te P.t. 00 09.01.17 5of10 Performance Evaluation Processes (PEP) Performance Evaluation refers to the review and improvement processes of the DILG-NCR's QMS. It covers the activities needed to monitor, measure if applicable, evaluate and analyze process performance leading to the improvement effectiveness and efficiency of the QMS processes. Review and improvement is an integral principle in all processes of the quality management system with the end view of enhancing customer satisfaction. Internal quality audits check that processes of the quality management system conform to ISO 9001:2015, the Quality Policy, applicable legal requirements, quality objectives and targets, operating policies and procedures. Correction and corrective actions are carried out to address and eliminate actual and potential non-conformities. External customer satisfaction monitoring is implemented by the DILG-NCR's core processes to determine whether client requirements are consistently met and to identiff continual improvement opportunities. The core and support processes are further supported by feedback from Performance Evaluation Processes as follows: o Preparation of Status of Funds Reports o Preparation and submission of Financial and Accountability Reports o SPMS: Performance Review and Evaluation o DILG PPA Implementation Monitoring Report o Locally-Funded Program (LFP) Progress Monitoring Report o Systemic Procedures under Performance Evaluation Processes . Services Complaints Handling . Process Performance Monitoring and Measurement . Correction and Corrective Action . External Customer Satisfaction Survey . Control of Nonconforming Outputs . Internal Quality Auditing r Management Review 4.4.2 DILG-NCR QMS Documentation Structure The DILG-NCR establishes and documents its quality management system following a documentation structure to ensure effective plannin& operations, and conEol of all its processes.

Docutncllt Code oM-NCR-04.4 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION l)ocument Title QUALITY Quality Management System & lts Processes MANUAL R.v.lYo. Eff, Date Page oo o9.o1.17 6of10 Figure 2 - The DILG-NCR QMS Documentation Structure Quality Policy Ma nagement Objectives Quality Manual Quality Core Procedures Quality Support Procedures System Procedures .o\\- ard Supporting Documentations This QMS documentation structure enables a cohesive and systematic functioning of the QMS guided with the description ofthe levels and types ofdocuments as follows: a Level 1 - contains policy directions and goals of DILG-NCR. This includes its Quality Policy, Quality Objectives and Quality Manual. o Quality Policy The overall direction ofthe organization in relation to Quality o Quality Obiectives Something sought to be achieved in relation to the quality policy o Quality Manual A document specifying operating policies, scope and exclusions and other relevant information about the Quality Management System

Document Code M-NCR-04.4 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Document Title QUATITY Quality Management System & Its Processes MANUAL R€v. No. tff. Oate Page 00 09.01.17 7 ol 70 Level 2 - contains the procedures to implement the various processes ofthe QMS lvhich include the mandatory procedures, operating procedures and the systemic procedures. o Procedure A document describing a specified way to implement a process. o Mandatory Procedures: refer to the five procedures required by ISO 9001:2015 standard to be mandatorily documented, implemented and maintained. These documented procedures cover the following: (1J Control of Mairtained Documented InformatioD - Internal and External; (2) Control of Retained Documented Information; [2) Internal Quality Auditing; (4) Control of Nonconforming Outputs; (5) Correction and Corrective Action o Systemic Procedures : refer to the five supplementary procedures which supports compliance of specific clause requirements in ISO 9001:2015 standards such as: (U QMS Planning (Clause 6.21; [2J Management Review (Clause 9.3); (3) Process Performance Monitoring and Measurement (Clause 9.1.1); External Client Satisfaction Survey (Clause 9.1.2); and (5) Services Complaints Handling (8.2.1cJ. These procedures are called systemic due to its system-wide coverage. Level 3 - refer to support documentations needed for the effective implementation of Levels 1 and 2 documents which include guidelines, work instructions, forms, job descriptions, plans, reference and other types of documents. Quality records which provide evidences of implementation and effectiveness of the QMS also belong to Level 3. o QMS Operations Manuals are compiled for each division/ section/ unit which include relevant procedures, forms, references and other needed documents. DILG-NCR QualiQt Monuol The DILG-NCR's quality manual is part of the level 1 of the DILG-NCRs documentation structure which includes: aJ the scope of the quality management system, including details of any iustification for any exclusions (QM-NCR-04 of this quality manual); bl t-lre documented procedures established for tlre quality management system, or reference to them; and c) a description oft}Ie interaction between the processes ofthe quality management system. Control oI Documents Documents required by DILG-NCR's quality management system are controlled. There are two (2) types of documenLs in the QMS: internally-generated and externally-generated.

DocumeIt Codc M-NCR-O4.4 _ DILG NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Document Title QUALITY Quality Management System & Its Processes MANUAT R€v.l{o. Eff. D.t Page 00 o9.o1.17 8of10 A documented procedure defines the controls need to: a) Approve documents for adequacy prior to issue; b) Review, update and re-approve documents as necessary; c) Ensure the identification of changes and revision status ofdocuments; dl Ensure that relevant versions of applicable documents are available at points of use; e) Ensure that documents remain legible and readily identifiable; 0 Ensure that documents of external origin determined by t}re DILG-NCR to be necessary for planning and operation of the quality management system are identified and their distribution controlled; and c) Prevent unintended use of obsolete documents and apply suitable identification to them if they are retained for any purpose. DILG-NCR'9 QMS Document Coding Scheme and Responsibility Matrix Table 1: Document Code Matrix Document Type Document Code Format Sample Document Code Quality Manual [QM) QM - NCR - Section No. QM - NCR - 03 (Section 3 of the QM.) Quality Core Procedure IQCP) QCP - Division - Section/Unit QCP-LGCDD-03 - Series Quality Support Procedure QSP - Division - Section/Unit QSP_FAD-RS_20 (QSP) - Series Quality Obiectives (QO ) Qo - QSP/QCP Code QO-QSP-LGCDD-03 Quality Action Plan IQAP) QAP - QSP/QCP Code QAP-QSP-LCCDD-03 Quality Monitoring and QME - QSP/QCP Code QME -QSP _ LGCDD _ O3 Evaluation [QME) System Procedures [SP) SP - Series SP_01 Form (FM) FM-QSP/QSP-Series FM-QSP-LGCDD-03-01 FM-SP-Series FM-SP-08-01 Note: Only Standard Forms internally generated by DILG-NCR shall be coded. Codes used for Standard Forms issued by NAP, DBM, COA, CSC, GPP and other statutory and/or regulatory bodies shall be adopted. o For Quality Procedures of Divisions/ Operating Units that do not have specific Section or Unit responsible, QP code will be QP - Division Acronym - Series. Series in the QP code and Operations Manual code refer to the assigned number in the list of the QMS documentations provided by the QMS Secretariat.

