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Bay Park Connection August 2017

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ADAMS AVENUE NEWS PRESORTSTANDARD U.S. POSTAGE PAID SAN DIEGO, CA EDDM RETAIL Local Postal CustomerYour Neighborhood Source - Serving local communities, kids & causes throughout Southern Vol. 1 No. 8 - AUGUST, 2017GRANNY’S GOT AN AXE TO GRIND WHAT’S INSIDE?Local senior began writing thrillers and horror novels in her 70s by Brittany Bachmann visits a quiet Southern California ranch town Music Scene where the women go on a murderous rampage forWhen 84-year-old University Heights resident Sharon Hawes tells people no apparent reason. But a dark secret holds the Page 9 she’s authored two books, they assume she spins cozy mysteries or answer to the bloody mystery. historical romance novels. She looks as though she might write sweetchildren’s picture books about baby unicorns and winged pixies casting magical Hawes’ love of horror and thrillers began asspells in an enchanted garden. a reader. “When I read scary stories, it gave me physical chills across my body, like when you’re Not this granny.  in danger,” Hawes explains, sitting in her rock- Hawes spends her days immersed in the world of the macabre, penning spine- ing chair in her Craftsman style home filled withchilling thrillers and supernatural horror stories. Her debut novel, “The Sitter,” pictures of her sons and grandchildren. “But ita thriller about a murderous babysitter, was selected as a finalist in the 2012 San wasn’t painful or uncomfortable, more like a shud-Diego Book Awards. Her follow up novel, “The Matriarch,” der of pleasure.” For many years she didn’t admit to anyone that she loved reading horror. “I thought it would be considered strange for a woman to Inpried Kids: Andrea be turned on by this sort of fiction. Now, I’m not Camarena embarrassed.” Page 11 Hawes became a horror fan in her 30s when her eldest son, Will, was 12 years old, and forged Drive Out Hunger his mother’s name on a permission slip from the library so he could check out “The Exorcist.” Page 15 “I probably would have told him he shouldn’t Finance for Thought read that sort of thing at his age, but he was also w/ Elisabeth Dawson very persuasive so he could have changed my mind if he had tried,” she recalls. From there, the Page 23 two shared a love of horror. “Will introduced me to to Stephen King books, and I started reading everything he wrote. I was very impressed with King’s writing and started reading more books in the genre. Before long, I was hooked. Normal life was ho-hum and this gave me a charge.”  Hawes was the mother of three young boys, Will, Andy, and Peter. She was married to a man she has since “very amicably divorced,” and worked as a production artist at an advertising agency. “I didn’t go out of my way to do scary things, but I just loved reading scary books,” she says.   At age 70, Hawes decided to write her first novel and is currently working on her third, “The Cure,” about a woman whose depression is alleviated only when she contemplates doing something illegal. “My protagonist and her twin decide to kidnap a young boy and take really good care of him while they hold him for a $2 million ransom, but things take a wrong turn,” Hawes says. “I’m in the process of writing the subplots now.”  Hawes is actively engaged in San Diego’s writing community, takingHorror and thriller writer Sharon Hawes hams it up with a very large kitchen knife. Cont. on page 2 Tired of being a Landlord? Red Tree Real Estate Offers Professional Property Management! To learn more visit or call (844) 733-8733.

2 | AUGUST 2017Cont. from page 1story structure classes with Marni Freedman and fiction writing with Mark Cle-ments at San Diego Writers Ink. “I’m always surprised by the feedback I get fromfellow writers,” Hawes says with a laugh. “Several of my classmates said they re-ally enjoy the humor in my horror stories.” She says she is delighted to hear thissince this year’s horror-comedy, “GET OUT,” was one of her favorites. “I loved thatmovie because you were really rooting for the guy to get out of there, and you wereterrified that he wasn’t going to make it, but so relieved when he did.” She says thefilm had all of the elements of good horror writing: a likeable person in danger andmultiple surprises about who is good and who is evil. “I liked that the good guywins because I’ve seen stories where the bad guy just drives off and I don’t find thatsatisfying.”  While Hawes is not delving into dark stories, she plays bridge and spends time withher “gentleman friend” of 30 years. She says he is very supportive of her fictionalblood lust and often joins her for horror movie nights even though he doesn’t reallylike them. For the most part, her friends get a kick out of Hawes’ double life as sweetold lady and thriller novelist. “Some people, though, they say, ‘What the hell makesyou want to write that?’” at nCHelwaidirdleoemcnaotgnieotmnViinllathgeecreating original designs for over 50 years Fine Jewelry and Watches Visit us for a Diamonds & Precious Gems free Jewelry cleaning! Jewelry and Watch Repair -including all sizing & watch batteries Remounting Specialists Appraisals Family Owned & Operated 3077 Clairemont Drive | San Diego, California 92117 (619) 275-1782 | *Next door to the Clairemont Water Store

