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The Sunday Express August 9

Published by Kenneth Chikanga, 2020-08-09 05:21:41

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THESUNDAYEXPRESS 3 Readers Forum THESUNDAYEXPRESS DR ELLEN RUNGAMI (answering to EV CHINGS on President Mnangagwa Speak only the truth, I thought scrambe for Africa is a thing of demonstrations happen in Zimbabwe. the question: Do women struggle with opening a section of the Beit-Bridge- and speak your mind: the past. weight issues more than men) Harare Road Join the conversation: But I was fooling myself. KERNAN MZELIKAHLE Yes we (women) struggle because there Haaagh ED akanyanya. Making things In Zambia they are in police force. You show lack of intellect. The Mthwakazi are many factors which causes us to gain work again. Pamberi neSecond republic. Whatsapp The But an African child is called a foreigner cause is not negated by discussing weight. Things such as child birth as well Vasingafariri izvi moroya. Uchanzwa Sunday Express: in Africa. current issues. There are many realities as birth control pills. Also our confidence umwe achiti hatidye road. Haaagh 2023 (+27) 83 476 7918. Our own police look at a black child as that need to be attended and looking at is affected if we go out of shape. As ED pfeee. Your voice, Your News a thug, Yet leaving thugs in the offices life in one dimensional perspective may you know a woman was created to be laundering money! not be the most bring about victory. admired and once you lose shape it hits COURAGE SITHOLE: Bullshit!!! How do What I like about MDC and its supporters Wake Up Africa wake up. your confidence. you drive a convoy of 43 V8s and V6s is that they don’t have direction. They Two young ones of a bird share a leg of In many cases, the Mthwakazi case for over 300kms to commission a 16km celebrated Mugabe when he condemned an insect. requires freedom of speech to be DR NOAH MANYIKA stretch. Zimbabwe is where it is now ED and praised Chamisa. They celebrate But you allow your children to fight for a guaranteed in order for it to be discussed In a recent article on Zimbabwe, journalist becoz of these dumb dealers that we call Jonathan Moyo when he attacks ZANU slice of bread? objectively without tribal connotations Shannon Ebrahim argued that Emmerson leaders PF on Twitter and lastly they call CIO You taught your own to hate one and hinderances. Is it not strategic to Mnangagwa had finally crossed the whoever disagrees with their current onother, and forced them to love the real win Freedom of Speech first? It doesn’t Rubicon by calling his political opponents READER GMF WE NEWS: 16km grand leaders. If you disagree on this just know foreigners? matter who the allies are. If we win terrorists in his most recent State of the show is dumbfuck, zvakasiyanei that you brainwashed Africa who is owning your minerals? such freedoms, then the cause may be Nation address. nekuvhura bin.....where are the Are they black foreign nationals or they advanced even better. The reality is that Emmerson Mnangagwa mega deals? Let’s start there. Shefu NATHAN KUDA ON HOPEWELL are from East and West? crossed the Rubicon decades ago, and ngaambomira mbichana CHIN’ONO Wake Up Africa wake up! Remember, Mthwakazi is not a that what he publicly expressed recently He must apply his mind first to some of That man is now the source of the current Home affairs busy looking for an propaganda idea, rather, it has to be is what he has been practicing for years. these things before driving all the way headaches of the illegitimates. undocummented African child, a true alternative to the Zimbabwean should apply his mind They will forever regret the day they Yet giving people from the east misnomer steeped in pseudo-socialism. One of the reasons change has been made that stupid move. deplomatic passports? However, to achieve it, the people need slow to come to Zimbabwe is because we MEHLULI MATSHAKAILE: I only saw the Is it by virtue or by merit? to learn about it step-by-step. This choose to overlook the psychopathy of road but did not see were its mentioned BHEKANI DUBE THE POET Wake up Africa wake up. process requires Freedom of Speech, some people in the system, while zeroing that the road is 16 km. Can someone Arise Africa arise! which is being muffled by ZanuPF. So, in on a single person as the enemy show me I might have missed that point. Who has bewitched you today my mother DENZY: if there are reasonable allies out there of the people. So it was that Mugabe Infact how much does it cost to construct land? Why allowing a thing of the past to MDC zvayaida zvaita ka. Nomore Polad. who can advance the cause of Freedom became a devil surrounded by angels, a 16 km road. Those in construction can happen again in our times? Polad hapana chayakaburitsa now of Speech, Mthwakazi happily allies with and Zimbabweans foolishly celebrated his you help. The so called liberators are now working pavane anonzi magenuine talks them. This inherently implies that even demise and replacement by his protege with recolonisers. ED aamuteereri not zvaaiita kuPolad Mthwakazi advocates and teachers will who clearly had more degrees in violence READER GMF WE NEWS: It doesn’t Wake up Africa wake up. Now Chamisa can participate. Mwonzora gain that Freedom of Speech. than his mentor. matter about the mileage, where is the You have allowed people of the east to anyora rough patwitter because In a nutshell, alliances do not mean losing minister of transport kanti?? Whether its colonize you again? arwadziwa nekuparara kwePolad. Some one’s objectives. Most of our judges and magistrates 200 000 kms or more so what, he surely How dare you Africa how dare? of their gains are automatically going to chose a long time ago to be on the side should do better than officiating a road Calling your own people foreign nationals be reversed pamatalks. Chatsva KERNAN MZELIKAHLE of history that butters both sides of their and the real foreigners citizens? Good morning madam (addressing Mai bread. They have no incentive to become JUSTICE MALALA: People who cross over the seas given HORUS Yani). We must always remember that like the Constitutional and Supreme In April 2007 Sydney Mufamadi was sent permanent residence and proper Well, to be perfectly honest in my humble emissary missions carry instructions Courts of Malawi which recently asserted by Mbeki to Harare for talks with Mugabe. identification. opinion without being sentimental, of from the sender. While the current team their independence from the executive Mufamadi shunned opposition leaders. Your own given Asylum permits, why course without offending anyone who sent by Ramaphosa has a history with branch if we continue to pretend that In May ‘07 Mbeki and Mufamadi insisted Africa? thinks differently from my point of view, Mnangagwa, one can quickly see that its they are impartial upholders of our opposition leaders recognize Mugabe as Your own who are hungry are called but also by looking into this matter that closeness to Mnangagwa for which constitution, and are not to blame for the leader before talks could start. He has no drug addicts, yet you help the hungry in distinct perspective and without they have been chosen. Remember, any state of our nation. credibility. This is a whitewash. foreigners from east and west? condemning anyone’s view and by trying emissary mission has to be received. If To grab our land and minerals? to make it objectified and by considering Ramaphosa had sent someone as radical There is no difference between a partisan SIPHAMANDLA LWAZI each and everyone’s valid opinion I as Maimane, then he would run the risk judge who allows the continued detention People may look at one thing and see honestly believe that I vividly don’t have of his mission not received. of an innocent Zimbabwean for exercising different things, too many considerations anything to say. Thank you. The more important issue is what their their constitutional rights, and a state shape our perspectives. Reality remains a message is, and how the antagonists will security operative who abducts and kills. reality, none of us can change it, history MAX ZAMBEZE respond. Remember, no one can push is easy to recall,collect and relate only You can frustrate democracy and Chamisa into an agreement. All Chamisa The lives of Zimbabweans do not matter if one has the true facts, It don’t change demonstrations in the streets of Harare needs is to simply wait Mnangagwa out. to magistrates and judges who, knowing too, only historians do lie in history those or Zimbabwe but the diasporans here in Mnangagwa is already failing, so for as that a citizen was detained unlawfully, who tell these stories. Some events the UK and those in Pretoria much power long Chamisa is not impatient, he has all still deny him bail. though omitted in the history books,they these days - whether you deny it or not. the cards here. remain fresh and accurately recorded in It can be embarrassing when these Again, these judges are as psychopathic our memories.denialists must fall. demonstrations take place where the MMUSI MAIMANE (@MMUSIMAIMANE) and sadistic as their political masters, Zimbabwe government can’t stop them Tweeted: SA’s ambassador to Harare, and it is important to send a clear and BENJAMIN HAMADZEHWAHWA especially at The Strand in London, it’s Mphakama Mbete, is Baleka Mbete’s unequivocal message to them, and I (Benjamin) is non-partial and have never a busy part of London. Londoners have brother. He has been quiet during the all those senior civil servants like Nick got moved nemabootlickers anoomberera got used to see and hear diasporans arrests of journalists. Dr Sidney Mufumadi Mangwana that they too will not escape tsvina inotwa neopposition in a bid to singing politics and chanting at the did not speak to opposition in 2007. the law in a truly independent Zimbabwe unseat the ruling party. The same party Zimbabwe House. The Zimbabwean flag, Rather than a sham envoy we need a for violating the constitutional rights of goes on to sympathise with the masses embarrassingly, identifies who these robust envoy with representatives from the citizens of Zimbabwe. they put in the situation they’re in today. people are. Now someone will see the the EFF, UDM, DA, IFP. sense and think that it was better to let T SUNDAYEHE XPRESS News and current affairs: Whatsapp +27 83 476 7918 twitter @realdigitalnews facebook Zimbabwe Digital News August 2020