Documclt Codc M.NCR-04.4 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Documellt Titl( QUATITY Quality Management System & Its Processes MANUAL Rev.llo. Cff. Drt P.g€ oo 09.01.17 9of10 DILG-NCR Ofices Code: To facilitate traceability of QMS documents to concerned originating operating unit the following acronyms are implemented as follows: FAD Finance and Administrative Division ORD Office of the Regional Director oAS Accounting Section rLU Legal Unit .BS Budget Section o PIU Public Information Unit oCS Cash Section o PLU Planning Unit oPS Personnel Section o RICTU Regional Information and Communication Technology Unit oRS Records Section o SGSS Supplies and General Services Section LGCDD Local Government Capability Development Division LCMED Local Government Monitoring and Evaluation Division Table 2: QMS Documentation Responsibility Matrix fype of Docunrent ll) itiatol'/ Prepaled b1 Reviewing Auth0r'it'i )r0vnlg \\uthorit Level 1 QualiW Manual QMS Secretariat QMR Regional Director Organizational Quality QMS Secretariat QMR Regional Director Oblectives Functional Quality Process Owner Deputy QMR QMR Obiectives Quality Policy QMS Secretariat QMR Regional Director Level 2 Operating Procedures Process Owner Deputy QMR/ Division QMR Chiefs System Procedures QMS Secretariat/ *lQA QMR Regional Director Head Level 3 - Supporting Documents Work Instructions Process Owner Division/ Section Chief Assistant Regional Director Forms Process Owner Division/ Section Chief Assistant Regional Director Assistant Regional Regional Director Director Other Supporting Process Owner Division/ Section Chief Assistant Regional Documents Director * IQA Head as initiator for the Internal Quality Audit Procedure Note: Identified signatories as initiator, reviewing authority, and approving authority are as specified or any higher positions/ designations.

Document Cod( M-NCR-04.4 , DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Document Title D!LG QUALITY Quality Management f, MANUAL System & lts Processes Rev. ilo. E r. Dete m o9.o1.17 10 of 10 Control of Retained Documented Inlormation Records are a special type of document and are controlled according to records control requirements. Records provide evidence of conformity to requirements and the effective operation of the quality management system. Controls of retained documented information are specified under a documented procedure. DILG-NCR's records are public records and these are controlled in all its phases wittr regards to records creation, records maintenance and use, transmission, retention and records disposition under Republic Act 9470, otherwise known as the \"National Archives of the Philippines Act of 2017\". DILG-NCR ensures that records remain legible, readily identifiable and retrievable. Relevant Documented Information: SP - O1A Control of Maintained Documented Information (lnternal) SP - O1B Control of Maintained Documented lnformation (ExternalJ SP-02 Control of Retained Documented Information Prepared by: Reviewed by: Approved by -d^l- EZ IUAN I INGENIERO, CESO V MARIA LOURDES L. ACUSTIN, CESO Iv 1&{eoveraie$,dperlt ions Officer VI A/sIstaAd Reeional D irector Regional Director '/-.^'F'Y' Head D rr.6Actr6uuiitv ru\"nasement Ied/esentauve (oMnl

Documel|t Cod( I M.NCR.O5 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Docume t Tille QUALITY Leadership MANUAL R€v. l,lo. Etl. Dete Page m o9.o1.17 1of6 5.0 Leadership 5.1 Leadership and Commitment 5.1.1 General Guided by the DILG-NCR's Vision and Mission and in compliance with applicable legal requirements in fulfilling its mandate to strengthen LGU capacities, the DILG-NCR Regional Management shall steer the development and implementation ofthe management system and continually improving its effectiveness by: a) taking accountability ofthe effectiveness ofthe management system; b) ensuring that the Quality Policy and quality obiectives are established for tlle management system and are compatible with the strategic direction and the context ofthe organization; c) ensuring the integration ofthe management system requirements into the organization's other business processes, as deemed appropriate (see note); d) promoting awareness of the process approach; e) ensuring that the resources needed for the management system are available; f) communicating the importance of effective quality management and of conforming to the management system requirements; g) ensuring tlat t}le management system achieves its intended results; h) engaging, directing and supporting personnel to contribute to t}le effectiveness of the management system; i) promotingcontinualimprovement; j) supporting other relevant management roles to demonstrate their leadership as it applies to their areas of responsibility. The DILG-NCR regional management refers to the Regional Director, Assistant Regional Director, City Directors/ MLGOO and the Division Chiefs. The Assistant Regional Director serves as the Quality Management Representative (QMR) and the Division Chiefs are the Deputy Quality Management Representatives (DQMRs) for the Regional Office and the City Directors/ MLGOO for the Field Offices. 5.1.2 Customer Focus The DILG-NCR Regional Management adopts a customer-first approach which ensures that customer needs and expectations are determined and are met with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction to promote excellence in local governance. Information about customer needs and expectations are extracted from feedback mechanisms, complaints handling and customer satisfaction data.

DocumeIt Code M.NCR-05 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Document'[itle QUALITY Leadership MANUAL Rcv. No. Eft. Date Page 00 09.01.17 2 ol6 This is accomplished by assuring: al customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements are determined, understood and consistently met; b) the risks and opportunities that can affect conformity of products and services and the ability to enhance customer satisfaction are identified and addressed; cl the focus on enhancing customer satisfaction is maintained. Relevant Documented Information: SP. 05 Services Complaints Handling SP-06 External Customer Satisfaction Survey 5.2 Policy The DILG-NCR regional management has developed t}re Quality Policy that governs day-to-day operations to ensure quality. The regional management ensures that the quality policy L is appropriate to the purpose ofthe organizatioU . includes a commitment to comply with t}te requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system; l , provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality obiectives; The Quality Policy is released as a standalone document, and is communicated and implemented throughout the organization. It is reviewed for continuing stability during the management reviews in relation to the organization's vision, mission, strategic thrusts and direction. The Quality Policy of DILG-NCR is as follows: The DILG-NCR is committed to provide responsive services to Metro Monila local government units to promote sustainable development, anchored in the Deportment's priority thrust and performance oveBight. In purcuit of excellence in urban governqnce, we take the lead in promoting innovative capacity development interventions, recognition through performance-based awards and incentives, and community empowerrnent with a professionalized corps of DILG-NCR personnel guided by the orgonization's core values - commitment, integrity, teamwork, ond competence, In the achievement of these goals, DILG-NCR shall institutionalize a quality management system, ond continually strive for its imprcvement to adhere to internationol standords for effective and efficient client management and strengthened internal orga nizational ca pacity.