3AUGUST 2017 |

4 | AUGUST 2017Go discover San Diego’s 15 newest, independent & honest breweries Living the R C G X O NT W S F S MY R T U Q H S W OJ M Z S V UE O HHOPPY E E Z U X NG I H T G BL T RLIFEwith Beau SchmittTo celebrate some of San Diego’s awesome L K F U L NF J W E U EC C EGold Medal Winning Breweries, I wanted to U X U D R AA A S L U XI E Ecreate something fun. Word Searches are fun. O P R H Q CV I L G A PR T PSo, grab a beer and enjoy. R H R X K GW I A I I BC O UThe Brew Project is dedicated to creating moreexposure and awareness for San Diego’s inde-pendently owned and operated breweries. Westand for localism.Have a great week, Q P B E Z NT L S U G LL R NBeau P K D W W IP V L T S NE P [email protected] K U F P O KP A R I A HN T C P Q V N C OL E P S R WI J FALIGN E Q P A B MH N G F T VN Q PBATTLEMAGE F W L R G SE S P O H CE P SBLACKPLAGUE H B A T T LE M A G E NM J KCHULAVISTA L J A S E OJ N A I D NI V PCIRCLENINEEBULLITIONINDIANJOEJACKEDUPPARIAHPROTECTORROULEURSMOKINGCANNONSPECHOPSTHREEPUNKWISEGUYASK THE TRAVEL EXPERT: Do you think the cost differences between a Group Tour vs.Custom Privatized Tour with Private Driver and Guide is worth it?First, find a reputable touring company that offers great pricing. Second, you First Cabin: China Explorer 14 Nights Tauck: China & The Yangtze River 14 Nightsmust decide if you are willing to accept the obvious (and many not so obvious) Two Travelers Sharing Accommodation Two Travelers Sharing Accommodationdrawbacks to sharing a coach with 20 or more travelers. You may be surprised Private Van, Private Driver, Private Guide Twenty Plus Travelers Per Groupto find the cost is comparable or even much less with First Cabin Travel; and 4 Nights Beijing / Beijing Fairmont Hotel 3 Nights Beijing / Waldorf Astoria HotelI’m very confident you will find the privatized First Cabin tour will produce 2 Nights Xian / Hyatt Regency Xi’an 2 Nights / Shangri-La Xi’ana MUCH more memorable, and much less stressful, vacation. See the com- 2 Nights Guilin / Shangri-La Hotel 2 Nights Guilin / Shangri-La Hotelparision on the right. 3 Nights Yangtze Explorer Wu Deck 3 Night Yangtze Explorer Wu Deck 2 Nights Shanghai / Fairmont Peace Hotel 2 Nights Shanghai / Fairmont Peace Hotel “We recently traveled to China with First Cabin on a custom designed tour 1 Night Hong Kong / Shangri-La Hotel 2 Nights Hong Kong / Intercontinental Hotelfor our family of 5 and loved the convenience of traveling with our ownguide, driver and schedule. We could make last minute changes based on 15 Breakfast Meals (All meals On Explorer Cruise) 15 Breakfasts, 10 Lunches, 12 Dinnersweather, availability of attractions and had the ultimate flexibility in touring Private Guide For Shore Excursions on Yangtze Private Group Guide For Shore ExcursionsChina with our interests in mind. Never had to worry about other people as Private Boat and Guide for Shennong Stream Private Group Guide for Shennong Streamyou would on a group tour and First Cabin arranged a fantastic itinerary. We Hutong family visit and rickshaw ride Beijing Hutong family visit and rickshaw ride Beijingeven had a private guide on the shore excursions while on the Yangtze. River.” Kung Fu Evening Show in Beijing Optional(Actual Client) Anonymous, Rancho Santa Fe Han Yang Ling Underground Museum Xi’an Han Yang Ling Underground Museum Xi’an Shanghai Urban Planning Center Shanghai Urban Planning Center Robert Kenyon, a Marine Corps veteran who first Motorcycle sidecar through Old Shanghai Optional visited Southeast Asia in 1963, thereafter returned Shanghai Acrobatic Performance Shanghai Acrobatic Performance to San Diego to serve 7 years as a Deputy District Tipping to Private Driver & Guide Discretionary Tipping to Private Guides Inclusive Attorney. His passion for travel overcame his love Admission Fees and Porterage Inclusive Admission Fees and Porterage Inclusive of the law, which led to the start of First Cabin Travel Land Arrangements and In-China Airfare: Land Arrangements and In-China Airfare: in 1989, offering luxury-styled travel to destinations $7,690 $8,790 worldwide. For special offers on custom tours for San Diego residents contact Robert at www.first- / CA Reg: 2016168-40

5AUGUST 2017 | Diversionary Theatre Receives State Grant Student Matinee Program and Stonewall Salon to benefitWINNIE’SPICKS!OUT OF THE FURNACE – Christian Bale, 1000 TO 1: THE CORY WEISSMAN STORY Diversionary TheatreWoody Harrelson, Casey Affleck. Very good sus- – I like true stories that are so inspiring. It makespense! Two brothers cross paths with a vicious you so thankful for your own life. Cory scored Diversionary Theatre is one of 1,706 gram builds writing and acting skills, andcrime ring. Woody Harrelson does an outstand- 1,000 points in high school and was expected to organizations across the state that will be strong ensemble principles. This programing acting job, as usual. Those of you that love be a standout athlete at Gettysburg College. Fol- receiving grant awards from the California will meet weekly and culminates with anaction and suspense should not miss this one. lowing a catastrophic stroke at the end of his fresh- Arts Council (CAC). The two grants original devised performance on Diver- man year, Cory’s comeback is really something to awarded to Diversionary will support sionary’s historic Mainstage. This grant wasZOOKEEPER’S WIFE - Jessica Chastain. In watch. A winner! Diversionary’s Student Matinee Program provided through CAC’s Artists Activating1939, Poland, Antoniana Zabinska and her hus- and help establish the Stonewall Salon, a Communities successfully run the Warsaw Zoo and raise THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY. – Disney new program for LGBT and communitytheir family. Their world is turned upside down documentary. Oh yes, this is an oldie. If you allied seniors “We are honored and grateful that thewhen the country is invaded by the Nazis. This are like me, you have never taken the time to see state of California is recognizing and sup-is a true story and very much an edge of your this one. You MUST as soon as you can. Three “I’m thrilled that Diversionary is part- porting Diversionary’s commitment to theseat drama. You will admire these people that animals that will win you over. I was talking out nering with the state on these two vital pro- San Diego community with these grants,”worked so hard to save others. It is very tense. loud to the screen. I love it and it is a movie for grams serving the San Diego community. said Jenny Case, managing director.Put it on your list! everyone. It made me sad at times and also very The theater is a place for communal heal- happy. That is nature for you. Based on a true ing, understanding and reconciliation, and Diversionary Mission:GREY LADY - Eric Dane, Natalie Zea, Amy story. these programs will have a significant “Diversionary, the third oldest LGBTMadigan. When Boston police detective James impact on the youth and older generation theater in the country, was founded in 1986Doyle’s partner is killed in an ambush, a clue sends Don’t forget! If you are having a hard time find- we serve. These programs represent the with the mission to provide an inspiringhim to Nantucket. A murder mystery unfolds ing a movie or you want a copy made of a VHS heart of our mission,” said Matt Morrow, and thought-provoking theatrical platform or DVD, please call Guy (my son) and he will do executive artistic director. to explore complex and diverse LGBT sto-BAG IT - A documentary about plastic that this service for you. Call 619-990-0852 or email ries, which influence the larger cultural dis-everyone of you need to see. The harm it is doing at [email protected]. Diversionary’s Student Matinee Program cussion. Our vision is to foster and amplifyto our babies, especially when you use the serves middle and high schools across the the next generation of LGBT voices by pro-microwave. See this film and get educated. A See you next month, Winnie county in providing access to theater arts ducing new plays and musicals in a dynam-lot to learn to save your life and loved ones. Excel- and cultural education. Students attend a ic, inclusive and supportive environmentlent information! NOTE: Winnie will be celebrating her 90th birth- performance of one of Diversionary’s that celebrates and preserves our unique day this month and she will see you next month Mainstage productions and are also culture. We are a vital part of San Diego's with more thoughts and suggestions. engaged in the themes and subject matter thriving theater ecology and one of only presented in the shows through pre- and ten theatres in the county dedicated specif- post-show in-classroom workshops. Many ically to developing and giving voice to sto- of the students who attend these perfor- ries about the LGBT community.” mances come from low-income commu- The California Arts Council’s grant pro- nities and this is their first exposure to live grams are administered through a multi- theater. The grant provided through the step, public process. Following an open call Artists in Schools Exposure program of the for applications, all submissions are adju- CAC will enable the program to continue dicated by peer review panels made up of and expand to program in San Diego experts from the arts field. Based on panel County. recommendations and available funds, the Council voted on grant awards at public Diversionary’s Stonewall Salon is a new meetings in San Diego on May 9 and interactive arts education program for Sebastopol on June 7, 2017. LGBT and community allied seniors focused on developing and writing per- sonal histories, giving their often unheard dynamic life stories a platform. The pro-