THESUNDAYEXPRESS 4 Readers Forum + Hot Seat Your voice, you opinion, your analysis: See News Differently INNOCENT NDIBALI PRESIDENT Economy. Short cuts only help to sell our formal structures the markets are happy that the foreign Zim who go to bed with the regime. People ZIMBABWE EFF ON HOT SEAT continent out nothing else. All I can say is things are not as bad as the exchange reserves have grown from US$52 are so tired that taking to the streets is a Why are we compensating the same We should all note that the big businesses way they are reported by media. billion to US $57 billion. declaration or application for abduction and people who forcefully and fraudulently of today all started small. Unotouya kuZimbabwe tikakutengera doro So in terms of the size of its foreign loss of life. Anybody who voices remains an stole our grandfathers land? What As hunter gatherers yes our DNA may still isusu vanonzi havasi kumabasa and dzimba exchange reserves, it means as at today oucast even in their own family. prejudice did they suffer from that? be trying to adjust to the modern world, dzirikuvakwa like no man’s business imomo South Africa has US$57.8 billion foreign Almost everyone is CIO or an informant Weren’t they the beneficiaries of that land but its about time we speed up our learning muZimbabwe murikunzi madhakwa by exchange reserves (inclusive of the US$4.3 of CIOs, people wake up and think that which they must unconditionally return to process a bit more. people who have nothing to do with billion received from the IMF). the little heart beat in them should carry it’s rightful owners? Are we that delusional Finance professionals who are privy to politics The question which always arises of course them to search for food and no other not to see an injustice put across our faces? Investment decision making processes by That I wouldn’t know. Diaspora inobatsira is whether these reserves are adequate or energy can be reserved for any collective We will take it through the highest court companies should begin to speak up a bit vanhu sitereki by sending forex back home. not ?? anti-corruption protest or even naming and of the land and make it known to the more to help voters and politicians make Yabatsira zvisingaiti I don’t know kuti In the case of Zimbabwe one would shaming. My sense is that it is very difficult whole world that we are here to reclaim informed decisions. situation yaiita sei dai vanga vasipo recall that Prof Mthuli Ncube said that he to organize people into a little group of our ancestral land and we are not ready At the moment politicians are taking advise [08/05, 08:18] Tatenda Gusha: I sell houses wanted to reintroduce the Zim$ against the protesters, in no time there will be more to pay a dime for it. The time is now for us political sell outs most of whom started and stands for a living all I can say is vanhu backdrop of adequate foreign exchange police officers on the street than protesters to correct the wrongs of the past and put their sellout business way back during the varikutenga zvisingaiti and people are reserves. so much that you may think it is a police a stop to more land invasions prevalent struggle for independence. building.SemuHarare I can tell u new Collet Ndlovu: So the question which arises protest itself. When a journalist is arrested throughout the country. These are the people who continue to suburbs that are nice and modern have is: what then is deemed to be adequate for a mere tweet what other voice is EFF is a growing organisation that stand advice our leaders as well as make decisions built pane the last 7 years zvinoshamisa. foreign exchange reserves?? allowed or can make meaningful noise. for the people and with the people. We on our behalf And macivil servants arikutotenga and COLLET NDLOVU: Those who who are employed as civil are fighting for economic emancipation in MICHAEL MATAMBANADZO varikutovaka bigtime.Inini hangu kudzimba To answer the above, our old friend servants cry tears everyday including police our lifetime. These are not buzz words by Crypto currencies do not meet the ndiko kubasa kwangu handiiti kuudzirwa former US Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan women we hear provide sex to criminals power hungry politicians, these are issues definition of a financial asset because hangu Greenspan always comes to our rescue. just to add to their wages to survive. In affecting our people. We stand for the there are no contractual rights associated Collet Ndlovu: The formula that’s generally any state when the civil service becomes people, we are with the people and we are with their ownership. Secondly there is no BHURA accepted for calculating what is deemed to so helpless and powerless the regime those people that are disposed, who are income to be earned by the holder. They Same what’s app group be adequate forex reserves is the so-called knows it very well that it is in total control victims of corruption, the unemployed, the also do not yet meet all the requirements to COLLET NDLOVU: Greenspan-Guidotti Rule: which states and monopoly of its citizens. There is no sick, the young, the old, the disabled and be called a currency which are that they be Last week we discussed how the South that a country’s reserves should equal youth voice either even if it can attempt it is the economically disadvantaged. The other 1.) A medium of exchange - they are not as African Reserve Bank was going to short-term external debt (one-year or less squashed and cannot survive a day. The old political parties have failed our people but yet widely adopted 2.) Unit of accounting accommodate or account for the US$4.3 maturity), implying a ratio of reserves-to- guard will tell you that just let it go, people have succeeded in enriching a few among - there is not as yet any main stream entity billion loan received from the IMF. And I short term debt of 1. The rationale is that have just accepted to be non-citizens in their political elite. As EFF Zim we are for that has published accounts using Bitcoin forecasted that they will use it to increase countries should have enough reserves to their own country. ZANU PF is above nature many not a few. or other crypto as the reporting currency their level of foreign exchange reserves. resist a massive withdrawal of short term it all depends on what they do how they As the President of EFF Zim I am determined 3.) Store of value - this is debatable, but We did the potential accounting entries foreign capital. do it and when. If it rains its ok if does not to organise and arrange the ground forces- cryptos have so far proven to be too volatile and concluded that the foreign exchange COLLET NDLOVU: it is ok, it is natural and no one can control the ground forces are our fighter and our to be considered a store of value reserves of South Africa were going to So SA’s reserves at US$57.8 billion, whether them. people. We need to organise our people . increase from about US$52 billion to they are adequate or not is dependent on NGQABUTHO MABHENA, ZIMBABWE to take our country back from the corrupt Therefore as of now, buying and holding US$57 billion. SA’s short term foreign obligations. If such COMMUNITY IN SA and the criminal element who have capture crypto currencies can only be considered The gross reserves increased from US$52.3 obligations are above US$57.8 billion then “There IS a solution (to our challenges as our political and economic systems. We as a speculative activity as they do not billion to US$57.8 billion as per our it means the reserves are not enough. But Zimbabweans). We cannot hope that China will focus our energy on the economy, meet the definition of a financial asset. calculation. if they are below US$57.8 billion then the or the West is going to bail out Zimbabwe fighting poverty, exposing corrupt officials, Speculation is a legitimate economic See also the note������������which confirms the reserves are adequate. while Zimbabweans stand with their arms repossession of farms from those with under taking and it has a necessary role impact of the loan received This has the effect of increasing confidence folded. We have to rebuild our economy multiple farms. We believe land must as has been fully explained in the past on Increase from US$52.3 billion to US$57.8 hence the currency strength. based on National Planning and Production. be given to the poor, the farm workers, this group. It is important though, not to billion courtesy of the IMF loan. ������������������������ [08/07, 20:59] Collet Ndlovu: Now, what The National Plan must involve the whole domestic workers, security guards, vendors, confuse speculating in crypto currencies So this money is transparently managed about Zimbabwe? population and the whole population must the unemployed, women. Why would the with investment. The two are presently and can be analysed by anybody. What are it’s forex reserves ?? Are they benefit. There must be a Development powerful and connect have multiple farms mutually exclusive. Meanwhile the S.A. Reserve Bank will then published anywhere where the public can Plan in every District and in every town. while we have so many landless people. avail R70 billion to the government for its glean them?? There must be a Development Plan in every This is why we say Political freedom without TATENDA GUSHA: Covid-19 or related programmes. Zim needs to have it’s forex reserves Province agreed by the people and linked to Economic Freedom is meaningless. No one really knows what the level of That’s the beauty of having a stable balances open to the public so that there is the National Plan This is what we mean by KHUMBULANI NKALA unemployment.Mind you a new economy currency. So all the projects or funding transparency and public scrutiny Devolution of Power. Devolution must also ������Small Business, Small Businesses, Small has emerged in Zimbabwe yemasmall for Covid can easily be done on the basis BALENI involve the huge Zimbabwean Diaspora. Businesses. enterprises and people vanozviitira mabasa of Rand financing. On the other hands The problem is that both political and Tribalism and racialism are the enemies of We as africans need to shout this message avo vega that make money and survive civilian energy has wasted away. There is no nation building. Our new Zimbabwe must out over and over again. day to day.That is why the 2 percent amount of voice that can shake the elite in be based on national consciousness linked There’s no magic bullet to growing an tax emerged to take tax from the new to hard work.”- ZCP Economic document. economy which is usually not taxed by the twitter @realdigitalnews facebook Zimbabwe Digital News August 2020

THESUNDAYEXPRESS 5 Celebrity Likkle N and Swaggah Jim have become the Xtralarge of Urban Grooves By Royce Mapaike do collaborations songs. WINE has a unique and mystical Artistes like Novi quality to it, unlike other Keys,Madiz,Poptain,Andy beverages, it oftentimes benefits Muridzo, Trevor Dongoand from aging. No one can craft Terry Afrika etc are some of exactly what the final outcome the notables who have graced will be —the wine is constantly featured on some of their songs. evolving. To add the excitement They are one of the most of their journey ,Xtralarge is successful urban grooves artistes releasing back to back videos to emerge from the genre. of all the singles they have Songwriters, producer in their collaborated with the new blood own right. The hit single Roja of the industry. propelled them to stardom and since that time they never “We will be releasing videos looked back. of all our singles we produced which features some of Zim’s Born Norman Manuwere aka best artistes with the likes of Likkle N and Jim Mangezi aka Madiz,Novi Keys,Poptain and Swaggah Jim, one can safely say Andy Muridzo” the duo is getting better with age. They are in the process of The song Kede Kede which evolving themselves artistes features one Zimbabwe’s best by taking the genre to another vocalist,Andy Muridzo, is a level in order to revive it for the must-listen as it showcases love better. in an artistic way. The vocals and the messege it carries is If one visits Xtralarge’s undoubtedly on point. Facebook timeline, they will be assured that the artistes were From being a pioneers of sprouting for the better like urban grooves in the late 90s to wine. early 2000s it seems Xtralarge is turning to be yet pioneers in The comments they get from reviving the genre for the better. their Facebook fans mean that the celebrated godfathers of Also, through their passion urban grooves have struck the for the better of the arts right cord this time around. industry , Maroja as they are affectiotely known are working With their latest singles they on the project which is aimed at feature some notable artistes to discovering raw talent. For Women’s Month, let us celebrate those who have the confidence to break barriers By Royce Mapaike they feel competent from within a feminist theory that argues human rights. International maintained their confidence and use their talents to try to be the relevance of feminism Women’s Day is solely to honour yet humble. As a man, a father, CONFIDENCE is a characteristic a success in their endeavours. in Africa without it being a womenfolks for their struggles. brother, uncle, friend and often mistaken for arrogance. foreign notion. It is against this Of great note is Maud Chifamba, mentor, I can aspire to impart While it looks like there is a thin It is no surprise therefore, background that I am more the whizz kid who passed the confidence to those around line between the two, there is that the women of the 21st appreciative of why we celebrate Advanced Level and was the me, like a contagious yet positive more than meets the eye. century have openly embraced International Women’s Day. youngest, first female student asset. this virtue, which has become to enrol at the University of Confidence is having the mistaken for arrogance. Where As women around the Zimbabwe and graduate with If it doesn’t challenge you, ability to overcome fears and women have always been globe celebrated International flying colours in her Accounting why do it? The mentors in my uncertainty, to be a positive tolerant and remained in the Women’s month, I was curious degree at the age of 18. life have encouraged me to and optimistic visionary. periphery, women’s voices are what the hullabaloo is all about. take the leap of faith because Arrogance on the other hand now sounding with confidence In 2012, Maud was listed they have the confidence in is the exhibition of superiority, by the day. International Women’s by Forbes Magazines as one of my capabilities. I don’t know it the ability to make another feel month was set aside to the youngest Power Women all, never claimed to, yet I am senseless so that you come out It is in this vein that commemorate the movement of in Africa. We have the likes of confident that I can make it as I smart. women are taking action and women’s rights, the celebration Captain Chipo Matimba and give it the best shot. commanding a presence. Our of the social, economic, cultural Captain Elizabeth Simbi-Petros It is my belief that to be voices emanate from the likes and political feats of women. of Air Zimbabwe who flew the We have our grandmothers, confident, one must be trusting, of Mariama Ba, the Senegalese This phenomenon has been in first all-female flight deck crew mothers, sisters, aunts, girlfriends be self-assured as well as be a novelist who knew that there existence since the early 1900s from Harare to Victoria Falls and mentors that we celebrate positive believer. It is the ability was more to being a vulnerable and spread to a global scale. in November 2015. Our very on this Women’s month. Thank to know where one stands and woman and were confident yet own Zimbabwean sisters raising you for the confidence you carry be comfortable regardless of the humble. Gloria Steinem, a feminist the confidence bar higher and and continue to instil upon us. competition at hand. activist opines that the women’s higher. It is women like Morala struggle for equality belongs Until next time, may your It is my understanding that Ogundipe, a Nigerian scholar to no single feminist nor I stand in awe when I look confidence be celebrated. a confident person still exudes and activist who gave rise to organisation, rather it belongs to at how these women have trust while they are vulnerable, the Social Transformation in a collective of all who care about Mapaike is with Exquisite Africa Including Women (Stiwa), Entertainment twitter @realdigitalnews facebook Zimbabwe Digital News August 2020

