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APR-JUNE 2022-23 (6-7)Newsletter (recent updated) (1)

Published by Ranu Sharma, 2022-07-19 02:35:26

Description: APR-JUNE 2022-23 (6-7)Newsletter (recent updated) (1)


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MVN TIMES April-June’2022

The world has changed a lot but one thing has not, that is our strong commitment to education. Dear students, You are smarter than you know, braver than you imagine and more determined than you realise. Everyday try to do a little bit better than you did yesterday. Every step You take will move you closer to your goal .Tough times never last, but tough people do. Your biggest challenge will be staying focused and staying diligent about your learning. It’s a habit to be excellent. The beginning of exceptional attitude begins with ignoring what others overlook. When you stamp your tasks with a divine “nothing left undone that could be done” attitude, nothing is beneath your dignity. Don’t wait for a second chance to act with enthusiasm. Once such a mindset is ingrained, the possibilities are unlimited. A mundane routine is suddenly transformed into something extraordinary. Wishing you All the best with this thought ! CO-ORDINATOR

Challenges of parenting in changing times The past two years have been trying times in everyone’s lives. The pandemic has severely disrupted family lives and children’s education. Children had to face unprecedented challenges adjusting to the new norms of school closure, online classes and lockdown. Most of all, the lack of physical interaction with friends and teachers and outdoor play has caused children mental trauma and anguish. Many children are also experiencing problems in readjusting to normal school and the stress of catching up with studies and learning loss. Some of the common problems that children have faced during this time are • Lack of social interaction with friends and teachers. • Addiction to online gadgets. Increase in screen time taking a toll on physical and mental well being of children. • Disruption of daily routine. • Inability to cope with the academics. • Behavioural issues – getting irritated and angry, mood swings, using foul language argumentative with parents, not wanting to go to school, anxiety and depression. Tips for parents • Convincing the child to go to school. Making sure he attends school regularly. • Encouraging the child to eat healthy food. Avoiding junk food. • Making sure he follows a particular routine at home. Sleeping at night on time and waking up in the morning on time. • Engaging him/her in physical activities is important for physical and mental well being. • Limiting the use of electronic gadget. Encouraging the child to play physical games over online games. • Educating the child to see and listen to age appropriate content while using phone. • Engaging in positive conversations with your child. • Making sure he is updated with all his classwork and homework. • Giving lot of positive reinforcement and motivating the child to gear himself up with the new routine. • Talking with respect to your children. • Creating warm, peaceful and secure environment for children at home. • Taking help of teachers or school counselor if needed. Counselor

Co-curricular activities play a significant role in the holistic development of the students. These activities help the young minds in thinking outside the box. They make them think differently, unconventionally and from a new perspective. These activities are designed meticulously to help the children improve their self esteem, learn time management, goal setting and learn to work as a team to achieve a shared goal. These equip them with qualities like critical thinking, reasoning or problem solving. Most importantly, these activities help the children improve their communication skills, boost their confidence, deal with peer pressure and overcome stage fright. Co Curricular Activities

These days we live in the world of advertisements. It is the quintessential step to promote any product in the market. The students of class 6 wore their thinking caps and played Ad-Gurus. They searched and researched to learn the techniques and nuances of advertising. They created ads for various fitness products. Three cheers to all the students who created tag lines for these totally original and innovative products!!! It really was a treat to watch the young advertising force in action. Ad-Mad World

Anokhe Samachar turned out to be an amazingly humorous activity. The students of class 6th were at their creative best. Their imagination ran riot. They peered into their minds and came out with some amazing humorous news items. They showcased their innate creativity and the content turned out to be so colourful and fun filled.

“ Books are the quietest and the most constant of friends. They are the most accessible and wisest of counselors and the most patient of teachers.” Charles W. Eliot Kindling a passion for reading for young age is so important for a child’s development activities like “Twist In The Tale” are meant to serve the purpose. There was an overwhelming response from the students of class 6 for the activity. A great number of classic characters came alive on the stages of the classes when the students wore costumes, used the props and presented the tales with some interesting ends. Twist in the Tale

Activities like “Lesser Known Characters” are meant to incite a child’s interest in reading classics. Class 7 students participated in the activity with a great zeal. They let their creative juices flow, used the wings of Lesser their imagination, added colours to the lesser known Known characters of their beloved classics and presented them in the class. Appropriate props , costumes and the Characters dialogues proved to be cherry on the top of the cake. The activity turned out to be a great learning experience for the presenter as well as the spectator.