6 | AUGUST 2017Eating Italian in South Park BY MINDY FLANARY AND JOYELL NEVINSPiacere Mio (‘My Pleasure’) and Buona Forchetta offer a tempting variety of authentic Italian cuisinePiacere Mio — the name is Italian for ‘My Pleasure.’ Buona Forchetta’s outside patio is large and open-air.Piacere Mio to us. This allowed us to enjoy more laughter It landed on our radar because we were dis- Peaslee brought in a new baker who works and conversation without feeling any pressure cussing the restaurant while crossing a busy in the off-hours to make fresh breads and pas- Good news San Diegans! You don’t need to to leave. street, when a stranger stopped us and urged tries offered every morning. We highly recom-fly to Italy to experience authentic Italian food. us to go — immediately. We figured that if the mend the croissant and gingerbread cookie.You only need to go as far as South Park. Olive The owners, Marco and Stefano with ties to restaurant was good enough to stop traffic, it They both melt in your mouth. Here’s a bonusGarden, this is not. Roma and Genova, respectively, have now was worth a first visit. And we have learned it fun fact — the former pastry chef and her opened a second Piacere Mio in Rancho is worth a second and third as well! boyfriend are currently sailing around the On the busy corner of 30th and Fern sits Bernardo. This location added homemade world.Piacere Mio. The name is Italian for “My Plea- wood-fired pizzas to the menu. Grant’s Marketplace: The Deli onsure,” and it certainly was our pleasure to eat Buona Forchetta: A “Good Fork” the Corner Grant’s offers meal options like baked egg-there. We love that they make all their pastas plant, grass-fed Harris Ranch burgers, quichesin house. The tagliatelle was done to al dente If you want to get wood-fired pizza in South Deli offerings at Grant’s Marketplace. the size of deep dish stuffed pizza, and manyperfection. Park, try Buona Forchetta. Their website refers others. They have a tasting menu that pairs to the Stefano Ferrara pizza oven as their star Just down the street from Buona Forchetta food with beer and wine suggestions. Five varieties of pastas are offered on the player. Lovingly named Sofia after co-owner is Grant’s Marketplace. This is a long-standing“Make your Own Pasta Dish” menu: pap- Matteo Cattaneo’s first daughter, the oven was corner store in the South Park neighborhood. Whether you want a sit-down experience orpardelle, taglierini, capellini, gluten free, and featured in Food and Wine magazine. As a specialty grocery store, they offer a variety grab and go, South Park offers plenty for thethe aforementioned tagliatelle. You can mix it of artisan cheeses, wine, and gourmet coffee Italian food aficionado. Where should we goup with sauces such as bolognese, pesto, and At Buona Forchetta, tag lines like “May the as well as sundries like butter and soda. Many next? Check out @fbbgals on Instagram forthe traditional tomato among others. Be sure Fork be with You” and “Forchettaboutit” and of those options are from local distributors, more photos from our adventures and to offerto come hungry as portion sizes are large. pictures of celebrities on their porcelain like Coronado Spice and Tea. your suggestions. .Joyell’s attempt at finishing her entire plate thrones all add to the lighthearted atmosphere.was an epic fail (Mindy knew from the start The inside is slightly cramped, but the outside There are also several options for gluten free Restaurant Details:she would be taking some home). patio is large and open-air. and vegan scattered around the store. You can Piacere Mio try the fair trade Virtuoso Coffee brewed in 1947 Fern St., 92102 The bolognese sauce was rich without being We recommend starting off with an appe- house —Joyell recommends the Mexican brew. (619) 794-2543overpowering. The pesto was also subtle in its tizer — there are so many delicious choices. www.piaceremiosd.comflavoring. Other sauces offered in their ready- Along with traditional options such as This is a place known for their regulars. Staffmade dishes include a pink cream, white wine, bruschetta and caprese, you’ll also find pizza member Jordan Oliver says with a smile,“I see Buona Forchettaand saffron sauce. Also on the regular pasta in a jar and wild octopus. the same people. I know their kids and their 3001 Beech St., 92102menu were choices such as orecchiette with dogs.” She has been working there since new (619) 381-4844Italian sausage, homemade squid ink pasta in The regular menu is augmented by an exten- owner Jason Peaslee and is wife Liana took Buonaforchettasd.commarinara sauce, and raviolis stuffed with sive special list, outlined on floor to ceiling over from namesake Joe and Kim Grant.salmon, ground beef, or spinach. chalkboards. The categories for the specials are Longtime North Park resident Mindy Fla- always: pizza, risotto, gnocchi, ravioli, pasta, nary is a government contractor supporting Helping create these items is Chef Antonio, and a zuppa (soup). the Navy, which allows her to travel the world.who comes from Napoli in Southern Italy. He Mindy’s dream dinner would include the fic-worked at the famous Pizzeria Dal Presidente On their regular menu, we highly recom- tional character guest Daenerys Targaryen andalong Via dei Tribunali. While our server, mend the ossobucco alla milanese — the meat mathematician Fibonacci. Joyell Nevins is aManuela Ionuale, may not be famous in Italy, was so tender, it split apart with a fork. The writer whose passion is to tell stories, both ofshe certainly made us feel like superstars. She eggplant parmesan, another dish worth trying, the people in San Diego and her hometown ofand the other staff contributed to the warm came in crispy layers of eggplant drenched in Dayton, Ohio. Her dream dinner table guestatmosphere. marinara sauce and cheese. would be Jesus Christ and Elvis Presley. Mindy noted that our experience reminded Buona Forchetta holds a special place in ourher of being in Italy, where dinner is an affair foodie hearts — it was the outing that movedand you never get the feeling of being rushed. us from acquaintances to friends. With a loveAs typical in European restaurants, we had to of good food and laughter, it was at this restau-ask for our check rather than it being presented rant that the seed for “Food, Booze, and Bou- tiques” was planted.

