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MojiLife USA Catalog 2021 Q1 (online)

Published by trisha.boyd222, 2021-01-16 01:46:56

Description: MojiLife USA Catalog 2021 Q1 (online)


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AirMoji The AirMoji has a rechargeable battery that lasts for over 50 hours. Place the device anywhere in your home and control it using your smart phone. The AirMoji uses leading-edge technology to disperse fragrance so you can relax while it refreshes and invigorates your home. AirMoji Device White $49.95 #AF1001 $49.95 Black #AF1004 MojiX Device White $34.95 #AF1115 $34.95 Black #AF1114 The MojiX, part of the AirMoji lineup, provides custom fragrances with subtle sophistication. The MojiX allows you to enjoy high-quality fragrance with the push of a button. *This device is not programmable or rechargeable. Requires a constant source of power to operate. AirMoji 2 Pack Bundle MojiX 2 Pack Bundle 2 #HA0005 $89.95 #BL0268 $60.95

M3 The MojiLife M3 is a powerful addition to the AirMoji lineup. Our line of AirMoji devices are the ultimate devices because of their ability to deliver fragrance on demand. This incredible hybrid device is smart, simple, and safe. With the M3, imagination meets innovation by allowing you to create your own unique fragrance combinations. In addition to that great feature, this device also eliminates anosmia or “nose-blindness” with its ability to provide a wide range of fragrance at any given time. This revolutionary device with its “power of 3”, LED lighting, and additional settings allow for more versatility than ever before. M3 - Gray M3 - Black *MojiMinis not included *MojiMinis not included $84.95 $84.95 #AF00099 #AF00087 Make it a bundle! $108.95 M3 + your color choice of MojiMini 3 pack. 3

MojiMini II The MojiMini II is the perfect way to have on-the-go fragrance. Designed for natural air ventilation, the MojiMini II does not include a battery or fan and works well in small spaces. It also comes with a handy vent clip which makes it ideal for vehicles. White $9.95 #AM1005 Black $9.95 #AM1006 Gray $9.95 #AM1007 Accessories Replacement AirMoji Charger $7.50 White #AF00054 Black #AF00053 4

Fragrances Fragrance strength may vary depending on room size and individual sensitivity to fragrance. AROMATIC Distinct fragrances that blend elements from different fragrance families (i.e. fresh/wood). Canyon Breeze $6.50 Medium Tree moss, musk, lily, bergamot, aqueous, and oak #AF1103 Desert Sky $6.50 Light White Cedar, Cashmere, Camellia bud, and White Tea #AF1116 Oregon Coast $6.50 Strong Jasmine, sea moss, driftwood and musk #AF1025 Waterfall Mist $6.50 Medium Lily, Jasmine, musk, and driftwood #AF1063 CITRUS Bright, lively fragrances lled with zesty and tangy notes. Summertime Serenade $6.50 Strong Orange, red mandarin and lemon #AF1017 Sweet Lemon $6.50 Medium Sweet lemon, pineapple, tea leaves, sugar, and vanilla #AF1094 Tahitian Sunset $6.50 Medium Tropical fruits, orange, grapefruit and jasmine #AF1071 5

Fragrances FLORAL Uplifting fragrance characterized by the lush scent of owers. Flower Child $6.50 Medium Berries, citrus, oral jasmine, amber and musk #AF1014 Garden Path $6.50 Medium Green leaves, lily, rose and Lily-of-the-valley #AF1060 Just Because (Take Me Back) $6.50 Medium Enjoy the smell of fresh greens from a bouquet of owers #AF1105 Lilac Blossom $6.50 Strong Lilac blossoms #AF1057 Lotus Petals and Bamboo $6.50 Medium Lotus petals, bamboo, lilac, jasmine $6.50 Medium lily and neroli #AF1075 Pear Blossom Juicy pear, melon, rose, jasmine, and vanilla #AF1107 Taj Mahal (Take Me Away) $6.50 Strong Garden grounds lled with fragrant orals & incredible fountains #AF1128 FRESH Cool, crisp scents that give the feeling of clean. Blue $6.50 Medium Fresh marine, citrus, bergamot, water lily, juniper, amber #AF1106 6.Bora Bora (Take Me Away) $ 50 Medium Tropical coconut palms and turquoise lagoons with tangerine sunsets #AF1127 Eucalyptus Mint $6.50 Medium Mint, eucalyptus leaves, balsam wood and musk #AF1072 6

