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Acqua dell'Elba 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Published by ADE Imports, Corp., 2021-11-12 03:26:21

Description: Once again, we've made checking off your shopping list easier than ever with our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide!

Simply click the arrow to flip through the pages to see our top picks and our new arrivals, including our beautiful hand-made gift boxes in Acqua dell'Elba's signature aquamarine.


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Discover the Essence of a Tuscan Holiday


2021 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE OUR MOST LOVED PRODUCTS These classics are sure to please! Since their release in 2001, these vibrant, fresh fragrances have remained among our most popular: Classica for Him, Classica for Her, and Mare for the home. CLASSICA Perfume inspired by an island where the freshness of the sea and flowers enhances the perception of time and self. From $80 for Eau de Parfum From $70for Eau de Toilette Classica for Her Classica for Him Floral: orange, myrtle, gardenia, Floral: mandarin, lemon, rosemary. jasmine. Sea: rock rose. Sea: seaweed. Woods: musk, Woods: Mediterranean shrub. Mediterranean shrub. 5

ACQUA DELL'ELBA MARE Experience the excitement of a morning swim, the caress of the wind filling the sails and the deepest essence of an island. Lemon, rosemary, sea lily, seaweed, Mediterranean woods. Scented Candles Home Fragrance Diffusers Room Spray From $50 From $90 $45 6

2021 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE Scented Ceramic Air Freshener Fabric Spray Diffuser Refill $25 $40 From $90 7


SPORT ESSENZA D'UN ISOLA ALTROVE ACQUA The Essenza di un'Isola Collection tells the story of the sea, a journey that includes memories that commemorate the island and its essence. Three products, three perfumes, three inspirations: - Acqua: Isola d'Elba - Smeraldo: Pianosa - Altrove: Isola di Montecristo PERSONAL FRAGRANCES SMERALDO Acqua dell'Elba crafts its fresh, vibrant perfumes and home fragrances from the highest quality natural botanicals and very select ingredients in their laboratory on Elba. Our original fragrance collection includes: - Classica - Blu - Arcipelago - Sport

ACQUA DELL'ELBA PERSONAL FRAGRANCE GIFT SETS Pair your favorite personal fragrance with a 15 ml travel size or a 50 ml bath and body product packaged in a beautiful, handmade box for a gift set that is sure to please. Available for Classica, Blu, Arcipelago, Sport and Bimbi. 100 ml Eau de Parfum 50 ml Eau de Parfum & 15 ml Travel Size & After Shave Lotion $115 $90 50 ml Eau de Parfum 50 ml Eau de Parfum 10 & Body Lotion & Shower Gel $90 $90

2021 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 'Preziosa' Fragrance Collection Classica 'Yachting' Collection Gift Set Essenza d'un Isola Trio A journey through all the Fit for travel on land or sea, this set A journey on the sea to find the includes Classica Uomo Eau de essence of the islands of the Tuscan fragrances of Acqua dell'Elba, Parfum 50 ml & toiletries in 50ml Archipelago. Includes Eau de Parfum specially designed for her or for Travel Size: Shower Gel, Body 100 ml & two 15ml in three different Lotion, Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, combinations of Acqua, Altrove & him. Experience five distinct Shower Soap scents in \"precious\" 15 ml travel $110 Smeraldo fragrances. size Eau de Parfum. $70 For Him or For Her $90 11

2021 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE NOTE DI NATALE Our Christmas home fragrance invokes feelings of warmth,  togetherness, joy, and celebration.  Orange, mandarin, jasmine, honey, cinnamon, walnut, and Mediterranean woods. Scented Candles Home Fragrance Diffusers Room Spray From $50 From $90 $45

ACQUA DELL'ELBA HOLIDAY HOME FRAGRANCE SAMPLERS Our new Holiday Home Fragrance Sampler Sets combine two wonderful home fragrance diffusers in a special 100ml size with a 15ml mini room spray to fill your favorite spaces with the scents of the sea, spices, citrus and flowers of Isola d'Elba. $115 Mare and Note di Natale 13 Casa dei Mandarini and Fiori Mare and Isola di Montecristo NEW! Mare and Casa dei Mandarini Limonaia di Sant'Andrea and Isola d'Elba NEW! Brezza di Mare and Note di Natale Giardino degli Aranci and Giglio delle Sabbie

