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2015 Artisan Impact Catalog

Published by simpleaspen, 2015-09-11 22:29:42

Description: 2015-artisanimpact-catalogue


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R0114 R0148Leave the SunflowerPast BehindR0149 R0151Sunflower 2 Hopeless RomanticR0154 R0154XRefraction DesireR0166Z R0166ZYour Passion Your Passion

R0184 R0184 R0184 R0192Triumph Triumph Triumph Full VolumeR1012Z R1019B R1019B R1019HWrapped Around Always Yours Always Yours You’ll AlwaysYour Finger KnowR1020S R1026 R1026B R1026GRolling Stones Wonderland Wonderland Lesson in Life Forever Forever 2R1026GA R1026GB R1026M R1026PStay On Stay On Explore ExploreYour Mind Your Mind

R1026Q R1075C R1075D R1075EFalling Tree Blackness The Safest Set Me Free of Night PlaceR1075 R1075K R1075L R1075L-5Coming On Lonely Ruby EndlesslyStrong Warrior TuesdayR1075S R1076C R1076D R1076SBlackness of Real My Devotion Real Lovethe NightR1076X R1077X R1079B R1084FCDreamy 2 Dreamy Walk With Me Ice Queen

R1095A R1095A-1 R1095H R1110EAKingdom Wine White King Ring Kingdom KingdomR1110EA R1110G R1110M R1110SKing Ring Simplexity Time Will Tell Steal the TimeR1110SS R1113H R1113H-1 R1113XHTime will Tell Forever in Love Forever in Love Too Much in LoveR1141 R1143X R1146 R1146XDreaming in New Karma KarmaColours Beginnings

R1146Z R1146ZS R1149A R1149BMisty Misty Wait for the After All Sound This TimeR1149C R1149F R1149X R1149XSBorderline of I Love New Beginnings New BeginningsMy FaithR1149XZ R1149XZ R1149XZ R1149XZ-6New New New NewBeginnings 2 Beginnings 2 Beginnings 2 Beginnings 2R1150 R1150A R1151 R1172SMon Amour Rêve de Mon Amour 2 Snow White 2 Femme

R1175G R1176 R1176G R1206CYet to Yet to Yet to SuperstitionDiscover Discover DiscoverR1209A R1209AS R1209B R1209BSA Way of Life A Way of Life 2 A Way of Life 4 A Way of Life 3R1209C R1209D R1209E R1209FBFF Band In My Heart Morning Bird You Make Me FeelR1209G R1209G-1 R1209H R1209SEdge of the Edge of the Shine Our LifeWorld World Together

R1215-1 R1215-1My Obsession My ObsessionR1215-1 R1221My Obsession When I WanderR1221X R1225When I FirstWander Impressions R1225-1 First Impressions

R1227 R1227A R1227A-1 R1235In Your Steps Day by Day In Your Steps Blue Fields ForeverR1235 R1235-1 R1235G R1235MCGreen Fields White Fields Love is Time Will TellForever Forever AroundR1237 R1237-1 R1240 R1240SWhat Makes What Makes Entertainment EntertainmentYou Smile You Smile 2 Tonight tonightR1247 R1252 R1260 R1260Snow White Sun kissed Royalty The Deepest Jet Black

R1267 R1267-1 R1281A R1281CShades of Shades of Live Laugh Live LaughSpring Spring Love LoveR1281S R1284 R1286 R1324Live Laugh Zero Hour Your Desire Pure andLove InnocentR1324A R1324S R1335 R1345Pure and Delicate Tender kiss EndlessInnocentR1345A R1345B R1350 R1355Endless Night Endless night Wild love On the Edge

R1356 R1356A R1357 R1358CHappiness Happiness Happily ever after EternityR1361 R1362 R1364 R1369Love Games 2 Love games Love story Our destinyR1378 R1378 R1382B R1382CSpice girl Spice girl Must Know Small TalkR1384C R1389C R1400 R1400Fiction Aqua Di Dio The Sky is The Sky is the Limit the Limit

