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The iLenSys Newsletter A bud blossoms and so do we…!!! January Edition

Content2016 JOURNEY1 Our Highlights2 We Make It!KNOW YOUR LEADER3 Listen To Inner Voice - IlangoSOMETHING TO KNOW5 Color Psychology6 Smart HomeOUTCOME THAT COUNTS7 Coffee Machine Story7 ULT for Japan MarketINSIDE STORY8 Our Pentagons10 ILenSys Events snapshotROLL THE DICE11 The Quiz

Our 2016 JourneyNew Engagements Team Progression Initiated engagement for Product 135 Design and Engineering projects 119 Initiated engagement for design and engineering collaboration projects 64 8Engagement started with 4 new 2010 2012 2014 2016business units 21 06Implemented Curriculum Plus-(Mechanical) in 2 colleges Technical Soft Skills Trainings Training 6 10 9247+ 420+ Drawings NPD Programs NPD Programs delivered Manuals owned Supported delivered2017 Focus Areas Establish iLenSys entity and operations in US Structured competency improvement for various functions/ levels Improved sales and marketing efforts Design automation and 3D interactives in project engineering Focus on Electronics Engineering To implement 8 to 10 colleges Curriculum Plus – Mechanical Target to complete development activities for Curriculum Plus - Electronics 1

We Make It!! PAC implemented at PSGPSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research,Coimbatore inaugurated iLenSys Product ApplicationCenter (PAC) with an aim to combine digital learningsolution curriculum with industry knowledge. Website LaunchYear ended with an amazing announcement of iLenSysWebsite launch. Our goal with this new website is toprovide our prospects and customers betterunderstanding of our services and solutions. PAC at Banjara Hill OfficeThe iLenSys learning solution (Product ApplicationCenter-PAC) was successfully implemented at Banjarahills office. With PAC, around 10+ real world productsare explained how it is relevant to engineeringconcepts and fundamentals. Shuttle Court At Coimbatore OfficeThe ILenSys office in Coimbatore has successfullylaunched an anytime-ready-to-use badminton courtwith floodlights .Situated just right outside the office, the court servesas a good fitness routine for the team after a long dayof intense work. 2

Know your LeaderListening to the inner voice – Ilango TangaveluIlango Tangavelu is the Technology Directorat iLenSys. He started his journey at iLenSys2 years back and looks after our Engineeringlearning solutions division from Coimbatore.In this edition we got a chance to get closeto his mind.What motivated you to opt for a domain What is that “ONE WORD” that describes youwhich is more into engineering learning the best?solutions when you were enjoying a successful “Dependable”…journey in engineering service industry? When you think about your careerI had done a wide variety of roles in achievements, which is the best moment thatEngineering services starting from an individual makes you smile?contributor growing all the way to Multi In general, the best moments which brought acustomer account management, new business true smile were when the customer feedbackdevelopment, Presales etc. But when I was was 5/5 for my team’s deliveries. To me,approached for engineering learning solutions customer satisfaction is of paramountopportunity, I felt this is a critical need across importance. It doesn’t matter if you have donethe Industry which I have experienced firsthand your job right and it has met all statedduring my engineering services tenure. specifications etc. etc...Moreover, any value addition that I can bring tothe learning solution can have a good impactacross a really larger learning community inengineering which is a big attractivesatisfaction factor for me personally.“Put full efforts into whatever you have at your hand. Your excellence andcommitment will automatically bring bigger and better challenges to you which cantake you higher in your career. Never stop learning” 3

Know your LeaderCan you name a person who has had a Tough times can push you totremendous impact on you as a leader? Why desperation. During those times, Iand how did this person impact your life? decide to face it or endure it rather thanKarthikeyan Natarajan (SVP- Head IES at Tech running away..Mahindra)- He has been a good elder-brotherlyfriend who had strong trust in my abilities and Keeping me engaged beyond work is family. Myblindly threw me into tough uncomfortable hobbies are watching movies and followingsituations which made me struggle and learn developments in the science fraternity.the different arts of engineering services. On sport side, I do play few sports like football,Do you have any unfilled wish that you would cricket and shuttle once in a to accomplish in your career? What message you would like to give to ourI always wished to get a PhD in some specific iLenSians?stream of engineering. Still a dream! Put full efforts into whatever you have at your hand. Your excellence and commitment will“ A True leader should Guide/Help his automatically bring bigger and betterteam members to find their own challenges to you which can take you higher insolutions to the challenges.” your career. Never stop learning. What is one characteristic that you believeCan you tell us about a time when you almost every upcoming leader should possess?gave up, and what you did instead of giving Setting targets and asking challengingup? questions are the easier part of leadership. ATough times can push you to desperation. True leader should Guide/Help his teamDuring those times, I decide to face it or members to find their own solutions to theendure it rather than running away. One such challenges.incident was when my former employer Where do you envisage iLenSys in next 5Satyam computer services (Acquired and years?integrated by Tech Mahindra now) went into In the next five years, ILENSYS learningtop management trouble and was almost going solutions should be implemented across atdown. Lot of people deserted the company. I 100+ colleges and should be the In-demanddecided to stay and face the problem. With the solution across institutions. On the Engineeringhelp of our customer’s support we survived services front, ILensys should be a maturedand came out successfully. engineering service company who can be aWhat makes you engaged beyond your work? one-stop Concept to aftermarket solution provider. 4

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