7AUGUST 2017 |Jordan Oliver and Vanessa Cruz are staff at Grant’s Marketplace. Piacere Mio:Penne in Pink Sauce with Shrimp and ArugulaBuona Forchetta: The Ossobucco al Milanese.Piacere Mio: Mixed Greens Salate

8 | AUGUST 2017San Diego Welcomes More Refugees Than any Other California CountyBY ELIZABETH AGUILERA | CALMATTERS would be “detrimental” to the country. Ramazani Ali leads a group of fellow student graduates in dancing at a San Diego park. (Photo by Peggy Peattie It’s unclear what that means for refugees for CALmatters) Zawadi Namagazuzyo was about 12 whenshe was forced to flee her native Congo. Her from countries the order singled out for a will find support and a network to help them although 15 members skipped the vote, andmother and many family members were dead. broader ban: Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen settle in. it’s now before the Senate AppropriationsHer father wanted her to live. and Somalia. Committee. More than two-thirds of refugees, he said, “There was fighting, a lot of fighting,” she The U.S. Supreme Court will hear chal- do have some sort of family connection in the Another proposal would allow specialsaid, recalling how the two of them ended up lenges to the order this fall. States. immigrant visa-holders who pass certain testsat a refugee camp in Zambia. She grew up to move to the top of hiring lists for particularthere for 13 years— getting married, giving “They’ve had to flee some of the most hor- Refugees enter the U.S. on refugee status government jobs. It’s on hold until next year,birth, and always waiting to be resettled some- rific things human beings have to offer, they and after a year they must apply to become a McCarty says, while sponsors work out details.where else in the world. are escaping war, they are escaping terrorists, Legal Permanent Resident, which grants them Among opponents: the Service Employees they are escaping ISIS, they have been vetted a green card. After five years in the U.S. they International Union Local 1000, which com- Then 10 months ago, Namagazuzyo and her and now we are putting them through another can apply for citizenship. plained that it went too far by offering refugeesfamily were resettled in San Diego County, merry-go-round of uncertainty,” Murphy said. special consideration otherwise reserved exclu-where her father had been living for a few In San Diego, the majority of recent refugees sively for U.S. veterans.months. And under a brilliant sun on a recent Last year the U.S. admitted nearly 85,000 are from Iraq and Afghanistan, according toFriday, she joined other refugees at a picnic to refugees. More than half went to just 10 states the San Diego Refugee Forum, a collaboration Critics such as the organization Refugeecelebrate their graduation from a 12-week including Texas and New York, but the largest between the four resettlement agencies in the Resettlement Watch insist the program disre-English intensive class. Drumming reverber- group,7,908 refugees, settled in California, county — IRC, Catholic Charities, Jewish gards the impact refugees have on U.S. naturalated through the park, Congolese and Somali according to a Pew Research study. And 3,100 Family Services, and the Alliance for African resources. They also contend that it’s wrongdishes were spread out alongside pizza— and of those landed in San Diego County, along Assistance. for the U.S. to welcome refugees that will pro-a red, white and blue cake anchored the dessert with another 520 military interpreters on Spe- vide cheap labor for certain industries and endsection. cial Immigrant Visas, who are also classified “We want California to put out the welcome up receiving welfare and other taxpayer-fund- as refugees. mat for refugees, many of whom assisted our ed aid. “I ask questions about the life in San Diego, military as interpreters overseas, to help themabout the rent, bills, electricity,” said Nam- Since the end of the Vietnam War, California normalize their lives and be more productive When refugees arrive in the U.S., resettle-agazuzyo, who was surprised to find so many has welcomed 732,000 refugees, according to members of our communities,” said Assem- ment agencies work with them for an intensefellow African immigrants in her new home. state data. During that time, San Diego reset- blywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, a Demo- 90 days to help them find jobs, open bank“We speak together the language, we are many tled more than 85,000 refugees —roughly crat from San Diego and co-author of the accounts, register their children for school andin San Diego. I feel good.” equal to the entire population of cities such refugee bills currently being considered in the set up their lives. After that, the agencies offer as Chico or Newport Beach. state Capitol. other services that refugees can apply for, such For nearly a decade, no California county as auto and business loans.has received more refugees than San Diego You see it, hear it and feel it as you walk the The legislators have claimed one victoryCounty, followed by Los Angeles and Sacra- streets of the City Heights neighborhood east already — the final state budget approved in Back in City Heights at IRC’s New Rootsmento, according to state and federal data. A of downtown San Diego, where shoppers June allocates $10 million to be used over three Community Garden, where mainly refugeeslarge number of refugees are assigned to San throng Somali, Ethiopian and assorted Asian years for high-refugee-population school dis- tend some 95 plots, the greenhouses are filledDiego because of its concentration of four restaurants and a cacophony of languages ric- tricts to help support and integrate refugee with edibles rustling in the breeze.Idzai Mubai-resettlement agencies and the existence of sev- ochets in the air. In the nearby city of El Cajon, children. wa, 51, stretches her arms out over her threeeral rooted immigrant communities already where Arabic speakers do a brisk business in lush plots, bursting with kale, collard greensin the area. The trend dates back to the Viet- shops along Main Street, Iraqi Christians “Many of these kids come from heartbreak- and sugar cane stalks. She arrived in San Diegonam War, when hundreds of thousands of known as Chaldeans number an estimated ing and extreme trauma-filled circumstances,” 15 years ago from Zimbabwe, and remembersSoutheast Asians landed at Camp Pendleton 60,000, and many arrived as refugees. said McCarty, the assemblyman from Sacra- being thenewbie absorbing the cultural shocksfor U.S. resettlement. Many stayed, helping mento. “Certainly counseling and mental of American life, such as how children don’tmake the area a beacon for people fleeing from “San Diego has the fault of having the best health support is critical and most school dis- have to wear school uniforms. Now her daugh-violence, hunger and instability. weather in the world,” said Bishop Bawai Soro tricts need extra translation services.” ters are graduates of or are in college—one of St. Peter Chaldean Catholic Church, which on a scholarship at Vassar. “San Diego historically has been a very wel- is now looking for a third location in which The federal government funds the bulk ofcoming county,” said David Murphy, executive to hold its overflow services. Soro himself refugee costs, funneled through resettlement “The moment I got this garden it was golddirector of the International Rescue Commit- arrived in Chicago as a refugee 40 years ago, agencies. This year $37 million of that came for me. It just brings me close to home,” shetee there that resettled Namagazuzyo’s family and today he ministers to the infusion of Iraqi to California. The funds pay for initial housing said. “It made a huge difference because thisand hosted the English class. “There is now a refugees in San Diego. costs and then provide cash aid for the refugees is part of my income, it helps me sustain myvibrant multi-cultural population living in San for about 90 days, until refugees must begin family.”Diego.” “The wars that took place in Iraq didn’t just paying their own expenses. Refugees are destroy buildings and bridges and infrastruc- required to pay back the organization that She grows corn as her family’s chief food- At a time when President Donald Trump ture — they destroyed the human soul as well,” transports them for the travel expenses source, but the rest of the rows she plants tocites terrorism as justification to crack down he said. “These Iraqis are luckiest people in incurred in getting them to the U.S. In addi- sell at local farmer’s markets under the nameon immigration — the U.S. Supreme Court the world because they came to America.” tion, refugees may receive help from programs African Sisters Produce. She picked up on whaton Wednesday upheld, for now, key provisions such as CalWORKs (cash and food assistance) people are looking for. Kale has been hot. Andof his ban on refugees — California lawmakers The office of the United Nations High Com- and Medi-Cal (health care) that are funded that’s why this year she’s finally trying herare working to extend the Golden State’s wel- missioner for Refugees defines a refugee as by both the state and the federal government, green thumb on a California staple: strawber-come to the world’s displaced people. someone who has “been forced to flee his or according to the state Social Services Depart- ries. her country because of persecution, war, or ment. The agency does not keep data specifi- Democratic legislators from counties with violence.” The U.S. government further defines cally on what those costs are for this group. is a nonprofit, nonpartisansignificant refugee populations are pushing a refugee as someone who may “face persecu- media venture explaining California policiesbills to help with education and employment, tion based on religion, political opinion, race, One of the bills would allow refugees and and politics.and secured a $10 million budget allocation nationality or membership in a particular special immigrant visa holders to pay in-stateto help refugee children. social group.” As a result, waves of refugees tuition rates upon arrival at public colleges. tend to reflect global conflict zones. No one voted against it in the Assembly, “We are a warm place and not just theweather but our hearts, and the legacy of that Once refugees have applied for refugee sta-continues,” said Democratic Assemblyman tus from the U.N., the agency, the U.S.Kevin McCarty of Sacramento, lead author of Embassy or other non-governmental agenciesthe refugee bills. “We welcome refugees who may refer refugees for resettlement in the U.S.are escaping war and persecution.” That referral kicks off an application process that can take years. President Donald Trump’s current executiveorder states that more than 300 people who The average wait time in a refugee camp isentered the United States as refugees are cur- 17 years.rently under FBI counterterrorism investiga-tion, and cites two examples of convictions — When considering a refugee, the U.S. con-including a Somali man brought to the U.S. ducts one of the most rigorous vetting pro-as a child refugee and sentenced to 30 years in cesses of any person allowed into the country,prison for his role in the plot to bomb a according to the U.S. Department of State.Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Accepted refugees have little say about toOregon. It also would cut the number of which state or county they will be sent. Tworefugees admitted this fiscal year from 110,000 factors play a role: if a refugee has family mem-to no more than 50,000, saying any more bers in a certain locale, and if a large commu- nity of refugees from the same country has already settled in a given area. The idea, Mur- phy said, is to provide a home where refugees