THESUNDAYEXPRESS 6 Digital Multi-Media Mobile apps take the lead in changing Zimbabwe’s Talk Radio programming By Stanley Tsarwe participate in live talkback radio – vegetables on the market. I know technologies and digitalised In addition, some messages but this came with new challenges that my neighbour is listening to newsrooms. Observing live studio reaching the studio WhatsApp In Africa, radio still as newsrooms experience an this show also. shows I witnessed a number of channel were so badly typed has wider geographical oversupply of digital information structural constraints. that they would be set aside, reach and higher from audiences. Apps like WhatsApp have the journalist preferring to read audiences than any become so pervasive and immersed For example, while radio out only well-typed messages. other information A radio station in Harare in our everyday lives that many audiences may celebrate the Newsroom pressures and deadlines and communication I set out to study a local radio more people can now easily possibilities of easily sending associated with broadcast media technology, including station in Harare, the capital of communicate with larger numbers critical questions via WhatsApp mean that there isn’t the luxury of television and Zimbabwe through live studio of contacts than before. In the to studio hosts, an apparently spending too much time on one newspapers. ethnography and sustained context of live talk radio, mobile unintended consequence was that question. interviews with radio producers phones are allowing more people the journalist managing live studio Like the rest of the world, and 21 audience members, the to cheaply and conveniently access debates struggled to read out all In mass communication studies, African radio is breaking away from latter largely working class Harare studio debates. the messages received. The studio these are seen as exclusionary being an analogue communication residents. WhatsApp number commonly practices in live radio talkback tool that relies on top down Unsurprisingly, both Prior to the emergence of digital becomes congested. shows. information flows to one that relies producers and audiences found media technologies, land lines were on multiple feedback loops. The the convergence between radio expensive and not nearly as widely Some messages and comments Democratising the airwaves main driver of this is digital media and mobile phones is stretching domesticated as mobile phones are are left unread and get buried Democracy is normatively seen technologies. out the communicative space. It today. under an avalanche of newer ones as thriving in environments where allows more inclusive, seamless popping up on the screen, in turn all voices, opinions and views across It’s a trend I examine in a and real time debate between radio Read more: Radio in Ghana: buried under even newer ones. diverse population profiles are paper called Mobile Phones and hosts and audiences. There was a from mouthpiece of coup plotters to Once this happens, it’s hard to tell respected and given a fair chance of a Million Chatter: Performed strong feeling that radio continues giving voice to the people how many quality contributions representation. Inclusivity and Silenced Voices in to inculcate a sense of imagined have been lost by not being read. So My study showed that, at least in Zimbabwean Talk Radio. I wanted community. One producer said: By 2017, WhatApp was already not all voices reaching the studio terms of volume, the convergence to observe what is really happening Because we have a dedicated by far the most popular app in get a fair chance of being heard. between radio and mobile phones is at the convergence between mobile line for WhatsApp, our Zimbabwe. It accounts for up to stretching out the public sphere to radio, smartphones and related programme has grown a bit in 44% of all mobile internet usage I call these unintended accommodate more voices. mobile-based applications such as popularity and we know some of in a country where 98% of all constraints, though, because they Digital technologies are allowing WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. our listeners in person. Some of internet usage is mobile. According are not necessarily a result of failure for new participants to engage them visit us during the day just to Postal and Telecommunications by journalists and producers. They actively with radio. I found that apps like WhatsApp to explain a point discussed in the Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe, are more a technical setback in Stanley Tsarwe is Journalism have indeed grown public discourse previous show or even to give us promotional WhatsApp and which an oversupply of information Lecturer at the University by connecting more voices to story leads. Facebook access bundles, marketed via dedicated WhatsApp lines of Zimbabwe. This article is And one of the listeners told me: by the country’s mobile operators, eluded even the most astute radio republished from The Conversation I tune in to radio through my are helping drive up use of these presenter. under a Creative Commons license. mobile phone while I am selling platforms. Read more: How community The digital downside radio has contributed to building However, there’s also a downside peace: a Kenyan case study to the advent of digital media twitter @realdigitalnews facebook Zimbabwe Digital News August 2020

THESUNDAYEXPRESS 7 Analysis By Misheck Mutize Zimbabwe’s headache in using $3.5 agreed with the organizations. billion of sovereign bond to compensate Fifth, the government has The Zimbabwean government has ‘dispossessed’ white farmers been hostile to the private sector. announced an agreement It ordered the closure of the to pay 4 500 white funds, another proposal is to bond on international markets in 2009. The local currency stock exchange on June 29 and farmers $3.5 billion sell municipal land around the because it’s a key input in depreciated by more than 320% accused businesses of fueling for infrastructure nation’s biggest cities. determining yield and coupon in less than a year. This eroded currency devaluation. State improvements on the payment on a bond. The savings and pensions, and saw security agencies attempted to land expropriated by In my view issuing a government has not yet solicited a further loss of confidence stop certain business operations the government during sovereign bond would be ill- a rating from the big three in the entire financial system. of Econet and Old Mutual, the the chaotic land reform advised. The main reasons for rating agencies. It is among the Strength of a country’s currency two largest companies listed on program of 1997/8. this are that the economic and 23 African countries that are determines the attractiveness of the stock exchange. They were political conditions are not yet to request an international its bond issues. A weak currency accused of fueling hostilities The initiative conducive to an issuance of sovereign rating. compounds the risk of default against the government. It shows commitment to such a bond. For a country to and debt sustainability as is these companies and their constitutionalism and respect successfully issue a sovereign What is it worth? Zimdollar repayments will still have to be multinational networks that for property rights and restoring bond, it needs some basics in Secondly, the country has made in foreign currency. would support the bond issuance the rule of law. The agreement is place. It needs an international no domestic debt market. If it by purchasing the government also a noble attempt at bringing sovereign credit rating, did, it could try to mobilize local Fourthly, the increasing bonds. closure to a questionable episode stable domestic economic investors who understand the economic crisis in the country of the country’s land history. fundamentals and investor associated risk exposures and has eroded the goodwill that Solutions confidence. None of these are could perform their own due the current government accrued Zimbabwe has many pressing But the proposal to fund the currently present in Zimbabwe. diligence. Domestic institutional post-Mugabe era. President issues. Given that the economy exercise by issuing a sovereign investors would have to Emmerson Mnangagwa’s actions is at its lowest, compensating bond is highly ambitious. Why it’s a bad idea subscribe for the government’s have failed to tally with his farmers is a luxury the country With an ailing economy, Most of the factors relate to bond issuance to be successful. “open for business” mantra. cannot afford. It will not yield the country simply doesn’t internal political and economic Thirdly, the country has His trips to Davos have failed the implied results of increasing have the resources to meet its fundamentals. changed its currency more to yield any significant foreign foreign direct investment. commitment to white farmers. Firstly, Zimbabwe does not than 10 times since 2000. In direct investment as investors Zimbabwe should focus on In his letter dated April 2 to have a sovereign credit rating 2019, the Central Bank banned question his credibility. demonstrating the political will the heads of the International from the three international the use of foreign currency for to restore business confidence. Monetary Fund (IMF), World credit rating agencies – Fitch, trading and reintroduced the The government is also in Evidence of this will include the Bank, African Development Bank Moody’s or Standard & Poor’s. Zimbabwe dollar quasi-currency bad favour with institutions such removal from public office and (AfDB), Paris Club and European Without a rating, it is impossible that had been abandoned as the IMF and World Bank. It prosecution of people involved Investment Bank, finance to successfully issue a sovereign has defaulted on IMF loans and in corruption. Minister Mthuli Ncube clearly failed to implement reforms It should also acknowledge outlined the country does not the challenges it faces and have the medical and financial commit to genuine political resources to fight the Covid-19 dialogue. International partners pandemic. and investors interpret the denial of the challenges faced by Although the government the country as being dishonest cleared its $107.9 million and untrustworthy. arrears with the IMF in Lastly, the government 2016, it is still struggling to should implement the economic settle its $2.2 billion debt to reforms previously agreed with other international financial multilateral lenders. Under institutions, including the World the agreement, policies should Bank and AfDB. focus on eliminating the government’s double-digit fiscal Zimbabwe doesn’t have a deficit and adopting reforms to sovereign credit rating from allow market forces to drive the Fitch, Moody’s or Standard functioning of foreign exchange & Poor’s—without which it’s and other financial markets. impossible to issue a sovereign These will help stabilize the bond. currency and monetary policy. Without fully implementing The government has these reforms agreed with proposed issuing a long-term multilateral agencies, mobilizing sovereign bond, a process where foreign direct investment will the government sells bonds to remain a dream. investors on either domestic or Misheck Mutize, Post Doctoral international financial markets Researcher, Graduate School of to raise funds. This year, only Business (GSB), University of Cape Ghana, Gabon and Egypt have Town. This article is republished managed to do so. from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. It has also called on international donors to help it raise the needed funding. If these options do not raise sufficient Register for UhuruWallet with Zim Digital News today: and Get your R10 readers. Airtime reward: Whatsapp hi to 060 070 2708. Promo Code: zimdigital: Touch Tomorrow twitter @realdigitalnews facebook Zimbabwe Digital News August 2020