Fragrances Fresh Lime & Coconut $6.50 Light Coconut, lime, owers, musk, $6.50 Medium and amber #AF1073 $6.50 Medium Nursery (Take Me Back) Reminiscent of a newborn’s nursery #AF1079 Spring Breeze Citrus, apple and spring owers #AF1059 FRUITY $6.50 Strong $6.50 Strong Cheerful, sweet aroma of fresh fruit. $6.50 Medium Johnny Appleseed $6.50 Light Apple, rhubarb, red berry, fruit woods $6.50 Light and jasmine #AF1021 $6.50 Medium Luscious Grape Wild grapes #AF1056 Maui (Take Me Away) Mango, melon, passionfruit, greens, jasmine, hibiscus #AF1132 Poolside Pineapple, toasted coconut and amber #AF1023 Raspberry Bliss Wild raspberries, vanilla, jasmine, sandalwood #AF1013 Summer Vacation Peach, apricot, and citrus #AF1015 7

Fragrances GOURMAND Delicious fragrances that mimic the smells of your favorite foods. Celebration (Take Me Back) $6.50 Medium Freshly baked vanilla cake, topped with rich creamy frosting #AF1137 6.County Fair (Take Me Back) Subtle reminders of county fair treats #AF1080 $ 50 Medium Madagascar Vanilla $6.50 Medium Vanilla #AF1048 Serendipity $6.50 Strong Almond, vanilla cream and spun sugar #AF1022 Vanilla Latte $6.50 Strong Coffee and hazelnut #AF1146 RUSTIC Natural, earthy aromas with rich, woodsy undertones. MojiLife Signature Fragrance $12.50 Strong Bergamot, pink peppercorn, jasmine, rose and amber woods #AF1047 Peony & Sandalwood $6.50 Light Peony, citrus, cedar, pine, patchouli, and sandalwood #AF1126 Rich Leather $6.50 Medium Linen, thyme, patchouli, woodsy-leather, and amber #AF1104 Voodoo $6.50 Light Patchouli, sequoia, redwood, sandalwood and amber #AF1024 8

Fragrances Warm Teakwood $6.50 Medium Citrus, rose, geranium, lavender, sandal, musk, tonka and moss #AF1083 6.Working With Dad (Take Me Back) $ 50 Medium Rediscover Saturdays spent in the yard #AF1082 Pod Lids These lids provide the ability to switch fragrances out anytime all the while keeping the fragrance locked in and ready for use again when you are. 8 Pack 2 Pack Pod Keepers #PM00118 #PM00275 #PM00115 $3.95 $1.00 $0.95 Introductory AirMoji Bundle Build your own bundle! Choose either a white or black AirMoji device. Then choose a fragrance to complete your collection. #BL0249 $53.45 Introductory Car Bundle Build your own bundle! Choose your color of MojiMini II device. Then choose a fragrance to complete your car collection. #BL0356 $14.45 9