Docutneot Code M-NCR-05 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Document Title QUALITY Leadership MANUAL Rev, No. Eff, D.t Pate 00 09.01.17 3of6 5.2 Organizational Roles, ResponsibilitiesandAuthorities Likewise, the QMS organizational structure is defined to enable the effective implementation of its QMS showing the different operating units and services responsible for establishing, implementin& maintaining and continually improving the DILG-NCR's quality management system to attain the quality objectives consistent with the quality policy. The DILG-NCR QMS Organizational Structure Figure 1 - The DILG-NCR QMS Organizational Structure TOP MANAGEMENT (Regional Director) Manag6ment Repres6ntatfu e (Assistaot R€gional Diredor) RMR COMMITTEE DltG NcR QMs secretariat {OnD PrISM Section} RMR: RD, ARO/qMR, DCS, CDT/MTGOO - RISI( REVIEW TEAM RISK REVIIW: Plannlng Offl c.r, L.8al Otffc€r, ADCS, PlO,lTO DOCUMENTATION CONTROL TEAM NEGIoNAI ICI,A TEAM LG@ V {ntc()itat @c . col{TRol'lfil, ITo (DETLTTY IAS lQA, 3 RGrton l lQ Audltor' (flnAll - REGOnaAt t OC COaaTiOt Uil, PO ltl, PtO, f,ECOnOS DEPUTY qmR3 Oper.tinf Unh ofacEr, Rtcoios0f frcEi PtiorvrsroiJ (Dcs/clTY DIRECIoRS/ MtcOol - (sAo, LGMTD AOC, LGCOD ADC) (LGCOO,T.GMEO,'AO), I OOC. CONTROUTR PER fO PR(rcEsS PROCESS PROCESS PROCESS PROCESS OWNERS OWNERS OWNERS OWNERs OWNERS ORD EAO cDs/ MLGoo LGCDD I\"6MED

Document Code M-NCR-05 DILC - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION DocumeIt'Iitla QUALITY Leadership MANUAL R.v.l{o. Ert. Date Pate m 09.01.17 4of 6 The DILG-NCR QMS structure is composed ofthe following: Table 1- DILG-NCR Responsibility Matrix QMS Structure Responsibilitv Top Management o Ensure that the Quality Management System conforms with the r Regional Director standard; o Establish, review, and maintain the quality policy; . Ensure that the established quality obiectives are relevant to the mandate of the Regional Office; o Ensure the allocation of available resources to support the QMS; o Define responsibilities and authorities ofeach unit in the Office; o Review and monitor, at planned intervals, the effectiveness ofthe Quality Policy and Quality Obiectives; r Ensure that the communication mechanisrns are established and implemented effectively; and . Ensure the integrity ofthe QMS when changes are implemented Quality Management . Oversee the establishment documentation and effective Representative IQMR) implementation of the QMS in the DILG NCR; . Assistant Regional o Acts as liaison with external parties on matters relating to QMS; Director r Ensures that procedures for IQA, Management Review, Corrective, and Preventive Actions are established and implemented; and . Report QMS performance to top management for review and continual improvemenL Regional Management Review a Reviews the pertbrmance of the QMS at least once a year or as [RMR) Committee deemed necessary to evaluate the adequacy, suitability and o Committee Head: effectiveness of the QMS in satisfying the requirements of clients Regional Director and ot}ler relevant interested parties . Assistant Regional The Regional Management may include representatives of the Director/ QMR DILG NCR Field Offices to ensure the applicability and feedback o Chiefs of LGCDD, LGMED gat}tering across different levels of organizational operations. and FAD Risk Review Team Assists the Management in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities o 'l'eam Leader: Planning wit}I respect to the management of the organizational risk Officer management framework o Regional Legal Officer Oversees tle identification of major areas of risk and o LGCDD Assistant Chief opportunities, tleir effect on the Organization and its operations, o LGMED Assistant Chief and leads in the planning for courses of action to address those o FAD - Supervising risks and opportunities Administrative Officer Facilitate the development of the DILG NCR's Improvement Plan, o Public lnformation Officer and; o Information Technology Oversees the policies, practices and controls related to the Officer Organization's structure and the review and monitoring of the Organization's Annual 0perations Plan and Budget (AOPB).

Documetlt Code M.NCR.O5 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Docurneut Title QUALITY Leadership MANUAL Rev. No. [ff. Date Pate 0() 09.01.17 5 of6 Regional QMS Secretariat Under the supervision of the QMR: o Regional QMS Secretariat o Plan and execute activities and next steps in relation to QMS has been integrated in the r Provide technical assistance to Operating Units on the areas of functions of the QMS development implementation, and performance Performance, Information measurement and Systems Management . Study/ review QMS outputs and endorse acceptance of t}re [PrlSM) Section under the ourputs to the QMR Office of the Regional o Closely work with the Division Chiefs for the design of the QMS Director headed by t}re training and education program, preparation of training/ activity Section Chief and documents, requirement, and provision of technical assistance composed of the Unit and secretariat services during conduct oftrainings/ activities. Heads and program o Ensure that maior agreements/ highlights/ decision before, officers from the during and after t}re QMS training/ activity and Management following: Reviews are documented and submitted to QMR and to all o Public concerned personnel. Information Unit . Study and equip themselves with knowledge, skills and attributes o Planning Unit (KSA) on QMS as they will serve as facilitators in the conduct of o Information and QMS trainings/ activities, and Technolory Unit . Perform other tasks as may be assigned by the QMR Deputy Quality Management Support the QMR in t}le effective planning developmeng Representatives IDQMRS) implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of the o LGCDD Chief QMS. o LGMED Chief Assist the QMS in his/ her assigned duties and responsibilities; o FAD Chief and - o DILG Field Offices City For the Deputy qMR Operating Units Directors and MLGOO . Represents the process owners at the Divisions, Sections and Field Office levels; . Participate in the effective planning review and continual improvement of the QMS process; . Implementt}re processes identified attheir levelsand ensure effective integration to the DILG NCR core services o Submit documented information as evidence of QMS implementation; and . Assume responsibility ofthe QMS in his/ her respective unit Regional Internal Quality Audit Together with representative from the DILC Central Office - (IQA) Team Internal Audit Service: o The Team is composed of o Conducts quality audits at planned intervals the following: o Ensures that the results of audits are reported to relevant o LGCDD Assistant management Chief o Verify and keep track of the implementation of the o LCMED Assistant corrective/ preventive actions raised during audits, and; Chief o Retains documented information as evidence of t}te o FAD - Supervising implementation ofthe audit program and the audit results. Administrative Officer