R1420 R1424C R1424C R1428Indian Glamour Glamour ImagineSummerR1428 R1438C R1438C R1439Imagine A Day A Day Magic Act Without Rain Without RainR1439C R1445C R1445C R1470-2Magic Act French Next to My The Green Vanilla Love PartyR1470-3 R1470-6 R1470A R1470GVanilla Ice Blue Ice A Place Under Walking in the sun Circles

R1470X R1478X R1478X-1 R1483A Place Under White Sunset Sunset Adventurethe SunR1483-1 R1483-2 R1493 R1497Bubbling Bubbling My Icon In My ViewEmotions 2 Emotions 1R1504BG1 R1504BGS R1505 R1505GImagine Life Imagine Life Imagine Life Imagine Lifein Peace in Peace in Peace 3 in Peace 2R1505G R1512 R1512B R1512CImagine Life Special Imagine Life Good Timesin Peace 4 Moments in Peace

R1512D R1512G I Love Live the You So Dream R1512GX R1512S Good Times Live the Dream 2R1513 R1513G R1513GA R1514GYour Forever and a Your Love ofThoughts Day Thoughts My LifeR1514GX R1514X R1516 R1516ALove of Love of Blue Field White FieldMy Life My Life

R1516AG R1516B R1529 R1530Blue Field Love is Found Yet to Elements Discover of LoveR1530-1 R1531A R1531S R1533Elements Amazon At First Light Young Loveof Love GraceR1533-1 R1533-2Young Love Young LoveR1541 R1553Dreamer Next to you

R1553-1 R1553-2 R1553-3 R1554BNext to You Next to You Next to You Discovered TreasureR1554BA R1557B R1558 R1561Discovered Golden Pearl Real LoveTreasure Dream ClusterR1568 R1569G R1570 R1571Stay Serenity Let Me In Dream and LoveR1571A R1572 R1572A R1586G-1Dreams Come Angel Heart Faith and The CureTrue Dream

R1590A R159OB R1594 R1594XConfusion Fluidity Time Time OutR1595 R1595X R1600A R1600XSmile Secret Smiles White Russia Red RussiaR1600X R1600X R1603 R1603CViolet White Russia Sharing a Hold Your Dream BreatheR1606G R1624 R1625 R1626In Your Eyes Craving Green Sky Revolving Doors

R1627 R1629 R1629-1 R1630Blue Spirit Like a Dream Like a Dream Across the UniverseR1631 R1634A R1636 R1638White spirit My Secret Life The Voice of Falling leaves PeaceR1640 R1659 R1666 R1666Lady Imagine Icon Hug Me Your WayMidnightR1675 R1682 R1683 R1683TBack With You Silver leaves White Night White Night

R1686 R1686-1 R1686-2 R1686-3Guess Guess Guess GuessR1686-4 R1687 R1687G R1689Guess Clueless Moon GardenR1689-1 R1689G R1690 R1691Moon Garden With You Curiosity BreathlessR1691 G R1692 R1692A R1692GLights on Tip of the Treasure Hunt Tip of the Iceberg Iceberg

R1693 R1693-2 Sleepless Sleepless Nights Nights R1693G R1694 On My Mind Signs of TimeR1695 R1695A R1695B R1695GThe Dream The Dream Autumn Never Too Far dreamR1696 R1696-1 R1696A R1697Tonight Blue Grass Just Flowers Swirling Leaves

R1697X R1700 R1700-1 R1702Ritual Hint Hint To the End of LoveR1704 R1707 R1711G R1729Falling Leaves Make a Wish On Our Way DelightR1733A R1734AGhost of NothingMy Joy But YouR1736A R1736BNothing Else I Gave YouMatters My Love

R1737A R1738A R1738AG R1738BBreathe You’ll Be In You’ll Be In Deep in my My Heart My Heart heartR1738C R1739A R1739B R1740ALove has Let Me Nothing All I thinkArrived Love You Compares AboutR1740B R1740C R1741 R1741AThe Moon and One Last Believe Its Okay ToThe Sky Time BelieveR1743A R1771-1 R2050 R2051 GAint Gonna In the Just the Two ImaginationLet You Go Garden of Us