Air+ Essential Oils MojiLife Air+ Essential Oil BLENDS The AirMoji and its revolutionary delivery system provide a safe and effective way to disburse the Essential Oil molecules of the AIR+ Essential Oil line into the air. These tiny molecules are then inhaled and drawn into the lungs which stimulate the body emotionally, physically, and mentally, allowing you to receive the maximum bene ts of these incredible blends and Essential Oils. Air+ Calm Essential Oil Blend $20.50 Cedarwood, Lavender, Tonka Bean $15.75 Rose Absolute #AF1070 $20.50 Air+ Edge Essential Oil Blend $16.50 Citrus paradisi $17.50 #AF1122 Air+ Focus Essential Oil Blend Lemongrass, Rose absolute, Orange Peel, Cinnamon, Davana #AF1069 Air+ Immune Essential Oil Blend Lemon, Clove Leaf, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary #AF1108 Air+ Mood Essential Oil Blend Lemongrass, Orange Peel, Cinnamon Jasmine Absolute, Davana #AF1076 Air+Immune Essential Oil Spray Protect your well-being with Air+Immune Room Spray. Simply spray into the air to help combat illness and create a healthy environment in your home with the natural power of pure essential oils. Air+Immune was formulated speci cally to protect the body and keep you feeling energized. #AF1136 $12.95 (8 oz.) 10

Air+ Essential Oils MojiLife Air+ Essential Oil Pods The MojiLife Air+ line brings you the bene ts of aromatic Essential Oils that are 100% pure high-grade oils. Air+ Frankincense Essential Oil $20.25 #AF1032 $13.75 Air+ Lavender Essential Oil $13.50 #AF1030 $12.75 Air+ Lemon Essential Oil $12.75 #AF1035 $13.75 Air+ Lemongrass Essential Oil #AF1039 (Milder/sweeter than pure Lemon) Air+ Peppermint Essential Oil #AF1031 Air+ Tea Tree Essential Oil #AF1034 Air+ Essential Oil Booklet Air+ Essential Oils Line This booklet has great information on all MojiLife Air+ Essential Oils. #PM00156 $3.95 11

MojiTherapeutic MojiLife Aromatherapy inhalers are the perfect way to have your favorite essential oils on the go with no mess, no clean up. The Aromatherapy Inhaler is a quick and effective tube that has a saturated inner core with pure essential oils. “Air+Edge” Grapefruit Aromatherapy Inhaler Stick Grapefruit has many bene ts, which include controlling feelings of fullness, preventing overeating and suppressing appetite, assists with focus, vitality, depression, and is also known to relieve headaches. #AF1123 $8.95 “Air+Immune” Blend Aromatherapy Inhaler Stick Protect your well-being with Air+Immune. This pure essential oil blend helps to combat and shorten those annoying illnesses. Air+Immune is formulated with the most powerful essential oils. These oils speci cally work together to protect the body and keep you feeling healthier. $8.95 #AF1124 “Be Relaxed” Lavender Aromatherapy Inhaler Stick Lavender is known to act as a natural antispasmodic, sedative, hypo-tensive, anti-in ammatory, analgesic, anti-infectious, cardiotonic, anticoagulant, and calming. It is also known to relive headaches as well as PMS symptoms. $8.95 #AF1095 Our therapeutic line of essential oil infused products was speci cally created to provide the maximum bene ts of aromatherapy. MojiLife VR Goggles Re ect, relax, recharge and experience the fragrance. Best of all...feel better. #AF00078 $54.50 MojiLife VR videos are available at 12

MojiTherapeutic Bath Bombs MojiLife Bath Bombs are infused with 100% luxurious, therapeutic essential oils. Only the best ingredients for you, your mind, and your body. These bath bombs have several bene cial ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, and Sea Salt. All of these ingredients culminate for the ultimate aromatherapy experience. Relax #AF1087 $6.95 Feed your skin and soul with tranquil lavender nourishing coconut oil and purifying sea salt. 5.1 oz/145 g Exhilarate #AF1090 $6.95 Invigorate with the aroma of peppermint, lemon, and grapefruit essential oils while coconut oil soothes and heals. 5.1 oz/145 g Recharge #AF1088 $6.95 Nourish and improve the appearance of your skin while recharging with peppermint and eucalyptus oils. 5.1 oz/145 g Delight #AF1089 $6.95 Delight in the effervescence of wild orange and lemon essential oils with the restorative bene ts of coconut oil. 5.1 oz/145 g Bath Bomb 4-Pack Box #AF1091 $27.50 Includes 1 of each MojiLux Bath Bomb in a convenient gift box. 13