9AUGUST 2017 |By Bart Mendoza August 20 Paul Combs Gilbert Castellanos Castellanos Fundraiser for Young Musicians September 8 Alfred Howard Grateful Shred There can be no doubt that trumpeter Gilbert Castellanos is one of Paul Combs Quintet’s Tribute to Tadd Dameron Blaze Bayley the most important musicians to ever call San Diego home. Beyond his great gigs and session work, Castellanos has made it his life’s work It’s a testament to the fleeting nature of fame that an artist like to introduce jazz to younger audiences, while mentoring future gen- jazz composer, arranger and pianist Tadd Dameron (1917- erations of performers. On Aug. 20, Castellanos will host a fundraiser 1965), once hugely influential for his work with Count Basie, for his new program, The Jazz Lions Conservatory, at the Handlery Dizzy Gillespie and Sarah Vaughn, has largely faded from all Hotel. Starting at 2 p.m. a legion of legendary artists including Mike but the most detailed of musical history books. On Sept. 8, Wofford, Marshall Hawkins, Tommy Aros and more will take the Dizzy’s hopes to change that, with a special performance from stage with young musicians to promote this wonderful new educa- The Paul Combs Quintet. This show promises to be a real treat tional opportunity. If you are a fan of jazz, this event promises to be for jazz fans. Combs is a saxophonist and Dameron biographer, one of the year’s highlights. with his band’s set this night comprised of previously unknown musical treasures found while researching the life and music of this unsung hero of early jazz. September 2 A Rare, Spoken Word Performance by Alfred Howard On Sept. 2, Soda Bar has a particularly strong bill, featuring The Heavy Guilt, The Paragraphs, and Cardinal Moon, but this is a show where you will want to catch the opener, Alfred Howard, in a rare, spoken word performance. Howard is a lynchpin of the local music community, one of the founders of the Redwoods artist collective/label and a member of such combos as Dani Bell & The Tarantist, but he is also a wonderful raconteur, full of riveting, conversational stories, full of wit, humor and occasionally a moral. Anyone who has read his online postings knows what a talent Howard is; this opportunity to hear him read from his work shouldn’t be missed. August 5 Dream Gig for Jazz and Duke Ellington Aficionados Swing fans won’t want to miss The San Diego Museum of Art’s new music series, “Portraits In Jazz,” taking place on Aug. 5. Presented by acclaimed trumpeter, Gilbert Castellanos, the event’s inaugural edition will feature a tribute to Duke Ellington by Gaslamp Quarter Jazz Orchestra, an 18-piece local big band, joined by special guests Rickey Woodard (tenor saxophone) and Melissa Morgan (vocalist). The celebration of the prolific composer’s music kicks off with a brief talk on Ellington and his life, before digging into some of the gems in his catalog of more than 1,000 songs. The night will feature the tunes original arrangements as recorded by Ellington, making this a jazz aficionados dream gig. September 5 The Church Mid-’90s Gems from Blaze Bayley September 16 Hard rock fans won’t want to miss an appearance by Blaze Bayley at Ethereal, Psychedelic Rock by The Church Brick by Brick on Sept. 5. Best known as the singer for Iron Maiden from 1994-1999, Bayley has made the best of his brief time with the Legendary Australian band The Church returns to San Diego on iconic rockers, performing songs from the two albums he recorded Sept. 16. Still helmed by frontman Steve Kilbey and guitarist Peter with them as well as with his earlier band, Wolfsbane. While you won’t Koppes, the quartet performs ethereal, psychedelic rock, as best hear any of the classic Maiden hits, there will be enough mid-’90s exemplified by their ’80s college radio hits, “The Unguarded gems in the set list to keep any music lover happy. Although his tenure Moment,”“Reptile” and “Under The Milky Way.” Currently touring with Iron Maiden was short-lived, Bayley is still a part of rock history in advance of their 26th album since their 1980 founding, “Man well worth checking out. Woman Life Death Infinity,” The Church remains a compelling listen, with each spin of their albums revealing more. While the set list this night will include new material, longtime fans will be happy to know the show is a career retrospective, highlighted by their best known songs.