HOME FRAGRANCE COLLECTION  Our home fragrance diffusers bring the incredible natural fragrances of the Tuscan Islands indoors to fill every room in your home with lasting freshness. Available in 200 ml, 500 ml, NEW 1,000ml and 2,500ml sizes to fit everywhere from a powder room to the largest rooms in your home or office. From $90

2021 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE SEA CITRUS FLORAL Mare Brezza Isola d'Elba Fiori Giglio delle Profumi del di Mare Sabbie Monte Capanne SPICE Giardino Casa dei Limonaia di Note di Natale Costa del Sole Isola di degli Aranci Mandarini Sant'Andrea Montecristo 15

2021 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE Acqua dell'Elba's collection of 12 unique home fragrances are inspired by the sea, by flowers, by citrus or by spice and include gorgeous glass scented candles and room sprays. Room Sprays $45 Mare Isola di Fiori Isola d'Elba Montecristo Brezza Giglio delle Giardino Casa dei Limonaia di Note di Natale Costa del Sole Profumi del di Mare Sabbie degli Aranci Mandarini Sant'Andrea Monte 16 Capanne

ACQUA DELL'ELBA SCENTED CANDLES MADE IN ITALY Available in three sizes and seven intoxicating scents: Mare Fiori Isola d'Elba Brezza di Mare Giglio delle Sabbie Isola di Montecristo Limonaia di Sant'Andrea From $50

2021 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE FRAGRANCE DIFFUSER REFILL Available in all home fragrances, our refills are a great way to keep your diffuser fresh. Our 1,000 and 2,500ml aluminum jug can refill a large diffuser or several smaller ones. From $90 CANDLE & DIFFUSER DISPLAY PLATE Our branded plexi-glass plates fit both candles and diffusers. A beautiful touch while protecting furniture and tabletops. From $17.50 17

ACQUA DELL'ELBA STOCKING STUFFERS Acqua dell'Elba's array of bath and body products make a great stocking stuffer or complete a set when paired with personal fragrances. Knock off your entire shopping list with something everyone will enjoy! 5.2 oz  Body Soap 200 g  Body Cream 100 ml After Shave Cream Scented Ceramic Air $15 $45 $28 Freshener $25 200 ml Body Lotion 200 ml Body Scrub 200 ml Shower Gel Fabric Refreshing Spray For Him or For Her For Him or For Her $40 For Him or For Her $28 18 $22 $32

ACQUA DELL'ELBA BEACH & BEAUTY BAGS Our collection of beach and beauty bags are ideal for the well-organized and well-coordinated traveler in your life. Small Tote Bag Medium Shoulder Bag Large Shoulder Bag $75 $85 w/ Clutch $95 Backpack with Drawstring Travel Beauty Cube Tote Makeup and Toiletry Tote Key Case and Buckle Closure $80 From$50 $25 $130

2021 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE LINENS, ROBES AND SARONGS Fine cotton and Italian quality come together to create a collection of linens suitable for the finest hotels and spas - including towels, oversized bath sheets, robes and a beautiful linen sarong perfect for wearing over a bathing suit or as a scarf. All in our signature aquamarine color. Cotton Bathrobe Beach and Bath Sheets Linen Sarong Hand and Bidet $205 From $120 $85 Towel Set $80 20

There are new notes in the air. Just like the notes of a musical symphony inspired by the sea, they arise from the heart to caress the waves, soaring over the horizon to reach our souls. They point us towards new horizons and new possibilities. Fresh and energizing for him, with head notes of lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, marine rockrose and sage. Intense and sensual for her, with head notes of bergamot, orange, sea lily and Scotch broom. Available in Eau de Parfum, Body Cream with Hyaluronic Acid, Exfoliating Body Scrub, Shower Gel and Body Lotion.

ESSENZA The new fragrance from Acqua dell'Elba. Coming Soon to the United States.


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