Home Décor Enhance your sensory experience with beautifully hand-crafted home décor pieces to accent your AirMoji. Ashton Base #HD0051 $9.95 Handcrafted from solid bamboo, the Ashton is durable and beautiful with it's neutral and natural wood tones. (3.1\" x .75\") *Designed with charging cord access. Bailey #HD0050 $19.95 This rustic lantern has an antiqued nish for that classic “time-worn” appeal and artisanal vintage feel. (4.5\" x 8\") *Designed with charging cord access. Carter #HD0057 $14.50 This unique black metal pattern is designed to t perfectly with your device, allowing for maximum air ow. Made to blend in OR stand out! (3.25\" x 5.75\") *Designed with charging cord access. Claire #HD0054 $12.95 With its elegant pink hue, this décor piece has a classic style that ts in any home. (3\" x 5.75\") *Designed with charging cord access. Grayson #HD0056 $17.50 The Grayson Home Decor piece brings the warmth of weathered wood in soft gray tones to any space! Style your space with this unique standout piece. (4\" x 7\") *Designed with charging cord access. 14

Home Décor Katelyn #HD0024 $24.50 Whimsical and fun, this rustic metal birdcage brings a garden feel inside. (3.75\" x 8.25\") Kendall #HD0030 $17.95 Kendall’s elegant lattice design in a clean, all white, nish freshens any room. (3.88\" x 5.38\") *Designed with charging cord access. Lilly #HD0055 $12.95 Add style and elegance with this lovely design. The Lilly gives your space the modern farmhouse touch! (3\" x 5.75\") *Designed with charging cord access. Wall Mount White #HD0053 $8.50 Black #HD0059 Use your device in virtually any location of your home. Attach this wall mount to your desired location and experience MojiLife fragrance anytime, anywhere! (2.4\" x 1.5\") 15

MojiClean Keep all the rooms of your house looking, smelling, and feeling amazing with our line of cleaning products. MojiClean All-Purpose Cleaner Our everyday cleaner uses the power of natural lemon essential oil and vegetable enzymes to cut daily grime. Safe to use around people, pets, and the environment. Lemon Grove #CL1008 $15.95 (16 oz.) MojiClean Glass & Surface Cleaner Our streak and smear free, glass cleaner is a high-performing spray that meets the new greener criteria for EPA/DfE for all cleaners. Free from SLS, SLES, Parabens, Ammonia, Dyes, Phthalates, Solvents, Glycol Ethers, and Formaldehyde. Sparkling Citrus #CL1038 $11.95 (16 oz.) MojiClean Tile & Shower Cleaner Our biodegradable spray is designed to meet cleaner, greener criteria for household products. It’s free from Ammonia, Alcohol, Solvents, SLES, Parabens, Dyes, Phthalates, Solvents, Glycol Ethers, and Formaldehyde. Lavender Fields #CL1013 $15.95 (16 oz.) MojiClean Toy & Baby Product Cleaner Our non-toxic, non-irritating toy cleaner is a gentle, plant-based cleaner that is safe enough to use around your baby. This formula cleans toys, tables, high chairs, car seats — wherever your toddler eats and plays. Our spray is free from SLS, SLES, Parabens, Ammonia, Alcohol, Dyes, Phthalates, Solvents, Glycol Ethers, and Formaldehyde. Unscented #CL1011 $10.95 (16 oz.) 16