THESUNDAYEXPRESS 8 Analysis One just needs to read between the lines between Zim and SA, to get the message By Max Zambeze members and human rights ANC draws the majority of its also been piling up pressure is now being highlighted under activists despite issuing threats to support from non-white people on Ramaphosa and ZANU-PF a previously unheard of banner: Zimbabwe authorities are deal with any uprisings a week and its policies in relation to to restore the rule of law in *#ZimbabweLivesMatter* which privately counting the cost before during which he labelled Zimbabwe have been shaped and Zimbabwe saying that he didn’t has spread across the country of its barbarous treatment the US Ambassador Brian defined by shared experiences care much about relationships and spilling into neighbouring of citizens as the Nichols, a thug. with ZANU-PF in relation to the with the ruling party, all he countries and across the world. *#Zimbabwelivesmatter* struggle for civil rights.” wanted was for Zimbabwe to campaign catches the fire South Africa’s ANC stop human rights violations. Although the big on global scale spokesman Ace Magashule backs Mawere said that the latest demonstrations on Zimbabwe’s the *#ZimbabweLivesMatter* and issues regarding allegations of But one can tell that Sydney streets didn’t fully materialise, After failed campaigns to insisted: human rights abuses and the Mufamadi and Baleka Mbete are the organisers got some help secure the release of consequent campaigns has had in for a bumpy ride consolation if not the last laugh the organiser of the July 31 “We have talked to some of the effect of forcing President while in prison, the demo March, Jacob Ngarivhume the people who were exiled from Ramaphosa to concede that all is Although Malema (EFF) and in Pretoria at the Zimbabwe and brave and corruption Zimbabwe, we have interacted not well in Zimbabwe.” Mamaine(DA) had already stolen Embassy was a success and out exposing journalist Hopewell with them, we know their story the limelight on campaigns to of reach for the authorities. Chin’ono, the Zimbabwean we heard them. What we see The Zimbabwe version of stop human rights abuses in public turned to supporting there on television is uncalled *#ZimbabweLivesMatter* was Zimbabwe, it was inevitable that The previous week wasn’t the #ZimbabweLivesMatter for.” And that’s why they’re born within a few days ago SA’s African National Congress, great either for ZANU-PF as campaign. supporting the ZLM. allegedly launched by Mmusi also a longtime ZANU-PF the ruling party members Maimane former Democratic liberation ally, followed suit allegedly found pro July 31 The international community In a vicious attack on ANC, Alliance leader, putting South condemning Mnangagwa’s demonstrations placards at a is rallying behind the suffering Chinamasa said ZANU-PF, African president Ramaphosa sponsored brutality on opposing senior party member. The senior Zimbabweans hit by decades “takes strong exception to under pressure and in the Zimbabweans. Politburo member Cleveria of economic sanctions with the utterances that have been international spotlight for his Chizema, was suspended from no mercy in sight as the attributed to Ace Magashule.... inactions and lack of human The government denies the party. General Chiwenga dictatorship arrogantly turns a where he appeared hoodwinked rights messages to Zimbabwe human rights violations in was also humiliated when blind eye to political reforms. by those seeking to destabilise authorities. Zimbabwe but has not yet made CIO director General, Isaac Zimbabwe through peddling any arrests of the perpetrators, Moyo, gave testimony to a pro- Just when Zimbabwe social media falsehoods. This time, watched by the while at the same time it Chiwenga plot within the party authorities breathed a sigh of whole worldwide Ramaphosa repelled the ANC attacks with to oust President Emmerson relief in successfully suppressing “As a revolutionary sister, it has been forced to admit all is fire telling off spokesman Mnangagwa about 30 members the Harare mass anti-corruption has never been in our tradition not well in Zimbabwe and he Magashule. supported the move. And earlier demonstrations of July 31 to censure a fellow revolutionary should express his concerns on in the previous week ZANU-PF organised by Jacob Ngarivhume, movement or leaders using state sponsored violence. The lives matter campaign spokesman Chinamasa burnt his more explosive embarrassing megaphone approaches, more has awakened the world to fingers by announcing that the headlines were not far off. so when such utterances are The leader of South Africa’s Zimbabwe’s barbaric treatment of US Ambassador, Brian Nichols misinformed and baseless to say opposition - Economic Freedom its citizens. The Zimbabwe crisis was a thug, for just standing The heavy presence of police the list.” Fighters Julius Malema has up for suffering masses in and soldiers on Harare streets Zimbabwe. might have worked well to Ramaphosa still maintained prevent demonstrations, but quiet diplomacy, avoiding Latest reports indicated uncontrollable across the border condemnation of Mnangagwa’s that the demo organiser Jacob at the Zimbabwe Embassy in brutal tactics of “shamhu Ngarivhume and journalist Pretoria where huge placards mumunyu”, use of the whip Hopewell Chin’ono, arrested condemned Mnangagwa’s marionetted in salt, but sent in for allegedly supporting government for human rights two diplomats to try and help the demonstrators against violations and under payment resolve Zimbabwe’s problems, corruption, also being accused government workers. so far neglected by the SADC of attempting to topple the regional member states and even government, have been moved South Africa’s president Cyril the Africa Union. to Chikurubi Maximum Prison. Ramaphosa’s silence was also strongly attacked for his “silence Some observers see Zimbabwe has lately is consenting”. Ramaphosa as a man forced experienced much instability into climbdown by the West to from political and economic South Africa, a longtime despatch envoys to his longtime chaos, arrests, abductions, ally of ZANU-PF ruling party liberation allies. He didn’t have torture and arrests of several was forced to cautiously “ask a much choice. opposition party members, and friend” to stop barbarity after a preemptive ban on gatherings the neighbour’s maintenance of Mutumwa Mawere to stifle the anticipated anti- a quiet diplomacy as it watched corruption demo planned for millions of the Zimbabwean Zimbabwean businessman, July 31. population spilling into South Mutumwa Mawere based in Africans for jobs and food. South Africa says Ramaphosa has The government has been chosen to appoint envoys rather taking advantage of Covid-19 It is feared that friends than condemn the obvious crisis which prohibits gatherings of South Africa president acts of vindictive and punitive to prevent the spread of Ramaphosa who hold mining actions taken to deny freedom coronavirus. interests in Zimbabwe, place necessary to challenge the tragic him in an invidious position manner in which Zimbabwe has For now it is still unclear who and hence his silence. This been heading. initially triggered Zimbabwe’s time he could not have version of BLM - ZLM. Some ignored the hardhitting Mawere added: reports linked it to Mamaine international campaign - the “South Africa is Zimbabwe’s of South Africa’s Democratic *#ZimbabweLivesMatter* largest trading partner. The Alliance, while others believe campaign, taking a cue from SA government is controlled a Fake News tweet allegedly USA’s *#BlackLivesMatter*. by members of the ANC, a coming from Malawi’s new party that was established to president started the fire. ZANU-PF spokesman Patrick deliver a promise of equality Chinamasa was in no mood from a race-based system. It The widely circulated to accept responsibility for the is now a governing party like tweet claims that SADC folded violence against opposition party ZANU-PF since the cross over to it’s hands as the situation in democracy and independence. Zimbabwe spiralled into chaos. “With respect to Zimbabbwe, Zambeze is Sunday Express UK it is not unmistakable that Correspondent twitter @realdigitalnews facebook Zimbabwe Digital News August 2020

THESUNDAYEXPRESS 9 News Ad tracking service: Adclip tracks ads in over 2 400 SA print and digital publications. This advertising monitoring service notifies you when and where your ads appear. Adclip’s Ad Verifier solution enables brands and agencies to check that their ads have been placed correctly and according to their placement schedule. With the Ad Tracker solution, you can gain insight into how other brands are advertising or stay up-to-date with new products being advertised. The Sunday Express is monitored by Newsclip Zim Community in SA meets Yeoville migrants over reports of rising crime levels Point made, but #zimbabweaanlivesmatter protest ends in chaos PURSUANT to the Zimbabwe Community in South Africa anti-crime summit and the anti-crime programs we had set, we have joined the broader Yeoville Community in efforts to address the now out of hand crime prevalence in this cosmopolitan community. A meeting was held at the Yeoville Police station and The Zimbabwe Community in South Africa Chairman Cde Ngqabutho Mabhena represented the Zimbabwe Community. These were the outcomes and discussion points raised; • The meeting was attended by a number of organisations drawn from locals, migrants, business community, police and the traffic department. The meeting was chaired by the Yeoville SAPS station commander. • The meeting raised serious concerns in respect to rising levels of crime that has led to commercial banks (FNB, ABSA and Standard Bank), Nandos, KFC closing. It should be noted that there is now no ATM or bank in Yeoville save for the Nedbank ATM at KwaGumede. We were also informed that MacDonald and other shops are considering closing down due to crime. • The meeting did emphasise that everyone who resides in Yeoville and surrounding areas is a victim of crime irrespective of nationality. The meeting emphasised that in the fight against crime, we must be guided by Pan-African values that do not discriminate based on nationality. • Hot spots were identified mainly along Rocky street and other areas, especially unregulated trade on the pavements • The conduct of police came under scrutiny. • Selling of drugs and abuse of alcohol. • The issue of targeting undocumented migrants during any police or Community Policing Forum was raised with concern as this does not necessary target organised criminal syndicates. Resolutions 1. The Johannesburg Metro will carry out a campaign to remove everyone selling on pavements. This must be done on or before Sunday. 2. The SAPS, Johannesburg Metro Police and the Community Policing Forum will carry out raids in identified hotspots to flash out criminal elements. The Zimbabwe Community in South Africa would like to categorically disassociate with any Zimbabwean Nationals who commit crime in South Africa and will take all efforts to root out such elements who tarnish the good name and image of a majority of hard working and law abiding Zimbabwean migrants living harmonious with the hosts and other migrant communities. We implore our nationals to report crime and never to purchase any stolen goods and keep receipts of any purchased goods. - Bongani Mkwananzi twitter @realdigitalnews facebook Zimbabwe Digital News August 2020

THESUNDAYEXPRESS 10 Relationships Taking a break from a relationship may make or break it By Royce Mapaike both people want to continue the partnership and what active WE are on a break! You find steps they are willing to take some couples claiming to be to ensure whatever led them to taking breaks whenever they are seek time apart is resolved. faced with challenges and get to wonder whether it is really Often, taking a break is the necessary to have breaks in a coward’s way to back out of the serious relationship. It becomes relationship — taking a break complicated because all we doesn’t heal or fix. It freezes the know is that during a normal problem where it is, and nothing break time, one can engage in is changed. It is very important extracurricular activities and this to understand that there is a means that breaks are dangerous very real possibility that taking a and can break you up. break could ultimately lead to a break-up! Of course many people will tell you that a break is not a When you have a problem break-up, but things which with someone, it is always happen during that time are the ideal to try and solve issues ones which lead to heartbreaks. while on the other hand giving yourself time to heal. Stopping People sometimes take breaks communication with your in relationships because they partner and avoiding him will will be having serious problems not help and taking a break will which in most cases leave the not solve anything. Some people other party not sure whether to who have gone that route will continue with the relationship tell you that they took a break or not. While they are in that and after some time, when confusion bay, it is at that time they reunited, love had died its they decide to take a break. natural death and it proved that taking a break is not a solution. It is very easy to say you are her partner is cheating on her someone, no matter how amount of time. Each person on a break, but how long is a and later finds it hard to forgive confused you can be, calling for gets their time to think about The most important thing break and what are the rules? calling for a break. During the a break should be the last thing whether the relationship should is to be honest with yourself. If so-called break, little do they on your mind. Of course for continue — but they do not go your partner isn’t meeting your Many people never give know that they will be giving some it has worked well and the out to test the waters and see needs but you still love them much thought to these two their partner and his newly secret to it being successful is whether there are better fish in and want to be with them, you issues and if not treated very found love more time. By the setting rules. Since a break is not the sea. have to be together while you carefully, it is when the break time they decide to call off the a break-up, it’s not a phase that work things out; do not run turns into a break-up resulting break, the two will be at point changes the fundamental rules Taking a break typically has to the mountains. Just know in a heartbreak because you of no return, having created a of the relationship! a pre-discussed start and end that taking a break is a way of will find that even that person bond. This is when we realise time to allow for some space providing yourself with a comfy who called for a break in the how dangerous breaks can turn During a break none of the and reflection with the end goal pre-singledom cushion! relationship didn’t know exactly out to be in relationships. rules of the relationship change, being to come back together. what she/he wanted. except that you don’t see the At that time, there will be an Mapaike is with Exquisite other person for the agreed-upon honest conversation about if Entertainment For example if one finds that I believe if you really love twitter @realdigitalnews facebook Zimbabwe Digital News August 2020

