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October 2022 Temple Emanu-El Bulletin

Published by monika, 2022-10-11 11:35:39

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October 2022 Tishri-Cheshvan 5783 The monthly bulletin . for Temple Emanu-El @emanuel.temple (205) 933-8037 Birmingham, Alabama Sukkot and Simchat Torah Schedule Saturday, October 8 at 6:00 p.m. Havdalah Service with Sukkot & Simchat Torah music Wednesday, October 12 at 5:00 p.m. Family Dinner in the Sukkah with the Rabbi (RSVP to [email protected]) Friday, October 14 at 5:45 p.m. Sukkot Shabbat Service Young Adult Dinner with improv following (more on page 8) Monday, October 17 at 11:00 a.m. Yizkor Service Friday, October 21 at 5:45 p.m. Simchat Torah Shabbat Service Consecration of the First Grade Religious School Students CONSECRATION STUDENTS 2022 Goldie Blair Chandler Lourie Daughter of Brad & Alyssa Blair Son of Josh & Kate Lourie Magnolia Brasovan Dax Petrofsky Daughter of Peter & Shannon Brasovan Son of Andrew Petrofsky & Rachel Mazer Riley Dreffin Ainsley Rhodes Daughter of Matt Dreffin & Erica Weil Daughter of Evan & Jessica Rhodes Pierce Goldberg Bennett Saag Son of Scott & Annie Goldberg Son of Andy Saag and Brittany Saag Peri Kulbersh Mae Wool Daughter of Brian & Jennifer Kulbersh Daughter of Matthew & Laura Wool Our Mission: Temple Emanu-El is a welcoming Reform Jewish congregation, engaging members in prayer, study, fellowship, and acts of loving kindness for our congregational family and the community at-large.

2 Our Services Friday, Sept 30 Friday, Oct 7 Friday, Oct 14 Friday, Oct 21 Friday, Oct 28 5:45 p.m. 5:00 p.m. 5:45 p.m. 5:45 p.m. 5:45 p.m. Erev Shabbat Tot Shabbat Sukkot Service Erev Shabbat Erev Shabbat Service 5:45 p.m. Sharsheret Service Service Erev Shabbat Pink Shabbat Consecration Service Improv Under The Sukkah Simchat Torah with Bima Band Saturday, Oct 1 Saturday, Oct 8 Saturday, Oct 15 Saturday, Oct 22 Saturday, Oct 29 9:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. Torah Study Torah Study Torah Study Torah Study Torah Study 10:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. Shabbat Morning Shabbat Morning Shabbat Morning Shabbat Morning Shabbat Morning Service Service Service Service Service Torah Portion Bat Mitzvah Bat Mitzvah Torah Portion Torah Portion Parshat Vayeilech Naomi Druxman Alice Nelson Parshat Bereshit Parshat Noach Genesis 1:1-6:8 Genesis 6:9-11:32 Deuteronomy 6:00 p.m. Torah Portion 31:1-31:30 Havdalah Service Chol ha-Moed Sukkot Haftarah Portion Haftarah Portion with Sukkot and Exodus 33:12-34:26; Isaiah 42:5-43:10 Isaiah 54:1-55:5 Haftarah Portion Simchat Torah Music Hosea 14:2-10; Numbers 29:26-31 Micah 7:18-20; Torah Portion Parshat Ha’Azinu Haftarah Portion Joel 2:15-27 Ezekiel 38:18-39:16 Deuteronomy 32:1-32:52 Haftarah Portion II Samuel 22:1-51 Special Tot Shabbat Friday, October 7th at 5:00 pm Join Cantor Wittner and Elizabeth Bloch, our Directorof Education, for a fun and musical Tot Shabbat. Pizza dinner to follow. RSVP to Kathryn Pautler at [email protected] or (205)-933-8037. Special thanks to the Nina & Norman Cohen Next Generation Fund. USPS Publication Title: Our Temple Statement of Frequency: Address: Organization: IDENTIFICATION Issue Date: October 2022 Published monthly 2100 Highland Avenue South Temple Emanu-El Issue Number: 156 except for June/July issue Birmingham, AL 35205-4002

Around Our Temple 3 Cantor’s Corner HIGH HOLY DAYS This month, we continue with our High Holy Days Reminder of High Holy Days services until the end of Simchat Torah. Along with Kids Activities for Yom Kippur and that, Friday, October 7th, we will have Tot Shabbat at Simchat Torah, see the schedule at 5:00 pm, followed by our Erev Shabbat Service at 5:45. Dr. Ralph Selig will be in town and will be accompanied by our Bima Band, “The Graftones”. To close out Shabbat and the High Holy Days, we PLEASE NOTE: will have a special Havdalah program with Sukkot and Simchat Torah music. OCTOBER 5 On Friday, October 21st, please join us for our Consecration Shabbat Office Closed for Yom Kippur service at 5:45 pm and enjoy celebrating our next generation. Look forward to seeing you all at these, and other events throughout October. OCTOBER 6 Office Closed for Yom Kippur Cantor Robby Wittner, Engel Cantorial Chair OCTOBER 10 Office Closed for Sukkot Religious School News OCTOBER 17 from Elizabeth Bloch, MARE Director of Education Office Closed Sukkot/Simchat Torah Since our Weekend of Welcome and Religious School Torah Study Opening Day at the end of August, we have had much Every Wednesday 12 p.m. going on at our Temple. We opened our community or dial-in at +1 312 626 6799 teen education program KESHER with a Mitzvah Meeting ID: 661 751 570 AND project to benefit the clients of CJFS, a wonderful Every Saturday 9 a.m. Havdallah program with a taste of High Holy Day music, three adult Jasper Room at the Temple education programs where we had fun baking delicious honey cake with In person and via zoom Jan Hirsch, a Challah bake with Sherron Goldstein and an educational or dial-in at +1 312 626 6799 virtual tour of Jerusalem with a professional tour guide from Israel. We Meeting ID: 731 472 885 password: torah closed out September with inspiring and spiritual celebration of Rosh Hashanah (see photos on page 5). We had a Tot Family Service with Rabbi and Cantor, as well as meaningful Rosh Hashanah activities on the Gail and Jeffrey Bayer Religious School floor for K – 5th grade students and babysitting for toddlers in the library. Our Tashlich ceremony this year was at the Birmingham Zoo, followed by dip n’ dots ice-cream, popcorn bar and soda/water. What a great way to end our New Year’s Day! If you missed any of the Rosh Hashanah events, we hope you will join next year but for now there will be much to celebrate throughout the year as a Temple Emanu-El family. I hope you will join with your family as often as you can. Enjoy the photos from our recent programs A photo from our Weekend of Welcome and and celebrations. Religious School Opening Day