MojiClean MojiFresh Odor Eliminator & Spot Remover Our non-toxic, non-irritating spray uses essential oils and vegetable extracts to naturally bio-degrade odors so they disappear. Safe to use in the air, on and around people and pets, and on water-safe clothing and surfaces. Lemon Grove #CL1005 $14.95 (16 oz.) MojiClean Duster The MojiLife duster features a micro ber cleaning cloth that is 100% washable and re-usable. The micro ber cloth is also anti-static and non-scratchy. The exible, bendable head easily adjusts toclean any area keeping the design compact and portable. MojiLife uses only the highest quality materials so your next cleaning task gets done quick and easy! MojiClean Duster (with extension pole) $12.95 #CL1039 MojiClean Hand Duster (no extension pole) $6.95 #CL00018 MojiClean Duster Replacement Pad $4.95 #CL1034 MojiClean Towel The MojiLife micro ber towel is speci cally designed to enhance our MojiClean line for everyday use. These towels are soft yet durable making them perfect for any cleaning task. #CL1030 $8.95 MojiClean Toilet Bowl Cleaner These tablets are convenient and 100% biodegradable. This unique chemistry safely removes unpleasant stains. Easy to use and effective, these tablets will leave your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. 25 packets per package. Ocean Mist #CL1028 $19.95 Toilet Bowl - 25 pkg 17

MojiFresh The MojiFresh line provides a variety of ways to freshen any area. Eliminate odors entirely or use for a boost of freshness when needed. MojiFresh MojiLoo It's the #1 for your #2! Our unique blend of essential oils creates a barrier to trap unpleasant odors under the surface. Just spray the water before you go, and the only thing you'll smell is the fresh and clean aroma of essential oils. Coconut Lime Orange (1 oz.) Grapefruit #CL1025 (1 oz.) #CL1024 $9.75 $9.75 Rose Jasmine (1 oz.) #CL1036 $9.75 18

MojiFresh MojiFresh Linen Spray This non-toxic spray quickly eliminates stale odors and refreshes water-safe fabrics and bers with clean, long-lasting fragrance. Free from Phthalates, SLS, SLES, Parabens, Ammonia, Dyes, Solvents, Glycol Ethers, and Formaldehyde. Fresh Linen #CL1002 $9.95 (4 oz.) MojiFresh Room Spray Freshen any area instantly with our MojiFresh Room Spray. Provide a boost for areas that need to be enhanced with a little extra fragrance. Our non-aerosol room sprays are the perfect way to freshen your of ce, pantry, garbage areas, the kids’ rooms, cars, RV’s and more. 2-3 sprays is all you need to get a fresh burst of our most popular fragrances. Oregon Coast (2 oz.) #AF1099 $9.95 Tahitian Sunset (2 oz.) #AF1101 $9.95 Flower Child (2 oz.) #AF1098 $9.95 Spring Breeze (2 oz.) #AF1100 $9.95 19

MojiFresh MojiFresh Hand Sanitizer Spray Our Hand Sanitizer Spray is the perfect solution for keeping you and your environment safe. Simply spritz your hands for a satisfying clean and refreshing scent, all while killing harmful germs. No rinsing required. This handy bottle is an essential item for anyone, anywhere! Alcohol content: 71% (4 oz.) #PM00261 $11.95 MojiLife Face Mask The MojiLife Mask is made of 95.6% Polyester and 4.5% Spandex for comfort and exibility. Mask measures approximately 7\"W x 5\"H / 17cm x 12.5cm. *Mask is not medical grade #AF00153 $5.95 MojiFresh Sanitation Set Our Sanitation set has everything you need to stay protected while out and about. The MojiLife Mask was made with a polyester/spandex blend for comfort and exibility. Our Sanitation Cleaning Cloth has been perfectly paired with the MojiLife Hand Sanitizer to clean all areas such as desks and other hard surfaces. Comes complete with instruction card and convenient carrying case. #BL0380 $24.50 Collection includes: 1- Mask which measures 7\"W x 5\"H / 17cm x 12.5cm 1- Hand Sanitizer Spray 4oz / 118ml bottle 1- Sanitation Cleaning Cloth 1- Instruction Card 1-Carrying Case 20

My Favorite Products SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE! 12 3 21

MojiLife JOIN OUR MojiFamily 22

Distributor Kits BASIC - Distributor Kit PLUS - Distributor Kit #AF1007 $88.00 #AF1002 $175.00 ELITE - Distributor Kit #AF1003 $295.00 Don’t wait! For a complete description of each kit, and to 23 sign up today visit us at:

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