THESUNDAYEXPRESS 11 News I like Kanye, very much, but I’m not involved, says Donald Trump LAWYERS and activists with rapper’s nine electors was but refused to comment further. West himself has hinted he But others argue that, Republican ties are listed as the Matthew Zielinski, a former Similar situations have is trying to steal votes from Mr historically, black voters have rapper’s electors in certain states. Republican congressional Biden, telling Forbes: “I’m not not voted for candidates solely candidate who served as an played out in other key states denying it.” because they are black. West, 43, is on the ballot in officer with the party in Denver. where lawyers or activists with Colorado, Wisconsin, Arkansas Republican ties have been This has fuelled suspicions he In Wisconsin, Lane Ruhland, and Ohio. Mr Zielinski tweeted that he involved in helping the 43-year- is being pushed to run by allies a lawyer with long-standing believes in “fair ballot access”, old star get on the ballot. of Donald Trump as a way of affiliations with the local Republicans are helping siphoning support away from his Republican Party, was filmed Kanye West get on the US Democratic rival. dropping off signatures to the presidential ballot in some key election board on West’s behalf. states, in what could be a bid Mr Trump has said he “likes to take black votes away from Kanye very much”, but added: Ohio Attorney Matthew Democratic candidate Joe Biden. “I have nothing to do with him Aumann filed ballot access for being on the ballot. I’m not West in his state after being West’s unlikely race to involved.” paid thousands of dollars in become president saw him consulting fees by the House qualify for Colorado’s ballot on West is still getting support and Senate Republican campaign Thursday, after he successfully from Republicans despite their committees, according to finance secured Wisconsin, Ohio, allegiances to Donald Trump records. Vermont and Arkansas. The rapper could end up The rapper’s paperwork in In Colorado, one of the splitting young and African- Arkansas lists former executive American votes from Mr Biden, director of the American experts have claimed. Conservative Union Gregg Keller as a point of contact.. - SkyNews twitter @realdigitalnews facebook Zimbabwe Digital News August 2020

THESUNDAYEXPRESS 12 NEWS Zimbabwe has enough resources underground. The question is how to exploit them By Tendai Immanuel to Hwange which is among Sustainability and sustainable pointing syndrome, at some harnessing our natural resources the biggest in the world. development is quite a comolex point we have to put our hands into profit and setting out It is a public secret that Exploitation and investment concept. to building. It is high time we fundamentals. We have emeralds given the economic into this methane coal belt innovate around our problems from Mberengwa to Mutoko, turmoil in Zimbabwe means that as a nation we will The first port of call and change course. We need and it’s all emeralds which are right now most people certainly have a surplus in terms in resource utilisation is to start looking at making substituting the high value will gladly accept of energy which can even be investment. While most African sure that our resources create diamond and gold in the market an opportunity to exported. countries are globe-trotting employment and development because of the next generation dissociate themselves looking for foreign investment, within our borders. This can be technology now available for from this beautiful This will not only improve the best would be to have local done through value addition and polishing and cutting. Mining, country. productions in our industries investors participating more in processing within Zimbabwe, development and investment from a steady and cheap supply natural resource exploitation. instead of shipping ore or policies that favour the I have come to understand of power but will gunner unprocessed materials out of the expansion of local industry are a that many of my countrymen extra revenue from exporting While foreign investment country bolstering employment necessity. are not quite aware of the the surplus while creating may be a shot in the arm, it may and economic growth in other blessing that we have, to employment along the value come with stringent conditions countries. This article is aimed at trying belong to a nuturally beautiful chain. Proper sustainable which may make it difficult to to point out that as a country and mineral rich nation like exploitation of this natural continue with business for long. The big monster in the we have enough resources to Zimbabwean. resource will significantly change Home grown solutions should country is lack of innovation compete with the rest of the the face of the economy in our therefore become a reality, and relentlessness. We have the world on the economic front. It is also painful to note that country. We are talking of just instead of making noise about skilled people, albeit with a few However exploitation models most of the young Zimbabweans one natural resource without home grown solutions without reorientation touch ups needed. which foster the development are not even aware of what they even mentioning diamond, gold action. Hence action is also a Apprenticeships, internships and of the communities around the are sitting on, what we have in and platinum part of sustainable utilisation of graduate trainee programmes resources while feeding and terms of natural resources and natural resource. We should all aimed at reconfiguring the stabilising the main stream what it means. A rich conversation with Jack learn to talk less and act more thinking process can be economy are the ones lacking. Makate an upcoming mining if Zimbabwe is to become the designed. This will allow us There is great need to introspect There are so many natural mogul, one of the Directors of economic giant it must be. to harness human capital and on how to harness our skill resources available in Zimbabwe Vuti Quarries provided some develop further as a nation. and knowledge to tap into in abundance, but most of the brilliant insights about our Utilising proper mining our resource base and create a information that we have in the country. Jack said it is intriguing structures Zimbabwe could You might have heard a future to look forward to, for the country in terms of our natural to note that the world says really be the Europe of today few years ago that there was an younger generation. resources is not readily available. 25% of the world’s diamond but unfortunately we have thus Indian company that proposed However, be as it may, it is is lodged in Zimbabwe. Citing far shown a lack of the right to our government that they It is time we shift our an honour to be Zimbabwean also the recent discoveries of attitude coupled with the lack were going to mine iron ore in development approach to especially now. more rare earth minerals in the of constructive deployment Chivhu. They were going to one of cumulative sustainable country, Mr Makate said, “What of knowledge and skills as dig a tunnel right to the Indian development gains. Each resouce This was echoed by Jack it means is that we should be a Zimbabweans. This has been Ocean so that they would pump drawn from the annuls of our Makate who went on to say he better country compared to most mostly attributed to by our it straight to the sea instead nation must add considerable was thankful to those who have European countries in terms of education system. The education of going through all the other value to the stability and growth safeguarded the natural resources Gross Domestic Product (GDP), system was designed to churn logistics of passing through of our economy. of Zimbabwe. but most of these diamonds and out employees not employers. South Africa or other countries. minerals are untapped”. To achieve this we need The people who stood firm However complaining about One would ask, why would to work towards real practical to protect Zimbabwean resources It now becomes a matter the education system is not the Indian company want to solutions like value addition. with pride and honour are the of having a sustainable the solution, lest we drown in invest all that much to put a We can cut and polish reason we still have a wealthy model of resource utilisation. the complaining and finger tunnel that would pump the granite,emeralds and diamonds resource that we can exploit foro iron ore straight into the ocean within our borders which is a the betterment of our nation. if there wasn’t enough resource sound economic booster on its to take them over 50 to 70 own. As a nation we have failed to years?, and would they not comprehend what we have and encounter other unsanctioned We should at this point be how to exploit what we have minerals in digging the tunnel able to say with confidence, to sustain ourselves and future and secretly exploit them? gone are the days of Rudd generations to come. We have Nevertheless , information out Concession and aid dependency gold, gas, coal, diamonds, iron, there says iron ore deposit at which is arguably just as chrome and platinum just but Chivhu can last up to 150 years crippling. to name a few. Every province or of daily mining 24/7, and that every square inch of Zimbabwe iron is yet to be tapped into. Our strength as a nation is has natural resources under it. locked in our land either that It all goes back to the issue of which is drawn from above Zimbabwe has a very ground in agriculture, that big, otherwise, untapped which is mined from under it or methane coal belt stretching the invaluable people who rely from Mberengwa, Sengwa up on it. At a SAIMM conference held 03 August 2017 the mining sector was said to employ over 45 000 people formally and more than 500 000 informally and these figures would certainly self inflate if value addition was being done in the mining industry, or any other industry like agriculture. Article was written by Tendai Immanuel the CEO of Triumph Africa using responses by Jack Makate one of the Directors of Vuti Quarries. Tendai is involved in philanthropy and sustainable development work across Africa in countries like Zimbabwe, Malawi and Sierra Leone. She writes in her personal capacity and is contactable via email [email protected] twitter @realdigitalnews facebook Zimbabwe Digital News August 2020