4 Around Our Temple Yom Kippur congregational remarks from Charles Collat, Jr. President of Temple Emanu-El Good Yuntif. It is wonderful to see each of you here tonight at Temple Emanu-El, whether you are here in person or watching on-line. Many of you are wondering why Andy and I are both speaking tonight, because traditionally, the temple president speaks on Rosh Hashana and the Grafman Endowment Fund president talks on Yom Kippur. So why the change? By standing together and both talking with our congregation, we are demonstrating how our Temple functions today. We are more connected today than I can remember. We are developing long and deep roots inside both the Grafman Endowment Fund and the Temple so that long after Andy and I are sitting where you are sitting, the future leaders will have the same or even better collaboration. We are One Temple. Let me explain by highlighting a few of our new collaborations with the Grafman Endowment Fund: • The Grafman Endowment Fund recognizes the constant changes and needs of the temple. From any capital expenditure to the hiring of additional staff, the Grafman Endowment Fund constantly works to ensure that the temple receives every available dollar from our endowment to meet its objectives. We are grateful that the Grafman Endowment Fund is providing an additional $1 million in funding, over the next 5 years. These are additional dollars to the temple, which is over and above the current formula funding model. • The increased funding will allow our temple’s senior leadership team to meet their objectives by hiring additional staff, continue to enhance our programming, and to elevate our spiritual experiences, all of which matters the most to our congregation. • Bottom line, the funding from our endowment is critical to our temple’s growth as we need our entire congregation to understand that Temple Emanu-El is the sole beneficiary of our Grafman Endowment Fund. As president, I am thankful that Grafman Endowment Fund is here, and we have this great collaboration moving forward. Next, I want to highlight our structure. All our temple committees have their leaders in place. Their next tasks are to increase their committee members and to document what they want to achieve this year. Why am I mentioning this tonight, well, our committees are the heart and soul of our Temple’s engagement. Through the likes of our Temple Circles, Tikkun Olam, Education, Sisterhood and Brotherhood, this is where we become truly an engaged congregation. Over the last four years, we’ve seen staff changes. I am happy to report that Today, we have a great team in place. In March of this year, we welcomed Elizabeth Bloch to our temple leadership family. The board and I are so pleased with the direction of our education and learning. She and her team are enriching the lives of both our children and of our adults. Our religious school enrollment is skyrocketing. Under Elizabeth’s leadership, we’ve revamped our curricula, our b’nai mitzvah program, and made Sundays, the day of learning for all temple members. Temple Emanu-El is unique. We have a formal process to listen and learn from each of our congregants. This process, which is now in year 3, is where we intentionally meet with each congregant. These intentional conversations are vital to our temple’s future. For those of you who we have met with, your suggestions are now moving through our various committees. For the congregants that we will speak with this year, I look forward to learning from each of you. Temple Emanu-El is in a fantastic and stable position with our clergy. We are so happy that we have engaged Rabbi Wright four years ago to be our rabbi. It’s been so wonderful to have him, his wife Rachel and his three adorable kids, Lillian and twins Maisie and Teddy as part of our temple family. I am happy to report that we are in conversations with Cantor Wittner to keep him and his family in Birmingham by extending his contract to a longer-term agreement, as this will keep Cantor Wittner, his wife; Alex, and Baby Jesse with us in Birmingham for many more years. In the two years with our Cantor, he’s grown so much, working with students, creating our junior choir, leading tot Shabbat, creating wonderful musical programs, and serving our congregation pastorally.

Around Our Temple 5 In Case You Missed It... Recent Education Events Fun baking with Jan Hirsch Opening of our community teen education program, KESHER Challah Bake with Sherron Goldstein K – 5th grade students celebrating Rosh Hashanah Apples and Honey (Yom Kippur congregational remarks from Charles Collat, Jr. continued) We live in different times. Many of the things that we are having to do today are things that my predecessors never had to think or worry about. We live in a world where security is a top priority. For these high holy days and for life in general at Temple Emanu-El, we have up “upped our security game”. We have partnered with the Birmingham Jewish Federation, as Birmingham, in general, is upping its security game. We are cautiously optimistic that Temple Emanu-El will be granted $300k in security enhancement funding. We applied for the grant in May of this year, and we are patiently waiting written approval from the state of Alabama. Pending approval, our planned physical enhancements will begin in late ‘22 or early ‘23. These enhancements will also encompass our tenant, the Alabama Holocaust Education Center. As I wrap up my thoughts, I need to give a proper thank you to my family. Especially my father who is a past president of this congregation and he started our endowment fund, to Joanna his wife, to my sister Nancy, my boys Trey and Andrew and my future daughter-in-law Sarah, and most importantly, to my very patient and understanding wife, Cheryl. Thank you all for being there for me, and for allowing me to take the time necessary to lead our congregation. So what do I want each of you to take away from my talk tonight? Please remember: • The Grafman Endowment Fund and Temple Emanu-El are tightly connected • We have two wonderful clergy • Our overall congregational engagement and learning, is truly amazing • Your temple board is laser focused on the future by establishing a strong today • Remember, that want to hear from you. Please provide us feedback to improve this place that we all love. Finally, what do we need from you the congregant, we need you. Temple Emanu-El teenagers, young adults, new parents, parents in general, empty nesters, boomers, and anyone demographic that I omitted, we need you to volunteer and get involved. We want and need all of you to be a part of our growing, thriving, engaging and spiritual Temple Emanu-El. And, thank you for allowing me to be your Temple’s President.