DocurneIt Code I M.NCR-05 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Document Title QUALITY Leadership MANUAT Rav. ilo. E r. Date Pate 00 09.01.17 6of6 Documentation Control Team Establishes, documents, implements and maintains a procedure The Team is composed of the for the maintenance of documented information following: Ensures that changes and the current revision status of . Regional Document documents are identified, the unintended us of obsolete Controller : documents is prevented, and records are controlled through PrISM Section Chief, ORD established means of identification, storage protection, retrieval, . DepuU Regional Doc. and disposition. Controller :lTO Maintains t}le master copies and master list of Quality Manual, . Public Information Officer Quality Procedures, as well as, tlte master list of externally- o Planning Officer III generated documented informatior) and references. . Regional Records Officers Ensures that t}le current versions of relevant documented . Designated Records information are available at point of use; Officers a Prohibits unintended use of obsolete, as well as the unaut}torized o LGCDD use of relevant documented information; and O LGMED Ensures the traceability of documented information o FAD (Other than the Regional Records OfficerJ o One (1) per Field Office Process Owners The person/s who has the highest number of and/ or immense activities/ sGps in the process, or who has t}te widespread responsibility thereby being accountable for its performance with the authority and ability to initiate necessary changes. Ensures that tie processes are delivering their intended outputs. The Assistant Regional Director has been assigned the role of Quality Management Representative when having a single point of contact to represent the DILG-NCR quality system is useful or required by customers or regulations. The QMR is given the responsibility and authority to coordinate all QMS activities to concerned heads (City Directors, MLGOO, Division Chiefs and/ or Sections Chiefs) and liaise with the Certification Body on certification matters. Other duties of the QMR may be defined herein or within other documented procedures. Prepared by: Reviewed by: Approved bv --J,l- ]UAN E. INGENIERO, CESO V MARIA LOURDES L. AGUSTIN, CESO IV fiv er yrtent o pey{tt on{ ot t i cerVI ,416$st/qt Regronal Drrector Ly'c at Regional Director l|-<frssecrefayAd DI {q/xqflQuality ua na gement \\hed{esentative {QMRI

Document Code M-NCR-06 _ DILG NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Docunlent Title QUALITY Planning MANUAT R€v. l{o. Eft. Dat Page 00 09.01.17 lof2 6.0 Planning To ensure that pertinent information are considered in establishing and updating the organizational strategic direction, ob.jectives/ targets, and resources, the DILG-NCR conducts planning activities. 6.1 Actions to Address Risks and Opportunities DILG-NCR views \"uncertainS' as neutral, while \"risk\" is defined as a negative effect of uncertainty, and \"opportuniqy''as a positive effect of uncertainty. DILG-NCR has opted to manage risks and opportunities separately, except on cases where they may overlap. Risk management will be will be performed in the level deemed appropriate for each circumstance or application, which shall be based on risk assessmen! analysis, treatrnent and recordkeeping. To ensure the achievement of planned results, enhance desirable effects, prevent or reduce undesirable effects, and attain continual improvement when determining risks and opportunities within the quality management system, the DILG-NCR considers its context and needs of its interested parties. Risks and opportunities are determined, evaluated and prioritized at the strategic, functional, and process levels considering current or existing control measures. Risks that exceed the threshold are considered significant risks, and require further action to control - by minimizing their probability of occurring and/or their impacts. On the other hand, significant opportunities are those that exceed the threshold decided by management and provide a significant level of benefit to the QMS. Risks and opportunities are determined and managed in accordance with Risk Identification, Evaluation and Control Procedure. This procedure defines how risks are managed in order to minimize their likelihood and impact, and how opportunities are managed to improve their likelihood and benefit Actions to manage risks and opportunities are determined, and are eventually integrated and implemented into the QMS processes. Actions to address risks and opportunities are also monitored and evaluated. Relevant Documented Information: SP_11 Risk ldentification, Evaluation and Control Procedure Risk Register 6.2 Quality Obiectives and Planning to Achieve Them As part ofthe adoption ofthe process approach, in accordance with its established Quality Policy, DILG-NCR utilizes its quality obiectives and targets at relevant functions, levels and processes ofthe QMS. Sectoral, Sub- Sectoral and Organizational Outcomes and Major Final Output (MFO) are considered as Level 1 (Top management) obiectives; quality objectives (Q0sJ are Level 2 objectives commifted by the identified process owners. Process quality objectives provide specific performance or success indicators for process. The process obiectives have been developed in consideration that they: a) be consistent with the quality policy; b) be measurable;

f,ocunrcnt Code M-NCR-06 _ DILC NAI'IONAL CAPITAL REGION Document Title QUALITY Planning MANUAT Rev. No. Eft, ht. 00 09.o1.17 2 ol2 c) take into account applicable requirements; dl be relevant to conformity of products and services and to enhancement of customer satisfaction; eJ be monitored; 0 be communicated; c) be updated as appropriate. Relevant Documented Information: SP-10 QMS Planning QSP-FAD-PS-02 SPMS: Performance Planning and Commitment Office Performance Commitment and Review (OPCR) Division Performance Commitment and Review (DPCR) Quality Objectives 6,3 Planning of Changes Changes to the quality management system and its processes are carried out in a planned manner to ensure that the impact of such changes do not adversely affect the QMS, its processes and its outputs. Planning for changes are studied during the Management Review Relevant Documented Information: SP-10 QMS Planning SP-09 Management Review Prepared by: Reviewed bv: Approved by --rtl- ]UAN E. INGENIERO, CESO V MARIA LOURDES L. AGUSTIN, CESO IV ment o atio Officer Vl /qsis/aht Regional Director Regional Director MS riat DI [f qtf quatity Management v Retrresentative [QMR]