Everyone has an ideal family member whose words and thoughts give us strength to handle difficult situations. Deep in our hearts we feel the thankfulness but do not express it often. Picture Collage Activity proved to be a platform for the students of class VI to express their love and gratitude to their beloved family member. Eager hands and imaginative minds came together to come up with fabulous collages using the printouts of their ideal family member’s photographs.

Gift Making (Best Out of Waste) “Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things, we humans can do for each other.” Going by the same theme Gift Making(Best out of Waste) activity was conducted for the students of class 7 . ‘Creativity is making marvellous out of the discarded.’ the students followed the lines to the core. The competition emphasized on bringing an understanding among children about preserving the environment by reusing and recycling the material. They enjoyed experimenting with pencil, oil pastels and water colours , Used old bottles, newspapers, CDs and came out with incredible gifts.

Raconteurs are gifted story tellers able to spin amusing tales from everyday life. ‘Be a Raconteur’ activity gave the participants a wonderful opportunity to embark on a ‘tell-a-tale’ journey. They mesmerised the listeners with their amazingly engaging stories. They made use of their everyday observation, archaic expressions, puns, phrases and metaphors in their captivating tales and left the listeners spell-bound. Be a Raconteur

Monologue is a great way to show the internal thoughts or backstory of a character. It serves a specific purpose in storytelling. The students of class VII worked meticulously on the nuances like voice modulations, diction, correct body language, making an eye contact with the spectators and participated in the activity Monologue enthusiastically. Truly a great number of public speakers in making!!!

An interactive session was facilitated for the girls of classes VI and VII by the school counselor Ms. Rakhi Yadav. The session encompassed discussion on physical, emotional and phycological changes that the girls experience during their pre- adolescence/adolescence period. Each participant was encouraged to voice their opinions, challenges or suggestions. The session helped instilling confidence amongst the girls to openly discuss the issues and challenges faced by them.

\"A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his forefathers but borrowed from his children.\" John James Audubon A special assembly celebrating 'Earth day' was organized by the students of class 6 F to enlighten the audience towards protecting and conserving the environment by adopting eco friendly ways. The assembly significantly focused the attention of the students towards understanding how fragile our planet is and how important it is to protect it The students presented thought provoking articles, recited poems and sang melodious songs. The assembly concluded with MVN anthem which was liked and appreciated by all.



\"A mother is the one who fills your heart in the first place.\" The significance of Mother's day is etched deeper in our minds and hearts. It is a special day that celebrates the everlasting bond of love and affection between a mother and a child. A special assembly by the students of class 7E was a small dedication to all the mothers who are working round the clock to ensure happiness, peace and healthy atmosphere in


The festival of Baisakhi is very important to farmers as its signifies the beginning of harvest season and is celebrated with great reverence in Punjab and Haryana. The students of 7th F got an opportunity to present an assembly on Baisakhi where they showcased their talent through foot tapping Punjabi folk dances, melodious songs, informative articles and poems. A PPT was also presented showing the contribution of the Sikh gurus and the importance of the festival.


After a long gap of about two years, the students as well as the teachers were very excited to witness the first physical special assembly on Adaptability: the key to Survival. The students came to know with their own experience during the last two years what adaptability exactly is . They presented the theme very well through an article, song and PPT. It was a very well executed assembly and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. 7G

Dignity of labour means respect and value given to all forms of work. It refers to equal respect for the jobs that involve manual labour. To convey the sense of dignity of labour to the students, a special assembly was organised by the students of 6G sharing articles and speeches. A radio show on the theme was the highlight of the assembly.

WEEK How can we expect young people to contribute positively to society, engage in discourse, and thrive in a democratic society if they are not exposed to the topics and aspects of history and life that made society the way it is? Students need an understanding of history, their culture, and their environment to be able to better themselves and be good citizens. Social Science week was observed in school from the 9th April to 13th April whereby a myriad of activities were carried out by the students. The activities included Day 1 Character Dramatization of Freedom Fighters Day 2 Vocal for Local Day 3 Treasure from Trash Day 4 Creating Class Dhamma

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