THESUNDAYEXPRESS BLISS 13 Perspectives Views, Opinion, Analysis, Columnists, Currencies, Business, Perspectives, Think Tank, Fitness News and Sports Markets have a Currencies and Stock Markets the same time and at similar personality, according intervals or frequencies in not to Mandelbrot’s third grounded on reality. rule. Investors, traders, lawyers, bankers and It is inaccurate to say that speculators usually all investors are homogenous meet to discuss these and are like molecules that are issues a replica of each other always in a constant Brownian motion AS HAS become a ritualistic The news is in the misbehaviour with very minimal negligible routine now, the bulk of the of the financial markets differences between them. arguments in today’s article are already covered in my book CURRENCIES which has legs of its own and is the graph or chart. The fact of the matter is entitled “Bonds and the Bond not the same as the individual Much as the markets are that people are different and Markets”(pictured below). COLLS NDLOVU parts that constituted it. their appetites differ. Some are scenes where great wealth can long term investors. Others are On 2 August 2020, the price Powered by Prices are determined by the be made, they are also a scene short-term investors. Some are of the Bitcoin currency crashed internal endogenous processes where severe losses can be speculators. Others do not even dramatically from US$12 000 market turbulence tends to of the market itself rather than incurred. Consequently, the invest at all. Fundamentalist per coin, down to about US$11 cluster. Turbulence, especially merely exogenous factors. maxim is that greater knowledge investors believe that each 400 implying a potential loss of for the banking industry usually of a danger permits greater stock or currency has its own about US$1600 on the basis of a takes a systemic route and if The other variable says safety. intrinsic value and therefore will mark-to-market valuation. not checked or curtailed, could that markets mislead. Markets eventually self-correct and sell destabilise and disrupt the whole create fictitious patterns and In general the key for that value. Orthodox financial theory financial system leading to a pseudocycles that can lull an assumptions underpinning the argues that variation in prices contagion that can ricochet unassuming investor into a false efficient markets hypothesis are Chartists ignore the can be modeled by random across the whole system as was sense of security. This happens somewhat wobbly. fundamentals and follow the processes. The volatility of stock seen during the global financial through the appearance of trends on graphs jumping on market prices is deemed to be markets crisis of 2008. somewhat predictive graphs and In particular the assumption and off the band wagon. Markets determined by randomness patterns that appear to predict that people are rational and behave in non-linear and linear depending on the availability Markets have a personality, the future and thus bankable. A always aim to maximize their functions and sometimes in of information. Information according to Mandelbrot’s third financial market is vulnerable returns is not grounded on a combination of the two has a bearing on the supposed rule. Investors, traders, lawyers, to such statistical illusions. reality. The allegation that thus breeding a third unique efficiency of the market. bankers and speculators usually Chartists therefore tend to be individuals once presented with behaviour. meet to discuss these issues. easily fooled by bubbles and all relevant market information Prof. Harry Markowitz, When that happens, a new crashes which are inherent in will act rationally is not correct. The other market assumption formerly of the University of variable or dynamic emerges capitalistic markets. is that price changes are Chicago is the father of this The reality is that people stochastic and continuous. The efficient markets hypothesis. Markets slow down do not think in a mechanical change is assumed to smooth significantly during episodes of or linear fashion like some and controlled moving from one Other academics argue that tranquility theoretical utility measurable value to another in a predictable prices in reality misbehave and in dollars and cents. People are fashion. do not follow the Markowitzan Markets’ time is relative, not always rational and self- efficient markets hypothesis. Prof according to the fifth rule. The interested. Through his efficient markets Benoit Mandelbrot, formerly rationale being that markets’ hypothesis, Markowitz sought to of Yale University argues for a time tends to be Einsteinan. Sometimes they are irrational reduce investment decision into multifractal model of wild price Markets are perceived to move and philanthropic. Sometimes two variables: mean and variance variations which he advances as very fast during periods of people misinterpret information of expected prices, effectively, an alternative financial theory. extreme volatility, and to slow and allow their emotions to get some mathematical proxies for According to Mandelbrot, the down significantly during the better of them. risk and return. markets are basically driven by episodes of tranquility. Legend five rules. has it that all charts look alike The other fallacy is that all In reality prices do swing whether they are for 10 minutes, investors are the same. The both trivially and wildly. Prices The first rule is that markets 10 hours, 10 days and 10 years. assumption that investors when do not follow a stochastic are risky. Price movements do given the same information smooth pattern. not follow the conventional What will distinguish them will use it exactly the same, at bell curve which is assumed are the legends on the foot of Furthermore, prices are to be the normal behaviour assumed to be following the by the establishment. Prices Brownian motion (movement follow more violent and volatile of molecules in physics). This swings. An appreciation of this assumption is accompanied fact is very useful. This absurd by the suggestion that such behaviour is described by John price changes are independent, Maynard Keynes as the animal constant and therefore follow a spirits of the market. normal bell curve distribution. The reality of course is that real The irrational exuberance of life situations are more complex the markets than these assumptions. Former US Federal Reserve The hard reality on the Chairman, Alan Greenspan, ground tends to contradict famously referred to it as the these assumptions especially the irrational exuberance of the much-paraded bell curve normal markets, that is to say, the herd- distribution. like behaviour of the markets. Colls Ndlovu, a currency expert, The second rule is that is an award-winning economist and central banker, and is the inventor of the NCX Currency Index. He can be contacted on collsndlovu@gmail. com twitter @realdigitalnews facebook Zimbabwe Digital News August 2020

THESUNDAYEXPRESS BLISS 14 PERSPECTIVES AS I TYPE I am just thinking of the situation Hopewell Chin’ono and Jacob Ngarivhume are in. I think of chapter 4[section 53] of our constitution which provides that no person may be subjected to physical or psychological torture. They find themselves subjected to psychological torture as their bail hearing seems to be cast in uncertainty due to press statements given by politicians who have powers to speak for the courts. It makes sense now why Zimbabwe has not ratified the UN Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment [CAT] in order to fully realise our constitutional right to freedom from torture. Zimbabwe has to this day Fine line between applying international law neither signed nor ratified CAT. and making it work for domestic justice In 2011 during a Government of National Unity Zimbabwe seemed to be progressing well towards ratification but developed a cold feet along the way and by 2016 quite a number of countries including Rwanda and Kenya encouraged Zimbabwe to ratify but their efforts were in vain. CAT is a United Nations JUSTICE their territories. With current a big fold had people knew punishment. convention which requires Zimbabwe settings no one can of consequences if we were It is wise though to note States to take effective measures stop her from torturing because signatories to the convention. to prevent torture within their she decided not to ratify CAT. that Zimbabwe is a party to territories and prohibits them States that are parties to CAT other international conventions from transporting or extraditing These measures to combat have to report every four years that prohibit torture and cruel, people to any country where torture include prohibiting to the UN Committee Against inhuman or degrading treatment there is reason to believe they torture through criminalising Torture on the measures they or punishment, in particular will be tortured.  it. Torture must be treated as have taken to implement the the Universal Declaration of a standalone offence which Convention.  Wherever reports Human Rights, the International The text of CAT was adopted TRUST SIBANDA must be accompanied by are involved authorities get Covenant on Civil and Political by consensus in the General consequences to those who accountable so as not to offend Rights and the African Charter Assembly of the UN on 10th violate. their grouping and that was on Human and Peoples’ Rights. December 1984 and it came going to save a lot of victims. CAT is necessary for Zimbabwe operational on the 26th of June Ensuring that the State’s to supplement her brief 198. Zimbabwe sent a delegation courts have jurisdiction to The committee has powers general prohibitions of torture to this convention. try crimes involving torture to conduct confidential with a specific and detailed which are committed outside investigations into allegations treaty designed to ensure The will power to ratify was 86(3)] the country if there is enough that any member State the elimination of torture in not there probably because Failure to ratify CAT evidence to say if the perpetrator systematically practises torture, practice. during that time torture was the is extradited he or she will and the committee may only way available to convey a means that authorities will face torture in a crime they summarise the results of its The only reasonable message to gukurahundi victims get away with crime as they committed the crime. investigations in its annual explanation why the where even trees would be cut do not account to anyone for report.  Member States may also Government has not acceded to if they were suspected to have their actions and UN has no The arrest of suspected allow the committee to receive CAT is that torture benefits those provided a shadow or fruits for jurisdiction over their conduct. torturers and bringing them and investigate allegations from who rule by the iron fist. It helps dissidents. before the courts is another individuals and other States that them deal with political victims CAT came into existence to measure advocated by CAT. they are violating CAT. so as to deter those who may be Torture both physical and help combat torture and other contemplating on joining the mental is an inhuman act and a forms of cruel, inhuman or Crimes on torture must also With the current opposing political parties. violation of rights. Punishment, degrading treatment throughout be extraditable. #Zimlivesmatter CAT matters cruelty, inhuman, or degrading the world.  CAT obliges most as it was going to call Our government must be treatment is a principle of States that are parties to the Had Zimbabwe ratified Zimbabwe to order. Ratifying encouraged to ratify so that customary international law. Convention to do far more than CAT some torture that takes CAT as a country shows that as we can be assured of their merely having a brief general place before, during and after a country we take seriously the commitment in ensuring that The right to be free from all prohibition of torture in their elections was going to have universal norm that torture in people are free from torture. evils listed above is “Absolute” Constitution. people accounting for it. People all its forms is unacceptable and Trust Sibanda is a businessman. He and “non-derogable” and that were going to be deterred from this would help us put detail writes in his personal capacity. The means no politician, superior   It obliges States to take violating knowing that there is to section 53 which prohibits views expressed do not necessarily officer or a public authority may all legislative, administrative, no sacred cow when it comes to physical and psychological represent the Editorial policy of The invoke this as a justification for judicial and other measures torture crimes. torture and cruel, inhuman Sunday Express torture. No persons acting on to prevent acts of torture or or degrading treatment or behalf of the state or on their cruel, inhuman or degrading The 2008 election crimes accord may violate this right [Sec treatment or punishment within were going to be reduced by twitter @realdigitalnews facebook Zimbabwe Digital News August 2020

THESUNDAYEXPRESS BLISS 15 PERSPECTIVES Chapter ten: As Africans, we are not as poor as we have been made out to be BOOK SERIES in their covenant rights and benefits. In my book, The Judaeo DR TICH TANYANYIWA Abrahamic Wealth Factor I The concept of gatekeepers go into greater detail on this. is neither new to the church Abraham gives us an example nor is it exc­ lusive to ancient of what a covenant man looks Bible times; it is so integral for like and we are to emulate him Kingdom citizens to und­ erstand seeing he is the father of our because many people are faith and we have received the careless. They are not aware that blessing of Abraham. Look at they have a responsibility to the result of activating covenant keep out the enemy who seeks in the life of Abraham: And to compromise their security. Abraham called the name of that Proverbs chapter four says: Keep place Jehovah–jireh: as it is said thy heart with all diligence; for out to this day, In the mount of the of it are the issues of life.( Proverbs Lord it shall be seen. 4:23, KJV). More than anything you guard, protect your mind, for Your seed shall possess life flows from it.( Proverbs 4:23 the gate of your CEB). enemies We are to keep, guard, protect And the angel of the Lord or build a hedge around our called unto Abraham out of minds, or spirits in order to heaven the second time, And keep the enemy out. When our said, By myself have I sworn, walls are breached then we are saith the Lord, for because thou compromised. In the same way hast done this thing, and hast nations build walls or fences not withheld thy son, thine only around their countries to keep son: That in blessing I will bless out illegal immigrants, we are to thee, and in multiplying I will do the same. multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand The primary reason this which is upon the sea shore; and is done for countries is to thy seed shall possess the gate of protect the economic envi­ his enemie. ronment from being affected, so borders stop other people from and products you are able to Self-control is a vital key that have broken the economic This was God speaking to coming in and taking the jobs administer your economy well. to mastering one’s personal barrier will find it easier to get Abraham after he had almost of the citizens such that the It is very important therefore economy, the res­ult of that is these visas. sacrificed Isaac, his son saying, employment rate of a country for people to make sure their your influence levels increase “your seed shall possess the gate is protected. This is also done personal walls are in place so until you become a gatekeepe­ r in The real battle is economic, of their enemies…” This was a for agricultural protection as they can build their personal your area of function. as the country one seeks to very strong promise as we still some countries attempt to bring economies. visit will ask a simple question, see the manifestation of this in in diseases that will affect the Unfortunately far too many “What value will we extract from modern history. What God was agricultural pro­ductivity of a Breaking the walls of people have no self-control you either as a tourist or as an saying to Abraham is “you will nation so they can increase poverty and therefore they disqualify immigrant?” access the econom­ ies of your export of their own goods and themselves for influence in the enemies. You will experience enhance their own economy. When the walls are broken marketplace. Self-mastery is This indeed is a valid way of wealth transfers and take over poverty will invade and take the key to mastering personal looking at things as it enables territories and economies and This also controls disease advantage of your life. This is the economies. some form of control. My become an influence”. transmission and what has come reas­on many people are poor. challenge however is, “why do to be known as brain drain They have not put controls in Many African countries need we have so much poverty on These takeovers were not for (the loss of human capital as their lives that manage what special visas to travel to nations the continent in terms of people political or military domination people travel in search of better goes in and out of their lives. A that are part of the European that do not have the capacity to but for the establishment of the economies that will reward them person without self-control is like a Union. This is because of the sustain their families much less Kingdom of heaven as the ethos better for their skills). Whichever breached city, one with no walls.( reasons stated above. There think of going on a holiday in in the people group that was of the above mentioned reasons Proverbs 25:28, CEB). are exceptions however; those Paris?” taken over. God was giving them or a myriad of other reasons citizens of African countries a blueprint for evangelizing to that motivate borders to be put This book seeks to bring an the nations. in place, the bottom line is to awakening that as Africa, we are protect the economic well-being not a poor continent as has been Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa is a of the people. purported and drilled into us, prolific author whose voice has we are a very blessed people, in gone across Africa speaking on The classic example that fact the most blessed with the economic empowerment and is contemporary is that of greatest potential to become an financial freedom. We have created President Donald Trump and economic superpower given the this website to give you easy access the controversial wall intended resources we harbour. to his resources and message. to stop illegal immigrants from We desire to partner with you in coming into America. This was Let me bring the chapter changing Africa and eradicating part of his strategy to boost the back to focus so I can show you poverty. We seek to add value to the economy of America and “Make God’s agenda. On the subject of work that has already been done America Great”. By controlling gatekeepers, God is raising up on the ground by other like-minded the movement of people men and women that carry a organisations. Birthing A Mega strong marketplace mantle that Economy is a prophetic word that will enable them to take the was given to Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa moun­tains and become the new on the way forward for Africa and gatekeepers that represent the her people. In the book Dr Tich Kingdom of God. Tanyanyiwa tables a process by which we can eliminate poverty in These people must the next 50 years. He shows how understand their role and that it is not only a great vision, function and seek to serve God but it is in God’s agenda. fully by walking and living twitter @realdigitalnews facebook Zimbabwe Digital News August 2020