Documelrt Code M.NCR-07 t DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Documeut Title DILG QUALITY Support n, MANUAL Rev.l!o, Ctf. D.te m 09.01.17 l of 5 7.O Support 7.1 Resources Adequate resources are determined and provided through established budgeting and expenditure processes to ensure that the QMS of DILG-NCR operates effectively and consistently. These resources include people, infrastructure, environment for the operation of processes, and materials which are all covered by appropriate budget allocation. 7.1.1 General DILC-NCR determines and provides the resources needed: a) To implement and maintain ttle quality management system and continually improve its effectiveness b) To enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements. Allocation of resources is done through its annual budget according to the General Appropriations Act (GAA) and Agency's Annual Procurement Plan [APP). These are in consideration ofthe capability and constraints on existing internal resources, as well as needs related to supplier expectations. Resources and resource allocation are assessed during management reviews. Relevant Documented Information: QSP-FAD.BS.O3 Budget Proposal Preparation QSP-FAD-AS-04 Plocessing of Payment of Claims QSP-FAD.AS-05 Processing of Liquidation QSP.FAD.CS-06 Cashiering Services QSP-FAD.SGSS.O7 Annual Procurement Plan Preparation 7.1.2 People The DILG-NCR regional management ensures that the organization has sufficient staffing for the effective operation of the QMS, as well as for the operation and control of its processes. Any job opening and hiring activities are anchored on the required plantilla of personnel. Relevant Documented Information: QSP-FAD.PS-08 Recruitment and Selection QSP-FAD-PS-09 Maintenance and Updating of Human Resource Database 7,1.3 Infrastructure The DILG-NCR determines, provides and maintains the infrastructure needed to achieve conformity to product requirements. Infrastructure includes, as applicable:

Documcnt Codc M-NCR-07 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Docurreut Title QUALITY Support MANUAL R€v.I{o. ttf. Date PatE m 09.01.17 2 ol5 a) buildings, workspace and associated facilities; b) supporting services such as transport; cl information and communication technolory Relevant Documented lnformation: QSP-FAD-SGSS.1O Management of Facilities QSP-FAD-SGSS-12 Maintenance of Vehicles QSP-FAD-SGSS.13 Disposal of Unserviceable Properties QSP.FAD.SGSS.11 Provision of Vehicular Support Service QSP-FAD-SGSS-14 Physical Inventory of Property, Plant and Equipment (PPE) QSP.ORD.RICTU.15 Provision ofTA on ICT Resources 7.1.4 Environment for the Operation of Processes The DILG-NCR provides a clean, safe and well-lit working environmenL The Regional Management of DILG- NCR, through the assigned units/ personnel manages the work environment needed to achieve conformity to output requirements. The Finance and Administrative Division (FAD), through its Supplies and General Services Section (SGSS), provide regular office maintenance, safety, and housekeeping to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of processes and the quality of the organization's outputs. Human factors are considered to the extent that t}ley direct impact the quality ofthe outputs Note: Sociol, psychologicol ond soldy aspeds ol the wo* environmqtt ote monoged through odiviti5 outside ol the scope ol the monogenent system. Only work eovironment qspeds which con dhecdy oJfect Noc6s efliciency or Wodud ond service quolity ore mdnaged through the monogenent systan- Relevant Documented Information: QSP-FAD-SCSS-15 5S Implementation QSP-FAD.PS.18 SPMS: Performance Rewarding and Development Planning 7.1.5 Monitoring and Measuring Resources As provided for in 4.3, the DILC-NCR does not need any monitoring and measuring resources or equipment as it does not have any critical measurement activity such as inspection and testing. lt is in this regard that this requirement is believgd to be not applicable to the Organization's QMS and its exclusion will not affect the delivery of products and services to its stakeholders.

Documcrt Code M.NCR-07 DILC - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Document Tille QUALITY Support MANUAT Rev.l\\lo. Eft. Drte Page 00 09.01-17 3ofs 7.1.6 Otganizational Knowledge DILG-NCR also determines the knowledge necessary for t}te operation of its processes and to achieve conformity of outputs. a) internal sources, such as lessons learned, feedback from subject matter experts, institutional knowledge and/or intellectual property; b) external sources such as standards, academia, conferences, and/ or information gathered from customers or suppliers, external providers and/ or other government agencies including relevant stakeholders. These knowledge are maintained, and are made available to the extent necessary. In addressing changing needs and trends, DILG-NCR considers its current knowledge and determines how to efficiently acquire or access the necessary additional knowledge, either through capacity development, scholarship grants, seminars, fora and conventions, benchmarking and other related activities. Relevant Documented Information: QSP.NCR-19 Provision of Local Governance Regional Resource Center (LGRRC) Services {to incl ude organizationol knowledge) QSP.FAD.RS.2O Regional Records Management QSP-ORD-RICTU-21 Website Management 7,2 Competence DILG-NCR shall ensure that its personnel are properly equipped and competent to carry out their respective tasks, assignments, proiects and programs efficiently and effectively to meet customer requirements. Learning and development interventions needed to address urgent needs related to the Department's goals are provided to ensure proficient iob performance. Releyant Documented Information: QSP.FAD.PS-22 Personnel Competence Development Competency Development Plan Competency Framework Manual 7 .3 Awareness Trainings, meetings, orientations and subsequent communications ensure thar all DILG-NCR personnel are aware of: a) the quality poliry; b) relevant quality objectives; c) their contribution to the effectiveness of the management system, including the benefits of improved performance; d) the implications ofnot conforming with the managernent system requirements-

Document Code M-NCR.O7 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Docu enl Titl( QUALITY Support MANUAL Rev. No. Cft. Drt€ Page 00 09.01.17 4of5 The QMS Secretariat provides awareness orientation to new hires while each Operating Unit provides additional awareness activities in their respective oflices through group meetings and/ or discussions. 7.4 Communication The DILG-NCR, with t}re assistance ofthe Public Information Unit - Office ofthe Regional Director (PIU-ORD), determines and ensures that internal and external communication effectively takes place regarding the effectiveness of the QMS. Relevant Documented Information: QSP-ORD-PlU-23 Development of IEC Materials QSP-ORD-PrU-23 Press Release Process 7.5 Documentedlnformation The management system documentation of DILG-NCR includes both maintained documented information (documentsJ and retained documented information (records) The extent of the management system documentation has been developed based on the following: a) The size of DILG-NCR b) Complexity and interaction ofthe processes c) fusks and opportrmities d) Competence ofpersonnel lntemal and extemal documents required for the management system are controlled in accordance with documented procedures to ensure that DILG-NCR personnel have access to the latest, approved information. All documented procedures are establishd documented, implemented and maintained. ConEol for retaine.d documented information (records) has been established to define the controls needed for the identificatioq storage, retrieval, protection, retention time, and disposition of quality records. This proc€dure also defines the methods for controlling records that are created by and/or retained by suppliers. These controls are applicable to those records which provide evidence of conformance to requirements; this may be evidence of output requirements, contractual requirernents, procedural requirements, or statutory/regulatory compliance. In addition, quality records include any records which provide evidence ofthe effective operation ofthe management system. Relevant Documented Information: _ SP O1A Control of Maintained Documented Information (lnternal) SP - O1B Control of Maintained Documented Information (External) SP-02 Control of Retained Documented lnformation Master List of Internal Document Master List of External Document Master List of Records