6 Around Our Temple Yom Kippur congregational remarks from Andy Rotenstreich President of the Grafman Endowment Fund Gut Yontif, I am Andy Rotenstreich, speaking on behalf of your Grafman Endowment Fund. Entering my second year as president, I also wish to assure you that our Endowment Board is committed to continuing the mission of working collaboratively with our Temple leadership to support and sustain our congregation – and that we remain vested in ensuring a strong Temple Emanu-El in perpetuity. And as we read in the Talmud: One day a righteous man was journeying on the road and he saw this man planting a carob tree. He asked him, “How long does it take [for this tree] to bear fruit?” The man replied, “Seventy years. “He then asked, “Are you certain that you will live another seventy years?” The man replied, “I found carob trees in the world; as my fathers planted these for me so I, too, plant these for my children.” These words from the Talmud illustrates one of the greatest principles in life: the concept of sowing seeds. It teaches us that if we plant something, and nurture it, we can reap something greater in the future. This teaching applies to us here at Temple Emanu-El . . . we each have the power to continue to build our endowment to ensure the financial security for generations to come. Our congregation is certainly stronger today because of the foresight and generosity of so many people who contributed to the endowment over the past 40+ years. We are seeing the rewards for their generosity. It is up to us to insure that the next generation continues to see the great rewards that a strong endowment can provide for our temple. More recently, we are extremely grateful to all those who donated to the endowment this year with gifts totaling over $400,000, as well as the many who have created new Named Funds, and those that included our Temple in their estate plans. And, we are exceptionally pleased that this past year our Endowment Fund was able to increase our grants to the Temple by over $100,000. This is partially due to recent gifts in prior years, as well as the increase of programming opportunities as Covid restrictions have lifted. Providing allocations of over $580,000 last year has enabled our congregation to enjoy so many programs and enrichments – such as: • this magnificent High Holy Day Choir and other musical programs • upgrades to our technology, • a multitude of Religious School enhancements • underwriting a healthy portion of our clergy and staff salaries, as well as • provide for capital improvements, such as this lovely new podium. Details of this past year’s funding are highlighted in the insert in your Yom Kippur program – and summarized in more detail in our Annual Report, which will be delivered at the end of this month. I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize Jann Blitz, our executive director for the past 26 years and her role in our success. As you may know, Jann is retiring from her position at the end of this month…. Jann, your contributions to the Endowment over the last 26 years is unparalleled. You have helped the Endowment grow and prosper, run efficiently, and you have supremely supported the efforts of every Endowment officer to allow this organization to flourish. The endowment will forever be grateful for your work and dedication. And to our congregation, on behalf of our Temple and Endowment leadership, we thank you! And, we encourage you to continue to support the endowment to enrich our congregation today, as well as to ensure a positive future for the generations to come – We can each help plant the seeds upon which our congregation can grow. Thank you and L’shana tova.

Around Our Temple 7 L’Shana Tova — 5783 TASHLICH AT THE ZOO Special thanks to the Grafman Endowment Fund for underwriting the sweets & treats for the Special October Birthdays event, as well as our Jacobs Camp Committee for the delightful candy bars. Following are members of our FUN AT THE ROSH HASHANAH FAMILY SERVICE family celebrating birthdays in years divisible by 5. PREPARING FOR BREAK-THE-FAST Janet Aarons Louise Abroms Robert Berman Michael Blumenthal Emelia Brobst Ginger Brook Katie De Los Santos Amy Dillard Aubrey Engel Linda Friedman Oleg Grigoryev Marilyn Haver Gabriel Kessler Avery Labovitz Mollie Lichter Sarah Mintz Richard Pizitz Rosalyn Siegal Carole Simpson Dayton Spector Patricia St. Charles Michael Staff Sarah Styers Edward Vance Anna Way Ben Weil Pat Weil Beverly Wiatrak Please note that Anniversary and Birthday lists are gathered from information in the Temple’s database. We apologize for any errors or exclusions. Please contact us at [email protected] regarding any corrections.

8 Around Our Temple Friday, October 14, 2022 IMPROV UNDER THE Sisterhood is hosting our Annual Sharsheret SuKKah Pink Shabbat. We will Friday, October 14th honor our breast Optional Kabbalat Shabbat service of your choice at cancer survivors. We will honor all of our 5:45 pm @ TBE or TEE cancer survivors, 7:00 p.m.: Dinner at Temple Beth El We will pray for our 8:00 p.m.: Comedy Show at Temple Emanu-El congregants who Dinner Drinks Comedy Show have cancer. We will Tickets: $10 remember our loved ones Register Here! who have passed away from cancer. I hope you will join us for this beautiful service. Oneg & Breast Cancer Lapel Pins graciously sponsored by Dr. Al Cohn “Sharsheret is a national not-for-profit organization supporting young Jewish women and their families facing breast cancer. Our mission is to offer a community of support to women, of all Jewish backgrounds, diagnosed with breast cancer or at increased genetic risk, by fostering culturally-relevant individualized connections with networks of peers, health professionals, and related resources.”