10 | AUGUST 2017 The Great 1 We must sell 500 windows and patiodoors by August 21ST, so we’re passing incredible savings on to you! We’re only offering this discount and special financing until AUGUST 21ST– it will end sooner if we reach our goal!WBUINYDOONWE GET THE • America’s Choice: Most trusted, most recognized, SECOND most recommended family of window and patio doorOR PATIO DOOR brands among homeowners. 50% OFF5 YEARS NOOR INTEREST* • Superior Performance: Only Renewal by Andersen uses Fibrex® frame material, which blocks thermal heat transfer nearly 700 times better than aluminum framed windows, is 200% stronger than vinyl, and, unlike wood windows, requires virtually no maintenance. • Unrivaled Design Options: Renewal by Andersen’s Fibrex frames come in a variety of beautiful colors, from white to our popular dark Teratone®. Other window materials will fade, crack or warp in the sun’s heat so they are only available in shades of white. Call today for your FREE Window Diagnosis 858-437-5752 • RenewalbyAndersen.com1Based on 2016 homeowner brand survey. Andersen family of brands aggregated: Andersen, Renewal by Andersen, Silver Line and American Craftsman. *Valid with the purchase of 4 or more windows. Not valid on previous orders. Valid on initial consultation only. Valid on purchases made on August 1, 2017 or before August 21, 2017. 0% APR for 5 years available to well qualified buyers on approved credit only. Finance chargeswill be waived if promo balance is paid in full in 5 years. Renewal by Andersen of San Diego, Inc. Lic. 995160

11AUGUST 2017 | Andrea CamarenaI grew up with two major factors affecting my everyday life: I was born in Mexico and I grew up with an abusive father. Although the two don’t resemble each other on any level and may not even seem like such crucial aspects of one’s life, if I were to be stripped down to my most primal form, those two would be the two single factors that have led me to where I am.Having come from a country like Mexico and jumping into a completely new culture left a voidinside of me that led to my yearning for a new connection to my home country, and to create anew connection to my new home. Ever since I was a little girl I was bullied for being the odd girlout, whether it was in Mexico for having had come from the U.S. or in the U.S. for being fromMexico. So moving here I had a mission, and that was to create my own fate and to give othersthe strength to do so as well. I have been blessed with opportunities to make an impact beyond my direct community andinto other schools around San Diego. I began my impact on my campus by joining UC Pals -apeer connecting, tutoring, and supporting club- as a sophomore, then fell in love with the workand co-founded The UCHS Anti-Defamation League Club after the ADL came to my campus totrain fifteen students and me to become certified peer trainers. Through this new anti-bullyingand anti-hate club, I facilitated over a dozen peer trainings with students throughout our campus,and even trained the 83 teachers of the UC High Staff and the 50 teachers of the local middleschool. This club gave commencement to the “No Hate” movement on my campus and in mycommunity. I was inspired to begin this movement after experiencing first hand the effects ofhate in one’s life, being bullied as a child and having lost a peer to the same kind of hate. It hassince become my passion and, now being equipped with ADL’s teachings, I am determined tospread my knowledge in college, the work space, and all communities around me. Through these two clubs, I was able to reach out to teens, kids, and even adults, helping eachdiscover great new sides of themselves and how to make a passionate impact on their school andcommunity as well. Meanwhile, I worked alongside my school counselor and psychologist totrain other students in my high school to become peer counselors and tutors. After accomplish-ing the teacher trainings and over a dozen teen trainings, I worked alongside my school coun-selor and the Vice President of my other clubs to found UCHS MEChA, a club for Mexican andChicano students. MEChA opened new perspectives to me, as it is a completely different field ofcommunity involvement than what I have ever done before. It gave me a new sense of pride tobe Mexican, and having been born and raised in both distinct cultures came to be advantageouswhen bringing back the same kind of pride to the Mexicans and Chicanos in this country.Venturing outside of the peer supporting field on my campus, I became a certified UCSD Hos-pital volunteer. As a CallPool volunteer, I was in charge of running labs and helping patients in,now, three connecting hospitals with a total of 17 floors. Unfortunately, after my parents’ separa-tion I became the household’s second income and that took first priority for my free time outsideof school. Although keeping up with a college class, four AP classes, and working over 20 hourseach week absorbed all my time, the one thing I could not drop was my ADL club. I proudlyworked alongside the National Organization’s San Diego director, my school staff, and my clubVice President to certify 40 new students, including 10 incoming freshman from the middleschool, to become UC High School’s new generation of ADL Peer Trainers. Although my high school career ended upon graduation, my journey does not end there. Myclub co-founder and I will now focus on further training our new generation of peer-trainers,and continue on the new “No Place for Hate” missions we closely planned with the school faculty.This direct impact is what continues to motivate me to continue to seek out new opportunities tomake my community a better place. (746)

12 | AUGUST 2017 ARTWORK BY Ily Sky Alred

13AUGUST 2017 |ARTWORK BYIly SkyAlred

14 | AUGUST 2017 ARTWORK BY Ily Sky Alred

15AUGUST 2017 |Local MIDAS Owner helping San Diego's hungry with Oil Change promotion Midas Point Loma is dedicated to helping improve lives within the local community. For every oilM idas has created a change they do they have committed to donating 4 meals to the San Diego food bank. national program called “Drive Out Hunger” GIVE A MEAL Your oil change feeds up to four people. Dedicated to fightinghunger in the communities they TO OUR LOCAL FAMILIES We donate $1 to our local food bank for everyserve. Participation in this pro- oil change now through December 2017.gram is optional for Owners/Op- =-erators but something Phil Casey, Thank you for helping us Drive Out Hunger.Midas Point Loma Owner, wanted 1 OIL CHANGEto get involved with at his store. Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank AND North County Food Bank Hunger Fact Sheet 2017 Midas Point Loma is dedicatedto helping improve lives within Most Needed Food Items: Of San Diego County’s 3.2 millionthe local community. For every oil residents, 444,260 people live in povertychange they do they have commit- • canned meats & tuna – that’s 13.8% of the population of Santed to donating 4 meals to the San • peanut butter Diego County.* Of this number, 126,809Diego food bank. • canned soups are children. These individuals face “food • canned fruits, vegetables & beans insecurity” which means that little or no Owner/Operator –Phil Casey • spaghetti food is available at home, and often theyPhil purchased the Point Loma • cereal will not know how they will get their nextMidas in Dec. of 2016. One of his • rice meal.initial goals was to get involved • mac & cheese (*U.S. Census Bureau. American Commu-as much as possible with the local nity Survey, 2015. Compiled by SANDAG,community. After meeting withthe folks at the San Diego Food www.SanDiegoFoodBank.orgBank, taking a tour of their facility,learning more about the millionsof San Diegans they help feed andthe amazing programs they helpsupport, it made sense to find awayto help support their efforts in thecommunity.K-CO K-Co Construction, Inc. has been building CONSTRUCTION homeowners’ dreams in the Clairemont neighborhood for over INCORPORATED 20 years. We believe in fair pricing for a high quality product built in a reasonable time.Builder of Your Dreams If you have a project in mind, please visit us online or call us at 858-274-0005 to schedule an appointment.ADDITIONS BATHS KITCHENSCA. Lic # 706173 | Bond & Insured | [email protected] | | 858-274-0005