Documcut Codc M-NCR-07 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Doculnent'Iitle QUALITY Support MANUAL R.v. [{o. Et{. P.ta oo o9.o1.17 Sofs Prepared by: Reviewed by: Approved by /aR z/ ,,/aoaw{r rod - JUAN I E. INGENIERO, CESO V MARIA LOURDES L. AGUSTIN, CESO IV nt rati Officer vl ,$jsP/rt Regional Drrector Regional Director ria D l(fitj qua lity uanasemen t Uhdfresentative (QMR)

Document Code M.NCR.O8 t DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION DocuDlellt Title DILG QUALITY Operation MANUAL R.v. No. Cff. Date Pat m 09.01.17 1ol1 8.0 Operation 8,1 Operational Planning and Control DILG-NCR plans and develops the processes needed for realization of its outputs, consistent with the requirements of the ot}ter processes of t}te management system. It is accomplished by: a) determining the requirements for the DILG-NCR outputs; b) estabtishing criteria for the processes and the acceptance of DI LG-NCR outputs; c) determining the resources needed to achieve conformity to the output requirements; d) implementing control of the processes in accordance with the criteria; eJ determining, maintaining and retaining documented information to the extent necessary to have confidence that the processes have been carried out as planned and to demonstrate the conformity of outputs to their requirements. As part of its planning, Operation, Plans and Budget (OPBJ and Office Performance Commitment and Review Report (OPCR) are prepared, reviewed, and approved every semester. Changes to operational processes are planned and controlled in accordance with existing policies, if any. Consequences ofunintended changes are reviewed, takingaction to mitigate any adverse effects, as necessary. Outsourced processes and the means by which DILC-NCR controls them are defined in requirements for externally provided processes, outputs (8.4). Relevant Documented Information: QSP-ORD-PLU-01 Operations Planning and Budgeting SP.1O QMS Planning SP-07 Process Performance Monitoring and Measurement A.2 Requirements for Outputs A.2.1 ClientCommunication DILG-NCR establishes effective communication arrangements such as handling customer feedback, including complaints. The DILG-NCR utilized appropriate channels to communicate with clients regarding the following: o Services and assistance being provided by the DILG; and o Client feedback, including customer complaints. Such channels include, but are not Iimited to the following:

Docul1lent Cod( M-NCR.O8 t DtLC - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Documenl Title DILG QUALITY Operation 4 MANUAL Rev. No. Efl. D.te Pate m o9.o1.17 2of7 . Citizen's Charter o DILG-NCR Website information o Memoranda, letters, and requests o Email Service and SMS . Customer satisfaction survey . Orientations and for a o Focus Group Discussion and meetings with ot}er stakeholders Appropriate records are maintained Relevant Documented lnformation: SP-05 Services Complaints Handling sP-06 External Customer Satisfaction Survey 8.2.2 Determining the Requirements Related to Outputs DILG-NCR determined the service requirements with regard to pertinent applicable laws, rules, and regulations governing its services, as well as any additional requirements necessary by concerned DILG-CO bureaus/ services and DILG-NCR operating units. 8.2.3 Review of Requirements Related to Outputs DILG-NCR shall review the requirements to ensure that it has the ability to render and deliver the services expected by tie customers/ stakeholders. 8.3 Design and Development ofProducts and Services For new designs and for significant design changes, DILG-NCR ensures the translation ofcustomer needs and requirements into detailed design outputs. These address performance, reliability, maintainability, testability, and safety issues, as well as regulatory and statutory requirements. This process ensures: a) Design planning is conducted bl Design inputs [requirements) are captured c) Design outputs are created under controlled conditions d) Design reviews, verification and validation are conducted e) Design changes are made in a controlled manner. Relevant Documented Irlformation: QCP-LGCDD-37 Planningfor Program/ Proiectlmplementation

Document Code . OM-NCR-08 D ILG NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Documenl Title QUALITY Operation MANUAT Rev. No. Cft. D.t Page 00 09.01.17 3 ol7 8.4 Control of Externally Provided Processes, Products and Services 8.4.1 General The DILG-NCR ensures that purchasing ofproducts/ services conforms to Republic Act 9184, its imptementing rules and regulations (lRR), and Commission on Audit's (COA) auditing requirements. An Annual Procurement Plan (APP) and Proiect Procurement Management Plan IPPMP) shall be prepared, reviewed, and approved to serve as authority document for procurement. DILG-NCR, through the Supplies and General Services Section (SGSS) of the Finance and Administrative Division (FAD), evaluates and selects suppliers following RA 9184, its IRR and COA auditing requirements. Criteria for selection, evaluation, and reevaluation of supplier's performance are established and records of evaluation maintained. 8.4.2 Type and Extent of Control DILG-NCR ensures that externally provided processes and outputs do not adversely affect the consistent delivery of conforming outputs to its clients. Thus, DILG-NCR: a) ensures that externally-provided processes remain within the control of its Quality Management System b) defines both the controls it intends to apply to an external provider and those it intends to apply to the resulting outpuU c) takes into consideration: a. The potential impact of the externally provided processes, outputs on DILG-NCR's ability to consistently meet client and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements; b. The effectiveness of the controls applied by the external provider; d) determines the verification, or other activities necessary to ensure that the externally provided processes and outputs meet requirements. 8,4.3 Information for External Providers DILG-NCR ensures the adequacy of requirements prior to its communication to the external provider. Procurement are made via the release of formal purchase orders and/or contracts. Received products or services are then verified against tJte set requirements to ensure satisfaction and compliance. External providers who failed to deliver products or services that conform to the requirements set will be subjected to formal corrective action. Relevant Documented Information: QSP.FAD.SGSS-07 Annual Procurement Plan (APP) Preparation QSP-FAD.SGSS.26 Procurement Thru Public Bidding for Goods and Services QSP-FAD.SGSS.27 Procurement Process Thru Negotiated Procurement (Small Value Procurement)