Around Our Temple 9 B’NOT MITZVAH Happy Anniversary Naomi Druxman Saturday, October 8, 2022 October Anniversaries My name is Naomi Druxman and I attend Gail & Jeffrey Bayer Mountain Brook Junior High School. I was Meredith & Kevin Cash born on October 28, 2008, and I am excited to Morissa & Mitch Cohen become a Bat Mitzvah in October. I have one Sallie & Bruce Downs brother and his name is Jonathan Druxman and he also attends Temple Emanu-El to Lisa & Alan Engel prepare for his Bar Mitzvah. Elise & Hank Frohsin My Favorite subjects in school are science Marie & Preston Goldfarb and Spanish. I am in a band at school, and I Beverlee & Bruce Gordon play the clarinet. I have loved being a part of Brenda Bell-Guercio & Jake Guercio debate team in MBJH and can’t wait to start Lynda & Bernie Gutcheon debate tournaments. I also have been playing Andrea & Kent Haines piano since I was 5 and have participated in Sarah Kirshtein & Stephen Sharp state piano competitions. I started dancing Alisa & Wayne Krouse when I was 4 and I have danced at Alabama Emily Lawrence & Steve Reynolds Dance Academy for 3 years. I love jazz, lyrical as well as ballet. Ashley Fierman Lewis & Jon Lewis My hobbies are listening to music, baking, and watching silly 90’s comedies Marion & Edgar Marx, Jr. with my mom. I am thankful for my family who have always been there for me Laura Pointer & Gordon Kirschberg as well as my friends who have supported me. Alysia & Steven Reisman Going to Camp Barney and being around other Jewish children, has been Jessica & Evan Rhodes transformative for me as a person and has connected me further to Judaism. I have been honored to be selected to be a Madrichim, a teaching assistant at Kim & Neil Roth the Temple Emanu-El’s Sunday school this year, so I can engage with children Margaret & Max Stern and help with their Jewish education. I am proud of the Jewish education I’ve received at Temple Emanu-El and would like to thank Rabbi Wright, Cantor Joyce & Bob Vance Wittner and Monica Singletary for helping me throughout my Bat Mitzvah Allison & Ben Weil journey. I am looking forward to becoming a Bat Mitzvah and would like to Janice & Sandy Weinstein continue my Jewish education even further, so that I can be well prepared Rachel & Adam Wright to pass Jewish traditions onto my children. Alice Nelson Saturday, October 15, 2022 Alice Nelson is a 7th grader at Mountain Brook Junior High School. She is the daughter of Christy and David Nelson and sister of Jennie Ruth (11). Alice has been a member of Temple Emanu-El since she was born. She follows in the footsteps of her father, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncles and cousins who have been a Bar or Bat Mitzvah at Temple. Alice is happiest at Camp Seafarer, where she spends each summer. She enjoys water skiing and surfing when the weather is warm and snow skiing when it is cold. She loves to dance at Linda Dobbins Dance and is a member of the Mountain Brook Junior High dance team. Alice is excited that her friends and family can celebrate this simcha with her!

10 Around Our Temple A D U LT E D U C AT I O N Sundays at 10 AM at Temple Emanu-El – Stop by the Jasper Room for a nosh before jumping into one of our upcoming Adult Education Classes: RSVP to Monika Singletary at [email protected] These adult education programs are underwritten by our Grafman Endowment Fund. SUNDAY OCTOBER 2 at 10:00 a.m. in the Jasper Room Mah Tovu: What Jewish Texts Can Teach Us About How to Motivate and Inspire Staff in the Workplace Faciltated by Mark S. Young The pandemic and the great resignation (or great re-shuffling) has required workplaces from all industries to re-evaluate their strategies for attracting and retaining their professional talent. There has been no shortage of people today advocating how organizations should approach this challenge, but we may not need to look farther than our own Jewish tradition. Torah, Talmud, and more Contemporary Jewish Scholars and Figures from Maimonides to Herzl have offered unique wisdom on how we can retain talent and help each realize their full potential. Join Mark S. Young, Vice President of Talent Strategy at JCC Association and author of Bless Our Workforce: Changing the Way We Manage Our People for a unique and interactive discussion that will both provide attendees with tangible ready to apply strategies and a deeper philosophical understanding of motivation at work to make use of in all our roles engaging and motivating those around us. SUNDAY OCTOBER 9 at 10:00 a.m. in the Jasper Room Intermarriage & The Jewish Future: Optimism & Opportunity Faciltated by Jane Larkin Optimism and Opportunity is a look at the macro trends in Judaism as it relates to intermarriage and the engagement and inclusion of IF families in Jewish life. For example, what’s happening in the Conservative movement regarding officiation or acceptance of patrilineal descent, what about interfaith issues in Israel, what are people actually doing vs. what do religious academics and clergy say/want to happen. This program is a collaboration with the Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life. SUNDAY OCTOBER 16 at 10:00 a.m. in the Jasper Room Creating Hebrew Letters and Words Faciltated by Peter Bain Hebrew letters are a unique set of shapes, distinct from the letters of the English alphabet. Even those that look familiar work in a different way. Creating Hebrew Letters and Words is a hands-on experience that will explore the visual characteristics of a common style of Hebrew. Using simple tools, we will examine how Hebrew letters are both separate and related, delve into their components, and finally, create words with fresh eyes. Everyone is welcome; no art background or Hebrew reading is needed. All materials provided. Peter Bain is a designer and typographer with a studio website at He has studied, practiced, and taught lettering and visual design in places such as New York City, small-town Mississippi, and online. SUNDAY OCTOBER 23 at 10:00 a.m. in the Jasper Room Dream Big: Breaking Boundaries with Israeli “Chutzpah” Faciltated by Roie Galitz Roie Galitz was born and raised in Israel. His determination, commitment, and “chutzpah” pushed him to break boundaries around the world. After exploring our planet from the north pole to Antarctica, he is now a world-renowned wildlife photographer and the first Israeli to become an international Greenpeace ambassador. In this fascinating talk, he shares his personal story and life lessons.