THESUNDAYEXPRESS BLISS 16 PERSPECTIVES Using the fulcrum approach to lift the heavy load off Zimbabwe LEADERSHIP image two boys on a seesaw, the fulcrum is set at the exact centre between their seats, if the boys weigh the same then equilibrium is reached, however if one boy weighs 80kgs and the other 50kgs, the lighter boy (weighing 50kgs ) will hang in the air until the boy weighing 80kg adjusts his position. NDABA NDHLOVU This is key when there is no equilibrium between the leader This is key when there and the people. The fulcrum is no equilibrium (centre point) need to be moved between the leader and to reach equilibrium. If the the people. Then in fulcrum is moved towards the that case - the fulcrum heavier boy then the lighter boy (centre point) need will eventually lift the 80kg boy to be moved to reach using the lever. If the country equilibrium or enterprise is stagnant then the leader needs to adjust the fulcrum. PRESIDENT Paul Kagame In 1979, Ellen Langer did has been credited for the a study in which she took a development of Rwanda and group of 75 year old men and so are many other leaders told them they were going on such as Sheikh Mohammed a week-long retreat. They were Bin Rashid Al Maktoumwho not allowed to bring any current who transformed into a global magazines, books, newspapers… supercity, which just five decades no cell phones or internet. ago was a cholera-plagued When they got there, they were backwater. told to believe they were back in 1959, when most of the men were in their mid 50’s. But how, exactly, did this the world.” Our leaders are The greater the distance Kagame does not micromanage There were magazines from incredible transformation take hopelessly trying to lift the between the effort and the (therefore, this provides a 1959 on the coffee tables and place? Leadership! But not your Zimbabwean load through fulcrum, (and the shorter the very short working lever) and i.d. badges with a picture of typical political leadership, nor their own strengths, no matter distance from the fulcrum to minimises the effectiveness of themselves at 55. They were typical corporate leadership, nor how much effort they put into the object to be moved), the less the fulcrum. told to talk about current events leadership taught in MBA classes. the exercise, there will be little energy that is required to get the of the 1959, that were taking progress. maximum movement. The longest, most effective place at the time. Some of the Workers are the key to lever in any leader’s toolbox men started dressing as they the success of any business A fulcrum and lever are Assuming the distance is their vision. The leader’s would have back in 1959 and enterprise, not for profit and needed to move the heavy between the people (could be vision for the future that excites, even referring to their jobs in the government. The right people load and lead Zimbabwe to employees or citizens ) and the connects and galvanise and present tense. are the levers by which every greatness. Leadership fulcrum is fulcrum is constant, the longer burns in each follower is the other asset steers the machinery what is needed at this hour in the leader’s end of the lever, most effective tool. Before they went on the toward the success of the Zimbabwe. My mentor Shawn the more power they have to retreat Langer tested them on enterprise or an organisation. Achor once said , “…our brains influence their people. When The vision for the future age related conditions…strength, Managers famously speak of work in precisely the same way. there is little progress, then the is what leaders use when they perception, cognition, short term “leveraging the value of our leader is not using the fulcrum drive change. When a vision is memory…to name a few. They human capital.” And as no lever Our power to maximize properly but rather using their known, it is clear and shared, were tested again after the retreat is complete without its fulcrum. our potential is based on two own energy. it takes only a mere mention and they improved on every test, important things: (1) the of that vision to engage the and for some even on eyesight! The fulcrum idea was length of our lever – how much Effective leaders are armed followers and grow the business popularised by advocate Thabani potential power and possibility with tools that give them the or move the country forward . Langer also asked random Mpofu who is now famously we believe we have, and (2) the greatest amount of leverage and people to look at a picture of referred to as advocate fulcrum. position of the fulcrum – the energy. We could use Kagame’s Leaders in politics and each participant before the The word Fulcrum is not a legal mindset with which we generate list of “levers of influence”, to business make decisions retreat and after. These random term, to put it simple, think the power to change…simply evaluate his effectiveness. each day on the direction people, on average, guessed of a big stick or board wedged put, by changing the fulcrum their business or country 3 years younger on the after under a rock to lift something of our mindset and lengthening President Kagame is closer will pivot. Tipping in one pictures. The participants too heavy to lift with your own our lever of possibility, we to the people, he let the good direction results in selfish changed their fulcrum. strength, you then create a ton change what is possible.”. people do the job (fulcrum), he leadership that typically creates of energy potential with less created unity, patriotism and dysfunctional teams and results Simply put, by changing effort than if you tried to apply What does a leader have love for the country among the in compromises of integrity. the fulcrum of our mindset your energy to it directly. that takes little effort on their citizens and he promoted STEM and lengthening the lever of end, relative to the amount of and the Rwandese are leading Tipping in the other direction possibility, we change is what is You increase your power movement they can achieve Africa with ‘smart government’ results in selfless leadership that possible. It’s not the weight of potential when you use the at the other end in their team and he promoted effective and enables teams to flourish and the world that determines what fulcrum and lever to your members or fellow country men capable government. President achieve extraordinary results. we can accomplish. It is our advantage. Archimedes is and women?. Using the seesaw example, fulcrum and our lever. said to have declared, “Give me a fulcrum, and I’ll move Ndaba Ndhlovu is a leadership maximiser — helping good leaders become great! twitter @realdigitalnews facebook Zimbabwe Digital News August 2020

THESUNDAYEXPRESS BLISS 17 Perspectives EDITORIAL Dr Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank As we go forward, the euphoria must be tempered by WENCESLOUS NYAMUPFUKUDZA The next generation of tycoons the sobering reality of climate will be the farmers change. We will put in place “The next generation measures to adapt to this of tycoons will be Of course our gracious, onslaught of nature. African farmers,” according to impassioned agricultural farmer did not cause climate Dr Akinwumi Adesina, experts will throw their weight change but she must bear the currently President behind this shining moment of brunt of it. Let’s change our of the African transformation for Zimbabwe. destiny Development Bank So you can feel my heart beat, (AfDB) for I know that we have arrived Afrostain Farmtech is at the tipping point were we therefore calling for the global THIS he said recently he believes have to convert words to action. community to honor their that farming will produce the We have launched ourselves commitments for climate change next generation of millionaires on a trajectory toward taking adaptation in support of millions and billionaires than any other the green revolution to scale of African smallholder farmers. sector in Africa. and transform our nations through agriculture as we aim Ladies and gentlemen and Here’s is the time to at strengthening outreach for partners in hope, optimism Strategically position ourselves profitable venture in agribusines. can no longer be deferred. and engage in a Transitional The time for action is now as Stabilization Programme (TSP) ☑️We have agreed to empower water management and getting agriculture we strengthen outreach for that elevate our agricultural women throughout the the most crop yield per drop We are encouraging more profitable venture in gribusiness. system as we also do Justice to agricultural value chain by of water and ensuring that our the Sustainable Development accelerating knowledge transfer farmers can build an asset base farming communities to change Yearly we celebrate Goals (SDGs) which include on improved agricultural that will improve their resilience the mindset. It is very important the remarkable life and but not limited to poverty technology. ☑️Increase our in addition to sustainable to be a farmer! We all know achievements of the architect of eradication, and Zero hunger! research for food and nutrition livestock improvement strategies. that we farmers can not succeed the green revolution, Dr. Normal security strategies alongside unless we the agricultural Borlaug who saved more lives This is excellent news. We value addition and beneficion. As a matter of fact we technology companies play than anyone else in history. are finally getting the message But this will be done on recognize that the backbone of our role and you the farmers And yet in his final days, his across. Agriculture pays. a sustained basis, and in African agriculture is mixed crop do your part too We need not very last words were, “Take it to Agriculture is a business. And cooperation with the farmers. & livestock systems. Livestock to get used to poverty and by the farmer!” Yes, take it to the we are ready to run it as one, for will be integrated into the vitally religiously following our mode farmer. It is our mandate that his millions of smallholder farmers, ☑️We have agreed to accelerate important breadbasket initiatives of operation, we will eradicate it. words live on. And they shall, backyard & urban farmers as well access to small scale farmers who and corridor models, to make with Africa’s own and unique as well as commercial large scale are into livestock production them even more efficient and Even though we can not green revolution empowed by farmers. with home grown solutions to sustainable by virtue of It being successfully do all the things Afrostain Farmtech. livestock improvement. key to food security in Africa we aim to do our trusted Fortunately, Afrostain in general and Zimbabwe in government will take us through As we move forward, Farmtech in these years who are ☑️We have agreed to work with particular. Our partners in the but I am convinced that the strongly united and passionately at the forefront of promoting Zimbabweans abroad on their Agricultural technology and farmers who hold the reins of committed to the concrete Africa in general and Zimbabwe agribusiness plans and manage innovation are as well working poverty eradication, will lead actions that we have jointly in particular in developing their agricultural projects tirelessly in ways to adress at this most crucial time as we worked on. With our hands home grown solutions to unlock climate change and we are so realize our dream of achieving a on the plow, we will till this agricultural productivity. For all of the above to much motivated that there green revolution for Zimbabwe beautiful land’s soil together, and work, we will implement more is paradise in the future of and africa in general. help Zimbabwe reap a bountiful The women – Some from inclusive business models that harvest. Afrostain Farmtech who link agri-businesses, commercial are Agronomists, scientists, farms, smallholder farmers as As we publish this digital policymakers to owners of agri well as financial institutions. magazine, and as we unveil our business are actually rallying All of these must ensure that partnership with Zimbabwe behind the movement. This smallholder farmers grow and Digital News, and Diversified is encouraging, for only they operate as businesses to grow Media Technology we pledge to know, better than anyone, and contribute to the success of change the world of agriculture that the green revolution is our nation. multi-media in the digital world. first and foremost about them! Zimbabwe’s women will lead the We will therefore call for This is Zimbabwe’s moment. charge. a strong need to sustainable Together we will feed the and conservative farming people, enrich ourselves as well We were particularly technologies as well as better as empower the youths and delighted to see the cream of marginalized population. And Zimbabwe’s young men and behold-we will not fail! As we women who are entrepreneurs move towards strengthening joining us and they carried a outreach for profitable venture unique message. “we would in agribusines want to promote our fellow youths within various provinces Thank you so much and districts , the majority of Makatikoshera✊ whom are farmers.” Together with them we will make sure Your future the green revolution happens, to transform our people’s lives. Whether you are an established farmer looking to Agriculture experts expand or to improve your existing farm operations, or a potential new farmer, large or small-scale, we are developing many solutions for you. The extensive and intensive decent and sustainable farming technologies are a quick, cost- effective and environmentally- friendly methods to beginning or growing your profitable venture or farming career. Contact us to find out how we can grow the African farming community together. Cheers. Afrostain Farmtech News Magazine Editor: Wenceslous Nyamupfukudza: - August 2020 twitter @realdigitalnews facebook Zimbabwe Digital News August 2020