R2052 -1 R2052 R2052-1 R2052GI Believe I Believe Somehow I BelieveR2052G-1 R2053 R2054G R2055GLittle Things Timeless Your Illusion Love Me TomorrowR2055G-1 R2056 R2057 R2057-1Love Me Four Leaves Let It Go Let It GoTomorrowR2058 R2059 R2060G R2061My First Love Our Story Ordinary Love La mer

R2062 R2062-1 R2062-2 R2063Gone With Gone With Gone With Winds ofThe Wind The Wind The Wind ChangeR2064 R2064S R2065 R2066Soft Swirls Soft Swirls Mood Swings Our DreamR2066-1 R2067 R2068 R2069Deep Purple Ice queen Blink MajesticR2069-1 R2070 R2071 R2072Magical Think Pink Calming EdenMystery Effect

R2073 R2074 R2075 R2076Back to life Cocktail Time Majestic Life CrushR2077G R2078 R2079 R2080Glam We Love One Special Wait For Me DayR2081 R2089 R2090 R2091Waves Unexpected Together Limitless MomentR2092 R2093 R2093B R2094Crossing Connected Connected VictoryWays

R2095 R2096 Jazz Eternal Flame R2097 R2098 A Field Day Forever and AlwaysR2099 R2100 R2101 R2102Glory of Love A Cozy Day Cool Wind MadnessR2103 R2104 R2105 R2106Shimmering Between Give Me All SpiritualLight the Lines

R2107 R2108 R2109 R2110Blind Date Imagine Us Two ShinyR2111 R2112 R2113 R2114So Calm Dark Night Optimism Blind LoveR2115 R2116You’re Come to LifeBeautifulR2117 R2118Close to Me A Lovely Day

R2119 R2120 R2121 R2122Visions Hold me Angel Sky Fullof You of StarsR2123 R2124 R2125 R2126To The Moon I’m Around Desired TwoR2127 R2128 R2129 R2130Love is Live With Me Rebellious Just theEverything spirit Two of UsR2131 R2132 R2133 R2134Change of Drop in the Rebellious OtherwiseSeason Ocean

R2136 R2137 R2138 R2139That Other Love Me Queen ofPlace HeartsR2140 R2141 R2141 R2142It’s Not A New Life New Life Sun ShowersDreamR2143 R2144 R2145 R2146Soft Good Times In My Heart Egyptian LookSerenadeR2147 R2148 R2148-1 R2149Affection Simple Dream Simple Dream Seduction

R2150 R2151 R2152 R2153So Simple Diamond Sky Waves of Love Endless LoveR2154 R2155 R2156 R2157Unforgettable Precious Time Divine Life in PeaceMomentsR2158 R2159 R2160 R2161Love Me Genesis Dream Away Our LoveTenderR2162 R2163 R2164 R2165Hold My Hand Calm Love Soul mate Spring Time

R2166 R2166 R2167 R2168Sweet Song Sweet Song Bright Light Blue LightR2169 R2170 R2171 R2172Thinking Free Jupiter I Feel Mystic NightR2173 R2174 R2175 R2176Love Me Happy Zen Precious LoveTonight TogetherR2177 R2177-1 R2177-2 R2178Party Girl Party Girl Party Girl Out of Reach

R2179 R2180 Basic Instinct A World in Balance R2181 R2182 So Far To Be AliveR2182-1 R2183 R2184 R2185To Be Alive Two for Life World Wonder HarmonyR2186 R2187 R2188 R2189Waves of Love Moonshadow Enchanting Our spirit

R2190 R2191 R2192 R2193Point of You are my I Love You Calm SpiritsImagination destinyR2194 R2195 R2196 R2197Change Long Way Love Me A Dream On Home Again Our WayR2198 R2199The Way I A WomanLook At You In LoveR2200 R2201Caught in Findingthe Moment Serenity