Our Yahrzeits 11 May the beauty of their lives shine forever, and may we always bring honor to their memory. Sept 25 – October 1 Justin Cohen Jerome “Buddy” Cooper Anita Harwood Harry Goldner Mildred Cohn Eunice Wetherhorn Copeland Elizabeth Johnson Nancy S. Goldstein Herman Adler Miriam Goldstein Cohn Eugene Goldstein Lynne C. Alexander Joseph David Cooper Muriel Degen Sam Kartus Janice Friedman Halpern Sadie C. Barstein Sam Diamond Harry B. Elmets Sarah Kaufman Rose Abraham Bayer Stanley Elsas Sandra Sims Evers Margaret Kelley Sarah Halpern Abe Feinman Adolph I. Hamburg Sidney Bernstein Adair David “A.D.” Fine Irvin Floam Joan Langer Samuel Bittner Samuel Paul Fink Ralph Frohsin, Sr. Eddie Leitman Rubin Hanan Ralph Carl Blach, Sr. Annie Felson Galkin Ida E. Levenson Joyce Helzberg Herman Blumberg Orrin Ford Jenny Lober Florette Hirsch Jack F. Broda Ben Goldben Faye Goren Bernice G. Hirsch Dudley Burwell Ronald Irwin Goldberg Barbara Gotlieb Mae Loewe Donald R Kahn Robert (Greg) Coons Jeanette Gotlieb Tavel Grabove Louis J. Malkove Lena Lewis Kanter Barney Copeland Carrie L. Hagedorn Elizabeth R. Held Josephine G. Morris Josephine Kaplan Alfred Freeman Sidney Held Pearl Handler Kessler Selma Friedman Charles Herring Bill Howton Dell Oliver Charles D. Klotzman Murray M. Gold Gloria Weisberg Jacobs David B. Jacobs Alvin Philipson Edith Koretzky Ruth Bromberg Goldstein Dorothy Jacobson Duane Johnson Simon Phillips Todd Korman Harold Goldstein Elaine Kartus Patricia Korman Freda Pincus Israel Kronenberg Rachel Grabove Bessie Krentzman Minnie Kushner John Rathmell Brian Grodner Henry Lazarus Rae G. Levine John Rathmell Annie Luria Geraldine Weiser Heymann Jenny Levy Carol Reese Harold Marlowe Joseph E. Hirsh Max H. Mayer Leroy Lurie Albert L. Roseman Mildred S. Marlowe Samuel Michael Leroy Lurie Joyce Routman Bernice Marx Fred Kanter Fannie Minisman Robbie Madden Leo K. Steiner, Sr. Hannah Kaufman Dora Clein Moore Elizabeth M. Mahaffey Edith G. Tenenbaum Bruno Mazur Mitzi Kronenberg Szymon Nagrodzki JoAnn Marsala Helen Vance Gregory Meikson Alfred Babe Levenson Dora Mitnick Nahum Bess Kapp Miller Myer D. Weinstein Maurine H. Monsky Oscar “Babe” May Anna S. Petrofsky Louis Overbach Robert Weinstein Lewis J. Odess Dorothy Megerian Annie B. Prochep Mildred Lefcort Posner Marjorie Ellman Weinstein Fay Oppenheim Odess Marshall Howard Miller Philip H. Ripko Sol A. Reese Claudette Petrofsky Samuel Julius Ripps Max Risman Gene Wolf Sam Picard, Jr. Rose Monheit Amelia A. Rittenbaum Frances Rittenbaum Eleanor Zelin Rose Menchel Rapoport Rose Krentzman Odess Arthur H. Rosenfeld Ida Berman Rosen Shirley Ruth Singer Freeman Regina Rosenfeld Barrye Ziff Jason Real Sherman C. Raffel Esther Sklar Rubye Rosenfeld Sadie Rice Rich Lydia Rodgers Shirley R. Snow Freda Rubenstein October 23 – 29 Jeanne F. Sterman Edward Saag Alvin Rich Frances Roseman Dorothy Tepper Belle K. Spiegelman Louis Bayer Rose Newman Risman Jo Anne Rosenfeld Virginia Loeb Weil Dorothy Shugerman Unger Max Beck, Sr. Ruth D. Rosenberger Vernon R. Rosenthal Lee B. Weil Henry Norman Wise Martin S. Bergman Morris Weisberg Julian L. Bernheim Aaron Rosenfeld Edward Russell Sallie Mae Wiener October 16 – 22 Melvin Bluestein Hyman Rosner Aaron Sachs Bettie S. Wolfsohn Adolf Bluttman Rebecca Slive Ethel Wynne Judith Abroms Charles D. Bry Lela Saag Marie Geismar Blach Beatrice Cohen Rosa Israel Sachs Morris Solomon October 9 - 15 Hans Curjel M. Edna Schoen Sam Spiegelman Stan Bloom Mildred Cutter Bertha Phillips Blank Milton Cohen Rosalee G. Dannis David Schultz Larry Weiner Barbara Buchalter Max Cohen Maurice Teddlie Davis Beatrice Silverman Mollie Weiss Brown Dotson Joseph Engel Morton Simpson Benjamin B. Wolf Hirsch Cherner Dorothy Epstein Rebecca Feinman Mikhail Chernitsky Estelle Eubanks Helen B. Fierman Allan I. Sirkin October 2 – 8 Alice Lurie Friedman Linda Aland Sussberg Jenny Witt Goldstein Fanny Fies Bruce Riggan Andrews Sarah Engel Green Alvin Victor Filer, Jr. Alfred Thomason Steven Michael Baras Arthur Hagedorn Louis Lazarus Friedman Jennifer Ware Ira D. Bayer Tommy Gillespie Jennifer Goldstein Ware Herbert Blatt Anna Franklin Weil Lynn Brandler Jennie Esther Wiatrak