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17AUGUST 2017 |KIDS’ KORNER: SOCAL FUN WITH RHOADS Hey my name is Rhoads, I am a thirteen out with the nose of your board facing theyear old outdoor enthusiast. Summer is upon waves. Doing this prevents you from being aus and it's getting hot so it's time to visit the giant target and makes it easier for otherbeach. The beach is a place where I can do surfers to maneuver around you. Don't hogone of my favorite outdoor activities which is all the waves, take turns with your fellowsurfing. The reason why I like surfing so much surfers. Part of the enjoyment on a busy dayis being in the ocean and feeling the flow of can be encouraging each other. Once you'rethe water around you. Speaking of flow, you paddling into the wave look left and right forcan keep it going by having good etiquette out other surfers. You don't want to take a wavein the water. I'll take this opportunity to share from and collide with someone already in thesome with you. Grab your board and as you wave. Be respectful to your environment.get ready to hit the waves, survey your sur- Remember the ocean is someones home soroundings and take note of the surfers in the don't leave trash behind and be kind to theline up. Choosing a clear path to paddle out environment by using eco friendly accessoriesand not overcrowd a specific spot is key to and gear like Matunas eco-surf wax. Thats iteveryone enjoying the waves. Always paddle for today, have fun out there.:) Help Us Find Our Next Youth Hero! Every Day our neighborhood kids do incredible things! Do you know a wonderful kid who has done something special? Let’s celebrate by making him or her our next Youth Hero! Contact us at [email protected]((619) 280-9500 4585 30TH ST, SAN DIEGO, CA 92116

18 | AUGUST 2017Businesses Supporting Nonprofits It’s more than just the moneyFrom left, Art and Michelle Candland of AJW Facilities & Construction, Teresa Stivers of Walden Family Services, Ron and Mary Alice Brady of the Brady Company. As San Diegans, we are fortunate struction, which provides restora- organization. Local attorney Felix Tinkov and his “The great thing about Art, Jeffreyto live in a generous and supportive tion services for health care and life “Corporate sponsors are attracted law firm have provided in-kind legal and all of our corporate donors iscommunity where corporate spon- science industries, is a strong services “far beyond what we could that they aren’t supporting us forsors significantly contribute to San Walden supporter. So was his pre- to the level of trust that Voice of San ever afford,” says Lewis. their own rewards, they are in it forDiego’s nonprofit organizations. As vious company Trust Employee Diego has, and they want to be asso- the kids that we help,” says Stivers.local nonprofit leaders will tell you, Asset Management (TEAM), which ciated with that,” he says. “We have Walden Family Services receives “Their kindness is phenomenal.”through company partnerships Candland founded to assist with a bond with the community, and it in-kind support from local busi-their organizations —and others — asset management for kids born is nice to recognized as bringing that nesses as well. Pamplemousse Grille And Stivers encourages all busi-receive more than just money. with health or developmental issues. to the community.” and owner/chef Jeffrey Strauss nesses to get involved with the com- As Walden serves foster and adopted opens the restaurant throughout the munity.“No matter what a business’ The People Behind the Compa- children who are medically fragile, Voice of San Diego has found a year to Walden to host special core services or products are, thereny Candland’s understanding of special creative way to help its corporate events. At the organization’s annual is a San Diego nonprofit that could needs children makes his company partners promote the other non- Wine D’Vine fundraising gala, use their help,” she adds. When Teresa Stivers, the CEO of and his personal commitment to profit organizations those partners Strauss auctions off the opportunityWalden Family Services, based in Walden even more meaningful. support. Knowing it is difficult for to have him personally prepare anSan Diego, talks about her corporate non-profits to generate awareness in-home dinner.donors, she lights ups. In her nearly “Art is our chair, cheerleader, of their mission and the servicesseven years with Walden, which pro- advisor for fund development, a they provide, Voice of San Diego Scott Lewis of Voice of San Diego says it is a flattering as well as mutually beneficialvides services to foster and adoptive mentor to some of the youth we founded Partner Voices. experience when a corporate donor supports his organization.children and families, Stivers has serve and a motivator to our staff,”formed many corporate relation- says Stivers. As a part of Voice of San Diego’sships that have led to monetary con- website, Partner Voices provides atributions as well as in-kind dona- Candland’s financial support to platform for nonprofits to showcasetions. Many of these donors have Walden goes far beyond his personal who they are and what they do.employees who serve on Walden’s and company contributions. Under Voice of San Diego’s corporate part-two boards of directors, which is a his guidance, Walden broke the $1 ners often pay for the nonprofits’double bonus for her organization, million mark in fundraising in 2016. profiles. Partner Voices allows busi-as Walden receives support at the nesses to support their favorite orga-corporate level and from the volun- “Art is very generous himself and nizations, those organizations toteers. Not only do they have the he tells everyone about Walden, gain much needed visibility andcompany on their side, but the peo- even his dentist,” Stivers notes. Voice of San Diego to receive fund-ple behind the company as well. ing while helping others in the com- A Win-Win-Win munity – a true win-win-win. Art Candland serves as chair of For Scott Lewis, editor-in-chief atWalden’s Foundation board of Voice of San Diego, the first digital Being Kind through In-Kinddirectors, which oversees charitable nonprofit news organization to Voice of San Diego also receivesfundraising and constituent ser- serve a local community in the vital support through in-kind con-vices. Candland’s company, San country, it is a flattering as well as tributions from local firms. Mind-Diego-based AJW Facilities & Con- mutually beneficial experience when Touch Software has helped Voice of a corporate donor supports his San Diego with its robust website.

19AUGUST 2017 |

20 | AUGUST 2017American Cancer Society and LocalVolunteers Save More Lives From Cancerthrough Annual Relay For Life Event On August 12th, over 900 local residents Funds raised help the American Cancerwill join together at the American Cancer Society provide free information and sup-Society Relay For Life of San Diego Down- port for people facing the disease today,town at Embarcadero Marina Park North and fund cancer research that will helpto raise funds and awareness for a world protect future generations. Thanks to thewithout cancer. The event starts at 9am. generosity of our donors, the Society has invested more than $4.6 billion in research Founded by Dr. Gordy Klatt in Wash- since 1946, and have funded more thanington in 1985, the Relay For Life move- 20,000 scientists at more than 1,000 insti-ment is the world’s largest fundraising tutions nationwide.event to save lives from cancer. Unitingcommunities across the globe, we cele- Take action this year and help makebrate people who have battled cancer, cancer a priority by participating or donat-remember loved ones lost, and take action ing to the Relay For Life of Carlsbad-for lifesaving change. During Relay For Encinitas. Visit events, members of each team take sandiegodowntownca to learn more aboutturns walking or running around the track the event, or contact Kyle Wadstrom ator path. Teams participate in fundraising [email protected] 858-735-in the months leading up to the event. 0529.