R2202 R2203 R2204 R2205Overlooking By my side Unforgettable So In LoveR2206 R2207 R2208 R2209Touch the Love Me Silver Flower Deep ForestFeeling SimplyR2210 R2211 R2212 R2213I Will Follow Heartland Mystic Day Mysterious WaysR2214 R2215 R2215 R2216What Makes Precious Love Vertigo Peace onYou Happy Earth

R2217 R2218 R2219 R2220Spanish Eyes Magnificent A Celebration The Real ThingR2221 R2222 R2223 R2224Everlasting Unforgettable Three Sunrises The BeginningLove FireR2225 R2227T R2228 R2229Dreams Night and Day Lust for Love Love is BlindnessR2230 R2231 R2232 R2233I Will Follow Trip Tempter Sweet Joy

R2234 R2235 R2236 R2237Red Light Saturday Dark Night Summer Rain NightR2237-1 R2238 R2239 R2240Summer Rain Paint It Black Light In Tempter 2 Your EyesR2241 R2242 R2243 R2243King of Blue Parties Girl The Blue Sky The Real ThingR2244 R2245 R2246 R2247The Storm Black Sky Touch The What Makes Earth You Happy

R2248 R2249 R2250 R2251The Reason The Rainbow So Close Women of the WorldR2252 R2253 R2254 R2255Wild is Forever Be For Real Love Itselfthe Wind YoungR2256 R2257 R2258 R2259Deep On That Day Lost in The WomanEmotions LegendR2260 R2261 R2262 R2263Just the Two Back to You Intricate Geometricof Us

R2263G R2264 R2265 R2266Geometric The Magic The Way I Dreams Moment Look At YouR2267 R2268 R2269 R2270Stay Cool Four Leaves Feel The Epic Magic

R2271 R2272 R2272-1 R2273Dream Hello Spring Hello Spring Winds of LoveWeaverR2274 R2275 R2276 R2277Finding Love Mysterious With This With This Ways Ring Ring 2


E0243 E0253 Two E0265 Blue E0270HSunflowers Turquoise Echoes Come With MeE0288X E0294 E0294X E0388Amethyst Gold Heart Green Heart DelicateDrumsE0719SA E0754G E2012 E2046After Thought The Case for Free Pearl Clusters Lace AssociationE2051 E2054 E2056 E2068Into The Five Peas in a Guilty BridesmaidsNight Pod Pleasure Earrings

E2068-1 E2068-2 E2081 G E2082Cranberries All Night Long Serenity Let Me lnE2087 E2089B E2089G E2095Emotions Victoria Hold Your Rain Dance BreatheE2104G E2108 E2128 E2144Confessions Cherry Buds Spring lmpluse AbstractionE2145 E2146B E2151 E2151ASwirling Free Falling Suddenly Make A WishLeaves 2

E2151G E2152G E2154 E2155GMake A Wish Little Secrets After The Hanging Rain GardensE2156 E2156G E2180 E2181Crazy Love Crazy Love Deep In Love When He Looks At MeE7717 E7717 E7717 E7717GSBlue Fields Green Fields White Fields Love is TouchForever Forever ForeverE7754 E7755 E7820C E7844-1Sweet Love Once Upon A lmpression ‘TiI The End Time of Time

E7850 E7872 E7880-2 E7880-5Tranquility Retrospect Vision Pearl VisionE7880-5 E7890 E7890A-2 E7897GVision Hanging Hanging Walking In Flower Orchid CirclesE7897X A E7907B E8000 E8001Place Under Bubbles Your Illusion Into YourThe Sun HeartE8002 E8003 E8004 E8005Magic Shades of Life Going Magic of theMoments Somewhere Moment

E8005 E8006 E8007 E8008Vital Freedom The Two of Us Drama QueenE8009 E8010 E8011 E8012Purplicious Make It Real Fairy Garden JulietteE8013 E8014 E8015 E8016Divine You and l Between the Eyes Wide Lines OpenE8017 E8018 E8019 E8020All Night Long Sentiment Discover Love Affair

E8021 E8022 E8023 E8023GThoughtful Purpose Yet to Yet to Discover DiscoverE90000 E90005 E90028 E90029Whisper Take A Thoughts Of Flirt Moment YouE90088In Love Again.


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