12 Our Tributes We appreciate the thoughtfulness of those who support our congregation by remembering and honoring their friends and loved ones through their generous contributions. Thank you for the following gifts received through September 8, 2022. GENERAL & UNRESTRICTED FUNDS Donations to our General Temple and Endowment Funds, and the Unrestricted Named Endowment Funds provide the greatest flexibility to respond to our congregation’s changing needs. In Memory Of: Emily Held Nathan Lewis Bruce Barnes by Susan & Rodney Barstein by Denise & Wayne Lewis by Nancy Goedecke by Harry Bayer Rhoda Denaburg Link by Marie & Preston Goldfarb by Linda Barstein by Amy & Scott Garber by Eileen & Edward Leader by Becky & Randy Benson by Ashley & Jon Lewis by Joyce & Joe Lichtenstein by Sandra & Alan Berman by Joyce & Joe Lichtenstein Harold Blach, Jr. by Lynne & Larry Birnbaum by Letty & Bob Marcus by Carol & Jimmy Filler by Jane & Joe Bluestein by Natalie & Keith Nadler Arthur Berman by Daniel Burnick Edgar Marx, Sr. by Sandra & Alan Berman by Charlotte Corenblum by Carol & Jimmy Filler Baila Berman Block by Beverly & Stanley Erdreich Isle Nathan by Sandra & Alan Berman by Chu-Chi & Bobby Fierman by Denise & Wayne Lewis Sadie Berman by Carol & Jimmy Filler Peter Printz by Sandra & Alan Berman by Shirley & Ron Froehlich by Pat Bearnot Bertha Block by Carolyn & Henry Frohsin by Chu-Chi & Bobby Fierman by Sandra & Alan Berman by Amy & Scott Garber by Carol & Jimmy Filler Roger Blum by Nancy Goedecke by Arlene Fisher by Denise & Wayne Lewis by Dan Goldberg by Eve & Rick Hirsch Hanna Centor by Emily Helzberg by Ricki & Lanny Kline by Carol Herman by Barbara & Henry Helzberg by Carrie & Richard Pizitz by Eve & Rick Hirsch by Eve & Rick Hirsch by Sherri & David Romanoff by Julie Koch by Laura & Gordon Kirschberg by Regina & Neil Sigman by Susan & Barry Koretzky by Ricky Koslin and Lyons Heyman Howard Schultz, brother of Ricky Koslin by Letty & Bob Marcus by Donna & David Kraselsky by Mitzi Goldstein Avery Fierman, grandchild of by Joan & Mike Krawcheck Ida Schultz Chu-Chi & Bobby Fierman by Eileen & Edward Leader by Regina & Neil Sigman by Laurie & Zachary Solomon by Ashley & Jon Lewis Ruth Siegler Richard Friedman, father of by Joyce & Joe Lichtenstein by Carolyn & Henry Frohsin Michelle Lax by Letty & Bob Marcus by Denise & Wayne Lewis by Michelle Lax by Fran Marlow by Letty & Bob Marcus Charlotte Ives Goldberg by Candy & Ed Meyerson by Regina & Neil Sigman by Eve & Rick Hirsch by Susan & Lee Reeves Fred Sigman by Susan & Barry Koretzky by Judy & Jimmy Rotenstreich by Regina & Neil Sigman Janet Goldfarb by Amy & Michael Saag Wishing Good Health To: by Marie & Preston Goldfarb by Ferne Seigel Bert Bloomston Florence Goldstein by Jerry Seigel by Carol & Jimmy Filler by Warren Goldstein by Sandra & Larry Shulman Joe Bluestein Cissy Held by Wendy & Frank Siegal by Carole Simpson by Carol & Jimmy Filler by Carole Simpson Ellen Elsas Joan Jacobson by Dentons Sirote, P.C. by Carole Simpson by Eve & Rick Hirsch by Dodie Sokol Evelyn Held by Joyce & Joe Lichtenstein by Ellen & Jerry Sokol by Carol & Jimmy Filler Sol Kimerling by Laurie & Zachary Solomon Jack Held by Carol & Jimmy Filler by Pat Weil by Carol & Jimmy Filler Murray Koslin by Rhonda & Harry Weinberg by Carole Simpson by Ricky Koslin and Lyons Heyman by Joan & Don Weisberg Bob Marcus Sadye Koslin Jerry Lapidus by Jane & Joe Bluestein by Ricky Koslin and Lyons Heyman by Carol & Jimmy Filler by Robert M. Goodfriend by Eve & Rick Hirsch

