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Published by JROlivero, 2020-03-26 15:16:45

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March, 2020 Welcome to the EFS OCM Newsletter! In an ongoing initiative to develop better communications between management and staff, this interactive newsletter, along with a new SharePoint site, media library, bulletin updates, employee training and other media to come, we hope to create a dialogue wherein we can hear from you on a regular basis and in-turn answer questions and share information critical to Amway’s success! Thanks for visiting! What’s Happening This Month… COVID-19: Amway’s Commitment to Employee Safety I n response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Amway Amway is closely monitoring the evolving COVID-19 situation. The full impact and effect of worldwide quarantine measures leadership has implemented measures to protect on Amway operations has not yet been determined. the health and safety of employees and suppliers. Although a delay in program timelines is expected. As you now know, all employees and contractors are requested to work remotely and suspend all Program activities that may be conducted virtually will domestic and international travel until further continue as scheduled. Both Amway employees and suppliers notice. If you’re returning from an area of the will need to adapt to new working arrangements, which are world that has been experiencing viral outbreaks, currently taking the form of working from home, virtual stand Amway requests that you self-isolate for 2 weeks. up meetings, video calls, and other methods to stay engaged. Program leadership will continue to be a source of guidance Response to Global Needs for the program, and will provide timely information as it becomes available. As a global organization, Amway is conscious of the impact coronavirus has had on Asia and other Mitigating Potential Challenges: Tips for easing transition critical markets around the world. As a proactive to remote working... measure, Amway is taking immediate action to insulate the communities it serves. Amway is urging Dedicated Workspace: If possible and available, create a its Business Owners to shift from using face-to-face dedicated workspace within your home to limit distractions. meetings to virtual meetings to advertise and sell its products. Amway also increased production of Create Structure: Structure your work day and plan out daily its immunity-building product line, in hope of tasks and deliverables to maintain focus. rebuilding and strengthening immune systems to help consumers combat the virus. Communication with Team: Utilize Microsoft Team and other communication tools to sustain communication with A message from the CEO… your team. Share challenges and wins regularly to support one another. “Our priority is to keep the Amway Regular Touchpoints: Establish touchpoints throughout the family safe, help our communities work day and have regular update calls to keep your team informed of work progress. and serve society’s needs.” Continue Scheduled Activities Virtually: Continue activities - Milind Pant that can be conducted virtually and communicate any expected delays to teammates and program leadership.

Information Sharing The EFS Transition — its affects on your business At this point, you’ve been going through the EFS transition process for at least six months. You understand that the transition is about productivity and efficiency but you may still feel that you’re not informed on all the issues at hand. We’re here to help and that’s why we’ve introduced two new methods of communicating with you. The EFS Newsletter, an online, interactive magazine where we can address transition issues currently affecting Amway operations. We also have the EFS Bulletin, which is targeted on updating Amway employees on more immediate concerns. These tools are an integral part of the newly released EFS SharePoint site, affording Amway employees and supervisors true two-way communication. Only by sharing your comments and suggestions can we focus on improving operations. We need your input! Let’s review the basic goals of the transition, targeted to make Amway a better, more productive workplace: Strengthen Relationships Strong working relationships provide the foundation from which EFS can grow and have proven to drive better performance and business outcomes. Drive Productivity While there are many factors that drive productivity such as processes, technology and organizational structure, communication forms the foundation. Boost Employee Engagement We’re making efforts to improve leadership and management communication with staff; we’re asking Amway staff to communicate your thoughts, concerns, questions and suggestions. Build and Enhance Trust We’re making efforts to improve the leadership communications and effectiveness by delivering frequent, consistent and transparent information via Town Hall, team and face to face meetings, as new circumstances allow. Facilitate Innovation Please feel open and comfortable sharing ideas, working through options and challenging each other, whether team members are working from home or across the globe. Communication is critical. Your feedback is vital to improving processes and moving forward with our vision. Transition Scope If you’re in Supply Chain, Global Finance, Global Integration, Analytics or Automation, we’re talking to you! We want you to feel dedicated and comfortable with the scope of the transition. Our purpose isn’t to detail all the aspects of the program here and now but to start a dialogue, where we talk about what’s happening, how and when. Transition areas include, Level Service; Governance; Infrastructure, Access and Tools; Common Execution Process; Transition Governance; Organizational Change; EBS Full Stack Support and Inflight Projects. These transitions directly affect your business capabilities, deliverables, analyses, workflows and support functionality. If you have questions, we’ll get the answers. If you have challenges with the process, we need to know. Talk to us! Transitions are dynamic and process is adaptive. Implementations are happening at different times and at different levels. Which means that someone at Amway has been there before you and can help. You can post your thoughts at the Virtual Water E-mail the EFS-OCM Team at Cooler on the EFS SharePoint site or... [email protected]

T h e F A S T F I V E . . . • Wash your hands Protecting you and your family • Maintain social distancing in stressful times... • Avoid touching your face • Cough or sneeze into your elbow • If you feel sick, stay home or if it gets worse, visit your doctor EFS Awareness What’s the Team Doing? Where We’ve Been demands and the ability to meet resource requirements. As the transition progressed, the AD Manager transferred The Wipro team has gone through the process of knowledge responsibility to Wipro, with AD resources then analyzing the various towers to understand the depth of transitioning to the Wipro project team. The hyper care Amway processes, capabilities, applications and phase includes shadow support, with the AMS (Application technologies. Management Services) team gradually picking up low priority tickets. This is followed by the primary support Wipro has worked in coordination with Amway’s IT team phase where all tickets are handed over to Wipro making to develop, structure and distribute support resources, the Service Now transition complete. including platform teams and partner networks. These teams are located in geographies around the world to Future State maximize both onshore and offshore functionality and in turn, lower total operating costs. The principal locations The continuing process of organizational change is are in the U.S., India, Malaysia and China. dynamic and is inevitably focused on improving the lives of Amway employees. The goal is always to make Amway The Transition the best possible working environment. Therefore, our key messaging is targeted on overcoming resistance to Wipro established a dedicated core team for each of the change and structured to get feedback from the Amway towers consisting of an Application Development (AD) team, for the purpose of continuous improvement. Delivery Manager and Product Model Wise Technical Consultants. The core team’s responsibility was to identify This ongoing relationship management affords us the functional issues and develop solutions for any activity ability to design and implement a strategic direction that that required collaboration and knowledge transfer promotes efficient transitions, implementations and between Amway IT & the Center of Excellence (COE). From transformations. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction there, the team focused on acquiring and retaining Amway by providing excellence in service and delivery. business and IT operational knowledge, driving demand management and on-boarding new support team Based on the Wipro-Amway operating model, all employees. implementations include continuous program Managing the Process improvement components, based on functional technical design, user demand, user satisfaction and employee feedback. The ongoing Amway-Wipro relationship is The Amway AD Manager ensures program governance critical to the success of Service Now. Our focus is to and delivery and made sure the demand forecast for 30-60 develop an open dialogue where we can continue to make -90 days was on target. The AD team reviews customer our service the best in the industry. Amway Factoid... Post an opinion, suggestion or comment! Amway current has more than 17,000 employees Visit the EFS Virtual Water Cooler! worldwide and operates in over 100 countries and territories including The U.S., Canada, China, Click on these guys India, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand.

Visit the EFS OCM SharePoint site Now LIVE and accessible through the Amway secure network! EFS OCM Newsletter, March, 2020 2020 Amway Corporation

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