THESUNDAYEXPRESS BLISS 18 SPORTS AND FITNESS This week we caught up Is it true that ladies with Brawlette Dr Ellen generally battle with weight Rungani while she more than men? was doing her fitness workout, and asked her Yes we struggle because there are many factors which causes Your full name. Your Dr Ellen Chenesai Rungani: us to gain weight. Things such background in sports and Do what works for your body, be as child birth as well as birth athletics positive, and enjoy the exercise control pills. Also our confidence is affected if we go out of My name is Ellen Chenesai exploring different routines and shape. As you know a woman Rungani. I am a young academic the old me came back. The jojo was created to be admired and with a PhD in business tank that I have been carrying once you lose shape it hits your management. I started doing since 2019 dropped during confidence. sports from a very young age the first two months of the was actually an all-rounder lockdown. I learnt to be patient What gadgets do runners before age took its course. In my because I would run 5km in my use these days and how does younger days in Zimbabwe was yard going up and down my one watch which are the best a 100m sprinter who represented drive way something that needs labels and brands my school at house and district discipline because I don’t usually level. I was also a netball player enjoy running in one place. I People use different from grade 6 were I played in the had to think outside the box and gadgets depending with their first team and went as far as the tried new things. affordability and exposure. The provincial level. When I started common ones are pacebands, my secondary level I continued How do you keep fit. armbands, watch, phone with athletics and netball and Are runners generally better applications, arm warmers, was able to play in the first team. trainers than: for example knuckle lights etc. However because I had a tom- footballers boy character I changed sports Describe your best runners’ and started playing basketball I have different routines that gadgets and why that brand end of 1997. The main reason I I do. For example I run but I user friendliness etc ran away from netball was to run don’t like doing anything more away from scrutiny the female than 10km per day because I still Running can be a rather teachers used to comment about want to keep my body. Am one different experience for each my step and hair cut which of those people who was not gender. For women, it can be they said were not “ladydish”. blessed with lots of things my much harder as we have to deal After joining the basketball team body looks like a boy so in order with bosoms bouncing while in 1998 I made it to the first to keep the little I have I do not running. So the only thing I team as well as the provincial run a lot. I love skipping usually have invested into is a good team. I played for Masvingo I do at least 2000 jumps per day. sports bra from Nike. It called province from 1998 until 2000 Because I only want to lose the the Nike pro classis sports bra it then during my A level also jojo tank I do more of seat ups, keeps you dry and comfortable. played for Midlands province crunches, planks as well squats from 2001 until 2002. During for my hips. Who are your best runners my days I was known as “Soja from Zimbabwe short, middle or Boaz” because I played like a Who are your all time twins I love they are both my routines. or long distance running in boy. When I came to SA in 2004 favourite marathon runners in favourite. As a sportsman and women history? Name a few I made it to the university first the different categories in the team, and was selected to play world How has Covid-19 affected support group, how much Abel Chimukoko, Stephen for the Eastern Cape Province. the international marathon support do you get in terms Muzhingi, Fortunate Chidzivo, I continued playing for the I follow very few people in seasons of the group encouraging Olivia Mugove Chitate and Eastern Cape Province basketball athletics remember am not a members to stay fit Rudo Mhonderwa until 2009 when I finished my long distance runner. But Olesya It has affected the season Masters. Then from there I took Nurgalieva, Elena Nurgalieva, negatively because a lot of events The group has encouraged Why does Kenya or a break and started playing social Lelisa Desisa Benti and Geoffrey were cancelled and I guess it also me through advice and when Ethiopia seem to produce good basketball. Kipkorir Kirui are top athletes. affected how the athletes train we share our routines. I tell you runners, any thoughts? My old time favorites are the due to the lockdown. when I saw females running Describe your running Russian twins Elena and Olesya more than 15 km I pushed I think the high altitude techniques. Are you a slow their coordination and the How did you hear about the myself to get to 10. And the way environment they live in which starter or fast finisher? way they make it like its easy. I Brawlers they congratulate you makes gives them more powerful lungs always watch them during the you want to do more and not to since they are more used to Am a fast finisher and I enjoy Comrades and the Two Oceans Through Mr Fidelis Zimbango disappoint them. anaerobic respiration than other running on a stretch rather than marathons. Because they are he saw my posts were I used runners. Other issues may be curves. That is why in my relay to post my different fitness genetic predisposition, as well as days I used to prefer to start or development of a high maximal to finish. oxygen uptake as a result of extensive walking and running How has Covid-19 changed at an early age. the way people train What do you think of the I think Covid-19 has made news coverage of *The Sunday people to think outside the box. Express* I have seen people doing exercise routine using anything that they I think the coverage is find at home which for me is a balanced it tackles all important good way of showing creativity issues which are relevant to our is. The lockdown has also day to day lives. brought people together sharing different routines and giving Generally how does the each other encouragement. media report the issues of runners and fitness, and How has it affected the way gender issues that you train The media tries to give a Actually it has brought so balance however issues of sports much to the way I train. Because normally get a small portion. I stay alone and I used the time There has been an improvement during the total lockdown to on coverage of gender issues may train as a way of keeping myself be due to different awareness busy. I promise you I started programs. Any other comments I just want to say own your body fitness and make exercise a life style. Do what works for your body and above all enjoy it. twitter @realdigitalnews facebook Zimbabwe Digital News August 2020

SUNDAYEXPRESSFOOTBALL 19 Anderlecht will push Percy Tau to the Premier League, says Vincent Kompany By KickOff morning from Brighton & Hove “You said you’ve come here immediately after arriving from title with them at the end of the Albion after failing to secure for the next step. So, we are the Brazilians due to work 2019-20 season. The Witbank-born forward will a UK work permit for a third going to push you to become permit restrictions in the UK. work with the former Citizens successive season. the best player you can be,” he This was after the season was captain who promised to help added. His first season with Saint- cancelled with Brugge leading him reach the Premier League The 2020-21 season will be Gilloise saw him score 13 goals the standings by a whopping 15 eventually Tau’s third successive stint in Kompany is aware that South and register 11 assists. points. Belgium after loan spells with Africa wants to see Tau in the Manchester City legend Royale Union Saint-Gilloise and Premier League, and he admits As a result, Tau was named Tau also got to play in Vincent Kompany says Club Brugge in the past two it is Anderlecht’s role to help the Proximus Player of the Season European competitions with Anderlecht will push Bafana campaigns. attacker achieve this objective. for his efforts, and more teams Club Brugge - facing the likes Bafana attacker Percy Tau to started taking notice of him with of Real Madrid and Manchester become the best player he can be And Kompany hopes the “I know they are looking France-based outfit Amiens SC United in the process. during his season-long loan with former Mamelodi Sundowns back to you in the Premier also at one stage interested in the club. player will enjoy his time with League. So, it’s our role to take acquiring his services. But his efforts didn’t the Belgian giants. you there,” concluded Kompany. convince Club Brugge who took The 26-year-old completed However, it was Club Brugge the decision not to fight to keep the move on Wednesday “I hope this is going to be an Tau moved to Europe in who did enough to secure his him for a second successive amazing journey,” said Kompany 2018 but he was loaned out to services - and he would go on season when his loan deal as he welcomed Tau to the club . Saint-Gilloise by Brighton almost to win the Belgian Pro League expired on June 30. Terrence Dzukamanja brace proves inadequate as Wits lose to Sundowns ZIMBABWEAN striker Terrence the last scorer for the Students Dzukamanja’s superb brace could before lockdown, became their not save the day for Bidvest first after the restart, when he Wits as they succumbed to a 2-3 restored parity, pouncing on a defeat to Mamelodi Sundowns mistake from Madisha before beat- in the Nedbank Cup at Orlando ing Sundowns goalkeeper Denis Stadium on Saturday. Onyango. Pitso Mosimane’s charges Sundowns restored their lead went ahead in the 37th minute moments later, but Dzukamanja through a Ricardo Nascimento levelled matters once again in the strike, which was the difference 86th minute, sliding the ball past between the two sides at the half Onyango to make it 2-2. time break. Lyle Lakay then scored with Dzukamanja, whose gameman- the last kick of the game, a well- ship has improved if past perfor- taken free kick to make 3-2 and mances are to go by - was the last send Sundowns to the final. - Soc- cer24 twitter @realdigitalnews facebook Zimbabwe Digital News August 2020

THESUNDAYEXPRESS Bliss 20 MARKETPLACE twitter @realdigitalnews facebook Zimbabwe Digital News August 2020

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