Our Tributes 13 Kit Roth Special Anniversary of Special Birthday of Roz Caplan by Carole Simpson Marilyn & Murray Tanner by Carol & Jimmy Filler Joyce Stein by Ricky Koslin and Lyons Heyman Special Birthday of Jack Held by Carol & Jimmy Filler by Carole Simpson by Sandra & Larry Shulman In Honor Of: Special Anniversary of Special Birthdays of Bar Mitzvah of Eli Mastin, Rhonda & Harry Weinberg Shirley & Jerry Leader grandson of Marilynn & Earl Rothstein by Jani & Ronnie Handwerger by Eve & Rick Hirsch by Linda Barstein Special Birthday of Barbara Betten Special Birthday of Joan Pizitz by Fran & Lee Godchaux by Carol & Jimmy Filler by Letty & Bob Marcus Bar Mitzvah of Kenny Wertheimer, by Ricky Koslin and Lyons Heyman by Sandra & Larry Shulman grandson of Janet & Leonard Wertheimer by Joan & Don Weisberg Special Birthday of Rosalyn Siegal by Regina & Neil Sigman Special Birthday of Leonard Held by Sandra & Alan Berman B’Nai Mitzvah of Evan & Jake Mussafer, by Lynne & Larry Birnbaum Special Birthday of Estelle Silverstein sons of Natlie & Mark Mussafer by Jane & Joe Bluestein by Letty & Bob Marcus by Fran & Lee Godchaux by Carol & Jimmy Filler by Sandra & Larry Shulman Birth of Arthur Centor, grandson of by Amy & Scott Garber Special Birthday of Janet Wertheimer Freda & Bob Centor by Fran & Lee Godchaux by Eve & Rick Hirsch by Eve & Rick Hirsch by Ricky Koslin and Lyons Heyman Special Birthday of Michael Wilensky Special Anniversary of by Eileen & Edward Leader by Carol & Jimmy Filler Barbara & David Betten by Fran Marlow Marriage of Rachel Honan, by Carol & Jimmy Filler by Candy & Ed Meyerson daughter of Roxanne Travelute & Special Anniversary of by Sherri & David Romanoff Michael Honan, to Parker Jacobs Chu-Chi & Bobby Fierman by Suellen & A.J. Rosmarin by Regina & Neil Sigman by Ricky Koslin and Lyons Heyman by Amy & Michael Saag New home of Letty & Bob Marcus Special Anniversary of by Sandra & Larry Shulman by Carol & Jimmy Filler Elisa & Aaron Nelson by Laurie & Zachary Solomon New home of Marcia Unger by Marlene Selar by Pat Weil by Ricky Koslin and Lyons Heyman by Joan & Don Weisberg Rosalie & Raymond Gotlieb by Ralph Blach Our Endowment Funds at Work We greatly appreciate the enhancements provided by the following funds of the Grafman Endowment Fund enriching our programming over the past few months. “OurTemple” Worship Anywhere Fund for underwriting the annual fees to host our all important webcasts of worship services and other special events. Gail & Jeffrey Bayer Fund for Religious Education for enriching our first months of Religious School including teacher training, the sweets for the first opening day, technology to enhance and facilitate on-line learning. Hannah & Hyman Goldstein Volunteer Fund and Betty & Robert Loeb Fund for helping to make the “Weekend of Welcome”(WOW) in August so very special. Nina & Norman Cohen Next Generation Fund for underwriting our wonderful Tot Shabbat services, as well as Young Adult Havdalah and Happy Hour during the “WOW” weekend. Ruth & JD Rosenberger Music Fund and Barrye & Jay Ziff Cultural Arts Fund for enhancing our worship services each month with the addition of our fabulous bima band, “The Graftones”. Dues Endowment Funds for providing over $88,500 now in “Annual Temple Commitment”/ Dues income on behalf of 19 of our congregational families. These gifts are indeed a blessing as they continue to provide operating support to our Temple each year in perpetuity. Your contributions through our “Temple Tributes” help to support Temple Emanu-El’s annual operations and activities, and further build our Grafman Endowment Fund to enrich our congregation…now and forever. To make a Tribute Gift to either a temple or an endowment fund, please contact the Endowment Office at (205) 933-8397 or [email protected] A list of all our funds is available on our website at