Document Code M-NCR-08 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Document Title QUALITY Operation MANUAL Rev. No. Eff. Date Page cn 09.01.17 4of1 QSP-FAD.SGSS.28 Procurement Process thru Direct Contracting QSP.FAD-SGSS.29 Procurement of Commonly-used Supplies and Equipment Thru Procurement Service - Department of Budget and Management QSP-t'AD-SGSS-30 Procurement Process Thru Shopping QSP.FAD.SGSS.25 Evaluation of Suppliers QSP.FAD.SGSS.31 Inspection, Acceptance, and Issuance of Deliveries 8.5 Service Provision 8.5.1 Control of Service Provision Concerned operating units plan and carry out service provision under controlled conditions. Controlled conditions shall include, as applicable: a) availability ofdocuments or records tltat define the characteristics ofthe services as well as the results to be achieved; b) availabilityofoperatingprocedures; c) appointment of qualified and competent persons; d) implementation of actions to prevent human error; and e) implementation of service release and delivery activities. Relevant Documented Information: QCP.LGCDD.37 Planning for Program/ Project lmplementation QCP.LGCDD-03 Training Program Managemen! Monitoring and Evaluation QCP-LGCDD-13 SGLG LGU Assessment QCP-r.CCDD-14 Provision of PCF Subsidy to Beneficiary LGUs QCP.LGCDD.16 Endorsement ofApplication for Scholarship Grants/ Study Leave QCP-ORD-LU-12 Implementation of Ombudsman, Sandiganbayan, OP, COMELEC Decisions, Orders and Resolutions QCP-ORD-LU-05 Rendition of Legal Opinion QCP-ORD-LU-06 Public Affairs and Complaints Handling Services QCP-ORD-LU-17 Conduct of Fact-Finding/ Investgiation QCP.LGMED-02 FDP Compliance Facilitation QCP-r.GMED-04 Provision of Technical Assistance on Community-Based Monitoring System [cBMS) QCP-LGMED-07 Indorsement of LGU request for Issuance ofAuthority to Purchase Vehicle QCP.LGMED-08 Indorsement of LGU request for Issuance of FD P Compliance Certificate QCP-LGMED-09 lndorsement of LGU Request for Issuance of GFH Certificate QCP-LGMED-10 Processing of Death Benefit Claims (DBC) of Deceased Barangay Offficials QCP.LGMED-11 Issuance ofCertificate of Incumbency to Barangay Officials QCP-LGMED-15 Provision of Lupong Tagapamayapa Incentives Awards (LTIA) to awardees

Docurnent Code M-NCR-08 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Document Title QUALITY Operation MANUAL Rcv, ilo. Eff. M. m 09.01.17 5of7 a,5,2 ldentification andTraceability DILG-NCR shall monitor and measure requirements for identified services or other critical process outputs. Unless otherwise indicated as nonconforming pending inspection or disposition, or some other similar identified, all service shall be considered conforming and suitable for use. Appropriate identification and traceability control number is provided to pertinent records and documents resulting from the core services provided by DILG-NCR. The coding scheme is specified in the respective Quality Procedures (QPs) of t}re services. 8.5.3 Property Belonging to Clients and External Providers DILG-NCR exercises care with customer or supplier property while it is under the organization's control or being used by the organization. Upon receipt, such property is identified, verified, protected and safeguarded. lf property is lost, damaged or otherwise found to be unsuitable for use, this is reported to the customer or supplier and records maintained. f For protection of intellectual property, customer furnished data used for design, production and or inspection shall be maintained and preserved to prevent accidental loss, damage or inappropriate use. 8.5.4 Preservation The control and preservation ofoffice supplies, accountable forms, and related QMS materials are delegated to the designated supply officers of each operating unit which are then responsible for the safekeeping protection, and issuance ofthese materials. This preservation may include but not limited to identification, handling, packaging, storage, and protection. Preservation also applies to the constituent parts ofa producL 8.5.5 Post-DeliveryActivities As applicable, DILG-NCR conducts the following activities which are considered \"post-delivery activities\": o Post-ActiviryEvaluation . Engagement with customers to determine if the services were to their saUsfaction r Collection and analysis of in-service data . Maintenance Services o Technical Support

Docutncnt Code M-NCR-O8 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Docume t Title QUATITY Operation MANUAL R.v. l!o. E r. Date P.ta 00 09.01.17 6 ol7 Post-delivery activities are conducted in compliance with the management system defined herein. ln determining the extent ofpost-delivery activities that are required, DILG-NCR considers: a) statutory and regulatory requirements; b) the potential undesired consequences associated with its of services; c) the nature, use and intended lifetime of its of services; d) customer requirements; and e) customer feedback. 8.5.6 Control of Changes DILG-NCR reviews and controls both planned and unplanned changes to process to the extent necessary to ensure conformity with all requirements. Relevant Documented lnformation: SP-10 QMS Planning SP-07 Management Review SP.O4 Correction and Corrective Action 8.6 Release of Services Acceptance criteria for services are defined in documentation. Before services are delivered, eviews, inspections, evaluations and deliberations are conducted atappropriate stages to verify that the requirements have been meL Each core process utilized different methods for measuring and releasing services. These methods are defined in every Quality Procedure (QPJ A.7 Control of Nonconforming Outputs DILG-NCR ensures that services or otler process outputs that do not conform to tleir requirements are identified and controlled to prevent their unintended use or delivery. DILG-NCR takes appropriate action based on the nature of nonconformity and its effect on the conformity of outputs, including those detected after the provision ofservices. DILC-NCR deals with nonconforming outputs through: a) correction or revision of relevant documentation b) segregation, containment, return or suspension of provision of services c) informing and/ or coordinating with all concerned stakeholders Conformity to the requirements are re-verified when nonconforming outputs are corrected.

