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George Charriez Persona

Published by sally, 2017-07-13 09:41:57

Description: George Charriez Persona


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George Charriez Persona

PERSONA“Faces relate to identity butdo noteasilygive insightinto a person’s true self.Thisseries opens a conversation with theviewerabouthow identity can be seenfrom the outside.” -George Charriez

All‘Bout 48x60 in

Appetence 40x50 in

AtEase 50x60 in

M ightier 48x60 in

Swag 48x60 in

The Alm ighty 48x60 in

The Gift 48x60 in

The Giver 48x60 in

Throne 48x60 in

W rapped Up 60x48 in

George Charriez was born on March 8,1977 inNewburgh,New York.Deriving inspiration from his artisticfam ily,he was focused on drawing and painting everythinghe saw around him from the tim e he was a young boy.Charriez would experim entwith a m yriad ofm edium s,evenusing brown papergrocery bags when he did nothaveproperartm aterials to create textures and dim ensionalsurfaces to paintupon.Although he did notplay organized sports his love ofprofessionalbasketballand footballinspired him to drawand paintthe top athletes ofthe day as a way to em ulatewhathe wished he was able to experience.Through hisarticulation ofthese im ages,he im m ersed him selfin worldofsports and was able to capture the feeling ofactuallybeing in these environm ents.By the age of17,he had num erous m uraland privateportraitcom m issions on his resum e.Charriez becam e aware thatpursuing an artistic careerwashis calling,and he furthered his studies atSavannahCollege ofArt& Design afterwhich he transferred to thePrattInstitute in Brooklyn,NY.The diversity ofthe Prattcam pus exhilarated and inspired Charriez,and he studiedand experim ented with m ultiple m odalities which he stillem ploys in his painting today.Afterstudying Illustration and Com m unications Design atPratt,he worked as an illustratorand industrialdesignerin New York.Being involved in m ajorcam paigns anddeveloping a greatdegree ofproficiency in precise,detailed techniques have positively inform ed and im pactedhis artistic career.

Through his intricate paintings,Charriez illustratesm odern perceptions ofthe hum an condition,and he paintsto inspire dialogue with his artistic com m entary.Connecting to his vieweris key to Charriez.He choosesfigures thatare easily relatable in today’s society.Bodylanguage also plays into the conceptofeach piece.Strong,confidentstances are prevalent.In his “Persona”series,the faces in his figurative worksare replaced with distinctive im agery,offering the vieweraglim pse into the innerm ind ofindividuals.Charriezindicates thatfaces relate to identity butdo noteasilygive insightinto a person’s true self.By replacing thefaces with objects,he projects the identity ofthe figure,m aking the objectorsym bolthe m ain them e ofeach work.In som e ofhis fem ale form s,he utilizes flowers orbeautifulbows to convey the reflection ofinnerbeauty.Charriez’s work opens a conversation with the viewerabouthow identity can be seen from the outside.His paintings continue to beexhibited in m ultiple artfairsboth nationally andinternationally,and he hasgained greatattention andsuccess overthe pastdecades.George Charriezpaints every day andcontinues to create newim agery and explore deepideas in his studio in Atlanta,Georgia.

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