14 Our Tributes DESIGNATED ENDOWMENT FUNDS DESIGNATED TEMPLE FUNDS Contributions to these “perpetual” funds help provide permanent sources Gifts to these “immediate use” funds fulfill of income for special parsowgerallmams fionrgfauntudreengheannecreamtioennst.s for our temple today, special needs beyond the scope of what dues and tuition fees are able to provide. BLACH FAMILY FUND IVES FAMILY RABBI WRIGHT FOR DUES ENDOWMENT RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FUND DISCRETIONARY FUND In Memory Of: In Memory Of: In Memory Of: Emily Held Charlotte Ives Goldberg Marissa Apolinsky by Jason, Kit & Rick Roth by Jen & Adam Freeman by Lynne & Larry Birnbaum by Barbara & Henry Helzberg by Laurie & Zachary Solomon NINA & NORMAN COHEN by Sherri & David Romanoff NEXT GENERATION FUND CANTOR WITTNER In Memory Of: RABBI MORRIS DISCRETIONARY FUND Bruce Barnes NEWFIELD FUND In Memory Of: by Lois & David Cohen In Memory Of: Charlotte Ives Goldberg In Honor Of: Bruce Barnes, Ilse Nathan and by Tracy Cramer, Patti Dunning, Marriage of Rachel Honan, Ruth Siegler John Ives and Mitchell Ives daughter of Roxanne Travelute & by Morton Goldfarb In Honor Of: Michael Honan, to Parker Jacobs Marriage of Rachel Honan to Parker Jacobs by Dorothy Shiland BUNNY & JOEL by Roxanne Travelute & Michael Honan ROTENSTREICH FUND FOR BARBARA & LARRY FINE DUES ENDOWMENT TIKKUN OLAM FUND FUND FOR DUES ENDOWMENT In Honor Of: In Honor Of: In Memory Of: Special Birthday of Leonard Held Birth of Mac Eberhardt, grandson of Charlotte Ives Goldberg and Emily Held by Bunny & Joel Rotenstreich Michelle & Michael Wilensky by Barbara & Larry Fine by Laurie & Zach Solomon JANIS & PAUL FRIEDMAN FUND FOR DUES ENDOWMENT More Endowment Funds at Work In Memory Of: Emily Held We are also most grateful to the following funds for enhancing by Cathy & Paul Friedman our beautiful High Holy Days: In Honor Of: Special Birthday of Leonard Held Andrew Abroms Memorial Flower Fund for providing by Cathy & Paul Friedman the lovely flowers which adorned the bima in the Sanctuary. Ruth & Marvin Engel Cantorial Chair & High Holy Day HANNAH & HYMAN GOLDSTEIN Choir Fund for underwriting the magnificent choir and cello VOLUNTEER FUND soloist – all which greatly enriched our worship services. In Memory Of: Betty & Robert Loeb Education Fund for sponsoring the Hanna Centor, Emily Held, Ilse Nathan children’s learning activities and babysitting in conjunction and Ruth Siegler with High Holy Day services. by Debra & Joel Goldstein Leona & Marvin Cherner Caring Community Fund In Honor Of: for providing for the lovely High Holy Day gifts bags Birth of Michael Reagan, Jr., distributed to our more senior congregants by our grandson of Janet Reagan Hineynu / Caring Committee. by Debra & Joel Goldstein Sherron & Allan Goldstein Break-The-Fast Fund for underwriting our lovely congregational Break-The-Fast following Yom Kippur services. GINGER & JERRY HELD FUND General and Unrestricted Endowment Funds for underwritting the sweets & treats FOR DUES ENDOWMENT as part of our Tashlich at the Zoo, and for providing for our printed programs for In Memory Of: both our Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services, as well as the Memorial Book Peter Printz distributed at our Yizkor service. by Ginger & Jerry Held In Honor Of: Special Anniversary of Chu-Chi & Bobby Fierman by Ginger & Jerry Held

OlourcSapolnesoxrspertise you can trust 15 local expertise you can trust Temple Traditions THE MARCUS AGENCY Gift Shop TH2E0M5-A8R2C4U-S8A0G0E1NCY[email protected] 16196308 16196308 Subject to terms, conditions and availability. Allstate Fire and Casualty Ins. Co & affiliates: S2u77b5jeScatndteorsteRrdmNso,rtchobnrodoiktiIoLn6s00a6n2d. ©a2v0a2il1aAblillsittayt.eAInllssutraatneceFCiroe. and Casualty Ins. Co & affiliates: 2775 Sanders Rd Northbrook IL 60062. © 2021 Allstate Insurance Co. LISA MACLEAN REALTOR® HAHPPaYppNyEWFaYlEl!AR! 205.276.7676 | | Gift Ideas for all Jewish Holidays! We'd love to have your ad HERE Check out or selection... we have gelt, dreidels, menorahs, candles, For information on advertising in the bulletin please contact: & other decorative Chanukah items... We have jewelry from casual to diamonds... Temple Emanu-El at (205) 933-8037, ext. 239 or [email protected] Great gifts for the Mah Jongg lover... Fun Puzzles & Games, Holiday Books, Tallits, Tzedukah boxes... Baby Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Gifts... Beautiful new Sterling Silver Kiddush cups, candlesticks and more... Don’t see exactly what you’d like? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you with ideas. Come in the shop, visit us online, email or call Gift Certificates are available in the shop or online. October 2022 Hours open 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. whenever the Temple is open For questions or to schedule an appointment, contact Kim Roth at [email protected] or (205) 914-3545.

Temple Emanu-El NONPROFIT ORG. 2100 Highland Avenue South Birmingham, AL 35205 U.S POSTAGE Postmaster: Time Sensitive Material. PAID Please deliver immediately. Birmingham, AL Address Service Requested Permit No. 1137 Are you moving? Do we have your correct address? Please let us know by e-mail: [email protected] This issue of OurTemple bulletin is made possible through the support of the Rabbi Grafman Endowment Fund. . The monthly bulletin for Temple Emanu-El 2100 Highland Avenue South Birmingham, AL 35205 ( 205) 933-8037 | FAX (205) 933-8099 Founded in 1882 and affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism. Clergy Rabbi Adam Wright Cantor Robert Wittner, Engel Cantorial Chair Rabbi Jonathan Miller, Rabbi Emeritus Senior Team Elizabeth Bloch, Director of Education Jann Blitz, Endowment Fund Executive Director Monika F. Singletary, Director of Engagement & Membership Danielle Barnett, Director of Accounting & Finance Special thanks to the Betty & Robert Loeb Education Fund Board of Directors of the Grafman Endowment Fund EXECUTIVES Charles Collat, Jr., President Barbara Aland, President Elect Dr. Adam Gordon, Vice President Lisa Bebenek, Secretary Josh Mandel, Treasurer Robert Berman, Immediate Past President Joel Piassick, Presidential Appointment David Silverstein, Presidential Appointment GENERAL BOARD David Askenazi Fran Godchaux Brian Kulbersh Ashley Lewis Anne Ovson Ben Smith Amanda Sokol Andy Rotenstreich, Endowment Fund Board President Steven Leaf, Brotherhood President Sylvia Wright, Sisterhood President Remember Temple’s Endowment Fund in your estate plans, and please let us know when you do.

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