Document Code M-NCR-08 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Doaument Title QUALITY Operation MANUAT Rev. No. Eft. Date Patc m 09.01.17 7 ol7 DILG-NCR retains documented information that: o describes the nonconformity; o describes the action taken; o identified the authority deciding tIe action in respect ofthe nonconformity Relevant Documented Information: SP-03 Control of Nonconforming Outputs Prepared by: Reviewed bv Approved by -4J- N V?E, UAN E. INGENIERO, CESO V MARIA LOURDES L. AGUSTIN, CESO IV ment rratfons Officer Vl Regional Director Regional Director 'ytHead D,ml QMS Quality Management sentative JMK

Document code M.NCR-09 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION DocurDent Title QUALITY Performance MANUAL Evaluation Rev. No. Eff. t.te Page m 09.01.17 I of 3 9.0 PerformanceEvaluation 9.1 Monitorin& Measurement, Analysis and Evaluation 9,1,1 General DILG-NCR has determined which aspects of its quality management system must be monitored and measured, as well as the methods to utilize and records to maintain in this Qualiff Manual and related documentation. Monitoring and measurement of the processes, as defined in 4.4 above, ensure that the DILG-NCR Regional Management evaluates the performance and effectiveness of t}te quality management system itself. 9.1.2 Client Satisfaction As one ofthe measurements ofthe performance ofthe management system, DILG-NCR, through its different operating units, monitors information relating to customer perception as to whether the organization has met customer requirements. The methods for obtaining and using this information is done through the Customer Satisfaction Survey carried out by concerned DILG-NCR operating units. The corrective and preventive action system shall be used to develop and implement plans for customer satisfaction improvement that address deficiencies identified by these evaluations, and assess the effectiveness of the results. Relevant Documented Information: SP - 06 External Customer Satisfaction Survey 9.1.3 Analysis and Evaluation DILG-NCR, tlrough its concerned operating units, analyzes and evaluates the data and information arising from monitoring and measurement in order to evaluate: a) conformity of outputs; b) degree of customer satisfaction; c) performance and effectiveness of the quality management system; d) effective implementation of plans; e) effectiveness ofactions taken to address risks and opportunities; f) performance of external providers; and c) necessary improvements to the quality management system. Statistical techniques used may be defined in appropriate documented procedures; in all cases, the methods are based on established standards or are otherwise determined to be statistically valid. Concerned DILG-NCR Regional Management Officials and Staffs/ process owners are responsible for evaluating and analyzing pertinent QMS and process data and information in their respective processes.

Document Code M.NCR-09 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Oocumellt Title QUALITY Performance MANUAT Evaluation R€v.I{o. Ctt. Oate P.!e m 09.01.17 2 ol3 9.2 Internal Audit DILG-NCR conducts internal audits at planned intervals to determine whether the QMS conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and the DILG-NCR management system requirements, and to ensure that the management system has been effectively implemented and maintained. The DILG-NCR, through its Internal Quality Audit (lQA) Team and the Quality Management Representative (QMR): aJ plans, establishes, implements and maintains an audit program, including the frequency, methods, responsibilities, planning requirements and reporting, which shall take into consideration the importance ofthe processes concerned, changes affecting the organization, and tJle results ofprevious audits; b) defines the audit criteria and scope ofeach audit c) selects auditors and conduct audits to ensure objectivity and the impartiality ofthe audit process; d) ensures that the results of the audits are reported to relevant management for appropriate action; e) takes appropriate correction and corrective actions without undue delay; f) retain documented information as evidence ofthe implementation ofthe audit program and the audit results. Relevant Documented Information: SP_08 Internal Quality Auditing 9.3 Management Review The DILG-NCR Regional Management Review (RMR) Team reviews the management system, at planned intervals, to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness. The review includes assessing opportunities for improvemen! and the need for changes to the management system, including the Quality Policy and quality objectives. Management review frequency, agenda (inputsJ, outputs, required members, actions taken and other review requirements are defined in the documented procedure Monagement Review. DILC-NCR retains documented information as evidence ofthe results of management reviews. Relevant Documented Information: SP-09 Management Review

Document Codc t M-NCR-O9 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Document Title QUALITY Performance MANUAL Evaluation Rev. ilo. Eff, Data Pate 00 09.o1.17 3of3 Prepared by: Reviewed by: Approved bv --*l- E, INGENIERO, CESO V MARIA LOURDES L, ACUSTIN, CESO IV JUAN J ent O ation 0fficer VI {Ag{stff t Regional Di rector Regional Director s riat DI y'dtCi Quality rrlanagement YRefresentative tOMRI

Documcnt Code M.NCR-10 DILG - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Docunelt Title QUALITY Improvement MANUAT Rrv.llo. Eft. O.te Pd!! m 09.01.17 2of2 10.2.2 Correction and Corrective Action Concerned DILG-NCR personnel/ process owners shall retain documented information (recordsJ as evidence of: a) nature of the nonconformities and any subsequent actions taken; and bJ results ofany corrective action. Relevant Documents: SP_04 Correction and Corrective Action 10.3 Continuallmprovement DILC-NCR shall continually improve the suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness of the quality management system by considering the results of analysis and evaluation and the outputs of management reviews. Determined needs and/ or opportunities are acted upon as part ofthe continual improvement of DILG-NCR quality management system Prepared by Reviewed bv Aplrroved bl a U IUAN 1d INGENIERO, CESO V MARIA LOURDES L. ACUSTIN, CESO IV L Gove nt ratio cer Vl Regional Director Regional Director riat DI uality Management ffi ntative R

PHILIPPINE NATIONAL STANDARD PNS ISO 9001:2015 (lSO published 2015) ICS: 03.120.20 Quality management systems :- Requirements drfl BUREAU OF PHTLTPPINE STANDARDS (BPS) Member to the . . lnternational Or8anization for Standardization {lSO) international ElectrotechnicalCommission (lEC) IRAOT I II{DUSTRY Standards and Conforman€e Portal:-!!]!9.b.89$iggltp-h -

PHILIPPINE NATIONAL STANDARD PNS ISO 9001 :2015 (lSO published 2015) National Foreword This Philippine National Standard is identical with lnternational Standard ISO 9001 :2015, Quality management systems - Requirements. lt was approved for adoption as a Philippine National Standard by the Bureau of Philippine Standards. Within the text of the standard, the following are the minimal editorial changes: a) the decimal comma shall be interpreted as a decimal point to be consistent with existing convention on our number formatting; b) the words \"lnternational Standards\" shall mean \"Philippine National Standards\". This standard cancels and replaces PNS ISO 900't:2008 (lSO published 2008). Pubiisireri by ihe Bureau'bf fn{rppme >tandards September 20 15 and

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