21AUGUST 2017 |COP LOG Your police department’s report to the community Hello Mid- driving under the influence, and Staff of the Multi-Cultural Community Relations Organization. It seems there is never a low in City Commu- graffiti or other acts of vandalism activity at Mid-City Division. Dur- nity Members, in progress. Here are a few examples Office. The MCCRO mission the Service Area Lieutenant for the ing the past two months, the “Calls of non-emergencies crimes: bur- expanded, covering the Middle East, 820’s Service Area and her Commu- For Service” for our communities It’s always an glaries where the suspect has left the Arab, and Islamic Communities. nity Relations Officer is Officer have kept us busy. The following exciting time scene, stolen checks or credit cards, Additionally, the MCCRO is located Terry Hoskins; and Lieutenant data was obtained from our Crime serving the stolen identification, loud parties, at 5348 University Avenue, San Romeo De Los Reyes is the Service Analysis Unit. During May 2017, great commu- runaway juveniles, past instances of Diego, California (619-531-1599). Area Lieutenant for the 830’s Service there were a combined 7,253 CFS nities within graffiti or other vandalism, and The MCCRO diverse staff of ten Area and his Community Relations for the entire Mid-City Area. To fur-OFFICER TERRY HOSKINS the Mid-City minors violating curfew. Addition- speak Hmong, Laotian, Vietnamese, Officer is Officer Danny Medina. ther expound on these numbers: Division juris- ally, here are a few other numbers Arabic, and Somali. 2,216 CFS were in the 810’s Servicediction. t has been several months, that may prove to be useful: gang The following communities, Area; 2,708 CFS were in the 820’ssince we first contributed to the related activity (619)531-2847, vio- We published our command staff belong to the respective service Service Area; and 2,329 CFS were inLocal Umbrella Media and it is our lation of traffic laws (858)495-7800, several months ago, and thought we areas: 810 Service Area communities the 830’s Service Area. During Juneintent to provide our communities abatement of abandoned vehicles would publish it again for those are Normal Heights, Burlingame, 2017, there were a combined 7,234with information that may not be (858)495-7856, or prostitution who may have missed it. The Mid- North Park, and Adams North; the CFS for the entire Mid-City Area.well known. This is especially true activity (619)531-2452. City Commanding Officer is Cap- 820 Service Area communities are To further expound on these num-with reporting crimes and suspi- tain Thomas Underwood. There are Rolando, El Cerrito, Redwood Vil- bers: 2,066 CFS were in the 810’scious activities. In June 1987, an Indochinese three service areas, which make up lage, Talmadge, Kensington, Colina Service Area; 2,708 CFS were in the A great source of information can Storefront was established by the the Mid-City Division jurisdiction Park, Chollas Creek, Fox Canyon, 820’s Service Area; and 2,450 CFSbe found at the SDPD website at San Diego Police Department. The and each have their own Lieutenant Islenair, and Rolando Park; and the were in the 830’s Service Storefront was launched, in order and Community Relations Officer: 830 Service Area communities arerevention/community. to better serve the growing South- Lieutenant Benjamin Kelso is Ser- Teralta East, Teralta West, Fair- Please feel free to contact your Crimes and suspicious activities east Asian refugee community arriv- vice Area Lieutenant for the 810’s mount Village, Castle, Azalea/Hol- respective Community Relationsare reported as either emergencies ing to San Diego from the Vietnam Service Area and his Community lywood Park, Swan Canyon, Fair- Officer by email or phone, if youor non-emergencies. Emergencies War. The Department hired Relations Officer is Officer Jenny mount Park, Corridor, and have Police related questions or con-are situations that demand imme- Indochinese Service Officers, who Hall; Lieutenant Laura McLean is Cherokee Point. cerns pertaining to your communi-diate attention and should be were refugees themselves to act as ties: Officer Jenny Hall, (619) 516-reported by calling 911. Non-emer- liaisons. In the late 1990’s and early 3009 or [email protected];gencies and suspicious activities 2000’s, an increase of East African Officer Terry Hoskins, (760) 807-should be reported by calling (619) refugees arrived in San Diego due 9957 or [email protected];531-2000 or (858) 484-3154. If you to conflicts in East African coun- Officer Danny Medina, (619) 516-wish to remain anonymous, you tries. In 2001, the Department hired 3003 or [email protected] request to do so. its first Somali descent African Ser- Here are a few examples of crime vice Officer. Shortly afterwards, in Thank you!emergencies: fights, sexual assaults, an attempt to reach more commu- Terry Hoskinsburglaries or robberies in progress, nity groups, the Storefront wasdomestic violence, flashlight beam appropriately renamed the Multi-in business or home, hit and run, Cultural Community Relations

22 | AUGUST 2017

23AUGUST 2017 | AATTTTEENNTITOIONNSEBRARYAPAMREKSA BBUUSSINESSSEESS direAcdtvmeratiilsneeiwn sopuarper Local community information SHOP / EAT / SPEND LOCAL! CONTACT US For More INFO: [email protected] LOW RATES How Much Money Will You Need In Retirement? w/ Elisabeth DawsonH ave you underestimated? What is enough? If you’re considering retiring in the near future, you’ve probably heard or read that you need about 70% of your end salary to live comfort- ably in retirement. This estimate is frequently repeated … but that doesn’t mean it is true for everyone. It may not be true for you. Consider the following factors: Health. Most of us will face a major health problem at some point in our lives. Think, for a moment,about the costs of prescription medicines, and recurring treatment for chronic ailments. These costs canreally take a bite out of retirement income, even with a great health care plan. Heredity. If you come from a family where people frequently live into their 80s and 90s, you may liveas long or longer. Imagine retiring at 55 and living to 95 or 100. You would need 40-45 years of steadyretirement income. Portfolio. Many people retire with investment portfolios they haven’t reviewed in years, with assetallocations that may no longer be appropriate. New retirees sometimes carry too much risk in theirportfolios, with the result being that the retirement income from their investments fluctuates wildlywith the vagaries of the market. Other retirees are super-conservative investors: their portfolios are sorisk-averse that they can’t earn enough to keep up with even moderate inflation, and over time, theyfind they have less and less purchasing power. Spending habits. Do you only spend 70% of your salary? Probably not. If you’re like many Ameri-cans, you probably spend 90% or 95% of it. Will your spending habits change drastically once youretire? Again, probably not. Will you have enough? When it comes to retirement income, a casual assumption may prove to bewoefully inaccurate. You won’t learn how much retirement income you’ll need by reading this article.Consider meeting with a qualified financial professional who can help estimate your lifestyle needs andshort-term and long-term expenses. Elisabeth Dawson of Copia Wealth Management Advisors, Inc. CA License #0C72164, Corp License #0G81294 2333 Camino del Rio South, Suite 240, San Diego, CA 92108 Phone: 619.640.2622 • Fax: 619.640.2600 Investment advice offered through Copia Wealth Management Advisors, Inc. COPIA Wealth Management Advisors, Inc. is a registered investment adviser.

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